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Sizably Exercized

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Wrapping your head around the concept of finding a guy worthy after you’ve fucked Aaron Black is like trying to wrap your hand around his cock; it just doesn’t fit.

I had changed. Not only was he on my mind all the time, but my mind was in a different place all together on men I met.

I no longer listened to them when they talked, or cared if they stared at my jutting FF cup boobs, I just glanced to their crotches, and tried to determine if they were packing serious enough heat to be worth my time.

But at least I have friends, and that’s nice. The girls were relentless in their search for hung studs. I secretly took to referring to them as my bone-hounds, though I’d never say it to their faces. Lying to them about why I needed big boys had its problems though. For one thing, they didn’t always want to let me verify.

It was one such occasion when Tina flounced into my office. Flounce is a good word for Tina. She’s serious, business-minded, and usually dressed like a man; right down to the braless white blouse look she favors.

She slammed her hands down on my desk.

“Get out your list boss, I’ve got a prime stallion for your stable.”

“Name?” I asked, pulling out a pad.

“Greg Samson. He’s hung like a tree… with branches.”

“Well we’ll have to see about that. How did you come by this info?”

“First hand boss… He’s my new sex-toy.”

“Can’t you just say boyfriend?”

“Don’t be old fashioned! So will it help?”

I sighed.

“I can’t use the information unless I can confirm it. That’s a condition for me to get paid for this.”

She looked crestfallen. “But… But he’s sooo big, he’d win you that fucking article for sure.”

“Well if he’s yours, it can’t be helped.” I lied… “I guess the 10,000 dollar finder’s fee that I’m gonna give whoever hooks me the biggest bad boy will have to go to someone else.”

That made her bite her lip, and she paused for consideration.

“Boss,” She started. I looked up, feigning disinterest.

“Are you still here?” I asked innocently.

“Yes… well… look… can you come to my gym tonight? We’ll be there together.”

“I think that can be arranged.” I purred. “Make sure he brings the right equipment?” I added.

She blushed and nodded.


There was something primal in the air at Sheen’s, the trendy late-night gym for the committed. I stalked through room after room of young and old people, filling the space with their sweat and pheromones. The environment was charged with a sexual tension so dense, you had no choice but to simply fuck your way through it.

I caught Tina upstairs; she was doing something with her quads on some machine or another.

She looked up as I approached, nodding her head to a nice specimen benching.

Nice doesn’t really cover it. Greg didn’t have a full head of hair, but it had receded only slightly in a way that was still cute and still brown. His arms and shoulders were massive; tensing and writhing as he lifted 250 pounds like it was ten.

The rest of his body was well sculpted, though his arms stood out the most. They weren’t all that stood out.

At ease, long and low in a pair of bicycle shorts, was a thick flopping apparatus that could only be a measurable manhood.

I had brought tape, pressed deep into my cleavage. I was wearing just Lycra pants and one of my specially tailored sports bras, the only garments on the planet strong enough to handle the explosive force of my tits when they want to bounce.

Tina was looking more then a little jealous, my gigantic gazongas dwarfed her poor C-cups, which were perfectly nice.

Finally she stopped staring, and came over to sort of spot for Greg.

“Greg,” she started, looking down at him, “This is Veronica Divine, she’s been wanting to meet you.”

“Yes, meat.” I said, rolling the entendre from between my full lips like it was a piece of it.

He looked up, and couldn’t have missed my gaze as it connected an obvious line to his low-slung undercarriage.

“Well, glad to see Tina caught such a… big fish.” I said. Then I headed for my machine of choice.

In case you hadn’t guessed yet, I don’t’ give a fuck about exercise, I keep fit enough on my own, but I am nothing if not tactical.

The machine I chose was something for the shoulders, I don’t know how it works, but it involves spreading your arms so that your chest thrusts out.

Soon I was a pulling a little weight on it like a madwoman, arching my back, testing the limits of my overloaded bra, and not taking my eyes from Greg.

Greg was obviously a tit-man, because he switched up for a bunch of sit-ups, glancing my way with each effort.

Tina looked at us, obviously growing more and more agitated.

Finally she let out a little growl and straightened up.

“Dammit, I can’t take it any more.” She pulled on Greg by his ear, forcing him to stand with alacrity.

“Let’s just get this out in the open.”

She tugged on him, got behind him, and pushed him in front of me. I just sat on the machine, feigning perplexment.

