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I drove Emily all around our city and showed her the different areas of interest. We chatted and had a very good time. We were like two old friends and anyone who would have seen us would have no idea of the lewd things we had been engaged in just a few moments earlier.

We ate at one of the finer restaurants in town and, of course it was Emily’s treat. She had loaned me a pair of white cotton panties because Ann’s blue ones were soaked with my sexual secretions and I could not wear them under my white pants.

Of course she was dressed in all black. We were indeed a couple of truly beautiful and attractive women.

It was time for us to return to the hotel and as we drove along Emily, for the first time on our outing turned the conversation toward sex.

“This little escapade was not your first threesome was it?” She asked.

“No it was not” was my smiling response.

“How many others have there been?” She asked.

“Only one. This was the second time for me.” I replied.

“You were so incredible I thought for sure that you had done this many times. What led you to do this?” Emily queried.

“My husband is away on business a lot. I was bored and while exploring the Internet I discovered porn. That was about six months ago. I have been reading different erotic stories and visualizing myself doing all of those erotic sexual things. I have made Literotica and masturbation a part of my daily routine. It is just as important to me as working out at the health club and enjoying my son’s athletic careers. I have to orgasm at least once a day. At least that’s my goal. I love to masturbate.

I made up my mind that I wanted to actually experience some of the sexual things that were so vividly described on the net. So when an opportunity presented itself I was more than ready.”

“Tell me about the first time,” Emily said.

“I was checking the mail for my next door neighbor and brought it into their house. No one was supposed to be home but when I walked in I heard the sounds of sex. It was, Angie, their daughter. She was supposed to be at a gymnastic camp in a nearby town. Angie brought home one of the instructors and was fucking him in her bedroom”

“What did you do? Emily asked.

“I watched them fuck for awhile and got so turned on. They were so into it and their young bodies were so beautiful. I had to join in. I told them that I would tell her parents unless they let me participate,” was my reply.

“So what happened next?” she questioned.

“They both agreed and we sucked and fucked each other for the next couple of hours. I ate my first pussy and loved it. I loved the way I felt as we pleasured each other. It was so intense and sexually satisfying. I felt no remorse or guilt at all. I couldn’t wait for my next sexual adventure,” I volunteered.

“And that was today with Richard and I,” Emily stated.

I smiled and replied, “No. I seduced one of George Bush’s campaign workers a couple of weeks ago. She was a college student from Minnesota who was working door to door in our neighborhood asking for contributions. I asked her in and propositioned her with cash. With very little hesitation she ate my pussy. It was wonderful. She was so beautiful and really got with it once she started. It was her first time with a woman. The blue panties that I wore today were hers. They were soaked with her juices. I am getting wet thinking about it. I am going to always keep them. I also want the panties that you are wearing now.”

With an intense look on her face she replied, “The panties are yours and they are getting wet too. Your stories are turning me on. Do you know that I have never made love with another woman unless Richard was there? In fact, he is the only man that I have ever fucked, period.

“Aren’t you curious as to how it would be to fuck another man?” I asked.

“Of course I am and we will talk about that later. I want to watch you masturbate. Will you do that for me in the room?” she asked.

“Pretty lady, I think that I would do just about anything sexual. Just let me know what you want me to do.” I answered as we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel.

As she dialed her cell phone Emily said, “I am going to ask Richard to give us some time alone. I want to experience how it feels to make love with another woman without him being there.”

“Hello, Richard we are coming up to the room. I would deeply appreciate it if you would go down to the pool for a swim. Betty and I want to spend some time alone. Bring your cell with you. I’ll call when we are ready for that big cock of yours. We expect a big load this time around.” She said as she smiled into the phone.

We walked into the lobby and took the elevator to the third floor. Richard was not in the room when we arrived.

Emily walked up to me, grasped my shoulders, and kissed me on the lips. She then gently probed my willing mouth with her tongue. I sucked it just as gently for a second and then I trapped her full bottom lip between my teeth. I sucked on it lustily for a few seconds and then let go.

Emily gasped as we parted and said, ” I liked that. Now lets get out of these clothes.”

She quickly pulled off her blouse and shorts, then unclasped her bra and let it drop to the floor. The nipples on her beautiful little tits were already hard and extended. Emily was ready for some more loving. She sat down on the couch and said, “Lets leave our panties on for awhile”

My pussy was already dripping and I began to salivate. I quickly stripped down to my panties as her eyes took in every inch of my body.

