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Unexpected Delivery

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I stepped out of the shower, grabbed a soft fluffy towel and dried myself off.

I had just completed all the womanly tasks that a woman needs to do when she’s about to go out with her boyfriend, the usual shaving of legs, underarms and pussy.

Shane was coming to take me out to lunch, it was our third date, and I had decided today was the day I was going to fuck him.

It had been over twelve months since Rob, my husband, had run off with the twenty something tart, you know the type, long hair, long legs, big tits and no brains (although I have to say this one actually did have a brain, she was his accountant!)

Anyway it’s not that I lacked for sex, there was plenty of that. I’d had quite a few one night stands but nothing serious enough to make me want to pursue a relationship.

Maybe I was still smarting from Rob’s leaving.

After all I’m not exactly ugly. At 45 I still have a pretty face, shoulder lengths brown hair, a good body, 36D boobs, slim waist, nice shaped bum which hasn’t sagged (I think it’s my best feature) long legs and a very tight pussy (all of my three kids had been by caesarian section, not through choice just the way nature played it).

Excuse me, I’m wandering off the track.

Shane was different, somebody I could see myself spending a lot of time with. He was my age, good looking, he kept himself fit, was self employed and divorced. His wife had left him for a younger man, so I guess we both had something in common. He was very attentive, a gentleman and whilst we talked about sex he never once pressured me for it.

So today I was going to reward him and fuck his brains out before we went to lunch!

If I was honest I would say the real reason was that I was as horny as hell!

Rob and I had had a great marriage, at least I thought we did, we were very active swingers and had a large group of swinging friends. I believed that was one of the things that helped keep our marriage on an even keel. If we wanted to spice things up, for a bit of variety, we could just go and fuck some of our friends. Quite often we’d have group sex where I would be lucky enough to be the centre of attention of three or four guys. For a girl, as perpetually horny as I am, it was very satisfying knowing your husband enjoyed these activities as much as you did.

Rob used to love seeing me enjoy myself sexually, so much so, that occasionally he would bring home a couple of his mates and I’d fuck all three of them all night.

Anyway I’m digressing again, you’re getting the idea, I love sex!

I finished getting ready for Shane, hair and make up done; I slipped into a totally transparent negligee (I may as well have been naked), no underwear and a pair of high heeled sandals.

I didn’t want him to have any illusions about what I had in mind!

I looked in the mirror at the finished result. ‘Not bad’ I thought, ‘horny looking, would probably pass for late thirties and very fuckable!

I definitely looked like a woman who wanted sex!

The doorbell rang and I ran downstairs to greet him.

Pausing, before I opened the door, I tried to regain my composure, which was difficult when you have a throbbing wet pussy.

I flung the door open.

I don’t know who got the biggest shock, me, or the two, fit young men carrying several boxes.

They stood there staring!

I stood there dumbfounded!

Finally, one of them spoke.

“Mrs. Collins?” he asked.

“Ye….Yes,” I stammered.

“We have a delivery for you maam,” he said, still staring.

“I..I.. wasn’t expecting…any…delivery?” I questioned, still stammering.

“This is 34 Roberts Street, isn’t it? And you are Mrs. Collins right?” He was still staring, taking in every inch of my almost naked body.

I looked at his fellow delivery man, there was a large bulge in the front of his pants.

I felt myself getting wetter!

“What is it….in… in…the box I mean?” I asked. ‘God, I wish I could stop stammering’.

“It’s a Hi Fi system maam, and the gentleman who ordered it this morning asked us to set it up for you.”

He was trying to look at my face as he spoke, but he wasn’t succeeding. I could see the lust in his eyes.

That was making me even wetter!

“You’d…um…better…um…bring it in then,” I answered and stood aside as they carried the box in.

I shut the door.

“I’ll…um…just go up and…um….get changed,” I said. (Damn that bloody stammer)

“Don’t change on our account maam,” the one with the obvious bulge in his pants spoke for the first time, “we’re enjoying the view, aren’t we Mick?”

