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Unexpected Surprise At The Gym

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I usually went to the gym late, as there were less people there and I didn’t have to feel so self-conscious. One night I was there and there was only 1 other person in the gym (other than the guy working the desk) and he was wearing only a Speedo. I wasn’t too worried about it because he was on the other side of the gym doing squats and I was using one of the treadmills. Then all of a sudden I hear someone say, “Hey man, can you spot me?” He was standing right next to me, all 6 feet of him,dark hair and eyes, creamy-white skin and bulging muscles. How long had he been standing there? I wondered.

I wasn’t sure what to say, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I just responded with, “Sure,” and followed him over to the bench presses. I figured that since I was going to hit the bench anyway we might as well spot each other.

He went first, with me spotting him. While spotting him I couldn’t help but notice his soft cock bouncing ever so slightly up and down with every lift. It had a slightly hypnotizing effect on me and I think he noticed. When he was done and got up my gaze followed his cock. I didn’t snap out of it until I heard him clear his throat. Oh my God, what was I doing? I was just checking out another guy! I’ve never done that before, I’ve never even thought about another man in that way.

If he did notice, at least he didn’t say anything. We pulled some weight off (I can’t lift nearly as much as he can) and I got down on the bench. He stood over me and I started lifting, but after the second or third lift I found my eyes diverting back to his penis again. When I finished my reps I lingered just a moment longer, reveling in the sight of his soft monster from below. Again I think he noticed me looking, and I think I also noticed his dick start to stiffen up a little. Was this turning him on as well?

When we switched places again, that’s when I realized that I was getting a hard-on. “Oh shit,” I thought, “what am I going to do about this?” He didn’t seem to mind though, and he just went about doing his reps as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Then I did another set of reps and decided to take my time a bit on this one to take in this wonderful view. I made brief eye contact with my perfect stranger and the look on my face was nothing but pure desire. He did another set, then I did another set. This time I noticed his cock bulging quite nicely in his tiny black Speedo. I was so confused at this point, confused about the feelings I was having and what to do with them. Do I supress them and after this awkward workout session go home and jerk off thinking about his huge dick, veins bulging out all over it, a beautiful head nice and purple just ripe for the sucking? Or do I do something about this right here and now?

Fuck it, I decided. But how do I go about setting this up without scaring him off? I had an idea. After his set of bench presses (during which I’m sure he noticed my raging boner since he was literally 4″ away from it) I got back on the bench. By this time he had a pretty big hard-on too, and when he stood over me I noticed it was big enough to push the edges of his Speedo out allowing me small glimpses at his shaft. It was so hot! This should make my plan that much easier. I feigned stretching and extended my arms out and away from me, but when I brought them back in I “accidentally” brushed a hand over his cloth covered dick and a finger hooked around his Speedo pulling it off to the side and exposing his 8″ monster. In the same swift motion I brought my hands underneath the bench press bar and started lifting. Since we were about 4 sets in I was nearing my max and pretended I was struggling and needed help with the bar. As he dipped down to pick up the bar (and for some reason I can’t help but wonder if he exaggerated this movement) his cock and balls landed square in my face. I shook my head back and forth enjoying this feeling all over my face. It was amazing! When he put the bar back on the rack we paused for a brief moment. The look on his face told me all I needed to know. I just grabbed his cock, aimed it right between my lips, and embarked on a mission I’ve never been on in my entire life.

I sucked his dick like a cock-crazed whore. I have no idea where this energy came from to this day, but I loved it. It felt so natural, so right, like I was meant to be here right at this moment in time, doing exactly this. He started moaning, which turned me on even more. I wanted nothing more than to please this anonymous man. Then I heard, “Hey, you guys can’t be doing that here!”

I looked up and saw the one guy working the night shift at the gym staring at me with this hot stranger’s huge rod in my mouth. I gave him a lustful look as I got up and slowly walked toward the locker room. My mystery man followed, and when I got in there I just laid on my back on the first bench I saw with my head hanging off the edge. He pulled his Speedo off completely and stood over me as he had done while spotting me. Nothing was said between either of us as he inserted his cock in my mouth once again. I loved the feeling and taste of it, the smell of it as it pressed in and out of my mouth. Slowly at first, and after a couple of minutes I licked all the way up his shaft and swirled my tongue around the head and then licked all the way back down to his hot sweaty balls. I took the right one in my mouth first and sucked on that for a while, then switched to the left. He was starting to get impatient though, and he told me to suck it again. I complied, and he really started to get aggressive on my face. He was fucking my mouth, ramming his thick 8″ down my throat and triggering my gag reflex slightly. My gagging only caused my throat to open up more for him to be able to slide more of his monstrous tool down my throat. After a couple of minutes of this I got used to it, and my gag reflex wasn’t really an issue anymore. There I was, on my back letting another man (stranger) use me like a slut and loving it. Every thrust down my throat was fueling my slutty desires.