“God, you are so sexy.” Emily said, “So tall and thin and beautiful. I love your little titties. The nipples are so long and suckable. Lets rub our panty-covered pussies together and make them sopping wet. I want them to be sopping wet when I give them to you. I want you to lick and smell them tonight as you finger fuck your beautiful pussy. Come on pretty girl lets rub.”

I lay down opposite from her and we overlapped our legs until our pussies met. I put my hands down behind me and bucked into her. Emily did the same and banged her black panty-covered clit into mine. I grabbed her legs behind each knee and pulled her pussy tight against mine.

“Lets just rub, I said. We rubbed our clits over one another, together, enjoying the pleasure. Our pussies were wet and soaking through our sheer panties. We slid over one another and our pussies began making sloppy sloshing noises. The feeling was fantastic.

I ground my pussy into hers, then humped her and ground into her again. Our clits were so hard and extended that we could feel them through the cloth. Clit to clit we worked our pussies.

We were both moaning and groaning when Emily gasped, “Your clit is so big! Fuck me with it baby! Make me cum in my panties.”

We ground and humped as hard as we could and I exclaimed, “Rub that pussy baby! Rub that sloppy cunt on mine. Make me cum! Make me cream in my pants! I’m close. Buck baby buck!

“Fuck me hard baby! I’MMM CUUMMMINNG! Emily screamed.

“OH GAWD! MMEE TOOO! I shuddered as I exploded.

We lay back for a moment and Emily said, “I want to see your pussy. I want to see you do yourself.”

I stood and quickly removed my sodden panties. I then pulled up a chair, which faced Emily, close to the couch. I sat down and draped my long legs over the arms of the chair and slid my ass to the edge of the seat completely exposing my dripping pussy to her.

Emily had also shed her wet panties and was spread wide on the couch. I gasped at the sight. I loved her fabulous well-toned body. The nipples on her little lemon-sized tits were erect and dark. I wanted to suck them bad. Her thick black bush was covered with her pussy juices.

She had a slightly dazed look on her face and she started talking, “God, you are the sexiest woman in the world. Your pussy is lovely. It’s perfect. Your clit is so big. I have never seen one that large. It’s like a little cock. Stroke it for me. Her eyes were focused on my open cunt. She extended her tongue and licked her full lips unconsciously.

I pulled my legs further back and using both hands I spread my pussy lips wide. My enlarged clit stood up and indeed looked like a small cock. She was looking directly into my pussy and it made me excited. I was so damn hot. The idea that Emily was looking at my pussy only added to the fire.

“What a beautiful pussy,” Emily said. “The lips are so swollen and you are so wet. I can smell it from here. Stroke it with your finger pretty girl. Finger fuck that pretty thing. I want to see you cum.”

Emily spread her legs wider and began to finger her pussy. I watched with fascination as the fingers on one hand spread her pussy lips while the other stroked and rubbed her clit. The smell of her excited pussy reached my nose. Her pussy was beautiful. Emily was wide open and her hard little clit was clearly visible.

I began to stroke myself and Emily said, “That’s it baby. Your juices are running out and down into your pretty brown asshole. God! I wish I had a dick and could fuck your pussy.” Her fingers moved faster, “Ohh yes! That’s it, fuck yourself with your fingers and rub that big clit. Your pussy is so pretty. Finger fuck that cunt. Fuck it! Fuck it hard! Oh Gawd, I am going to cum again! Finger fuck yourself! Aahh! Yesss! Unh, Unh! She cried out over and over as she keep thrusting her fingers in and out of her very wet cunt. The squishy liquidly sounds drove me crazy with lust.

Her voice got low again and she said, “I’m about to cum. You know that I like for you to watch my face when I cum.” I looked up at her face and her eyes were locked on my pussy, Her lips were swollen and saliva dripped from the corners. Her beautiful face was again distorted as she worked to cum.

The sights and sounds of Emily bringing herself off drove me wild. I stuck two fingers from my right hand into my asshole and worked the thumb into my pussy. With my left hand I rubbed my clit and stroked my pussy. I used the arms of the chair for support and my ass bucked up at my thrusting fingers like a jackhammer. Masturbating in front of another woman drove me to one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

“Watch me cum baby. Watch my pussy juice flow. ” I gasped as my pussy spasmed and gushed a thick white cream that flowed down and into my asshole. Gobs of cum flowed from my cunt. My love sauce was a masterpiece.

