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The Wedding Finger

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Slamming the gear into neutral and cranking the emergency break, she jumped out of the driver seat and beckoned me to follow.

Anxious to see how far she was willing to go, I rushed out of the car and ran after her, following her fleeting footsteps into a tucked away hotel room.

Once inside we lost all composure as I thrust her onto the bed and began to rip my shirt off. Drawing in a deep hiss she crawled towards the edge of the bed and attacked my naked nipples with her teeth and tongue, raking her fingernails down my chest.

It didn’t take her long to locate the bulge that was growing inside my pants, before she was splitting the zipper. Sprawling her hands up my chest she knelt down and ran her tongue along the bulge, teasing my cock through the taught white briefs.

Within seconds she had my dick between her lips as she suckled me to rigid hardness. Once she was satisfied with my length, giving me a sharp tug for effect, she spun around, burying her head between her arms and thrusting her ass into the air.

Immediately her hand darted between her legs, frantically rubbing and teasing. Waiting. Slowly I slid forward until I was poised behind her neatly trimmed bush, preparing to bear fruit on the night’s flirtations. But instead she thrust back against me and I found myself locked in a battle of self-control.

Our bodies became one continuous machine as we thrust against each other, feeding off of each other’s passion. And then, all too soon, it was over.

We laid there for a few hours, sleeping off the alcohol and sex, when I suddenly remembered my family. Leaning across her naked body, I picked up the receiver and dialed my parents’ room number.

“Hello?” came my mother’s voice on the other side.

“Mom, hey, what’s up? Look, I just wanted to call and tell you that I might not make it in tonight. I partied a little too hard so I’m just going to sleep it off.”

She must have heard me talking on the phone with my mother, because she reached down and gave a stiff pull on my dick.

“Shit, girl, what the fuck!” I yelled into the phone before I realized what I was saying.

“And where exactly are you sleeping it off?” My mother asked skeptically.

“Oh, I’m hanging with one of the guys from the rehearsal. We met some chicks at a club one of them accidentally spilled a drink on me just now.” Hoping that my explanation was good enough I silently admonished her for causing a scene.

“Anyway, mom, I gotta go clean up. Love ya. Bye.” Quickly I hung up the phone and leaned back on my knees.

“Shit, what were you trying to do? That was my mom on the phone.”

“I know. I was just making sure that I still had your attention.” Then she leaned forward, with a certain glint in her eye, and swallowed my dick. Rolling her tongue around the edge of the head, she stared up into my eyes and slowly lowered her head until her chin was flush with my balls.

The feel of her tongue dancing along my dick, while her lips massaged the base of my cock was enough stimulation to have me rock hard in seconds. Lifting her up, I laid down on the bed with my tongue pointing straight up into the air, and I pulled her pussy down towards me.

I sucked noisily at the pink, tender flesh inside her, rubbing firmly with the tip of my tongue, and causing a few moans to escape her lips. Soon I felt her hand rubbing at my balls and teasing the base of my cock, jerking me off every once in a while. This continued for a few more minutes, until I finally couldn’t resist the urge anymore. Sliding out from beneath her I hopped up and pushed her chest down against the bed, forcing her ass in the air.

Kneeling behind her I rubbed my dick repeatedly up and down her pussy, until she was begging me to fuck her with it, screaming my name. But this time, I was determined to accomplish what she had interrupted during our last romp. After a few minutes, she soon began to settle down, breathing heavily from her excursions. And then, when she was completely relaxed, I finally drove my cock deep inside her.

The shock of suddenly being filled, after waiting for so long, sent her plummeting over the edge, screaming into the sweaty sheets and grinding her nails into the mattress.

Wanting to get my own release, I continued to pump her pussy from behind as she road a continual wave of smooth pleasure. Her tight pussy continued to clutch sporadically at my shaft as I milked every ounce of pleasure from her, before unloading another stream deep inside her.

Sliding out of her, I helped her flip over onto her back, her flushed, satisfied face smiling up at me. Soon our tongues were locked in a heated battle, tracing the battlefield of our mouths, until we both finally fell asleep, completely spent.

The next morning I awoke to an empty bed. At first I was hurt, to think that she would leave without even saying goodbye. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t used to one night stands.

But then I noticed the note next to the phone.