“Sure are,” Mick answered his face reddening.

What the hell I thought, they’ve seen all of me there is to see now.

“OK, would you guys like a coffee…um…or something….um…while you’re setting that thing up?” I think I might have emphasized the ‘or something’.

Emboldened, possibly by my lack of action to cover up, the one with the bulge walked right up to within inches of me and put his hand on my breast.

I didn’t move, nor push him away, just stood there, breathing heavily, body trembling.

“I’d like the ‘or something’ Mrs. Collins,” he said softly.

Seeing I hadn’t moved, or pushed him away, he took that as an invitation to go further, and he did. Still gently squeezing my breast, he used his other hand and grabbed a handful of my negligee lifting it up to my waist, exposing my shaved pussy.

“That’s a very nice looking shaved pussy Mrs. Collins,” he said, still speaking softly, “but you’d look even better without any of that flimsy fabric covering that beautiful body.”

I nodded dumbly, and as I pulled the negligee over my head and dropped it to the floor I shifted my stance slightly.

I stood there completely naked except for my high heels, legs slightly apart, waiting for their next move.

I didn’t have to wait long. Bulge (I’d now nicknamed him) dropped his hand to my mound, his fingers probing between my open thighs, two fingers finding my wet slit and slipping inside me

“My god Mrs. Collins, you’re dribbling. Hey Mick come and feel this.”

I looked over at Mick, he’d seen what was happening and had wasted no time. He was standing there, just in his T shirt, shorts on the floor and a very impressive, long thick cock pointing out in front of him.

He walked over to me eyes glued to my body; my eyes were glued to his manhood.

Bulge took his hand away from my pussy and Mick thrust three fingers into my now sopping wet cunt.

I almost orgasmed on the spot, a low growl escaping from my throat.

“Fuck she’s hot! She loves it,” Bulge exclaimed as he sidled around behind me.

He reached around me, his bulge pressing into the crevice between my buttocks, and grabbed a breast in each hand, fingers rolling squeezing my nipples.

“Fuck, these are great tits,” he said admiringly, “here Mick suck one.”

He held my right breast up to Mick, my bullet like nipple extended.

Mick bent down, his fingers now working in and out of my cunt, and began to suckle my breast.

That was enough for me and I orgasmed, my juices flooding Mick’s fingers, as I cried out with the pleasure of my release.

“Fuck, she’s just cum,” Mick exclaimed, astonished.

I regained a modem of composure.

“Boys, I know what you both want, I think I want it too. But not here in the living room, someone might see us. Besides, I need to lie down, I can’t do this standing up. You can have whatever you want from me, but not standing up.”

Mick scooped me up in his arms.

“Where’s the bedroom Mrs. Collins?”

“It’s upstairs, first on the right, and my name’s Catherine.”

“All right Catherine, let’s get you onto a bed and fuck you!”

As he effortlessly carried me upstairs I could feel his rampant, young manhood pressing into my flesh.

I wanted this cock!

Laying me down gently on the bed, Mick wasted no time spreading my legs, kneeling down between them and entering me with his long, thick cock.

He was big and it hurt!

I cried out as he penetrated me.

“Go slowly! Go slowly! Please, let me adjust to your size, please,” I pleaded.

He stopped pushing, his cock only half way in.

“Christ you’re tight Catherine, you sure you’re not a virgin?”

I smiled at him, relaxing my pussy muscles as the walls of my cunt enveloped his cock.

He looked down at me enquiringly.

I nodded, “But slowly please.”

He eased forward, I was really being filled. It had been a long time since I’d taken a cock this big. My muscles relaxed and he found the depths of my cunt, his cockhead hitting against my cervix.

I wasn’t sure if he was all in or not, I didn’t care, it felt wonderful.

He began to thrust in and out of me, slowly at first, then his pace quickened. I matched his thrusting with my own, my hips lifting off the bed to meet his every thrust.

