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Emily’s Double Punishment

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Stuck on a boring conference call in my office, I found myself daydreaming while looking at my calendar. August already, wow! It was hard to believe that it had been almost a year since Patrick and I had gotten married! What with the whirlwind romance and laughably short engagement, I’d only actually known him for about 14 months. But there hadn’t been a single moment that I’d regretted my decision. He was a wonderful partner, and our life together was quite fulfilling.

I was 22 and fresh out of college when I met Patrick, who was the one and only person who interviewed me for my job with his company. And when I say ‘his company’, I really do mean ‘his company’. He had built his business from the ground up, and even though it now had nearly 200 employees, he still insisted on making all of the hiring decisions himself, not trusting anyone else to make such important decisions on his behalf.

And in spite of our age difference – Patrick was 57 when we met – the attraction was instant and mutual. He swept me off my feet with his wealth and his worldly ways, and he assured me that I more than made up for my lack of life experience with my youthful enthusiasm. I know, it all sounds very ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, but I assure you, our story wasn’t nearly so dramatic. No gun-wielding exes, and significantly fewer spankings.

Seriously, though, our sex life had been quite the transition for me. Throughout college, and even back into high school, I’d been quite popular with the guys, and thought I had experienced pretty much everything: every location where it was possible to have sex, I’d been there; every position in which a guy wanted to fuck, I’d tried it. Being a hot redhead with a perfect body who just also happened to be co-captain of the cheerleading squad meant I pretty much always had guys fighting over me.

But what I’d never experienced until I met Patrick was that one man who truly worshipped me, who actually took the time to make sure I experienced at least as much pleasure as he did. There was definitely something to be said for experience and patient confidence in a man. In a word, Patrick was my first true lover.

And here was the irony: in spite of all of my youthful appeal, and his obvious desire to be with me, there were many days of the week that we had to plan sex in advance, so that there would be time for his little blue pill to take effect. And even then, there were times that he couldn’t, um, rise to the occasion. He never let me go without – he had all the necessary skills to bring me to orgasm with his hands, or his mouth, or both – but there were definitely those times that we wanted to fuck, but couldn’t. I told him often how satisfied I was, how I was fine with our sex life, how I’d experienced more pleasure in our short time together than in all of my college encounters – mostly, fucking athletes in their dorm rooms – put together.

But somehow, in spite of my reassurances, I knew that it bothered him. For someone like Patrick, who had built an incredibly successful life through hard work and determination, I could only imagine how frustrating it must be to accept this new weakness, this unmistakable sign of declining power. And for someone who had lived life up until this point with the charm, attractiveness, and financial means to woo any woman he desired at the drop of a hat, I know he especially hated the need to plan his pleasure. Bottom line? That little blue pill was a difficult one to swallow.

So it was in that context, wearing his concern for my happiness on his sleeve, that he suggested that perhaps I should invite some of my old college friends over for dinner, so that I could, in his words, “hang out with people my own age.” I assured him that I much preferred his company, but we agreed that it would be nice to have some people over, and for him to meet some of my old friends.

Given his busy CEO’s schedule, we picked the date right then and booked it, and then hadn’t talked about it since; he would leave it to me to work out the details. I called a few people, Facebooked a few others, and after a few false starts with difficult schedules, had two of my good friends lined up to visit the following weekend.


That Saturday night rolled around quickly after a hectic work week, and I was still tidying up the living room when the doorbell rang. Patrick was busy in the kitchen, so hollered out to me, “I’ll be right there, Emily! Go ahead and welcome your friends in, and I’ll join you in a minute!” One of his many quirks: in spite of being so busy, and having more than enough money to hire someone to do his cooking, Patrick loved to cook, and in fact found it relaxing, so he was to be our chef for the evening.

I found myself literally skipping to the door. Hmm, maybe it really had been too long since I’d seen my old friends! The doorbell rang again just as I answered it, and as soon as the door was open, I found myself enveloped in a familiar bear hug.

“Hey, Em, how’s it goin’! Long time, no see!”

“Hey, Jermaine, so great to see you!”



After a brief silence, we launched into the ridiculously lengthy and deliberately silly “handshake” we’d invented one night a few years back, after several beers. Amazing how rituals invented while drunk are so easy to remember?

