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Twins Ch. 03

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Thank you for all the positive comments about the Twins. The first two chapters begin with present-day followed by a flashback, so you might enjoy things a bit more if you read the first two installments. This chapter picks up again at present day. Enjoy!

I came home from work one day and checked my email to find a message from Rich. He had emailed me to say that he was going to take a few weeks off and invited me out to his house to do some mountain biking and hiking. I had been trying to get into shape recently so I thought I could probably hack it, so I sewed up some work details to clear my schedule and headed west.

Rich hadn’t set any agenda other than a desire to get outdoors at some point and maybe camp over night somewhere in the mountains. It sounded like a great opportunity to spend some time together get some exercise and fresh air. When I arrived, Rich was finishing up packing a few backpacks.

“Hey, bro!” he said. “I’m just collecting all the necessities for our journey” he said with a smile.

“Rich, it’s so good to see you”, I said. “These are some big packs, Rich! How long are we going to be away?” I asked with a laugh.

“I thought of everything” he said. “We have sleeping bags, pots, cooking utensils, you name it. That’s yours and this one is mine.”

“OK, great. When do we head out?”

“I figured we’d get out around 9. That will give us enough time to get a good night’s sleep and make the valley by noon. I was thinking we’d do a ring of the ridges so we’re never that far from home, then head back tomorrow afternoon.”

A short burst of warmth shot through me as he said the words “ring” and “ridges” as I reflected on what those words meant to us that summer twenty years prior. It was an odd, involuntary response that I hadn’t felt in years, but I was certain that this trip was anything but an invitation from Rich to get me alone in the woods for anything other than hiking. We had hiked dozens of times when he was married and we made great travel companions. Our intimate days had long since ended and I had barely thought of them except during the emotionally charged days following the passing of his wife. I reflected on them fondly, with no regrets, but both of us had simply enjoyed the experience and never revisited it with each other for 20 years.

“OK, Rich, that sounds like a good plan. I’ve been getting into shape lately but for this first hike it would be good to stick a few hours’ hike from home.”

“Let’s go have a few drinks then we’ll get your stuff”, he suggested.

We walked out onto his deck overlooking the woods and what promised to be a beautiful sunset. The table was set with a bottle of red and two glasses. Rich poured each of us a glass as we sat down and relaxed.

“So how have you been, Rich? How are you really doing?”

“Better, Ed, thanks. Better. I’ve tried to focus on what I am going to do with my life. I’ve also spent a great deal of time reflecting on what I’ve done and the twists and turns things have taken as a result.”

“I spend a lot of time walking and thinking, and I really am doing better. At some point I came to the conclusion that I had to simply move on.”

“That’s great, Rich. That’s healthy and that is very good for you.”

“I also reflected on a few significant events in my life and wondered how things would have turned out had I not done them, or had not been where I was at some specific moment. It was almost like my life was before me in chapters and I was reviewing them, wondering how an editorial storyline change in one would ripple into the others. It’s hard to explain.”

“I think I know what you mean. You’re playing in your head what would have happened if you didn’t take that job in Chandler, meeting Corinne, stuff like that.”

“That’s exactly what I mean. When you start adding them up, there are hundreds of them, but when you really pin down which ones make you who you are, the number that are very important drop off pretty fast. And when you consider those that directly affected your future, it’s down to eight. Ed, I have determined that there are eight major things that have profoundly affected my life.”

“You have narrowed the field of major events to eight” I said with a mock seriousness. “Are they something you can tell me or are they secret?”

“No, they’re not secret. I can tell you. In no particular order here they are. Meeting Corinne; Mom passing away; Dad Passing away; Taking the job in Chandler; strangely enough you would say Attending Duke; Corinne passing away; Buying this house; You and me. Those are the eight.”

When he said “you and me” I could feel my heart sink. And just because I knew it was coming didn’t lessen the surprise. I hadn’t heard a reference to it in 20 years and it was exciting to know that I made his personal list, no less the top 10. I imagined that I was going to have to participate in this self-analysis shortly, but for now I was happy to let Rich do the talking.

“The majority of them are self-explanatory of course. What I mean by you and me is of course our summer of sex. It changed my life. I became more confident and I learned what it is to experience something forbidden and exciting. It was thrilling to do what we did and I don’t regret a single minute of it.

I quickly agreed and said that I also regretted nothing. “We shared something very special Rich. It was truly a time piece, something that marked a point in our lives where we were free to experience and experiment.”

