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Twelve Hours

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You and I are both in our senior year at a small university in New York. We had been going out for a year and a half and had been renting an apartment together off campus for the past few months. About a year ago we began experimenting more when it came to sex. We had stumbled across the idea of BDSM and both found that we liked it. You are naturally commanding and protective of me. I am naturally eager to please, and have always had a slight masochistic streak. We treated it as a game, playing often, but never for extended periods of time.

Last night as we lay in bed we began talking about things we wanted to try. Wrapping your arm tighter around me, you whispered an idea in my ear.

“I love the way we work when I’m in charge and when your submitting to me. We usually play out a scene for a few hours, and then return to our normal selves until next time. Tomorrow, I know neither of us are doing anything. For twelve hours tomorrow, from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening, will you agree to be my submissive? For one day, can we bring this game into our lives?”

I was curious as to how this would work out, and the thoughts of what might happen were definitely turning me on. I kissed you passionately, and then nodded.

“For twelve hours, I’m all yours.”

“Good”, you replied, before getting out of bed and grabbing a pen and piece of paper from the dresser across the room.

“Come back to bed, baby” I called, but you just held up a finger and finished writing your note. After folding it and placing it on the nightstand next to my pillow you set the alarm clock on the dresser for ten in the morning, then crawled back into the bed and wrapped me in your arms again.

“When that alarm goes of, wake up and read the note. Do exactly what it says, ok love?”

“Ok” I responded. I tried to run my hand up your leg, and to move your hand between mine, but you pulled away. When I made a face at you, you laughed.

“Not tonight baby. Save your strength for tomorrow.”

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I jumped up at the sound of the alarm clock, and quickly turned it off. I glanced over at you, but you were still fast asleep. I thought to myself, why in the world am I up at 10 in the morning on a Saturday? I start to role over to go back to sleep, but I see the note on the nightstand. Suddenly I remembered the conversation from last night. I picked up the note and unfolded it so I could read it.


When you wake up, start a pot of coffee. Then go shower. Shave your underarms, legs, and pussy. Dry off and pull your hair into a high ponytail. Smooth lotion all over your body, especially areas you have just shaved, but don’t put on any clothing. Make pancakes, and bring them and a cup of coffee into the bedroom, where I will eat. At 11 o’clock, wake me up by giving me a blowjob. You may not remove your mouth until after I have cum in it.

From this point until ten tonight, you will address me as Sir. Your safe word, should you need it, is “elephant”.

– Sir

I read the note twice to make sure I understood everything. When I was sure that I knew what to do, I glanced at the clock. It was already 10:08, I had better hurry. I went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee before hurrying to the bathroom to wash up and shower. As I turned on the shower, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Before I started having second thoughts I stepped under the hot water. After standing in the shower for a moment to wake up, I began to hurriedly wash my hair and body. Then I shaved, paying careful attention to my pussy like your instructions said. When I finished showering, I dried my hair and brushed it into a ponytail. I then generously rubbed lotion over my body to make sure it was soft and smooth for you.

Heading back into the kitchen, I pulled out the box of pancake mix and began to fix your breakfast. The whole while I was conscious of the fact that I wasn’t wearing any clothes. After I made your pancakes I put them on a tray along with a cup of coffee. Carefully I carried the tray into the bedroom and set it down beside the bed. The clock said that it was 11:05. Hoping that you wouldn’t notice the time when you woke up, I hurried onto the bed, moved the blanket, and lowered my head between your legs.

Carefully, I eased my mouth over your semi-hard cock and began to suck on it. As I felt it grow harder inside my mouth I added my tongue to the sucking I had been doing. I slowly swirled my tongue around the head of your cock and was rewarded with a deep moan from the head of the bed. I was tempted to stop what I was doing and slide up the bed to kiss you good morning, but I remembered your instructions and remained where I was. After a few more minutes of running my tongue over your head and around your shaft, I felt you tense up and tasted your cum in my mouth. After swallowing your cum I slinked up the bed and moved to kiss you. You stopped me and asked a question.

