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She knew he wanted her.

She strode efficiently between the workstations; her eyes never wavered from the door to her office, she walked with purpose and confidence. She acknowledged him, but only in a curt professional manner, she wasn’t here to be anyone’s friend. His eyes followed her to her office, she knew he watched her and she enjoyed it.

Occasionally when she’d been having a particularly good day she might even affect a slight rolling of her hips as she passed. She enjoyed the attention, most men were, when it came to the crunch, frightened of her. She was a strong woman, successful; her life was totally committed to being the best at everything she did. Men just didn’t want to compete with her, and she reveled in competition. Her lovers were mostly older men, successful and intelligent, she liked their maturity and drawn to them because they didn’t behave like spoilt children when they didn’t get their own way. She would never be someone’s wife; someone might end up her husband though.

He couldn’t stop thinking about her. She had a monopoly on his thoughts, even during sex he constantly analyzed it in comparison with how She would be. His couldn’t control it. He let his mind wander into his favourite fantasy how She would undress, how she would feel under the caress of his touch, her taste, smell, her moans; it was all just too much and he had to masturbate.

He stood up and headed for the toilets, his cock growing even as he walked. He was so aroused by her, they weren’t friends, he’d only interacted with her during work, she’d never let on that she was even remotely interested in him. But that depressing notion would come later, right now he was on a high, his thoughts clouded with eroticism and lust.

No one in here, great.

His cock was completely rigid before he had released it from his trousers. He touched his cock gently at first closing his eyes as his sex twitched in excitement; slowly he withdrew his foreskin in a tantalizingly slow movement. Too much, he was pumping his cock now, her body writhed in front of him, he imagined watching himself penetrate her. In his minds eye he saw his shaft slide between her labia, saw her slick juices encasing his cock as he withdrew. With his eyes closed and back arched he erupted covering his hand and ejaculating onto the floor in hard powerful thrusts. After a minute’s rest he cleaned himself up and took the opportunity to urinate, pulled his trousers up and made to leave.

She stared at him.

He’d pushed open the toilet door only to find her outside the cubicle. Fuck.

‘Come with me.’

He followed her like a naughty school boy to her office, hoping to God it was some sort of error in the books and not that his boss had just caught him masturbating in the toilet. God did I call out her name? FUCK. Well lets try and bluff it out, might get lucky.

She closed the door behind them as they entered her office, plush with leather sofa, expensive looking desk and fresh white lilies.

‘Your behaviour today has been unacceptable. I will not tolerate such disgusting actions in my department. I’m going to have to discipline you, I’m sure you won’t argue that you don’t deserve it.

He crumbled, couldn’t even make an attempt at pretence, instead all he could manage was a feeble ‘No ma’am.’



‘You heard me.’


‘Shut the FUCK up, you little wanker! When I Tell you to do something you DO IT!’

Despite her apparent anger, she’d let her mask slip ever so slightly and he was sure he’d seen just the hint of a crooked smile play over lips.

He hesitated a moment longer before removing his shirt and tie – she was definitely smiling now. He unbuckled his belt and let his trousers fall to the floor.

He felt a tingle in his loins, shit this is actually turning me on, oh god…

He could feel blood returning to his spent organ now and in shameful embarrassment he stood there in his boxers as his erection grew. He couldn’t look at her, his eyes burned into the carpet.

‘My my, I seem to have quite an effect on you Mr Simms.’

He managed a glance in her direction but couldn’t hold her gaze. ‘

‘Your humiliation will serve as a reminder about unacceptable conduct, now make your self useful and come here, I have a job for you.’

With that she moved to her desk, but instead of handing him some report of other she wanted completed, she lent back against her desk. She pulled up her designer skirt to reveal she wore no panties. His mind whirled, from the pits of despair to rampant euphoria in seconds.

She spread her legs wide to show him her sex. A small strip of dark fuzz crowned the top of her labia. Her vaginal lips were thin and tight to her clitoris, before widening invitingly to her entrance.

‘Lick me.’

He didn’t need to be told twice. He knelt in front of her, his eyes drinking in the sight of her womanhood. He could smell her arousal now and his penis twitched. He extended his tongue slowly, gently he grazed her inner most thigh with its tip. She groaned, his excitement growing ever stronger, he licked more confidently at edge of her pussy.

‘That’s it, lick my cunt, wanker!’

