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Under Their Spell

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For a special woman

My name is Jackie. I’m in my early thirties and I’m really happy with my home life and my career. I got married a couple of years after college, I live in a nice apartment on the East Coast and these days I am working for a large firm in our IT department.

I have nothing to complain about except that in recent times I have thought more and more about being submissive in the bedroom. My sex life is wonderful and I have a man who is gentle and skilled. Just what a woman would desire. I cannot complain except that what I really want is to serve as a submissive.

What I imagine is that I would be required to be an obedient woman for someone who would take total command over me. They would control me and I would follow all their orders. They would ‘make’ me do things. I wouldn’t even care what things I was ‘made’ to do because I would want to say ‘yes’ to everything and to be that person’s sexual property for the night. It would be such a thrill to experience that kind of passion and lust.

Sometimes I want to be treated rough. I don’t mean I want pain or that I want to be hurt physically. Its more that I want to be treated as if I wasn’t a loving partner. I realise that I could just ask for all these things but, like I say, I cannot really complain about my sex life.

Usually when I play with my vibrator the best fantasies involve me being controlled by a stranger. Most of what I know about submission, though, comes from websites where I do my ‘research’ and I can check out chat rooms and other people’s blogs. I have found a lot of information about submission and have become more confident about my desires. I just didn’t think I would experience something like that for real.

It did happen, though. Just not where I expected it.

Despite the tough economic times, the firm I work for still likes to have national meetings of key staff. These are not the usual conferences or ‘conventions’ that people write about where everyone drinks and parties on the company’s time. We plan carefully and make sure those couple of days are as productive as we can make them.

There’s never been any suggestion of me having sex with anyone while on one of these work conferences. There’s never been any issues with me being away for a few days. None of this has ever come up in anyone’s thinking.

Recently I had to travel across the country for one of these regular gatherings. It made sense to fly out on the Sunday. With the time difference from east to west I arrived in time to have a quiet drink while enjoying the late afternoon sun by the hotel pool. I had come prepared and was wearing my swimsuit. I don’t make a big deal of working out but I am in OK shape. I’ve managed to keep the extra pounds at bay and I am also happy that my B-cup boobs still look firm and pert.

My boss was at the meeting and so was his boss. The ‘big boss’ is a rather handsome man, greying but tall and tanned. He is some kind of runner as far as I know.

So I took up my place by the hotel pool and I am not sure what happened but I gulped down my first drink and that was a bit of a mistake. Especially when I realised that the stunning older blonde lying next to me was Cherie, wife of my big boss. Of course I have heard the stories about Cherie having had some ‘work done’ and, lying in her swimsuit up close to me, I could see it had very much been worth it. She looked great and her boobs were much bigger than mine and firmer.

Cherie is really very nice and somehow knew I worked for the company and was in town for the conference. We soon got to talking and drinking and we were both really relaxed. It was just what I needed after a few tough months.

She asked me about my home life and what I did for fun outside of work. Somewhere along the way we started talking about being alone and spending time on-line. Cherie asked me if I had any favourite sites. In my kind of fuzzy state, I can’t explain it any other way, I blurted out a few names of sites I’d been on most recently. They were the sites where people discuss submission and even hardcore BDSM. Up to that point this was a secret interest of mine that no-one else knew about.

To my shock, Cherie seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. Her next question to me was “what are you?”. I had to ask what she meant. “Which way? Top or bottom? Dom or sub?”

Still fuzzy in my head, I told her I was submissive even though I’d never actually done anything like that for real. Cherie must have been feeing pretty comfortable as well because she came right out and told me she is a switch. “Not with Ken of course. Ken is always in charge in our house. But sometimes we get to play with other people and then my bitch side comes out.” She kind of laughed as she said that.

Next, Cherie asked me a lot of questions about why I am submissive and what I like and what I have experienced. I tried to explain that I was very happy in my home life and that submission was just a curiosity for me. That was the only reason I’d been visiting those sites. Though to myself I admitted I had been visiting more and more often.

“Well,” said Cherie with a big smile, “I am glad to have all that settled. I think you had better come up to the apartment with Ken and I.”

Before I could ask or protest Cherie was on her phone. I heard her talking to Kenneth, her husband and my big boss. When she put the phone down I tried to remind her that I was just curious and had never done any of the things I read about. She just looked at me in a strange kind of way. I was stuck with staring back at her. She is a striking beauty but the look on her face was something I cannot describe.

“I know all that Jackie. Ken will decide what we do. You say you’re curious. Come to our apartment and we will find out how curious you are. First I will show you to Ken and then he will decide. Ken’s expecting us soon so pick up your things so that we can be waiting for him.”

Right then I felt so physically weak. Part of my brain was trying to think up a polite reason to say “no thanks”. But the way Cherie looked at me, and the way she spoke to me, made me feel like I really had to go along with her. Later, of course, I understood that Cherie was kind of taking advantage of my inexperience. I was getting the full-on ‘Domme’ treatment from her. Without realising it, my submissive side kicked-in and I felt helpless to resist.

I was also incredibly curious about what I would find in their apartment. This was the first time I’d met people who I knew to be into the things I was so curious about – submission and surrender and control and dominance. The way Cherie spoke to me made it impossible to say no. I did not even think about what Ken and Cherie might want me to do for them. Cherie expected me to say ‘yes’ to everything she wanted and in my soul I just knew that I would.

“I…I need some more clothes,” I stammered.

“Well we shouldn’t send you home in a swimsuit. Go to your room quickly and pick up some things for later. But don’t take long getting to the apartment. Its on the top floor.”