“If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it together.” She declared, giving his shorts a sudden downward tug.

HOOF! The air escaped my lips with shock.

Out had flopped a doozy of a dong. It was uncut, thick, and long. It swung like a pendulum for a few moments before settling far down his thighs.

Tina reached around him and caressed his chest, then brought her hands down to his crotch.

“What’s this about?!” Said a shocked, Greg, “I was only looking, I’m sorry!”

“This is about your cock. Veronica needs to confirm how big it is and then we’ll see what happens from there.”

“O….K….” Greg said, slowly as he right hand lifted his oversized organ, and her left hand snaked between his leg to grope at big egg-sized jizz-glands.

I sunk a hand between my tits and brought out the tape measure. She held his thick shaft for me.

“Six inches…” I read… “Soft though. Can we harden him up?”

“You can,” Said Greg, his voice cracking as lost himself in my deep, plunging valley.

“With pleasure.” I said, smacking my lips and descending to his cock. I let my lips do the work at first, moistening them with an occasional lick, then rubbing them, pursed, all over his drooping shaft.

As Tina pulled back and started to strip, I took care to continue easing the weight of his eggs in my palms, pumping them slightly up and down while I drooled all over his gorgeous gargantuan Goliath.

While I sucked and slurped on his head, she slid up and under him to let her face take the place of my hands. Her effort was noble as she worked hard to pop just one ball into her mouth, but he was just too much man for her. She whimpered a little as she licked his rough scrotum, clearly overwhelmed by the sheer masculinity of him.

I redoubled my efforts on his re-doubling cock, bobbing deep long strokes on hardening shaft. Since becoming such an abysmal size-slut, I had started to wonder about deep-throating, and it was this night that I learned how. On one of his up-thrusts I was coming down, and then suddenly, there I was, a throat-full of shaft.

My eyes watered and I choked a second on its pulsing perimeter, but then I relaxed, and just held.

Tina’s face pulled back, and she tugged his balls down, clearly showing he enjoyed a little roughness, and planted her tongue on the underside of his shaft that still protruded from my mouth.

I began to swallow on his beef-log, rolling my throat hard all over it. He groaned loud and put his hands on my head.

“Hey!” Ordered Tina, holding his left nut in a threatening grip, “Let her up!”

I pulled up, finally remembering I had to breathe, and gasped for air as a mix of precum and saliva poured from between my big red lips.

She pulled her head to my level, fixing her gaze on the now-glistening shaft. The foreskin had pulled back to reveal a juicy head that was just gushing out cream.

“Not bad, Boss,” She said respectfully, “But I can do better. Watch and learn.” Her jaw almost seemed to unhinge as she descended down the towering pole, swallowing as inch after inch of thick cock as the meat pile-drove into her throat.

I whistled appreciatively, then took those puckered lips and pressed them to his bulging, ball-bag. With a wicked cackle I did something she could not, and consumed one whole hanger between my soft lips. I must have made it look appealing, because she began to pull off of him fast as I slurped in the other titanic teste.

“Let me try!” She begged, taking his left seed-maker in hand and tugging it greedily for her mouth.

She sucked and sucked, but just couldn’t seem to vacuum his man-butter maker all the way in.

With a throat laugh I approached from the backside of the colossal cum orb, and swallowed the other hemisphere.

Our lips met in the center around the delicate dangler, and we sort of kissed.

Then it was a game of tonsil-football, each of us taking turns pushing the huge oval a little further into the other’s mouth. Gradually I worked the ball into her smaller mouth, twining my hands with hers to wrap around his pointing prong so it wouldn’t feel totally neglected.

Finally her eyes widened as she realized she not only had his entire giant plum in her mouth, but was sucking the tip of my tongue in as well. Her eyes did what her lips could not, and smiled around the fuck-fruit.

I returned to his other teste, and the two of us caressed his cock while we shared a moment, closing our eyes and just basked in the basting of his balls.

I reluctantly pulled from mine with a “POP” and, kissed her on the cheek.

“Practice.” I said, and then returned my head to his head, and started to work out my throat.

This was about exercise, right?

I descended down the shaft, working inch after inch within me. Greg it almost seemed had just melted into a being of pure pleasure. With his girlfriend treating his balls to the sucking of a lifetime, and her boss gagging on his cock, I could see why.

Well I’d humble him by taking it all yet…

I coughed and sputtered, spewing cum down his shaft and right onto Tina’s forehead. She giggled around a nut, and then resumed her work.

