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Uncle Shom Spreads Her

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“Let’s go shopping!” said Deepa. The dull gloom of her mothers recent passing away was slowly lifting from the Ganguly household and Deepa had a lot to thank Sunita for that. Her dear friend had come over and spent a few days and that had helped everyone overcome their grief. Especially for father, thought Deepa.

She had no way of knowing that just the previous day Sunita had found Shom Uncle lounging in his easy chair sporting a large erection and Sunita had taken care of it for him, fisting him till he came uncontrollably. The sheer size of that erection had startled her, and earlier that day when she had chanced upon Uncle masturbating, it had surprised her that he still had such strong sexual urges. The encounter of the previous afternoon was a mix of lust and sympathy. Sympathy to see him lonely, having known that he had been wild with lust when came to his sexual activity with his wife. And lust to see that cock, his firm sinewy body which compared very favorably to her own husbands cock. Or libido.

“Yes, lets go shopping,” replied Sunita. “Don’t we need to say bye to Shom Uncle first?”

“Well, I already have done that. You can go see him and say bye if you want to as well,” said Deepa.

Sunita looked up the stairs and wondered about the strong elderly man up there. She took a few tentative steps wondering how she would face him today after that intense encounter of the previous day. By the time she had climbed four steps she could feel the juicing up in her pussy. She lifted her saree as she climbed the stairs to avoid tripping as she climbed up the stairs.

There he was, on his easy chair. Lying back with the morning paper across his chest. Her eyes darted to his dhoti, to see a part of his leg through the parting of the cloth. She cleared her throat, “Uncle?” She looked at him with her head slanting to one side, her eyes sparkling at the thought of the mischievious and harmless time they had had together the previous day.

Shom looked at her and felt his cock twitch. She was incredibly sexy looking in that saree. His eye wandered over her. Her shoulder length hair, the soft saree hugging her curves. The bare torso where the blouse ended. A navel and soft tummy that he would surely enjoy feeling with his face. And the curve of that hip……………

The erection was complete and dramatically tenting his dhoti. Shom felt no shame and did not attempt to conceal his inflamed desire. Far from it, he felt proud and was happy that he had Sunita here with him. Yes, his daughters friend. That thought did fleetingly cross his mind. But that thought also added to the intensity of his feelings. He wanted to hold her. Her ass and pull her down on him. And have this little girl who had seen over the years play with him.

His hand reached out and he caught Sunita’s hand and pulled her near. She gasped and let her hand bag slip to the floor. She hunched over him. Her hair fell forward and covered them both. She looked down into his eyes and said, “uncle, what are you doing?”

Uncle Shom reached out with his other hand and claimed her bare torso. Sunita shuddered with a sharp intake of her breath. “Uncle, whatever I did yesterday was to help you with a much needed release. Let it stop with that.”

Uncle Shom responded with a squeeze of her tummy lightly. His thumb went lower and slipped under the garment, at where the saree was tied and the petticoat cord ran.

“Uncle.” Sunita placed a hand on his shoulder. Now standing beside his chair but hunched over him. Shom brought his other hand to her torso and now held her in both his hands. The other thumb ran over her breast and through the blouse and bra she felt his thumb find her nipple. She shuddered. “Uncle, don’t touch me. I will help you with your…..” She could not bring herself to say the word to a man she had grown up and viewed as almost father. Her body sagged as she let herself fall forward, closer to him now than ever before. Her lips brushed the top of his head.

“With my what?”, he asked. His hand moved up and claimed ber breast totally. His other hand went to her ass and he squeezed.

“With whatever you want,” she whispered as she kissed his temple and his forehead. Now leaning more than ever before the top of her low-cut blouse hung and Shom could see her small breasts cupped in the bra. He felt his throat dry up as he imagined the nipple which he had just felt with his thumb.

His hand which was one her back, now slowly pulled up the garment. Quickly the hem came up and her leg was bare to his hand. He touched her skin. It felt soft and inviting. He gasped as his cock twitched and shuddered. He stretched out his legs to relieve himself.

“Uncle, no! You don’t touch me. Not there, not anywhere,” she said pleadingly. “I will do what I did to you yesterday afternoon,” she whimpered. Her hand slipped inside his kurta and she fingered his chest and played with his nipple.

“Which was what?” he pushed on. He knew what was holding her back. And he was determined to bring out the slut in this girl he had known all her life.

She reached back and gasped loudly as she felt the outline of his cock with her small hand. Even though she had seen and played with it, stroked it, held it yesterday, she could not help feeling surprise and shock at the size of his cock. “This!” she said.

“What is that?” he asked, as his hand slipped further up and his fingers slipped under her panties.

