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Free Love at Hidden Beach

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My girlfriend April and I had been going to Hidden Beach ever since we had met. The first time we made love was out in the open on its sandy shores. Hidden Beach wasn’t actually hidden at all, but was hard to get to and had no services. You had to either own a four by four or be willing to take a long walk to get there. That kept most of the people away, other than a few other folks who usually went naked, which suited us just fine.

We had no problem backpacking in everything we needed for a great weekend in the sun. We’d spend the weekend nude and usually a little high.

In the early seventies, when these events took place, we were young – sort of remnants or latecomers to the hippie era. April would be known today as a hippie chick. We had met at a party and fallen in love. I felt that I had met someone, who, among other things, had a sexual libido that matched my own. We did everything together, and our early experiences at Hidden Beach were part of understanding each other sexually.

At nineteen, April was a carefree blonde, with long straight hair, a supple body, and that lovely space where her legs met. I loved the way she looked when she spread her slender legs and displayed her almost hairless pussy. She had cute high breasts that looked like grapefruit halves capped with large brown nipples. April didn’t need makeup – she was just naturally pretty, with freckles, green eyes, and a little upturned nose. She was simply a hot babe, and I thanked God for every minute we that we spent together. I was twenty-four, a strong young man with shaggy hair and a seven inch cock that was always up for adventure. We both had all-over tans from our weekends at the beach.

Aside from the pleasure of being naked outdoors, we both got a thrill from being nude in front of the occasional person who strolled down the beach. If a family was coming, we’d put some clothes on well before they arrived, but I had convinced April to stay nude if guys or young couples happened by. This turned us on tremendously, and we always had great sex afterwards. She seemed to especially enjoy displaying herself to naked men, young or old, and liked it best if the man had a large, inflated cock. The idea of April exposing herself and arousing other men excited both of us. I suspected she had a thing for big cocks, and I often secretly imagined a well-hung stud ravaging her on the beach.

April’s innocent appearance and tender age belied her wild side. Often while we fucked, she’d turn me on by telling me detailed stories about making love to her former boyfriends. My favorites were about her few one-night stands, like the time she was picked at an outdoor rock festival by a young, shirtless wild-man named Sean. Sean, she said, had an enormous cock, and had fucked her missionary style by the light of a campfire while two of his friends watched. After Sean came inside her, April gave both of his friends blow jobs. One guy came in her mouth and the second guy came all over her face and tits. Then she sucked Sean’s cock until he was hard again, and they fucked until night faded to dawn. The sex always ended up hard and wet when we re-lived April’s past.

We had few friends who would been comfortable being naked with us at Hidden Beach, but there was one guy we knew named Bob, or Big Bob, as we called him – sort of your hippie type who seemed like he might enjoy a Hidden Beach weekend. We’d run into him at house parties once in a while. We always enjoyed our conversations with him, and viewed him as a kindred spirit. He was tall, tanned and laid back, and he usually wore his dark hair in a long ponytail. Bob always seemed to be on the way to somewhere, usually by hitchhiking or greyhound. I could tell April like him by the way she responded to him. I knew from her stories that she liked the long-hair types. Plus, Bob was truly a nice guy, and great to be around.

We were lying naked on Hidden Beach one day, and I asked April what she thought about inviting Bob to the beach. She thought it was a great idea. “What about being naked with him?” I asked her. She told me that she was fine with it, as long as he was nude too. I thought about my hot blonde girlfriend naked in front of Bob all day, and my cock rose to a full erection. April nestled her head on my stomach and leisurely sucked me off. I flooded April’s mouth with jizz as I thought of the three of us naked on the beach. As we kissed and swapped cum (one of the kinky habits we had developed) I told her I would ask Bob to come out next time we saw him.

A few weeks later, we ran into Bob at a Friday night house party, and told him all about Hidden Beach. He thought the beach sounded great, and we let him know that we’d be camping there on Saturday if he wanted to check it out. Bob said that it sounded so good that he would try and make it.

Sure enough, just as we were finishing setting up our camp on Saturday, we saw Bob walking through the sand towards us. We greeted him warmly, and started the day off with wine and a joint. Bob announced he was going to take a swim, and simply peeled off his T-shirt and jeans, and stood chatting with us completely nude. He was not the least bit self conscious. April looked a little surprised, but seemed to get comfortable with Bob’s nudity pretty quickly. Bob was in great shape. He was big all over – a large uncircumcised cock swung from a heavy set of balls. I suggested we go in too, and we followed Bob’s lead by stripping down completely.

We splashed around in the lake, and I came up behind April and playfully grabbed her. I ran my hands briefly over her tits in plain view of Bob. She turned and kissed me passionately, and gave my cock a quick squeeze. Then April pushed me away and we headed back in.