“Did you follow all of my instructions, slut?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Much better. You woke me up on time?”

I must have looked away when I told you yes, because you immediately knew I wasn’t telling the truth. You put your hand on my shoulder and asked me what time I woke you up. The tone of your voice had changed. It was no longer friendly and easygoing. Instead it was harsh and powerful. I knew better then to try to lie again.

“I woke you up at 11:05, sir. I had lost track of time, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be late.”

A glare from you silenced me and I hung my head, upset because I was late and because I had gotten caught in my lie. Before I knew it, I was lying across your lap. Your left hand was across my back, holding me down. Your right hand was running up and down my ass.

“You are to count each of these” you say to me. “If you miscount or skip a number, that one doesn’t count. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir”, I whispered back. I was too shocked at the turn of events to protest. Without warning, I felt the first blow. It hurt, but I could deal with it.

“One, sir,” I called out confidently. The next blow fell right over the first. I counted it and you continued. Three, four, and five fell right on top of the first two. By four I was starting to really feel it even though it was clear to me that you were making an effort not to hit me too hard.

CRACK. The sixth blow caught me off guard. Unlike the first five, this blow had all of your strength behind it. I cried out in shock and pain, and attempted to move off of your lap. You just pressed your hand down on my back, preventing me from moving.

“Stay still” you commanded. “Since you forgot to count, I’ll have to do that again.” With that you swung your hand down again, and hard as you could connected with my already red ass.

“Six, sir” I managed to say, in between gasping for breath.

“The first five were for being late, one for each minute after 11. The last one was for lying to me. Don’t ever lie to me again or your punishment will be much worse.” As you spoke you softly traced your fingers over my marked ass. I winced as your finger touched my burning skin and shifted to try to get your hand to slip between my legs. As you knew it would, your punishment had made me very wet and very horny. You noticed what I was trying to do and obliged, slipping your finger inside my dripping pussy.

“What a horny slut I have here. You’re soaking.” You laughed at me, squirming against your hand, and slid your finger out of my pussy. You only laughed more when I whimpered, and told me “There will be plenty of time for that later. I think it’s time for breakfast now.”

I reluctantly moved off of your lap and picked up the tray with your food. You took the tray and motioned for me to sit next to you. I happily curled up beside you as you ate, careful not to sit on my stinging ass. Every so often, you offered me a bite. By the time the pancakes were gone, we were both full. I didn’t want to move, but you got up and told me to do the same.

You instructed me to go clean up the tray from breakfast and then come back into the bedroom. I hurried to do as you said. When I got back you were fully dressed and sitting on the bed waiting for me. I walked over to the bed, knelt in front of you, and waited for you to speak. I didn’t have to wait long before you informed me that we were going out. You laughed at the shock on my face. I had assumed that we would stay in the house all day.

You head over to the closet and began to choose clothes for me to wear. My first thought when I saw the outfit was that I could never wear that in public. My second thought was that I didn’t dare refuse. Laid out on the bed was a halter top that barely covered my front and only had ties in the back to hold the material to my body. Next to the shirt was a short skirt that I had received as a gift, but never wore because of its length. On the floor in front of my outfit was a pair of 4 inch heels that made my legs look very long.

As I slipped on my outfit I felt both embarrassed and thrilled to be able to do this for you. The halter had little more material then a bra. It left my flat stomach completely exposed. The skirt barely covered my ass and pussy. I bent over to put on the heels, and noticed that when I did I would be on view to anyone behind me. When I was done dressing, you motioned for me to turn. I did slowly, feeling very self conscious in my revealing outfit.

“Very nice, slut,” you tell me. “Are you ready to go out now?”

I hated the idea of walking around dressed like this, but wanted to make you happy. Besides, only one answer would have been accepted. “Yes, sir” I said quietly.

You took my arm and we started walking out the door. We both climbed into your car and you started to drive off. As you drove, your hand started stroking my leg. You were sending shivers down my body and you knew it. Your hand moved higher and higher until it brushed against my pussy lips. You listened for the gasp you knew was coming, and smiled to yourself when you heard it.

