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A Wonderful Life

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Though it was already late in the day, I still had work to do before I could head home. One of my duties as Director of Corporate Training was to oversee our biannual management trainee retreats. These two month long retreats had become an important part of the company’s internal employee development program. Our rapid growth over the last two decades had created a tremendous need for good managers.

My program had a record of producing top quality candidates to fill that need. The next retreat started in the morning but due to other pressing duties I had been unable even to review the participants. I made it a practice to know the people I would be working with before I met them. Fortunately due to a slowing of growth the current batch of trainees was small; three men and three women. The groups were usually fairly well balanced as the company had a strict EEO policy in place.

There was a downside to the group being less than half the average size. One of the undocumented fringe benefits of my position was the opportunities presented by trainees who were eager to go above and beyond in there effort to succeed. Extra tutoring sessions frequently led to sessions of a more intimate nature. I had never used force or coercion to gain this particular benefit. It seemed to just happen. Truth is the first time it happened I felt more like I was being sexually harassed than the other way round. Over the eleven years I had run the program there had been many trysts with future top performers in our management team. The nice thing being that once the retreat ended the relationship ended cleanly. The trainees went to their assigned locations which were generally hundreds if not thousands of miles from headquarters. An occasional email thanking me for all my help and the good times was the most that had ever come from these private sessions.

As a life long bachelor who doesn’t tend to form long term relationships these short liaisons became something I looked forward to each time a new retreat started. It wasn’t due to my lack of sexual relationships that I looked forward to these times. The truth is that I have lived what most would consider a rather promiscuous sex life. I tend to form more casual relationships in that area. Having multiple friends with benefits suits me best. It is the intensity of these brief encounters with near strangers that are so anxious to please that made my trainee hook ups so appealing.

As to why I have never formed a permanent relationship the answer is very simple. I fall almost perfectly in the middle of Kinsey’s sexual orientation scale. I am completely bisexual. I enjoy sex with both genders equally. This was something I discovered early in life. Though I had experimented some the first real sex I had was my freshman year of college. It was a threesome. My roommate and I shared what we called back then an easy girl. The evening inevitably included some crossing of swords which served to enhance the experience for me. After a couple more threesomes my roommate and I figured out that we didn’t always need a girl in the picture. It soon became clear to me that I could never commit to just one person, because that would mean giving up half of my desires.

I read the list of names of the current batch of trainees: Roger Armstrong, Sarah Bennett, Philip Castlemen, Liam Fitzpatrick, Ronda Germaine, Kim Turner. There truly isn’t much that can be discerned from a name alone. At least in this case there were no gender ambiguous names. Fortunately, I was provided with a folder on each trainee that contained a great deal of information. The first one I opened was labeled Sarah Bennett. I was already acquainted with Sarah. She was a headquarters employee who had been with the company seven years. Her current position was assistant office manager for customer relations. She was being considered for a move to the CEO’s office. The new position would move her from supervisory to management status. The company felt the trainee program would be a good thing for her. I figured she was not a candidate for special sessions. On top of her working in the same building I worked in she was by all accounts happily married and devoted to her family. In addition, since she was local she would not be staying in a hotel like the other participants. Although, as I stared at the head shot photo attached to the folder I had to admit that she was someone I would like to fuck. I already knew she had a killer body and very pretty face. Looking at the picture reminded me of her oh so kissable lips that I just knew gave great blow jobs.

The next folder was that of Roger Armstrong. He was 26 and had just finished four years in the Marines. His head shot showed his blond hair was still cut to Marine regulations. His blue eyes sparkled at me from the folder. His description indicated that along with his handsome face came a buff body. I was sure I would enjoy getting naked with him. I was equally sure that despite his single status he wouldn’t be into same sex play.

I tossed aside Roger’s folder and picked up one marked Liam Fitzpatrick. His green eyes peeking out from a face partially covered by a mop of untidy brown hair immediately caught my attention. He was a cute young man that clearly did not bow to convention. Almost every head shot I saw on such folders looked like the person had just come from a stylist. Liam’s picture looked more like he had just crawled out of bed. It was a good look on him. His stats, 5’9″ 155 pounds told me he very likely had a compact sexy body. Though I generally gravitated toward taller men, the contrast of my 6’1″, 195 pound frame with a smaller body seemed an interestingly erotic sight. Liam was 25 and single which made him a possibility for extracurricular activities. But his academic record showed him to be a hard worker and high achiever. Those types seldom needed extra tutoring or favors they imagined fucking me would bring.

Ronda Germaine at 35 was the oldest of the batch. She had been recruited from our competition. She was already an accomplished manager but had requested to attend the first available retreat after her hire. She had been with our company for seven months and her record was exemplary. She clearly didn’t need my help and even if she did there was an item on her résumé that indicate she wouldn’t be using her body to curry favor with me. Under affiliations she listed her membership in two non-professional organizations: The National Center for Lesbian Rights and The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. I have nothing against lesbians and have even slept with a couple who like to occasionally feel a live warm cock inside their pussy. But I couldn’t imagine that a person so out that they put such affiliations on their resume would have anything to do with straight sex. The fact that she listed a life partner on her benefits sheet pretty much cemented that opinion.

The third man, Philip Castlemen, was 30 and married with two children. He was a computer programmer who aspired to move into management. His goal was to one day be in technology management. However, our company did not believe in having managers anywhere that did not know our core businesses. If Philip wanted to break into IT management he would have to first successfully manage outside of the technology area. His head shot showed him to be a pleasant enough looking guy; just an average Joe. In fact almost everything in his folder indicated he was pretty much an average guy. Though I knew average guys who were married and by all appearances were totally straight sometimes sucked cock on the side, there was nothing to suggest Philip’s possibilities in the folder. Of course even if he had never had his lips on a dick before, he had put forth a lot of effort to get into training program so he might well be willing to go the extra mile.

The final folder was marked Kim Turner. She was 27 and single. However, the freckled face that looked out from a head full of red curls looked much younger. The little bit of cleavage I could see in the picture indicated she had the ample breasts of a mature woman. Add to the picture her 5’2″ hundred and fifteen pound frame and I could see she was likely a little bit of dynamite. Nothing I enjoy more than a little redheaded spitfire bouncing up and down on my rigid pole. However as I was approaching my forty-fifth birthday I had become increasingly aware of how it looked for an older man to be screwing young women especially ones who looked as young as Kim. Besides a cutie like her likely had a stable of hot young studs standing in line to fuck her. Still as I contemplated those big tits and red curls bouncing around as she rode my cock I couldn’t help but reach down to my crotch and rub my growing bulge through my slacks.

My review of the new crop of trainees complete I had decided the chance of extra curricular activities was slim at best. I was also horny as shit from my fantasy musings about fucking each of them. I decided to call an old friend of mine, Tom Hastings. I had known Tom for twenty years. I had known his wife for fifteen of those years. Before he got married Tom and I were friends and occasional fuck buddies. The sex continued right up to his wedding day. Even though he had been open with Cheryl about his past gay encounters and she was accepting of his being bisexual, he had decided to go the straight and faithful route. A few months after their honeymoon Cheryl admitted the idea of Tom sucking cock turned her on. Their experimentation started by him talking about sucking cock while she sucked him. It moved to him sucking a dildo while she watched. Neither had the nerve to suggest what they both increasingly wanted; bringing another man into their bed.

