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Happy Endings

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“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

Blair MacPherson hammered the BMW’s steering wheel with clenched fists, tears of rage and frustration stinging her green eyes. In one moment of anger her career was ruined. She slumped forward against the wheel and began sobbing in earnest. What an awful end to a terrible Friday.

Randy, her now ex-boyfriend, had started things the night before by being his usual inconsiderate self. She was building up to a delicious orgasm when he thrust hard into her, groaned and relaxed. He’d come, again and left her hanging, again, the selfish bastard. He grinned and kissed her, withdrew his softening cock, rolled over and fell asleep.

Seething, she padded into the bathroom, removed her vibrator from a drawer, sat on the toilet seat, spread her legs and stroked the buzzing appliance over her clit and into her wet pussy until she shuddered in release.

When she entered her bedroom, Randy was sprawled face down, snoring. With a scornful glance at his hairy ass, she took a pillow and a blanket and stomped off to sleep on the couch.

The morning began with a vicious fight and ended with his walking out the door, down the hall and out of her life, a smug look on his face and a swagger in his walk. Good riddance.

In her haste to be at work on time, she ripped her stockings, overcooked her breakfast in the microwave and bumped the wheel stop pulling into her parking space.

Juggling a latte, her briefcase and her purse, she opened the heavy oak doors bearing the words ‘Dewey, Cheatham and Howe Attorneys at Law’ in raised gilt letters and saw Angela, the office manager eyeing her disapprovingly.

Although Blair was an Associate Attorney and not under ‘Old Needlenose’s’ thumb, she knew the old bitch would waste no time in telling one or more of the partners how she’d seen that MacPherson woman sneaking in late again. Strangling her slowly would give Blair immense satisfaction, but she had other things to do right now.

Striding down the hall to her office, she groaned to see who was waiting for her inside, a disorganized pile of papers and forms in his lap. Hernando Cabrillo was a successful businessman that owned a chain of Mexican restaurants across the city. He’d started work as a dishwasher, and then became a server, then a manager, finally an entrepreneur employing all his relatives, friends and a host of others in his establishments.

He was exacting, strong willed and demanded your undivided attention when you dealt with him, regardless of how long it took. When he left her office three hours later, he had the necessary paperwork in hand to apply for a business loan, obtain work permits for more relatives in Mexico and engage a contractor to build another restaurant; Blair had a raging headache.

Her latte had long since grown cold, so she headed for the break room for a fresh cup of coffee. The pot was empty. Cursing under her breath, she made coffee and, clutching a steaming cup left the room to return to her office and collided with Missy, one of the file clerks, in the hallway.

The hot coffee splashed from the cup onto Blair’s white blouse as Missy dropped the armload of files she’d been carrying. “God damn it,” Blair cursed as she pulled the wet fabric from her chest, narrowly escaping a burn.

“Oh Ms. MacPherson, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you,” Missy babbled, attempting to dab at Blair’s blouse with a tissue from her skirt pocket.

“Don’t worry about it,” Blair growled and stalked off to the ladies room leaving the apologetic girl standing there. She was able to get most of the stains out of her blouse, but her new bra was ruined.

When she left the ladies room, Missy was standing there, looking stricken.

“I’m so sorry I…” she began, but Blair cut her off.

“I told you don’t worry about it,” Blair muttered and walked away. She saw one of the founding partners emerge from his office as she headed down the corridor towards her office and groaned inwardly. She was in no mood for pointless chatter.

Mr. Cheatham was a harmless old duffer who hardly ever handled anything but the occasional high profile case, preferring to hole up in his wood paneled office with the thick pile rug that made walking in heels difficult.

She had only been in there a few times and it made her uncomfortable with it’s heavy draperies blocking most of the daylight while her nostrils were assailed with the musty smells of old books, old leather and old man. She sat there trying not to fidget while he mumbled and mused over a contract she’d prepared. When she left, it was a tremendous relief.

“Good morning Mr. Cheatham,” she said brightly as he nodded in assent, rheumy eyes blinking. As she passed he reached out and pinched her on her left butt cheek. Without thinking, she whirled and slapped him across the face.

“Keep your hands to yourself, you old lech,” she spat. He stared at her openmouthed, then turned and went back in his office. She felt her face burning and looked around. Several clerks and secretaries were staring at her wide-eyed amazement.