I relaxed a little and settled back in the chair. I licked and sucked the cum from my fingers and the palms of my hands. I love the stuff.

Emily said, “That was the most intense orgasm that I have ever given myself. You were beautiful and you cum so much. I have got to taste you. Please don’t move.” Of course I had no intention of moving. I eagerly anticipated that beautiful mouth sucking my pussy.

Emily moved from the couch on her knees and wasted no time as she moved that beautiful face between my legs. She fastened her mouth on my asshole and sucked the juices that had settled there. I immediately orgasmed again and exclaimed, ‘Fuck Yes! Do my asshole!”

She immediately rolled up her tongue and deeply probed my butt hole. Then she flat tongued me from my ass to my gaping pussy as she loudly sucked and slurped my thick cum. Again my pussy went into spasmodic orgasm and more of my honey poured out.

“Oh God pretty baby! Lick it all up. Swallow all of my sauce. Let Miss Betty feed your pretty mouth.” I gasped as Emily started to really get into it. The loud slurping sounds she was making only added to the wonderful feelings that her probing tongue created in my cunt.

“I’m going to eat it all and then I am going to make you cum some more. I love to eat your cum. Suck mine off of my fingers.” She said as she presented her cum soaked fingers to me.

They were coated with her thick pussy juice and I sucked them loudly and almost uncontrollably, making sure to lick between each finger. I love the taste and texture of a woman’s cum and I had to eat every drop. She stopped licking for a moment and started moving those pussy-wet fingers back and forth into my mouth in a fucking motion.

“Is it good baby?” Emily asked.

“Oh God, Yes! Keep licking my pussy, I am about to cum again.”

She put her head back down just as I experienced another little orgasm and more pussy juice oozed out. She put her mouth tightly over my opening and sucked in, bringing my inner labia out to her tongue, which she licked rapidly. I cried out my pleasure in a series of pants as she ringed my hole with her tongue. “Unh, Unh, Unh, Unh, That’s it pretty baby. That’s what I like. Suck my pussy hard.”

Her tongue came out and licked my pussy up slowly toward my clit. All the while she loudly sucked in and swallowed the copious amount of thick cum already deposited there. I could hardly wait for her tongue to get there.

Emily raised her cum soaked face and breathed deeply. She looked directly in my eyes with that crazed look and in between breaths said, “I can’t get enough….. of your sauce….. Your cum is so thick….so tasty….I love to eat pussy…..I am so nasty…..I am a pussy eating slut…. I am going to work… that little cock…..I love to make you cum.”

She flicked my clit with her tongue and it felt like an electric charge going through me. Then she sucked it into her mouth and I came so easily this time. I could feel my fluids eject and Emily loudly lapped them up. My head rocked from side to side as I enjoyed this last orgasm.

Emily flicked my clit with her tongue rapidly and then licked it several different ways, each one driving me crazy with pleasure. It felt like I was in constant orgasm. She gave it one last suck and then moved down to my sopping wet hole and fucked me with it.

“Fuck Yes! I exclaimed I as exploded again and more cum flowed into her eager mouth. “It’s so fucking good! Please don’t stop! I can’t get enough of this good shit!”

“I’m not through yet baby doll,” She gasped and I felt two fingers enter my gaping hole. Emily shoved them all the way in and I let out a guttural sound of primitive lust. “AAAAHHHHHHH, SHIITT!” She again licked my clit hard and fast as she sawed her fingers in and out of my pussy. I felt the thumb from her other hand probe the opening of my asshole and I knew that I was about to explode again. I felt it pass my sphincter and settle knuckle deep in my ass.

I exploded with another body wracking orgasm and I bucked back against her fingers as it consumed me. She responded by fucking me hard and fast with her fingers as her tongue worked my clit with a frenzy. Copious amounts of cum poured out of me into her waiting mouth.

I heard her faintly say, “That’s it pretty baby…. That’s the way to cum…. for mama…. Feed mama…. with your beautiful thick cum….I love the way you cum….I want more….This nasty old gal…wants more.”

“I am going to try to work your G-spot,” She said as she shifted her fingers and curled them up, spreading my lips wide. All of the things Emily was doing drove me higher and higher. This was the most intense orgasm run I had ever experienced. I had never brought myself this far and I was now experiencing pleasures I hadn’t known. Her fingers pressed in on me and I felt the wrinkled skin over my spot tighten in readiness.