Of course I was at a work conference and I could have chosen to be ‘diverted’ by something or lie about someone from home calling me or made some other excuse. None of those ideas came to mind though. Cherie had given me instructions and I just felt myself obeying her. It wasn’t because I was afraid of losing my job. That idea never occurred to me either. Cherie had told me to go to their apartment and she had said it in such a way that I could only think of doing as she ordered.

I grabbed some jeans and a T-shirt for later, unsure of what or when ‘later’ would be. I almost ran down the corridor to the lift and I was grateful that once on the top floor their apartment was easy to find. I knocked feeling breathless and giddy and so excited about my sudden change of situation. I think I was probably terrified as well. Was I doing the right thing? All I knew was that I was faced with some kind of opportunity that I couldn’t let pass.

Cherie opened the door in a moment and I could see she had showered while waiting for me. She was wearing a soft bathrobe from the hotel and it was wide open down the front. Cherie didn’t seem to mind that I stared with my mouth open. Her big enhanced tits, double-D I am guessing, were trying to push the robe open and her full, magnificent cleavage was on display. Looking down past her tanned stomach to her slim legs I could see her cunt with its tightly manicured tuft of hair sitting just above it. I silently thanked myself for having shaved fully before I left home that morning.

She invited me in and directed me to the shower. “Better freshen up sweetie,” she said with a smile. Cherie took my change of clothes and stood with me waiting for me to strip off. I felt weird doing that but, again, my brain couldn’t find a way to resist. So I removed my swimsuit and Cherie took that with her as well.

I did like I should and was quick in the shower. I emerged into the kitchen feeling more naked than I’d ever been and asked Cherie if there was a spare robe for me.

“No robe for you sweetie,” she said with a very firm voice. “Ken will be here any minute and he will want to see you.” She pulled the towel off me and left me stark naked once more. It sounded like I was up for some kind of inspection while standing there in my birthday suit. “No need to worry,” she added in that same firm voice. “I can see you right now and I know Ken will be delighted.”

I was taken to the large lounge area and Cherie gave me a cold drink “to help you relax”. She sat on the sofa. I was told to kneel on the floor while we waited for Ken. Silently I complied, feeling so very awkward with my sudden introduction to submission and obedience.

Ken did arrive after just a few moments and Cherie and he gave one another a big hug and kiss. I heard her whisper to Ken that she was ‘so excited by this one’ and I knew it was a reference to me.

Now you have to remember I was with a woman I’d just met, about to be introduced to the boss of my boss and I was totally naked. I was so nervous I was shaking. The strange thing was that my nerves weren’t about being naked but about wanting to please him. There was an element of humiliation to this ritual and I just knew that Cherie liked it that way.

I had met Ken before that day, several times in fact, but I was sure that he didn’t remember me. It is a big company, as I said. That was probably for the best since I was totally naked in front of them both. But Ken looked at me with the same kind of expression as Cherie and just said “very nice”. She ordered me to turn around so I could display everything and I did so, my face burning with embarrassment as I was inspected. All I heard was Ken repeating himself to Cherie – “very nice”.

He disappeared for a quick shower and Cherie pointed to me to resume my position on the carpet. I took another quick swig from my drink.

Ken returned quickly and I noticed he was also wearing his bath rob left open at the front. He was in fine shape for an older man – tanned, slim and not sagging at all. I don’t think he has had any enhancements but his cock was clearly on display and I saw it was already at half-mast. I must say I was shocked to see my ‘big boss’ in that state. Both he and Cherie were so relaxed abut their bodies and obviously very relaxed about the idea that someone was going to be having sex very soon. I guessed maybe Ken used viagra and it made his cock look nice and thick.

“Time for a drink?” Ken asked his wife. She responded by signalling to me. It seemed drinks were to be my duty. I wondered what else would follow. But as I walked past them they started talking to one another. Only they were talking about me as if I wasn’t even in the room.

“Very nice… good legs… like those butt cheeks… good choice.” Remember that I was completely nude at this time and they still had their robes on. I felt vulnerable and a little bit silly. This was the weirdest situation I’d ever imagined for myself. I wondered just why I had agreed to act like this in front of this deviant couple. But the look in Cherie’s eyes and the tone of her voice somehow just made me feel like everything was normal.

When I got back with the drinks the TV was on, some business news channel, but Ken and Cherie were too busy cuddling and talking to really notice. They whispered a lot but sometimes I could tell they were still talking about me. It was weird and humiliating. The thing is that I was loving it! I was still determined to do anything Cherie wanted of me. That voice told me she would brook no argument and I was in no mood to try to find out. They had full control of everything that was happening, even to the point of having me naked and kneeling on the floor beside them.

Soon they started finding excuses to order me to the kitchen so I could repeat my naked parade past them over and over. Each time the lewd, personal comments about me continued. “Nice looking pussy… will enjoy those tits …hope she will behave properly… good for a first timer.”

They wanted more ice, then strawberries, then more drinks and on it went. One time I climbed to my feet in front of Cherie only for her to give my butt a huge slap. It was a shock and it really hurt. I grabbed my butt cheek to try to soothe the pain but then I saw the look on Cherie’s face and somehow I knew not to do that. I walked to the kitchen just knowing there was a big red imprint of her hand on my behind.

Next time I was pulled down and soon realised I was supposed to lie across her lap. Cherie very casually slapped my butt as her and Ken continued to discuss me. It seemed they were both impressed with the tone of my butt cheeks. The slapping was not too hard but it did hurt quite a bit. I was totally confused about why Cherie wanted to spank me as I didn’t think I’d made any mistakes.