He was speeding up and I knew he was close to cumming. I pulled off his dick just long enough to say, “Cum in my mouth, I want to taste your seed and swallow every drop.” That was when I saw a shadow coming through the locker room doorway. In walked the guy who worked there. He saw us and didn’t look surprised. I gave him a look of pure lust and maintained eye contact with him while my stranger slammed his cock into my throat repeatedly, faster and faster. It was almost unbearable, but I tried my best to shut the pain and discomfort out and just concentrate on giving him the best head he’s ever gotten. He uttered out a cry of ecstasy and pulled out until only his head was left in my mouth. Then I felt his cock shudder and cum hit the back of my throat like a rocket. It surprised me and I accidentally pulled off his cock and the second blast hit me in my face just below my right eye. I jerked his cock until a couple more shots erupted on my face and took his tool back into my mouth for the rest. The texture was different than anything I’ve ever experienced, kind of thick, but not in a bad way. The flavor was somewhat like bleach with a hint of salt, but I didn’t mind. I was so horny I was loving every second of this. When he was finished cumming I opened my mouth and showed our little voyeur my prize, then swallowed it down. He looked like he was in a daze. I beckoned him over with a finger seductively, and when he sheepishly walked over I wasted no time and just reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock. He wasn’t as big as my beautiful workout partner/stranger, but he was an average size, shaved as well. When he got over to me I began sucking him. He used his prick to clean up the remaining cum on my face and feed it to me, which I gladly accepted. I was so fucking horny, even more so now that there was another cock in the mix. His cock tasted different, similar but different in a very subtle way. I started to wonder if they all tasted and smelled different. I was starting to think about sucking a room full of cocks, loads just blasting all over my face from all different directions and getting horny as hell when I felt my shorts being removed. I pulled my boxers off and voluntarily threw my legs up in the air. I looked down and saw my first stranger with a dollup of KY on his fingers. He looked seductively at me and rubbed it on my asshole. It felt cold and wet and wonderful. I loosened my ass up and he sank 2 fingers in. The feeling was a mixture of pleasure and slight discomfort as he was very gentle with my virgin ass.

“Be gentle,” I said in a submissive tone. He looked at me and snickered a little, then told me he would at first. He wasn’t lying either. At first he entered slowly, just easing the head in at first and letting me adjust to it. Then he went a little deeper and I felt him break past my sphincter. I screamed out, but my screams were drowned out by the new cock ramming down my throat. They were screams of joy, I was in pure Heaven. How could I have never discovered this before? Eventually the 8 incher bottomed out in my ass and when I moaned the cock in my mouth went all the way in until I felt balls on my nose. My cock began to spurt without anyone even touching it, causing my ass to convulse. I never knew pleasure could exist like this and when my boys saw this they pounded my holes even harder, which made me cum that much harder. I went to jerk my cock but Stranger #1 smacked my hand away. I just focused on the pleasure while clenching on the cock pounding in and out of my ass. One of my spurts even landed on Stranger #2’s cock and I just savored the flavor as I sucked it down with his cock. Now I could tell he was getting ready to cum. I just looked at him and nodded. He nodded back as if he knew exactly what I was saying and pounded away for all he was worth. I’m lucky that my gag reflex wasn’t working at the moment, because if it was I’d probably be puking. When he came he slammed one last time into my face and just held me there. I didn’t even feel his cum go down, but I did get to taste a little bit on his way out.

I looked at him catching my breath and just said, “Wow. That was amazing. Now get in my ass too.” Guy #1 pulled out and got underneath me. I got on top of him and Guy #2 got behind me and lined his cock up with my ass. I didn’t even notice him using any KY but he must have because he slid right in without missing a beat. It felt awesome. And it hurt a little. Mostly awesome though. They were slamming in and out of my ass, alternating each thrust so that when one was going in the other was coming out. Oh my God, was it great! I’m talking about the greatest feeling ever! Like the best orgasm but multiplied by 10 and then extended for a really long time. It was like 20 minutes of just double ass pounding with me on the receiving end. I was screaming like a little fuckpig and loving every minute of it. Once one of them came deep in my asshole it served as lubricant for the other and he followed not too far behind. The way they were slamming into me when they came was unbelievable. I wished this moment would never end.

But unfortunately, like all good things, they do come to an end. I just laid there for a few minutes before getting into the shower. Before I closed the shower door I looked at the boys and said, “That was fun. I’ll be here tomorrow around the same time,” and closed my shower door to wash away the cum dripping down my legs from my asshole.

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