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Danny and I were making it in the kitchen, to be more precise, over the kitchen sink. He had it on him that he’d catch me when I was doing the washing up after a meal. I always dished up something for him when he visited.

But a knock at the front door put the mockers on that. We could have just ignored it I guess and carried on fucking but then, well I’d be wondering who it was and anyway I was expecting a rather special parcel containing something I had ordered from Ann Summers.

“Must you answer now, Pete?” Dan asked begrudgingly ( well he was ain full penetration of me and was very reluctant to come out of me).

I told him it may be to his advantage if I answered and I could see his mind was boggling as he slowly released me, that beautiful pounding cock leaving me numb. “won’t be long, Danny and then we can resume.” He slapped my buttocks wildly and I felt the sting. “Ouch” I cried but really liking it.

It was the parcel from Ann Summers, I managed to take it from the post girl through the gap in the door but could see she was very inquisitive and I saw her eyes looking downwards with a very alluring look. I swear I could have had her just like that if the time was right, but being fucked by Danny was quite enough.

I started to open the parcel.

“Sod it, can’t that wait” complained Danny, plying his cock towards me, wanting to continue the fuck. “Well okay, you sex beast you!” I fired back grabbing his cock and getting my rear back in place over the sink, holding onto the taps to secure myself when he was ardently thrusting into me.

“Make it tweak again for me, Pete?. I love that.”

Danny liked to take a break between fucking to closely scrutinise my asshole – and I liked to give him that extra little treat which I knew would bring on a very delightful slow sucking, and to feel his tongue licking me up was a lovely feeling. For a while he enjoyed nudging my ass, stretching them wide apart as he sniffed and tasted, running his fingers down from my hole to my balls and bunching then as he continued his deep sucking motion between my bulging ass cheeks, then he’d suck my balls one by one and masturbate me – all the time whispering how much he adored me.

It was all a wonderful preparation for his continued fuck as he groaned and pressed his full stiffness into me, moving this way and then that way, fucking me in different ways to get the best quality fuck inside me, I still had his taste in my mouth as he came to a head after earlier sucking him and now he was cuming again in no uncertain terms as I felt the squeeze of his strong hands around my thighs, delivering with a satisfying moan his lot into me.

When we both got our breath back I went back to the parcel, still feeling the remnants of his fuck inside me. And when I opened it there it was on full view and I am glad Danny was there to see too. It was my new spiral anal vibrator, my aim ; to have something to remind me of Danny when he was away , it was well crafted and Danny, holding it against his still erect cock was impressed, the size and width of it similar to his cock.

“Let’s give it a try shall we, Pete? I would love to initiate you with the pleasures if a vibrator in your ass.”

Of course I wanted that, it was always nicer when someone else did it for you. He followed the instructions and massaged lots of lube into me which was nice enough, although I was still well numb after his fuck of me. “Now on all fours like when we are fucking doggy style” Danny said so I settled myself the way he liked me, leaning on my forearms to give the best presentation of my rear for his enjoyment and waited in anticipation for the feel and buzz of the vibrator inside me.

It was nice, different too, Danny gently twisted it inside me, that’s what it was called ‘the twister’ and for a good while I enjoyed the most wonderful feel of vibrator massaging me inside and the stunning feel of the vibrating up there too.

Danny made it even better by dipping his cock into my mouth and the combined feeling his massaging cock in my mouth and the massage below was out of this world, in fact as his tongue captured mine after , the vibrator still implanted deep in me, I felt myself reach a wonderful climax as Danny made me spurt over his cock and balls.

We got to using ‘twister’; frequently after that which was always a special treat but could never really match the fuck of Danny.

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