Blair returned to her office in a daze. What on earth had possessed her? Now her plans for a career with the firm were effectively destroyed. She’d be dismissed and the word would be out about what had happened in no time. She’d be dead meat in this town and she knew it.

She gathered some papers in her briefcase, took her coat from it’s hook, grabbed her handbag and walked out the office’s doors with all the dignity she could muster, ignoring the stares and whispers behind her.

When she reached her car and was inside, she finally lost it, crying, swearing and slamming the steering wheel in rage and sorrow. Starting the engine she roared from the parking lot and down the street, not knowing or caring where she was going except away from that place.


When Blair became aware of her surroundings, she realized she was driving in a part of the city she had never seen before. Ornate Victorian homes stood in stately dignity along tree lined streets, their manicured yards aflame with spring flowers and encircled by wrought iron fences.

Blair had dreamed of living in a neighborhood like this one day, so far removed from the small Midwest farming community where she spent her childhood and teenage years. When she’d been the only person in her high school graduating class to be accepted and attend college, much less Georgetown University in far off Washington D.C., she was the chief topic of conversation among the town folk.

She’d worked hard, maintained a high GPA and was immediately recruited by Dewey, Cheatham and Howe before the ink was dry on her JD diploma. She’d given it her all in the last five years and had intended to become a partner one day. Now the dream was over.

Rounding a corner, she found herself in a quaint shopping district filled with interesting little shops and stores. A rosy pink sign caught her eye, the words ‘Happy Endings: A Spa for Women’ inscribed in flowing purple script. There was a vacant parking space in front and she pulled into it. She wanted to relax and forget the day and it seemed to be the place to do just that.


A soft chime sounded as Blair entered the spa’s front door. She found herself standing in a cozy tastefully decorated room and immediately felt at home.

“Welcome to Happy Endings Spa,” said a warm contralto voice and she turned to see a tall, statuesque woman standing there, smiling. The woman was beautiful with long honey blonde hair, full lips, a dazzling smile, firm breasts, slim waist, flared hips and long, shapely legs.

She was wearing a blue knit dress that fit her like a second skin, with a scoop neck that revealed a generous amount breast flesh and a hem that barely concealed her pubic area. She was barefoot and carried a clipboard.

“Please sit down,” she continued, gesturing toward a chenille sofa. Blair sat, feeling suddenly inadequate in the presence of this goddess. She had always been confident of her looks and figure, but this living centerfold made her feel as if she was a gawky sixteen year old again, mooning after the boys in her class who steadfastly ignored her.

“My name is Michelle,” said the woman, seating herself next to Blair. “We offer a variety of relaxation and rejuvenation experiences to please the most discerning of women. What brings you here today?”

Blair found herself blurting out her entire day, beginning with her breakup and ending with her slapping Mr. Cheatham. Michelle listened, nodding sympathetically, making notes on a pale pink tablet with lavender ink.

The subtle scent of Michelle’s perfume, her closeness and expanse of tanned flesh was awakening feelings in Blair she had suppressed for years. In a flash it all came rushing back and she felt herself becoming wet.



Gina Moretti was a raven haired beauty with sultry dark eyes, a generous figure and a bubbly personality. When they were paired as roommates, Blair liked her right away, the feeling was mutual and they soon were inseparable sharing the experience of being on their own and away from home in a whole new world.

They made a striking contrast as they walked about campus. Blair’s flaming red hair against Gina’s glossy black, Gina’s olive skin against Blair’s pinkish white, Blair’s perky up tilted breasts against Gina’s full, round ones, green eyes against dark brown; they drew many an appreciative look from their male classmates, and not a few women as well. In their deepening friendship they were oblivious to it all.

They did everything together, even double dating. The crude and fumblingly adolescent behavior of their many suitors soon palled and they increasingly preferred each other’s company.

Then came the night they’d gone to a party at a frat house. The liquor flowed freely and they were more than a little drunk. Both had allowed the frat boys to grope them in dark corners, but declined repeated invitations to go upstairs and fuck.

They staggered back to their dorm, draped all over each other and giggling like fools, collapsing onto Gina’s bed and falling asleep in each other’s arms.


Blair awakened to Gina’s soft kisses on her lips. They stared at each other, and then Gina smiled. Blair sighed, then returned the kisses, the feel of their bodies molded together sending thrills through her. Being together like this felt so right.

