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Tying up a Relationship

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Jim Walker was heading south in his camper van on a quiet secondary highway in the Central Plateau of New Zealand, passing through thousand of acres of pine forests rearing up green-like sentries on both sides the route, when he spotted two female hitchhikers up ahead, with small packs on their back.

“Traveling light and sexy,” Jim announced to aloud.

His mom would have said don’t stop for anyone when driving alone but his mother wasn’t riding with him in the white camper van and neither was his off-again/on-again girlfriend Fiona who would have expected to stop.

So he stopped, preferring the freedom to make his decisions without female know-alls telling him what to do.

The women ran to the driver’s side and Jim leaned over the open window to ensure he could check out their legs after close inspection of their tits and faces.

“Hi girls.”

“Have you stopped to give us a lift or just to chat us up?” said the taller one, a blonde with a slightly mean-looking mouth. She appeared to have disappointingly small tits and looked about twenty-four.

“Whereyougoing?” he asked lazily, running those words together and looking at the darker-skinned younger one who touched a big wobbly breast as if telegraphing to him, ‘I don’t get enough sex.’ Er, that’s if females thought that way.

She stared at him with liquid-like brown eyes and rolled her tongue hard inside her cheek, pushing it out.

Jim’s fingers turned pale as he gripped the steering wheel as it dawned on him she was simulating having his dick in her mouth. His palms felt sweaty.

“Er where are you guys going?”


“I can take you as far as Taupo but one of you will have to sit in the back because there’s only one spare seat here in the cab with a seatbelt. I’m Jim.”

“Hi Jim,” said the blonde, taking the leadership role and showing plenty of teeth but little warmth in her smile. I’m Heather and this is my pal Kiri.”

Pal? Oh hec, they were gay sweetheart. Or where they, he thought, recalling the brazen come-on Kiri had given him earlier?

“Hi Kiri, you have very lovely dark hair and great teeth.”

“I’m part European and part Maori,” she said.

“Shut up,” Heather said without explaining why she thought Kiri had stepped out of line.

“Jim we have been on the road for a while and are thirsty,” Heather said. “We’d welcome a cup of coffee.”

Jim took the opportunity to play the hero. “Jump in and I’ll pull off the road at the next rest zone,” he said and was surprised when both entered via the passenger door and stayed in the living area. He’d expected one of them to sit beside him and chat to establish goodwill. Or had goodwill deserted the young these days?

He turned up the Country Greats CD so he didn’t have to talk to the rude bitches. He wasn’t to know the two women appreciated that because they had been whispering and now could talk almost normally. They were conspiring how to roll and rob the softhearted sucker.

“Nice coffee,” Heather said, surprising her host. He’d expected Kiri to be the appreciative one.

“Thanks,” said Jim.

He emptied and rinsed the coffee plunger and stowed it and then sat facing the women in the tiny lounge that also served as the dining area when the table was erected and later as a double bed with the table top linking the two facing sofas and the back rests becoming part of the ‘mattress’.

“Do you enjoy screwing?” Heather asked.

Jim didn’t think she was talking to Kiri so said yes, adding, “When I can get it.”

“Oh poor boy,” Heather said, poking Kiri in the ribs.

“Oh yeah,” Kiri said.

“Show him your tits Kiri.”

Kiri hoisted up her top and bra in one movement, releasing big volumes of tit flesh.

“Very impressive,” Jim said, making a great show of licking his lips. He still had no idea this was an entrapment… the very reason why his mom had often warned him not to pick up hitchhikers when driving alone.

“Kiri has the big tits and I have the big cunt. Would you like to watch her fist me?”

“N-no. How revolting.”

“Would you like to fuck my butt?”

“No thanks Kiri but you could suggest I fuck your tits.”

“Perhaps we could get to that,” Heather said. “Should we begin with a sedate threesome?”

“Yeah, why not?” Jim leered.

He noticed Kiri look sharply at Heather, being unaware the plan for Kiri to club Jim on the head with the heavy torch she had in her backpack while he was fisting Heather had gone array and Heather now appeared to be offering him a sexfest.

But Heather was adlibbing Plan B.

“Very well Jim,” Heather frowned, “but we girls are a bit apprehensive of allowing you to rut us without restraint way out here where we are defenceless. Would you allow us to handcuff you? I happen to have a pair with me because I’m big into kinky sex?”

Jim now looked suspicious.

“Beautiful kinky sex,” Kiri said, pushing her tongue against her cheek while cupping a boob and bouncing it.

“Well okay but if I object?”

“We’d release you immediately you remove your dick from the one of us who has the key,” Heather said, providing a reasonable imitation of a sincere smile.

Kiri took the handcuffs from Heather and said, “This will be fun Jim.”

“Try cuffing his hands behind his back first because we won’t want his hands getting in the way of his probing cock,” Heather said.

Kiri rubbed a hand over Jim’s erection that that brought him under her control. She cuffed him and was unzipping him when Heather asked, “Is it okay if I put this collar round your neck darling? I just happened to have it with me. It’s the classic prop for kinky sex.”

“Yeah it’s okay,” Jim consented, watching Kiri dribbling over his throbbing erection.

He thought oh boy, was he loving this.

He watched the women strip and fall down beside him and commence a sixty-nine.

“What do I do?”

Heather snarled, “Just watch.”

Rude bitch he thought but he’d known that by her earlier surliness. It was about as exciting as watching a French movie farce, er running slowly backwards. He wished he had something to read but how would he hold the publication with his hands cuffed behind his back. Why was he cuffed and why behind his back? And why was he wearing a collar with a fucking chain attached?

Then the penny dropped.

Jesus. That fucking mean-mouth blonde was in control. Jim berated himself for being such a fucking idiot. He imagined being left on the highway and his vehicle and all his personal and camping possessions stolen. They would probably leave him nude with the words ‘I’m gay’ to ensure no one would stop and save him, err apart from an Army truck of gay male soldiers.

Jim’s head drooped in shame and despair and his erection deflated.

Heather was now fisting Kiri while Kiri had a couple of fingers up Heather’s butt. The squelching noises were disgusting.

Heather looked at him across the gap between the sofas and jerked the chain hard.


“Get your dick back up. I’ll need it up my butt in a minute.”

“I don’t butt-fuck.”

