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Twins and the Boyfriend’s Father

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“No! For the last time, will you shut-up about this?”

Rachel was scowling at her boyfriend who was laying in bed beside her. Dan still retained a mildly smug expression after their sex which had finished some minutes ago, although the truth was she had faked her orgasm.

She wasn’t proud of that but Dan always liked to make a big deal about making her climax and it was far easier to let him feel this way. Like many women she didn’t often orgasm through penetration.

The cause of her outburst just now was an ongoing theme that her boyfriend seemed unable to let go. Rachel was an identical twin and, like many men, the idea of a threesome with twins was rather appealing.

Not enamoured by the thought of incest with her sister Rachel was growing increasingly annoyed with the remarks. The odd bit of flirtatious humour was one thing but he was taking this a little too far.

“Okay we’ll save it for my birthday then,” he couldn’t resist ending on.

“For fuck sake!” Rachel hissed and swung herself out of the bed. Her clothes were strewn about the floor and she began to look for these, tying her long dark hair behind to make the search easier.

Dan shrugged, slightly sulkily turned away and reached for his phone. A message had been through earlier whilst they had been occupied.

She pulled her slim legs into her jeans feeling the denim against the shaved surface of her skin there.

For a moment she couldn’t find her bra and as she bent down to peer under the bed a hand was clasped to her warm left breast, Dan clearly enjoying the feel of her large DD cup. She sighed.

“What do you think you’ll wear tonight?” she asked, continuing to dress. Vivaldi at the City Theatre tonight. She had only been to the opera once but had loved it.

Rachel had bought the tickets some months ago and was really quite excited. But Dan just swallowed and started down at his phone.

“Actually babes, the thing is, well,” he looked up at her and then seeing the expression on her face went right back to the handset. “The thing is, what I am trying to say…well the lads are…they need a midfielder. Andy’s just messaged me, someone got injured.”

“And what time will you be finished?” she asked with frost audible in her tone.

“I think we’ll be out by seven.”

“Fine. The show doesn’t start until 9pm. Take your clothes with you and I will meet you there.” She wasn’t happy but would try to be reasonable. Dan knew she had been looking forward to this, having a drink first, getting some food.

“Okay well, I’m heading home to take a shower,” she lent across and kissed his cheek.

“Why don’t I take one with you here?” Dan leered and reached under the pink top to unclasp her now fastened bra. Just at that moment they heard the sound of the front door open and close and a whistling came from the hallway below.

“My dad,” Dan sighed. It would be a bit obvious if they were going at it in the shower. Besides, there was still an unmistakably cold look in Rachel’s large green eyes.

He watched her sway her perfect body across the room to the door, her peach bum calling to him through the tight denim of her jeans.

“See you tonight honey.” She stepped out of the room.

Downstairs she bumped into Dan’s father, Phil, as he returned from the gym. He wasn’t an especially young father when Dan was born (there was one elder brother too) but he kept himself in shape and his job in construction demanded a good degree of physical fitness.

His hair had gone silver but it remained thick. Not tall, a moderate belly, but rather broad of back, shoulder and chest so that he carried his weight well.

Quite a different build to his son. Dan was very fit, slim and toned but not broad. Whether it was just an age thing Rachel wasn’t sure but Phil was clearly a bit hairier than his son: right now she could see his chest hairs above the line of his shirt.

The household had been a bit tense since Dan had returned from university. His parents were not impressed by Dan’s failure to contribute to house hold tasks and he hadn’t shown wild enthusiasm at being under their regime again.

But the current source of tension was caused mostly by Dan’s taking his father’s car without permission or insurance yesterday when he thought this wouldn’t be discovered. But it had.

“Hi Rachel,” Phil greeted her pleasantly. He couldn’t but helped check her out however much he might try to hide it. She was just gorgeous. His son had been dating her about eight months, almost immediately since he graduated university.

Dan was a handsome lad and was always with hot girls but Rachel was the jewel in the crown so far. Twenty-two years old, long dark hair, which was sometime wavy, sometimes straight, big green eyes and smooth of skin.

Here was a girl who also clearly kept herself in trim: spinning, aerobics and a careful approach to eating being her main devices to ensure this. She also was not tall, perhaps a little shorter than average, very slim but with curves in the right places.