Be back soon. Went shopping. Love Alice.

Smiling happily at the sunshine that was sneaking in between the blinds, I fell back asleep. I didn’t wake up for another three hours, until I heard the sound of her key in the door.

With a sly grin across my face, I quickly and quietly crept across the floor and stood behind the door, waiting.

Being the gentleman that I am I allowed her to enter and close the door, dropping an armful of bags before I snuck up behind her and squeezed her by both hips.

Imagine my shock when my cheek met with a mighty slap.

Bracing herself against the table, she clutched a free hand against her chest and breathed deeply. “Dammit James! Are you TRYING to give me a heart attack?”

Flashing a very convincing pout, I rubbed gently at the red hand-print on my face. And it worked.

Gliding across the floor she hugged my face between her palms and apologized for the sharp slap. Which I quickly followed with a kiss on the lips, surprised by the way that she seemed to withdraw slightly from me. But the hesitation was only temporary, as I soon found her tongue invading my throat.

She was only a few years older than I, but obviously she had learned quite a deal about how to stimulate a man’s interest. I felt my dick begin to harden and press against the hem of her skirt and reached around her waist, to undo the zipper on the back of her outfit. But instead of her helping me, she slapped my hands away and gave me another quick peck on the lips before returning to her shopping bags.

“You’ll get enough of that tonight. For now, we need to see how well I shopped for you.”

Reaching in to one of the paper bags she pulled out a very sleek-looking, granite-colored silk shirt and pair of light gray slacks. Forcing me to stand in front of the mirror, she dressed me up in the outfit, running her hands along the smooth fabric once she was finished. I looked in the mirror, and I was astonished to see the man standing in front of me.

For me, the usual outfit consisted of jeans and a T-shirt. But this, was something entirely different, but not entirely uncomfortable. Slowly I turned to the side and saw how the clothes fit, and then I noticed her checking out my ass.

“Like what you see?” I teased.

She just giggled and pulled out an abstract black and white tie, and again proceeded to dress me, slapping my hands whenever I tried to help. Next she pulled out a pair of tube socks and, pushing me back onto the bed, slid them up to my calf, running her hands up and down my leg when she was finished.

Next came the shoes, which I assumed cost a pretty penny. I couldn’t believe that she was doing this for me, so soon after we’d met.

When she was finished, she quickly stood up and stared at the transformation that she had been responsible for. Then she grabbed my hand and her purse and lead me outside of the room.

“Where are we going?” I asked, a little curious about our destination.

“That’s my little secret.” She said as she winked in my direction and gave another little peck on my cheek.

Sitting in the passenger seat of her hot little sports car I decided to go with the flow. What the worst that could happen, I figured.

We drove for almost half an hour, with the silence of the car between us the entire way. At one point I attempted to turn on the radio, only to find myself reprimanded. “Did I TELL YOU that you could turn on the radio?”

“Uh . . well . . . no” I mumbled nervously.

“Then what does that tell you?”

“You don’t want to listen to the radio?” I questioned humbly. I was a little disturbed by the sudden and drastic change in her attitude towards me.

“Very good” She congratulated me. I felt like a little child. “Now, we are going to do some more shopping for you. And during our shopping there are only a few rules that must be followed. One: You do not speak unless spoken to. Two: You do not do anything, unless you are told to. Three: You will refer to me as Madame. Is that clear?”

“Uh . . . y-y-yeah, I guess so.” What can I say, I was in shock.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

“Yes, Madame” I quickly jumped to reply.

“Much better” she said as she patted me gently on the head. Forget feeling like a child. I felt like a damn dog.

Following our little “discussion” the rest of the morning progressed rather slowly. By noon we had visited at least half a dozen major department stores, gathering at least two complete outfits from each store, and there seemed to be no end in sight.

But I did as I was told. I kept quiet. Doing as I was told, was a little more difficult however. Especially when she would tell me to go in to a dressing room and strip, only to be followed by herself and one of the female clerks.

It was very unsettling as they both carefully dressed me, helping themselves to whatever part of my body that I wanted.

And I was becoming rather frustrated. To this day, I’m still not sure why I went on with the shopping.

By the seventh store, I had developed a small animosity towards the entire situation, and made a pointed attempt to show my disdain by any means possible.