She jerked the chain hard, leaving him gasping, as she said, “Well you do from today big fella, my virgin.”

Heather attempted to mount Jim after sucking him up hard. He bucked and she went flying and screamed abuse. She tied the chain to the grab handle at the side-door entrance and told Kiri to sit on his legs.

“Listen mate, attempt to deny me again and… well I’ll not force you to have sex with me but I do suggest you think of possible consequences.”

“That’s a threat,” Jim retorted.

“No it isn’t darling, that’s just me being nice.”

Heather sat facing Kiri and Jim could hear Heather’s tits being sucked as Heather wet his dick with a handful of her leaking goo. He’d decided to allow her to have what she wanted.

Well at least her anal opening wasn’t overly large. He felt his dick pleasantly encompassed as it slid in and he was thick enough to have her huffing and puffing and she had to have a couple of rests.

“I advise you no to climax too early,” Heather said, almost pleasantly.

Jim worried how early was too early?

Kiri was now standing and Heather was sucking those big tits and Kiri was fingering Heather furiously, they were both talking dirty loudly as if enjoying themselves while poor Jim was imagining Heather was using a crowbar to remove his balls in the hope that worse-than-death scenario would frighten his balls from firing.

Finally Heather screeched she was coming. “Come on asshole.”

Jim’s huge release made his eyes almost pop and he felt dizzy.

Heather, dripping goo over the floor, cooed, “Oh my aren’t you a good boy?”

She tongued him but with pressure on the chain and his hands secured under the weight of his body Jim reasoned he shouldn’t attempt to bite her tongue off.

“Mommy, can I have Jim now?”

“Yes it’s your playtime darling.”

Kiri placed her big tits around Jim’s re-aroused dick after slopping some juice from Heather’s pussy around it and she squeeze her heavy hangers around it.

Nothing happened.

“Do the work Jim or else I’ll ask Heather to drag the chain.”

Jim’s dick had to work hard without leverage from his hands and upper body. He began reasonably slowly and worked up speed when he felt close to climaxing and grunted at Kiri he was coming.

She pulled away and bending sideways jerked him into her mouth but didn’t swallow it all because Heather was demanding her share.

Jim felt sick. What a couple of animals.

When they were done Heather pulled out another collar and placed it around his ankles and pulled the leather tight and looped the chain around the sofa.

“You can kick and shake attempting to get loose but if you fall off the sofa you’ll lie where you fall. Now I’m gagging you to keep you quiet. If you don’t struggle you’ll find everything reasonably comfortable. If you want to pee just pee; you won’t have clothes on to get wet and if you wet the sofa we won’t care because it’s your vehicle.”

Jim watched them walk to the driving cab and he burned, thinking murderous thoughts and then recalled Heather’s final words… ‘If you wet the sofa we won’t care because it’s your vehicle’. Did that mean they wouldn’t abandon him and steal his vehicle?

He sighed and went to sleep.

Jim awoke later, having no idea how long he’d been asleep but it was dark. The vehicle stopped and the women left the vehicle, not bothering to lock it. He could smell food.

He felt very hungry and wanted to pee.

The girls returned, laughing. Well that was better than leaving him trussed up to rot unless someone had the brains to check why the vehicle had been apparently abandoned parked outside an eatery.

“Hi Jim, I’ve fetched you a burger,” Kiri said. “Heather said it was okay to untie your legs and remove the gag providing you promise to keep the neck chain tied. Nod if you agree.”

He nodded vigorously and she grinned. He ate hungrily and Kiri said, “Heb hold up while I fetch him a can of coke.”

Leaving the motor running Heather asked nervously was the chain still tied.

“Yes but you have your knife so why worry?”

She left for the coke and Jim though that comment about the knife was for his benefit, a lie. But he decided it was too risky to prove he was correct.

Kiri returned with the coke and Heather drove away.

“You need to be in a seat belt,” Jim warned.

“You’re not in one without a seat belt so why should I worry?” Kiri grinned.

When Jim handed her the empty can she tossed it over her shoulder.

“Would you like more sex, um your way?” she invited.

He said yes and she yelled to Heather not to worry they were about to have free sex.

Heather yelled since when was sex free. Jim thought how true.

“We are on our way to Napier,” Kiri said, undressing, and Jim groaned inwardly but when the big tits swung loose he forget about not keeping to the route he’d scheduled.

“Now behave yourself and everything will be okay,” she said. “Attempt anything funny and I’ll yell to Heb. She’ll stop and deal with you terribly. Just remember, Heb is no stranger to violence.”

“All right, Jim croaked, reaching to for the swinging tits and eager to get on with it. He was told to do it his way and she’d be compliant.

“I’m tired of having forced sex and it’s mostly with Heather.”

They fucked and napped and fucked again and finally Heather called, “You better sit in the front Kiri and buckle up in case a cop pounces for a seat-belt and warrant of fitness update check on the vehicle.”

Kiri kissed Jim and smiled. “That was so lovely and here was me thinking my brother was the best ever.”

Keeping the collar chain tied Jim called, “I’m getting dressed … um in case we are stopped by cops.”

“Right but don’t do anything funny.”

“God one of you peed on my clothes,” he yelled.

“Oh did I?” Heather laughed. “It was too cold to go out in the cold night.”

Bitch, Jim thought. He couldn’t reach his bag to get a change of clothes but that sneer by Heather brought up a couple of ideas. Their backpacks were on the floor.

He picked up the largest one and peering with the help of the headlights of a car about to pass them he confirmed it the bag was Heather’s, with the name ‘Heb’ on it. His toilet back was in the overhead locker so he reached into the side pocket and pulled out six reefers. He enjoyed the occasional ‘happy’ smoke.

Digging into the backpack, Jim found Heather’s toilet bag and thought it was surprising those two washed and cleaned their teeth. He placed the reefers in the bottom of the small bag and then peed over everything hoping Heather’s clothing would absorb in to avoid leakage.

Jim went to sleep in his soiled clothing now quite convinced the women didn’t intend to abandon him or harm him.

He awoke to feel the tip of a knife against his throat. Actually his first thought was it was heather returning his keys.

She leered, “I bet you thought Keri’s comment about me having a knife was a lie?”

He said yes but that was he being stupid.