Feeling as horny as I was it wasn’t long before I felt another orgasm coming, this was going to be a ripper!

I felt that familiar warm feeling radiating out from my pleasure centre, sending shockwaves to my every nerve end, as I screamed out in my delirious orgasm.

“Fuck, I’m cumming! I’m Cumming! Oh God! Oh God! I’m cumming!” and on my screams went, until my orgasm finally subsided.

Then I realised, Mick hadn’t cum, he was still pumping in and out of me.

I sensed someone at the side of the bed.

It was Bulge!

He was naked, his cock was sticking out in front of him, he was nowhere as big as Mick, but it was still a nice looking, circumcised cock and he was dribbling pre-cum.

He pulled my head to the side of the bed, his cock pointing at my face. Taking his shaft in my hand I licked at the pre-cum, it tasted sweet. I opened my mouth and accepted him readily, taking him straight down my throat.

Bulge held my head steady as he fucked my mouth and throat. I didn’t care I was in fuck heaven, this is just the sort of attention my body craves, and I love!

Bulge didn’t have Mick’s stamina, or maybe I’m just a really good cocksucker, and a few minutes I felt his cock begin to thicken in my throat.

He jettisoned cum, as it hit the back of my throat, I swallowed greedily, trying not to spill a drop. It must have been a while since he’d blown his load, as fast as I swallowed I couldn’t get it all and some escaped trickling out the corner of my mouth.

All the while Mick was still pounding in and out of me.

The excitement of swallowing cum and being enthusiastically fucked caused me to orgasm again!

Releasing Bulge’s cock I screamed out again.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming again! Oh God! Oh God! Oh fuck, this is soooo good!”

Again, once my orgasm subsided, I realised Mick still hadn’t cum!

‘What is he, a machine?’ I was thinking to myself.

“Mick, stop for a minute,” I asked breathlessly, as I regained a little composure.

He looked down at me questioningly.

“Let me get on top of you?” I suggested, “I want to ride your beautiful cock, like a cowgirl.”

He withdrew from me and lay down on his back, his magnificent cock pointing straight up in the air.

I straddled him, hands on his chest I lowered my eager sopping wet cunt onto his rampant love muscles. I pushed myself down until I could feel my pubic bone grinding against his, my cunt was on fire and full of cock!

I rode him for all I was worth, triggering a constant stream of mini orgasms.

This was turning out to be my kind of day!

I felt Bulge get onto the bed, then felt a finger at my anus.

I leaned slightly forward on Mick’s cock, encouraging and giving the invading finger easier access.

He took the encouragement and I felt his fingers move around to my cunt, filled with Mick’s cock, gathering some lubrication.

First one finger eased its way into my anus, then two, then three. I could feel the fingers rubbing against Mick’s cock through the thin membrane, separating the two cavities, the feeling was wonderful!

The after a few minutes the fingers withdrew.

Bulge then straddled Mick and me, pushing me forward onto Mick’s chest he pushed his cockhead against my puckered arsehole. Now I love having my arse fucked, nearly as much as vaginal sex, and I particularly love double penetration. But whilst he wasn’t huge, it had been a while since I’d had a cock in my arse, and he was having difficulty forcing his way in.

I relaxed my anal muscles, as much as I could, and was rewarded as I felt his cockhead push past my sphincter and into my anal canal. He kept pushing until I felt his balls slapping against my cock filled cunt.

I orgasmed again screaming!

“Fuck me you guys! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me up the arse! Fill me up! Blow your loads in me! Root me! Fuck me!”

On and on I went as they mercilessly fucked me, their cocks pounding away in my cunt and arse.

The feeling, for me, was sublime; I hadn’t been fucked like this for over a year and boy, had I missed it!

The sounds, coming from my mouth, became incoherent gabble as I was lost in the throws of constant orgasms.