We took a few long swigs from our glasses. Because of the time since we had broached the topic, neither of us knew exactly what to say. We had changed so much since that summer nearly 15 years ago. Both of us had had relationships with women, and he had never mentioned a male relationship of any kind, so as far as I knew his foray into homosexuality had been limited to our wild summer.

“I’ve thought about it a lot, Ed. Even years after I was married I remembered what we had done and how erotic it was. We were totally uninhibited.” Rich’s words trailed off. I could sense that he needed to feel comfortable with the conversation and he was feeling a bit exposed.

“I did, too. I thought about it constantly for months”. I hesitated then began, “This is a little embarrassing, but I used to masturbate and think of us. It was hard to forget and I wondered if we would ever talk about it again. I wondered if we would ever be intimate again. Part of me hoped we would, maybe later in life like we are now. Even 5 or 10 years ago I thought how different it would be at that point. Sex at 18 and sex at 35 are so different, regardless of any other circumstances. The passion is more…what is the word…”


“Exactly”, I replied.

Ed knowingly was shaking his head with a smile on his face. “I know exactly what you mean, bro. It’s not like I was ever going to go out of my way to make it happen, but if the situation presented itself, I knew I would open to, you know, something. I think it would be very exciting to see what it’s like to do those things now that we’re so much older. It would mean something different now than it did back then.”

“Interesting. What do you mean by that? How would the meaning change?”

“Well, back then it was all about the heat and the passion and the moment. Now, sex for me is about sensuality, pleasuring myself and my partner, and eroticism. When you and I were together we had great sex, and we loved each other as brothers, which was something of course we could never experience with anyone else. When I went to college, I had several girlfriends but there was also a relationship that I’ve never told you or anyone else about. It was a roommate that moved in for a few months in the second semester of my sophomore year. His name was Albert. About 3 weeks after he moved in, he walked in on me while I was masturbating. I had a headset on, eyes closed and just stroking away, balls flopping all over.”

“That must have been embarrassing.”

“Under normal circumstances I would agree. However, he watched me for a while, I later learned, without my knowledge and quietly left the room. Over the next few days he began to be very free with his nudity. Up to that point he was, like me, modest for the most part. He certainly had nothing to hide. He had a big tool, long and thin, and a huge set of balls. He probably went about 7 inches long, maybe 8. I never measured it, but he had a few inches on me. Anyway, I stuck to a fairly regular schedule in college so he knew within a half hour or so when I was in the dorm room. This was especially true on Friday afternoon because my last class ended at 1:50 and I was back in the room by 2:00. If I didn’t have a paper to write, I liked to get homework and other things wrapped up by the evening to clear my weekend as much as possible. It made the weekend seem more like I earned a good time, I felt, if I could get a jump on my work in the early hours of my weekend freedom.

“The following Friday I came into the dorm room at 2:00 exactly as I had done for nearly a month. And there on the bed was Al, legs over his head with his eyes closed, headphones on and his cock pointed right at his mouth. He was furiously jacking away such that I barely had the door closed behind me when he began to ejaculate. He shot a few weak strings of come into his open mouth followed by a single big blast of semen. He licked his lips and swallowed his come, moaning in a low tone and quickly lowering his legs. He lay on the bed for a few seconds before his eyes sprung open.

“Oh my God!”, he yelled. “What did you see? How long have you been standing there?”

“Don’t worry, Al”, I said. “We’ve all tasted it. It’s no big deal”.

“He freaked out. He was rambling on, saying things like ‘Are you disgusted with me? Are you mad at me?’ Of course I was neither and I wanted him to calm down.

“That must have been absolutely bizarre”, Rich said. “What happened next?”

“Well, Al was still lying on the bed naked, his long cock now sticking to his leg as it shrunk down. He had a few droplets of come in his hair and on his eyebrows, his nose. It reminded me of what you and I looked like at times, and this was only 2 years after you and I had been together. I just told him that there was nothing to be ashamed of, and if he trusted me to keep his secret that he would never have to worry that I would tell our friends. We had some pretty homophobic guys in our group of buddies and they probably would not have been as understanding as I was”

“Most men wouldn’t, Ed” Rich said.

“Albert latched on to my words earlier that ‘everyone has tasted it’ and asked me to explain what I meant. I just said that I had jacked off into my mouth and thought it was something that every man either thought about doing or had the courage to actually attempt or do. That seemed to lighten him up a little, but he still didn’t bother to cover himself which I thought at the time was a little odd.