His tongue probed the folds of her sex, tasting her juice that was flowing freely now, tracing the length of her labia he let his tongue wallow in her womanhood. She opened herself even wider, her lips parting to show him her pink hole. Beads of her lubricant formed now at her inviting entrance. He looked up from her pussy to see her staring with lust filled eyes at him submissively pleasuring her. She reached down and separated her lips with her fingers even more.

‘Tongue my hole, Mr Simms.’ She commanded.

A loud groan escaped her lips as he lapped at the juices dripping from her, before thrusting his tongue like a small cock into her hot, wet, vagina.

She allowed him to tongue fuck her for a minute, before informing him, ‘I think your enjoying that too much, Mr Simms.’ She pushed his head away from her gaping cunt her fingers now kneading her clitoris. She stood up and turned around, bending over the desk and displaying her firm buttocks to him.

‘Spread my ass, Mr Simms.’

‘Good, now you dirty little pervert, lick my asshole.’

He was startled, he’d never even in his dirtiest masturbatory fantasies imagined licking someone’s bumhole, but he had no choice really did he, and the sheer disgusting filthiness of the task actually turned him on.

He licked tentatively between her cheeks his oral tool moving ever closer to her little brown pucker.

‘Tongue my ass, that’s it, lick my dirty shit hole.’

He made contact with it and she shuddered. He discovered it didn’t actually taste all that bad, and smelt musky but not horrible. Soon he was rimming her ass with gusto and she was riving on the desk, her pussy now so wet, her juices were running down her legs. He was getting very into this anal pleasuring now, and was soon pushing his tongue in short thrusts into her anus. She was loving it and from her moans he could tell she was near orgasm.

‘Fuck me.’

Even near orgasm her voice was strong and commanding, he did as he was told and removed his boxer shorts. Taking hold of his tool he ran its bulbous head over her cunt, getting his cock coated with her juices, after a moment he positioned the head of his cock at her waiting entrance and slid in.

She moaned even louder at this new pleasure, He started slowly with elongated strokes, he watched his cock enter the pussy he had dreamt about for months and nearly spent his sperm straight away, but managed to control himself.

His thrusts grew in strength and soon his cock slid noisily in and out of her sloppy pussy. He could feel her fingers still pleasuring her clit as they bumped his shaft, and felt her groin tighten as she again neared orgasm.

‘Fuck me, Mr Simms, fuck my pussy, fuck my wet hole, screw me, shaft me, FUCK MEEEEE.’ With this he felt her pussy grip his embedded shaft tightly. He couldn’t last any longer and had to release his cum, in rhythmic clutches her vagina milked his dick of all his sperm as they both screamed in orgasmic bliss.

For a moment they lay there over the desk, his cock still inside her now even more sloppy vagina. He pulled out of her and stood up. He took the opportunity in her newly docile state to take quick peak at her cum filled pussy. He couldn’t help it, it was after all one of his mostly deeply embedded fetishes. That was a mistake however, she’d caught him looking and a now familiar gleam in her eyes twinkled.

‘Why Mr Simms, you are a dirty little boy aren’t you?’

He could only cough in reply, before he shrugged his shoulders and muttered, ‘Yeah I guess…’

She resumed her perch on the desk, with her legs again spread eagled, his eyes couldn’t move from the sperm filled snatch in front of him.

‘Clean me, Mr Simms, there’s a good boy.’

He continued to stare at her fucked hole, before moving closer, his sperm was now starting to ooze its way out of her pink canal. He licked quickly this time, cleaning her pussy and down her thighs of both their juices. Her messy vagina was his deepest darkest fantasy and she let him live it. Her hands now pulled his head tight into her pussy and she wrapped her long legs around his back.

“That’s it pervert lick my cummy hole.’

She humped his head now, he could scarcely breathe for pussy, cum and fanny juice, his tongue licking frantically over her lovely sloppy hole, tasting her and his own thick spunk. Her well fucked pussy was the most erotically dirty thing he’d ever seen. He had worked so quickly he had cleaned her within a couple of minutes, she was starting to get very turned on again, and her fanny was deliciously sensitive, she was in danger of becoming too excited to stop him. She could see his cock was growing hard again and had a wicked thought, the image of him hobbling back to his desk trying to hide his erection was too funny to miss.

‘That is all Mr Simms.’ And with that she pushed him away, pulled her skirt back down and sat in her leather desk chair.

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