Though all this time Tom and I had remained friends and I became more acquainted with Cheryl. For whatever reason Tom had never told her that I was one of the guys he had had sex with in the past. About a year and a half after the wedding Tom was at my apartment. He told me all about their sex play. He added that all the fantasy had made him crave a real cock. We took care of the craving in my bedroom. He sucked me for hours coaxing three loads from cock. I had never seen a guy happier to eat cum. A few weeks later I got a call from Tom. He wanted to meet me because he had a favor to ask. I figured he just wanted to suck my dick dry again and invited him to my place.

As it turned out Cheryl and he had made the decision to bring another man into their bedroom. Their idea was for her to watch as Tom sucked and got sucked and maybe fucked. The other guy wouldn’t get involved with Cheryl except to watch her masturbate or get eaten by Tom. He had already told Cheryl that I was bi and a former sex partner of his. I thought the whole idea sounded fun. I liked being watched, Joe was a great cocksucker and had a nice cock that I enjoyed sucking. In addition, though we had only down anal twice he was a pretty good fuck for a guy. I have never been a big fan of anal intercourse at least not when there is pussy to be had. But if Cheryl wanted to see her man take a cock in the ass I was happy to accommodate. There was one other incentive. Cheryl has huge tits and I had wanted to see them bared since I had met her.

Cheryl is about 5’5″ and easily fifty pounds heavier than what the charts recommend. While she is not what anyone would call a BBW she definitely has more than the required padding. Even though she had small love handles most of her extra weight found its way to her tits, hips and ass. She was a curvy, chubby bundle of sexual energy I soon learned. The first time I arrived at their house for a date I was greeted by Tom who was wearing only a robe. After showing me in and fixing me a drink he called Cheryl to join us. She was wearing an extremely sheer sexy nightie that was not made for sleeping. It was made of a translucent plum colored material that left almost nothing to the imagination. Her large tits filled the top perfectly and the material showed off her nipples and big, dark, round areolas. It was clear that she kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed. I could see the dark circle above her cunt that constituted all the hair she had below the waist. Suddenly I wished our evening was going to include more than just seeing her body.

She smiled clearly enjoying the way I was ogling her. She told me how anxious she was for the festivities to start. I simply said there was no need to wait and stood up. I could see the surprise in her eyes as I stripped naked while she watched. I saw something else in her eyes when she saw my half-hard cock for the first time. I had forgotten that I was at least two inches longer and a lot thicker than Tom. From her expression I assumed that my cock was bigger than any she had had in the past. Her breathless comment confirmed my assumption.

“Oh wow, damn Tom you didn’t tell me what a great cock your friend had!”

I decided that there was a chance for more than looking.

“Yeah, it is a nice piece of meat,” Tom agreed as he walked over and got on his knees in front of me.

He shrugged his shoulders and his robe puddle on the floor behind him revealing his nakedness and his erection. Cheryl smiled and took a seat in a large comfortable chair beside us where she could have a ring side seat. Tom winked at his wife as he took hold of my cock. I felt the familiar swirl of his tongue over my helmet as his fingers deftly fondled my heavy ball sack. He kissed and licked up and down my shaft eliciting appreciative coos from his wife. The moans I heard as he took my cock into his mouth caused my attention to move from my cock sucking friend to his masturbating wife. Her nightie was pulled up fully exposing her bare pussy to my eyes. With the fingers of one hand she had spread open her full, pink, fleshy pussy lips. One finger of the other hand was hidden, buried deep inside her dripping cunt. It was obvious she was teasing her g-spot while using her thumb to play with her clit. Her gaze was fixed as if she was mesmerized by the sight of her husband swallowing my rock hard cock. I smiled and winked at her as I took Tom’s head in my heads and began to control the action. She smiled back as I slowly rocked on my heels fucking Tom’s willing mouth.

“I want you,” I mouthed silently in her direction as my cock went deeper into Tom’s mouth.

Soon my cock was in his throat and his nose in my pubic hair. Tom had more cock sucking practice than his wife knew. He had been deep throating cock for a long time. A few minutes later he had to stop to catch his breath. I casually moved the two feet that separated us from Cheryl.

“Need any help with that hot pussy?” I asked breathlessly.

She just nodded. As Tom watched I went to my knees between her widely spread legs. She continued to hold her pussy lips open as I went to work with my tongue. I bathed her large throbbing clit and sucked her puffy labia. I slipped one of my fingers inside her and let her use her finger to guide me to her special spot. Together our fingers worked the quivering walls of her pussy while my tongue danced around her clit and over her sweet juicy outer lips. When she came it felt as if a flood gate had opened. She squirted a torrent of juices on my face as she screamed her delight at the power of the orgasm coursing through her body. When I pulled my head from her crotch I looked back to see that Tom had been jacking his cock while watching me eat his wife’s cunt. I wanted more of her and his expression gave me permission to go for it. I moved up her body and pulled down the top of her nightie exposing her huge milky orbs and magnificent nipples. I went to work sucking and licking her tits to the sound of her delightful squeals. She still had her fingers inside her pussy as I did my best to suck in the ample flesh of her delicious tits. Then she gave me permission to take what it was clear we both wanted.

“Oh god, fuck me, please now!” She panted.

It was clear she was not asking for Tom. It was my dick she wanted and my dick she was going to get. I grabbed her hips and nudged her to roll over. She willingly slid into position bent over the chair with her big ass pointed at the sky and her cunt wide open. I dug my fingers into her flesh as I rammed my aching cock home. Her hot wet cunt easily took every bit of my cock. I humped her deeply keeping my balls press to her body. I turned to my old friend and beckoned him to come to us. He released his cock and scrambled to the side of the chair not really knowing what I had in mind. As I continued to fuck his wife I grabbed his ass and moved him so that his cock was pointed at my face.

“I am going to suck Tom’s hot cock while I pound your sweet pussy!” I growled in her ear as I reared back and drove my cock home again.

She turned her head to see me swallow the top half of her husband’s twitching cock. I sucked him as best as I could while fucking Cheryl. Her ragged breathing and thrashing body told me she was nearing another peak. I knew Tom wasn’t far behind. I felt her juices pour out down my cock and over my balls as she screamed her passions again. Then Tom’s cock jerked and filled my mouth with his salty goo. I pulled my mouth off of his cock and found Cheryl’s lips as I came in her pussy I pushed Tom’s cum into her mouth with my tongue. In another minute I fell back and she rolled over panting and sighing. Tom dove between her legs and began to lap up the oozing mixture of our combined male and female juices. I watched as her body was racked with a series of seemingly endless orgasmic peaks. When she could stand no more and pushed him away, Tom practically pounced on me. He devoured my semi-erect dick sucking his wife’s cunt juice from it and causing it to fully reinflate. This time he didn’t stop sucking until I shot a load in his mouth and down his throat. The date ended with Tom fucking Cheryl on the floor while I watched.

It wasn’t until the second date that Cheryl got her fantasy of watching Tom take a cock in the ass fulfilled. Since then we have had many dates and fulfilled many fantasies. Cheryl’s passion and desire during those sessions always amazed me. Many times after both Tom and my cocks were spent she would want more oral or even pull out a dildo for us to continue fucking her. It seemed like she was lost in some frenzy of sexual need at times. Over the years they tried other guys and one couple. None seemed to provide the fulfillment our threesomes did. My thing with Tom and Cheryl is the closest thing I have to a long term relationship. The sex is great and I care for them more than anyone else I have ever known. Cheryl has even expressed a kind of romantic love for me and indicated that they consider me another husband in their relationship. Their decision not to have children keeps things from becoming complicated.