Again, we followed with the same routine, locating a few overly priced shirts, slacks and ties before making our way towards the dressing room. As ordered I went into the dressing room and undressed. When I was finished I stood perfectly still, with my hands at my sides and waiting for the humiliation to begin.

Alice and her new female accomplice soon followed and proceeded to dress me in yet another form fitting, stylish outfit. When they were finished, she came up behind me and ran her hands along my chest, resting her chin on my shoulder.

By instinct I eased up at the first show of intimacy since we had left the hotel.

“Doesn’t this look nice?”

“Yes, I think this one is the best yet” I responded, assuming that she was talking to me.

Then her voice changed from that of sweet summer breezes to that of cold winder blizzards. “WHAT did I tell you?”

In a rush all of my anger resurfaced, and I regained my composure. “I am sorry, Madame. I thought I was being spoken to.” I made sure to place extra, hateful emphasis on every syllable of the pronoun she had assigned to herself.

“Would you leave us for a minute, please?” With a short, nervous nod the clerk quickly stepped out of the changing room, leaving me alone with my tormentor. “You don’t quite appreciate the way that you’ve been treated, do you my dear?”

“Your dear? I feel more like your dog. Following closely behind your feet, begging for the slightest bit of affection and attention, only to be swatted away at the first sign of care.”

“Well . . . would you believe me if I told you that it will all be worth it, come tonight?”

“I’m not sure if I’m willing to find out anymore. I don’t think anything is worth this much humiliation.”

“Nothing? Not even . . . this” There before my eyes, with the changing room door free to open at any moment, she knelt down in front of me and unzipped the front of my new slacks, pulling my dick out. Staring at my huge erection, she licked her lips anxiously and immediately started licking every curve and vein of my dick, coating me in a thin film of spit.

Then, smiling at me with her bright red lips, she slid my dick in, teasing the head with her tongue as she strained to feed my entire length down her throat. Finally she reached the base, as her tongue reached out and played frantically with my balls, her saliva coating them.

Moaning happily, she reached around and cupped my ass in both hands as she began to suck me of through the clean cut slacks. At first I felt guilty for enjoying her oral workings, without returning the favor, until I remembered our morning “routine”. Soon all feelings of guilt were gone, as I grabbed a handful of her shoulder length hair and fucked her face.

At this point her saliva had generously coated my member, and her sweet mouth was producing sloppy, sucking noises. Then a knock came at the door. My eyes shot open as the clerk checked on us “Is everything okay in there, Miss?”

I looked down at Alice and she responded by pumping her head against my hips that much harder. I was slowly approaching the point of no return and I didn’t want the nosy little story clerk to hear me when I came. “Madame is busy at the moment. A little privacy please.” I gritted through tightly clenched teeth.

Then I heard the clerk storm off away from the changing room and Alice chuckling at my predicament. And that’s what sent me over the edge. As she chuckled, the roof of her mouth vibrated against my shaft, catching me completely unprepared, and I shot a thick stream of cum down the back of her throat.

At this point, a small trickle of sweat rolled down my forehead and I nearly collapsed from my weak knees. Without a word, Alice zipped me back up and redid her lipstick, checking for any stray droplets of semen. Then with a one final check of her hair she slipped out of the dressing room and handled the matter of purchasing my attire.

The remainder of the afternoon involved over a dozen other department stores, until I had a virtual wardrobe of clothes locked away in her trunk.

Eventually we made it back to the hotel room, and once I had finished bringing in the trunk full of clothes, I collapsed onto the bed, exhausted. My mind quickly away on a wave of silence and sweet relaxation. That is, until she leaped onto the bed, after me.

“You can’t be all tuckered out, already? We’ve still got the whole night to go.”

I mumbled something incoherent about needing my beauty sleep just before I found myself face first on the floor. Rolling over I looked up and saw her folding up the blanket that she had just then pulled from beneath me.

“Trust me, you don’t wanna miss this night.” Smiling devilishly, she leaned down over the bed and gave me a quick kiss before she hopped off and headed to the bathroom to get ready.

Due to our busy day of shopping, I had a seemingly endless supply of choices for the night’s events. So I chose something simple. And waited another hour for her to get ready.