Heather laughed and sheathed the knife and placed it in the inner pocket of her jacket.

“Don’t you dare move from here until we are out of sight,” she said, removing the chain. “I’ve hidden the keys to give us time to get clear.”

She kissed him and dribbled over his face.

Kiri kissed him sweetly and whispered goodbye.

As soon as they were outside the van Jim removed the dog collar and went forward into the driving cab. The first place he looked for the keys was in the passenger’s coffee cup holder and yeah, there they were. He crossed the street to a phone box and called the emergency number, not wishing to have the call traced back to his phone and then to go through the humiliation of a police investigation.

He gave his name as Kevin House and said two women had just assaulted him. The bigger one, a blonde, had threatened him with a knife and appeared to be on drugs. She’s stolen $150 from him. Jim gave the descriptions of the two women, the location where he was and the direction in which they were walking.

Jim decided to continue south and stay in Havelock North. Three hundred yards along the street he spotted the two women and then a police car with lights flashing approaching. The cop car did a u-turn and then a brief blast of the siren sounded and the women stopped.

Heather and Kiri were greeting the cops with angelic smiles when Jim drove by and neither of him looked his way. He thought Kiri would go free but Heather would be done for carrying an offensive weapon and being in possession of cannabis cigarettes. She would deny any knowledge of them and would appear very convincing. Because the reefers were of insufficient quantity for Heather to be jailed as a supplier, nevertheless she would pass through a very stressful time.

“Fucking good job,” Jim yelled, having decided that was her penalty for taking away his anal sex virginity. He sighed and accepted actually it hadn’t been too bad.


Jim spent the rest of that night illegally camping, but out of sight of the highway and left at 6:30 for a fully serviced camping ground for two nights at Havelock North and lied when registering he’d arrived from the south in case the cops called up camp office to find if any guy traveling alone had arrived from Napier. Jim was pretty sure his female assailants wouldn’t have any idea of the make of camper or it’s registration plate number so if the cops were hunting him they’d not worry two much about checking out the rather snooty town of Havelock North. He figured about 24-hours if not sooner the cops would be deciding Heather and Kiri were lying that a guy in a holiday home had stashed the joints in Heather’s bag after leaving them legless after a day and night of steamy anal sex, or whatever their fertile minds could conjure up.

Jim headed south from Havelock North and was having lunch on the side of the road, complete with a bottle of chilled off-dry Riesling, when he saw a thirty-something babe with a big backpack walking by.

“Hi,” he called.

She said in an English accent, “Oh hi, you look to be living the life of Reilly?”

“Yeah, would you like a cool drink?”

“Just finished one a few hundred yards back when the farmer dropped me off because he turned inland from there.”

“Then what about a wine? It’s an off-dry Riesling from Central Otago.”

She hesitated.

“What’s wrong?” Jim called. “It can’t be poisoned because I’m drinking it.”

“I don’t know you.”

“Did you know that farmer back when he stopped and you accepted a ride?”

“No but he was old.”

“So you think old guys don’t sweet-talk to babes like you?”

She laughed. “Babe? I’m thirty-one.”

“My name’s Jim Walker and I’m thirty-three. Do yourself a favor and come over here and make yourself a sandwich and down a glass of wine.”

“Okay. I expect you to be on your best behavior.”

They talked for an hour, finishing the bottle of wine. Her name was Anna Baker from Bristol, England and she was a professional piano teacher, tutoring mainly the young and particularly retired people who suddenly decided they should learn the piano properly, having given up lessons by the time they turned eleven or twelve.

He packed up and said, “I intend driving for an hour and then turning off somewhere and camping by a stream.”

“That sounds lovely.”

He smiled and said, “Why not come with me and stay a couple of nights?”

“What and sleep with you?”

“I could be rather nice.”

“I’m not having sex with you.”

“Please yourself.”

“Okay, yes please. I came to New Zealand for adventure. I’ve not camped beside a stream yet.”

Jim was a bit miffed she’d make it clear sex was not on offer. It was all take and no give with some women.

The camper van was all-wheel drive with good ground clearance, designed for off-road camping. Jim found a gravel road by a river bridge and went down it for a couple of miles and then turned off into rough terrain and headed in the direction of the river and finally found a great spot under a canopy of trees with the water gushing over river boulders, playing like music.

“Go for a swim,” he invited. “I need to set up camp.”

“I guess you mean nude?”

“Why not but it’s you call?”

She stripped off alongside the riverbank, less than 20 feet away. That was close enough for Jim to see she had a great body with the curvature of her breasts still uplifted rather than the start of slump not uncommon for some women of 30-plus. She had a furry bush… well she was from Devon, a rather conservative part of England he recalled.

After frolicking in the pool and swimming only short distances, apparently determined to keep her hair dry, Anna gathered her clothes and walked towards him brazenly.

He looked away.

“Don’t you like what you can see?”

“You’re okay, packaged quite well actually. I was going to fetch your towel but thought I shouldn’t touch your possessions.”

“Oh trustworthy are you? That makes me feel good. My towel is in the top of my backpack. Fetch it please and they I won’t drop water in the cabin.”

“No go in and change. The flooring is waterproofed and drains back to the doorway. This vehicle is made for rough camping. Bring out a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses on you way back.”

“Certainly sir. I feel pretty vulnerable out here alone in the wilderness with just you. And drinking… god I’m taking a risk.”

“You can leave now if you wish.”

“Funny man.”

She returned with the wine and two glasses and threw the dog collar and chain on to the table.

“What’s this? I found a pair of women’s panties under the sofa where I found this. Are you into kinky sex?”

“Are you bitching?”


“Pour the wine and sit and listen to the story of how this apparatus came into my possession.”

Jim related a watered down version.

After they finished the bottle she asked, “Should I get another bottle?”

“Wouldn’t you prefer some food first?”


When they were back to sipping again, Anna invited Jim to repeat the story, unexpurgated.

“Are you sure?”

“Jim,” she said patiently, “I’m widely read. Little disgusts me.”

Jim relived the story, telling it very graphically and enjoyed watching Anna’s cheeks color when he got to the bits about dripping pussies and his squirting cock and she positively squirmed when he reached the bit about Heather sitting over him and pushing his dick up her butt. The brunette Anna’s dark eyes turned large and the look she gave Jim was sympathetic.