When I talked to Tom the night of the review we decided on a date for the following Saturday night. When I hung up the phone I opened my pants and took out my cock. I opened a porn magazine I had in my desk and began stroking my growing meat. It was only Tuesday, my desires wouldn’t wait until Saturday. I spilled my seed into a clump of Kleenex while reading a photo captioned story about a bisexual orgy.

The next morning I met the current crop of trainees in person. They were pretty much what I had expected from reading their dossiers. Except for one thing; none of their pictures had done them justice. They were all really good looking and to top it off had great bodies. It was the sexiest group of six people I could imagine assembling outside of the playboy mansion. After telling them a bit about myself and the program I started the first class exercise. It is a team building thing where the participants each have to speak for fifteen minutes about themselves. The idea is to begin to establish a connection between the participants. The nice thing about a small group was the reduced time it took to get through such exercises. When we had eighteen people, it took the whole day when combined with my talk. That day it only took a few hours to get through the required material which allowed me to offer some social time to continue the getting to know each other theme. All six of them were unusually forth coming with their personal talks.

Roger the former Marine told as a bit about his time in the service. He also told us it was the sudden death of both his parents in a car crash that made him decided to leave college and his directionless life and join the Marines. As sad as the parent’s death was the even sadder part of his story was what he told us about his fiancée. He was engaged to his high school sweetheart when he left for the Marines. She had promised to wait for him and they planned to get married as soon as he settled into Marine life. After basic training they had a brief time together and then he was posted overseas for a year. Next time he came home he found out she had gotten married to some guy she was fucking behind Roger’s back. She had gotten pregnant and married while Roger was away and never said a word. Through the whole year she kept of the pretense of their future together and her love for him in their letters. Roger was crushed.

The rest of his time in the service he never even considered romance. He said that his only sexual outlet was an occasional visit to one of the prostitutes that plied their trade near military bases. After his separation from the service he went home to sell his parents house and end that chapter in his life. His ex, who was still married and spitting out babies, came to see him. She had had two more in three years since they last talked. She begged him to forgive her and told him how miserable she was without him. They ended up having sex which he said was the worst mistake he ever made. Afterwards he asked her to leave her husband and go away with him. He was even willing to raise her kids. She said she couldn’t leave the guy but if Roger stayed in town they could still make love. Roger threw her out and left town crushed again. He had met a woman just before joining our company that was helping him talk through all of his issues. They had agreed to wait on sex until he got through the trainee program.

The next to speak was Sarah. While her story was far less sordid and sad it was no less personal. She told us about marrying and having children young. It seemed she wasn’t as happily married as she let on at work. Though she didn’t outright say it there was some indication of some psychological abuse by her husband. The gist of her tale was how much she was looking forward to the possibility that a better job would afford her an opportunity to be independent. Clearly she wanted out of her marriage.

Philip was next and told a basically happy tale of the all American dream life. Good job, house in suburbia, wife worked part time, two good kids that were on the honor role and so forth. There was clearly something missing in his life though. As it turned out two things were missing. The first was excitement and fun. That is why he had applied for the management training program. He figured if he couldn’t spice up his home life at least he could make work more interesting and challenging. The other thing missing was sex. His wife very occasionally consented to allow him to take care of his business. He intimated that she had fucked like a rabbit when they were dating but after a few years of marriage informed him that sex was for making babies which they were done with. She granted him the occasional exception because she knew men had needs. Liam seemed a little unsure of what to say when it was his turn. He even apologized for not having any significant issues to mention. He told us about college and his degrees and his honors. He did manage to come up with a story about a girl that dumped him for another guy but even that wasn’t much of a big deal since he was only dating her for the sex.

Ronda also had no bad things in her life. She was a happy well adjusted lesbian. She had known all her life that she preferred her own sex. She told us about her activism in the GBLT community. She told us about her life partner who was a stay at home wife and artist. This was a significant thing because it meant that Ronda was not alone in her hotel room. Her partner was able to come along and do her art work at the hotel while Rhonda attended training.

The cute young-looking redhead Kim was the last to speak. My initial assessment of her being a sexy, big breasted, bundle of raw energy seemed right on target. Her story was a bit of a surprise. She had had a long sexual relationship with both her uncle and a cousin during her high school years. The uncle was her mother’s very much younger brother who was only a couple of years older than Kim. The cousin was her father’s nephew who was her same age. Later therapy led her to understanding that these simultaneous incestuous relationships likely led to her promiscuous early college days. Before she got control of herself she had slept with literally hundreds of guys and a fair number of females. She also was very honest about her enjoyment of sex and said that she didn’t regret her wild days. She was still single and not really sure about the whole one partner for life thing. I was pretty sure the eyes of everyone in the room lit as she told her story. After all they would be the people closest to her over the next two months. Since she didn’t do one night stands with guys she met in bars anymore she was likely to be looking for a partner or partners that fit her new sense of herself.

As I listened to all of these rather intimate tales of these peoples lives I once again marveled at how well that particular exercise worked. While this group opened up a bit more than usual it wasn’t the first time I had heard such intimate tales in the years I had facilitated the program. I decided the person who had invented the excise was a genius to be able to figure a way to get people to open up so to near strangers. After Kim sat down Phillip raised his hand.

“Mr. Hammond, we have all told rather private aspects of our lives. You gave a nice canned bio but it lacked the substance we all offered,” He said calmly.

Before I could respond Rhonda piped in, “Yeah, what gives? It is hardly fair to expect us talk about this stuff and you just tell us boring stuff about your job.”

“Well first please call me Gary. Second, the purpose of the exercise is for the six of you to bond as a group. Finally, I did not ask any of you to reveal anything specific. It is just in the nature of the exercise for people to open up, some more than others,” I replied before anyone else to could add a thought.

“BS!” Kim and Roger said as one.

“You said you wanted this to be a shared experience and then you pull this routine like you are the teacher or in this case the therapist. Gary that won’t work here and I think you know it,” Roger added.

“Yeah we don’t even know if you are married or what. So how about it Gary?” Kim asked.

I am not sure how anyone could have resisted the redheaded cutie.

“Ok fine. Let’s see,” I began. “I am not married. I am likely too selfish and I don’t think I could ever commit to just one bedmate for the rest of my life.”

The nods I saw told me I had at least partially quelled their need for me to go quid pro quo with them on my personal life.

“So you like to sleep around then?” Kim asked with a wicked smile on her face.

“Here is the deal; I am bisexual so I like to keep my options open.” I said rather proudly.

My sex life wasn’t exactly a secret though I couldn’t remember having ever said out loud in front of a work audience that I was bi. I went on to say that like everyone I had had some unpleasant romantic experiences but nothing really bad. That seemed to satisfy them and I ended by inviting them to join me for lunch and more talk. We all learned a lot more about each other during the lunch. Since we had had such a successful first day already I sent them off on their own for the afternoon. I secretly wondered if any of them might end up in bed together. About an hour after lunch I had a surprise visitor. Kim stopped by my office.