You kept stroking my pussy, now sliding easily up and down. I started squirming in my seat. By now any thoughts that other cars could see us had left my mind. I moved against your fingers as they began to slowly push into me. My breathing became fast and shallow. I could feel my orgasm approaching, but knew from our previous games that I had to ask you for permission to cum or I’d get in trouble.

“Please, sir…” I gasped, trying to ask you for permission. My head was spinning and I couldn’t really think.

“Please what?” you responded teasingly. You loved to tease me like this. And I loved every second of it.

“Please, sir, may I cum?” I asked.

“I don’t know… you’re going to be quite a spectacle for all the cars passing.”

As you say this you began flicking my clit, making me moan. “Please,” I begged. “Please let me cum.”

“Ok,” you answered after pretending to think about it for a second. “Cum.”

As soon as you say that, my body tensed up and my back arched. I cried out as I came, loving the feeling of your hand in between my legs. When I finished, I collapsed into the seat.

You stroked my hair as my breathing returned to normal. Only then did I notice that that we had stopped moving. I hadn’t noticed you parking, but we were sitting in a large parking lot in front of the movie theatre. Since it was Saturday, around noon, there were lots of people walking around. I could only imagine how many saw me before you tapped my arm and asked if I was ready to go.

“Yes, sir”, I replied, and we got out of the car. We walked into the building hand in hand. You purchased two tickets for a movie that we’ve wanted to see for a few weeks. When we walked into the theatre we noticed that there were only a few other people in the room. You led me to a seat in the back and we both sat down.

When the movie started, I quickly got involved with the storyline and forgot about everything. About halfway through the movie, I felt your hand between my knees forcing my legs apart. I had been sitting with my legs clenched together so that nobody would be able to see my exposed pussy. I turned to you and started to complain, but one look from you made me reconsider. When my legs were spread as far as they could go in the seat, you took away your hand.

I was glad that the lights were out because my face must have been burning in embarrassment. Sitting like this had pulled the skirt up to my waist, I may as well have not been wearing a skirt at all. I noticed you watching me as I began to squirm uncomfortably, but you didn’t do anything. After my initial shock at what I was doing, I found that even though I was very embarrassed, doing something in public was turning me on. Now I was squirming for a different reason. I was trying to rub my legs together to stimulate my now throbbing clit. No matter how I twisted, as long as my legs were spread so far apart I couldn’t do anything.

You were watching this all with interest. When you were sure that I was turned on and had gotten over my embarrassment, you grabbed my wrist and pulled me close to you. Slowly, you whispered in my ear.

“On your knees, slut.”

“Here? I can’t. Somebody will see me.”

You squeezed my wrist tighter and in a low voice told me “You can and you will. This is not a negotiation, slut. Get on your knees in front of me.”

Praying that nobody turned around, I slid to my knees on the theatre floor. You took out your hard cock and motioned for me to suck it. I quickly covered your cock with my mouth. I got more and more into my task as the seconds passed and soon I was sucking you with a passion. I wanted to prove to you that I could do anything that you thought I could. As I ran my tongue over your sensitive head, you let out a deep breath. I knew that I was pleasing you and that made me work harder. Soon I could feel your hot cum in my mouth. Without being told to, I knew to swallow it.

I looked up at you, but stayed on my knees until you told me that I could get up. After a second, you nodded at me and patted my empty seat. I crawled back into the seat and resumed watching the movie. Every few minutes you traced your hand over my leg, but otherwise ignored me while the movie played out.

When the movie ended you walked out of the theater and I followed you. I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since this morning, and now really had to. I would normally just tell you that I would meet you in the lobby, but today I had to ask.

“Sir?” I whispered in your ear, hoping nobody overheard me.

“Yes, slut?” you answered. I winced as I noticed that the people around us heard what you called me.

“May I go to the bathroom?” I asked.

“You may,” you answered, “But be back out here in five minutes. Don’t keep me waiting.”

