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Two Weeks with Dad

Category: Incest
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Shea was trapped! Her mom and stepdad were going on vacation for the next two weeks. She had to stay with her dad who lived too far away for her to hook up with her boyfriend. After that, her boyfriend would be gone for two weeks while his family went on vacation. That meant a whole month without seeing Eric. It was hell.

Tossing and turning for what seemed like forever, she finally gave up on sleep. Getting up, she made her way to the kitchen and found her Dad.

“Hey baby girl, want some P.B. & J.?”

Shea shrugged her shoulders, “Whatever.” She sat down at the table, “I’m 18, kind of old for baby girl, don’t you think?”

“Um,” he finished his bite, “how about bitch then?”

Shea just looked at him open mouth, “I can’t believe you called me that.”

Dan shrugged his shoulders imitating what she had done, “Then stop acting like one.”

“I miss my boyfriend.”

“I don’t give a shit. You need to find a way to deal with it besides being a pain in the ass.” He stopped and noticed that her pajama top had come open. “By the way, you have nice tits.”

Shea looked down and saw she was having a wardrobe malfunction. Feeling her face get hot, she fixed her top. “You’re my dad; you aren’t supposed to look at me like that.”

“Hey, you’re the one doing the advertising; I’m just sitting here enjoying the show.”

Shea stood up and unbuttoned her top. Placing her hands on either side of her top, she opened it up showing her breasts, “Then, have a good look!” Storming back to her bedroom, she did a slow burn at her dad but somehow managed to fall asleep.

The next morning she was still mad at him, but forced herself to put a smile on her face. As far as she was concerned her dad had caused the end of the marriage with her mom, and Shea still resented it. But, she had to find a way to get along with him or the next two weeks would suck. Breakfast was bacon, eggs and toast with juice and not much was said while they ate. She had finished eating, “Did you make some coffee?”

Dan was surprised, “You drink coffee?”

Shea gave him a half smile, “I’m not a kid anymore.”

“I noticed that when you raised your top last night.” He cleared the dishes from the table and poured them both some coffee.

Shea felt her face flush again. “Well you can stop saying I have nice tits. I know the truth.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Dad, I don’t have much on top – all right. Damn this is embarrassing.” She went from embarrassed to feeling bewildered when her dad walked around the table and she received a kiss from him. It was just a father / daughter kiss but his hands were placed on each side of her face when he did it.

Dan forced her to look into his eyes, “Baby girl, I hope I have a girlfriend just like you one day.”

She jumped at the opening, “Mom said you had a girlfriend, which is why you two broke up.”

Dan went back to his chair, “I won’t say anything bad about your mother.”

“So did you?”

“No, I did not.”

Shea was confused, she wasn’t being told the truth – but by who? She stared into her cup as she thought about it. “So you didn’t have one, but has there been anyone since you and mom split up?”

“Baby girl do you want to fix your shirt?”

She looked down and her shirt had come open again. Not keeping her shirt buttoned and not wearing a bra just didn’t mean anything to her. “So what, there isn’t anything to see anyway.”

“Shea there wasn’t anyone before your mom, there wasn’t anyone else while she was married to me and there hasn’t been anyone since. So can you please cover yourself up?”

Her dad had let his guard down for an instant, and somewhere was the truth. She fixed her shirt mumbling, “Eric wouldn’t have even noticed.”

“Well I noticed baby girl.”

Eric was actually her first boyfriend. Shea could still see the look on his face when he first saw her chest. She was jerked out of her thoughts when she found herself being kissed again. She hadn’t even realized that her dad had gotten up.

“Baby girl, I’m sorry I called you a bitch. I’m still mad at your mom and I took it out on you.”

Shea had never heard her dad open up like that. “Thank you dad,” she hugged him and they went back to sitting across from each other and drinking their coffee. She was lost in thought again, only this time about what he had said as well as what her mom had told her. Her mom had insisted that he had a girlfriend, but Shea couldn’t remember her dad ever going out without her mom or her. Come to think of it, her stepdad had showed up almost as soon as her dad had moved out. She was snapped out of her thoughts by her dad talking to her again.

“I tell you what baby girl, I won’t call you a bitch again and you stop showing me your tits, all right?” He saw his daughter blush again and laughed and laughed. “I love you, don’t ever change.”

Shea decided that two could play that game. “I’ll stop leaving my shirt open, even if I have nothing for you to see. You stop calling them tits.”