“Hi, I thought you would be at the hotel enjoying the pool or something,” I said as I let her into my office.

“Well I am not the kind of girl that likes to do things alone. I was hoping maybe you might be able to take off and show me some of the town,” She said in the sexiest voice I had heard in some time.

It would have taken a devote monk to turn down her request. Even if I hadn’t known that she was a redheaded sex fiend her demure demeanor and sexy way would have easily convinced me to drop everything and take her anywhere she want to go. We drove around for a bit with me pointing out the mostly mundane spots in our little town. I parked when we got to our town’s version of Central Park. It is both smaller and less interesting than its big cousin in New York but the gardens are a nice spot for a walk and it was a beautiful day. We ended up sitting on a bench in a secluded spot talking. I was painfully aware of our age difference which would look to be even greater to a passerby.

“There is something I want to tell you, but I don’t want you to take it wrong,” She said innocently after awhile.

“Ok, I promise I won’t take it any way at all,” I said as sincerely as I could.

“Well you know that stuff about you being bisexual that really kind of turns me on. As I said I have been with women and men so I guess I am sort of bi. I have even been with more than one guy at the same time. But those guys never touched each other. Hell one guy freaked when his penis accidently touch the other guys ass while they were switching places.”

“Kim, I am not sure what you are trying to tell me, to be honest.”

“I don’t know. I just think it is so hot that a handsome, masculine guy can be so comfortable with sex with guys and still be well a man. You do know you are pretty hot?”

“Well thank you for the compliment. Which I can return times ten, because to put it in terms of hotness you are beyond smoking. But you do know that I am twenty years older than you?”

“Shit, Gary, what difference does that make? If two people are attracted to each other I don’t think it matters what their ages are.”

“Maybe not. But if this is going where it seems to be going I don’t want you to be mislead.”

“How could I be misled? I started us down this path. I already know you are not a one partner man if that is what you mean. You should already know that I am not exactly a one man woman.”

“Well what we know and what we end up wanting is sometimes different. But that isn’t my real worry. I am concerned that it might affect our professional relationship. I can’t give you any special consideration even if we pursue our attractions.”

“Damn, you aren’t saying you think I am attempting to whore myself into a good grade in your class are you teach?” She asked with a mixture of hurt and sarcasm in her voice.

“No Kim, that isn’t what I mean. I think you are sincere. I just know that sex often changes things.”

“Yeah, well if you don’t want to pursue things, that’s cool. It would be too bad because I am sure it would be a hot time. But I do know how to separate what goes on when I am naked and what goes on in the light of day. I was with a few professors in my wild college days and none of them so much as added a plus mark to my grade in exchange for a blowjob. Nor did I expect them to do so. I have sex for fun not gain.” “In that case there is a nice little hotel a few blocks from here. They have a decent restaurant. We could get dinner and go from there.”

“I would rather have room service. Any chance there is a liquor store near here so we could have a cock tail before I have your cock?” She asked in that sexy voice that had nearly blown me away earlier.

I left her in the car at the curb while I bought a bottle of Crown Royal and six pack of ginger ale. Twenty minutes later we were sitting on the small love seat style sofa of a mini-suite sipping the rich liquor covered in only a splash of ginger ale.

“So, Gary have you sucked a lot of cocks?” She asked almost innocently.

“You really want to talk about that?”

“I told you it turns me on,” She answered as she slipped her hand into my crotch and squeezed my still soft cock through my pants. “What would be really hot would be to see two guys actually doing it.”

I told her that I honestly didn’t know how many cocks I had sucked. I also told her that I might be able to arrange for her fantasy to be fulfilled before she left town. By that time she had my pants open and my cock in her hand. When I suggested that the bed might be a more comfortable place to continue she asked me to wait a bit and got on her knees between my legs. She looked up at me as she stroked my hard cock.

“Damn you have a great cock! Who sucks it better men or women?”

“It is an individual thing, Kim. I have had both men and women that were amazing and I have had both that I had to stop because they were causing pain instead of pleasure.”

She giggled knowingly before taking my cock into her mouth. I definitely wasn’t going to have to stop Kim. Having her suck my cock was pure bliss. She kissed and licked and sucked my cock until I was nearly delirious with pleasure. Then she stood up and danced around as she stripped naked for me. There was something oddly erotic about her freckle covered skin. Even her large tits were freckled. I couldn’t recall having ever seen freckles on tits before. She also was a natural girl. She had a full bush of red flame surrounding her pussy. It was long and lush and I later found out very soft and silky. When she finished her little dance she crawled onto the bed cat-like and stretched out. She told me that it was my turn. My strip tease was no where near as erotic as hers had been. For one thing my pants were already half-way down and my cock was pointing skyward. I did manage to dance around a bit after awkwardly getting my legs free of my pants. She seemed appreciative of the effort anyway.

I crawled onto the bed intent on taking my turn eating her sweet young snatch. She squealed delightfully as I parted the forest of soft red fur with my fingers to reveal her tiny little pink nub. Her delicate labia were the only smooth hair free flesh around her pussy. The soft pink flesh looked delicious against the flaming red background. The lips small size allowed me to easily see the red flesh of her portal and didn’t impede my tongues pursuit of her tiny clit. It was by far the most delicate unshaven pussy I had ever seen. Later she told me that she never shaved her pussy because she looked like a little girl without hair down there. She certainly did not moan like a little girl when I licked and sucked her sex while my fingers probed her pussy. There was no doubt that I was making love to a mature woman.

“Oh my god, Gary. If you suck cock as good as you lick pussy, you must be a very popular guy,” She moaned before her first orgasm made words impossible.

After she had several more peaks I slide up next to her and gathered her tingling naked body in my arms. I held her damp flesh pressed to my body until she came back to earth.

“Fuck me but that was good!” She exclaimed. “You know I was thinking of watching you suck cock the whole time. Damn, I don’t know if I ever came that hard before.”

“Mmmmmmm, I am glad you feel good, baby. Now about that fucking you thing…”

She rolled over on her back, spread her legs and told me to come take her. As I moved into position she wrapped her legs around my torso. By the time my cock found its mark she had me trapped between her silky thighs. We quickly found our rhythm. Each time I thrusted into her I drove her into the plush mattress. Each time I pulled back her legs held tight and I lifted her cute ass off the bed. She exhorted me to fuck her harder though I felt as if I was in danger of breaking her small body under the assault. Then she did something that totally surprised me. When I again plowed deep into her, I felt the walls of her hot wet pussy take a firm grip upon my cock. The combination of her strong leg lock and her vice like pussy grip held me deep inside her. I felt as if her cunt was actually sucking my cock into her very core. There was no stopping the rising tide. Light flashed in my eyes, explosions went off in my head and my cock erupted sending my essence splashing against her cervix. The pleasure became so intense that it bordered on painful as she continued to hold me inside her and milked me dry.

When again I could form words I gasped, “Oh my god, baby. You are one fucking amazing lay. Fuck that was beyond wild.”

“Thank you sweetie, I liked it too. You have a great cock. Now be quiet and rest up while I call room service. We need to get you recharged. I want a lot more of my hot sexy cock sucking stud’s dick!”

