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My boyfriend Chad was taking a shower and so I thought now I’d take out what I had bought for him that morning, actually bought for both of us – a big new dildo. I have something of a fetish for cocks. It’s not just that I like to suck them and fuck them, but that I’m something of a connoisseur when it comes to the form of the male sex organ. And this dildo was definitely very special. I like to watch porn flicks with Chad which feature a certain guy.

This stud’s got himself a big, beautifully formed cock, perfectly proportioned, and he really knows how to use it, feeding it to hungry sluts, jamming it up their tight cunts or assholes. That cock of his is a real beauty, the shaft, straight and thick, with that nice ridge of muscle running along the length of the underside, and the head smooth, full and plum-shaped . Well, you can imagine my delight when I walked into a sex toy store and found they were featuring dildos molded from this guy’s cock, perfect replicas in rubber! And when I saw that one version of this dildo featured a suction cup beneath the rubber balls my mind started racing. I had to get it.

Here it was in my hand. I pulled over a chair we had in the bedroom, a simple wooden chair with a flat seat. Then I licked the base of the suction cup; you need to do that to make it stick. Now I stuck down the suction cup and just stared at the big rubber cock, rising obscenely, almost menacingly from the seat of the chair. On the box it said the dildo was nine inches long and two thick, but it seemed even longer and thicker than that.

I couldn’t wait for Chad to finish taking his shower and come out to see it waiting for him. Because that’s who the dildo was for, for Chad. For months I’d been reaming out his ass with vibrators and dildos, and fucking him with a strap-on. He’s got a really hot, greedy ass and he loves it when I screw his butt. He’s straight, but I’m always teasing him and telling him he’d make a great queer, with that nasty bottom of his. He teases me back, saying I just wished I was a guy so I could be a queer myself. To tell the truth, sometimes I do wish that.

Now here he was, squeaky clean and nice and naked. He was drying off his hair, so he didn’t see it at once. My eyes scanned that gorgeous, perfect body of his. Man, is he a specimen! Chad’s a swimmer, so he’s got a swimmer’s build, broad shoulders, lean, long, muscular torso, narrow hips and a gorgeous ass. Except for the hair on his head, under his arms, and around his cock, he’s as smooth as a baby too. Twenty years old and a regular Adonis. An Adonis who loves to take it up the ass!

Now, as he dropped the towel, his eyes went wide as he saw the dildo, vividly rising from the chair.

“Like it, babe? I got it specially for you,” I said, walking over and tugging on his cock. Chad is one virile dude. All I have to do is touch that cock of his, even look down at it, and it starts to stiffen.

“Know whose cock that is?” I asked, and then explained it was molded from, an exact replica of the erect penis of a guy we liked to watch in porn. Chad knew just who I meant. Chad may be straight but, like me, he really likes the way that guy uses that big, beautiful cock of his.

I had been fantasizing about all this. Whenever I do Chad, I have him bend over, or I get him up on elbows and knees and then I go to work on his bottom. But I’d been thinking that I’d like to see him fuck himself. Once I got him to reach back and work a dildo up his own ass. But I wanted to go further, and so when I saw this dildo, with the suction cup attached, it all came together.

“I want you to sit on it, Chad,” I whispered huskily in his ear as I stroked his cock.

“Sit on it?” he said, stunned, staring down at it in amazement.

‘”Yeah, baby. Sit right down on it, impale your hot, tight little ass on every fucking thick inch of it,” I hissed into his ear. He loves it when I get lewd and nasty with him when it’s time to play with his ass.

“But it’s so big,” he said, still astonished.

“Hey, it’s not that much bigger than yours, and I take that one up the ass all the time,” I told him, “Anyway, you like ’em big. That strap-on I’ve been using on you is eight inches, just an inch less than this one.”

He wasn’t protesting.

“C’mon, babe, lay down on your stomach, let me get you ready.”

He lay flat on his stomach and I wedged a pillow underneath to raise his butt up. Man, I always love the sight of that trim, muscled butt of his, smooth and firm and springy. I spread him open and brought my face down between his cheeks, reaching for it with my tongue. He loves it when I lick his ass and I love licking it. So now I rimmed him nice and slow, then slid a finger inside.