This time when he retold how he anonymously called the cops in Napier and described his motives and how he felt, Anna laughed and reaching across the small camping table squeezed his arm and said, “Those women were very lucky you didn’t stop as the police apprehended them and make more serious accusations against them.”

“I thought of that but then thought who would the police believe, the guy or two women?”

“Oh yeah. God I’m drunk. Put the collar on me Jim and then fondle me. I’m interested in learning of my reactions.”

“No don’t be so fucking dopey Anna.”

“Please Jim. Calling me fucking dopey is really making me excited.”

“No it’s not right.”

They looked at each another.


Jim finished the wine and then cooked chicken and chips on the barbeques and heated some mixed frozen vegetables in an old pot on the side. He and Anna remained cordial and conversed non-stop.

“God I ought to marry you, this meal is almost as good as it gets,” Anna said and that was enough to make Jim smile for the first time for an hour.

Biting flying insects arrived with growing darkness and that persuaded Jim to take Anna inside for coffee. They could have stayed outside if they smeared themselves with insect repellant or if Jim had remembered to stock up on citronella flares.

They did the dishes and Anna sat on a sofa in the cramped space while Jim made coffee and brought it to her. He stopped and stared at the outline of her fat pussy lips against her panties. She’d pulled her dress up high.


He swallowed and said he’d like to lick her pussy.


“Forget it then.”

Staring at him intently, she said it was lovely coffee and then, “All right, you may lick but only if you put the collar and chain on me.”

After a brief delay he said, “Okay.”

She flashed him the smile of a victor.

Jim had been expecting to give in to her demands sooner or later. He pulled out his toolbox and retrieved two split rings.

After threading a split ring on to the collar he fastened the collar round Anna’s neck and locked it in place with the split ring, figuring they would be too difficult for Anna to open. The second right was placed at the end of the chain.

“That took a long time,” she complained.

“How is it?”

“More comfortable than I had expected.”

“Right can I lick you now?”

“Well after some kisses and working me up a bit.”

“Fuck that, I want to lick now,” Jim said, pulling down on the chain.

“Ouch! God that gave me a fright. Well go ahead.”

The fat-lipped pussy was beautifully trimmed. Anna appeared to be sulking as he fingered it open and then worked to get the juices going. He then leaned into her and wetly licked over the clit and down over pussy and right under to roll his tongue into the depression of her anus.

“Hey out of there buster; no one touches me there.”

He rolled his tongue into the depression once more and she slapped him over his ear.

Jim jerked the chain and she gasped and yelled that hurt. He guessed it was more shock than being hurt so he said, “Behave and you won’t get you chain pulled.”

She began crying and said to remove the chain and stop touching her.

His reply was simple. “Get fucked.”

Anna began heaving in sobs but calmed down when Jim’s tongue entered her pussy and rolled around and then he inserted a finger and then another one and then felt Anna’s hand pushing though his hair and she began breathing heavily.

“That’s so lovely, don’t stop,” she pleaded.

“Say please.”


Continuing to work his fingers he said, “Do you understand you’re my slave now?”

“No way. I…” She hesitated as Jim’s had reached for the chain.

“Okay I’m your slave. I said I wanted adventure so I suppose what I’m experiencing is unbelievable adventure. Will we fuck?”

“Yes, repeatedly. For the next couple of days we will go nude and live like animals, fucking and eating and sleeping.”

“I might not like that.”

“Direct complaints and express any dissatisfactions to Mr Chain but be aware Mr Chain is a disciplinarian from way back.”

Anna snorted, “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“It’s too early to say because I’ve not done this before but was on the receiving end of it a day ago.”

“Ooooh, oooh… I’m going to come. Work your fingers faster.”

“AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGH,” Anna yelled and clutched at Jim sobbing and shaking, her face red in lust.

They kissed, tongued deeply and then he kissed her tears away and fully undressed her and removed his own clothes.

* * *

When they’d left the highway Anna knew she’d been stupid to enter Jim Walker’s van. A guy traveling alone and looking dishy and sexy… god what had been wrong with her! Her mom her told her to take no risks while her father was a little softer and said to take only manageable risks, whatever they were.

Jim had driven over rough terrain and through a gap in a natural stand of native trees, vines and shrubs New Zealanders called bush to arrive at the riverside. It was magnificent scenery with bush on the far banks with rugged sun-bleached hills in the distance. The river was stony with some big boulders and shallow between the pools because the level was down due to the summer dry spell.

There was a sandy beach where she went for a swim while he set up camp. She undressed, placing her clothes on boulders and turned to allow him to see her.

He stared so she was pleased to have got that over with. Now he wouldn’t be guessing what lay beneath her shirt and shorts. God he was attractive, a curly blond with wide shoulders and narrow hips and a sun tan to die for.

Anna felt relaxed and when swimming decided she should have sex with him to establish a relationship on her terms. Once they’d settled she’d became very relaxed, the wine assisting with that. Jim was very well spoken with intelligence showing through and an excellent conversationalist. Anna decided he was what her mom would call a very nice young man.

When Jim talked for the first time about coming under the control of those two women after being handcuffed and held by a chain attached to a collar round his neck, Anna had become fascinated and longed to hear exactly what had happened, rather than being delivered a laundered version so eventually her desire took hold and she asked for the unexpurgated version.

She admired Jim for his initial resistance. At least that established he wasn’t a scumbag.

When the first mosquitoes and big moths arrived at twilight they retreated inside the van, Jim cursing he’d forgotten to stock up on citronella flares. While he made coffee Anna worked up the skirt she’d put on after showering after the swim. She knew guys liked to look at boobs and pussy and when they looked they thought about sex. Well they were only human.

Anna could believe when Jim looked at her crotch he came straight out with it and asked if he could lick her pussy. Good heavens, was he attempting to shock her into saying no? Then she had a brainwave and told him he could providing he attached the dog collar round her neck.

The first time he jerked the chain Anna almost peed herself in shock, realizing she was completely under his control. When his tongue rimmed her butt hole she felt wildly excited but had to tell him no, to get out of there as no one touched her there.

