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Edwin was definitely not the sort of guy I fell for. Not even close. I fell for wild boys who partied hard. Boys in black leather jackets with lots of tattoos and rings in their noses. The bad boys, the loud boys, the boys who knew where to find the best parties on Friday and Saturday nights. I knew they were trashy and rude, but I liked it. I couldn’t help myself.

I liked boys who blew me away with the pace of their passion; boys who left me breathless. Which pretty much sums up the reason why I found myself kicked out of art school at 19, moving back in with my dad, and accepting a job working with Edwin at his boring old bookstore. I took the job partly to keep my dad from wringing my neck, and partly because I needed the money so I could eventually move back out and have a real life again.

Living with my dad was such a drag. I was really sorry about messing up college, but he wouldn’t even listen to my apologies. He said I was a failure and wouldn’t amount to anything else. He hardly ever talked to me anymore, spending all his time on the phone and computer with his new, long-distance girlfriend, Moira. And when he did talk to me, all he did was shout. All I wanted was to save enough money to get an apartment of my own, so I took the job at Edwin’s bookstore even though I was sure I’d die from boredom.

Edwin was really nice to offer it to me. He was my dad’s friend from when they were kids and I knew he was doing my dad a big favor hiring me. I was also pretty sure I was the last person he’d imagined working there, me with my mismatched clothes and punk rock haircut, but he never seemed anything but glad to have my help. He treated me so kindly and with such respect it almost bowled me over. He was more than twice my age, had grey hair and glasses, and from what I could tell only had one hobby: reading. Definitely not the kind of guy I fell for, but I fell hard.

The job itself was simple enough, working the cash register, answering the phone, and shelving orders when they came in. Mornings were busy with lots of people buying papers and magazines, but by the afternoon things got pretty quiet and Edwin and I would take turns watching the store while the other went to get lunch. When Edwin returned he sometimes brought back a few treats from a bakery down the block and we’d eat them together and talk.

Maybe it was the pastries that started it, or the way he carefully asked about my experiences at art school without actually mentioning that I’d been expelled. Or maybe it was the warmth of his voice and the fact that he really listened to what I had to say, he actually seemed interested in my opinions and observations. He even remembered that I especially liked the hazelnut butter cookies and always included one when he bought a selection of cookies for us to share. Whatever it was, I found myself honestly enjoying the quiet hours at the end of the day and had no trouble getting up in the morning when my alarm went off, something I’d never really experienced before.

Still, it took me by surprise when I realised, after working with him for four months, I’d been thinking of him as good-looking. I liked his olive skin and neatly trimmed, grey mustache. I liked how poised he was at all times, how even and sure of himself he seemed. So different from the swaggering self-confidence of the guys I’d known at school. I felt inexplicably drawn to him. Even his wavy, grey hair and the wrinkles at the corners of his honey-brown eyes made something stir inside me.

Maybe, because he was not the sort of guy I fell for; there was no way I could see it coming. So much about him was exotic to me, so completely different from anything I’d ever known, I couldn’t have predicted what would happen between us. It was a complete surprise at every turn, but not an unwelcome one.

It was closing time on a Friday night, typically our slowest time of the week, and Edwin was busy shelving the last of a delivery that had come in. I was at the register waiting for the clock to tick to the top of the hour so I could close down the store. I watched him working, his reading glasses at the end of his nose, and felt a vague and unexpected affection building in me.

I can’t explain it, or how it managed to build to such a degree, but watching him working I found myself growing more and more attracted to him, more and more aroused by the thoughts I was having. I wondered what it would be like to kiss him, if it would be different than other guys I’d kissed. I wondered if he’d be slow and careful or if he was one of those guys who turned into an animal when he was aroused. What would it be like to be with a much older man, to be with Edwin? I stared and I wondered, secretly holding that thought in my head, when he turned and caught my eye, startling me out of my dream world, I could tell by the look on his face that he’d been aware of me staring at him.

“Are you all right, Leah?”

I blushed and quickly looked away, noticing for the first time that it was 5 minutes past closing. I hurried to switch off the computer and turn the sign to CLOSED; noticing with some alarm that my heart was beating hard and there was a growing heat between my legs. I grabbed the cash drawer from the register and slid out from behind the counter, heading to the office in the back of the store. I could see him watching me the whole time, his eyes following me over the tops of his glasses. My heart skipped a beat with the thrill and inappropriateness of it all.

I carried the cash drawer to the office at the back of the store and heard Edwin turn his key in the front door, locking us both inside. I sat down at the desk and started to count out the cash, my fingers shaking, my mind racing, as I tried to keep track of the exact amount. I couldn’t get my heart to slow down or the arousing images of Edwin out of my head.

I took a deep breath and relaxed slightly. I closed my eyes but saw him in my mind. I snapped them open and grabbed the calculator, trying again to count out the change from the drawer.