She nuzzled Gina’s neck and licked her earlobe, eliciting a moan of desire. “I love you,” Blair whispered and Gina shuddered in her arms.

“I love you too,” was the reply. “When did you know you loved me?”

“I’m not sure, it just…happened; our first week together I guess.”

“I knew almost right away. You’d come in from the shower smelling of soap and shampoo and I wanted to jump you right then and there. I’d see you looking at me with your eyes half closed and my pussy would tingle and I’d get warm all over. When I saw you naked all I could think of was sucking on your gorgeous breasts. I was afraid you’d be mad at me and I didn’t want to lose you as a friend.”

“I was afraid to approach you too, just seeing you sitting at the table studying wearing your nightie and your hair all tousled made my pussy drip,” she paused, then said “I want you” in a breathy whisper.

“Take me, my love,” Gina sighed. She began caressing Gina’s breasts, loving her moans as they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues.

Gina’s hands gripped Blair’s ass cheeks, kneading and caressing them causing her to moan in return. They slowly undressed each other, lingering over each inch of exposed flesh, sucking and licking stiff nipples, hands gliding along flat bellies and silky thighs, fingers stroking engorged labial lips and slipping into increasingly wet pussies.

Kissing hungrily, bodies writhing, they began to finger each other, using first one, then two fingers, probing deeply, moaning and gasping as they drove their partner inexorably towards a spine wrenching climax.

Sucking on tongues, their thumbs found their partners clit and rubbed the juice covered button of flesh as their fingers worked between juicy folds.

“Oh Jesus, Blair, fuck me!” Gina screamed, humping her lovers’ hand furiously.

“Harder, fuck me harder,” Blair cried, hips thrusting her pussy onto Gina’s fingers.

They came together, crying out and shuddering in their release, then continued fucking each other into yet another shattering orgasm, finally falling asleep, arms and legs entwined.

When they awakened, they donned robes and took a shower in the dorms’ communal bathroom, playing and teasing. When they were clean and dry, they raced back to their room, threw off their robes and snuggled into Blair’s bed where they kissed and caressed.

“I want to taste you, Gina,” Blair said huskily. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

“God yes, baby, suck my pussy,” was the reply.

Blair licked the puffy labial lips, kissed Gina’s creamy thighs, dipped her tongue into the wet slit and teased until Gina screamed “Eat me, you little bitch!”

Blair dove in and burrowed her tongue deep in Gina’s wet slit, licking furiously until her lover exploded in release, flooding Blair’s eager mouth with warm juices which she eagerly swallowed. She ate Gina to another orgasm, then crawled up and hugged her.

They rested for a while, and then Gina purred “Now it’s your turn.”

More than ready to pleasure her lover, she licked and sucked Blair’s dripping pussy with abandon, drawing the engorged clit between her lips and teasing it with her tongue while her fingers pumped into Blair’s tight hole.

“Oh God, Ginaaa,” Blair screamed as her orgasm crashed through her. Gina brought her to a second, then a third explosive climax. They cuddled together and fell asleep once more.

They awakened ravenous. Dressing in shorts and t-shirts, they went to the dining hall and ate, playing with each other under the table until they were roaring hot.

Back in the dorm room they stripped and fell into Gina’s bed. Gina straddled Blair’s thigh, her thigh between Blair’s legs pressing against her wet pussy. They held each other tight, kissing passionately and rubbing their slick holes against each other; slowly at first, then faster.

“Oh God,” Blair moaned. “Fuck me my love, fuck me.”

“It feels so good, baby,” Gina purred. “Fuck my hot little pussy.”

They humped wildly against each other, streams of juices coating their thighs, their puffy clits sliding against warm flesh sending shocks through their bodies.

Screaming in passion and release they shuddered against each other, pussies flooding each other’s stomachs and thighs with cum. They moved off the sodden sheets onto Blair’s bed where they kissed and cuddled, finally dozing off.


The women remained roommates and lovers through undergraduate and graduate school, tearfully parting when Gina sought her doctorate at a different university. At first, they called and e-mailed each other daily, but as academic pressures increased and time went by their correspondence dwindled and finally stopped altogether.


“Ms. MacPherson? Blair? Is everything alright?”

Blair jerked from her reverie at the sound of Michelle’s voice and blushed deeply.