The next chain tug left her gasping and she began to cry but his fingers were deeply inside her, touching a sweet spot and his thumb was rolling his clit. She knew she was about to come and warned him and she let it rip, feeling her excitement peaking and then appearing to pour out of her. She knew she’d just had one of the biggest sexual climaxes ever. Now she wanted him to fuck her near senseless.

But that didn’t happen. He said he was tired and would go to bed.

He was nude and she looked at his half erection wondering how could he tease himself so and not go for release?

Jim pleased two panels between the sofa and made up the bed, telling her to go to the shower/toilet.

“We’re going to fuck aren’t we?”

He said he was too tired to enjoy it and had gone off women a bit after his harrowing experience with those two women who’d captured him by trickery.

She almost smiled and said she never thought she’d ever hear a guy call sex harrowing.

“One of those women was a cruel bitch. I had no idea if she would leave me naked and bound up in the middle of the highway or slash my dick or cut out my balls after she’d finished with me.”

“Omigod, Jim!”

Anna went to hug him but he pushed her away.

In the tiny shower/toilet she tried to undo the dog collar but he had locked it somehow. When she came out into the main cabin he asked what side of the bed did she want. She chose the left side and he attached the chain to the metal brace of the overhead cabinet.

“Take off the collar; I won’t run away.”


She sulked and felt almost like strangling him. The excitement had deserted their relationship.

He put out the lights and she turned and kissed him and he kissed back with lovely soft lips. She reached for his dick but he said goodnight and turned over. Anna lay on her back and wept in despair. Her entire life had sunk into a pit.

Anna awoke in the morning pre-dawn wondering if having sex would put her into a lighter mood. She reached out for Jim to find he was not beside her and his side of the bed was cold.

She whimpered.

God nothing was going right for her.

She sat up and Jim appeared from nowhere and handed her coffee.

She smiled. “Thanks. Kiss me.”

He obliged and felt down for a breast and squeezed it.

“Come back to bed and have sex.”

He smiled and said okay but she best have a pee first. He released the end of the chain attached to the overhead locker support.

Anna returned to the bed and licked her lips nervously, wondering if she should ask him to try anal with her. She was in two minds, still being an ass-virgin apart from the occasional wandering finger. Whose fingers she couldn’t remember although had to admit on a few occasion the finger was hers when she was home in bed and feeling sexually lonely.

Jim grabbed her and rolled her on to her stomach and then pulled her up by the hips and back to him. He sucked her pussy and really got her going and then circled her anus with his tongue, this time pushing it in every so slightly.

She waited almost breathless but he went no further.


She wondered if it would be safe to ask him to deliver anal sex but thought it best to just let it happen, if it were to happen. He did appear to be somewhat unstable, no doubt still mindful of his harrowing experiences of late.

Anna was wet and dripping when he pushed his fat dick into her pussy from behind. She exhaled and squeezed one of her breasts, feeling really good about this. She loved the doggy position.

He whispered into her ear she was a lovely young woman and he felt good about fucking her. Anna almost creamed herself and felt herself heaving in desire. God why hadn’t other guys managed to get her wound up like this?

Jim pushed right in to his limit and she breathed heavily, feeling his hot breath on the back of her neck. He then grasped her right hip to steady himself, grabbed her left breast with his left hand and they were away, she pushing back and picking up his rhythm.

It was a great fuck. Anna felt him thickening round the opening of her slippery vagina and Jim was now panting.

She came and he was only seconds behind her.

“Stay where you are while I grab a towel,” he said, half-staggering off cupping his cock and balls as he went to the towel rails.

Jim began preparing breakfast and called, “Have a shower while I get chow ready.”

“No we’ll fuck some more won’t we?”

He grinned broadly and that made Anna feel a little safer but she knew she was not out of the woods yet.

Later as he handed washed dishes to dry she asked, “Do you like my breasts?”

“Yeah, more than two big handfuls. You’re okay.”

“What about my pussy?”

“It looks great, is a tight fit and the fat lips look erotic.”

She pressed on. “What about me; do you like me?”

“Yes, very much so. You are very compatible and full of charm.”

“Will it be the end of me when you’re finished with me?”

“Christ Anna, don’t talk like that,” he said, appearing visibly shocked. “I’ll be dropping your off somewhere safe for you to continue your journey.”

“Thank you,” she said simply.

They went for a swim, she having to coil the long chain in her hand. He glanced at her looping it and looked apologetic briefly but she sensed it was not use asking for it to be removed.

When they came out of the water Jim steered her towards a big tree and tossed the chain over a limb about seven feet from the ground.

“Stand on your toes.”

She obeyed and he pulled the chain tight and threw the end over the limb twice more and then reached up and knotted the end round the chain.

“Are you going to torture me?” she asked half fearfully, the other half of her mind convinced he’d not harm her.


Jim then kissed her and she kissed him back. Anna closed her eyes and entwined her tongue round his, although feeling increasing discomfort standing on her toes.

Anna’s breasts were then sucked and the nipples pulled between his teeth. She groaned and almost came.

Jim’s cock was now fully erect and he lifted her up and she grabbed round his neck as she pushed into her.

God he felt a long way up. She felt hugely sensitive.

Jim began thrusting her with long and powerful strokes.

It felt glorious and she felt like screaming.

“Scream bitch,” he gritted, appearing to be on the same wavelength.

She screamed, joyfully, making no attempt to scream for help because right then she didn’t require help. She just wanted his pounding cock to never stop.

They both came pretty much together and she felt the semen and her juices and sweat running down her thighs.

She almost fainted as fluids and her energy drained from her. She’d attempted to slam back on him to ensure he also enjoyed the sex.

Jim asked her to pull herself together. “I can’t unfurl the chain while you’re a dead weight like this… back on to your toes.”

She obeyed.

Jim unwound the chain, using his arm to prevent the swinging end from hitting her.

He dropped the chain and then fell to his knees, pulling her towards her and licked her inner thighs and over the mouth of her pussy. He then stood and went to kiss her.

Omigod, he wanted her to take some of their secretions, she gasped,, drawing her lips firmly shut. Then she thought of what a slave was supposed to do, well what he probably expected of a slave. So she thought don’t be a killjoy Anna and opened her mouth and watched wide-eyed as Jim’s head came very close and he dribbled their secretions on to her tongue. She swallowed and then pushed her tongue out for more but he said that was enough and spat out what was left in his mouth.