The phone rang and I heard Edwin answer it at the front of the store. I took a deep breath and started over, carefully counting out the dollar bills.

“Leah?” Edwin stuck his head into the office and held out the cordless phone to me. “It’s your father.” he said, quietly as I took the phone.

“Hi, Dad.”

“Hi, Leah, listen, I forgot to tell you Moira’s here this weekend.” he said quickly. I could hear the sound of water running the background and the clatter of pots and pans. “I’m making Shrimp Madagascar.” he added with obvious pride. My dad almost never cooked for just us, but he loved to make big, elaborate meals for his girlfriend.

“Oh.” I said, slightly annoyed, but not sure why he was telling me this.

“So do you think you can go out tonight? So we can have a nice night alone?” There was more pot-clanging in the background and I heard him swear under his breath as something dropped.

“Go where?” I said, my anger rising quickly. I hated how he catered to Moira and expected me to just keep out of their way. They never included me in anything they did and I resented it. I knew I was being petulant but I couldn’t help it. I felt left out. “You won’t let me see any of my friends anymore.”

“That’s not true, Leah.” he said exasperated, “Call Amber or … that other girl who lives in Redmond. Just find something to do so Moira and I can … be together, ok?” he paused, waiting, while I said nothing. “Come on, Leah. How hard is it to do this one thing for me?”

My temper flared. I felt like all I did was what he wanted and it made me so mad. “FINE.” I said through gritted teeth, “Have a fucking fantastic time with your precious Moira.” I pressed the OFF button on the phone, fuming, but my stomach knotted up immediately. I knew I’d be sorry for that last remark.

I reached for the stack of dollar bills and started counting again, slipping the bills roughly through my fingers as I counted. Suddenly a wave of emotion hit me and I dropped the money, buried my face in my hands and began to cry. I hated my dad. I really did. I jumped when I felt Edwin’s hand on my shoulder. I sat up quickly wishing I hadn’t fallen apart like that. I wiped my eyes on the backs of my hands and tried to act like I hadn’t just been sobbing loudly.

“I’m sorry,” Edwin said in a quiet voice, removing his hand from my shoulder. “I didn’t mean to startle you. I just heard you crying and–”

“It’s ok.” I said quickly, sniffing, still trying to wipe the tears from my face. I didn’t want him to see me like this, crying over a stupid argument with my dad. I reached for the calculator and the pile of dollar bills I’d been counting, but my eyes suddenly filled with tears again and I gasped as a sob rose up in my chest.

“What’s happened, Leah?” he said in that same, quiet voice. It was so warm and gentle I turned to look at him despite the fact that I didn’t want him to see me so ugly and upset. His face was full of concern, his eyes holding mine.

“Oh nothing.” I managed to say, trying to sound casual but feeling the tears coming again. “My dad is just a complete jerk.” I said, my voice breaking as I started once again to cry. I swallowed hard as Edwin reached across the desk and pulled a box of tissues closer. He drew one out and handed it to me, leaning himself against the desk and watching me with that same, concerned look on his face. I thanked him quietly and mopped my eyes, looking away from his intense gaze.

“Is it Moira?” he asked quietly. I nodded, wondering if he’d heard what I’d said to my dad at the end of our conversation or if he’d just guessed. I knew he and my dad had lunch together sometimes, so maybe my dad had told him Moira was in town this weekend. “He’s making some kind of romantic dinner for her so he doesn’t want me around to mess things up.” I sniffed again and reached for another tissue.

For a moment we were both silent then Edwin spoke, in a louder voice. “Well, I have thrilling plans tonight.” he said, making me look up. “I was planning on having dinner alone.” He smiled slightly, leaning forward just a little and whispered, “And then,” he paused for a heartbeat, “reading a book.” He lifted his eyebrows impressively and I laughed, despite myself. “Care to join the fun?” he said and my heart did a little flip-flop in my chest.

I didn’t say anything at first, but I looked at him and felt that same creeping arousal inside me. My dad’s phone call wasn’t forgotten, but all of the sudden it didn’t seem so important. “I’d love to.” I said, suddenly feeling quite breathless.

“Well then,” he said, his smile widening, “let’s get that drawer sorted out.”

It was ridiculous how fast my heart was beating as we drove across town. Edwin’s car seemed strangely intimate, and I could smell the faint scent of his cologne in the air. We talked very little, only to discuss whether we should pick up Chinese, Thai, or Indian take-out. I snuck peeks at his profile as he drove and found my arousal growing faintly. I let my mind run away with the idea that maybe Edwin had more than just a friendly evening in mind. By the time we got to his

house with two sacks of curry in our arms, my anger at my dad was completely gone, replaced by a nervous excitement fueled by my imagination.