She kissed my cheek and then left me while she called in our dinner order. It was another ten minutes before I managed to get out of bed and go to the shower. She joined me and we washed each other thoroughly. It was a very sexy shower. We ate dinner in the robes that the hotel had thoughtfully provided. After dinner we had a couple of drinks and returned to bed. The next day was a bit rough after Kim and I fucked until nearly dawn.

The next evening brought yet another surprise. When the day’s session ended at four I went to my office hoping to quickly take care of any messages I had and head home. I badly needed sleep. Fortunately, Kim had understood when I suggested we wait for the weekend for a repeat performance during the one private moment we managed that day. I had a feeling she was probably already sleeping. There were only a couple of messages requiring my immediate attention and I was ready to head out by five. I was on my way out the door when the phone rang. It was Roger asking if I might be available for a private meeting. I made and appointment for the next afternoon as I was simply too tired to deal with anything.

The next day was Friday. I had my date with Tom and Cheryl looming the next evening. I had agreed to meet Roger after the day’s session and Kim had slipped me a note asking about us having another date. I got her alone at lunch time and explained that I had some prior commitments and wouldn’t be available until Sunday. She seemed actually happy with that. She suggested we start early so that we could have a good long fuck session. I agreed and suggested she come to my apartment around noon. I spiced up the offer by telling her I had some bi porn we could watch.

A half-hour after Friday’s session ended Roger was at my door. The big buff Marine looked somehow very small as he sat opposite me in my office working up the words he wanted to say.

“Gary, this is kind of hard to talk about. Fact is I never talked to anyone about it before. But oh shit maybe, well I don’t know if I should even get into now.”

“Well that is certainly up to you. But I can see you are really bothered by whatever it is. If you think I can help please give me a chance. I really want to do all that I can for you.”

“Oh damn, wow. Well it is about being bisexual.”


“I been wondering for sometime if I am that, or gay or just what.”

“Did something happen that makes you wonder, Roger?”

“Yeah, I had sex with a man. Another Marine. It started soon after I got my heart broke by that cheating bitch!”

“Started? Does that mean we are talking about more than a one time thing?”

“Yeah it was off and on for a couple of years.”

I stayed silent and let him tell me the surprising story of his one gay affair. When he got to his new unit after finding the love of his life married and pregnant he discovered that he had been assigned to bunk with a friend from basic training. At that particular base enlisted men lived in a dorm-like setting. There was a community shower and toilet area and the men were two to a room. At first having his friend as a roommate gave him a shoulder to cry on. He was in bad shape and spent many nights in his buddy’s arms. One night the comforting became kissing and they ended up jerking each other off. He blew it off as a heat of the moment thing. They even talked about it and agreed it was something that just happened out of friendship and their mutual sexual frustration. A couple of weeks later things changed completely between them. Roger returned from the shower wearing only a towel as was common. His roommate was just hanging out. As usual Roger let the towel drop while he dug through a drawer for a pair of skivvies.

“Damn man, I am sorry, but I can’t keep this in anymore,” His room mate said nervously, “I really want to suck that hot cock of yours.”

Roger just sighed when he heard the words he had been afraid to say. He walked over and stood naked in front of his friend. Corporal Dennis Macklin gave the first blowjob of his life as Roger caressed his head. The attempt was awkward and clumsy but resulted in Roger cumming all over Dennis’s face, neck and chest. Without even pausing to let his pal clean up, Roger went to his knees and hungrily sucked on his fist cock. The Corporal’s cock was rock hard and sticking through the fly of his boxers so Roger didn’t even have to undress his friend. Dennis’s load went down Rogers’ throat. Though they didn’t talk about it much over the next six months the pair had a torrid relationship. They at least tried about everything two men can do together sexually. Roger didn’t really acknowledge his growing feelings for his friend until Dennis received transfer orders.

Both of them were miserable after their separation. They managed to find ways to get in the same place at the same time as often as possible. Usually one or the other would take leave and come to a town near the other’s base. They spent as much time as possible fucking on those occasions. In between Roger saw prostitutes mostly to convince himself that he still liked pussy. Almost exactly two years after it started it was completely over. The last time Roger had sex with Dennis was after Dennis’s bachelor party. The corporal had met a female Marine and after a whirlwind courtship they were getting married. She was the only woman Dennis had been with during the two year affair with Roger. They had remained friends but their sexual liaisons ended.

I related well to Roger’s story as it paralleled my experience with Tom, although I didn’t have the romantic feelings Roger seemed to have toward Dennis. I wondered if someday Dennis would decide he needed cock again and call his old buddy. Even more I wondered why Roger was telling me the story.

“Wow, I guess it was hard losing Dennis after what happened with your fiancée?” I said trying to be supportive.

“Well yeah I guess, but I quickly decided it was a good thing. I didn’t have the will to give up doing that stuff with him. But I know I am not gay so it didn’t make sense to me that I liked having sex with him so much. But the problem came after. When I knew his cock was no longer available to me I guess. Anyway, I sometimes think about other guys. Was a problem sometimes in the shower while I was still in the service. Since the service, every now and then I find myself wondering what some guy has in his pants you know?”

“Yeah I know.”

“Anyway until the other day when you talked about being bisexual I never really considered that I might be bi. I guess I just thought it was a thing I went through. I mean I like the new woman in my life. It does worry me a little that I haven’t been pushing to get her in bed. Makes me wonder if maybe I am really just plain gay. Like I said I never talked to anyone about this stuff. Dennis and I didn’t really talk too much about the subject we just did it.”

“Damn, I wish I had answers for you. But I really can’t answer the question. Only you can know what you desire and if that is what you want for you life.”

“I know that. I guess what I am looking for is someone who I can talk it all out with that has some experience that can help me sort my feelings out. Someone that I don’t have to worry will judge me because I have sucked a guy’s cock and had a cock in my ass.”

“Well I can sure be that guy. But I think we need to be sure that is really all you want.”

“What are you getting at, Gary?”

“Roger, I think you know what I am getting at. If I am wrong that is ok. I just want to be sure you know your own motives.”

“What you think, maybe oh shit you think I want to have sex with you?”

“I don’t think anything. I am just trying to be sure you are clear on what you want.”

“Damn I am not going to lie. I have thought it some. But that is not the reason I wanted to see you.”

“Ok, just trying to make everything clear. You should know I would likely say yes. You are hot. One hell of a body and I am pretty sure I have never fucked a Marine.”

Roger blushed and mumbled his thanks for the complement.

“Why don’t we go get a drink and some dinner,” I added.

As it turned out we got some dinner and a lot of drinks. I somehow managed to get him back to his hotel room after we closed the bar. After I got his shoes off and his big body into bed I headed for the door. He stopped me cold with his next sentence.

“Shit, aren’t you going to fuck me now that you got me drunk?”

“Is that what you want?”

“It is what I really wanted from the moment I left the message, maybe before. I just couldn’t admit until I got loaded.”

I knew I should have simply just left. But it wasn’t like I got offers from studs like him all the time. I had never fucked any guy as buff as Roger. In addition I was dying to see what he looked like naked. I figured I wasn’t really using him since I had made it completely his call. He was asking for it and I believed really wanted it drunk or sober. It just took the booze to give him the courage to ask. I walked to the bed and began undressing him. It wasn’t an easy task. Even though he didn’t resist me he didn’t help much either. It was worth the effort. He looked even hotter naked.