“That was a fuck I’ll never forget,” he said.

“Me too.”

“You really are a great fuck Anna even though under duress and restraint.”

“Thank you sir.”

They returned to the camper van where Jim removed the dog collar.

“I’ve decided I can’t keep on mistreating you like this,” he said shamefully and she appreciated him showing that vulnerability. Have a shower and then get dressed while I pack ready to move out.”

She wanted to kiss him, feeling good to be free again but he looked to be declining into a black mood.

They drove off slowly across the rough terrain and reached Highway 50 and connected to Main Highway 2. They drove mostly in silence, Jim pointing out some landmarks and then said he’d drop Anna off at the town of Dannevirke. When she was finished there she could catch a bus to Palmerston North and then decide which route to take.

He appeared to grow more sullen so she didn’t ask what was she supposed to be doing to be ‘finished’ in Dannevirke. Instead she went to sleep.

Anna awoke and Jim said to go through to get her possessions.

“Take the collar and chain as evidence. The Police Station is right opposite us so go in a lay your complaints. I’ll wait here to be apprehended. I’m sorry for mistreating you. It was so wrong of me. I just felt this urge to get even with somebody, er, but not as bad as what I suffered.”

Anna gaped at him. “Are you really apologizing?”

“Yes of course. What I did to you was very bad. You may now turn me in.”

Anna cried, “But I don’t want to do that. Although I was a bit frightened at times, in the main I was quite relaxed and the truth is once I became tuned into you I quite enjoyed myself and we did have that most amazing standing fuck.”

“Anna you must accept I committed crimes against you, denying you of your freedom.”

“Yes I know. Bad boy Jim and I ought to kick your ass. Come on let’s get out of here. Being here for this reason is frightening me. I forgive you Jim… come on, please, let’s get out of here.”

Jim started the diesel motor. “Are you quite sure?”

“Yes and may I continue traveling with you?”

“Er okay. I’m heading across to the west coast and will return home to Matamata via Taranaki.”

“I don’t care where we go so long as I’m with you.”

Anna what always fondly remember the look he gave her. Her interpretation was it was a mix of relief and wondering if she were a screw loose.


Jim moved the vehicle off and sighed, “You’re a strange woman Anna.”

“Strange? I think not. Your behavior has just encouraged me to think differently, that’s all. I’ve been prim and proper all my life and now you have… what shall I say? I know, you’ve encouraged me to experience a little slice of real life.”

“Are you sure of that Anna. People don’t change that quickly.”

“Well I have. Let’s get to the next town and have lunch. I’ll be losing energy with all this fucking if I don’t eat some really wholesome food.”

Jim laughed for the first time since leaving the campsite. “So you don’t think much of my cooking/”

“No you are a better cook than I am. But your food selection could do with some modifications.”

They continued on to just past Wanganui where they spent the night amid trees on a side road and the next day took the coastal highway to skirt conical Mt Taranaki to reach New Plymouth where they stayed two days. Jim taught Anna well enough to surf standing up on the board for short distances and she took him to an art gallery and a museum to provide him with what appeared to be a cultural fillip.

They had some great meals and some great sex.

On their final day on the road together then drove five hours to Matamata, stopping early in the piece for a late breakfaster of whitebait fritters at a café right on the coast.

Anna had learned that Jim lived on a farm with his parents. He looked after the 225 dairy cattle plus replacements but engaged a married couple and the woman’s young widowed sister to milk the herd while he managed the grasslands, fences and maintained the milking shed and support services. According to what Jim alleged, his father mostly talked to other farmers at stock sales or in the pub while also looking after fifteen breeding mares that were practically left to look after themselves.

In a similar exchange of family information, Jim learned that Anna’s father was an assistant professor in literature at a university and her mother was a fulltime drama coach and director at a community theater and Anna had two brothers and a sister.

* * *

When they were a few miles short of the town of Matamata, Jim turned left into a side road and after a little while said with pride, “There is the southern boundary of our farm and there are my heifers.”

“You mean your father’s cattle?”

“No I own all the cattle, dad and mum own the farm and the horses. I bought the herd off dad and mom four years ago to establish some equity and now with the assistance of my bank I now own almost 25% of the farm. When dad and mom go into Matamata to retire I’ll take over the farm and ultimately will inherited what I don’t already own.”

“Well that enterprise establishes you as an eligible bachelor.”

He smiled. “I supposed it does” and teased, “Interested?”

“Could be,” Anna said without thinking and they looked at one another almost in shock.

Jim pulled off the road and stopped. “That little aside potentially puts the cat among the pigeons. Does that mean I’m truly forgiven?”

“Absolutely,” Anna said, leaning over to be kissed and smiled happily.

A minute later as they continued on she sounded like his wife: “Did you call your mother to say when you’ll be arriving and that you are bringing a house guest?”


“Oh Jim.”

“Relax. Mom is always pleased to see me and doesn’t have to be told when I’m arriving. We have people dropping in unannounced and staying for a meal heaps of times and beside, I called her last Sunday and said I would be home tomorrow or the next day or perhaps today.”

Anna sighed.

Anna’s next shock came when they arrived at the farmhouse, or more correctly a rural home of substance and the woman who came out to greet his son was not red-faced and dumpy with cow muck on her boots but an elegant, beautifully dressed lady in high heels who said hi, she’d just arrived home from shopping (the ‘big smoke’ of Auckland, two hours’ drive to the north.

“Mom this is Anna.”

“Hello Anna.”

“Shopping?” Anna gurgled, feeling deprived. “Hi Mrs Walker. I’m sorry to have arrived unannounced.”

Jenna (Jennie) Walker’s voice changed, more than enough for Anna to notice.

“Oh my dear. Welcome to New Zealand and welcome to our home. If you like shopping I’ll take you to Hamilton City tomorrow.”

“Omigod, you’re from the West Country.”

“Yes dear I was originally and grew up on a farm a few miles of a place you won’t have hear off, the Parish of Dundry.”

“Oh but I do. I come from Bristol and Dundry is just a few miles beyond the city in the Mendip Hills.”

“Yes indeed it is Anna. How is it you know Dundry?”

“I teach piano and occasionally have had pupils from the village as did my aunt Anna before me. I’m named after her.”