So it was a total humiliation for me but strangely enough I was grateful just to be touched at all. I had been going crazy wondering what was going to happen to me. I bit my lip as Cherie whaled away, remembering her look and knowing I dare not move no matter how much she hurt me. The thing was, my predicament was made worse by the fact Ken’s hardening cock was only a couple of inches from me face.

After a good solid spanking I was sent for more ice. When I returned Cherie ordered me over her lap again. My butt was really burning by then but Cherie decided to stroke it and rub some ice cubes on me and that felt a little better. I thought about closing my eyes rather than stare at Ken’s cock, now fully erect, but I figured Cherie would tell me if that was required.

It is a quite a nice cock, straight and long. He has a big mushroom head and a couple of very dark veins. For some reason I just wanted to suck on it. After all, I was naked and Ken was obviously prepared for some fun. I’d fantasised so much about submission and sexual servitude. Being like that in front of my big boss should have made me afraid or sick but already I knew that I would have to give sexual favours to Ken.

In fact Ken spoke next, asking Cherie if ‘she’ (meaning me, of course) ought to be taking care of him. Well, by then I was so ready to take that man into my mouth that I almost thanked Cherie when she ordered me. “Sweetie you will give Ken’s cock some relief for me now.”

Ken, my boss’ boss, shuffled a little closer to Cherie and brought his long, hard cock right into range for my mouth. I was about to suck on the cock of a man I barely knew. More than that, someone who gave orders to my own boss at work. There was no time to consider all that. I just did as ordered and slowly let Ken slide that hard monster into my waiting mouth. As soon as the head was on my tongue I closed my lips and pushed everything out of my mind apart from pleasuring that cock. Mind you, in reality I was trying to please Cherie so I definitely wanted to give Ken a real good blowjob.

I got about halfway through the second time down on Ken’s shaft when Cherie slapped my butt again. Obviously this was part of the game for them. Cherie had warned me about her ‘bitch side’. I know I cried out in pain but the sound was obviously muffled by the size of Ken’s rod in my mouth.

Actually this time she spanked me harder but slower. I just had to concentrate on my big boss’ cock. We’d still not spoken a word directly to one another and yet his cock was in my mouth. Each time Cherie spanked my butt she stroked her fingers down the crack between my cheeks and touched my cunt. That drove me crazy. I really wanted her to stop slapping my ass because it felt like it was on fire. Then when she softly ran her fingers between my butt cheeks and stroked my cunt that filled me with another type of fire.

I was feeling so confused that I actually parted my legs a little to give her better access to me. I’ve never been touched like that before and for sure not by a woman.

There was a hand on the back of my head, must have been Ken’s, that each time tried to push me a little deeper down on his length. They were both so dominant with me. I wondered what I had gotten myself into as I mouthed this older man’s cock while his wife had her fun with my tush. If Ken was using viagra then it sure did the trick because he got longer and harder the more I sucked and the more Cherie spanked my aching butt cheeks.

The whole experience was surreal. I had stumbled across this older couple who knew what I was after and knew just how to give it to me. I had dreamed of something like this and now I was so grateful that I’d been chosen by them. I could do nothing but obey them.

When Cherie stuck a finger inside my cunt I took Ken even deeper into my mouth and I wriggled around so my free hand could stroke his balls at the same time. I really wanted to show Cherie that I could give as well as take.

Quickly there was a second finger in my tunnel and I felt that most welcome sensation start to rise inside me. Cherie’s stroking was like something I’d never experienced. I don’t know if all women are so expert at touching another woman but she is fabulous. For years I wondered if I would enjoy sex with a woman and without even realising it I was suddenly finding out. I liked it very much.

As Cherie fingered me she kept on spanking me and I was still performing my headjob for Ken. My brain was overwhelmed by the sensations and my cunt was leaking all over Cherie’s hand. I could hear the squelching sounds of my juices. Ken’s hand pressed a little harder on the back of my head and the tip of his cock was near my throat.

I came for Cherie right there, of course I did. Cherie had been slow and gentle but the orgasm was incredible. It was a powerful feeling of relief that flooded through my mind and my body. I guess that’s what an experienced woman can do. I felt so grateful to Cherie and so pleased to have given her what she wanted from me.

Suddenly they were on their feet and moving to the bedroom. Cherie held my hand and I followed in a kind of daze. What I remember from that short walk was seeing them together and seeing they are really tight as a couple. It made me feel good inside and more special to have been chosen by them.

Finally Cherie and Ken removed their robes and now we were all nude. They both looked really great for a couple in their early-50s. They were both tanned all over which made me aware of how pale my skin is.

They pulled me between them and straight away they were touching and fondling my body all over. Maybe some other time I would have been embarrassed at permitting them to feel me up. But I didn’t. I stood very still between them and moaned softly as they explored me with their hands.

Oh my god I was so turned on right then. They played with my nipples and stroked my boobs and ran their hands over my cunt lips and my butt. Both Ken and Cherie still talked about me as if I wasn’t there. When they took turns sucking one of my nipples they grinned to each other and Ken commented that ‘she does enjoy that’.

Both of them kissed me as well, shoving their tongues deep into my mouth. I kissed them right back, horny and wanting to encourage them to do more to me. It felt so comfortable to kiss Cherie like that, especially after she’d fingered my cunt to orgasm.

Then Cherie grabbed my head and roughly pulled it down to her tits. “Suck them like a good girl,” she ordered me and I immediately did just that. I was a little afraid because this was all still such new territory for me. All I could do was try to copy the things I like having done to my nipples. Maybe I did OK for Cherie because after I’d sucked each nipple a few times she pulled me down on to the bed and held my head firmly against one nipple.

