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Unexpected Awakening

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We had been married for three years when my wife and I took a vacation and traveled to stay with one of her childhood friends. He is quite openly and flagrantly gay and was living with a gay friend, Dan. They were not serious lovers, just two young gay guys who shared an apartment and enjoyed the gay party life together. They were both handsome, openly friendly young men who no doubt made quite a stir at some of the parties they went to.

We spent several days hanging out with them and seeing the sights. It was a very relaxed time and we were all having fun. Something in me, perhaps the memory of a past liaison, was stirring though. It left me a little on edge, overly sensitive to the way Dan looked at me, to the gay porn videos lying by the TV, to the stories of gay parties rife with Viagra and ecstasy, pot and alcohol. We spent one afternoon on their balcony, drinking, smoking a little pot, telling stories and soaking up the sun. My mind buzzed with the effects of this cocktail. Dan had left us there to go and get ready for his evening shift at work and sometime later I went to the bathroom.

Still chuckling from a funny story Rick had told us about his parents, I rounded the corner into the bathroom and almost bumped into Dan. I stopped myself in time but ended up only inches from his tall muscular and nearly naked frame. He didn’t move, just looked at me with a grin and I froze in place, like a deer in the headlights. He held my gaze, looking down into my eyes, something about the look in his eyes was almost a challenge. What took over then, I don’t know, but I tipped my head up and brought my lips up to his. The first touch was tentative and delicate but the second and third became more frantic and passionate as his response increased my certainty.

I crushed my lips against his and greedily accepted his tongue as he thrust it into my mouth. He ran the show from that moment on, as if my acceptance of him into my mouth was a symbol of my submission to him. He teased and toyed with my tongue and lips with passion and a skill I had never experienced. Being the receiver of the kiss rather than the dominant was something entirely new and thrilling to me. I literally melted into him and he wrapped one arm around me, pulling my face tighter to his with his other hand on the back of my head.

The hand at my back stroked my ass which sent further thrills through my highly charged nervous system. I ground myself into him as a whimper escaped me. Lust engulfed me, my whole body vibrant with a need too long hidden. I could feel his own need rising and stiffening against my waist. I reveled in his passionate kissing as I writhed in his arms, submerging myself in an animal lust as my own body responded to his ardor.

He took my hand and guided it to his body, naked, smooth and hard muscled. My fingertips almost vibrating with the delightful pleasure of touching such a beautiful man. He dropped his other hand down to mine, lifting it and separating us slightly he snaked my fingers down inside the towel, in doing so forced it open so that it fell to the floor. It dropped at the same time that my fingers touched the heat of his cock. I let my fingers trace down its thrillingly long length, rigidly hard and yet encased in skin so soft and supple. He groaned onto my mouth as I wrapped my fingers around him and began to stroke. Slowly at first then with increasing urgency, I pumped on his passion engorged flesh, eager to please my lust fueled lover. I was completely absorbed in his body, the thrill of his flesh against mine, lost in lust and desire. One hand full of his pulsing meat the other still stroking and caressing his gorgeous body. His hands were in my hair, my neck, my back and ass, his lips and teeth and tongue tormenting and delighting mine.

His hips were jabbing at me as he careened towards orgasm. He was groaning onto my mouth as I felt him swell further, my hand barely able to contain him as I stroked faster and harder. I felt the pulses of cum rush up through his hot hard shaft and a wave of total satisfaction ran through me. As his seed splashed over my shirt front in a rushing geyser he dragged his mouth off mine gasping: “Yes baby, that’s it, you did it!”

I continued to stroke him looking down at his marvelous meat jerking and throbbing in my hand as stream after stream of white cum pumped forth. Lost in my own lust I humped at his thigh, groaning and whimpering as I kissed his neck and chest and shoulder in a storm of crazed passion.

When I finally slumped against him, he held me strongly for a few quiet moments, our racing hearts gradually slowing. Eventually my wife’s giggling from the balcony brought me back to the moment. I stood up and away from him. His grin was immense. His delight at my capitulation to him was obvious but he wasn’t gloating.

“We need to find time for some privacy, to see where this can lead!” He said quietly. “In the meantime, I need to get to work and you need to clean up!” I followed his look down, my shirt was decorated with ribbons of his cum, and my shorts were soaked with cum soaking through from the outline of my own cock. I watched as he scooped a strand of sticky cum off his chest and lifted his fingers to my lips. I obediently opened my mouth and cleaned the musky goo off him as I gently moved my hand massaging his cock again, now slippery with the results of our pleasure.

He grinned down at me for a while, delighted with my blatant wanton need. Then pulled both his fingers and mine away. “Later, sweetie, I promise! I’ll find us some time alone.”

And with that he brushed past me slapping my butt on the way past.

I stood, stunned for a few moments, before collecting myself and shutting the bathroom door.

When I reemerged on the balcony a few minutes later in clean clothes, the others seemed entirely oblivious. The rest of the day passed simply enough and I was able to still my thrilling heart enough to not be obvious about my little fling. We ended up in a bar after dinner, and we all danced and drank way too much and crashed into bed not long after midnight. There my wife and I had a thrilling bout of drunken holiday sex which culminated in me cumming deep in my wife’s tight little asshole while she writhed underneath me, her fingers working her clit in a frenzy of lust as she pushed back onto my thrusting cock with eager desperation. Her obvious enjoyment of anal sex did nothing to lessen my desire to experience it myself.

Next day’s plans had been formulated and it involved visits to old relatives of my wife’s gay friend and clothes shopping. Neither of them were surprised when I said I would sit that out.