His genuine six-pack abs seemed to ripple up to his amazing smooth chest muscles. I wondered if he shaved his chest or the hair just rubbed off due to his taut muscles pressing tight to his shirts. His cock lay semi-erect in the soft blond hair on his thigh. I guess it would be about a half-inch shorter than mine and about as thick when engorged. His large low hanging balls were covered in the same soft blond fur that formed an enticing patch above his cock. His leg muscles were taut and nearly perfectly formed. I felt like I was about to fuck a living statue of a Greek god. I reached down and began fondling his cock. He smiled warmly at me as his impressive prick came to life in my hand.

“Oh yes, that feels good,” moaned in a sexy kind of drunken slur.

I stepped back and quickly stripped off my clothes before continuing. His smile seemed to grow broader as I stepped back next to the bed. I stood with my cock near his face as I returned to fondling his cock and balls.

“Mmmmmm, looks good,” He slurred as he reached out and took hold of my rigid pole.

He handling of my cock was rough and awkward. I didn’t know if he had never learned to be gentle in bed with a man or it was the alcohol and length of time since he last had sex with a man causing his clumsiness. I hoped it wasn’t simply his way in bed. Feeling a bit woozy myself I slipped into the bed and positioned myself so we were both cock to face. I began to gently tease his ball sack with my finger tips while swirling my tongue around his fat cock head. When the tip of my tongue found his little cum slit he moaned appreciatively. Soon he was mimicking my actions. He did his best to do to me what I was doing to him. We kissed and licked the other’s shaft for a bit.

When I took his fat tasty cock head into my mouth I felt his body tense next to me. Using all the skill I had learned in almost thirty years of sucking cock I worked his twitching member with my lips and tongue. The pleasure must have overwhelmed him. He stopped paying attention to my dick and began to moan and thrash around. I was surprised by how quickly he came given his drunken condition. I was also surprised by the volume of semen he shot into my mouth. I tried to catch all of the seemingly endless stream of thick goo he fed me. Cum oozed out between my lips and his ejaculating cock. I felt as if I might gag if I didn’t stop and swallow some of the thick treat that was filling my mouth. I pulled away from his still spurting cock and let his cum slide down my throat. I immediately began to lick the rest of his slowly oozing seed from his cock. He was a hard Marine with a very sweet creamy filling. It wasn’t long before my gasping bed mate pushed my face away from his slowly shrinking cock. He was one of those guys whose cock got hypersensitive after cumming.

I moved so that we were face to face and held his shaking body close to me. I caressed him and whispered how delicious his cum was as he slowly emerged from the fog of orgasmic bliss. My own hardness pressed against him. His warm furry flesh heating up my desires and need. I had been so engrossed in enjoying his cock and cum that I had forgotten for a bit my body’s physical need.

“Damn!” Was all he said as he slid his hand between us and slowly stroked my aching shaft.

I wanted his lips on my cock, but I knew I couldn’t push to hard with him. As he continued to pump my cock with his strong hand, I moved my hands down his muscular back. I cupped his firm buttocks wondering if there was any spot on his body that wasn’t perfectly toned.

“Oh fuck yes!” He moaned as I kneaded his alluring ass cheeks. “Gary, I want you to fuck me, please!”

I was stunned by his pronouncement. Only a few hours earlier he had sat in my office worried discussing concerns about his sexual orientation and now he was close to begging me to put my cock in his ass. I moved my finger to his tight hole to test his desire. He squirmed and sighed erotically as I teased the outside of his rim. When I broke the seal and pushed my digit into him he pushed back trying to capture more of my finger.

“You are tight, big boy. We will need something to lube you up,” I whispered as I worked my finger all the way into his body.

He slipped out of bed and walked to the dresser. After fumbling in his shaving kit he returned with a tube of KY jelly. He hadn’t told me about his regular use of a dildo. He handed me the tube and bent over the bed. He didn’t say anything. He just looked at me with pleading eyes. I was sure that he had planned to be bent over for me from the moment he asked to meet with me privately. It had just taken a lot for him to allow himself to be where he wanted to be. I moved behind him and squirted a generous dollop of the slippery jelly into his crack. I worked the cool lubricant into his hole. I worked on him until he loosened up enough for me to easily slide two fingers in and out of his ass. He clearly was experienced and comfortable having his ass fucked. I quickly covered my cock in jelly and moved the head to his waiting rosebud.

“Oh god, yes, fuck me!” He moaned as I pushed my cock head passed his rim and into his body.

He pushed back causing be to go faster and deeper than I meant to go at first. However, he did not cry out in pain at the sudden invasion and stretching of his anus. He moaned erotically indicating his pleasure at being filled by my cock. He had easily adjusted to the girth of my cock. When I hit bottom he called for me to fuck him hard. I grabbed his hips and started riding the hot Marine stud. I drove my cock in and out of his ass going ball deep on each thrust and nearly exiting his hot tunnel each time I pulled back. He matched my pace, pushing his ass back to meet my thrusts and relaxing to allow me to pull back. Each time my cock found his prostate he cried out his pleasure and urged me to give him more. While the alcohol had not slowed down his orgasm it had a definite effect on mine. Combined with my recent dusk till dawn fuck session with Kim it seemed I might never ejaculate despite my extremely high level of stimulation.

After a long while I felt the walls of his rectum begin to grip and squeeze my cock harder. I managed to reach under him and found his hard jerking cock. He came almost as soon as my fingers touched the veiny shaft. As his dick spurted another large batch of cum onto the bed. I was deep inside him with my blass pressed to his toned ass. As his orgasm subsided his anal canal continued to flex and quiver around my shaft. My carnal screams echoed off the walls of the small room as I ejaculated into his bowels. We collapsed side-by-side naked on his bed after that. I awoke several hours later to his bear-like snoring. I slipped out without waking him.

When I woke up around noon on Saturday, I called Tom to postpone my date with him and Cheryl. He was disappointed but understood when I explained that some things had come up with my current crop of trainees. I didn’t offer details. I didn’t think it would be nice to tell Tom I couldn’t come over and fuck him and his wife because I was fucking two of the trainees and was exhausted. Sunday afternoon with Kim turned out to be as hot as our all-nighter. Fortunately we started earlier so I did get some sleep before Monday morning rolled around.

I didn’t see the trainees much that week. One of my assistants was in charge of the module being taught that week. Tuesday night I found out that Roger’s ass loosened up just as easily when he was sober. Wednesday night Kim and I had what for us would have to be called a quickie. We only fucked for two hours. Thursday afternoon I was sitting in my office contemplating how wrong I had been about the sexual opportunities I would have with the current crop of trainees when I got a call from Liam.

“Hello, Gary, I was hoping that we might get together some time soon. I am having a bit of trouble grasping some of the material Ms.Greyson is presenting this week. I thought maybe you might be able to offer me some suggestions to help. You know that I am very eager to do well.”

I wasn’t sure if his was a sincere request or a veiled attempt to kiss up to me. He definitely had seemed anxious to please. However I never turned down a trainee asking for additional help so I agreed to meet with him Friday evening at the hotel. As there was really no where else to meet I told him I would stop by his room. When I arrived Liam greeted me wearing shorts and a tee shirt with bare feet. I had not seen him in casual dress and was a bit surprised to find him so casually attired.