I remember that her tits felt and tasted great though I have no idea if that was due to her enhancements. I also remember being impressed at the size of her D-cups compared to my smaller bust. “Harder,” she hissed as she dragged my head to her other nipple. For some reason I decided to bite her this time and she moaned “yeessss” at me.

Cherie kept me working on her tits for a few more minutes and I was really enjoying her sounds of pleasure. I was content to give her any pleasure she demanded. Then Ken said to Cherie that he thought “she might give a nice rimjob.”

So Cherie rolled me off her and asked Ken to get into position so “she (meaning me) can show us what she’s got”. I could see that Ken was very much in charge of Cherie but that he left her in charge of me.

Ken went on his hands knees on the edge of the big bed. His butt was sticking out and I could see his shaven sack as well as a little bit of light brown hair around his butt hole. Cherie just pushed my head down and ordered me to start. I have never ever done such an act as that but Cherie gently spread Ken’s butt cheeks and I just went in and started softly licking right in the middle of his brown hole. I was a little surprised to find there was no unpleasant smell or taste. Then I did my best to slowly and softly flick my tongue over the anus of my big boss.

“Stroke his balls while you do it,” instructed Cherie. That was easy and quite nice to do, especially because I know I heard some very soft sounds of Ken telling me he was enjoying my efforts.

I was such a newbie at everything and here I was licking a man’s backdoor for the first time. I imagine that’s what happens when you surrender yourself to the control of a BDSM couple.

Cherie was already in position next to Ken. I knew what was coming but it was still a thrill to hear her order me to “give mine a turn as well. That’s right, lick my bunghole you dirty bitch.” She ordered me to touch her cunt as well and I did that, stroking my fingers deep between her wet folds.

I discovered how much fun it is to be forced to lick buttholes. After I’d done them both a couple of times Cherie turned to look at me and said “oh yes, what a good girl.” She also said she wanted to train me to “become a nasty little bitch.” Whatever that meant it sounded like a great idea.

They gave each other a kind of sign that married couples are able to do. I was dragged up on the bed and they used the belts from their bathrobes to tie my hands tightly to the top of the bed. A firm voice from Cherie ordered me to keep my legs open “or else”.

I was forced to lie like that and watch as they cuddled and fondled one another. They touched each other all over and I heard Ken mention that “the ass licking was pretty good”. He fingered her cunt and sucked hard on her tits and Cherie obviously was loving that. I watched her stroke his cock and hoped I’d get the chance to do that as well because right then it looked like a totally fine specimen to me.

When Cherie dropped to her knees and sucked him for a minute or two I was starting to feel desperate. I even wondered if I should beg them for something. I just didn’t know what to do.

Then Ken was on the bed next to me and pressing his moistened cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and felt a sense of relief as he invaded my mouth again. I knew what he wanted and I knew Cherie wanted it too. So I just did what any “good girl” would do and sucked and licked his thick tool.

Oh my goodness, then Cherie had her mouth on my cunt and before I could even process the thought I was being eaten out by another woman. She was great, I mean really great. I’ve never had to complain about my regular oral pleasures but Cherie just took me to entirely new places. Plus I still was feeling the heat in my butt from the hard spanking Cherie had given me. The tingling sensations in my butt mixed so brilliantly with the feeling of Cherie’s mouth.

I knew then that Cherie really is an expert at this. Sparks flew through me as she did the most amazing things to my slit and then shoved her tongue hard into my gushing hole. I was trapped, forced to lie there while a married couple abused my mouth and ate my pussy while I exploded. Right then I would have been happy to be their slave forever.

I came so much for Cherie but I still had Ken thrusting into my mouth. As I orgasmed for Cherie I cried out every time but I still had to try to keep my mouth in the classic ‘O’ to make sure Ken got my best.

Then there must have been another signal between them and they changed positions. I hadn’t really thought that Ken was going to fuck me. Somehow I kind of assumed that Cherie and I would have talked about that in advance. Getting my consent before her husband stuck his cock in me might have been relevant. But you have to remember how turned on and thrilled I was and how amazing it felt to have someone, especially this lovely married couple, control me and use me and make me do things for them.

I felt Ken’s cock against the entrance to my cunt and I knew there was no doubt. It was going to happen whether I wanted it or not. I just groaned with delight. I don’t know why. I was actually a little scared. I can’t get pregnant so that wasn’t the reason. I don’t know what it was. I looked over and saw Cherie climbing up the bed towards me and I knew I just had to relax and let Ken fill me with his rock hard cock.

I know it was just a game and I could have cried out and told them to stop. But I didn’t want it to stop. I was loving what they were doing and I was completely under their control, wanting to submit to them and whatever they demanded.

My curiosity for submission had turned into total lust. I really needed to be fucked. I had had Ken in my mouth plenty and Cherie had given me numerous amazing climaxes. Oh, but the feeling of that thick cock as it drove into me. It was a sensational feeling and I groaned louder. My big boss, practically a stranger to me, was casually fucking my cunt in front of his wife. I was being forced to accept it and the thing was that I did. He just chose the speed and the depth of his thrusting that suited him and I was forced to lie there. My brain was on fire as my cunt stretched so nicely around his thickness.

Before I knew it Cherie was squatting over my face and then her lovely bare cunt was lowered onto me and I quickly had to find a way to use my mouth and my tongue on her. Cherie didn’t need to give me orders about what to do. I was so happy to be a good girl and let her have whatever she wanted.

I still had that tingling nicely in my butt cheeks and once more my whole body started to respond as Ken filled me with his cock. It only got better as Ken started to pound into me harder. He had a great technique and he fucked me so expertly. I can honestly say it was the best fuck I have had in a long time and I came at least twice all over his ever-hard cock.