Edwin’s house was small but comfortable. Books lined most of the walls, the few places without bookcases held antique clocks and small, dark oil paintings. I peered at a seascape as I hung my jacket in the entryway, feeling a strange rush of affection for this quiet man and his simple life. In the kitchen Edwin set out plates and silverware, unwrapping our take-out at a small table by a window. When I walked in, he was taking wine glasses down from a cupboard. He turned and smiled at me. “I think beer goes better with curry but I’m afraid all I have is wine.” he said, placing the glasses at the table. “We’ll have to take our chances.” I smiled and we both sat down, filling our plates with Indian breads and jasmine rice.

Over dinner we talked about all kinds of random things, shifting from one subject to another with no real direction. I drained my wine glass twice, feeling tipsy and warm and happily lulled by the sound of Edwin’s voice. It was soft and warm and gentle, calming and arousing at the same time. And when his kind, brown eyes met mine I shivered to my core.

More than once he paused in the middle of a sentence, looking at me, slightly confused, and I realised I was just staring at him, staring and loving what I was seeing. I guess I had no skill at hiding my thoughts or feelings because at those moments Edwin would lose his composure and for a moment just stare back at me and swallow hard.

After dinner he made coffee and we moved to a sitting room at the back of the house. He sat down first while I let my eyes roam over the titles of the books on some of his shelves. I hoped he was looking at me, hoped he had romantic intentions. I allowed myself a full minute with my back to him, feeling very happy in my fantasy world. I sat next to him on a long, brown leather couch and turned so that I was facing him slightly.

“I think your father is going to ask Moira to move in with him tonight.” Edwin said, taking a sip of his coffee.

“What? Are you serious?” I asked, slightly shocked, my fantasy deflating. “He never tells me anything.” I felt suddenly angry again. Irritated that Edwin was talking about my dad, irritated at what he’d said. “I don’t think I can live with that woman.” I said emphatically.

“Is she so terrible?” he asked, that warm voice making me doubt myself slightly.

“No…” I said slowly, “She’s not terrible. I mean, she’s just…” I searched my feelings, looking for the right words, “My dad just acts like she’s perfect. He’s always talking about how beautiful and stylish and elegant she is. And worse– how she has these beautiful daughters … these two beautiful, talented daughters.” I continued, emphasizing the adjectives. “He acts like I’m the stupidest, ugliest thing he’s ever seen.”

“He doesn’t think that, Leah.” Edwin said evenly. “No one could possibly find you stupid or ugly.”

“He does.” I insisted. “He’s so ashamed of me since I fucked up college so royally. I told him I wasn’t ready for college, I wanted to take a year off and work, but he didn’t listen. He never does.” I put my cup of coffee down on the glass-topped table at our knees and put my face in my hands trying to stop the tears. I heard Edwin put his coffee cup down next to mine and then felt his hand on my knee.

“I’m listening, Leah.” he said very quietly, his hand moving up to my wrist, gently pulling my hand away from my face. I looked at him and saw so much sincerity there. My heart leapt in my chest and, despite my bitter sadness, I noticed with a keen longing that he’d moved closer to me, our knees were touching, and if I just leaned forward our mouths would be lined up perfectly for a kiss.

I moved without thinking, my brain barely processing what my body was doing, and quickly pressed my lips to his. It only lasted a second, but the warmth of his soft lips under mine sent a shiver through me. He drew away swiftly, his face registering shock. “Leah!” He stared at me for a moment and then, in a voice barely above a whisper, he asked, “What are you thinking?”

My head swam suddenly with so many different emotions. I felt aroused but foolish. I wanted him like I’d never wanted anyone else before but I wanted his respect too. With the boys I’d dated in college I’d never even thought about whether they liked me. If they’d wanted me, that was enough, but Edwin was different. I wanted him to like me, I cared what he thought.

“I’m sorry!” I said, pulling back from him quickly. “I’m sorry. I just wanted– I mean I thought… When you look at me sometimes… I mean, I…” I couldn’t look at him now. I blushed, feeling stupid as I stumbled over my words. “I thought you liked me.” I finished, knowing how weak and childish it sounded.

Edwin exhaled in a strained way. “Leah.” he said, making a sigh of my name. “I like you very much.” He paused, and seemed to be thinking. “I do look at you, you’re right. And I like what I see.” I looked up to find a very tense look on Edwin’s face. “You’re beautiful. I don’t think you even know how beautiful you are.” His hand lifted slightly as if he was going to reach out and touch my face. He paused, his hand in mid-air, then dropped it and took my hand, looking into my eyes very seriously. “You’re the most interesting and sensual woman I’ve ever met, Leah, but–”

My heart beat hard in my chest. “Don’t tease me…” I said, interrupting, unable to believe my ears. “Don’t make fun.”

Edwin’s face was just as serious as it had been. He gripped my hand slightly and I felt a lightness fill me as I looked into his face. “I wouldn’t.” he said gravely. I labored to understand what was happening, what he was saying. The warmth of his thumb stroking the back of my hand made it so hard to think. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I pulled his hand toward me, aiming for my waist, and stared at him, wanting him very badly.