For her part Rachel found Phil’s attention not entirely unwelcome – it was harmless enough. She was rather attracted to older guys and had dated a professor at university before she met Dan.

Perhaps if they’d both been single and met in a bar somewhere who knows what might have happened. She exchanged a few more pleasantries with him and then went out to her car; home was a fifteen minute drive through the suburbs.

“That fucker! That absolute fucker!” Rachel stared at her phone in disbelief.

It was 7.30pm and she was in the process of getting dressed when her phone had chimed. Currently she was stood in her bedroom wearing new Victoria’s Secret black lingerie and applying finishing touches to her makeup. The message was from Dan. Apparently one of the lads was injured and they were taking him to the local A&E.

But Rachel knew – knew for a fact because she was Facebook friends with several of Dan’s mates- that the guys were going to watch a cup game in the local this evening.

Nonetheless she might have given her boyfriend the benefit of the doubt except one of the friends had posted, presumably without Dan’s knowledge (he can’t be that stupid surely), a picture of them heading into the Royal Oak pub about five minutes ago. So he didn’t even have the guts to tell her he didn’t want to come out tonight!

“What’s wrong?” her twin sister Sophie, was poking her head around the door. Identical in every way to Rachel the girls were very close.

Sophie was single at the moment and had planned to go out tonight but one of her mates was ill. Another Saturday night spent at home!

“Dan. That’s what’s wrong.” Rachel quickly explained the situation. Sophie shook her head in disbelief. Although she didn’t especially like Dan, finding him rather immature, she had accepted him for the sake of her sister.

She was aware of the whole twin threesome thing however as he couldn’t resist dropping in remarks to her whenever he was round. It wasn’t like being two gorgeous identical young women they hadn’t heard it before but Dan’s obsession had passed the boundary of good humour.

It was clear Rachel’s cold fury might turn to tears so Sophie needed to act quickly. She suggested they hit the town together. However, Rachel remained keen to see the opera and Sophie acquiesced to this. But they would go out dressed to the nines: they both needed an emotional pickup.

So later that evening they left the house looking and feeling like a million dollars. Both girls had their hair unloosed, a dark mass flowing well past their shoulders.

Bright red expensive Chanel lipstick which contrasted and enhanced their smooth fairly pale skin and large green eyes. Matching black lingerie underneath their above the knee dresses.

Although they were not actually wearing identical outfits -that might have looked a little weird- the girls did each have high red heels which matched the colour of their lips and nails. A squirt of designer perfume completed the package.

Rachel was looking through her phone for a cab to take them to a bar near the opera house when a sudden thought hit her.

“Shit Sophie – I left the tickets at Dan’s,” Rachel cursed.

“Will anyone be in?” asked Sophie.

“Maybe but I only have Dan’s mobile, not the house phone.”

“No drama – we’ll swing by there now and then come back here. We’ve still plenty of time,” her twin reassured her.

So twenty minutes later Phil answered the knock on his door to find the two girls, perl white apologetic smiles on their faces. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of them, even the smell of their perfume was intoxicating.

They explained the situation and he let them in – thinking his son was an idiot for turning down a night out with his stunning girlfriend. Regretfully he explained he had no idea where the tickets might be. That didn’t matter though as Rachel knew were they might be.

“You didn’t tell me Dan’s dad was a fox,” Sophie whispered to her sister with a nudge as they came down the stairs with the tickets five minutes later.

“Oh I wouldn’t know,” Rachel winked at her.

They were about to leave when Phil asked them if they fancied a glass of wine. He had already consumed a couple and there was a bottle of white open in the fridge.

Rachel was about to refuse but Sophie had an idea: why not call the cab from here? That would save them a journey back and Rachel could collect the car in the morning.

Thirty minutes later the three of them sat around the large kitchen table and each for their own reasons, drinking a little more heavily than they ordinarily would.

Phil proved to be good company and soon had the girls laughing and chatting merrily.

His attraction to them was fairly obvious but flattering, not at all sleazy. The girls noticed he kept moving one hand to rub his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” Sophie asked him.