I couldn’t do quite the same for Cherie as I didn’t really know what to do. She pressed her cunt so hard on my face I thought I might drown. I tried to lick and suck the best I could but it seemed she was happy just to grind herself on my face. I just had to go along with it and hope I didn’t disappoint.

Then suddenly, just as I was coming down from my second orgasm from Ken’s fucking, Cherie was off me and moving alongside.

“Please Sir. I need your cock now.” I was impressed by the deference she showed Ken. I could see what was required of a “good girl”.

Cherie was already in doggy position and Ken just slid out of me and moved in behind her. I couldn’t really see but it was obvious Ken shoved his tool inside Cherie with a single, powerful thrust. Her eyes flew wide open and her head went back. Ken gave her no mercy and fucked her as hard as he liked. I loved the sight of her tits bouncing in time with his thrusting. Each thrust drove the air from Cherie’s lungs and soon she could only grunt in time to Ken’s hammering cock. I was surprised she could take all that but Cherie was obviously in a very happy place. I know she came over and over while Ken punished her cunt. She even gave me a couple of very long kisses as she took what Ken had to give her.

In time Ken slowed his pace and I heard him tell Cherie, “I want to cum now. You better get down here.” he sounded very stern. Cherie spun around, losing Ken from her cunt and going straight to her knees beside him. Again I could see what was expected of a “good girl”. I was getting some training of my own just from watching my new best friend with her husband.

Cherie started by stroking and sucking Ken’s very virile looking cock. Ken even did a little thrusting of his own into Cheri’s mouth and I was impressed by how much of that big cock she could accept. Then Ken grabbed a fistful of Cherie’s blonde hair and started to force her mouth back and forward along his length. It looked a little scary to me but I have to say it seemed Cherie likes to be used in that way.

Soon Ken was getting a little impatient and he started stroking his cock with his hand, trying to speed his own release. He still had hold of Cherie’s hair and the head of his cock bumped against her cheeks and her chin.

When Ken was ready to explode he gave a single word command and Cherie wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. I saw Ken stiffen and heard his grunting and there was no mistake that he was spewing his seed into Cherie’s willing mouth. Still tied to the bed, forced to watch, I felt a pang of jealousy. I used to swallow a lot of cum back in my wild days at college but that no-one has ever used my mouth in quite the same way as that.

I saw Cherie swallow each wad of cum that Ken dumped into her mouth and she moaned each time. I could see how much she loves swallowing her husband’s cum. Knowing she does it all the time as an obedient submissive really stirred something in me. I would love to experience the same thing one day soon.

Then Cherie climbed back on the bed and up to me. She leaned over and kissed me, again forcing her tongue deep into my mouth. She was giving me a taste of Ken, letting me catch just a little of his seed still stuck to her tongue. It was such a special moment with my mistress and it felt very, very sexy.

We were still kissing when Ken announced that he was going to the lounge room to order us some snacks from room service. He also said to Cherie, almost as an afterthought, that she could have me alone for a while. “Since you did find this one for us.”

Cherie untied the belts around my wrists and finally I was free to move. My arms had been starting to ache and I almost said “thank you” to her out loud. I was a little surprised when she took me in her arms and we happily cuddled one another for a few moments. She must have been getting horny again though, because very soon Cherie was suckling on my tits. Her mouth felt so great on me. It felt like I was being rewarded for having been such a “good girl” so far.

Then Cherie turned around onto the pillows and spread her legs wide. “Lick me for a while,” she ordered. Just as fast as I could, I got down on the bed between her tanned thighs. I still really had no idea what I was doing with my mouth on a woman’s cunt. This time I felt it was OK to go slower. She tasted fine to me, though different to my own but I got a little hungry for more.

She ordered me to lick her arsehole as well and I was so glad when she did. I licked both her holes as softly as I could. Then Cherie pulled my hair and guided me up to her clit. I sucked on her hard little clit and I probed her hole with my tongue. I just did all the things I figured work for me and that Cherie would enjoy.

She let out a long sigh and said, “yeah that’s right, nice and slow”. She gave me instructions on how to eat her out.

“My clit… just the tip of your tongue… tongue in my hole… deeper, yes… suck it… lick me all the way up and down.” I tried to follow every order Cherie gave me. It felt so natural and so wonderful to be totally submissive for Cherie. I just wanted to do my best for her as way of thanking her for choosing me.

Finally Cherie couldn’t last any longer and I heard her have a long, soft orgasm that seemed to consume her entire body. I actually felt Cherie cumming as well which was a new experience for me. I was very proud of myself for my first time. It was even better to bring my new mistress to a lovely climax.

After she had recovered, Cherie pulled me up to her and slowly licked all her juices off my face. That was such an amazingly erotic thing to do. Then she ordered me off the bed and made me stand on the floor with my body bent over the bed. Of course I did as I was told even though I had no idea what was going to happen. She then gave me several long licks that went all the way from my cunt to my asshole and then all the way back again.

Cherie made me feel very special when she did that to me. She also made me realise that I definitely want to have sex with a woman again. Then, with another slap on my ass, I was dragged out to the lounge area.

This time I was allowed to sit between them but still Ken did not speak directly to me. It was weird and I kind of felt like I was being shown my place. Actually I quite liked that part too and I started to feel pretty happy about the idea of belonging to Cherie and my big boss.

I was still expected to fetch drinks for them wand when the food arrived that was my job too. At least that time I was allowed to wear a robe.