Emily had her thumb in my ass as her tongue continued its assault on my clit. With her fingers rubbing my spot furiously it took very little time for the pressure to build and I worked hard to cum again. I was on an unbelievable sexual high and with a few more strokes I exploded inside and my pussy gushed more thick, white, creamy cum into Emily’s waiting mouth. I screamed, “OOHHH GAWD!” as I felt a glorious rush of heat from my orgasm.

Emily licked up the copious amounts of cum leaking from my hole then looked at me. Her face was slick with my secretions. She smiled and said, “You have been a wonderfully naughty girl, a married woman fucking and sucking two complete strangers all afternoon. Naughty girls usually get spanked. I want to spank your beautiful ass. Have you ever been spanked nasty girl?”

“Not since I was a bad little girl.” I answered.

“Well I think that a good spanking is in order, don’t you?” she smiled.

“Yes. Yes I do. I’ll try anything with you.” I replied.

“Put my black panties on. I want to make you cum in them. I want to spank that ass with my panties on.”

I picked up the panties from the floor and slipped them on. As I pulled them tight around my pussy I gasped as I experienced another small orgasm. Jesus Christ! I was on an incredible sexual high.

“They are beautiful on that long body.” Emily breathed. “Lets move to the bed.”

As we walked to the bed Emily said, ” I want you to eat my pussy before I spank you.”

“I can do that. I want to taste you.” Was my reply.

Emily kneeled on all fours with her ass high in the air and I immediately sank to my knees on the floor. Her pussy was swollen from the excitement and her engorged clit protruded. It was soaked with her juices as was her hairy asshole. I leaned in and stuck my whole face in it and at first I just rubbed and inhaled her smell. It was intoxicating. Then I began to lick and suck, loudly and steadily on her cunt.

I slurped and swallowed all of the tasty cum that I could find there and then I moved to her asshole and gobbled up what had accumulated there. She tasted wonderful. Emily responded by slowly humping her ass back into my waiting mouth and said, “Ohh, eat me baby. Tongue my hairy asshole. Tongue fuck this horny old bitch.”

I did as asked and assaulted her hole with a rolled up tongue. I stuck it in as far as it would go and nibbled on the rim with my teeth as Emily pushed her tight ass back against my face.

“Eat my ass. Eat my fucking ass you nasty bitch.” Emily directed as I plunged my tongue repeatedly into her ass in a fucking motion. I then worked down the length of her pussy and lapped at her clit. When I touched it she lurched forward and dropped her head down to the bed and said, “I am about to cum. Suck my clit. Suck the pussy juice out of me. Suck pretty baby, suck!”

I wrapped my tongue around her clit and sucked with a strong, steady effort. I sucked it like I would suck a cock. She exploded into orgasm with, “Fuck Me! Fuuucck Yes! I’mmm Cuummiinng!”

Emily slumped forward on the bed and lay there for a few moments and then she looked at me and said, “You are the best baby girl, the absolute best. Now I want to spank that beautiful ass before I call Richard up here to fuck your brains out. Get up here and kneel.”

I kneeled with my ass high in the air. Emily stood and without hesitation brought her hand down hard and slapped my panty-clad ass. It stung like hell and I gasped. The slap sent electric like shocks to my pussy and the nubs of my little titties. Whack! This one was harder than the first and I felt a little cum leak from my cunt.

“A good spanking for a very naughty girl,” Emily said as she ran her hand over my ass and then my pussy. “You have been a nasty girl and I am going to spank you until you cry.”

Her hand again slapped down with a resounding ring and I gasped at the impact. It hurt like hell but I did not have time to recover as she repeatedly slapped the firm cheeks of my ass. My ass was stinging and I felt a perverse pleasure in the pain. There was a tingle in my pussy.

“Spank me baby. Spank my ass. Spank me harder.” I gasped.

Emily stopped for a moment and said, “I am going to call Richard. It’s time you had another good fucking.” She slapped my ass forcefully another couple of times and I heard her say, “We are ready for you daddy.”

“Spank my bare ass. Make it sting!” I demanded.

She responded by bunching the panties in the crack of my ass exposing the skin of my cheeks.

“I am going to spank your ass until he gets here,” She said as she began to steadily rain slaps down on my ass. “You have been a bad, bad girl.” Whack! “You have been sucking and fucking two complete strangers all afternoon long.” Crack! “You have been licking the pussy of a woman that you only met this morning.” Slap! “You are indeed a naughty girl.” Ouch!