“Please.” I said, moving toward him, “Please kiss me. Just once.” I leaned closer, still pulling his hand to my waist. I saw him shake his head as I inched closer and closer to his mouth again but I didn’t stop. I kissed him, closing my eyes and savoring the sensation of his mouth on mine. He reacted immediately, his hand sliding onto my waist, his lips opening against mine, sending waves of pleasure all through my body. He kissed me gently and I felt like I might melt in his arms. Then he drew away and our eyes met again.

“It can’t happen.” he said simply. “We can’t.”

“But why?” I asked, my voice on the edge of pleading. My body felt hot and weak. I wanted more of him. Everything he could give me. I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted anything before. “Why can’t we?”

Edwin sighed shakily. “I’m 51 years old, Leah. You’re only 19.” He said. “And even if you weren’t so young, you are my best friend’s daughter.” He paused for a full heartbeat, adding very quietly, “You are completely off-limits.”

I stared at him, hearing, but not wanting to understand. My body ached with longing. I noticed he still held my hand in his. He’d moved back from our kiss but our knees were still touching. If he didn’t want this, he wasn’t resisting very hard. I made a bold decision, shifted my weight and leaned forward again. I slipped my hand from his and moved it to his shoulder, pressing my lips to his once more. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him toward me slightly. I kissed him and he returned my kiss, his mouth slightly open under mine. His body remained rigid and still and when I broke our kiss and pulled back to look into his face I saw he was pained.

“Oh, Leah.” he said quietly. “We can’t. Think of what it would do to your father.” I looked at him for a moment. His brown eyes were so wide and warm, but his face was tense. He looked almost scared.

“It’s not any of my dad’s business.” I said. I moved toward him once more and allowed one of my hands to touch his cheek. It was so warm under my fingertips. I brushed it gently, feeling the roughness of stubble, and saw his eyes flutter just slightly. “Besides, I’m old enough to make my own decisions.”

“Are you?” he whispered. His tone was even but I knew he was thinking of my failure to make good decisions in college. And I knew he was right to question me. But everything about this was different. Edwin had a pull on me unlike anything I’d ever known. I wanted him so much, wanted to be close to him, wrapped in his arms and covered with his kisses.

Arousal surged in me, making me draw a quick breath. I pressed my hand to his cheek and he half closed his eyes, his chest heaving slightly. “Oh Leah.” he murmured, his eyes closing completely as he lifted his hand to cover mine.

For a moment he just held my hand against his flushed face, then he turned his head and pressed his lips into my palm. “I do want you.” he whispered into my hand, his eyes still closed. He kissed my palm again and I sighed with delight, my heart beating harder again. “But it’s all wrong.” he said, his hand falling away from mine. He turned his face back toward mine and opened his eyes. He looked so unhappy I couldn’t bear it.

I knew I was risking complete rejection but I almost didn’t care. I dropped my hand to his necktie, leaning forward again, and as I pressed my lips to his once more, I began to loosen the knot. Edwin didn’t stop me. He kissed me back, gently. Encouraged, I slid the knot down and worked my fingers around the top button at his collar. I felt his hand on my arm, not pulling me away, just touching me. I drew back enough to meet his eyes and saw nothing there telling me to stop. And so I didn’t.

I kissed him again. I touched his lower lip with my tongue and heard his quick intake of breath when I did. I kissed him with more passion and felt with a thrill of excitement that his hand on my arm had moved to my waist and was urging me nearer to him. I undid one button and then another and let my fingers slide inside the collar of his shirt, up and around his neck, delighting in the way his skin felt against mine. Against my mouth, Edwin moaned very slightly, both hands at my waist, pulling me even closer toward him.

Everything happened so quickly then. I don’t think either of us could have stopped it if we’d tried. We kissed with an increasing intensity, and one of his hands roamed from my waist down my hip and thigh, very gently caressing. I loved the contrast between his gentle stroking hands and his now forceful kisses, each touch sending waves of excitement through my whole body. All thoughts of my Dad’s anger vanished in an instant and I lost myself in the sensations that were coursing through me as we kissed.

I drew my mouth from his and trailed light kisses along his jaw then down under his chin, pressing my open mouth to the throat I’d just bared. I sucked lightly, hearing him moan again, the vibration of his voice against my lips, a delightful buzz of desire. His hands moved back up my waist, under my shirt, and spread out across my back, his palms pressed tight against my skin. I continued to kiss and suck at his neck, working the buttons through their holes as quickly as I could. At the same time I was rising from the couch and moving toward him, pushing him backwards, climbing onto my knees beside him.