Down again I plunged, this time reaching the point that she’d made it too. She gave a hard suck to the ball in her mouth, then a firm tug on the other as it danced on her cheek and he thrust up.

It was all I could do to the fight the meat down, and I felt somehow he’d bottomed out my esophagus.

But after the discomfort faded, I looked down and realized I had the whole thing in my mouth.

I stuck out a tongue and licked the topside of the ball, eliciting a gasp of shock from Tina as she realized what I was doing.

“Veronica, that’s amazing!” She said, her words muffled around his sac.

I pulled back off of him, sending another thick river of throated cream down on her.

“You make his balls pump as much yummy cum as you can,” I said “and I’ll promise to share his load.”

“You’re the boss!” She said excitedly, returning her hands and face, and full attention to his extra-capacity cum-carriers.

I wrapped my hands around his base, on top of the other. I noted with only minor disappointment that my fingers barely touched, as I started the long journey down him.

I bobbed my head down to the top hand a few times, savoring the gasps he gave as I injected myself with inches.

Tina’s tongue danced all over engorged nut-flesh, each lick seeming to coax just a little more weight into his sac.

My top hand came off, and I took him all the way to the other. There I paused and moaned my approval around his shaft. My vibrating throaty mews let him know that I loved what I was sucking.

Tina bobbled and massaged his nuts, playfully dropping one whole morsel into her mouth for a quick suck, then the other. They fairly seemed to be visibly expanding to greater fullness.

My lips smacked obscenely as I greedily devoured the last handspan of cock. I held there, letting him feel me out.

Tina was down to business now, holding both balls in a firm grasp and kissing and lapping and sucking on them furiously, pleading with the mighty man-sacks to pump out their whole.

With great sloppy gulps, I swallowed on him, sloshing saliva and his own creamy juices down my throat and down his cock. My neck worked as I grunted and groaned, grating my very deep throat along every sensitive inch of tremendous fuck-beast.

Tina gave a yelp as her lover’s load started to spew out, his balls tightening up against him hard.

I gulped and gulped on his first spunk salvo, eyes rolling back into my head as my throat was coated in rich cream.

My throat had to work several times to down that first load, but I was proud I didn’t pull off. The second was even bigger, and I whimpered as I fought to keep it down, succeeding only barely.

Quickly I pulled my head from him, wispy trails of jizm tugging at my lips as I snapped them.

Shot three caught my by surprise, and I’m sure I must have looked quite funny as my eyes and lips made perfect big ‘O’s of shock. His potent spooge rocketed hard into my face with an audible splashing noise.

Whining, Tina leaped up and began licking at my face, turning only slightly into shot four as it coated us both.

Shot five went high, and hit her bang, dripping down a rain of seed onto her face as she recoiled her head.

The sixth and final shot was succulent and sweet as I opened my mouth to receive it fully.

Not to be deprived, Tina grabbed me and forced me into a rough, French kiss, our tongues trading his load furiously, most of it dripping from our mouths and down onto her uncovered tits, and my bra.

“Oh crap,” I said lazily as I patted my cum-fed stomach, “We forgot to measure.”

A soft ‘whap’ brought my attention to the fact that I was staring down a fully hard, huge cock still.


We both fumbled for the tape measure as we pressed it to him.

“Holy shit! 10 and a half fucking inches! What a stud!”

“Do you know what this means?” Gasped Tina

“What?” I asked with bated breath.

“You can deep throat almost eleven inches of cock.”

“I might like to try to learn more…” I said winsomely.

Greg stood and pumped his pole experimentally a few times.

“Tell you what I’ll pound your pussy if you promise to enjoy it. Deal?”

“Deal!” I shook his cock on it, then turned around onto my hands and knees on the machine’s bench.

“Now then,” He said, “We’ll start with reps of one.” And with that, he positioned his head at the entrance of my waiting pussy.

“Oh no you don’t!” Pouted Tina, “I’m not gonna go wanting this time!”

She pulled an additional bench parallel to mine, and pushed them together, giving us a bigger surface to work with.

I maneuvered my way to the middle, while she straddled the edges of impromptu fuck-surface—standing over me but facing towards him– and jammed her waiting pussy into his face while he plunged his cock into me.

Looking back over my shoulder, I was impressed. Greg had a nice pink tongue that darted out and instantly found her clit to lap at. Still, his focus was not divided as I could feel his soft foreskin giving way as he scraped into me.