We arrived at the club a few minutes before 11 o’clock and it would be safe to say that things were rolling along smoothly. We started things off slowly, with a beer apiece and quickly found a secluded table, well within view of the dance floor. We sat and talked for twenty to thirty minutes, before I became a little restless and almost asked her what exactly we were waiting for.

And then they showed up. The happy couple to be. Alice and I had met at the rehearsal dinner for her twin sister’s wedding. I had to admit that my uncle had good taste in women.

“So, I see the best man and sister of the bride are getting along fine.” John teased playfully.

Alice blushed a little, and placed her hand lightly on my inner thigh.

“Yeah, you could say that.” I responded.

The two joined us at our table and quickly joined us in having a beer. And it was then, that I noticed how identical the sisters were in appearance. In fact, the even had the same hairstyle in length. So identical, that if they weren’t wearing different dresses, it would be near impossible to tell them apart.

A most interesting fact, which sent tiny trickles of electricity through my brain, setting off alarms as they went. The difference in sexual behavior between the previous night and the following morning. The initial hesitation after her return from shopping. This required further investigation.

A few beers later, and the dance floor had filled nicely, providing a very comfortable atmosphere, so I asked Alice to dance with me. When we had reached the dance floor, I hammed it up a bit and drew her hand into mine, lifting it up to my lips. And my assumptions were verified.

Right there, clear as day, where an engagement ring would be, there was a visible ring of light pink skin, surrounded by the darker, well-tanned skin that covered the rest of her body. A tan line. Just about the same size as her sister’s engagement ring.

It appeared that there was more to these sisters than I’d originally thought.

I withdrew into myself, slightly, the rest of the night. A casual observer to the telltale signs of the game that the bride and her bridesmaid were playing. The way that “Alice’s” breathe would catch every single time that the groom and “bride” would kiss. The way she would initially tense up when I would casually touch her, then glance towards John, and eventually relax.

By the night’s end, I had all intentions of playing this scenario to the end, but I also had every intention of reversing the “roles” .

Wishing the happy couple a long night of sweet dreams, we made the long trek back to the hotel. Staring out at the passing light, I didn’t even realize she was speaking until she smacked me on the shoulder.

“Now that’s not being a very good boy, is it? Do you think I am undeserving of your attention?”

With a quiet calm, I answered her question as was expected. “No, Madame.” Then I added in my own little twist. “You and your sister have a REAL problem with not having a man’s undivided attention, don’t you?”

Our eyes locked in a dead stare, before she remembered where she was and quickly focused back on the road. “I don’t know what you mean? My sister . . . “

“Will make a terrific bridesmaid.”

Tires screamed painfully as she slammed onto the brakes and pulled the car over onto the shoulder. “Listen I don’t know what you’re trying here, but it is not funny. If you have some sort of crush on my sister, then . . . “

“It was the wedding finger that gave you away.” Reaching across the car I took her hand calmly in my own and pulled it up towards her face. “Nice little tan line you have there.”

“Shit!” Jerking her hand from my own, she lashed out at the leather interior, slamming her hands finally against the steering wheel. Sighing deeply, she turned to face me, for the first time with complete honesty. “How long have you known?”

I looked down at my watch dramatically. “About 3 hours.”

“And what do you intend to do about it?”

That was the cue I’d been looking for. “Well, first we’re going to have to switch seats.”

“Oh no!! Not Alice’s car! No way!”

I leaned forward until our noses barely touched. “Oh, well then, we can just call John up right now and you can explain this little affair.”

Sighing again, she knew she was trapped. “Fine.”

After readjusting the seat and mirror, I placed the car into first and continued our journey to the hotel.

“Okay. You’re driving the car now. Satisfied?”

I smiled. Here’s where the fun started. “Rule #1: You do not speak unless spoken to. Rule #2: You do not do anything, unless you are told to. Rule #3: You will refer to me as Master. Is THAT clear?”

She paused for a second, staring inquisitively at me for any sign of humor. Trying to lighten the mood she nervously began to laugh, expecting me to join in soon and share the wonderful joke.

“I’m sorry. Did I say something amusing?” Staring at her with a determined solemn demeanor, she quickly realized that, in fact, I was completely serious.

“No . . . Master.” She murmured softly.

“Very good.” I mimicked her earlier behavior.

She smiled nervously.

After a few moments of silence, I decided to step the game up a notch.