“I hope you don’t mind my dressing down. By Friday evening I am generally ready to have as few clothes on as possible,” He said with a big smile as he stepped aside to let me into his room.

“No problem, glad you didn’t go totally nude,” I joked.

“If you weren’t coming over I probably would be. I am somewhat of a closet nudist.”

The nudist comment gave my pause to wonder what the cute diminutive young man had between his legs. I was glad to note that while his dress was unusually casual he did have the desk set up for business. His lesson book and papers were neatly arrayed on the top and he had two chairs at the ready for a tutoring session. I decided that he sincerely wanted my help with some issue. Once we set down and began to talk it became apparent that he was either stupid, which I doubted or had an ulterior motive for our meeting. His questions were very simplistic. After I disposed of a half dozen questions I was sure he already knew the answer too he began telling me what a great teacher I was.

“Gary when you explain this stuff it makes is so much more clear,” He said in what I thought was an odd tone.

He was clearly very nervous. I was certain he had some scheme cooking. However, I wasn’t exactly sure what he had on his mind.

“Liam, I don’t think it is my skill that is making this seem so easy for you. Come on what gives?”

He squirmed a bit in his seat. I could almost see his mind working overtime to come up with a reply.

“Um, I was just thinking that there might be something I could do for you to thank you for all the hard work you do to make this great program possible,” He finally managed to say.

“Well that stuff is my job and I like doing the work. Now if you have something outside of the work area in mind maybe you should just come out with it.”

“I am a bi too. I am really good and my favorite thing is making my partner happy! I thought maybe you might like to have sex,” He blurted out.

I had to fight to keep from laughing; partially because of his earnest proclamation about his sexual abilities and liking to please. But mostly because with that offer fifty percent of a group I had figured was unlikely to want to fuck me were now going to be bedmates. I had wondered about the little cutie’s cock and likely wouldn’t turn down a chance to see it and play. The added idea that sex would be mostly about my happiness sealed the deal.

“So just like that, you want me to fuck you, Liam?”

“Well if that is the way you like it. But I figured you would want more than that.”

“Let’s start slow and see where we end up. How about you get naked for me?”

He jumped to his feet and his shirt and shorts disappeared. Turned out he wasn’t wearing underwear. His seven to eight inch cock was already fully erect. I motioned him to come closer as I admired his attractive cock. When he got close enough I began to fondle him. His reaction told me that he enjoyed being touched as much as I was enjoying touching him. I have always found the first time playing with a new cock to be fascinatingly erotic. With all the guys I have been with, I have never found two that were exactly alike. So many variables: Size, shape, cut, uncut, veiny, smooth, color variations, even feel and so many more minor differences. I moved my thumb to the tip of his cock and teased his little hole before bending and taking him in my mouth. He seemed surprised when I started to suck him.

“Gary, I wanted to please you,” He said between ragged breaths.

I let his cock slip out of my mouth to answer, “I am pleased. Your cock feels so good in my mouth.”

I return to sucking him while moving my hands around. I played with his balls and caressed his supple ass. I ran a hand up his flat belly and teased his nipples. Each time I thought he was building to an orgasm I back away and let it subside. I teased him like that for nearly forty-five minutes. He was panting and sweating when I stopped and got to my feet. I quickly stripped off my clothes exposing my own needy cock. I touched his cheek and he dropped to his knees. He began to work on my cock; first with his tongue and then his lips. Soon I was deep in his mouth. He had not lied about being good. I felt my cock head run along the roof of his mouth and then press against the back of his throat. He took me still deeper. For a moment my cock head was being squeezed by the narrow passage to his gullet. Then he pulled back just long enough to get a breath. Then I was fully in his mouth and throat. His tongue was pressed to the underside of my shaft as his lips sucked me all the way in. His nose nestled in my pubic hairs.

“I’m cumming!” I cried.

He pulled back just enough to allow room for my semen in his mouth. His lips held tight to my spurting cock so as not to lose a single drop. When at last he released me I looked down to see he had cum in a puddle on the floor. I hadn’t realized that he was jerking off while sucking my cock. My knees felt wobbly so I dropped back onto the chair.

“How do you feel?” He asked in a way that conveyed he really cared.

I told him that I felt fabulous and that he gave great head. Then I asked the same question of him.

“You give great head too. I came hard. Now that I know how happy I made you I am on top of the world, Gary.”

I am not sure how, but I knew that we were done for the night. There wouldn’t be any tender cuddling or kissing with Liam. I was happy, he was happy. It was a good evening. He sat on his bed naked as he watched me get dressed. We had a hug that was more like two friends than guys who had just sucked each others cocks, except for his nakedness. He said that he hoped I would come again soon as I slipped out the door. On a whim I decided to knock on Kim’s door. She answered my knock wrapped wearing a towel.

“What a nice surprise,” She giggled as she let her towel fall to the ground with the door wide open.

I lifted her into my arms as I stepped into the room. We were locked into a deep kiss before the door finished slamming shut.

“What a great greeting,” I said with a lecherous grin.

I gave her ass a squeeze and set her back on the ground. She made no effort to cover back up. That was fine with me. As far as I was concerned she could keep that hot little body unwrapped all the time.

“So what brings you by, babe? Other than this,” She purred as she squeezed my cock through my pants.

“You think the only reason I would come to see you is to dip my wick in your hot pussy? So happens I have a surprise for you and I also thought you might be interested in what I did this evening.”

“Oh no I know you are here for my mind,” She said with a giggled as she twirled around showing off her bare flesh. “I do love surprises and I am sure if you think your evening was interesting I am going to love the story. Want a drink?”

I happily said yes to the drink and was pleased to find she had stocked a bottle of my favorite spirit. I guessed that she was planning on entertaining me again. We sat on her bed sipping our drinks and talking. I asked her how she would feel about a foursome with her and me and another couple. She said she would love it as long as she got to see me suck cock. I told her that she might get to see a lot more guy to guy sex than that. I had already spoken to Tom about the idea and he and Cheryl loved the idea. I told Kim I would set up it and let her know what night.

“Well I like the surprise so tell me about your evening baby,” She insisted.

Without naming names I told her in detail about exchanging blow jobs with Liam.

“Jesus baby that is so hot. Anybody I know?”

“You don’t expect me to kiss and tell do you?”

“I didn’t hear you say anything about kissing!”

“There wasn’t any other than cock kissing, baby. I think we should take care of my lonely lips right now.”

She was all for that. Our lips quickly found each other and our tongue began a sloppy erotic dance. As we kissed she began tugging at my clothing like a desperate animal might try to claw its way out of a trap. It was obvious that she would never succeed in the task while we were cuddled up and sitting. I jumped up and shed my disheveled garments. She leaned forward and softly kissed my cock head.

“You can have me anywhere you want me stud,” She cooed barely above a whisper.

I picked her up into my arms and laid her down on the bed. I crawled up next to her and our lips met again briefly. Then I began exploring her with my mouth. I went from her mouth to her neck to her shoulders, tasting her tingling flesh and enjoying her appreciative sighs. I kissed and licked and bit the freckled flesh of her luscious tits. She caressed my body wherever she managed to reach as she let me ravage her body with my hungry mouth. I kissed my way down her belly until I reached her flaming patch of fur. I nuzzled my face in her hairy snatch and drank in the aroma of her sweet pussy. I parted her lips and began to feast on her supple, moist, pink flesh. Kim’s youthful exuberance seemed to invigorate me and give me the stamina of a much younger man. Her first orgasm came with a mixture of erotic moans and giggling laughs. As she peaked I tickled her soft thighs. She squirmed and feigned protest as her juices flowed freely.