Thick cock filled me, sending wracking sensations through my body. I pushed back against him with my ass, wriggling it slightly, enjoying the feel of my weighty pontoons jiggling and scrapping over the black vinyl of the workbenches.

Greg braced his hands on my ass, and then started his first set of reps. They were sharp strokes, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, each eliciting a little moan from me, my face reddening with exertion.

While he savaged my sweet slash with his awesome weapon, his tongue started to probe deeply inside Tina. Her face was going flush, and she moaned long and loud at his ministrations. She was clearly having a hard time staying on her feet. It occurred to me that this was the only time I’d seen sex where two people were standing and only one was down.

He increased his reps to triple-time, demonstrating his incredible stamina as his strokes now were going in threes in the same span as they had twos. He spanked my ass once playfully, watching as my horny hindquarters jiggled under the assault of his masterful member.

Tina gave a piercing cry as he did something that must have been incredible with his tongue.

Suddenly my lower back was drenched in a river of girl-cum, copious nectars pouring from Tina as she came and came hard.

I tossed my head back in the throes of my own orgasm, triggered by her lustful display, and a sudden increase in his tempo. He was fucking all ten point five inches into me now, his strokes long and powerful, his gigantic egg sized sperm bags slipping up to bang against my clit.

Tina slowly let herself collapse to the side of the bench as he fucked me through a mind and pussy blowing orgasm.

I was just catching my breath when I felt him rubbing her cum all over my ass, and then sliding it right between my cheeks.

“No stud, you’re too bi-” I barely got the words out, when suddenly there was the monstrous fuck beast, ravaging my back door.

I tried to pull away, gyrating my ass in a desperate attempt to escape this impaling, but he was too big and too fast to be denied. Tina’s cum was a perfect lube, letting him sink a quick eight inches easy right into me.

My head dropped and I gritted my teeth as I strained to handle him. Tina, clearly wanting to offer moral support slid beneath me into a 69 position.

He pulled out to four inches, and then fucked in to ten, sending shocks through my brain.

“You big cocked bastard, why don’t you just impale my fucking ass, goddamned, horse-hung, horny son of a bitch!”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Said Greg with a wicked cackle and a sudden buck of his hips.

Ten and half inches in my ass.


Hurts so gooooood….

Tina turned her tongue to my twat, lapping first in circles on my clit, and then pushing deep within my flower. Her hands reached out to cup my tits, relieving the weight of their heavy dangle.

And speaking of heavy danglers, as Greg bottomed himself into my booty, his nuts were dragging on Tina’s face, smearing her saliva and my pussy juice all over.

To distract myself from the pleasurable discomfort in my thoroughly reamed rear, I bent my head to return Tina’s favor.

Like twin dancers our tongues toyed with one another’s cunts, one of us licking hard while the other teased, then changing it up.

As her hard licks increased in speed, so too did the rod in my ass.

I cried out and choked on my words into her pussy as the long lever split me in two.

Lick lick lick thrust thrust lick thrust lickthrustthrustlicklickthrust


He groaned and pulled out, my formerly reluctant ass now clinging as he retreated.

Tina’s tongue did not abate as he unloaded six magnificent salvos against my ass cheeks, all over her face and hair, and into her mouth.

She reached back and pinched my clit hard while her tongue licked me through my own big climax.

I squeezed my thighs around her head and jammed two fingers into her, using the wracking sexual energy of my hard cum to get her off two.

Just as I finished my massive orgasm, hers hit, causing us to collapse on one another.

Tina’s face was a mask of cock cream and cunt cocktail, one of her eyes totally closed by a pool of jizz.

She lapped up copious amounts of the thick seed, smiling as she relished the fuck-flavored mouthfuls.

My ass felt more used then a cheap prostitute on a Saturday night. My whole insides throbbed and I had trouble standing straight to don my clothes again.

“You’ve made the list.” I assured Greg, giving his right nut an affectionate squeeze.

“What list?” He asked.


Tina was a mess when she came into my office the next day. She explained to me that after I’d left, Greg had thrown her down for another session. Evidently, he’d fucked her so hard she’d forgotten her own name, and then reamed her ass worse then mine.

Since I was still so sore from that, I shuddered to myself at the thought of what would happen if Aaron Black ever tried it.

I shuddered twice as hard when I realized I wanted it to happen.

And that I was going to have to report into him about Greg tonight.

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