“Oh I just pulled a muscle at the gym. Nothing to worry about.”

“My sister could sort that out. She once did a massage class didn’t you Rach?” Rachel just blushed a little in response and Phil laughed.

They continued to drink and chat. The taxi had been called but the firm then rang to apologise that this Saturday night was busier than usual; they had a breakdown in a vehicle and everything was running late.

As they were still early for the opera itself Rachel wasn’t too worried. Phil continued to periodically rub his shoulder.

“Right – that’s it. We’re sorting this out,” declared Sophie. She dragged up her slightly reluctant sister and moved behind Phil. She placed Rachel’s hand on his shoulder. “Show me,” Sophie demanded.

Rachel began to move her delicate hand, kneading the flesh below. Phil sighed at the relief but the fact was the high back of the chair prevented any real access.

“This isn’t going to work, the subject in my classes always laid down,” said Rachel.

“Well we can move this to the sofa,” Phil was half joking but the feel of her hand had sent a bolt through his being.

“A free massage lesson,” said Sophie. “Let’s do it.”

The trio went into the next room, the girls’ heels clicking against the tiles of the kitchen as they went. Inside was the lounge (or den if you prefer) where a large sofa was pushed against one wall.

For a moment the three of them paused uncertainly, the surreality of the situation almost penetrating the wine daze but Sophie, a devilish streak in her today, broke the sudden tension by asking Phil to remove his top in a mock professional manner.

“Right sir. If sir would like to take position on the couch the masseuse will be with you shortly.”

Phil chuckled and did so, the girls watching with interest as he pulled the shirt over his head, exposing his broad and somewhat hairy muscle mass. Now only in his shorts he draped himself across the sofa, laying his head on his arms.

Rachel gulped the glass of wine she had brought through and set it on the low standing nearby table. She then bent down over Phil and brought her hands down to his shoulders.

She spread her fingers out, the femininity of her manicured sharp red nails and pale fingers a contrast to Phil’s obvious maleness. Sweeping and kneading, pushing and pull she worked on his broad upper right shoulder.

“I hope you’re taking notes sis,” she jokingly told Sophie behind her. For her part Sophie had been watching the proceedings with a mixture of emotions she couldn’t quite put a name to.

On a whim she joined in with Rachel, taking the other shoulder and then the lower back which was easier to reach.

Phil couldn’t quite believe this was happening. A quiet Saturday night and now two gorgeous brunette twins were running their hands all over him.

Finding that bending down was rather awkward, and with the wine reducing her inhibitions, Rachel moved to sit astride bum and continued the massage from there. Phil gasped at the slight but sudden weight on him.

This made Sophie’s own reach difficult so she stood and took another sip of her white and then sat at the bottom of the sofa.

Caught up in the delicious feel of the massage and Rachel’s soft bare legs against, Phil was obviously in heaven. The girls both felt happy at the pleasure they were bringing. Still feeling naughty Sophie was at the bottom of the sofa next to Phil’s feet.

Without really thinking she reached over and ran her nails along the skin there. Phil at once wriggled and so she did it again, giggling.

Finally Sophie held one foot by the ankle to prevent him moving it too far and then tickled it outrageously.

Rachel looked over her shoulder at her sister and gaped but Sophie just grinned at her and continued her play. Sitting astride the masculine form of her boyfriend’s father and the touch of his muscles underneath her hands was affecting Rachel. She knew she must be wet below and there was a familiar ache inside her.

The sheer inappropriateness of the situation was turning her on. As if watching someone else she saw her own hands move to his back and softly rake her sexy nails along his form.

Then she bent her head and brushed the tips of her trailing soft dark hair along his upper thighs.

Phi’s breathing had become ragged gasps as he tried to stay still under the sensual assault. A few minutes later he felt a sharp nick against his foot which remained clasped in Sophie’s firm grip.

“Oops,” she said. “Guess I’d better kiss that better.” He then felt a little kiss against the sole of his foot, then another and another. In a moment a tongue followed as Sophie dragged it wetly along his feet and up to his toes.

She then proceeded to push her tongue in amongst them. Phil thanked his lucky stars he had taken a shower not long ago.