“I’m sorry, I…I was lost in thought.”

“I was saying,” Michelle continued, “We have several different spa experiences to choose from, however the one I would suggest would be our Happy Endings Massage.”

“I like the sound of that,” Blair said. “Let’s go with that one.”

“Excellent choice,” Michelle replied, her megawatt smile causing Blair’s nipples to harden.


Blair luxuriated in the warm spray of multiple shower heads, her body tingling as she pressed the ‘Massage’ button and the spray became pulses giving her goose bumps.

She had been led into a room quite unlike any spa she’d ever been in. The walls were painted a soft green, Swedish Modern furniture stood about, floor lamps cast a warm glow and impressionist paintings adorned the walls. A chaise longue was placed near a beige leather covered massage table on a chrome column; next to that stood a small wheeled table holding bottles in different colors.

Blair had been instructed to bathe in order to derive the maximum enjoyment from her massage. The perfumed soap smelled of strawberries and she lathered and rinsed her body twice, already feeling the tension melt away.

She emerged from the shower stall, dried herself with warm, fluffy towels, wrapped a silk robe around her naked body and reclined on the chaise, shivering in anticipation as to what would come next. She didn’t have long to wait.

A door opened and Michelle walked into the room garbed in a colorful smock, her feet bare. The Asian woman with her barely reached to Michelle’s shoulder and appeared to be more a child than a woman. Her almond shaped eyes twinkled and her elfin face was graced with a beaming smile. Her blue black hair hung straight to her waist and ended in bangs across her forehead. She was also dressed in a colorful smock and her feet were bare. “Mei Ling and I will be serving you today,” Michelle said with a grin.

Blair stood up wondering what would happen next. Michelle and Mei Ling went to the massage table and patted it, Mei saying, “Take off your robe, hop up here and relax.”

Blair dropped her robe and climbed on the table, a rosy blush creeping over her. She suddenly felt shy and vulnerable around these beautiful women and was glad when she was told to lie on her stomach, her face enclosed in a padded oval leaving her staring at the floor. She shivered in anticipation hearing bottles clinking and awaiting the touch of their hands.

When they began stroking and kneading her flesh with warm oil, she couldn’t hold back a blissful moan. One of them giggled and the stroking and kneading became more firm, working the tension from her muscles and making her feel drowsy.

Oily hands rubbed her back and shoulders, her torso, then the swells of her flattened breasts, causing her to moan more loudly. Then the hands were at her waist, and then on her firm buttocks. Fingers slid along her butt crease, pressing against her puckered hole and she felt herself becoming wet. Her feet, then her calves, then her thighs were kneaded and stroked; strong fingers eased her legs apart and teasingly caressed her inner thighs coming ever closer to her womanhood. When fingers touched her labial lips already swollen with blood she gasped and moaned, longing to feel fingers deep inside her, rubbing her clit, wanting desperately to cum and cum.

She jerked and moaned as the first finger slid between her now gooey folds and wiggled around inside. At the same time another finger pressed gently on her puckered star, spreading oil upon it and easing slowly inside.

Oh God, it feels so good. Do me, do my pussy and my ass. Please, please, I want to cum, I need to cum…Ohhhh, yessss…

Her breath hissed through her clenched teeth as a second finger entered her throbbing pussy and another eased slowly into her asshole. They began moving slowly in and out, circling around, sending shocks and thrills through her. She raised her hips to allow the fingers to penetrate even deeper, trembling as her orgasm rose within her from her very core, suffusing her body with warmth.

Slick palms rubbed her clit as the fingers worked in her holes, driving her wild and ever closer to an incredible climax. When it burst within her in a flaming shower of release, she howled in ecstasy. Her body shook uncontrollably as probing fingers caused her to cum again and again until she blacked out.


Blair’s eyes fluttered open and focused on the smiling faces of Mei and Michelle, their tunics were gone and they were naked.

“Welcome back, Blair,” Michelle said. “Did you enjoy our massage?”

Blair was at a loss for words, finally blurting out “That was incredible.”

“There’s more if you’re interested,” Mai said mischievously, a twinkle in her eye.

Blair could only nod. What are they going to do to me now?

The women helped her from the table and led her to the chaise lounge where she lay back, shivering in anticipation. Mei gently spread Blairs’ legs apart and lay on her stomach between them, her warm breath on the pussy before her causing her client to moan with desire.