“Ooooh, baby, you need something hard and thick up there,” I teased.

Now I reached for the lube and greased his cute little ass, spreading lube around the hole, and working a nice big dab inside with a couple of stiff fingers. Then I worked on him for a while, first with a vibrator, then with one of my dildos. He was groaning and bucking back against my hand as I probed him, loving every move.

“You’re really a slut, Chad,” I teased, “you got yourself such a hungry ass.”

Finally I had prepped him enough, so I had him stand and led him to the chair.

“Have a seat, baby,” I said, waving him over.

He straddled the seat, facing the chair, his back to me. I took hold of the dildo and held it in place as he lowered himself, helping to position the tip of the big rubber cock against his lubed asshole.

“Okay, you got it, now it’s all yours. So go and fuck yourself for me!”

He sighed as he started impaling himself on it, the fat cockhead slowly breaking through the barrier of his sphincter. I knelt down so I had a good close-up view.

Usually when I fuck Chad I get behind him. But sometimes I lie flat on my back and have him mount me, riding my strap-on. He loves doing it like that. And so he knew the drill, slowly pressing down, impaling himself on inch after thick inch. I watched, spellbound, as he bore down on this gorgeous, oversized, and utterly life-like rubber cock, the shaft disappearing out of sight up into his rectum as he pressed down on it. He’d managed more than half its length when he started gasping, breathing hard.

“You can do it, baby. I want to see every inch inside you, just the way you take every inch when I fuck you,” I told him. Chad was always such a hot fuck when I knelt behind him, taking hold of his hips and driving it inside as he bucked back against my thrusts excitedly, greedy for every last inch, wanting it deep. Now he wasn’t bucking back, but pressing straight down.

I took hold of his hips and helped him press down, slowly and steadily, watching as more and more of the flesh-colored rubber shaft disappeared up inside his asshole.

“Just a little more, babe, you got almost all of it in there.”

With one more grunt he did get it all the way in, the shaft completely out of sight, buried inside him, the rubber balls now pressing against his cheeks.

“Oh wow, baby! Nine thick inches, and you got every one inside. You’re my champ, my fuck boy!” I said, coming around to give him a loving, luscious kiss on the lips as I reached down for his cock. That cock, not surprisingly, was rock hard.

“Shit, it feels so fuckin’ good!” he gasped.

“I’ll bet it does,” I purred, pulling back to watch as he now began to fuck himself in earnest, riding the big cock up and down, lewdly, sensually, putting on a raw nasty show for me as he enthusiastically reamed out his own rectum.

“How about turning around the other way now. I want to look at your big cock while you ride it,” I told him as he lifted himself up, turned around and came right back down on it, impaling himself while, this time, he faced me. What a sight! Chad’s so cute, and he’s got such a gorgeous sleek, smooth body. And a beautiful stiff cock, standing straight up, rigid as a piece of steel piping. He was showing all that off to me as he bucked up and down like a slut in heat.

Now I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his cock in my mouth, sucking it while he kept riding the rubber one with his ass.

“Yeah baby, suck my fuckin’ dick!” he hissed, pressing down on my head. Getting some nice, juicy head from me was making him even more excited as he started bucking up and down, fucking himself furiously. It was hard to keep his dick in my mouth with him riding that cock so frenziedly, so I told him to slow the pace and to just press all the way down on it. Now, after I sucked him for a few more seconds, I got up and straddled him, reaching down for his cock and working it inside my pussy.

“Oh yeah!” I groaned, “now we both got dicks inside us.”

I rode him nice and smooth, just the way he likes it. He loves my tight cunt and all my moves. Sometimes when Chad fucks me I reach around and finger his ass, or work a little bit of a vibrator or dildo inside. A couple of times I had him fuck me while he had a buttplug wedged in his ass. But this was the real deal; he had nine thick inches of rubber cock buried all the way inside him while I rode him with my pussy for all I was worth, pressing down on hard on his cock, and knowing I was also forcing him to sit all the way down on the rubber cock inside his reamed out bottom.