“Yes Sir,” I replied and hurried into the ladies room. Luckily there wasn’t much of a line. Only one person stood in front of me. The other woman in the ladies room gaped at my outfit. I could feel myself blush under her open stare. Thankfully the stalls opened up quickly and I could duck out of sight.

I rushed in the bathroom, making sure to pull my short skirt down as much as I could in an attempt to cover my pussy. I washed my hands and straightened my ponytail as best I could without a brush. Hoping that I didn’t take too long, I walked out of the door and over to where you stood.

Without a word you walked towards the door. I quickly followed you, trying to keep up with your stride. We got all the way to the car before you acknowledged me standing beside you. You turned to me and I lowered my eyes respectfully.

“That was seven minutes,” you said. “Two minutes late”.

I remembered what happened this morning when I was late. I wanted to defend myself, but knew that if I spoke out of turn my punishment would be worse.

“Get in the backseat on your knees, with your forehead to the window.”

I hurried to get into the car and into the position you described. Kneeling like this, my skirt rose over my hips and exposed both my ass and my pussy. I knew that with cars on either side of the car I was in, nobody would be able to see me, but knowing that I was in a public parking lot made me very nervous. I soon felt the weight of your hand as it left its mark on my ass. Remembering this morning’s punishment I softly called out, “One, sir.”

“Good girl,” you tell me before once more smacking my ass again with your open hand. After I counted the blow for you, you pulled me into your lap and kissed me. I let out a small hiss as my tender ass rested on your leg.

“I’m very proud of you,” you told me. “You know why I had to do that?”

“Yes, sir,” I responded. “Because I took longer then you gave me and made you wait for me.”

You responded with another kiss and I felt my heart start to race again. You ran a finger over my neck and I tilted my head back to give you better access to the area. As you licked and kissed your way from my neck to my ear I softly moaned.

“Into the front seat,” you whispered in my ear. “We can finish this at home.”

The ride back to our apartment was quiet and soon we were walking through our front door. You instructed me to go into the bedroom, strip, and wait for you on my knees next to the bed. You went into the kitchen to get a drink, and I walked into the bedroom to do what you asked of me.

As I slipped out of my miniscule outfit, carefully folding it and placing it on a chair in case I needed it again. I wondered what was next. You seemed to enjoy keeping me on the edge. Kneeling next to your side of the bed, I thought about what had happened so far. I thought about the things that you might be planning. I wondered how I looked to you, kneeling, back straight, hands on my thighs, nipples hard. I never got a chance to ask. I felt a blindfold slip over my eyes.

“Not a sound until I tell you, understand?” I heard a voice whisper in my ear.

I felt your hands on my shoulders, lifting me up. When I was standing, you turned me so I was facing the bed and told me to put my hands face down on the blanket. I did as you told me, fumbling a little because of the darkness from the blindfold. For a moment you had me stand there, with my ass in the air, hearing you breathe behind me. Suddenly I could feel your naked body pressed up against mine. I wiggled back against you, feeling your already hard cock pressed against my ass. You must have taken off your clothes while I was standing, presenting myself to you.

Your hands reached around my body and began playing with my breasts. I could feel your fingers tracing circles around my nipples, coming so close to the hard buds, but never touching them. A moment later you pinched both nipples hard. My knees buckled and I cried out, forgetting that I was supposed to stay silent.

“That’s once,” you told me, helping me back to my feet. “One more and you will not be able to cum for the rest of the night. Do you understand me?”

I nodded, and vowed to myself to be silent. I knew that if you wanted to you could tease me for hours before allowing me release, and that was not how I pictured this night ending. Once more I felt your hands on my body, this time on my swollen and wet pussy. I gasped as I felt your finger enter me, but managed to otherwise stay silent.

“Good girl,” you told me as you stroked the inside of my pussy with first one then two fingers. The sounds of breathing and your fingers moving in and out of my pussy seemed impossibly loud. Without warning, the room was quiet. You slipped your fingers from my pussy, flicking my clit and you passed it. I wanted to moan as I felt your fingers leaving me, but I caught myself just in time. Instead, I opened my mouth to take a deep breathe and was surprised to find your fingers slide into my mouth.