“Would she be Anna Hopkins by any chance, a highly gifted musician?”

Anna gasped. “Yes, that’s my aunt, mom’s older sister.”

“Then you mother would have been Rosemary Hopkins?”

“Omigod, you knew my mother!”

“I saw her two years ago when I last visited my older theater where she is now resident director and drama coach. For some ten years were two vied for the lead roles of teenagers…”

“Um ladies I’m off to find dad,” Jim said, scuttling off having heard enough of women’s talk and wondering why his mom was attempting to speak with Anna’s slight accent.

Jim found his dad attempting to brush a stroppy filly.

“Hi,” said Ash (Ashley) as if Jim had only been away a couple of hours.

“G’dday,” Jim replied, taking the halter in both hands just above the mouth and standing right in front of the filly who immediate stood quietly.


“Farm okay?”

“Nothing changed.”

“How’s Sabrina’s right leg?”

Ash grunted. “You remember her name, remember she had a crook foot and even got which foot it was right. I’ll make a farmer of you yet. Fiona that new woman vet you were shagging came out and finally found and removed a sliver of wire had had penetrated and lodged in the pastern and was causing the infection.”

“Um dad I’ve bought home a young woman. I’d prefer you not to mention I shag women.”

“I won’t have any conversation then because what else do you do?”


Ash roared in laughter. That sent the filly into a nervous shiver but she stood still, feeling the power in Jim’s hands.

As the men walked back to the house Ash asked, “Did you sleep with this woman while on the road?”

“As you indicated, what else do I do?”

Ash laughed and slapped Jim’s back. “Glad to have you back son. I’d like you to take a good look at the cows in the morning. They appear to be in better condition in the short time I’ve been in charge of them.”

“Yeah dad. The short time you’ve been talking to them you mean. Did you get much done on the new fence along the northern boundary?”

“What fence?”

Jim sighed. “And fixed those three leaking water troughs?”

“What leaks?”

Jim sighed and supposed those replies meant those urgent jobs had been done.

“They hay we put away before you left is the best crop we’ve had for eight-year.”

“Thanks dad.”

“It was the favorable conditions and not you.”

“Oh yeah, who decided when to top-dress the hay paddocks and when to shut up those paddocks?”

“That’s only management son. The weather dictates what happens on a farm.”

“Thanks dad.”

Ash grinned and then said Jim could forget about sleeping with this woman in their house. “You mom won’t allow it.”

“I figure you could be wrong dad. This babe comes from the UK, Bristol.”

“Bristol? Jesus, how did you manage that?”

“I can’t understand the physics. England has 51 million people and yet my mom knows Anna’s mom, very well it seems. I hadn’t attached any significance to Anna coming from Bristol until mom began talking to her.”

“Oh fuck, we’ll but up half the night talking about the Old Country.”

Jim grinned.

Three days later at Hamilton Airport where Anna was catching a flight to Wellington and then to cross Cook’s Strait to begin a tour the scenic South Island, the two women stood clasped together sobbing, Jim was scuffing his toes on the carpet and his father stood looking at him grinning.

Jim’s parents withdrew when the final boarding call came. Anna attached herself to Jim, sobbing.

“Your mother is so wonderful.”

“I think dad is okay too.”

“Oh sorry (sniff) and so he is (sniff). You are all wonderful.”

“You will have forgotten us by tomorrow.”

That sent Anna off into a huge wail and people nearby were standing grinning at them, leaving Jim to think didn’t people have any better things to do.

“I couldn’t believe mom allowed you to sleep with me.”

“Where did the other girls you bring home sleep?”

“I learned at a young age not to bring females home to sleep.”

“Omigod your mother likes me.”

“I think the words for it are puppy love. She’s doting on you.”


Jim turned evasive and said that was something Anna could ask when emailing her. “I heard mom ask you to keep in touch. God Anna that was a magnificent fuck we had this morning. I could scarcely get in because you had me so worked up.”

“Don’t you ever think of anything else?”

“Only your darling, beautiful face and superb charm and super intelligence.”

“Oh god,” Anna wailed.

Two Air New Zealand female staff stood on either side of Anna. One of them said, ‘Ma’am we have two minutes to get you aboard or else the flight leaves without you.”

“Goodbye Anna.” Jim said, pushing her away. “I’ll never forget you.”

One of the hostesses now was wiping her eyes and she helped lead the bawling Anna away.”

“I think that Anna likes you,” Ash said, coming up alongside Jim with Jenna. She immediately burst into tears.

“Never, never have you introduced me to a young woman as fine as Anna,” Jenna sobbed.

Ash looked at his son gravely and said, “Alas that is not the last we’ll hear about that.”

Shortly after taking a call from Anna next evening, Fiona the young vet called Jim.

“I heard you were back.”

“Yeah Fi. Thanks for fixing Sabrina.”

“Thanks. Come over and fix a drink and then you can fix me.”

He purred he’d be right over knowing Fi was a good fuck but he’s just lost his best fuck ever and a most gorgeous woman in so many ways. As soon as Fi had her release, all she wanted to do was to sleep whereas Anna would chat until she was ready to get him going at least once more.

Ten days later Jim boarded a flight to Christchurch and was waiting at the airport when Anna’s flight arrived from the alpine resort of Queenstown. She was suntanned and looking a picture of health and was staggered to see him.

They raced off to her hotel and in the room ripped off their clothes and were deep into frenzied sex.

They returned from dinner and in bed Anna whispered, “Try my ass.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I keep on thinking about it and can understand why I have rejected all attempts until now.”

“Is it because you have lovely feelings about me?”

“Yes you left your busy farm commitments to come down here to say goodbye. I hope to give you a memorable farewell gift.”

Jim dressed and rushed out to buy lube and condoms and returned just as Anna picked up the phone.

Oh crap. It would be his mom.

“Hi Mrs Walker,” Anna said switching her phone on to speaker mode so Jim could hear. He was waving at her to indicate to hang up but Anna shook her head.

His mom gushed, “Oh darling please call me Jenna.”

“Okay Jenna and how are you and Mr. Walker and you your farm?”

“Very well thank you. Has Jim told you?”

“Told me what Jenna?”

“Oh men and there big surprises. I suppose I shouldn’t…”

“Jenna please tell me,” Anna said looking at Jim whose eyes were rolled up grotesquely.

