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Tyler’s Graduation

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Tyler was a typical 18 year old high school senior. Hung out with his friends and was very popular among his peers. It was now the end of his senior year and him and his friends were all very excited to graduate. As Tyler arrived to the stadium for the ceremony his dad parked the car and asked him to stay for a minute. “You know Ty, I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you, and I know Your mother is looking down on us and is proud too” his dad said. “Thanks dad” Tyler responded. Then he got out of the car to go meet the rest of his class in the gym.

As Tyler was sitting on the field he was thinking about the conversation he had just had with his father. It made him feel good to know that for once things were going right in his life. The graduation ceremony finished and Tyler received his diploma then found his dad in the crowd.

Tyler’s dad took him and a few friends out to dinner to celebrate then Tyler asked if they can get dropped off at a party for the graduating seniors. His dad agreed but told him to be safe, and with that his dad dropped them off and headed back to the house.

While at the party, Tyler and his friends did their fair share of drugs and alcohol and were all having a great time. After what had seemed like a few hours Tyler looked at his watch and realized it was nearly 2 AM. His friend that was driving had passed out drunk so he was forced to walk home in the rain.

The walk only took about 10 to 15 minutes but by the time he got home Tyler was soaked from head to toe. Tyler opened the door to see his dad sitting in the family room waiting for him. “Shit son, you should have called me to pick up.” His dad said. Tyler told his dad it was fine but thanked him anyway. “Come on, let’s go get your drunk ass cleaned up son”. His dad responded.

Tyler was led to his bedroom by his dad, stumbling into the wall every few steps. They finally made it to his room and his dad sat him down on his bed. “Okay let’s get these wet clothes off you” his dad said. Tyler felt his dad take off his wet shirt and pants. Then he felt his wet briefs slide off. Then he felt something he didn’t see coming. His dad started drying him off with a towel rubbing his hands up and down his sons naked body.

Tyler’s cock started to get hard from his dad rubbing his hands all over his body. “Wow boy, you got a pretty big dick for your age.” His dad said. Then felt his dads hand grab his dick and start stoking it along with his balls. Tyler tried to resist and move his dads hand. “Oh come on boy, I’ve wanted this for so long. Just go with it” He tried to get up but his dad quickly pulled him back to the bed.

Tyler once again tried to resist but it was too late. His dad was unzipping his pants and soon his dad’s package was right in his face. His dad took out his cock and forced it into his sons mouth. “Oh yeah son, you suck your daddy’s dick” he said. Tyler had always been curious about his sexuality but he never thought he would ever actually suck a dick, let alone his own father’s!

After a while Tyler gave in and stopped resisting. He actually was kind of enjoying it. Then his dad flipped him over onto his belly. “You ready for your Graduation present son?” His dad asked. Then he felt the sharp pain of his dad’s massive cock plowing into his virgin hole. Tyler let out a load screaming moan. “Fuck yes dad, fuck your baby boy” he yelled. Soon his dad was fucking him as hard as he could and Tyler was loving every second of it.

After a while Tyler felt his fathers cock harden and a hot warm load shoot into his asshole.

The next morning Tyler woke up in his bed wearing some fresh briefs. He got out of bed and went to his dads room. His found his dad sleeping in his bed. He climbed into bed with his dad, went under the covers and woke his father by sucking his cock.

Stay tuned for the next addition. (Any ideas are always welcomed)

BadFairGoodInterestingSuper Total 0 votes

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ken wrote

tyler is so lucky i wished i had received the same graduation present from my dad. i am really enjoying all the great incest stories on this site.