I quickly got over my shock and began to lick them clean. I was always expected to clean anything that was offered to me in this manner, whether it was a finger, a toy, or your cock. I swirled my tongue around your fingers as if I were giving them a blowjob. I wished it was your cock that I had my mouth wrapped around instead of your fingers.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt something at the entrance to my pussy. As it slid inside of me, I immediately recognized the feel of your hard cock. I tightened my pussy muscles around you while you pounded into me, trying to increase your pleasure. You responded by wrapping your hand around me to rub my clit. It felt so good, I was afraid I would cum.

At that moment I realized my problem. I was not allowed to cum without asking for permission. If I spoke to ask for permission I would not be allowed to cum for the rest of the night. I didn’t know what to do. I finally decided to just hold back from cumming for as long as I could and hope that you would realize my predicament.

You continued to fuck me until you were ready to cum. Instead of cumming inside of me, you pulled out, flipped me onto my back on the bed, and came in my mouth. You then knelt between my legs and started sucking on my clit.

This action almost sent me over. I began to shake with the effort of not cumming. I wished that I could ask you to cum, or that at least I could look at you and hope you’d recognize the need in my eyes. With the blindfold still on and unable to speak, I could do neither. Just before I was about to cum without permission I could hear you saying, “Cum for me.”

Biting back a scream, I felt my body tense up before releasing all my pent up arousal. I thrashed on the bed for a moment as I came hard. The whole time you kept your mouth attached to my pussy. Every time my orgasm began to die down you licked and sucked my clit, prolonging it. By the third time you did, I was lost in the pleasure that I felt. I don’t know how long you kept me on my sexual peak before finally allowing me to stop cumming. It was minutes later before I could think straight.

When my brain began to process things again, you were sitting next to me. You had one hand on my stomach and with the other was stroking my hair. When you saw that I was back to myself you leaned over and kissed me.

“You are such a good girl,” you told me. “You can speak now if you want to.”

I tried to say something, but it took me a moment to find my voice.

“Sir?” I finally managed.

“Yes, slut?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, my sweet slut,” you reply. “Now let’s take a short nap before dinner.”

I was more then happy to obey. I was exhausted. You lay down and pressed yourself up against me. Carefully, you wrapped your arms around my naked body. Before I drifted off to sleep, I felt you kiss me one more time.

When I woke up, I was alone in the bed. I looked over at the clock. It a little after 6. I got up slowly, wondering where you went.

“Sir?” I called out.

“In the living room, slut,” you responded. “Come join me.”

I hurried to the living room where I saw you sitting on the couch. You were already dressed in a nice shirt and pants. When you saw me you smiled and instructed me to sit with you. I sat next to you, and laid my head down in your lap. You ran your fingers over my face and neck for a minute before you started to speak.

“While you were sleeping, I made dinner reservations. We’re going to an Italian restaurant that I’ve heard good things about, but you’ll never get in wearing what you did this afternoon. The place is much more formal then that. I bought you a dress a while ago, and was waiting for the right time to give it to you. This is a perfect opportunity. It’s in the back of the closet behind all my nice shirts. I want you to let your hair down and fix your make-up to match the dress. Be ready to leave at 7. The reservations are for 7:30.”

With that you dismissed me. I hurried back to our room, eager to see the dress you bought for me. Just as you said there was a dress hanging behind all of your shirts. In the back of my mind, I wondered how long you’ve had it.

I took the dress off of the hanger and slipped it over my head. Standing in front of the mirror, my first reaction was, “there is no way I can wear this out of the house”. My second reaction was almost immediate arousal. I decided to ignore my first response, since I wasn’t in the mood to take the dress off and then be taught a lesson in following your orders.

The dress was bright red, thin, and backless. The front consisted of two strips of material that formed a halter behind my neck, went down to cover my breasts, and met to form a V right above my belly button. At the bottom of the V the red material formed a tight skirt that extended an inch or two below my ass. The sides of the skirt were open and laced together like a corset in red string. You could see my leg through the laces. Attached to the hanger was a sheer red g-string.