I woke up slowly in the quiet apartment long after the others had left for the day. My dreams of hot wild sex with guys, all of them taking turns with me, filling me with cock after cock, unloading ropes of thick gooey cum inside me and all over me. My cock was rock hard and my very willing wife was not there to quench my desire. I rolled over and slid my hand under her cool pillow. It touched something lacy and I pulled out her babydoll nightdress and thong. The crotch of the thong was still sticky. I licked it and sniffed at it, the musky, highly sexual aromas arousing me more. The thoughts of what it must feel like to be pinned down and fucked, how she must feel when she is wantonly arching her back up to meet my every stroke, greedy for more, overwhelmed me. I slipped off my boxers and slipped on the lacey thong, then slid the filmy satin babydoll over my head. It all felt so wonderfully sexy. I sank back down under the warm covers pushing a pillow under me and alternatively writhing down onto it, grinding my desperate sex against it then humping my hips back to grind them into my imagined lover. I tortured myself with this incredible image of a man’s hands on my hips, his thick hard cock sinking deliciously deep inside my ass. I refused to give my body the release it desperately needed, refused to use my hand on my achingly hard cock, instead pulling at my nipples, stroking my ass, sucking my fingers.

I was in absolute abandoned delirium when a warm hand stroked down my side, over my ass. I was so out of it that it felt like part of the dream at first, then Dan’s voice broke through: “You look desperately horny, sweetie!”

His voice was close to my ear, and it was followed by his soft lips on my cheek. Startled, I said nothing. But when his kisses continued across my cheek then neck I whimpered, relieved that he wasn’t going to humiliate me.

“Do you need some relief, sweetie?” His big hand still stroking me, exploring me.

I moved my face to the side and whispered: “Please.”

“You look so sexy, so desperately horny. Please what, Sweetie? What is it that you need?” He purred close to my ear as his fingers stroked down the crease of my ass.

“Please let me feel you inside me. I want it so bad.” His fingertips grazed over my tiny puckered hole and my hips rocked back to meet them.

“Mmmm, you do need it bad, don’t you!” His fingers left me then his lips met mine. He was fumbling with something, then his fingers returned to my ass, greasy and slippery. His finger slipped into me with ease, the nerves sending jolts of pure pleasure through me. My hips rocking, writhing back onto his probing digit. He whispered a stream of sweet nothings into my ears as he caressed me. He rained kisses down on me as he opened me up with a second then a third finger. I was so hot and horny, it all felt incredible.

Rolling me onto my back, he looked down at me. He took my legs and placed them over his shoulders. He leaned over me and whispered: “Tell me what you want.”

“To feel you inside me. Please fuck me.” I whimpered, desperate for more. I could feel his cock resting between my buttocks, slipping over my tender hole as he leaned forward.

“You are so sexy, I’m going to enjoy screwing you!” He picked up a condom and began to open it. “You trust me?”

I nodded, nervous.

“I’m clean, are you?”

I nodded again.

“I want to fuck you bareback.”

“Please fuck me.” I blurted out, feeling his cock head pressing against my opening.

He put some lube in his hand then reached down between us. I felt pressure against my hole again, more intense, then I was opening up to him as his big thick cock was spreading me, filling me. He was pushing, opening me up, but so slowly, so deliciously slowly, that the overall sensation was pure desperate pleasure. He read me like a book; whenever I thought it was about to get painful, he pulled back or eased up for a moment, but he never let up. The constant stretching, probing pressure should have been painful but in my horny state it was incredible. He pushed deeper and deeper until I couldn’t take any more.

“Feel good?” He asked with a grin.

“Yeah!” I gasped

“Fuck, you are a sexy little bitch. Your pussy ass is so tight and so greedy. You feel sooo good. You like my cock?”

“Oh, Yeah! I love your cock.”

“You want some more? Want me to make you feel really good? Want me to make you my bitch?” He was moving again, rocking his hips now in slow shallow strokes that had every nerve ending crying out in pleasure.

“Yes!” I gasped. “Oh, yes, yes, yes.” My words coming out in gasps with each stroke of his wonderful cock.

He deepened his strokes, pushing farther into me, making me squeal and moan and whimper. It was pain and pleasure and blissful ecstasy all at the same time. My body was writhing under him, bucking up to meet his thrusts and shying away from the pain. I had never felt anything so completely dominate all of my senses. Never needed anything as much as this. I was utterly consumed by my lust and greed for him and his cock. My whole being was crying out with the exhilarating thrill of being screwed out of my mind. His fucking became faster, more frantic, my own responses more desperate.

His hands clamped on my hips, he pulled out of me, determinedly forcing himself not to cum. He flipped me over as if I was a rag doll and ploughed back into me. Holding my hips he drove into me hard and fast, I squealed with the overwhelming ecstasy of it all ramming myself back onto him faster and faster, crying out as he pounded into me with wild abandon.

I was squealing and thrashing under him, desperate for every inch of him, greedy for every stroke.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I love your cock. Oh yes, yes, yesssssss.” I cried out in a gleeful ecstasy.

He drove into me in deep hard wild strokes, his hands pawing and grabbing and slapping me as he drove himself over the edge into his willing wanton bitch. Losing all control and emptying himself into me in a roar of animal passion.

We collapsed in a heap, panting and gasping. I lay on the bed, my lover’s cock slowly wilting inside me, my mind groggy and deeply satisfied. Sometime during our session I had cum, the silky fabric of the baby doll stuck to me wet and gooey. I couldn’t work out when I came, perhaps I was cumming the entire time. It certainly felt that intense.

He rolled off me then pulled me up and on top of him. “You OK?” He asked, looking concerned.

I smirked sheepishly then dipped my head, kissing him deeply. By the time we broke the kiss there was a rapidly hardening cock pressing satisfyingly against my thigh.

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