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Married Guy Takes It Black

Category: Gay Male
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I was a married bisexual 35 year old cruising gay chat rooms again. I had some oral experiences, but really wanted to try getting fucked deeply. I had played with toys but found them boring. I wanted the real thing. 

I met a black man on line who liked married white men like myself. After some small talk, he invited me to his house for some afternoon fun. 

I arrived and found a very handsome black man 6’1 210lbs who looked like a running back. 

We had some small talk upstairs in his kitchen and things seemed a bit chilly at first. Then he suggested we go downstairs to his living room to get more comfortable. I agreed with a smile. When he kissed me at the top of the stairs with a deep tongue, everything warmed up quickly. 

Once downstairs on his couch, he turned into an animal. He kissed me deeply over and over with his huge mouth and long tongue and pulled me close with his strong hands. 

A strong guy myself, I could not help but notice his powerful grip on me. He quickly took my shirt off and sucked on my nipples while placing my hand firmly on the growing bulge in his shorts. His boxers were tented and straining. I took a deep breath, got on my knees and slowly lowered his boxers. His cock was biggest thing I had ever seen. Later I found it was 10 1/2 inches long, not a world record unless you saw how thick it was. I had no idea how that cock would fit inside my tight little ass.

With strong but firm pressure he pulled my head down to his lap and told me to open my mouth. I could only nod my head. My head was spinning and my cock was as hard as steel. I engulfed his fat cock and was able to swallow 7 inches of it before gagging on it. I then pulled back and started to work on it even more. When I had almost all of it in my mouth and throat, he fell back on the couch and moaned deeply. “The best” he kept whispering over and over as he fucked my throat. 

Finally he couldn’t take it any more. He grabbed my head and began to feverishly fuck my mouth pulling me even deeper onto his shaft. With all of his cock in my mouth and the rest down my throat he screamed “oh fuck, here it comes!” at the top of his lungs. I was trapped on his cock barely able to breathe when his cum splashed my throat like a hose. I swallowed again and again never having this much sperm in my life. He could have filled a wine glass he came so much. 

He finally let go of my head and I fell onto the floor gasping for air. My stomach actually feeling like I had eaten a meal which I guess I had. 

“You are the absolute best cock sucker I have ever had” he said as he pulled off his shirt. His upper body revealed a flat six pack topped off with a giant chest and shoulders. I slowly stood up and took off my pants and boxer briefs and told him I had never had a cock inside me. 

He smiled and told me to bend over the couch where he proceeded to give me the best rim job ever. His huge mouth and tongue drove me wild. He spit was drenching my asshole and running down my legs while he slowly jerked my cock back and forth. 

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I begged him to fuck me over and over until he stopped rimming me. He sat on the couch, took one those huge cock gold coin condoms from the table and slowly rolled it down his shaft. It barely fit. He rubbed some lube on his cock and told me mount him on the couch facing each other. I was scared since his cock actually looked bigger than before and had much too little lube on it for my taste. He pulled me onto his lap sucking on my nipples and then rubbed his cock on my spit lubed asshole.

“Relax!” he said as he pushed on the top of shoulders forcing me down onto his cock head. It felt like someone had a tree against my virgin ass. Slowly and gradually his cock head pushed past my ring and began entering me. The pain was so intense I tried to get off him, but he would not have it. He held me firmly on him and pushed again. I cried out loudly as his giant black snake slipped in all the way to the base. I almost blacked out from the pain and felt like my colon would burst. Then the pain gave way to incredible pleasure. It was unbelievable. 

“That’s it. Take it you married little bitch!” he told me. “Your ass is mine” he said as he slowly lifted me off him and began thrusting up and down inside me. I joined in with his movements and began to slide up and down on his cock. 

“Faster boy! Faster!” he commanded. I leaned on his chest with my hands and began to fuck his cock over and over, faster each time. His head rolled back as I slammed his meat into me as fast as I could. My ass was now a fucking organ that demanded a cock feeding. We fucked hard against each other for 10 incredible minutes at breakneck speed our bodies drenched in sweat. 

When my new lover told me “I’m gonna blow boy” and I actually went even faster. “Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” he screamed and pushed me down hard onto his cock. 

I almost blacked out again cause of the pressure on my prostate and his fucking. Then I felt his cum INSIDE ME! pumping up into my cavity from past the condom we had torn completely apart with our fucking. 

“Oh fucking yes, yes, yes!” I moaned with the knowledge his cum was breeding my married man pussy. I almost fell off him leaning back and came in giant spurts over his chest, nipples and mouth. 

He pulled me to him and we kissed deeply sharing my cum on his face. He held me on his cock for 20 minutes kissing me before his cock went soft. I left soon after with his telephone number and a gallon of his cum inside me.

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