As we ate and drank Cherie talked with Ken about me and soon she was revealing some of my secrets. How I wasn’t getting to play at home, the websites I visit and the fact I am a total newbie.

Then she started questioning me. It was embarrassing but luckily I had a mouth full of food so I didn’t have to answer out loud.

“Have you ever fucked with a couple before?” Shake of my head, not wanting to count a little experimentation at college.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” Shake of my head, no.

“You’ve never licked someone’s bung hole before, have you?” No.

“Not even a boyfriend or a husband?” No.

“And yet so well behaved!” Then to Ken, “I knew she was a good pick.”

“Well,” he said in reply, “I know you like to have your meat fresh,” and Cherie laughed loudly at that.

It didn’t take long after that before Ken and Cherie were both fondling me and touching me again. Cherie was really interested in my tits but I did feel a little inadequate next to her lush double-Ds.

That was OK because soon enough Cherie pulled my head to her chest. I just sucked and bit her sensitive nipples while Ken fingered my cunt for the first time. I felt really turned-on and Ken’s touch was almost as good as Cherie’s.

Then, with another of their secret signals, they took me back to the bedroom. Cherie had me lie on the bed while Ken climbed on top of me again. He never spoke to me, barely looked at me. I caught Cherie’s eyes and she looked so excited to see Ken about to fuck me.

Spreading my legs for Cherie so that her husband could pump his cock into me was weird and thrilling. She was happy for Ken to use me sexually and I was happy with whatever Cherie wanted of me. I was the submissive and not the employee and for that time my cunt belonged to them both. Oh my god, it felt so liberating to be their ‘fresh meat’ and to know that Ken could shove his cock into me anytime he felt like it.

Plus I was so horny and Ken’s cock felt so good in my cunt. He has a really great technique, too, and I was hoping I would cum all over again for them. Cherie must have had the same idea because all of a sudden she started playing with my clit. They did me so good that I early screamed out as I came for them. I know it was for their pleasure alone but as I came I swear I felt in love with them both. I felt like I was bursting with joy and again I felt sparks shooting through my body. I don’t ever remember sex as good as that day with my first dominant couple.

Then I got to rest as Ken ate Cherie’s cunt until she gushed all over his face. At one point Cherie ordered me to lick Ken’s ass again. I loved being ‘made’ to do such a dirty thing and I didn’t forget to stroke his balls either.

The two of them got into a sixty-nine with Cherie on top and they looked so sexy and loving. They were great to watch together. I took the opportunity to please my mistress some more and, without being ordered this time, I spread her ass cheeks and gave Cherie a rimjob as well. I guess Cherie was happy with me because several times I heard her tell Ken that I was a ‘nasty little bitch’ and I glowed with pride at being able to serve so well.

Ken’s viagra was doing the trick and his cock was still fully erect and thick for us both. Cherie needed a rest so she just looked at me and said “doggy style”. I didn’t need to be told anything else and of course I complied with the order. Its hard to believe but I presented my hole to Ken for him to fuck once more. He entered me roughly and he hurt me a little but I was really happy because I felt like he was using me the same as Cherie.

Ken grabbed my hair and yanked hard so that my head was forced back just like he did to Cherie. I was pulled back against his thrusting as he slammed into me just as he wanted. I was glad to take it like a good submissive should. I panted so hard as his cock moved like a piston in and out of my love hole. His power soon made me cum nice and hard and I didn’t mind being noisy as my juices squirted out all over his tool. Cherie had a big smile on her face while she watched me being fucked by her husband and she even gave me a nice kiss.

Ken is my big boss at work and for once I could say I had enjoyed being “fucked by the man”. I knew I would have trouble walking normally the next day but right then I would have paid almost any price to be their slave for the rest of the week.

At last everyone got to rest on the big bed. There was plenty more touching and fondling but it was slower and more casual than before. There I was with a married couple I hardly knew and everyone was naked and taking advantage. Yet I felt really comfortable. They both inspected my cunt, pulling my lips apart to expose and touch me. I got to wipe a little pre-cum from Ken’s cock and lick it from my finger.

Cherie got a few slaps on her ass from Ken and she moaned and smiled at me when that happened. I found myself thinking about being spanked by a man, whether it would feel better with his larger hands. That day was the first time anyone has laid a hand on me since I was a child. For Cherie and Ken I would gladly submit to another spanking.

After a long time there was another sort of secret signal between Ken and Cherie and it looked they were going to fuck again. He was sucking hard on her tits, biting her nipples and Cherie was clearly responding. She was moaning loudly and even started begging Ken to “please let me have that big cock inside me Sir”. I saw her trying to reach around to grab his cock as well but Ken kept his shaft away from her. Instead Ken caught my eye and signalled to me. It was the first time he had communicated with me at all. I saw what he wanted and I lay down on the bed next to Cherie.

The sight of Ken forcing his cock into my waiting mouth got Cherie turned-on even more. As I sucked noisily on Ken’s cock Cherie started talking dirty to him.

“You like that Sir?… you like my fresh meat sucking your cock?… that mouth feels good… she’s making your cock even harder for my pussy… don’t cum in her mouth Sir, I want you to drain your balls inside my pussy.”

When Ken decided he was ready, or that he had had enough of my mouth, he pulled away and climbed up off the bed. Now Cherie took charge of me once again. I was ordered to lie back and Cherie explained she would get on top like it was a sixty-nine. Naturally I did as I was told, happily. But Cherie explained this was no girl-girl show for Ken.

“Sir is going to fuck me good and hard and you are going to lick me while he does it. Be a good little girl and lick him too. Understand?” I wasn’t quite sure but I nodded my agreement anyway.