In the bathroom, I fixed my hair so it gently curled around my shoulders. I then put on mascara and red lipstick in a “classic” fashion. With the make-up, the dress was just elegant enough to avoid being confused for something found in a common prostitute’s closet. After slipping on my heels and glancing at the mirror one last time, I hurried to the door. I didn’t want to be late again.

When I got to the door you were already standing there. At first I was nervous that I was late, but you assured me that I wasn’t. You raised you hand and I saw that in it was a black flogger. I’ve always hated this particular one. It really hurt, and because of that was only used for punishment. The most I’ve ever received with it was ten strokes and I was in tears by the time they were through.

“I know you hate this,” you stated, “which is why I hope I don’t have to use it. When we go out, if you do something that disappoints me or contradicts one of my orders, you will be punished when we get back. For each offense, you will receive two strokes. You are required to keep track of how many strokes you will receive when we get back. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Then let’s go.” You smiled before adding, “You look amazing, my slut.”

Your compliment made me smile as we walked out of the house and into the car. The drive to the restaurant was uneventful. When we arrived, I saw that it’s a restaurant that we’ve never been too, and one we probably won’t go to again. This helped me relax. I could focus more on making you happy and less on trying to avoid people I knew. I knew you did this on purpose, and I was thankful for it.

As we entered the restaurant, you put your hand on my arm to steady me. You amaze me sometimes with how much you know me. Touching you, or being touched by you in any way always calms me down. When you tell the hostess about our reservations, she led us to a round booth towards the back of the restaurant. There wasn’t anybody sitting in the booth in front of, or directly next to it, which I was glad for. I followed behind you, without saying anything.

You slid into the booth, and rearranged the place sitting so mine was directly next to yours. You then motioned for me to sit next to you. I did, conscious of the way the material of my dress was riding up as I sat down. You noticed how tense I was and slipped your arm over my shoulder, pulling me close. Your other hand moved between my knees, where I was attempting to clench my legs together.

“Relax, slut,” you said softly. “And keep your knees apart. I don’t want to have to remind you.”

I quickly obeyed, glad that the table offered me some cover.

When the waiter came to give us menus, he began to openly stare at my chest. Despite the warm weather, my nipples were hard and visible through the thin material of the dress. I felt the heat in my cheeks and I could tell that I was blushing. You either didn’t notice, or didn’t care.

You tell the waiter that we didn’t need menus and that we were ready to order. The waiter took out a pad and a pen and wrote down the order, never looking away from my chest. You ordered the veal parmesan for yourself and penne a la vodka for me. Yours comes with a salad, but you ordered a second salad for me.

“Is there anything else?” the waiter asked, not wanting to leave.

“Just some water for the two of us,” you replied.

Without an excuse to stay, the waiter left. I could feel your hand between my legs again. I fought the urge to press my knees together as your hand slowly made its way up my thigh. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the waiter glance back at the table. I was burning in embarrassment now, but at the same time was getting very turned on. I began to squirm on the seat when your fingers reached my thong. Slowly you stroked the material, very lightly, causing me to want more. Suddenly your hand left my pussy. I pouted at you, but you just laughed.

“Patience, slut,” you laughed, and kissed me lightly. “Our salads are here.”

I looked up, and saw that you were right; our waiter was walking towards us with two salads. When he placed the salads in front of us, you knocked your fork onto the ground next to the table.

“Oops.” You said with a smile. You turned to me before continuing, “I think I need a new fork. Can you pick up the one on the floor for me?”

I glared at you for a moment and hesitated before bending down to retrieve the dropped fork. I had to be very careful that my breasts didn’t spill out of the fabric of the dress, and I was sure that the waiter had a lovely view of my ass when I bent over. I sat back down and put the fork on the table in front of you.

“Hand it to the waiter,” you instructed me.

I pick up the fork and hand it to the waiter, who is staring once more. He hurried to gets you a new fork. You thanked him, and he left, but not before taking another long look at my body inside the revealing dress.

