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It was too early, and the graying sky illuminated dully through the bedroom windows. The world was quiet, probably still asleep. Nothing could be heard except for the sound of the rain gently falling. It was as if I could hear every single drop for miles echo in my ears as it splashed to the ground. I stretched and rolled over, snuggling myself against the soft warm skin occupying the space next to me.

I moved my body close to hers, so every part of my naked front was touching her warm, soft skin. Reaching around, I placed my hand on her firm belly, pulling myself as close to her as I possibly could, trying desperately as if to make myself a part of her. She moaned softly in her sleep, reciprocating my affection by gently taking hold of my hand and pushing herself back into me before falling still again.

My eyes gazed intently on her soft hair cascading over her naked shoulders and back, and her sweet scent filled my nostrils. Her aroma was intoxicating, and I drank it in like some powerful potion causing my mind to recede into some alternate reality, and my body to flow with warmth, awakening every part of me with a dull tingle as it crept through my veins. I gently nuzzled my face into her neck, softly kissing her skin, tasting her sweet skin.

My mind wandered to the world outside. Outside this house, this room, this warm bed, where it was just us. Right now, I felt as if the whole world was holding us, cradling us in its warmth, like a mother would a new baby, relishing in the gratification that she has just given the best gift that could ever be given.

My hand continued to caress her soft skin, slowly moving upwards until my knuckles felt the heaviness of her perfect breast. I let my fingers slide slowly up the curve of her soft flesh until I felt the familiar bumpy texture of her delicate skin that surrounded her center. I let my fingertip circle her nipple with a delicate touch, barely making contact with her skin, but just enough to feel her respond to my touch. Like tiny little flowers blooming under my touch, responding with every gentle sweep of my fingertip.

I felt her skin gently stretch as her nipple awakened under my touch. I slowly moved my finger over the hardening flesh, using more of my finger to arouse every last part of her nipple until it swelled to it’s full potential. I moved my finger slightly quicker around her the center of her breast, arousing every part of her nipple and areola all at once. She responded with a deep breath, exhaling slowly from her throat. Her body stirred slightly, nestling more firmly into mine, and I knew that she did not want me to stop. I smiled to myself as her body unconsciously reacted to my touch.

My mind quickly flashed through the events of the last few days. How much I have learned about her, how much she has taught me. How much I wanted her to learn about me. Every little part of me, and for that matter, how much I learned about me. I wanted her to know about every physical part of me. No apprehension, no shame, no inhibitions…every part of me was now hers forever. My mind, my body, and my heart to do what she pleased. How I’ve been touched like never before, like I’d never imagined, and how I’ve touched.

The rain fell harder outside. My thumb and fore-finger now steadily stroking the length of her nipple, her breathing becoming heavier, everything played together as if I was conducting some beautiful orchestra. Suddenly I felt her hand softly cover my own as she rolled slowly on to her back. Her eyes were still closed, and her lips slightly parted. Her beauty was overwhelming, and I almost felt a fleeting anger at myself in disbelief that all this time had gone by and I’d never noticed it until just so recently. It felt as though the past nineteen years of our lives was just some kind of prelude to this moment. It was as if the most beautiful, most precious thing lay before me my whole life, and I’d only just noticed this very moment. But it wasn’t true, and I knew that. I had always noticed.

My gaze became fixed on my fingers still gently teasing her nipple, now that she had turned over. She stirred once again, raising her hand above her head, opening herself up to me. Her arm found its way around my shoulders, and her touch woke my senses, and made me realize the familiar tingle in my body that was the beginning of my own excitement.

I moved my hand to her other, now visible nipple, and began my teasing all over again, while at the same time, lowering my lips to her stimulated breast. I moved my lips gently over the hard flesh, enjoying the feeling of her nipple caressing my lips and cheeks. She moaned softly, and her hips gestured slightly, but her eyes remained closed. I slowly let her hard nipple penetrate my slightly open lips and began to caress it with my tongue until it was slick with my saliva. I slid my lips up and down its small length, occasionally circling it with my tongue, or gently squeezing it between my teeth.

Both of her nipples were now equally aroused, and I alternated my affection between them, making sure to lovingly taste and caress each one as much as the other. Soon after, I noticed that her breathing became much heavier, and she was now articulating as she exhaled with soft low “oooh’s” and “aaah’s”. I was quite sure she was fully awake by now, but I didn’t change my ministrations. I soon felt her free hand on the back of my head, gently stroking and gripping my hair, as she pulled me closer into her with the hand that was around my shoulders. Her body moved more deliberately, almost gently rocking. I suddenly became aware of her fingers gently grabbing at my hips, working its way closer and closer to my center. As soon as I had noticed, I ached to be touched. I quickly moved my hand away from her breasts, letting my lips and tongue take up the slack, and placed it on her bare mound. Her skin was hot to the touch, and her lips were already open slightly.

I slid my middle finger between her soft lips, and immediately felt her warm moisture already coating the inside of her pussy. My finger slid easily up and down her crease, and I was careful to stop just short of her clitoris, teasing her the way I liked to.

It wasn’t long before I felt her fingers making their way between my legs to return the favor. I opened my legs as wide as I could to make it easier for her, and for the first time since I began, I removed my mouth from her throbbing nipples to watch her body’s reaction to my touch.

She was very wet now, and her hips were gently thrusting to meet my movements. I knew she was trying to get me to touch her clitoris, but I held my position. I teased her further by letting my fingers slide into her, but quickly removing them with each stroke.

Her fingers were now working feverishly, pumping in and out of me while the heel of her hand pressed firmly against my throbbing clit. The sensation caused my body to shake with each thrust, and I knew if she kept up that way I would cum very soon.

When she couldn’t take my teasing any longer, she quickly removed her hand from between my legs and grabbed me firmly, pulling me on top of her. I knew immediately what she wanted, and was only too happy to give it to her. I quickly threw my body on to hers. Her hands grabbed firmly around my hips. I felt her body under mine, pressing tightly against one another, as if we were one. Our breasts mashed firmly together, and the familiar tingle shot through my body as if coming straight from her body into my own. My body buzzed right down to my toes, and for the first time that morning, our eyes met. My heart nearly leapt out of my body as the feeling of love for my sweet sister overtook me. Somehow, I knew she felt the same thing at that moment.

I quickly positioned myself so I could feel her pussy on mine. It was like no other feeling I’d ever felt before. Anything we had ever done, nothing compares to this feeling. I began to move my hips steadily, grinding my aching clit into hers. She moaned loudly and returned my thrusts. We rubbed our pussies feverishly into one another’s until our orgasms began to swell. The feeling of her pussy on mine was incredible. We held each other tightly, mashing our bodies against one another as if trying to melt into one another. Soon, our separate thrusts became one, and we pressed ourselves together as tightly as we could. The rubbing turned into rocking, as if we were one person. The pressure of our bodies, the heat and moisture and soft skin of our womanhood became one and sent us into a mind-splitting orgasm.

We held each other as tight as we could as everything else around us, the room the bed, the sound of the rain now slamming into everything outside our room disappeared.

We finally both relaxed, our bodies slowly melting as the world slowly came back to us. We held on to each other, not moving our position, enjoying the feeling of our love covering over us. The rain softly trickled on the windows, and the sky grew darker. My eyes closed slowly as I fell asleep in my sister’s arms, knowing contently that we will spend the rest of our lives together, surrounded by this love and warmth.

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