“Sir will want to hurt me a little with his cock. I need to take what Sir gives me with his cock. So you need to lick my clit to help me. And you need to lick his cock too so he cums a little quicker inside me. You understand me? Don’t make me punish you.”

After the things they had done to me I was ready for anything. I lay there still as Cherie climbed on top of me. Her body looked so great as she moved into position. I could have managed a girl-girl play with my new mistress. Cherie had her face between my thighs and her wet cunt was only an inch from my face. I thought about starting to lick her right then but I felt Ken climb on to the bed behind my head.

Without warning Ken just shoved his thick cock into my face. Obviously they had done this kind of thing before so they knew how to play it. I, on the other hand, was a newbie and I just had to catch-up as quick as I could. Without being asked I had to receive Ken into my mouth. I opened wide for him and even tilted my head back a little. I wanted to be the perfect little girl.

With a grunt my big boss just used my mouth. He filled it with his hard meat and started thrusting into me. He was rough and he didn’t seem to care.

“Take it you little bitch,” he growled to me. “Take it all or I’ll make Cherie punish you.”

Oh my god, I was so excited right then. I didn’t find it easy as he thrust deep into my mouth with his powerful cock. I was even a little scared for my safety. But I was determined to show Ken what I could do. So I worked quickly with my tongue, trying to coat his shaft with my saliva so he would be prepared for Cherie’s cunt.

After a few more savage thrusts Ken pulled back from my mouth and I could see he was aiming for Cherie’s cunt. I tried to reach around to pull at her ass cheeks. I wanted to spread her so Ken had a more inviting target. I was such a slut by this stage that all I wanted was to serve and please this older couple.

I tried to reach Cherie’s clit before Ken could start his attack. I got one good lick of my tongue over Cherie’s hard little button when Ken’s big ballsack slammed onto my forehead and I saw him bury his cock in Cherie with a single, powerful thrust. Even down there between her thighs I could hear Cherie’s cry of pain.

To give Cherie some relief I tried to flatten my tongue against her slit and lick as much as I could of her labia. Of course I worked my way to her clit each time and I gave some extra attention to her hard little nub. It felt so violent down there underneath them. My head was being battered as Ken rammed his cock again and again into Cherie. Each time I could hear her cry out at the abuse her cunt was getting.

Of course I had orders to lick Ken too so after a few moments I had to leave Cherie and try to take care of him. His shaft was so hard and moving so rapidly. I used the tip of my tongue, hoping it would feel different to the friction of Cherie’s cunt. His big balls were still swinging and they collided with my nose and slapped my cheeks. I just pressed my tongue against his shaft and hoped I was doing it right. Despite the assault Cherie was wet and turned on as well. I could taste her juices on Ken’s cock as it pistoned into her.

Being down there, licking them both, was the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me. The smell of sex was so strong, his sweat and her cunt juices. I could hear her cunt squelch each time Ken drove in and I am sure I could actually feel the pounding on Cherie’s poor cervix. My new mistress was being fucked without mercy and I was close enough that I was giving head to them both at the same time.

After a minute or so Ken paused but only so he could assault my mouth again. Luckily I was concentrating so I was ready for him. He went deep again and I sucked him, getting a strong taste of Cherie and trying to make him clean and wet for the next round. I was still trying to hold Cherie’s butt cheeks apart and I actually felt her give me a little lick of her own on my slit.

There was a sort of rhythm and Ken kept switching between Cherie and me. Ken went so fast that I just had to concentrate on licking Cherie when that was required and then having my mouth pounded when Ken wanted to use me. I was serving them both at the same time and it was the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me. They were using me as a sex toy, something to enhance their fuck. I couldn’t have been happier, especially when Ken shoved himself into my mouth.

I knew Cherie was loving it, too, despite the pain of the assault. A thick white coat of her cunt juice built up around Ken’s shaft. Each time he pumped into my mouth I got to taste her juices and I could tell how excited and wet she was getting. I was going a little crazy myself and I could feel that my cunt was leaking as well.

I didn’t know how long this would last but then I heard Cherie start to call out her orgasm. “Oh Sir… oh Sir…” I heard her gasp. I made sure to give her clit some extra attention right then. I was eager to give her the best release possible. I could feel her cunt spasming as she climaxed and I felt the way she ground her hips back against the twin sensations. I felt so slutty just being a part of their play.

Ken just kept slamming into her and I did my best to ease her pain just like she’d ordered. My mouth was aching terribly between my duties of licking Cherie and sucking Ken. But Cherie came several more times as her cunt was simultaneously abused and loved. I could tell that she lost control somewhere in there and just rested on top of me as her body was wracked by climaxes. I know if I’d been fucked by Ken like that I would have been cumming non-stop.

Finally Ken announced it was his turn. “I’m ready to cum in your hole you nasty slut,” he called out to Cherie. She made a noise that sounded like a whimper.

Cherie automatically tilted her hips back to give Ken even better access to her. It meant her clit was out of reach of my tongue. Ken’s slamming made it too dangerous to lift my head. I just kept hold of her ass cheeks, pulling them wide apart to give Ken the extra thrill of seeing Cherie’s tight little butthole.

She was whimpering aloud now, sounding once more like each stroke was ready to make her body burst. I could see Cherie’s poor abused cunt lips and she looked so swollen and sore.

I stuck out my tongue and as Ken slammed into Cherie I got to give his balls a little extra lick. I figured it was his climax and it was only right to focus on the big boss.

He grunted and swore softly as he unloaded his balls deep inside Cherie’s poor damaged cunt. “Take it bitch,” he ordered her. “Your turn to be a good little whore.”