She shifted her legs apart so his hand could find her pussy. “Uncle, I will hold you and stroke you. But you must not touch me! You cannot feel me,” she pleaded. The heat and moistness were apparent to Shom even though he had not reached anywhere near her cunt yet.

“Why not?” he asked. His palm was now on her pussy and he cupped her mound. She moaned as she spread her legs further.

“Because we have no time,” she gasped.

“So it doesn’t matter that you are my daughters friend? That is not the reason? And given time you are happy to let me touch you, arouse you, fuck you?” he asked breathless as her fingers lightly toyed with his leaping jerking member.

“Oh, Uncle!” she shuddered as she heard the f-word. She buried her head in his neck.

Shom lifted her saree completely and peeled off the top edge of the panties. “What are you doing?” she asked in horror. “Deepa is just getting organized downstairs and is waiting for me for us to go out shopping.”

She quickly peeled it lower and kicked off her panties. Her hand rushed back to grip his cock, for the first time today. She slid her hand up and down that master specimen of the male organ. Shom pulled her leg and tried to lift her. She lifted her leg and put it across him to the other side of the chair.

She sat on his thighs. His cock in front of her. The saree now falling back but not onto the cock because that was the way she wanted it. Her pussy ground on the flesh of his legs, releasing fluid. Her hands came to his cock. She was mad with lust but did not want his cock in her pussy and somehow wanted to leave the sanctity of their relationship as “Uncle Shom” and “Sunita Beti” untouched.

With both hands she held his cock and her fingers played on the member, flitting and stroking lightly. The cock leaped and jumped and the wetness flowed down and pooled into her hand. Shom held her shoulders and stroked her delicate neck. “Say it!” he commanded her.

“What?” she asked as her hands flew up and down the cock. She needed to finish this. She didn’t want Deepa discovering them like this.

“The name of what you are stroking.”

“I,” she grunted as she worked on the cock, “am” harder strokes, “taking care” faster strokes, “of you!” she ended.

His hand slid up her thigh. “Liar. Not me. But my cock!”

“Oh Uncle” she moaned as she rocked back and forth. Rubbing her wide open pussy all over his legs and pumping hard as she ever could.

Shom raised his knees forcing Sunita to slide forward. She panicked and her hands flew to his shoulders to prevent her from falling. “Uncle no!” she protested. His hands lifter her saree up enough. She slid forward. Her pussy came to rest against the broad trunk of his cock, sandwiched between them. Her face was close to his. She stared into his eyes. And he looked deep into her eyes.

The prickliness of her pubic hair against his cock and the open wetness was maddening for him. The broad weapon of a cock was pulsing against her pussy driving her wild. His hands slipped under her ass and he raised her slightly. The head of his cock prodded at the top of her cunt. She shuddered and wailed, “Unclllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle! Not your cock in my cunt. Not your cock. No! No! No! No.”

It was broad, hot and smeared with his juices and hers. It slid up all the way and nestled at the mouth of her womb. She put her hands on his chest and pushed herself up, struggling to move her pussy off his cock and stall the maddening pleasure. He held her hips and ass and pulled her down. She grunted as she pushed upward. His hand slid between them and he slid fingers up her cunt. She gasped and thrust herself on the fingers. He led her to his cock at which point she pushed away. Shom’s thumb stroked her clit and was rewarded with a surge of juice flowing down from her surging cunt.

He thrust his hips upward attacking, stabbing at her cunt. She held back and reached between to masturbate him. He fucked her cunt hard and one hand pinched and twisted her nipples. Sunita felt lust surging through her body. She looked down and saw the cock hard and prone. Ready to pleasure her. She gave up the fight. Holding the cock she lowered herself on to the waiting cockhead.

“Give me that cock!” she hissed as she levered herself up on his shoulders. Her saree tented and covered both of them completely. She hoped she would be able to just rise off his and join Deepa without too much time to re-dress. Her legs were on the floor. She was splayed open on top of him. She straightened and bent her knees, her cunt rising and falling on the cock. She bounced on him. “Fuck me! Fuck me with that cock! That’s what you wanted no, Uncle” she gritted her teeth to control her wild pleasure at the way his cock was reaming her.

She opened out the pallo of her saree so that her chest was accessible to him. Her hands went around his head as she pulled his face to her bosom and she fucked him, riding him mercilessly. The sense of pleasure was further fuelled by the illicitness of what was happening between and the danger Deepa walking in on them. And she needed to finish this.

“Oh my god! Uncle, how I want you! I wish you had listened to me. We should have taken longer time to do this. We don’t have time to go on and on and I don’t want this to end!” she said. She changed angles. Sometimes taking his cock in deep. Sometimes from an angle towards her front. When she felt his shudder more she held on to that pose, hoping to make him come quick.