We ended up lying on our backs, soaking up the sun with April lying between Bob and me. We were quite close – April’s leg was touching mine, and I wondered how close she was to Bob. My cock was getting hard just thinking about it, and I looked over at Bob. He had his eyes closed, and his cock was half hard and coiled against his leg. I could see that my girlfriend was thigh to thigh with Bob. As I watched, Bob’s cock slowly unfurled, rolled off his leg, and pointed straight up at his navel.

I rolled on my side and gently stroked April’s pussy. She opened her eyes and looked at me quizzically. I motioned her to look at Bob, and she turned her head and saw his big cock pulsing against his belly. She relaxed a bit, and watched Bob’s cock while I lightly stroked her cunt. As I teased her, she slowly drew up her legs up and opened them, resting her right leg on Bob’s thigh. Pretty soon, I was stroking two fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Bob still hadn’t opened his eyes.

April rolled on to her side to face Bob, and reached for his cock. Bob opened his eyes and smiled at her as she wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft of his manhood. She worked her hand up and down for a moment, and then bent over and took his dick into her mouth. I couldn’t believe we were doing this, and I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. I stroked my dick while I watched my cute girlfriend nibble at our friend’s cock. She sucked his cock gently at first, but soon lost any inhibitions and made love to Bob’s dick with her lips and tongue. She was a true cock-sucking artist, and usually finished me off by swallowing my cum or letting me shoot all over her pretty face.

April positioned herself between Bob’s legs so she could realty go to work on him. She pulled his foreskin back and sucked on Bob’s cock until it was rock hard. It grew to a thick eight inches, and was easily the biggest cock I had ever seen I watched her tongue swirl around the head and play with his sticky pre-cum. Then she licked her way down to his balls and lathered them with her saliva. One of her hands slowly and jacked his cock, and she teased his asshole with the other. I figured that he would be shooting cum in the next few seconds.

Apparently, that wasn’t what April had in mind. She straddled Bob and squatted over his glistening cock, rubbing the head back and forth between her slick pussy lips. I watched as she relaxed her tight little butt and slid down on Bob’s cock, working it slowly into her pussy. Bob reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks to steady her as she impaled herself on his rigid tool. April inched down until it was all the way in. Then she moved up until it was almost out, and abruptly dropped down on the full length of his shaft. Both of them grunted and April exclaimed, “God, I’m so full of cock!”

They began passionately kidding as April humped away on top of him. I moved to the end of the blanket so I could watch Bob’s cock pistoning in and out of her pussy. Suddenly, Bob took charge and rolled April onto her back, keeping his cock buried in her pussy. April spread her legs wide, giving her lover full access to her cunt. Bob responded by fucking her hard and fast. The only sounds were the birds singing and the wet sound of sloppy sex.

I didn’t feel jealous – I kept thinking how beautiful it was and how sexy my girlfriend looked as Bob fucked her. As he plowed the full length of his cock into her pussy, April pushed her hips up to meet him, gripping his hard ass with both hands. Whenever he pulled his shaft back, it coated with her juices. My fantasy had come true – my lovely hippie chick was lying on the beach with her legs splayed open, allowing a big-dicked stud to fuck her.

Bob had stamina, and literally fucked April silly – she seemed to be in another world. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and cried out that she was cumming. With his cock deep inside my sweetheart, Bob tensed and starting spewing his seed into her pussy. They held each other and kissed for a long time, and finally Bob rolled off of her. As his big dick skipped out, cum leaked from her gaping pussy

April sat up. With her legs still splayed open and Bob’s copious load oozing from her cunt, she seemed a little shocked about what had just happened. I gathered her up and told how great she was, and how I loved seeing Bob make love to her. Bob kissed her and told her how beautiful she was. April returned his kiss and breathlessly told us that she hoped we didn’t think she was a little slut. I told her that we didn’t think like that – that sex was a beautiful and natural thing. Of course, by most people’s standards, April was behaving like a slut, and I realized then that I loved it.

I slid my fingers into her silky smooth pussy, and they were immediately soaked in Bob’s hot cum. I loved the slippery, slick feeling her pussy had. The prospect of fucking her right after Bob drove me wild – I couldn’t wait to fuck her! Just as I leaned over to kiss her, Bob quietly warned us that someone was coming.

We were caught by surprise. I just had time to pull my hand away from April and attempt to hide my erection. April pressed her legs together, and the guy was on top of us. “Hey John,” Bob called out – “You made it!” The guy was none other than John Simms, a good friend of Bob’s, and an acquaintance of ours. There were an odd pair – John was quite different than Bob – he was good looking, but in a more traditional, clean-cut kind of way. A bit of a jock, he was always fit, and a notorious skirt chaser. He was a nice enough guy, but not someone we really hung out and connected with. It seemed that Big Bob had invited John to Hidden Beach as well.