At the same time Rachel bent down and pressed her lips against his back then began moving her own tongue across it. He tasted of sweat and shower gel and it was delicious.

This was all too much for poor Phil to bear. He wriggled and almost pushed Rachel off as he did so. After a moment he succeeded in turning over to face the twins.

Here he was a 58 year old man two being devoured by two stunning 22 year old sisters.

The wine and erotic situation overwhelmed any moral objections that one of these girls was dating his son. Though married, he and his wife were swingers (unbeknownst to Dan of course) and it wasn’t unheard of for the two of them to dally with other people.

Not that Phil had much time to think about any of this. The moment he was on his back both girls, now utterly horny, descended upon him.

He just had chance to take in the sight of these two beautiful faces, outrageously sexy lipsticked mouths coming toward him. Rachel reached him first and kissed him passionately.

After a moment she pulled back for air but before she could resume Sophie was in and she watched as her sister snogged Phil’s silver head off.

Giggling she gently but firmly pulled her twin’s head back and reached in again herself. Whilst she frenched Phil again Sophie went in for his neck, licking kissing and gently biting.

The girls repeated this pattern of making out for a few minutes before they kissed his mouth together, taking Phil to a whole other level of pleasure. Then then went to each side of his neck and planted their mouths against it, before moving downwards.

Just as they reached his chest, Rachel pulled back. “Wait. This isn’t going to work,” she said. The other two just looked at her in quick alarm before she added: “with us still wearing these dresses!”

With that she pulled her tight red dress over hear head revealing her black lace bra, the breasts inside straining for release against the cups. Not to be outdone Sophie quickly did the same.

They gave Phil a moment to drink in the sight of their slim lingerie clad bodies before they went back to work upon him.

His nipples were licked, his torso sucked, and a tongue reamed his belly button. Not being able to handle the erotic assault he writhed against the sofa, but the two bodies on either side more or less held him firm as did the girls’ soft hands which roamed his arms and upper body.

After a few minutes they dipped below the line of his waist and began an oral attack on his legs, missing out the obvious bulge in his shorts entirely.

The twins ministered to the inside of his thighs, his toned hamstrings and even the backs of his knees.

The latter in particular was almost too much to bear. Phil just groaned in pleasure. The air was filled with the soft sounds of licks and kisses.

Once they felt they had warmed him up enough, and as if they had reached some unspoken agreement, they slipped their hands into the waistband of his shorts and whipped them off.

The sight they now behold caused both ladies to gasp in disbelief. Dan wasn’t especially small but his father’s manhood put it into the shade.

Nine inches and very thick, his cock rose from his groin like some kind of monolith. Swollen with blood it was standing almost vertical.

Here was a point of no return. If they had originally intended to tease and have fun but then stop, they were now well past this. The sisters exchanged glances.

Sophie took the bold move and reached out almost on autopilot. She closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt her hand close around the hardness.

Phil groaned louder as he took in the sight of the young feminine red nailed fingers enclosed around his penis.

Rachel took her cue and moved her right hand to grip the base. In rhythm the girls began to stroke, enjoying the feel of him and the ecstasy they were bringing.

Dan would have come already, Rachel thought to herself. His more experienced dad obviously had no such handicaps.

Giggling at the sheer naughtiness of the situation Rachel reached out her tongue and teased the end of his cock. Sophie watched for a moment as her sister licked the head and then she moved in to kiss the stem close to where Rachel’s hand was.

Over the next few minutes this evolved into a serious oral session with the sisters working him together with their warm agile mouths. When they both flicked their tongues across the head in tandem he almost lost it.

The action was broken by a sudden and loud R&B ringtone from Rachel’s bag. Although her initial instinct was to ignore it some part of her mind told her to look. It might be an emergency and one of her elderly relatives was very ill at the moment.

She went into the kitchen and came back with the phone. It was Dan. The obvious thing would be to let it ring but she was still feeling both annoyed with him and naughty.

Sophie had stopped blowing Phil and was peering at her sister with a questioning look.

“Dan,” Rachel mouthed at the bodies on the sofa and then winking at them she answered the phone.

“Oh hi baby. You’re still at the hospital are you?” She rolled her eyes. Sophie smirked and immediately went back to the delicious cock in front of her.