“Don’t stop! It hurts so fucking good.” I said as my pussy leaked its juices into the crotch of Emily’s panties.

Startled, I jumped a little when I heard Richard say, “I see that a bad little girl is getting a well earned spanking.”

“Yes she is and she likes it.” Emily said as she slapped my ass again. “You do like it don’t you?” she asked as she delivered another stinging blow.

“Yes! Yes I do. It hurts so good.” I answered.

“Richard has something for you.” She said as she pulled the crotch of the black panties aside exposing my very wet cunt. “Our Miss Betty is ready for a good fucking so ram it home and make that pussy fart for me.”

I felt the head of his big cock at the opening of my pussy and then he sunk it forcefully all the way into me in one stroke. My pussy made that loud farting sound as the air was forced from it.

“Again.” Emily commanded. Richard pulled back and his next stroke drove me forward and my helpless pussy farted again. His huge cock filled my hole. “One more time big boy. Play that pussy music for me. One more than fuck her good.”

He slammed it in once more and was rewarded with a squishy sounding fart this time. Richard did not move for a moment and let me savor that feeling of fullness that his big dick provided. Then he started to stroke in and out slowly.

My pussy was making squishy sounds and as I began to buck back in time with his strokes. He said, “I am going to fuck you good pretty lady. Let’s work together.” Richard picked up the pace and we started to buck into each other with almost perfect timing.

I love to fuck and I especially like to fuck doggy style. Richard grasped my shoulders in his hands and pulled me toward him as he continued to stroke that big dick in and out of my pussy. I met every thrust with a guttural, “Hunh, Hunh, Hunh! Fuck me big boy, fuck me hard with that big dick.”

Suddenly Emily said, “Your body is so beautiful when you are fucking. So long and lean and strong. Look in the mirror pretty baby. Watch yourself fuck my Richard’s big schlong.”

I had almost forgotten that she was there. I turned my head to the side and there was a full-length mirror along the wall. I looked at my face and saw that my mouth was hanging open and saliva was pouring over my bottom lip. It hung in a long string that touched the bed. My eyes were glazed and I had that dazed look in my face. It was a facial expression that was working to cum.

Richard continued to pump and I continued to buck. My ass rippled every time we banged together. Seeing the image of us fucking in the mirror only served to spur me on. I continued to look at our reflection and gasped, “Fuck me hard you big dicked bastard I am about to cum. Pound my fucking ass”

Richard grabbed my hips, pulled me to him and picked up the pace. I bucked back violently into each stroke. As my ass rippled, Emily joined in and said, “Work that pussy you nasty bitch, ride that big fucking cock.”

“Ohhh shit! I’mmm cuummminng again! I gasped as I fell forward on my arms.

He leaned forward reached around and started to rub my clit with his finger. The feeling was electrifying and I gasped, “Damn! But you know how to make love to a woman.”

Even though I had just experienced a fantastic orgasm I shuddered and came again. “So good. So fucking good.” I breathlessly exclaimed.

Richard then leaned back and his cock slipped out of my pussy with an audible slurp. He bent over and licked the cum that was flowing from my hole and then placed his entire mouth over it and sucked. My pussy spasmed again and my honey flowed into his waiting mouth.

Emily said, “Roll over on your back I want Richard to fill you with his cum so that I can suck it out.”

Richard stopped sucking and I moved to my back and slipped the panties over my hips and down my legs. I got my left foot out but the panties stuck on my right knee and hung there.

“Do you want to do the Special baby? Richard asked Emily.

“Yes! Yes lets do the Special on a special lady.” She replied.

I didn’t know what the Special was but I did know that I wanted it. I was experiencing an all time sexual high.

Richard kneeled between my legs and ran his arms behind my knees forcing them to touch my shoulders. His hands went under my arms and grasped my shoulders from the back. He stuck the head of his big cock in my pussy and rammed it all the way in one stroke. My pussy farted again and I grunted, “Hunh!”

He placed his head on my right shoulder and nibbled at my ear. Emily’s dangling panties were almost covering my face and I could smell our pussy juice.

He stroked me a couple of times but before I could get into a rhythm he stopped and whispered into my ear. ” We are going to fuck you good pretty baby. Enjoy.”