Her tongue darted out, licking a wet swipe from Blair’s’ puckered hole to her throbbing clit. She lapped delicately at the labial lips, and then dipped into the juicy folds and wiggled it around.

Michelle knelt on a pillow beside Blair and they shared a tongue swirling kiss. Then her mouth moved to her clients’ pink, puffy nipples, sucking each in turn, kneading the firm mounds with oily hands. She nipped at the stiffening tips and licked the surrounding aureoles as Blair’s’ hips rose to meet Mei’s probing tongue.

Blairs’ moans became a continuous wail as Mei slid, one, then two fingers in her pussy as she sucked her clit into her mouth and lashed it with her tongue. Michelle continued nursing on and manipulating Blairs’ nipples and breasts until the woman was shaking with lust.

“Pleeease, eat me, suck me, make me cum, I need to cum!” She moaned and Mei intensified her sucks and licks, fingers thrusting and wriggling in Blair’s sopping pussy.

When her orgasm hit, Blair thrashed and cried out in ecstasy; Mei allowing her to catch her breath, then inducing yet another and another until Blair fell back limp and gasping. Michelle brought her a glass of wine and the three relaxed together until Mei said “Are you ready for the finale’?”

Blair nodded, dizzy with wine and lust, her body tingling, said “God yes, I want it all.”

Michelle smiled, went to the table, opened a drawer, withdrew a leather harness and buckled it around her hips. When she turned and faced Blair, a lifelike phallus bobbed from her crotch. It was long, pink and thick, with a shaped head like a real cock. She coated it with lube until it shone, then walked seductively to the chaise, the dildo swaying gently.

Blair’s eyes sparkled as she slid down to lie on the lounge, spreading her legs and raising her hips, pussy wet with anticipation. Michelle knelt between her legs and Mei brought a pillow to place under Blair’s ass. Michelle slowly eased the plastic shaft into Blair’s pussy, loving her cries as she was stretched and filled until it was all the way in. She began a slow, rocking rhythm of thrusts and withdrawals, feeling her own clit stimulated by the ridged pad on the harness.

Mei watched the erotic tableau before her, fingering her pussy, then climbed on the chaise, straddled Blair’s head and lowered her dripping pussy to the woman’s waiting mouth. Blair ate Mei’s pussy like a mad woman; the fucking Michelle was giving her driving her wild. Mei howled and ground her wet slit on Blair’s face, wanting her marvelous tongue even deeper inside her. Blair wet a finger in pussy juice, probed at Mei’s puckered asshole, slid it in to the palm and wiggled it around.

The room echoed with grunts, slaps, moans and squeals as they drove each other to a spine shattering orgasm in a frenzy of lust. Michelle leaned over Blair, pumping hard into her sopping pussy and her lips met Mei’s in a passionate kiss.

Mei got off, shuddering and moaning; she loosed a flood of her juices into Blair’s eager mouth. Blair was being smothered, drowned, brutally fucked and enjoying every second of it.

Michelle gritted her teeth as she pounded Blair’s pussy. The ridged pad on the strap-on harness scrubbed her engorged clit with each thrust, leaving her teetering on the edge of a back arching orgasm, but not wanting to cum unless her lover did first.

Blair’s body went rigid, her orgasm sizzling along every nerve, her scream of release muffled by Mei’s gushing pussy. Michelle allowed herself to cum at last, body jerking, mouth agape in guttural, prolonged moan of pleasure.

The women collapsed together in a sweaty tangle of exhausted bodies, not moving for several minutes. Mei walked to the sideboard on wobbly legs and brought them all a glass of wine. When they had recovered sufficiently, they showered together, playing and giggling like school girls under the warm sprays.

As they were drying each other with warm, fluffy towels, Michelle said “Will you be okay to drive, Blair? We can have our limo take you home and have your car delivered.”

“I think I’ll be fine,” Blair replied with a tired smile. “That was some of the best sex I’ve ever had. You two are marvelous lovers.”

“We also make house calls,” Mei said. “Either one or both of us; call anytime.” After they were dressed, the women accompanied Blair to her car and stood waving as she drove away.


When Blair arrived at the firm on Monday, no one said a word, they just stared. She strutted past them down to her office, sat in her high-backed office chair, sipped her latte’ and awaited the fateful summons she knew was coming.