Dan was shocked; he never knew how low his daughter’s self-esteem was. He went around the table and hugged her. He had only been with her a little since the divorce and now it felt like a very, very long time. “I’ve missed you.”

Shea was feeling so many different things all at once, and held his hand to her cheek, “I love you too.”

“And you have nice tit – ah – I mean you’re nice on top.”

She giggled, “Thanks, but I know the truth.” She stretched her shirt across her chest outlining her nipples and what breasts she had. “It is what it is.” Shea screamed in surprise as she felt herself being picked up and sat on the kitchen table.

Dan went bent down and kissed her. “I’m the one doing the looking and I know when something is nice to look at.”

She started laughing; being on the kitchen table was so strange. “I can’t imagine a guy -”

His daughter obviously wasn’t listening to what he was saying, so Dan decided to show her she was wrong. He ran his fingers over her shirt and felt her nipples respond immediately.

“Ah,” she sucked in her breath. Her own dad feeling her up was something she had never expected. It felt good, but really weird.

Dan continued to play even as he pressed his lips to hers, “Baby girl, you have no reason to feel bad about yourself.”

Shea liked having her nipples touched but her boyfriend didn’t bother anymore, “Mm.” Her nipples were sending out a variety of sensations as she returned his kiss.

He straightened up and winked at her, “So believe me, I’m the one touching and looking and I like it.” He saw her reaching her arms up to him and he bent down for another kiss.

Shea had fantasized about having sex with her dad, and had also fantasized about being with a guy that liked her breasts. She never thought both fantasies would ever come true. Watching her dad’s face, she undid all of her buttons and opened her shirt. She could see that he really was telling her the truth.

Dan automatically reached down and started playing with both of her nipples at the same time. He had done it almost before he thought about it and he stopped immediately. “I’m sorry…baby girl, I hadn’t planned on doing anything more than show to you that you were wrong. It’s been a long time and I may not be able to stop once we start.”

She placed his hands back on her breasts and felt him start to play again. Her voice was soft, almost a whisper, “Your baby girl doesn’t want you to stop.” She watched in anticipation as he bent down and she felt his mouth on her nipple, “Oh daddy.” It was the first time she had felt someone sucking and she loved it. With her hands slippery with soap, Shea had pretended in the shower that a guy was sucking her nipples. This was so much better. Eric had been her first boyfriend and she didn’t have sex with him until they had dated several times. After his reaction at seeing her chest, she had given up hope that a guy would like her on top.

Dan switched between them, sucking and playing with both. He had her nipples so hard they were almost purple and standing out from her breasts a full inch. He stopped to kiss her again, “I’ll do that anytime you want baby girl.”

Shea was practically lightheaded as she coaxed his tongue into her mouth, “Baby girl wants you to do it again now.”

Dan pushed her on her back and explored with his tongue and hands. He’d never had any sexual desire for his daughter and was very nervous.

“Mm,” she liked the way he was being so gentle with her. When he stood back up, she saw her dad’s bulge. Shea reached for it but was having trouble with his zipper, “Daddy.”

Dan opened and unzipped his jeans, pushing them and his underwear to the ground and stepped out of them. He reached for her panties and she raised herself off of the table to help him. He soon had her naked from the waist down and she assisted again by taking her shirt off. He wanted to just attack her pussy but instead he moved to where her head was and put his semi hard cock to her lips.

Shea hadn’t done much with Eric; they would play with each other and then have sex. She hadn’t used her mouth for anything except kissing. Licking the head she thought it felt spongy. It kept moving, so using her hand to keep him still, she closed her lips around the head, and then started giggling.

“What’s wrong?”

“Mom had me stay here instead of leaving me by myself because she thought that my boyfriend and I would do something while they were gone.” She went back to figuring out how to suck him.

“I’m not sure she trusts you. Would you have done anything?”

She took him out of her mouth, “No,” and she started giggling again, “but I’m going to now.” Going back to sucking him, she discovered that as he got harder she had to take less of him in. His cock actually tasted like having any other body part in her mouth, but it was way better. Even though she hadn’t done this before, she had played with Eric and her dad seemed a little bigger than her boyfriend.

Her dad had gone back to playing with her breasts and his fingers felt wonderful. She could just lay there and let him do that for as long as he wanted. Nah – she wanted more and went back to sucking him. As the pleasure spread from her nipples she experimented on how deep she could get him without gagging.