“He’s flying to London with you tomorrow night on Singapore Airlines. I insist on paying his way because I want him to see what is on offer in England to give you balance, because you know what’s on offer here.”

“Amigo,” Anna screamed. “Is this really true?”

“Yes and I have arranged to have him seated beside you.”

“Oh god Jenna, you lovely woman.”

Five minutes later Jenna said accurately, “Well if I know my son he’s waiting for sex so I must cut this call. Give it your best-shot darling. Bye.”

“Bye Jenna and thanks you wonderful lady.”

Anna looked at Jim scowling. “You brute, withholding that information from me. I have cancelled my invitation to you to take my ass.”

“Then no ass, no affection, no flight, goodbye.”

Anna stared at him, challenging Jim. “You wouldn’t go against your mother?”

“Try me.”

She swallowed. “Let’s have a drink.”

Jim poured her a glass of sparkling wine from a half-size bottle and he had red wine.

“Why does your mother want me to take you to England and I mean the truth?”

“To impress your mother so she will be less reluctant for you to come to New Zealand permanently. You have a degree in music and teaching qualifications so it ought not be too difficult for you to gain citizenship here. It will be even easier if we marry in England.”


“Yeah if that appeals to you and I promise to only attach a dog collar if you request it.”

“M-marry you said?”

“Yes. Mom and dad will come over for it and when we return to the farm we’ll have a marriage re-enactment so mom can invite all her friends and dad can invite some of his cronies.”

“H-how long will you be in England.”

“Thirty days from tomorrow. Now may I push up your butt?”

“Yes of course. Amigo, what am I saying. I don’t know if I’m coming or going.”

“Just concentrate on coming thank you.”

They cuddled and kissed until they felt passion rising.

Anna looked at the thick dick now encased in a condom that was now being lubed.

“That cannot possibly get into my butt.”

“Want to bet?”

“You’ll lose.”

“Believe me Anna, your body is wonderfully flexible,” Jim said, rolling her on to her side and, moving in behind her, lubed her anus and pushed in a finger.

They were now both shaking, in danger of blowing and successful debut.

Anna tried her hardest to ensure it worked. “Ouch that’s revolting but actually feels rather lovely.”

“As I get you warmed up I’ll slip in another finger and then test the elasticity of your anus. We can take this slowly with plenty of pauses while you adjust. The head of my dick has to ease past your sphincter.”

“What’s that?”

Jim frowned and said he didn’t know the technical description but understood is to mean an ass-tight ring just inside.

Anna almost said ah, she’d felt that with her finger at times but managed to maintain her best-kept secret. “Okay. I’m prepared to be very brave about this Jim. I’d want this to work too.”

“Good girl.”

Jim worked away and finally said, “Bend your ass into me and raise your top leg high and support it with an arm. Here we go.”

“Ouch, your big fat dick ups my tiny asshole. I wonder if our mothers can imagine this happening?”

“Anna please,” Jim said, sounding horrified. “Please let’s concentrate on the job in hand.”

“Yes master. Up my butt master. Make me bleed and you’ll never enter there again.”

Jim began to sweat. Her anus was now twitching and his cock was throbbing, eager to get going.

They tensed, pushed tentatively, groaned, paused and sweated and Jim for one certainly thought who was the twerp that had dubbed this as erotic fun, a carnival of sensuality and sensitivity? Some old drunk in a pub and long past his last erection no doubt.

Anna didn’t seem to notice when he pushed the last inch home until she shook and said what was that, and put her hand around him to explore.

“It was my balls, wet from lube, slapping against your cunt?”

“Christ Jim, should you be talking to me like that?”

Either she was objecting to his description of the word ‘cunt’ had shocked her. She said nothing, so he was left to think, rightly or wrongly, he was not supposed to let her here him say the word cunt. For goodness sake, she was putting her foot down before they were even engaged to be married. Anyway she’d used the word ‘Christ’ without enquiring did that offend him.

“Are you going to start pumping or are you asleep?” she enquired, politely with a sharp edge.

“I’m allowing you to rest a moment darling.”

“Oooh it’s darling now is it? Oh how sweet.”

God women were suckers when sweet-talked, he gloated, only to hear her growl, “Get on with it Jim.”

Jim worked up to speed quickly, ignoring her groans and reluctant pleas telling him to stop and then she began to cry “Oh… oh… oh” as wave after wave of apparent great sensations flowed over her, concealing the fact that otherwise she might have thought she was calving.

Fluids oozed and his balls slapped and then his thighs transferred secretions to her butt and the slap-slap-slap made her cry out, “What’s that disgusting noise?”

Jim sighed and didn’t answer. The sound was music to his ears and if she interpreted that sound differently then a part of her music appreciation was missing from her knowledge database.

They were sweating.

They were puffing.

Both were gripped in amazing sensations and Jim could feel his pulsating dick deep inside her anal tube.

“Hit your clit,” he gasped, thinking that his eyes were about to pop.

“I can’t; you’re here,” she puffed indignantly

“Hit your fucking clit,” he roared, temper and heart-racing activity sending his blood pressure sky-high and pushing out veins on his neck and forehead.

“All right, all right,” she said, digging into the top of her pussy, mixing the digs with a few slaps until she said, “Omigod, I’m about to come… thunderously so.”

Jim threw back his head and came like an express train seconds after Anna began climaxing and she was still ending her come-laden convulsions when he began toweling sweat from his face.

“Oh boy,” Anna said, appearing barely conscious. “That just has to be the biggest fuck of my life.”

“Good wasn’t it,” Jim yawned, thinking of their 24-hour flight with a one-hour stopover.

“That’s enough for me tonight darling,” Anna said. “Perhaps we ought to try to get in a couple of anals during our long flight. We have to fill in the time doing something.”

Jim contemplated that challenge before replying.

“Theoretically we ought to be able to get in say ten of them during the flight if we pace ourselves carefully.”

But he looked at his bride-to-be and saw she was already asleep. He stroked her face and smiled, thinking what a great lady she was. His mom would love looking after the kids while Anna was teaching and his dad was bound to select two miniature horses and breed them selectively for his two grandchildren… or had Anna said three kids? Jeeze he must pay attention or risk having his ear chewed.


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