You told me that I could begin to eat and I did so gladly. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and was very hungry. We ate in silence for a few minutes before you said something.

“Would you like to tell me what you did to earn two strokes with the flogger?”

I stopped eating in surprise and quickly looked back over my actions. I didn’t think that I had disobeyed you. Then I realized what it was.

“I hesitated before retrieving your fork, Sir.”

“Correct. You are not to hesitate before obeying any of my orders. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Let’s hope that’s the only thing I’ll have to discipline you for tonight.”

I agreed, and went back to eating my salad, slightly subdued. When I finished, our waiter quickly returned to take away our plates. Before he turned to walk away, he took another long look at my body. I turned my head away in embarrassment until he left.

“It looks like you have an admirer,” you told me when we were alone again. “We should find out when he gets off work. Maybe he would like to join us later.”

I hoped you were only teasing me. We had never included anyone in our play before and I didn’t know how well I would handle it.

“He seems quite taken with you. I’m sure he would love a chance to play with your breasts. He can’t keep his eyes off of them. Would you like that, slut?” you asked as you reached out and roughly fondled one of my breasts. Without thinking, I recoiled from your hand, as if it really were the hand of our waiter.

“No, I would not like it!” I said angrily.

Before I knew, you had my wrist in your hand and had pulled me back to you.

“You just earned yourself six more strokes of the flogger” you told me. Your voice was steady, but I could see the anger in your face. “Two strokes for pulling away from me, two strokes for forgetting to call me ‘Sir’, and two strokes for speaking to me in a disrespectful manor. Now I want you to get up and go to the bathroom, and when you return I expect you to behave in a way that makes me proud of you, not disappointed in you.”

I stood up slowly, furious with myself for my behavior. How could I have done something like that? I turned back to look at you, but you were facing the other way. I felt awful for making you upset with me. I turned and walked away, aware of the stares of the other patrons.

When I came back you looked much happier. As I sat next to you, you smiled at me. I spread my legs apart when I sat like you requested earlier, trying my best to not make you any more upset.

“Sir?” I asked in a small voice.

“Yes, my slut?” you respond as you slid your hand over my leg.

“I’m sorry Sir. I won’t do it again.”

“I know you won’t. You still have to be punished later, but I’m not mad at you.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I whispered.

It wasn’t long before I stopped worrying about my mistake. This was partly because your hand began making its way up my leg. It only took a few stokes of your fingers on my inner thighs to make my pussy wet. When you pushed aside the soaked piece of fabric covering my shaved pussy, I gasped. You laughed at my reaction and carefully slid a finger into my pussy.

I squirmed against your hand, no longer caring who else saw me. I expected you to move your hand when our food got to the table, but instead you slipped a second finger into me. I moaned as you did this, and you winked at the captivated waiter. It was clear that he was getting turned on by the sight in front of him. It wasn’t every day that he saw a man with his hand buried between the legs of someone who was dressed like a whore.

Throughout the rest of the meal you kept your fingers inside of me. Every so often you would wiggle your fingers, making me squirm. By the time we were both finished eating I was so horny I didn’t care how I looked to anyone.

“Please, Sir”, I whispered in your ear, “please may I cum?”

“No,” you told me, and removed your fingers.

I felt empty without you inside of me. You offered your fingers to me and I dutifully took them into my mouth and sucked them clean. I swirled my tongue over your fingers, treating them as if they were your cock. Ignoring the part of my mind that knew that the waiter was staring at us, I focused on pleasing you with my mouth. Finally, you withdrew your fingers from my mouth. With one hand you motioned for the check. The other hand you rested on my thigh.

I tried wiggling a little to get your hand inside of me. You responded by putting pressure on my leg, sending a clear message. I sat still again, horny and wanting to cum.

You paid the bill, leaving a generous tip for our waiter. Taking my hand you led me out to the car. I climbed into the front seat. Hoping to please you, I spread my legs apart so if you wanted it, you would have access to my wet pussy.

“It looks like my sexy slut wants some attention,” you said as you sat down next to me. “Why don’t you play with yourself while I drive back home.”