I moved my mouth from his neck and kissed him hard, pressing him into the back cushions of the couch. I pulled at his now unbuttoned shirt, trying to free it from the waistband of his pants. I reached between us, finding his belt and began to slip it from its catch. I worked it free from his belt loops, letting it fall onto the couch beside us. I found the button of his trousers and began to undo that too when Edwin withdrew his mouth from mine and gasped, “No, no. Not here.”

He moved his hands from beneath my shirt and sat up slightly. He paused, looking at me, and suddenly he smiled and cupped my cheek in his hand. He looked much more composed now, no longer troubled. His eyes were warm and clear, full of admiration, and for a moment he held my gaze. I thought he might say something just then, but he didn’t. He just sat looking at me, a slight smile on his face. A contented smile. If this had been a date back at school, the guy would’ve had me pinned to the floor with his cock out by now, trying to get inside me, desperate to get off. But Edwin just sat at looked at me, smiling, his hands now resting lightly on my waist, and it was the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced.

I smiled back at him and lifted my hands to the top button of my shirt. I watched as his eyes followed my fingers. I worked steadily but not too quickly, until I’d gotten all the way down and then I slowly drew the front of the shirt apart, revealing a black, cotton bra. He took a deep breath and I shivered with the thrill of what I’d just done. He stared, his mouth just slightly open as if he was having trouble breathing. Then his hands moved from my waist and he gently slid the fabric of my shirt down over my arms, letting my shirt fall to the floor.

His eyes moved over the outline of my bra and the newly bared skin, and I felt another shiver pass through me as he moved his hands up my bare arms, stroking lightly. I reached behind my back and undid the fastener, slowly removing the soft fabric from my breasts. I saw his eyes move from one to the other, his breath shallow, as I let the bra drop to the floor. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his, placing my hands on his and moving them to cover my breasts. He moaned against my lips and I felt his hands close just slightly around my breasts.

I pulled back and watched his eyes drop down, now removing my hands from atop his. He slid them aside, his fingers framing my nipples, and gently caressed my skin, his fingers moving now and again to touch my nipples directly. Each time he did, a strong surge of arousal swept through me and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out.

“Let’s go upstairs.” he murmured, his eyes still on my breasts, his fingers sliding over my skin. I slid from his lap and he stood with some difficulty, pausing to unbutton the cuffs of his shirt and slip his arms from the sleeves. He let the shirt drop to the floor, on top of mine, and took my hand, leading me toward a set of stairs around the corner. As we climbed my heart raced fast and I could feel the wetness between my legs, a slight pulsing delight.

Edwin’s bedroom was simple and clean, with a large, white bed in the center of it. My heart jumped at the sight of it and I squeezed his hand in excitement. He drew me into his arms then and kissed me, pulling me so close I could feel his erection pressing against my belly. I slipped my hands under his thin, white undershirt and felt the heated smoothness of his skin. I couldn’t help but shiver at what was happening.

He pulled away from me and moved toward the bed, sitting down on the end to remove his shoes and socks. When he sat up I saw his erect cock pressing against the front of his trousers and longed to know what it looked like, what it felt like in my hands. Without thinking, I knelt in front of him and reached for his waistband, managing to quickly undo the button, now using both hands to grasp the zipper. He took my hands quickly, crying, “Leah!” in a slightly alarmed voice. “Not so fast.” He smiled slightly and my disappointment faded immediately.

He leaned and kissed me and then pulled me up onto the bed with him, laying me down on the cool, clean surface. He moved over me slightly, his knee sliding across my thighs, pressing me into the softness of the mattress with his weight. His hands stroked my arm, his fingers slipping up and over my breast, teasing my nipple lightly. I reached down and pulled his leg higher, parting mine slightly, and let it slip between my thighs. Edwin reacted immediately and I felt his weight shift as he moved above me, pushing his knee firmly between my opening legs.

He was above me now and I slid my arms around his neck as we kissed for a few minutes, his hands roaming over my waist and hips. It was sensuous and slow-paced, much slower than any love making I’d ever done. I felt drugged and blissful, my arousal a low pulsing current inside me. When he broke our kiss and drew his face back, his warm eyes on mine, I felt another rush of affection for him. I studied his lined face, the grey hairs in his eyebrows, and the loose skin at his cheeks; so different from the guys I’d been with before. I suddenly wanted to see the rest of his body, to examine it and compare it to what I’d known so far.

I slid my hands down and under the fabric of his undershirt, pulling it upwards, over his belly. He understood and obliged me, sliding off the bed and peeling the shirt from his body. I sat up on my elbows and watched more thrilled by his curly chest hair than I thought I’d be. I wanted to touch him, to feel what his chest felt like under my hands, but when he leaned over me and his hands went to the waistband of my jeans, my heart skipped a beat; temporarily distracted.