He pulled me to him by my shoulders and drove me into the bed with his dick. He held me there and did not move. I tried to buck into him but I could barely move. He had me nailed to the bed. I felt Emily move her hand under his balls and touch my asshole. She stuck one finger into me and stroked it in and out a few times. Then she stuck two fingers in and started to steadily fuck me.

I began to grunt on each stroke, “Hunh… Hunh…Hunh….Hunh! With great effort I was able to buck back a little. The feeling was frustratingly exquisite. I wanted desperately to hump that big dick and Emily’s probing fingers but Richard would not allow it.

I begin to moan as I tried to work my pussy and ass. “Huuunnnh…huuunnnhh. Huuunnnhhh. Damn! But ya’ll know how to make love to a woman. You two are the fucking best.”

“Try to work that pussy baby. Try to work that ass. Buck, Baby, buck on my fingers.” Emily demanded as she finger fucked my ass.

Out of frustration I reached around and started to spank Richard’s ass with both hands. He gasped, “Oh fuck yes! Whip my ass baby. Spank me good. Work that pussy. Cum for me baby.”

“That’s it baby spank that flat ass. Spank that skinny ass. Make my Richard buck.” Emily panted.

My big clit was mashed into Richard’s pubic hair and I was able to work it with small bucking motions from the muscles of my pussy and ass. The feeling was indescribably good. I was able to get a little bucking motion going and I knew that I would cum.

“Hunh… Hunh.. Hunh… Hunh!’ I chanted as I worked. I picked up speed and panted, “Hunh… Hunh… Hunh… Hunh!” I was working hard for the cum. I grunted, “Hunh… Hunh… Hunh… Hunh! I’m going to cum on that big fucking dick. Ohh God! Yes! I’MMM CUUMMMING!”

Emily pulled her fingers from my asshole and said, “Fuck her good Richard. Fuck her with that 63-year-old dick. Fill Miss Betty’s pussy with your cum. Fill it full! I want to suck it out. Make plenty of cum for Mama.”

Richard released my legs and I draped them over his back. He nibbled my ear and licked inside of it and whispered, “I am going to give you the fucking of your life and fill your beautiful pussy with a bucket of cum. Work with me baby. Work that pussy and buck that ass. Cum for me pretty lady. Let’s feed Emily”

He began to fuck me with long powerful strokes. I locked my legs around his back and bucked into him stroke for stroke. I spanked his ass cheeks with both hands and it spurred him on. At the end of each stroke his big cock banged into my cervix. I never felt so full. He was almost driving me through the bed as he fucked me hard.

“Fill my pussy with that hot cum. Come on you big dick bastard, fill my pussy with your hot fucking cum!” I exclaimed.

Emily chimed in with, “Fill her up Richard! Fuck her hard! Drive that nasty bitch through the bed! Shoot a bucket of cum in that cunt!

I felt the first burst of hot cum hit my cervix and Richard grunted, “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!” It was followed by another massive load, and then another and another. It was a fantastic feeling and I grabbed his ass with both hands and immediately came with a shuddering, “I’MM CUUMMMINNG! MOTHER FUCKING YES!”

He stopped moving but then I bucked back into him a couple of more times and felt some of our combined juices being forced from my pussy. It was impossible for it all to remain there for his cock was too big and the amount of cum too large.

He grunted once more and I felt another large spurt of his hot cum. “I can’t stop Cumming. You are the best fuck we have ever had. The best, Baby, the fucking best.”

“Pull out daddy and let me lick that cum filled pussy.” Emily demanded.

Richard’s big cock slipped from my cunt with and audible slurp. I tightened my pussy and tried to hold in as much of our juices as I could. But I was too full and some of it leaked down into my ass hole.

“Get on your knees and feed it to me pretty baby.” Emily instructed as she lay on her back and slid under me. I straddled her head and lowered my pussy until it hovered just over her mouth and as I relaxed our thick, combined juices flowed into Emily’s open mouth in a continuous stream. She swallowed as fast as she could but could not get it all and some of it leaked from the corners.

Emily licked what she could reach with her tongue and gasped, “Feed me baby. Let me suck that beautiful cunt. I am a nasty fucking cum hound. I can’t get enough. Feed me baby!”

I lowered my pussy to her mouth and Emily began to lap at my pussy while making loud slurping and sucking sounds. It felt so good that I had a small orgasm, which added to the volume of cum available for her to consume.