“Ah, it’s so great to see you guys, come on in! Patrick will be right with us, he’s still working on dinner in the kitchen.”

“Oh, so Mr. CEO cooks, does he?” Ever since the wedding, Jermaine had been teasing me about how I’d married for money. I was hoping he’d see tonight that Patrick did actually have other qualities besides a bank account.

“Oh, yes, and just wait – he’s a phenomenal cook!”

I was just beginning to invite the guys to make themselves comfortable in the expansive living room when Patrick entered the room from the kitchen, about 40 feet away. I caught just a glimpse of a double-take on his part before he quickly regained his composure and strode confidently into the room, giving each of my friends a warm handshake as I introduced them.

“Beautiful crib you’ve got here, sir!”

“Oh, please, call me Patrick! Any friends of Emily’s are friends of mine, no need for formalities!”

I smiled broadly, delighted as always at Patrick’s genuine warmth and ease when meeting new people. It was Brandon and Jermaine who clearly felt a bit out of their element, perhaps not quite believing my explanations over phone or e-mail of just how rich I now was, and just how big a mansion I actually lived in.

“Dinner will be ready in 10. Emily, could I borrow you for just a second to help me in the kitchen, and then you should show your friends around!”

“Absolutely, Patrick,” I replied, and followed him into the kitchen.

As soon as we got through the doorway and out of earshot, he turned to me and said, with a broad grin, “You never cease to amaze me, Emily!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, call me old-fashioned, but I assumed when you said you were having friends over that they’d be, you know, women!”

“Oh, wow!” I giggled. “And then I surprise you with these two huge black guys!”

“Well, yeah, you have to admit, it’s kind of funny!”

“Well, I’ve told you that I’ve never been one to have a lot of women friends – I just always prefer the company of men, so yeah, that’s who most of my college friends are: men. Plus, as a cheerleader, I did of course spend a lot of time with the football team…”

“And I guess I should have taken you at your word! Well, anyway, they seem very nice, I’m just giving you a bad time. I’m looking forward to dinner. Oh, and, Emily…”

“Yes, Patrick?”

“Um, don’t suppose either of these guys are on the long list of athletes you fucked?”

“Oh, jeez, Patrick,” I playfully punched him in mock protest at his comment.


Oh. He really wanted to know. Well, why not; it’s not as though I kept secrets from this man, the love of my life.

“Yes, actually, one of them, once, after a game. I’ll let you try to guess which one. That should keep you entertained during dinner! See, two can play at this game!” And with that, I turned, playfully flinging my long red hair behind me as I walked out of the room. I could hear him chuckle behind me as I left, and I smiled to myself at my victory in this particular round of banter.

I rejoined Brandon and Jermaine in the living room, and then invited them to follow me as I gave them a quick tour of the house and the beautiful gardens in back, which sloped down to the lake.

“Damn, girl, you’ve done good! And you really like this Patrick guy?” Jermaine – oh by the way, he’s the one I fucked that one time – was full of questions once he was sure we were out of earshot of the kitchen.

“Oh, yeah, Jermaine, I’m really happy. It’s not just the money, I swear, I really love Patrick.”

“Well, then, good for you, honey, you deserve it.”

“And you’re looking fine too, girl!”

“Ah, Brandon, thanks!”

“No, seriously, you’re looking hot.”

I didn’t exactly mind all the attention, but I did find myself slightly self-conscious, slightly more aware of my appearance, as I changed the subject back to the house and continued to show them around. I was wearing a classic ‘little black dress’ that evening, sleeveless and fairly short for the warm summer weather, and black heels. The monochromatic outfit was accented by my natural red hair and big green eyes. I knew I looked good, and I knew Patrick thought I looked good, but I have to admit, it was nice to hear it from someone else, as well.

When we finally worked our way back through the huge house and into the dining room, Patrick was putting the last of the food onto the table. Everything smelled wonderful, and we all sat down and dove in, with Patrick serving and me taking the opportunity to pour everyone some wine.

The dinner conversation was pleasant, with Patrick proving he could easily hold his own talking football, and then seamlessly transition into giving them advice about their careers as they transitioned into the business world. And the food, as always when Patrick is in charge, was delicious.