Bob, of course, seemed totally unconcerned about being nude, and unashamed of, or oblivious to his semi-hard dick swaying in front of him. John didn’t seem too shocked either. He was too busy looking at my naked girlfriend with a stunned sort of smile. In an effort to hide the sperm dripping from her pussy, April sat with her legs folded beneath her. Not wanting her to feel uncomfortable, I handed her cutoff jeans. She slipped into them, but declined my offer of her tube top, leaving her tanned breasts exposed to John.

Thus attired, April rose and greeted him with a hug. Her naked breasts pressed against his bare chest as her drew her against him. This did nothing to relieve my state of excitement. After a bit of small talk, I suggested another swim. April dropped her shorts and waded into the water in front of me, her long blonde hair swaying just above her tanned butt. The two guys stayed talking on the sand, and I knew they were getting a great view of April’s sexy ass. I wondered if Bob was telling John about fucking my hot little girlfriend, but somehow I doubted it.

When we up to our shoulders in the lake, April embraced me, coyly asking, “I hope you’re not mad at me for fucking Bob?” “Do I seem angry?” I answered, rubbing my cock against her. “That was fantastic – I love you. I told her how turned on I was, and April assured me that she was having a great time too. “Good,” I said, “Maybe we can convince John to strip down as well. Let’s go in and party some more.” As we kissed again, I slid a finger into her pussy. It was still slick inside with Bob’s cum. I helped her clean up, and we waded back to the beach. Both men watched the water stream from April beautiful body as she emerged from the lake.

We hung out on the beach and talked while we smoked some reefer and had a few drinks. Pretty soon we were good and high and had a nice vibe going. April stayed completely nude this time and teased John, intentionally or not, by rubbing her breasts against him, and bending over to pick things up from the beach. She eventually sat down on a beach blanket, facing John as they talked. She slowly dropped one knee to the side and raised the other, opening her legs until John was looking down at her completely exposed pussy.

Watching my girlfriend display herself this way turned me on tremendously. My dick started growing again. John too, had understandably developed a large bulge in his shorts. April kept bugging him to remove his shorts, laughingly telling him how nice it was to be naked. John finally said okay, but boldly suggested that April take them off for him.

“Okay,” she giggled, “I want to see what you’re hiding in there.” She stood in front of him and twisted open the button on his shorts. Bob and I stood on either side laughing and watching. April slid his zipper down, and then grasped the sides of his shorts and pulled them down, revealing an engorged penis straining mightily against a pair of white briefs. The tip of his cock-head peeked out above the waistband. John stood expectantly with his hands on his hips waiting for my April to finish her work.

She whisked down his briefs, and his cock sprang free, smacking against April’s flat belly. “My God, John!” She gasped, looking down at the cock resting against her. It was half hard and huge, immensely thick, and capped with a wide mushroom head. She knelt in the sand before him and pulled his briefs all the way down. Grinning, John stepped out of his shorts and underwear. His dick hung inches from my girlfriend’s face, and without hesitation, she wrapped her small hands as far around it as she could.

John looked over at me to get my reaction, but he relaxed when he saw me stroking my stiff cock. “You can’t tell anybody about this, right guys?” April asked, her gaze and hands never leaving John’s monstrous organ. We all assured her that anything that happened would be our secret. With that, my girlfriend started tonguing the head of John’s ever-growing cock. I doubted that she would be able to stretch her mouth around it, but soon April was doing her best to cram John’s cock into her mouth.

It had grown to its full size – even longer than Bob’s and much thicker. She was having a lot of trouble getting much of the head past her lips. John took a handful of her blonde hair in each hand, and centered her mouth on his dick. He slowly worked his cock-head around my girlfriend’s lips like he was loosening up her pussy – he had obviously had this problem before. Finally, the impossibly fat head slipped past her lips.

He worked April’s head gently back and forth, a feeding her a little more cock each time, until she was taking the first few inches. Her cheeks bulged with every stroke, and her eyes widened when he pushed his dick in. John sped up his movements, and before long he was literally fucking April’s face. His cock sprang free several times, the head pulling gooey strands of pre-cum and saliva from my girlfriend’s lips. John grasped his shaft with one hand and the back of April’s head with the other and fed his dick into her mouth. He was less gentle now – simply working April’s head back and forth over his massive dick, occasionally pushing it down so far down her throat that my cute little hippie chick gagged and sputtered.

I was transfixed watching April wantonly blowing someone she barely knew. Her long hair swung as she bobbed over John’s shining cock. She added to his pleasure by sliding a slender finger into his ass, a technique she often used on me, and gripped his thigh with her other hand.