I lay still, propped up on my elbows, and watched as he carefully unbuttoned my jeans all the way down. His face seemed tense now, his brow furrowed, his jaw set. When he’d done the last button his fingers curled under the top of the waistband and he began to work the jeans down, over my hips. I lifted myself off the bed slightly, helping him slide them lower, over my backside. Then he was sliding my legs out, his warm hands gentle on my naked skin as he held one knee then the other as he drew the legs of my pants off, over my feet.

His eyes swept upward, scanning my legs, and stopped abruptly and I knew he was staring at my panties. I hooked my thumbs into the elastic straps around my hips and began to push my panties down. I saw Edwin swallow hard, his eyes watching carefully. I lifted my hips off the bed again and rolled the fabric down, slowly revealing the triangle of my pubic hair to his eyes. The look on his face was a mix of rapture and pain. He reached forward and very gently helped lower the fabric, down and down until I could feel it brush against my heels as Edwin removed the thin fabric entirely.

His eyes were focused between my legs, at the curly dark hair, and I shivered with anticipation. Edwin placed his hands on my knees and drew them apart very slowly. I’d never experienced a longer moment. I wanted to take over and spread myself wide, but I knew it would be better like this, moving at his pace, letting him lead. He exhaled slowly and with obvious strain as his fingers moved upward, now spreading across my thighs, still urging them to open wider. I could feel the wetness and heat between my legs and knew the outer lips of my pussy were on display.

Without lifting his eyes, he whispered, “Are you sure about this, Leah?” His voice was low and full of desire but I could see the restraint in his face. Even still, his hands moved upward until he was only an inch or two from my pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from his palms.

“I’m sure.” I whispered back, wanting his touch so badly. His hands moved up in unison and I felt his fingers on the outer lips of my pussy, touching so gently goose bumps spread all over my body.

“So beautiful…” he murmured and I opened my eyes to see a reverant look on his face. He seemed like he was in a trance as he watched his fingers moving along my pussy. I closed my eyes and tried to picture what he was doing; his fingers opening my pussy lips, his thumbs dipping into my wetness and sliding along to touch my hard clit. I jumped. Even the slightest touch was like an electric shock. My whole pussy ached to be stroked and filled, but Edwin only slid his fingers along my slit lightly, teasing me. I arched my back and pushed my head back into the mattress, wanting a more direct touch, wanting him inside me.

When he removed his hands from my pussy and let them slide slowly down my thighs, I opened my eyes. He was looking at my face again. “It’s not too late to stop.” he said but I saw his hand at his zipper. I shook my head and tried to smile at him, but my heart was suddenly beating hard and I couldn’t tear my eyes from his hands which were getting ready to push his trousers from his hips. He paused as if he was still waiting for my answer, and then he lowered the fabric, dragging both his trousers and his boxers over his hips and down to the floor. I slid to the edge of the bed, sitting up and, as he stepped from the pool of fabric, reached out for his cock.

He gasped but didn’t push me away. I looked up at his face, wrapping my fingers gently around his erection, and studied his expression. I saw some fear there, but more than anything, desire. I looked back down to his cock and tilted it away from his belly, toward my mouth. I saw his stomach contract as he drew in a sharp breath and I knew without looking that his eyes were wide, watching as I leaned forward to close my lips around the head.

“Ohhhh Leah” he moaned and I felt him steady himself, his hands resting gently on my shoulders.

A thrill surged through me as I heard him moan, as I tasted the saltiness of his precum. I laid one hand on his hip, my other hand stroking the shaft of his cock as I licked all around the head. I could hear his halting breath above me and his strangled voice as he repeatedly whispered my name. It turned me on so much to think he was watching so intently, and that it was exciting him as much as it was.

I took him into my mouth little by little, until I couldn’t take any more. Then I drew back slowly, my lips tight, applying pressure at the base of his cock with my fingers. I worked my way back down again, my tongue moving in waves along the underside of his cock. I sucked him slowly and found the ache between my legs growing more intense. Edwin continued to moan softly. Then his hands moved to my head and he stroked my hair as I sucked him in a slow and steady rhythm.

I took him deeper and deeper each time until his cock touched the back of my throat and my nose touched his warm pubic hair. I did this several times and each time he groaned as I reached the limit then drew my lips back off again. When I moved my mouth from his cock, using my hand to continue the stroking, I looked up at him and saw that his face was a mix of intense emotion. He looked blissful but dazed, full of longing and pleasure and need.

“Don’t stop, Leah.” he said, breathlessly. I felt his fingers in my hair and the gentle pressure of his hands as he urged my mouth back to his penis. I opened my mouth and began to suck him again, in an even rhythm until I felt him moving against me, pushing his hips toward me, feeding his cock into my lips.

“Ohh Leah. That’s so nice…” he whispered, his hands gently holding my head. “That’s so nice…ohh my.”