Shom moved his hips a bit to bring the head of his cock to run along the top of Sunita’s cunt. Her clit had to be there.

Sunita was moving rapidly and was unprepared for the sudden grazing of her clit by his thick cock. She shuddered and spasmed and pulled him closer to her breasts. Shom nuzzled her breasts through the clothes. Sunita let out low screams as the cock ravaged her clit sending her into uncontrollable spasms. She held his head tight and rode the cock taking all her pleasure.

“Uncle! You bad man! Taking my cunt like this! Do you remember me, I am Sunita, your daughters friend. Ui Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” she screamed as orgasms ripped through her.

She threw her head back and thrust her body down on his cock taking her full pleasure. Shom shoved up the cloth of her blouse and bra and squeezed out her breast from under. He leaned forward to take her nipple.

“You shameless bastard!” she screamed as he pleasured her. “Take me! Make me cum! AM like your daughter but look at our lust and our bodies!”

She slowed down her riding, savoring every little vibration coursing through her. She had drenched him and his pubic hair. She leaned forward, her cunt twitching and slowing down. She readied to take back control of fucking him. She lifted herself up. Hunching over him. He had her blouse opened and her bra which had front hooks opened too so her breasts were now hanging in front of his face. He mashed his face against them, licking and lipping all over. She held her pussy over his cockhead. She knew from masturbating where he came from. In sharp rapid movements she fucked the head of his cock. She tried to concentrate, eyes closed, her mind on the open lips sliding over the raging head. Fuck him. Fuck him hard. Make him cum. Her mind was talking to her.

Shom started to wail. The softness of the young womans body. Her ministrations on his cock. The illicit pleasure. The succulent breasts. It was all proving too much.

“Beti!” he said pleadingly, softly as he felt pleasure coursing up his cock from deep inside him.

Sunita smiled kindly and opened her eyes to look down at him. She watched as he sucked and mauled her tits. The flicking of her nipple was making her clit throb. She thrust down harder and as she looked up she saw Deepa halfway up the stairs looking at them. Shom could not see her because he had his back to the stairway. And Sunita had no idea how long she had been standing there.

Her eyes met her friends eyes. She looked into Deepa’s eyes deeply as she purposefully thrust down on Shoms jerking and throbbing cock.

“Yes, beti! I needed this. I needed this so badly!” he sobbed. She looked down at him and stroked his head as he pressed against her breasts. She looked back up at Deepa. He was hers. In that moment it was so evident.

Shom cupped her ass and lifted her and dropped her harder. Sunita cried out loud in pleasure. Now that Deepa was watching them there was no need for her to be quiet. She fucked back mercilessly, shouting and screaming.

“Yes, uncle fuck me! You needed your beti to fuck you! Take! Take my cunt. Plunder me with your cock. Oh yes, yes , yes, yes ,yes!” Each yes was and extra hard thrust fuck down.

“Shhhhh!” said Shom. His hand reached up to cover her mouth. His fingers slipped into her mouth. Her eyes were on Deepa. Deepa was watching transfixed as her dad fucked her friend in a most animal display of lust.

The cock swelled as the cum boiled up. Sunita laughed in delight. “Yes fill me!” she said to him. She just wanted Deepa to know that her father was about to unload his semen into her. She felt a thrill in describing what was happening for Deepa’s benefit.

“Oh yes, I can feel your seed spurting. There! Oh its warm! Oh its spreading inside me! I am flooded!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Sunitaaaaaaaaaa! Beti! Beti! Beti!” he couldn’t stop tenderly repeating the word daughter over and over again for that was how he had referred to her for years.

They jerked, spasmed. Shuddered. Held each other. Shom caressed and kissed her breasts. She rocked back and forth. Taking in several shots of cum and now gently milking and squeezing him dry. Her eyes never left Deepa’s for a moment.

And somehow, in the exchanged glances, Sunita had told Deepa that her father needed this and she was doing it for Deepa. And Deepa had thanked Sunita for taking care of this need in the man.

They rested on each other. When the cock lost its muscle, Sunita rose off but the exit caused them both to shudder. Sunita leaned forward and kissed the elderly man for the first time deep and on his lips.

Combined juices ran down her legs which were spread out on either side of the chair as she was now standing.

“Oh god!” she moaned. Shom gently caressed her. She lifted her leg off. Holding her legs as closely clamped as she could she moved to the washroom to avoid the stream down her legs from messing up the floor.

She had all the time to clean up, now that Deepa had seen everything.

She shut the washroom door and leaned against wall. Sensations and waves were still coursing through her. She closed her eyes contentedly and recalled that pillar of flesh and the strong body.

Their cum was still running out of her. Her skin was still flushed. She was still quaking from the experience. But she was already missing that hard male. Somewhere she knew she had started something she coudnt stop.

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