“That’s it, stud, fuck me and fuck yourself,” I said, licking my lips and smiling lewdly, gazing into his lust-crazed eyes. But pretty soon I wanted to do something else. Chad had a big cock buried in his ass. Now I wanted one buried in mine too, his. The lube was in on the dresser so I grabbed it and squeezed some out, reaching around slapping a dab between my cheeks. Then I lifted my pussy off Chad’s cock and took hold of it, working it back another inch so the tip was aimed right for my asshole. Then, slowly, I pressed down on it. Damn, do I ever crave that moment when I feel Chad’s incredibly hard cock first entering my ass!

“Yeah, sweets, take it up your ass,” Chad growled in his gruff, sexy voice.

“Just like you, baby. You and me both, huh?”

This was so, so exciting, taking Chad up the ass while he was skewering himself. And it couldn’t help but make me think about something I often think about when I screw or play with Chad’s bottom. I’ve had this fantasy of seeing Chad make it with a guy. But whenever I raise the possibility, he dismisses it. I remind him just how much he loves it when I fuck him up the ass, how much he likes sucking on my strap-on, how he seems to crave cock. He says, yeah, but only when it’s made of rubber and strapped to a woman, to me. I tease him, telling him how it would just flip me out to see him do a guy, see a guy do him. He laughs and indulges my fantasy, but says it’ll never happen. So now, of course, I felt like indulging that fantasy again. This cock Chad was riding was molded from the cock of a porn star named Drew. Chad and I have watched Drew in action many times, we knew his style. Now I mentioned that rather than Chad bearing down on this Drew replica suctioned to the chair, he was actually riding the reall Drew, fucking his ass on Drew’s cock, while I rode Chad with my own ass, as I was doing right now.

“Oooooh, baby,” I whispered in his ear while I squeezed his cock with my anal muscles, “it would be so cool if that was the real Drew you were sitting on, his big, thick, stiff cock stuffed all the way up your horny ass, riding it the way you’re riding it now, with me on top of you.”

He smiled; he didn’t mind indulging the fantasy. He let me talk, but he never said anything himself. But now I wanted to take it a step further, I wanted him to fantasize about doing it with a man, with Drew, a stud we could both imagine and envision. I wanted to hear him talk about it.

“Would you like that, Chad? Having Drew’s cock up your ass? It’d feel pretty much like what you got up there now. Except it would be the real deal.”

He looked at me silently, then smiled, shaking his head sweetly.

“Yeah sure, he can fuck my ass, he can shove every last fuckin’ inch inside.”

I was stunned, and thrilled, to hear him say this.

“Uh huh, you’d love it, huh babe?” I said, looking at the bedroom door. “Yeah, imagine that’s him walking through the door now, Drew. There he is, a big bulge in the crotch of his jeans.”

Chad’s eyes were hot slits and he was breathing deeply, fucking himself hard and deep on the rubber cock as he rocked me on his, listened to my scorching words.

“I walk over and unbuckle his belt, unzip his jeans. It pops right out, hard and stiff,” I said, looking right into Chad’s eyes. In fact, that’s the way Drew was in his videos. The second he pulled down his pants or some slut unzipped him, he was always thick and stiff. No one had to get him hard. He was one horny, virile stud.

“I wag a finger at you and wave you over, pushing you down on your knees. I take Drew’s cock in my hand and feed it to you. That cockhead is so big and his cock is so thick you strain to get your lips around it,” I continue, and that’s true too. Taking that massive cock in their mouths has been a challenge for many of the sluts who’ve sucked him in his tapes.

“Now you’re sucking his cock, baby, you’re really hungry for it, twisting it in your hand while you suck away, thinking how good all that thick hard male meat is going to feel buried all the way up your ass!”

“You’re so fuckin’ nasty, Tina,” he said, smiling, his eyes lustful.

“So are you, Chad, so nasty sucking Drew’s big dick. Do you love it?”

“Yeah, his cock tastes real good. I want to have you watch me suck it.

“Oh believe me, babe, I want to watch you suck it, do I ever!”