This caused Phil to grip the sides of the sofa in desperation. Even if he had been minded to not let it get this far it would have been risky and difficult to say anything now. Rachel made her way back over.

“What’s that noise?” she repeated Dan’s question for the others’ benefit. “Oh that’s just my greedy guts sister sucking a lolly. Yeah we’re at my house about to head out.”

Sophie slurped louder on hearing this as her sister reached out her free hand and took hold of Phil’s mammoth dick. Whilst continuing to listen to Dan Rachel wanked him into Sophie’s eager mouth.

She kept asking him about his friend and the break, partly to keep him doing the talking but also to keep herself angry at the lies before her conscience could kick in.

Listening to him lie did indeed annoy her but when her boyfriend again mentioned the loud noise of Sophie’s licks she decided to escalate her revenge.

“Oh you want me to join in too do you?” Another roll of her eyes. “I bet you do. Well as a special treat because I am sure you are very sorry to have missed the show tonight…” and with that she brought her mouth down and took a long lick of Phil’s cock.

“That’s so tasty baby,” she said to Dan. “I think Sophie and I might finish this together,” she took a long suck against the crown.

“Yeah I bet you’d love to watch us lick it. Maybe next time baby.” Dan listened in arousal at the noises coming from his handset.

“Sorry baby. Our taxi is here now. Catch you later. Take care getting home.” She made a few kissing sounds for him but did these against Phil’s cock. The call ended and she check it was off. The girls high-fived and returned to their duties.

“Oh fuck! You must have done this before,” Phil managed to say breathlessly.

“Oh no,” said Rachel, lifting her tongue from him.

“You mean…the two of you haven’t been with Dan together?”

Rachel shook her head and then took his right ball in her mouth and sucked softly on it. Seeing this Sophie brought her head down and kissed the other ball.

“In fact,” she said between kisses, “we haven’t”…kiss… “done this,”…kiss “for anyone”. She then followed this by a long slurp on his ball sack, relishing the masculine taste.

Rachel felt the warmth of her sister’s cheek against hers as they pleasured him there. “And I’ve done this,” she brought her tongue down onto his perineum and flicked it there, “for nobody but you.”

Her head dripped lower out of his sight and then her felt her probing at his lower orifice. The first exploratory taste was clean so she went deeper.

So her lousy boyfriend had gone off with his mates and here she was, giving his own father something he had been begging to have for months. Not only that but she was carrying out acts she hadn’t even dreamed of doing before. The idea of it all just made her wetter and wetter.

“Oh God!” Phil said. This was insane. He lifted his legs and shifted them outward to provide better access and Sophie moved to join her sister. Phil had enjoyed a rimming before but the sensation of two sexy young twin sisters fighting to enter their tongues into him was, unsurprisingly, a new experience.

With their hands still wanking at his swollen cock it was a wonder he hadn’t ejaculated already. It was too much. He gently pushed himself up and knelt on the soft as the girls pulled back to look at him with questioning glances.

In answer he dragged the nearest girl forward -he wasn’t sure who now- and kissed her hard whilst his hand went to unclasp the lace bra. Then it was gone and he brought his face into her large white breasts, licking and nibbling at the pointed nipples causing the young woman to gasp in pleasure.

Rachel – who was watching this – unhooked her own bar and stood to pull off her knickers. Whilst Sophie stood to remove her own Rachel took the opportunity to firmly push Phil down and swung astride his face.

She lowered herself onto his hot mouth and at once felt a skilled tongue against her clit.

Sophie crouched next to the soft so she could continue to work on Phil’s genitals. Lowering herself across his body Rachel then joined her, though the ability of Dan’s father to pleasure her was a serious distraction.

The hot sixty-nine continued for a good while, the room filled with sighs, groans, slurps and licks. But Rachel was too turned on now. She needed a man inside her.

“Swap sis?” she asked Sophie. Het twin was all too happy to. She settled herself down as Rachel dropped herself against the giant manhood of her boyfriend’s dad.

Although she was so wet it went in easier than she might have otherwise expected it was still something of a struggle and about two full minutes passed before she felt herself settle against the base.