With her lying on the table this way, her mouth was teasing him and driving him crazy. Watching his hard cock sliding past her pink lips was making him even harder. He wanted to cum that way so bad. But his eyes were drawn to her soft brown hair above her pussy. The kitchen light was reflecting off of the moisture. Her pubic hair was slightly darker than the hair on her head and the glistening drops were tantalizing and irresistible.

Shea saw her dad reach down between her legs and felt his fingers playing. “Um,” she liked this. Then his fingers brushed against her clit, and she moaned, “Ooh.” Her hips naturally rose off of the table. Suddenly his cock was pulled out of her mouth and his fingers were taken from her pussy.

Dan was in a bad way, her inexperience at sucking him was obvious, and a complete turn on. He wanted to feel his cock slide into her pussy but it was calling to him for something else. “I’ve got to taste you.”

Shea watched in anticipation as his head moved between her legs. This was only the first day of her two week stay with her dad and she had sucked her first cock. He had been soft when she had started and had gotten harder in her mouth. Now she was about to feel a guy’s mouth on her pussy for the first time.

Dan sat in a chair and slid her down so her legs were on either side of his head. He was breathing heavy and his mouth watered as he looked at her pussy lips glistening with moisture. He lowered his tongue to just above her pussy and slowly licked the moisture from her clit.

“A-h-h-h,” feeling his tongue Shea had the air sucked out of her lungs. She started panting as she felt him lick and lick and lick. She wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing but could feel him switch between using his tongue up and down and then round and round. Each way made her claw the table and her moans became breathless gasping whimpers.

Dan raised his head to see her face, he was breathing almost as hard as she was. He loved doing this especially when he knew she was enjoying it so much.

Shea had never felt anything like what her dad was doing. The pleasure he was giving her was racing all through her whole body.

Using his lips to cover his teeth, he closed his lips around one of her pussy lips and softly chewed.

Shea felt her body getting hotter and wetter. It wouldn’t take much more to put her over the top.

Dan ran his tongue inside her pussy as far as he could. He followed this by chewing gently on her clit then went back to licking all of her pussy again.

Her pussy being licked was making her dizzy, she loved it. She had gotten herself off before and Eric usually got her there. None of it compared to this. She grabbed his head and pushed his face into her, “AAGGHH!!” Her whole body erupted. The intensity of her orgasm rocketed through her.

He continued to lick a little, then Dan stood, placed one of her legs on each of his shoulders and rammed his cock into her. It felt like shoving himself into a volcano and it was tight – damn tight.

“Oh shit!” Her body was in the middle of one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever had, and her dad had pushed his cock into her – hard! Her first orgasm was barely beginning and she was exploding again. Wave upon wave of pure pleasure coursed through her teenage body only to run head on into more of the same.

Dan rammed his cock in and out of his daughter. It had been a long time since he had experienced anything like this. Her young body was demanded more and his body responded. His cock slammed into her pussy, going as deep in her body as he could possible get it. Each and every inch of his hard cock had to fight all of the way in and all of the way back out. It felt as if her pussy was on fire and needed his cock to shoot cum to cool it off.

Her brain shut down as her body tried to come to grips with having multiple orgasms. On and on it kept going. Each thrust into her making her go higher and higher. Shea knew she would shatter if he didn’t stop, and craved him to continue.

Dan rammed and rammed. He used his arms to help steady her and reached for her nipples. His fingers played with her nipples even as he kept fucking and fucking. He had to have a release!

The additional pleasure of her nipples being played with was almost too much for her to stand. “AAGGHH… AAGGHH… AAGGHH…” She groaned each time he pounded into her.

Dan felt the pressure in his balls release, “I’m Cumming!” Slamming in deep and hard, he shot a load of cum. Shot after shot of hot cum pumped into her as he kept fucking.

“Yes daddy… Yes! … Yes! … Yes!”

Dan frantically fucked her. He kept going deep and cumming, again and again, until his balls were empty. He was exhausted. Sitting back in the chair, he laid his head on her.

The only sounds in the kitchen were father and daughter trying to catch their breath. Shea wearily reached up and ran her fingers through his hair.

“Baby girl, I never thought you and I would do that.”

She just smiled, “Maybe not, but we’re sure going to do more.”

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