His voice touched me like a hand. Just the way he said my name made my heart race. I felt weak and yet fully aroused, my nerves at attention while my mind wandered, lost in a soft and warm world of delight. I’d given more than a few blow jobs in my life but this was so much more than that, so much more than just sucking a cock. Edwin’s soft moans, his obvious pleasure, made me ache with intense desire. When he asked me to suck him deeper, I happily obliged, relaxing my lips and letting his cock slide down my tongue. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the heat and hardness of him, concentrated on letting him slide further back, deeper inside.

“Mmmm… that’s it,” he moaned. I moved carefully, inching my way down the shaft of his cock, the sound of his voice filling my head. “Deeper, sweetheart.” I felt my throat begin to close, the reflex taking over, and then it softened and the tip of his cock went further back, pressing against the softness at the back of my throat. “Ohhh, Leah,” Edwin groaned and I felt his fingers gripping my head. He shivered, his legs trembling just slightly. I drew my mouth back slightly then began to slide forward again, inching his cock down toward the back of my throat. He groaned my name again, sounding like he was in pain, as my throat relaxed and he slid in, as deep as I could take him.

We both paused, his hands tense as he held my head. I could hear his unsteady breath. I concentrated on holding my breath, trying to give him time to enjoy the sensation of having his cock buried in my mouth. It seemed like several minutes that we just stayed like that, his cock pressing against the back of my throat until I moved slightly and he released his firm grip on my head, allowing me to draw my mouth from his cock and take a few deep breaths. I took his penis in my hand and stroked it as I looked up at him.

“Ohh sweetheart.” he whispered, his eyes dark and wet. He looked as if he might cry. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before in a man’s face; so much vulnerability.

He reached down and helped me to my feet, gathering me into his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my bare breasts against his warm chest. We kissed with rough desire, Edwin pushing his tongue between my lips. I kissed him back just as eagerly, hoping he enjoyed the taste of himself on my lips. I pulled his head toward mine with one hand, crushing my mouth to his. With my other hand I reached between us and started stroking his cock as we kissed. He groaned and slid his hands down to my waist, then lower, his fingers spreading across the flesh of my ass. We continued to kiss hungrily for a while, our breathing growing faster until I pushed him away abruptly and climbed onto the bed. I loved the feel of his cock in my hand, the warmth of his palms on my ass, and the taste of his mouth against mine, but I wanted him inside me too. I wanted it more than anything else.

I reached for his hand and he moved beside me. I pressed him down onto the surface of the bed and quickly straddled his hips, pressing my wet pussy against his cock. He shifted to the side a little, his hands on my hips, and the length of his cock slid between my pussylips. I groaned and reached down between us, wanting him inside me as soon as possible. I clutched his cock and lifted my hips just enough to position myself, his cockhead pressing against my cunt. He gasped, “Oh god! Are you sure you–” and I slowly slid down, taking him inside me an inch at a time.

As excited as I was, it took a few minutes for the full length of his cock to penetrate me. I moved up slowly then down again, working him deeper inside me each time. Edwin’s hands rested on my hips, gently steadying me. His eyes were wide, watching my face. I continued to move up and down, my whole body tense, until I felt the softness of his belly against mine and the heat of our bodies pressed close.

I exhaled, not even realising I’d been holding my breath, and suddenly felt fullness and the slight throb in my pussy. I started to move slowly at first, raising myself up with my legs, drawing my pussy off Edwin’s cock then lowering down again. He gripped my hips in his hands and supported my motions as I rode his penis in a slow, steady rhythm. My breasts bobbed as I moved and I felt Edwin’s hands slide up to cover them, his hot palms pressed against my aching nipples.

Already the sensations were building between my legs and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. Edwin’s hands caressed my breasts, his fingertips stroking my nipples as I continued to bounce up and down, moaning as my excitement built. I’d never had a sexual experience like this before. I couldn’t believe how good my body felt, how aroused I was.

“Ohhh Edwin… it feels so good.”

He slid one hand back to my waist while he continued to stroke my nipple. He held me tight, supporting my motions as I rode his cock. I closed my eyes for a moment and listened to his rapid breathing and the creak of the bed as we fucked. It was more exciting than anything I’d ever imagined. I could feel my pussy slowly tensing as I neared another orgasm.

“Touch me, Edwin.” I whispered. “Touch my clit.”

I heard his sharp intake of breath and then felt his hand leave my waist. I kept bouncing, riding him, as his fingers located and began to stroke my clit. An electric shock of pleasure zipped through my body and I cried out without meaning to.

“Oh YES, Edwin.” I opened my eyes and saw the intense desire in his face as he stroked my clitoris, his wrist at an awkward angle. I rode him as hard as I could, raising myself up on my knees and sliding down swiftly over his cock. With each descent a wave of pleasure shot through my cunt and down my legs and I heard my own unconscious grunting. Beneath us the bed squeaked in rhythm with our motions.

“Yes, sweetheart…” he whispered, watching my face as my orgasm got closer. That’s it, Leah.” His voice was smooth and velvety and so gentle. It clashed with the lusty moans and grunts I couldn’t help making, but the contrast just turned me on even more. I bit my lip and arched my back as a tingling sensation began building inside me.