I’ll never forget the scene that unfolded next. With his thick cock almost in her throat, John arched his back and moaned that he was gong to come. April took the first blast in her mouth, but his dick popped out and sprayed heavily onto her face and hair. As cum flowed from her open mouth onto her breasts, John continued jacking his huge cock and spurting all over her face. The amount he came was truly shocking. April’s innocent face was complexly drenched with John’s thick load.

When he was done, April laughed and sat back in the sand, and John sank to his knees. She looked very sexy with wads of John’s come dripping from her chin, and she tossed her head back and swallowed his load. Then, with his swollen cock bouncing in front of him, Bob appeared in front of her and gently laid April back on the sand, positioning himself between her legs. He slid into her pussy easily, and for the second time that day, Bob fucked my girlfriend on the beach in the bright sunshine. They moved more slowly this time, and Bob didn’t seem to mind John’s cum smearing on his face as he kissed her.

I desperately wanted to get in on the action – all I had done all day was watch, so I asked them to roll over. I grabbed some lotion and began to oil up April’s asshole. April moaned and humped Bob’s cock while I slowly worked a finger into her cute little butt-hole. We had only had anal sex once before, although we’d often finger each other in the ass when we fooled around.

I lubed my rigid dick and pushed against her tiny opening. Both of them remained still until my cock-head head finally popped in. Before long we were both humping away at her. I could feel Bob’s cock gliding in and out of her pussy. I pushed down on her hard, forcing my dick deep into her ass and her pussy hard onto Bob’s cock. It felt fantastic, and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

John moved around in front of us, and ground his prick into April’s face until she started sucking it again. I pulled her yellow hair into a ponytail and forced her head up and down on John’s dick while she swallowing it enthusiastically. I finally came, blasting the load of jism that I had held back for so long into April’s tight little ass. When I was done, I pulled out, and she continued sucking and fucking John and Bob. I lay back in the sand and watched my beautiful blonde goddess go wild with these two studs.

With his dick swaying obscenely before him, John moved behind April into my former position, picking up the oil on his way. He slicked his cock up, and then easily worked two oily fingers into April’s asshole. He was actually going to ass-fuck my girlfriend with that huge slab of meat! April encouraged him, and once again she and Bob stopped moving while a cock penetrated her ass. This cock was almost twice the girth of my own, and I didn’t think there was any way she could handle it. She grimaced as he worked the wide head in, but soon she relaxed and the first few inches slid up her butt.

The three of them started moving in unison, and I went behind them to get a perfect few of two thick shafts plunging in and out of her glistening holes. John held her little ass-cheeks apart, and soon he was balls deep. I was amazed how her tiny ass had stretched around his cock and was taking it all. Both of April’s new boyfriends drove their cocks into her over and over, until John moaned that he was coming, and with a final thrust, gave April a second load of sperm deep in her ass. He pulled out and staggered back. Cum ran from her ass, lubricating Bob’s shaft he continued fucking her pussy.

They kept fucking away, and April yelled that she was cumming. Bob, who had waited so long, pulled her down hard on his dick, and they both reached orgasm. April collapsed on top of him. After they kissed for a while, April stood up. Cum drooled from her pussy and ass and fell in globs onto Bob’s legs.

We sprawled on the blankets and took a break, and I drifted off to sleep for a while. When I awoke, John had my moaning girlfriend spread-eagled and was slowly pumping his massive dick into her stretched pussy. Bob knelt beside her head with his dick bouncing against her face. April occasionally sucked him into her mouth, only to let go and cry out as John fucked her.

I joined Bob and stared stroking my cock next to April’s face. She smiled sweetly at me, but immediately gasped and closed her eyes as John hit bottom again. “I’m almost there John,” she moaned. After a few more powerful strokes, she came around John’s dick. “Fuck my cunt, come in my cunt!” she urged, and John responded by holding her tight and letting go in my girlfriend’s pussy. While John came inside her, a rope of cum gushed from Bob’s cock-head onto April’s face. April grabbed his twitching cock and directed the rest of his load into her mouth.

I instinctively knew what I wanted, and I had John move from between her legs. I had only heard about sloppy seconds before – now I was going to experience it first hand. My hard cock slid effortlessly into April’s gaping cunt, and it was all hot and squishy with John’s fresh load. The feeling of fucking my girlfriend after Bob and John excited me more than anything that had happened so far. We kissed deeply, and April pushed Bob’s musky cum into my mouth. I was so turned on, I even licked his cum from her face and swirled it into April’s mouth. I told her I loved her as I came inside her, and added my load to our two friends’.

We were all a little zonked by then, and we lay on the blankets in the waning sun, talking about what had transpired. We agreed that it had been one of the great experiences of our lives. The guys eventually got dressed and headed back to the city. That night in our tent, with my head full of images and sensations from the afternoon, I quietly masturbated while April slept soundly beside me. It was just the start of many erotic adventures at Hidden Beach.

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