I heard every noise they made and the smell of sex was so incredible as Ken poured his cum into her hole. I had to imagine how his cock was pulsing with each spurt. I love it when a man cums but I’d never ever experienced it like that. Cherie was loving it too and I heard her moaning. In response to the pain she jammed her mouth hard over my pussy. It was a blessed relief to have my clit sucked after all that time and I heard my sex noises mix in with theirs.

A long time after I noticed Ken was slowing the pace of his ramming into Cherie. Still wanting to be a good girl, I took my chance to reach up and lick the length of his cock. He was still so swollen and hard. The shaft glistened with the mix of his seed and Cherie’s wetness.

“Clean it,” Ken ordered me. I was so proud to be given that command. I opened my mouth wide as Ken slid his cock in before I wrapped my lips firmly around that wonderful weapon. Naturally he was still hard from the viagra. I licked and sucked at him and made sure to extract the last of his man juice. He wanted to be cleaned and I was determined to do a proper job. The mix of flavours was a big turn-on. Again it was a first for me and straight away I knew I’d want to experience that taste another time.

Ken didn’t forget Cherie either. Once he was satisfied I’d done a proper job of his tool I was order to “clean up your mistress now.”

I guessed easily what was required of me. Cherie relaxed and let her full weight fall on top of me. She shuffled down so her cunt was right over my mouth. I was ready for what was coming as gravity started to take effect. The smell of her just-fucked cunt was strong and when I saw the first drop of Ken’s fluids starting to leak from her cunt I got all excited again.

“Don’t lose a drop of that,” was Ken’s next order. “Be a good whore for her and swallow every drop.”

I fixed my mouth over Cherie’s slit and without another thought I obeyed my orders. I used my tongue to loosed up the globs of Ken’s seed and started to suck them into my mouth. I couldn’t really believe I was licking a woman’s cunt so easily. The idea I was sucking on her to extract her husband’s cum was almost overwhelming. The mixture of their juices was a taste I can still recall to this day.

Ken climbed off the bed and left us. I stayed on task, licking and sucking on Cherie as her Master’s semen leaked out of her abused hole and drained into my waiting mouth. I tried my best to be gentle with her poor damaged labia but I knew I still had Ken’s order to get every single drop. I was too afraid to disappoint him.

Finally I figured I’d done my job properly. I dropped my head to rest a little. Cherie turned around and lay with me. She seemed exhausted but still she cuddled and kissed me. I was taken by how gentle and loving she could be. It felt so right after the frenzy of our sex play. Plus I am sure Cherie genuinely enjoys intimacy with a woman. I was pretty certain about that when Cherie recovered enough to suckle my boobs and finger my hole a little more.

After a long time of her tenderness to me, Cherie told me that our time that day was over. In the loungeroom there was no sign of Ken. I got myself dressed as I made small talk with Cherie. My head was still spinning and my body glowing. But they had to go to some kind of business dinner and Cherie needed to get ready. I was shown to the door and she pressed a business card into my hand.

“You were so wonderful my darling,” she whispered in my ear. “You were everything I wanted to give to Ken. Thank you.”

I smiled and tried to tell her I was incredibly grateful. How could I ever thank Cherie for the life changing experience she had given me? I wanted to say I would submit to her any time she wanted me. She kissed me right there in the doorway. It was a passionate kiss and jt started to get me aroused all over again. Of course I kissed her back and sucked on her tongue, not caring if someone came along the hallway.

“Don’t lose that card,” she ordered me. “It has all my on-line details on there. Its up to Ken whether we get together again. But I want you to stay in contact with me just in case.”

With that I found myself staggering down the corridor and trying to find my room. Once there I stripped off and lay on the bed for over an hour. I masturbated a little too, my head still full of the sights and sounds I’d witnessed that day. Finally I had a shower and ordered room service.

The rest of the time was a blur for me. I failed to contribute much of anything to the conference. I kept an eye out for both Ken and Cherie but I never caught even a glimpse of them.

My life since that day has continued to be a bit of a blur. Cherie had given me a life changing experience. Now I have experienced for real what I had only imagined. I know I want more.

At home I have found myself giving lots of extra blowjobs. The memory of the way Cherie took Ken’s cock, and his cum, in her mouth has been on my mind a lot of the time. I want sex more than ever but some nights I don’t even get cock in my pussy. I just want to eat cock and to swallow a load of cum. Or I happily get myself off and then finish the fucking with a long, hungry blowjob and imagine I am having my face rammed by a big, angry cock.

At other times I even imagine I am being submissive. Once I took a leaf out of porn movies and got on my knees in the kitchen, sucking and drinking cum before I went to the office. I have been careful not to make my new behaviour seem too obvious but in my mind, at least, I can imagine I am doing what Cherie would want from me.

Even now I am still trying to process what I went through and how I felt on that day. As a result I have tried to avoid going on-line to all my favourite sites. A few times I have been browsing and I’ve seen Cherie’s on-line name come up. I even chatted with her briefly a couple of times. However, mostly I tried to avoid her because I am so embarrassed. Its not because of what we did that day – I still treasure every single memory and am still so grateful to them both. I am embarrassed because I still am such a newbie and because I am afraid to do what I want – to beg Cherie to take me again and give me more of that wonderful world of submission. Cherie said it was Ken’s decision and I don’t want to be a stalker!

I am sure everything will work out soon. I dream of Cherie and Ken calling me to meet them. However, I know there are other people, and couples, closer to my home. Eventually I will find the courage, or the need, to hook-up with someone like that. Someone who will allow me to submit and to serve them sexually. Just thinking about it makes me wet.

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