“I’m going to come!” I almost shouted. “Edwin, I’m going to come.” He continued stroking, his fingers on my clit and my nipple at the same time as I clung to his shoulders for support. I squeezed by eyes shut, concentrating hard as Edwin’s voice filled my ears, his words were sharp and quick.

“Yes, Leah… yes.” His fingers pressed hard against my clit as he said this, and I pushed against him, burying his cock inside me. “Come, sweetheart…come.”

My pussy began to convulse then and I shook as I pushed down against his stroking fingers. I felt the thickness of his cock inside me as I came, my pussy squeezing again and again. The sensations were intense and sudden, spreading out from my cunt and breasts then cycling back each time my pussy convulsed. I groaned and swore, my head rolling back and forth as I came, the orgasm lasting so much longer than any I’d had before.

When the steady pulse had slowed, I dropped my head to his shoulder and very slowly moved my pussy up, sliding it off his cock almost all the way. I felt my cunt clutch at him and I slid down quickly, urging one more pulse from my vaginal muscles as I did. I groaned against his shoulder as the throbbing stopped and my wet cunt relaxed.

Edwin moved his hand from between my legs and cupped my face, bringing it to his so he could kiss me. I could smell my own wetness on his fingers and I could feel his rigid cock still inside me. I started moving again, riding him as we kissed feverishly. He held my hips as I moved, and then suddenly he pulled his mouth from mine, took me by the waist, and began to draw me off his cock.

“Lie down,” he said almost sharply, adding, “On your stomach.”

I moved from his lap and did as he asked, stretching out on the white bed, immediately feeling his warm body straddling my legs. He put his palms on my hips and gently lifted them and I suddenly felt the hardness of his cock between my ass cheeks. I moved back against him, raising my hips a little more. He positioned himself and in one swift movement he entered my pussy from behind, burying himself inside me. A low moan escaped his lips and for a moment he just held himself there, deep inside me.

He bent over me so he could slip his hands around to cup my breasts. His fingers found my nipples and now it was my turn to moan. Everything Edwin did was right. He seemed to know how to touch me, to turn me on the most.

When he started to push himself forward and back, I turned to look over my shoulder at his face. He looked slightly dazed but he met my eyes and smiled slightly, his hips beginning to move a little faster.

“Oh God.” he moaned, “Oh Leah, you are so beautiful.” I arched my back and pressed my ass against his thrusting hips. It felt so good. His fingers stroked my nipples in time with his hips, thrilling my whole body from head to toe. I reached down and touched my clit and began to finger it.

“Oh yes, touch yourself, Leah.” Edwin panted, suddenly increasing the intensity of his thrusts. He covered my hand with one of his own, his index finger sliding into my wetness right on top of mine. He pressed against it, his finger matching my strokes. I could feel his panting breath on my back and the unbelievable sensation of another orgasm building inside me.

Edwin straightened up quickly, his hands suddenly grabbing my hips, and he began to push himself into my cunt in long, rough strokes. I heard his hips slap against my ass and each time he grunted, his fingers digging into my flesh. I stroked and pinched my clit, wanting to come with him still inside me, wanting to come along with him.

He filled me again and again, the rhythm gaining speed as he neared his climax. It was fantastic, far better than anything I’d ever experienced before. His grunts were so unexpected, so out of character for Edwin, and they turned me on incredibly. I crushed my head into the mattress and pinched my nipple, my other fingers still working hard at my clit, and braced myself against his urgent movements.

Edwin moaned my name and I felt a surge between my legs. My pussy convulsed rapidly, clutching at his moving cock. It was a small orgasm but it was thrilling and I bit my lip hard, still stroking my clit as my pussy throbbed and throbbed.

Edwin kept thrusting hard, moving even more quickly than he had been and I knew he was on the brink of coming too. I wished I could turn and look at his face, to see his eyes when he did finally come, but he was pushing against me so hard I could barely keep my balance on the bed.

When he finally did come he groaned my name in a strangled voice and buried himself deep inside me. I felt quick, light spasms inside me and the tremble of his hips as he pressed himself as deep as he could. He seemed to hold himself there for a few long minutes and then he drew himself out, exhaling loudly, and collapsed on the bed beside me, pulling him toward me in a sweaty embrace.

My heart was hammering from having just orgasmed myself and from the thrill of what we’d done. I relaxed in his arms and let him kiss my face and throat, his hot breath painting my skin. His hands roamed all over me, touching my breast, my belly and thighs, then dipping down between my legs to just barely touch my still sensitive pussy lips.

We lay together for a while as our breathing slowed down. Edwin continued to stroke my skin lightly, sending chills across my flesh, while I lay trying to remember if I’d ever felt more alive, more satisfied.

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