Eventually I felt Mick’s pace quicken then his cock grew even fatter, if that was possible, and the first of his spunk splattered the walls of my cunt. This triggered Bulge and his cock erupted spewing his cum into my bowel.

My final orgasm, sent off by these two, was the biggest of them all!

My head exploded into a kaleidoscope of bright flashing lights, the nerve ends in my pussy and arsehole triggering all sorts of beautiful, mind blowing and body shuddering responses.

I was enveloped in the lust driven, super responsive sexual gratification my body was eagerly receiving and I was off in ‘out of body’ delirium.

Screaming incoherently in my orgasm I blacked out momentarily!

When I came back to earth, a few seconds later, neither boy had moved. Mick’s big cock was still throbbing in my cunt and Bulge was still deeply imbedded in my arse. Neither cock had softened.

Ah, the stamina of youth!

Mick began to move inside me again, so did Bulge.

“No boys please, I’ve had enough,” I pleaded.

“Com’on Catherine, you’re a horny little slut, you can cum again & again,” Bulge urged as he rammed his cock back up my arse.

“Yeah you can do it Catherine,” Mick cajoled as he too pushed his fat cock further into my eager cunt, “come on, blow for us again.”

In spite of my protestations my body responded, twisting and urging their eager young cocks to further ravage me.

Once again my lust took control of me, I gave up trying to fight it, as my body became the subject of another constant stream of mini orgasms.

We kept up this furious fucking for what seemed like eternity, but realistically was probably only another 10 or 15 minutes. The sensation of their two young cocks pistoning in and out of me, the feeling of them rubbing together through the thin membrane separating my cunt and anal canal, had me back in a state of constant delirium.

Then Bulge lunged forward, grunted and emptied another stream of cum into my bowel.

Once again this tipped me over the edge, my head and body exploding into a full on, mind blowing orgasm.

Again the obscenities spewed out.

“Jesus Christ! I’m cumming again! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! This is sooo gooood! God! Oh God! Fuck meeee!”

Again I was triggered off into a mind blowing kaleidoscope of flashing lights. My cunt and arsehole convulsing into muscle clutching, nerve throbbing orgasmic bliss!

This time I was totally spent and collapsed onto Mick’s chest.

My pussy and arse were still stuffed full of cock as I lay, hot and sweaty, prone on my young lover.

Mick gently lifted my head and, pressing his lips to mine, kissed me passionately, his tongue slipping into my mouth.

I returned the kiss with fervor, absorbed in the passion from this young stud.

He broke the kiss and whispered softly.

“We’d better stop this Catherine or I’m gonna get hard again. Then I’ll never want to leave your gorgeous body and pussy, but I’d probably get fired. The boss is gonna be wondering what’s taken us so long as it is. But can I say I’ve had my fair share of girls in my time, but Christ Catherine you’ve put them all to shame. You’re awesome!”

I lifted my head slightly as I felt Bulge withdraw his softening cock from my anal passage. I looked down at Mick.

“You’ve got more staying power than any other man I’ve ever encountered Mick. Some girl is going to be very lucky when she gets you,” I whispered, “but now I think I’d better get cleaned up.”

I eased myself off Mick’s softened but still impressive cock and stood up, unsteadily, beside the bed.

Cum dribbled out of my pussy and arse as I slowly made my way to the ensuite bathroom.

Stopping at the door I turned and asked,

“Would you guys like to shower and clean up before you set up the hi fi?”

“Oh shit,” Bulge exclaimed, “I’d forgotten all about that.”

We all looked at each other then burst out laughing.

Once the boys had left, after setting up the hi fi of course, I noticed there was a text message on my mobile phone, it read:

‘Hi honey, hope you’re not too disappointed I couldn’t make it for lunch. Had an unexpected urgent call and had to fly to Brisbane, should be back tomorrow. Hope the surprise delivery has been made and you get to enjoy it.”

‘It was an unexpected delivery and I certainly did enjoy it!’ I mused, smiling and remembering, ‘any time you want to repeat it, is fine by me!’

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