“Tina, do you like to pleasure yourself? Do you ever masturbate?”

“Are you kidding? Hell yes . . . uh . . .Master.” She quickly caught herself.

“Good. Show me.”

“What? But what if someone . . .”

Again, I flashed her one of my dramatic glances, raising my eyebrow slightly.

“She quickly jumped to atone for her mistake. “Yes, Master.”

Glancing nervously around the vehicle, she realized that we were surrounded by half a dozen vehicles. They were all far enough away in the darkness that none could see what she was doing, but if any of them tried to pass me, they would see everything.

Reclining the seat backwards, she stretched herself out, spreading her legs as far as they would go in the floorboard, and with one final glance at me, lifted her dress up above her hips. I was pleased to see that she had elected not to wear any panties. In addition she had shaved her pussy.

Slowly she began rubbing her fingers along the smooth, bare skin surrounding her clit. A soft moan escaped her lips as she lost her inhibitions and gave in to her own needs. Gently, one finger snaked its way in between her lips and easily slid inside, sending chills up her spine and causing her to shiver on the cold leather seat. A few more strokes of her finger, and she withdrew her sticky finger. Raising it to her lips, she sucked noisily at her slimy digit.

Spreading her legs wider, she used her free hand to spread the lips wide, and again returned the slick finger to her pussy. Rubbing the saliva into the bright pink flesh, she breathed a deep sigh, throwing her head back against the seat. Then, once again, she forced her finger deep inside, this time pushing it all the way in, until her palm rested against her pelvis.

It was at this time that Tina noticed the semi-truck that had pulled up beside our own vehicle. Turning to me, she licked her lips hungrily, and hiked her leg up onto the dashboard. Her finger quickly assumed a furious rhythm, her palm slapping against her pussy on each thrust. A few thrusts later and she arced her back up, off the seat, whining loudly.

Once her spasms had subsided, she lowered herself back onto the seat, and waved towards the truck, blowing them a sweat kiss. This was followed by a loud, resounding blast of the trucker’s horn, which trailed off as I sped on towards our destination.

Soon I found the exit off of the freeway and entered the bright lights of the city. Tina surprised me rather pleasantly, leaving her dress up around her hips for the entire remainder of the drive, smiling contentedly at the stunned stares of fellow drivers everywhere.

v I quickly veered the car into our assigned parking space in hotel parking lot, and walked over to Tina’s door, opening it for her and leading her hand-in-hand to the hotel room. Upon locking the door, I turned to find Tina standing nose-to-nose with me and her hand upon my crotch.

“Come on James, what do you say? Care to show me what my sister finds so impressive about you.”

Slowly I lowered my gaze to my crotch and her hand. “You presume too much my sweet. And I told you. You will refer to me as Master.”

The look of shock in her eyes was clearly evident, as I laid her out upon the bed, her face pressed into the pillows and her ass poised in the air. With one smooth motion, my hand cracked against her bare bottom, forcing a shrill scream from her perfect lips.

“What’s my name?”

“James!” she said, the confusion of her situation still evident.

Again my hand whistled through the air, landing firmly against her backside.

“What’s my name?”

“Uh . . uh . . .Master?”

For a third time my hand connected with flesh, forming a deep red mark on her ass.

“What’s . . . My . . .Name?”

“Master! Master! I swear to God I won’t screw up again.”

Raising my hand, I prepared to strike again. But I didn’t. She had learned her lesson.

With a deep sigh, she lowered her self to the bed and released the tension in every fiber of her being. Calmly and comforting, I leaned forward and kissed her deeply on the lips, and using a scarf that I had found in the backseat of her sister’s car, I tied her wrists to the bedposts.

Frantically, she struggled against the tight bonds, lashing out at me and cursing my name.

“This is just to make sure that you stay loyal to my uncle until the big day tomorrow.” And with a sly grin across my face, I walked out of the room and nestled into the front seat of Alice’s car and waited for morning to come.

The following days events went off without a hitch, considering the fact that Alice and Tina both had dresses to adorn, once they were both in the dressing room, it was a simple matter to make the switch.

And I didn’t hold anything against Alice, either. After all, she’d only been trying to give her sister one last wild ride.

And I don’t think she’d ever forget her car ride and the simple pleasure of her own wedding finger.

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