I smiled and slid a finger into my soaked pussy. As we drove the car is filled with the sound of my heavy breathing and my moans, which I could no longer hold back. I added a second finger to the one already sliding in and out of my pussy. With my thumb I began to circle my clit. I felt myself get closer and closer to reaching orgasm.

You heard the change in my breathing as I got close to cumming. Smiling, you took my hand and moved it to my side.

“But sir,” I whine. “Please can I keep going? Please can I cum?”

“Not after you ask like that, you can’t.” you answered as you pulled up to our apartment. “Maybe if you’re very good, you can cum after your punishment.”

I had almost forgotten about the punishment I had earned throughout the night. I got very nervous as I walked into the apartment. You picked up the flogger from the chair by the door and directed me to the bedroom. When we were in our room you ordered me to strip.

I hurried to obey, not wanting to make matters worse then they already were. When I was done, I kneeled before you with my head bowed down. The fact that you were still fully clothed made me very aware of my nakedness.

You had me kneel in front of you for a few minutes before telling me to move. As each minute passed, my nervousness increased. Finally you instructed me to stand in front of the bed with my palms face down on the mattress in front of me. I stood as you instructed, my legs shaking.

The first stroke landed hard across both sides of my ass. I counted out the stroke like I knew I was supposed to. The second stroke fell alongside the first, just as hard. The third and fourth strokes were as powerful as the other two. As the fourth stroke landed on my skin, I screamed and I fell forward onto the bed.

“You’re doing well,” you told me, helping me to my feet again. “Halfway there.”

With this you swung the flogger around once more. It connected solidly with my upper thigh. Tears began to fall as I felt the pain that followed the stroke, but I remembered to count out loud. The last three strokes also fell on my upper thighs. The final stroke was if anything, harder then the previous ones.

As soon as I counted the eighth stroke, I collapsed onto the bed in front of me, sobbing quietly. My ass and thighs felt like they were on fire. Welts were clearly visible against my pale skin. I cringed as your hand lightly brushed over my punished ass.

“Shhh,” you whispered in my ear. “You took that very well. I’m proud of you.”

I responded simply by curling up in a tight ball, and continuing to cry. You wiggled your hand between my thighs, and carefully but firmly spread apart my legs. You began to gently stroke my pussy lips while continuing to comfort me.

“Such a good slut,” you told me. “Such a good slut to take her punishment like that. You are forgiven for everything you did wrong tonight.”

As you talk, your hand was steadily stroking my pussy. I stopped crying as I began to get wet. You noticed and rolled me onto my back so you had better access to my open pussy. I cried out as my weight falls on my very sore ass, but am soon silenced by your finger pushing inside of me.

It isn’t long before I was squirming on the bed. Every move I made caused my ass to sting and burn, but the now the pain only heightened my arousal. I wanted to ask to cum but I was afraid that you wouldn’t allow it so soon after being punished. As always, you knew what I was thinking. With a final thrust of your hand, you told me “Cum”.

When I stopped shaking, and my breathing returned to normal, you helped me sit up.

“Slut,” you told me. “Look at the time. It’s 9:58. In two minutes your 12 hours of submission will be over. You now have two choices. I am going to get up and leave the room. When I return in five minutes, if I find you on the bed, we will have an amazing night of love, sex, and fun, but no more BDSM. If however, I return and find you kneeling blindfolded beside the bed, then we will continue this for the remainder of the night. I won’t be mad or upset if you choose not to continue. It is your choice.”

With that you got up and left the room. I sat on the bed for a moment, considering my choices. If I remained on the bed it would mean no more punishments if I should happen to displease you. But it would also mean no more serving you. No more making you happy and curling up at your feet. No more being your slut.

I walked over to the dresser where you had left the blindfold from earlier. I picked it up, and then walked over to the side of the bed. Kneeling, I wrapped the blindfold over my eyes and waited for your return. I was no longer nervous, but felt very calm. I was your slut Yours to use, yours to discipline, yours to train, simply yours. And that’s how I liked it.

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