Sure enough, Old Needlenose appeared at the door saying with great relish “Mister Cheatham wishes to see you in his office, Ms. MacPherson”.

He sent the head goon to fetch me, nice touch.

“Thanks, Needle…I mean Angela,” Blair replied with a grin, brushing past her and striding down the hall, feeling the woman’s beady eyes burning into her back.

I hope she pops a blood vessel, the old bitch. What the hell, I’m gone anyway.

She knocked at the oak door, heard a faint “Come in,” twisted the brass knob and entered the sanctum. The room was dark and suffused with musty odors. Mr. Chetham was seated at his massive oak desk, a clutter of papers and law books before him. Blair said “You wanted to see me, Mr. Cheatham?”

“Yes indeed,” was the reply, “Take a seat, Ms. MacPherson.”

Blair settled herself in one of the oak chairs in front of the desk, spine erect, legs demurely crossed.

Mr. Cheatham shuffled papers for a moment, then said “I was quite surprised at your actions toward me on Friday, Ms. MacPherson, quite surprised.”

“I’m sorry I struck you sir,” she replied, “But I’m not accustomed to being touched in such a fashion.”

“Quite so, quite so, I have been known to take liberties with the female staff from time to time. I’ve never had a reaction like that before, but enough about that. When you leave here, I want you to get some of the boys in the copy room to help you clean out your office immediately.”

Oh crap, that’s the ball game, unemployment here I come.

“You’ll be moving into the east corner office. If the furniture isn’t satisfactory, you can order what you like.”

Blair’s jaw dropped. “Did you say I’m moving to the east corner office? That’s Mr. Perkins’ office.”

“Not any longer, he’s retiring at the end of the month. He’ll be on vacation until then, doing a little fly fishing I believe. I’m promoting you to senior associate counsel effective today, Ms. MacPherson, congratulations.”

Blair was speechless.

“I’ve had my eye on you for some time,” Cheatham continued. “You’re efficient, a hard worker, deal with difficult clients effectively and have spirit. I like that in a woman. No one has ever stood up to me before as you did and you’re right, I was out of line. I apologize.”

Blair found her voice “I apologize as well, sir. I thank you for offering me this opportunity. I’ll do the firm proud.”

“I know that you will, Ms. MacPherson. May I call you Blair?”

“I would like that, sir,” Blair said with a grin.

“When you’re in this office, I’m Harold,” was the reply. “Now off with you and get moved into your new office.”

Blair stood outside Cheatham’s office, her mind whirling. Missy approached her saying ‘Are you alright Ms. MacPherson, you look pale.”

“I’m fine Missy. Could you do me a favor and ask the men who aren’t busy in the copy room to report to my office ASAP and bring some cartons. Oh, and come along with them, I have something to discuss with you.”

“Right away, Ms MacPherson,” Missy replied and she hurried down the hall.

Blair walked back to her soon to be vacant office shaking her head at what had transpired. It was a happy ending last Friday and another one today. I’m one lucky gal.


“There’s a lady on line two, Ms MacPherson,” Missy said. “She didn’t give her name, but she said you’d know her.”

“Thanks, Missy, I’ll take it.” Blair hesitated for a moment before pressing the button, she was very busy and in no mood for callers playing guessing games. Six months had passed since her promotion and she had inherited several cases from Perkins after his retirement. Added to her own case load, she had little time to relax. Appointing Missy as her personal assistant was a good move, as the young woman was bright, efficient, eager to learn and kept the mountain of paperwork flowing.

Blair clicked on the line, “Blair MacPherson, how may I help you?”

“Blair. Is that you?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“Blair, it’s Gina.”

“Gina! How did you find me? Where are you?”

“Through the Alumni Association, I’m here in town. I’d love to see you, Blair, it’s been so long.”

“I’d love to see you too. Where are you staying?”

“The Hotel Claremont, Room 425, we could have dinner and talk.”

“I have a few things to do here and then I’ll be over. Where have you been all these years?”

“In Europe and the Pacific Rim, I’ll tell you all about it when you get here.”

“I’ll be there by six.”

“Wonderful. Bye Blair.”

“Bye Gina.”


Blair knocked on the door of Room 425. She was excited and nervous at the same time. Then the door swung open and Gina was standing there, wearing a brightly colored kimono and smiling. In Blair’s eyes, she hadn’t aged a day.