Suddenly I lifted myself off of Chad, pulling away from his cock. I took a few steps to my dresser and pulled out the biggest of my dildos, one almost, but not quite as big as the one Chad now had buried up his ass. Then I came back down on him, impaling my asshole on his rigid tool again, lifting the dildo to his mouth.

“Suck it, make believe it’s Drew’s cock you’re sucking.”

Greedily he took it in his mouth. Chad loves sucking my strap-on and I always have him give me a nice, leisurely blow-job before I bury it up his ass.

“That’s, suck it, suck Drew’s cock, think how good it’s going to feel when it’s inside you,” I hiss at him, urging on the fantasy. “And now let me turn Drew around, baby, so you can taste something else. Here, I’ll spread open his cheeks for you. There it is, his asshole. Mmmmmh, yummh!”

One thing Drew just loves – he does this in nearly all of his tapes – is to have a slut rim him, lick his ass. Chad’s the same way; he really likes to have his asshole licked. And he gives as good as he gets, always licking mine hungrily before he eats my pussy or fucks me. So I figured I could get him to lick some male ass.

“C’mon, Chad, taste it, get your tongue in there.”

He gave me a wide-eyed look, like it was outrageous enough for me to get him to suck Drew’s imaginary cock. But now to lick his imaginary ass!

“C’mon! C’mon!” I urged insistently, “lick that ass!”

Now he gave me a wicked smile, then darted out his tongue lewdly.

My girlfriend Denise and I confessed to each other that as wild and outrageous as it would be to see two masculine studs suck each others’ cocks, that to watch them eat out each others’ assholes would be even more of a trip, so deliciously depraved.

“And while you lick his ass, baby, I’m gonna get yours good and ready. Good and ready for Drew’s thick, hard nine inches, so keep lickin’ it. Yeah, keep lickin’ that ass, because now it’s time for me to lick yours,” I hissed sexily in his ear, then made loud, lewd lapping noises as I licked his earlobe.

“Yum, yum! Aren’t you the lucky boy, having your sweet baby eat out your hot asshole while you got your tongue pressed against Drew’s,” I purred, ” now let me slap some lube in there. Uh huh! Get you good and greased and ready.”

“That’s right, Tina, get my asshole nice and slick. Get it ready for some thick cock, babe!”

I could hardly believe my ears and couldn’t have been more thrilled, Chad was really getting into it. Mr. Straight was sucking cock and licking male ass and begging for a big dick up his own. But I shouldn’t have been that surprised. After all, Chad is pretty demented when it comes to sex. And he just loves heavy dildo play.

“Ah yeah, I’m greasing you up and stretching you out, getting you ready for a thick one!”

“That’s right, I need a thick one. I want this stud to bury it up my ass.”

“Oh he will, baby, he will. And later you can slide your nice, hard cock right up that tight hole you’re lickin’. I’m sure Drew will love it.”

And through all this scorching fantasy talk I was fucking myself crazy, my asshole impaled on Chad’s gorgeous cock. And Chad, of course had his impaled on ‘Drew’s,’ our talk somehow making that massive cock now seem more real than replica.

“Oh yeah, baby, he’s got every inch buried in your ass, every last, thick inch!” I whispered in his ear as, in a frenzied passion, he bore down on it, “and you’ve got every thick inch of yours buried in mine!”

He was panting, his face was flushed, and his eyes closed.

“Up your ass, baby, up your fucking ass!” I hissed in his ear.

“Ahhhhhh…. ohhhhhhh!!!!” he groaned, and I could feel his penis pulsating inside my asshole as he unloaded, emptying the bounty of his pleasure deep inside me. Meanwhile I had slipped a hand down to my pussy, strumming my clit as I impaled my ass on his cock. And just as he unloaded I allowed myself a sublime release, climaxing extravagantly together with Chad.

Finally I lifted myself off his cock.

And then he lifted himself off ‘Drew’s’.

As we both stared down at ‘Drew’s’ awesome penis, I slid a few fingers up inside Chad’s bottom.

“You have definitely been fucked, baby!” I growled in his ear.

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