When we finished, my doting husband graciously offered to do the dishes, allowing me more time to catch up with my old buddies. After a mock protest, I gave in, and led my Jermaine and Brandon back into the living room, where I turned on some music and invited them to join me on the huge overstuffed sofa.

As we sat down, Jermaine’s big, powerful thigh pressed against mine, and I felt a familiar shiver down my spine, followed immediately by a pang of guilt. Why was I letting this bother me? He’s a friend, that’s all, nothing wrong with that. To demonstrate to myself that I could in fact be a happily married woman and still enjoy the company of my old friend, I leaned into him, cuddling innocently, and said, “It’s so great to see you, both of you!”

As I moved to pull away, he held me tight for a moment longer, and his fingers grazed the side of my breast as he finally let me go.

“Great to see you too, Em, all of you!”

I blushed and smiled, then turned my head as Brandon spoke next.

“So, Em, your secret is out – Jermaine finally admitted to me what you two got up to that night last year, after that game.”

“Ah, man, Jermaine, you promised that would always be our little secret!”

He could tell from my tone of voice that I wasn’t really angry. In fact, I was shocked at how Brandon’s comment affected me. Somehow, I was finding this whole situation to be quite the turn-on. The delicious dinner, a few glasses of wine beginning to go to my head, and now these two gorgeous, athletic young men, one on each side of me, clearly teasing me, hitting on me, even knowing that my husband was in the next room.

“Come on, guys, you know I’m a happily married woman now.”

“Sure, girl, but there’s gotta be some reason you invited us over, and I know it wasn’t just to show us around your house.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” My tone didn’t quite make it to incredulity; it still had the timbre of flirtatious banter.

“Well, for one, I think these are giving away your true feelings,” Brandon said, his giant hand gently cupping my breast through my dress, and two of his fingers rubbing across what I now noticed was my quite erect nipple. Before I could say or do anything, Jermaine followed his friend’s lead, taking my other breast in his hand, and teasing my nipple in just the same way.

I sighed and leaned back into the sofa, for a moment relishing the sensation and feeling back at home in a familiar environment – my body as a plaything for hot young guys. But after a few moments, I caught myself, sitting up straight and giving them the sternest look I could conjure. “Hey, really, stop – Patrick’s right in the next room!”

“Ah, I knew it – you don’t really want us to stop, you just don’t want to get caught!”

“Oh, hell, guys, I admit it, you’re hot, and you’re totally turning me on right now. But I really do care about him, and I don’t want to hurt him.”

“Don’t worry, Em,” Jermaine said, “I can see the kitchen from here, I won’t let us get caught. You just relax.”

Against my better judgment, or perhaps purely in response to the increasing pressure both men were putting on my nipples, I acquiesced. I closed my eyes, leaned back into the sofa once again, and let them continue their exploration of my body. Brandon let a hand fall to my thigh, and then began slowly travelling, getting ever closer to the heat between my legs, his hand gradually hiking up the fabric of my dress until he could see my panties.

Jermaine, meanwhile, continued his focus on my breasts, his experienced hands working their way inside my dress and then inside the cups of my bra, where he grabbed and kneaded my perfect, perky tits as I writhed beneath him. The sensation was amazing, and I found myself quickly drifting into a hot fantasy about being fucked by these two powerful men.

“You still keeping watch, Jermaine?”

“Oh, yes,” replied a familiar voice, but one which seemed foreign to the fantasy playing out in my head. “He’s keeping very intense watch over your tits, Emily. So much so that he neglected to watch the kitchen door.”

I opened my eyes, and as soon as they adjusted to the light in the room, I saw Patrick sitting in his favorite chair opposite the sofa. I couldn’t determine the nature of the look on his face; it wasn’t anger or shock, but he definitely wasn’t smiling, either. Jermaine and Brandon pulled away from me as quickly as they could, disentangling themselves from my clothing and shifting their weight away from me on the sofa.

“Pretty irresistible, isn’t she?” He still wasn’t smiling.

“Um, sir…. I mean, Patrick…. um…”

Brandon tried to pick up the pieces of Jermaine’s poor attempt at an explanation. “Dude, Patrick, I’m sorry. You’re right, though, she is pretty irresistible. Just so you know, this was all on us. She told us how much she cares about you.”