Once he was fully in and she had grown used to the size she began to ride him with serious enthusiasm. In front of her she could see Sophie writhing as she approached orgasm. And orgasm both girls now did. Screaming, prolonged, mind numbing orgasms.

A little exhausted the twins slowed down but Phil wasn’t done yet. Sophie lifted herself from his face and, still inside Rachel, he turned over so he was now on top of her.

From there he began to drill her with powerful strokes, his cock reaching deep inside her and driving her steadily toward a new orgasm.

Wrapping her legs around his waist she rubbed his back and upper body with her hands, lightly raking her red nails across the strong muscles and pushing her slender fingers through his body hair. He filled her so completely!

She had never felt anything like it before. Phil was working so hard she could feel the sweat on his body. This was so fucking good.

Phil drank in the sigh of Rachel below him. The slim torso leading up to those perfect breasts. Her head was turned partly to one side, eyes closed beneath long lashes and she was biting her lip with the pleasure she was receiving.

Dark hair about her head like a black silk river. She reached up a hand and brought his head down to kiss her, tongues entering each others mouths with the passion of the moment.

Sophie had just watched this so far, still recovering from her own orgasm, but when she saw Rachel stiffen again as she came and Phil obviously close completion too she reached out a hand to his arm.

“You don’t think I’m going to let you get away with you not giving me some do you?” she asked in a mock whining tone. Phil laughed and pulled out of the exhausted Rachel as her twin knelt on the floor below.

Taking his hint he entered her from behind, sighing at the tightness of her delicious cunt and perfection of her bum before him.

Like her sister Sophie needed a moment to adjust to the size of the thing but soon her was smacking into her with all his might. She could even feel his balls slapping against her rear. This was so horny, they had to do it again soon, she thought!

Whilst they fucked in front of her Rachel turned Phil’s head to kiss him as she groped him continually, not getting enough of the feel of his mature body under her hands.

Outside the house a taxi sat with its engines running, the driver quite annoyed. Well it was a busy night, there were plenty more fares. He put the vehicle in gear and drove off. Looks like these customers were going to have to miss out!

Inside Sophie felt her climax building but had an idea. It was clear Phil must be nearly worn out and ready to come but she wanted to prolong a little longer and have some fun.

“Stop!” she gasped out. Phil slowed, puzzled. “Sit on the coach baby.” He did this, feeling hot and ready to come, his eager cock still at proud attention below him.

“So here’s the rules, sis,” Sophie told Rachel. Thirty seconds on then swap. Winner takes all.”

Rachel knew her meaning and nodded for her twin to go first. This she did, mounting Phil and riding him vigorously, licking his neck, frenching him and pushing her breasts against his chest.

Yet after the prescribed time period he still had not ejaculated. Thus Rachel got to take her turn and this she did with relish.

She tried a different tactic, putting her weight on her hands and then her hands against his legs behind her. This pushed her angle back so Phil could drink in the glorious sight of her body: high breasts bouncing, her head thrown back and the long hair dragged against their joining below.

The sisters continued in this vein for a few turns each. For Phil it was an erotic agony. Each time he was bout to come the 30 seconds was up and the girl pleasuring him dismounted.

Nonetheless he couldn’t last forever and it was Rachel who took first prize. Twenty five seconds in she felt him spasm and swell further, if that was possible. His hot seed shot deep into her womb and this triggered a fresh orgasm of her own.

Sophie was too delighted to be jealous and joined the two of them in crashing our across the sofa, totally spent, arms and legs entwined.

They rested for ten minutes, the two girls exchanging the occasional kiss with Phil and enjoying the feel of his strong arms around them.

“I suppose we’d better head back somehow,” Rachel sighed. Clearly going to the opera now was out of the question – and the show had actually started about an hour ago.

“Well here’s a thought,” said Phil. “You girls spend the night. Dan will probably stay out and even if he doesn’t it’s not like he’s going to walk into my room.”

The girls thought this over and accepted. The car was parked around the corner out of sight so wouldn’t give them away but Rachel felt a sudden thrill of guilt from another direction. “What about Claire?” she asked, meaning Phil’s wife, Dan’s mum.

Phil chuckled. “You leave that to me.”

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