She cleaned the sauce from the inside of my legs and worked back to my asshole and sucked it from there. Then she flat tongued the length of my pussy and loudly sucked the cum that had accumulated in my thick brown bush. “Is it good baby?” I asked.

“Oh God yes! She uttered. “So thick, so much, so tasty. I love this stuff. Let me have it all.”

I pressed my pussy down on her face and worked my cunt muscles in an effort to squeeze all of my goodness into her mouth. A muffled, “Hmmmn.” from Emily showed her appreciation. I rose up slightly and she said, “That’s it baby. Give it all to me.”

I pressed back down and started to saw my pussy back and forth across her face. She never stopped licking, sucking and swallowing. The feeling in my snatch was incredible and I increased the pace of my sawing as I worked to cum again. As I slid my sloppy hole across her face she licked and my clit was stimulated by her forehead, nose and tongue in turn. I worked harder and faster as I neared another orgasm.

“Hunh, Hunh, Hunh, Hunh,” I grunted. Then I gasped, “Fuck Yes! Fuck Yes! I’m cumming again.”

I rose up and sat next to Emily. Her face was slick with our secretions. Cum coated her eyes, nose and chin. I licked her face like a cat laps milk. She opened her eyes and smiled, “That was fantastic. You were fucking my face. No one has ever fucked my face.”

I looked up and saw Richard sitting at the head of the bed with his big, hard, cum coated cock sticking straight up from between his legs. “Clean me baby.” He said.

I leaned over and began to lick the cum from the sides of Richard’s tool. The combination of our juices was thick, tasty and plentiful. I opened my mouth wide and slid it up the side of his cock as I licked and sucked with my tongue. It was like I was playing a flute. I noisily licked and swallowed as I worked the schlong.

I moved down to his pubic hair, which was matted with our sexual secretions. God! But I am depraved. I love to eat cum, I thought, as the intensity of my sucking and swallowing increased.

I looked into his eyes and said, “I like to eat cum too. I like it a lot. I am going to clean the cum from your balls.”

Richard pulled his legs to his shoulders and presented his balls. They were indeed covered with cum. I sucked it all up savoring each nut in turn and then worked his asshole that was also saturated with our sauce.

“We came a lot. We really made a nice meal. Enough for two.” I murmured.

I took the big, purple head of his cock into my mouth and sucked it as I milked it with my tongue. I was salivating profusely and it poured from the corners of my mouth adding to the mixture. The only sounds that could be heard were the sucking and slurping sounds made by my mouth.

Richard was breathing heavily and bucking his ass a little as I sucked.

“I saved a little for you.” He said as he shot one spurt of his tasty spunk into my mouth.

Surprised! I gasped and held it on my tongue. Still sucking I slipped my mouth from his cock with an audible pop. Looking directly into his eyes I worked his cum in my mouth a little and swallowed with a gurgle.

“Thank you Baby!” I gratefully exclaimed.

“Isn’t my Richard wonderful?” Emily questioned as I lay back on the bed.

“Yes he is. You are both fantastic lovers. Both of you know how to do a woman.”

“You are not bad yourself Miss Betty. You are insatiable and your lovemaking is so intense. Without a doubt you are the best lover we have ever had. You leave me totally exhausted.”

“We have never repeated an encounter with one of our weekend lovers.” Richard added. “But we would like to make it with you again sometime in the near future if that’s alright with you.”

“God! I would like that.” I replied.

“Give your telephone number to Emily and we will keep in touch.”

“I need to clean up and go now.” I said

I showered, put on Ann’s panties that had dried by now, and dressed. When I reentered the room Emily was dressed. She said, “I’d like to walk you to your car if you don’t mind.”

She handed me a plain white envelope and one of those plastic hotel laundry bags and said, “That’s your money and my wet panties.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I want you to put the money to good use, if you know what I mean, and I want you to wear those naughty, nasty, wet panties tonight.”

“Don’t worry, I will.” I smiled.

We walked to the elevator and entered. Emily said, “We will get together again. I’ll make sure of that. I would also like to make love to your husband sometime.” She paused for a moment and added, “With your permission and with you there, of course.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that just yet but I’ll think about it. I’ll do just about anything sexual so that is definitely a possibility.”

“Please do consider it. I’d like to fuck another man and I think that at some point your husband will have to become involved in your sexual adventures. I would like to be the first.” She stated.

She walked me to my car and I contentedly drove home.

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