“I know she cares, and I trust her. I’m also confident that even the two of you put together are no threat to me. Now that we’ve got that out in the open, perhaps you could all do me a favor?”

An uncontrollable shiver made its way through my body as I waited for Patrick to continue. I really couldn’t gauge his intentions.

“Since you are guests in my home, perhaps you could do me a little favor.”

“Absolutely, man, anything,” Jermaine responded.

“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing many stories from Emily about her sexual exploits as a co-ed. Nothing would please me more than to watch one of those stories play out right here, right now.”

“Um, Patrick?” I was filled with a confusing mix of emotions – excitement, nervousness, embarrassment, lust.

“Really, Emily, I mean it. I would love to watch these two fine young specimens fuck your brains out right now.”

“What, together?”

“Oh, yes, most definitely. What, don’t you think you can handle both of them at once?”

Ah, so he was punishing me for my transgressions. But fortunately he’d chosen a fun punishment. Patrick’s words had given me a renewed confidence. After all, I wasn’t cheating – I was following his directions, giving him the show he wanted. I decided to answer him with actions rather than words. I guided Jermaine’s hands back to my breasts, and Brandon’s back to my inner thigh, never for a second taking my eyes off my husband.

A tiny smile started at the corner of Patrick’s mouth, his eyes sparkled, and he nodded gently, confirming that he approved of my actions. The guys on each side of me on the sofa needed no further encouragement, and began fondling me once again. This time I let myself writhe with abandon, let my moans escape loudly, no more need to be quiet.

After indulging selfishly in this tremendous pleasure for a few minutes, I placed a hand on the thigh of both men, one on each side of me, and slowly worked my way up to the bulges quickly growing in their pants. I remembered Jermaine’s cock distinctly from our one experience together the year before – his was the biggest I’d ever taken into my mouth, into my pussy – 10 inches, and perfectly-proportioned with a girth to match the length. Just from my initial impressions, feeling him through his clothes, Brandon seemed almost as big. Wow.

“Now, Emily, let’s see you take on those big black cocks.”

A bit startled at Patrick’s blunt language – not his usual style – I nonetheless followed his direction without any hesitation. I turned my attention first to Jermaine, then to Brandon, quickly unbuttoning, unzipping, until both impressive cocks sprung free. They both stood up, kicked off their shoes, and flung their pants and boxers aside, before rejoining me on the sofa. I now took a cock in each hand, and began stroking up and down, turning my head every few seconds to take in the amazing sights surrounding me.

“You like, guys?” They could only moan in response. “I think it’s time you got Emily naked. I want to see her gorgeous body as she strokes you.”

Their hands free, Jermaine and Brandon made fairly quick work of undressing me, starting with my dress, and then my bra and panties, while I continued to stroke them, a bit faster now.

“No,” Patrick said firmly as I started to kick off my heels. “Leave them on.”

I grinned at him, then stood up, naked except for my black patent heels, which suddenly felt much sluttier than they had a few minutes before. Placing one knee on the couch, I bent down and took Jermaine into my mouth, giving Patrick a perfect view of my perfect ass. Brandon wasted no time crouching on the floor beneath me, and started exploring my pussy with his fingers and his tongue.

I could have cum right then and there, the whole scenario turned me on so much, but I knew Patrick had other plans, and before long, I heard his voice again. “Time to switch, Emily. I want both of those cocks rock hard and ready to take you.”

Brandon climbed back up onto the couch, and I quickly followed. Kneeling in front of him, and straddling Jermaine’s legs with mine, I positioned myself so that I could take Brandon into my mouth while still reaching between my legs to stroke Jermaine’s cock, and Jermaine had free access to my pussy with his fingers.

It was now that I discovered that Brandon was nearly as long as Jermaine – I guessed nine inches – but not quite as thick. I managed to deep-throat him, glancing over at Patrick for approval as I did so. He looked genuinely impressed as I held Brandon completely in my mouth, then began bobbing up and down. Once again, it would have been easy to bring at least two of us to climax in this position, but I was filled with anticipation for Patrick’s next command.

“It’s time.”

I paused, pulling up from Brandon’s cock and looking over at Patrick, waiting, eager for him to continue.

“Tell me, Patrick, what do you want?”

“I want to watch them fuck you, both of them.”