“Come here baby. Give me that big cock!” She squealed.

I kissed my way back up her body and slid in between her widely spread legs. My cock found its way to her quivering wet tunnel as if we were two matching pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Her pussy and my cock were a perfect fit. I felt as if a warm, wet, velvet glove had been slipped onto my cock. Her pussy embraced and caressed my manhood. Our bodies moved as if we were one creature. Pleasure washed over my body and filled my brain like some amazing drug. Reality melted away. At that moment there was only the two of us, joined in impassioned pleasure. My orgasm was again an explosion of color and sound. I was glad that she was cumming at the same time. I knew after my experience with Liam and the amazing climax I had inside her I would have nothing left for her. As it turned out I was wrong.

We laid together cuddling, caressing, kissing and talking for about an hour. Then suddenly she got a wicked look in her eye. She pounced upon me straddling my face while bringing her mouth to my soft cock. In seconds her talented lips and tongue had it coming back to life. I was soon rock hard and being deep throated by a wanton she-cat. She was wild and unstoppable. I of course had no desire to stop the pleasure I was feeling. The only appropriate response seemed to be to roar as the young tigress proved she was the best cock sucker I had ever met. Her pussy was glistening above my face. Even though it was dripping with juice she kept it high enough that I could not raise my head to taste her. Her knees held my arms making me the helpless victim of her amazing sexual attack. I could only hope to be victimized like that more often. My orgasm was almost painful in its intensity. My sensitive cock could barely muster a dribble of cum as my body rocked in sweet bliss.

My flesh was covered in perspiration and the sheets below me were soaked. Every nerve ending tingled. My lungs struggled to take in oxygen. My cock became hypersensitive. My moans became a chorus of erotic raspy noises. My throat was raw and my lips dry as a man’s trapped in the dessert. Still she did not release my cock from the grip of her sensual lips. She sucked me until my cock shrank down to a small shadow of its proud erect state.

When at last she released my cock she lowered her hot wet cunt to my face. Her aroma filled my nostrils. She tasted of her own juices and my cum. She rubbed herself on my mouth and cut off all but a hint of air to my nostrils. I began to lick as if her pleasure was my only hope of survival. She was barely half my size and I could have easily pushed her away. Even though I was struggling to breath I had no desire to stop. I wanted to eat my tigress until she roared her pleasure to the jungle. It didn’t take long. As my tongue found her clit she pressed her gaping pussy onto my chin. She was truly fucking my face. She bit into my abs to stifle her scream when she came.

Her body dropped on top of me. We lay there not bothering to turn, her cheek against my soft cock and her cunt still dripping on my chin. I am not sure how long we lay like that or if we napped a bit in the position. All I knew was I was feeling things for Kim I had not let myself feel for any other woman. When she finally turned around and kissed me softly I told her that she was the best cocksucker I had ever known. She squealed with delight and told me I was an amazing lover and her ability to suck my cock was because of that. We slept together in her bed, in that position, atop the sweat soaked sheets. I never felt more contented than I did with her body lying atop mine.

The following Saturday I took Kim to Tom and Cheryl’s house. My tigress hit it off well with my old friends. The four of us spent hours in the bedroom enjoying each other in various combinations. Kim later told me that seeing guys suck cock live was as hot as she imagined. Cheryl discovered a new fondness for licking pussy which really made Kim happy. Having Tom’s hot wife lap at her cunt while he sucked my dick sent Kim into orbit. The four of us got together almost weekly for the remainder of the workshop. In between Kim and I spent a lot of private time with each other. I also made time for Roger and Liam. It was an exhausting two months. It was the first and only workshop session that yielded three playmates. What was really wild was my having to dissuade Philip when midway though the sessions he made a not too subtle attempt to make me his first gay sex partner. I simply couldn’t handle any more sex at that point. I later learned that he and Sarah hooked up. Two years later they left their respective spouses and are now happily married.

As I look back at that session from the vantage point of ten years, I am still amazed that a session I gave no promise ended up with me fucking half the participants. It could have been two-thirds or maybe more. The only one I am definite that I couldn’t have bedded was Rhonda. We did however develop a nice fairly close friendship over the years. She and her life partner are still together. They have adopted two children and I attended their wedding in Canada last year. All six of the participants have been very successful in management and have risen in the ranks of the company. Liam who was so eager to please is now in charge of an entire division. He married a statuesque beauty who could be a super model. As far as I know his cock sucking skills have been retired.

It took another year but Roger finally came to terms with his sexual orientation. While I am in the middle of the scale he is just a step below totally homosexual. We have become close friends over the years and manage to get together a few times a year with his partners blessing. Roger was lucky to find a great man that liked the idea of a semi open relationship. They each have a couple of guys they see outside the relationship and Roger occasionally finds a woman who doesn’t mind a one night stand with a studly ex-marine who loves cock.

It was definitely an amazing session with many surprises. I even found something I didn’t previously believe existed; a soul mate. By the end of the two month session I was deeply in love with Kim. Two nights before she was to fly away and presumably out of my life I confessed my love. She broke down crying. When she recovered she told me that she had wanted to tell me her feelings for weeks but was honoring our agreement. That first night we had agreed that it was just for fun. As it turns out we both went beyond just fun by the second week. After we made love to seal our connection I told her about Liam and Roger. I pledged to tell her always when I fucked others. She offered the same thing but added I would already know since I would be there. She begged me to arrange some time with Roger the next night and let her be there to watch.

I was surprised when he actually agreed to go along with the plan. I could tell he was very nervous when he let Kim and me into his room. We started with drinks and awkward conversation.

After a bit Roger stammered, “So how does this work?” Kim smiled and said, “If you mean the sex, there is no formula. I just thought it would be hot to see your amazing bod sans clothes and watch you two studs play. What else happens happens.”

To my surprise Roger stood up and started undressing. No one said a word until he was completely naked.

“Wow,” Kim exhaled, “He really is amazing baby. How about a little comparison?”

I stood and undressed glad that at least my cock measured up to Roger. The rest of my body wasn’t even in the same league. None of that mattered to Kim. I could see the love in her eyes as she watched Roger get on his knees in front of me and show off his growing blow job skills. We changed places and I sucked him while she masturbated. Later she helped guide my cock when I fucked his ass. The sex went long into the night. He fucked her while they traded off sucking me at one point. I could tell his heart wasn’t in the fucking as much as the sucking. We all had a great time that night.

About a year and half later Kim and I got married. The only reason we waited was it took that long to get Kim a position close enough to headquarters for us to cohabitate. I had worried that the long distance romance will kill our relationship but there was never a single issue. Kim and I continue to get together with Cheryl and Tom regularly. I retired five years ago so there are no more training workshop participants to fuck. My heart wasn’t really in the pursuit after that year anyway. I occasionally get together with an old friend to take care of my cock needs. The only pussies I have been in lately are Cheryl’s and Kim’s. Neither of us has ever put restrictions on the other, but we found that for the most part all we want is each other and to occasionally share with others. As that corny old movie title says, It’s a Wonderful Life!

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