Then they were in each other’s arms, hugging, kissing and both talking at once. Gina pulled her inside and shut the door. She led Blair to a couch where they continued hugging and kissing. They finally separated and stared at one another, holding hands.

“I’ve missed you,” Blair said, a catch in her voice.

“I’ve missed you too,” Gina replied, squeezing Blair’s hand.

“Where have you been all these years?” Blair asked.

“When I received my Doctorate in Information Technology, I was recruited by Nordwind Elektronik Systemes in Cologne, Germany. I became one of their troubleshooters and traveled through Europe and Asia. When they decided to open a branch here in America, I was offered a Vice Presidency to develop it. Once I was settled in, I began searching for you.”

“I’m so happy you found me, Gina,” Blair said softly.

“So am I,” Gina replied. She stood up, offering her hand to Blair. “Come with me, my love, we have a lot to catch up on.”

They walked to the bed, Gina shrugging the kimono from her shoulders. She lay back against the headboard, her naked body a symphony of curves and olive toned flesh, smiling at Blair, her eyes hooded with desire.

Blair began to slowly undress, body suffused with heat and lust, teasingly revealing her toned body to her lover who moaned appreciatively, her hand busy between her legs. Blair slipped out of her high heels, then turned her back and rolled her thigh high stockings down and off, presenting her pussy and ass to the eagerly masturbating Gina.

Naked, she crawled into bed and they embraced, the contact of their warm skins making them gasp. At first they cuddled, exchanging open mouthed kisses, grinding their bodies together, their passions growing to a fever pitch. Then Blair began kissing Gina’s neck, then her shoulder, sucking on one stiff nipple, then the other as the raven haired beauty shuddered and moaned.

Blair kissed her way down Gina’s flat stomach, licking playfully at her navel, and then proceeding on over the trimmed strip of pubic hair to her lover’s wet pussy. She nibbled and licked on the engorged labial lips, tongue swirling between them, tasting the flowing juices.

“Ohhh, I’ve dreamed of this for so long,” Gina moaned, tangling her fingers in her lover’s flaming red hair, “God, I love your tongue.” Blair fastened her mouth on the dripping slit before her and began to suck and lick as far as her tongue could reach.

Gina’s hips rose, grinding her pussy against Blair’s ravening mouth, moans rising from deep in her throat as she felt an orgasm building, building, her body trembling as the sensations overwhelmed her until she could take no more.

“Yeeeee…” she howled, pulling her lover’s face against her crotch, releasing a torrent of warm ejaculate into Blair’s mouth. She gulped and swallowed eagerly, coaxing another orgasm from Gina, her mouth overflowing and face sticky, until her lover slumped to the bed, panting and whimpering. She crawled up and they kissed, Gina tasting herself on Blair’s lips and in her mouth. They snuggled again until Gina’s breathing returned to normal. Then she gently rolled Blair on her back and began sucking her nipples.

Blair spread her legs as Gina worked her way down her body, shaking with lust until she felt warm breath on her sopping pussy. An explosive sigh burst from her lips as Gina’s velvet tongue caressed her throbbing clit and burrowed deep in the pink folds beneath. “Oh God, my pussy’s so hungry for you,” Blair moaned as her lover greedily ate her out, her hands gripping Blair’s ass cheeks, holding her steady against her mouth.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Blair moaned as Gina took her close to orgasm and kept her there, licking and sucking until Blair thought she would go mad, then with a wavering scream she exploded in orgasm, a wave of warm cum filling Gina’s mouth and splattering her face. Blair came again and again as her lover continued to lick her, finally slumping back, crying with relief and happiness.

Gina took her in her arms, licking at the tears, saying “I love you” over and over until Blair relaxed. “That was better than I ever dreamed,” Blair said happily, hugging Gina. “I won’t leave you again, my darling.” was the reply. “We were meant to be together forever.”

All their longing and sadness was washed away in a continual tide of lovemaking that lasted until the first rays of sunlight gleamed around the drawn curtains of the room. They had licked, sucked and fingered each other into back arching orgasms until they could not cum any more, finally falling asleep in a haze of contentment, bodies entwined. They were together once more, this time never to part, their dreams fulfilled and their lives now completed by each other. This was, indeed, the happiest ending of all.


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