“You mean one in my mouth and one in my pussy?”

“Not quite. Think of another possible combination.”

“Um, you don’t mean…?”

“I think you know what I mean, Emily.”

I gulped. I did know, and it scared the hell out of me. With Jermaine still fingering me from behind, I studied Patrick’s face for any hint of leniency, and finding none, shifted my position so that I was once again sitting between the two guys on the sofa, their rock-hard cocks jutting out to face me.

“What does he want us to do, Emily?” Jermaine’s eyes burned with lust as he asked me the question.

“He wants to watch the two of you DP me. One of you in my pussy while the other fucks my virgin ass.”

“Woah, Em, seriously?” And then turning to Patrick, Brandon asked, “seriously, dude?”

“Definitely. You up for it?”

“Fuck yeah,” the guys said, nearly in unison. Yeah, I thought to myself, easy for them to say! They were once again moving their hands across my body now, and I instinctively reached out once again and resumed stroking their cocks.

“Now, Emily, you have a choice. Which cock do you want in your pussy, and which in your ass?”

My mind raced. I immediately knew the answer, it was obvious that Brandon’s cock wasn’t as thick, so it was the natural choice for my ass, but I was still in disbelief at Patrick’s request. He knew I was an anal virgin. We’d discussed it, and he’d pushed my boundaries a bit, exploring my tight hole with a lubricated finger or small dildo, but I never thought I’d actually get to the point where I could take a cock. And a big cock at that, with an even bigger one in my pussy!

“Emily, I need an answer. And god knows these guys are ready to go.” They both smiled, definitely eager to get this show on the road.

“Brandon. I want Brandon’s cock in my ass.”

I looked at him and he smiled broadly, obviously so pleased that he’d get to take my virgin ass that he didn’t mind the obvious assessment of his cock being the smaller of the two.

“Now, we need some lubrication, so how about you start off by riding him for a little while.”

OK, that I could handle. I quickly climbed on top of Brandon, straddling him, and lowered myself down onto his cock in one smooth motion, crying out in pleasure as I felt him fill me. My pussy was dripping wet, so he moved easily in and out, grabbing my hips and forcing himself up into me. I turned to look, first at Patrick, who had spread his legs slightly and was rubbing a hand against his cock, and then at Jermaine, who was also stroking himself as he watched me fuck his buddy.

“Alright, that’s enough lubrication. Now, turn around so that your back is to him, and lower yourself down onto him, slowly.”

As I pulled up off of Brandon, I could see his black cock glistening with my juices, and the sight was enough for me to let go of the last of my inhibitions, taking a deep breath as I followed Patrick’s instructions. Bracing myself with a hand on each of his powerful thighs, I lowered myself slowly until I finally felt the tip of his cock pressing against my tight virgin ass.

For a few moments, I was too tense to let him enter me, but with a little encouragement from both Jermaine and Patrick, the unimaginable began to happen. Patrick whispered to me, gently telling me to relax, and Jermaine drew closer to me, taking my tits in his hands and slowly kneading. The combination was just enough, and as I focused on Jermaine’s touch and Patrick’s voice, I felt the head of Brandon’s cock slip inside of me. I nearly screamed, but managed to stifle my reaction into a loud moan, as the pain seared through my body. But just as I’d hoped when I’d fantasized about this moment in the past, that pain was quickly overwhelmed by a fantastic new pleasure, unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

I could feel my muscles finally stop their ruthless clenching, and relax enough that Brandon was able to slide deeper into me, inch by inch, until he finally stopped, allowing me to begin moving up and down on his cock with my own rhythm.

“Good girl, Emily. You’ve done quite well with that punishment. Now, time for your reward, Jermaine’s huge cock buried in your pussy.”

I’d experienced Jermaine’s huge cock buried in my pussy, and I could attest to how good it felt. But that was before I felt completely full with a cock in my ass! Taking another deep breath, I prepared myself for what was coming next. With Brandon’s cock still buried deep in my ass, I slowly leaned back into him so that my back rested fully on his torso, and then spread my legs wide, inviting Jermaine in, my glistening, dripping pussy his for the taking.

He climbed across the sofa towards me, propped himself up with his huge, muscular arms on either side of Brandon and I, and teased me with the tip of his hard cock, which slipped back and forth across my clit and pussy lips.

“That’s right, Jermaine, tease her, make her beg you for it.”

The sensation was incredible, and it wasn’t long before I was begging him to enter me. I had grown used to the tightness in my ass, and was beginning to rock back and forth against Brandon with a regular rhythm. That, combined with Jermaine’s cock sliding past my clit with a regular rhythm, was nearly overwhelming. I wanted him inside of me. I wanted to experience the double penetration, and no longer just because it was Patrick’s request. I wanted it out of pure, selfish, raunchy lust.

“God yes, Jermaine, fuck me, please, pleeeeease!”

He didn’t make me beg any longer than that, obviously eager to enter me. Using his hand for a moment to position himself against me, he pressed hard, meeting a little resistance as the head of his cock pushed into my pussy, and then, finally, slid completely inside of me in one powerful motion.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my gaaaaaaawd!”

There are no words to describe that first moment, my pussy filled with a thick, ten-inch cock, my ass with an only slightly smaller nine-inch cock. Pain, yes. Mind-blowing sensations, yes. That dizzy feeling of almost, very nearly, passing out? Yes, but thankfully not for long. Both men held still inside of me as they waited for my body language to give them permission to proceed.

Once I had regained a sense of my surroundings, I began moving between them, realizing that the sensations would be most powerful for all three of us if I were the guide. Neither man could move with normal freedom, because of the incredible tightness, but if I rocked back and forth between them, I was able to establish a fantastic rhythm.

Patrick, my husband. For several moments, I’d forgotten about him, lost in my own world of sensations. But I looked to him now, and nearly did a double-take as I saw that he’d slipped his cock free of his slacks and boxers, and was stroking it – rock hard and erect – as he watched. His obvious pleasure at watching me turned me on even further, and I decided it was time to bring things to a climax for everyone in the room.

“Yes, god, Jermaine, that’s it, fuck me, fuck me!”

He began a fast, intense motion in and out of my pussy now, actually fucking me quite hard, with Brandon still buried beneath us both, riding out the sensations.

“Now, guys, here’s the plan,” Patrick said, making both men aware of his presence once again. “We’re going to reward Emily, my beautiful, wonderful slut of a wife, with the prize she deserves for all of her hard work.”

“Yes, sir! I mean, Patrick!” Jermaine laughed as he continued to pound me.

Patrick stood up, pulled his slacks and boxers completely off now, and walked toward us, his impressively hard cock jutting towards me.

“Brandon, you’re welcome to cum in her ass.”

Brandon simply moaned in response, lost in his own world of pleasure.

“Jermaine, I want you to pull out when you’re ready to cum, and shoot your load across her clit.”

“You got it.”

“And you, Emily, are going to take me into your mouth, and swallow every drop when I cum, do you understand?”

“Oh, god, yes, please!”

Our noisy, intense fuck-fest continued for several minutes more. I took Patrick – about seven inches, by the way, in case you’re curious – completely into my mouth, freeing a hand from the man-sandwich I was engulfed in to cup his balls as I sucked him off. I was the first to cum, exploding with what was by far the most powerful climax of my life. My clenched muscles and writhing pleasure put both Brandon and Jermaine over the top after just a few moments more, and both came just as Patrick had instructed.

As Jermaine’s hot cum hit my clit and then covered my entire belly, I turned my full focus to Patrick, who was also nearing his climax. Still surrounded and connected by sweat and cum to both Brandon and Jermaine, I brought both hands to the task now, tickling Patrick’s balls and stroking his shaft as I focused my sucking on the tip of his cock, as I knew would push him over the edge. He jerked, panted, and then sighed with pleasure as he filled my mouth with a huge load of cum.

As Patrick stepped away, a huge smile on his face, the three of us on the sofa gradually pulled away from each other, and the guys got dressed again. Ridiculously huge smiles plastered across their faces, they thanked us both for the amazing evening, and made their way out.

“Well, Emily, that was quite an educational experience,” Patrick said to me with a grin as we waved to the guys one last time and closed the door.


“Yes, I think I’ve found a way to avoid those pesky little blue pills.”

I giggled, responding, “Well, I’m pretty sure Jermaine and Brandon would be happy to come over again any time we ask!”

“Sounds like a plan.”

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