“He asked me when the last time was that I had done that, and I replied that it must have been a few months or so, but I wasn’t exactly sure.”

“January 20th Al said. “The last time I saw you do it in this room was January 20th. I watched you, Rich. I watched you and it gave me the courage to try it! You were so into it, that when I came into the room you didn’t even notice and I caught you blasting your face with come and I left before you finished. It was amazing and I wanted to see for myself why someone would do that. I assumed you didn’t want to be watched, but I figured if you ‘caught’ me doing it, then the cat would be out of the bag and both of us would have seen the same thing. It evened the score in a sense.”

“I told Albert that was probably the most pretzel logic I had ever heard, but for some bizarre reason it made sense. We had a good laugh about it.”

“Al had said that he wanted to make sure that when I walked into the room I would get an eyeful, ideally hitting the climax as soon as I walked in. I don’t know exactly how he did it but he managed to do exactly that.

“After we had been talking for a while, he asked if he could watch me. His cock was growing thick and hard as he asked me the question. Both of us were excited, confused, and scared.”

“I know two guys who were in a similar situation at one time” Ed said with a smirk.

Rich laughed hard. “You are so right. It definitely reminded me of our first time. I felt totally different feelings, though, because this was so more risky, to use a word. I always knew I could trust you in every way, but Al was someone I hardly knew. Here he was in my dorm room with a hard on asking me to masturbate into my mouth in front of him.”

“So how much convincing did he have to do?”

Rich smiled. “Here is what happened. I walked over to my desk and put my stuff away. Then I walked to the middle of the room and took off all of my clothes. I was of course rock hard and so was Al. I asked him if he had ever seen a cock before up close and he said that he didn’t. I asked him if he wanted to look at it any closer, and he said something I will never forget. Al said, ‘I am going to close my eyes, Rich. Walk toward me until I can smell you. Let me enjoy the aroma if you will please do that for me. I promise not to touch you.”

“Wow” Ed said. “That is very erotic. Scent is a powerful sense.”

“I slowly walked toward him as he sat up straight. He closed his eyes and I could hear him breathing nervously as I took a few short steps. I could feel his breath on the base of my shaft and balls when I stopped in front of him. I was becoming so aroused that I began to tug on my shaft. I couldn’t help it. He could hear my motion but kept his eyes closed. He encouraged me to keep stroking myself and began to slide his hand up and down his shaft. Al said, ‘If you want to come tell me so I can watch it shoot. I am so excited but I feel so weird.’ I told him to relax and if he wanted me to stop we would just quit and forget it ever happened. He shook his head and continued squeezing his tool, caressing it up and down as I jerked hard, my balls dangling freely right in front of his face.

After a minute or two I told him in a low voice to open his eyes. He looked straight ahead at my cock only two or three inches from his face. My balls tensed and I began to feel the semen straining to make its way to the head of my cock. Al looked up as a huge blast of come shot straight into the air almost a foot high. It was like a slow motion movie as it seemed to hang in the air. Al looked me right in the eye and then instantly returned his gaze to the descending blob of come. It fell to the floor followed by a few more less impressive dribbles that I turned to foam with my furious grip on my hard dick as I had another minor orgasm.”

Ed just stared at Rich for a few long moments before breaking the silence. “So you never made it to the self-facial?”

“My legs weakened and I sat back on my bed. Al began to pump himself fast until he shot off. He shot 5 or 6 massive streams of come. He leaned over and caught a little of one or two of them in his mouth but the majority ended up on his chest and legs. Both of us just sort of stared at the wall for a few minutes until we cooled down. I asked him if he felt OK and he said that he felt a little weird and then he laughed and so did I. It was awkward and funny and it was a good memory. Young guns having a good time.” Rich smiled, obviously remembering fond images.

“We got cleaned up and didn’t talk about it for the rest of the evening. Al went to a party and I stayed home. Late that night, Al came back slightly buzzed while I was watching TV. I did not have any clothes on but was under the sheets. Al asked me how I was about 10 times and then finally I said, ‘Al I am OK, but what about you? You are nervous as a cat, Al. Everything is OK, dude. Your secret is safe with me.”

“That’s not what’s bothering me, Rich”, he said. “I want to suck your dick. That is what is bothering me.” I told him he was drunk and he did some crazy stuff today and that he should calm down, get a good night’s sleep and he’d be OK the next day. I figured that we were roommates and if wanted to do it sober, then he really wanted to do it and wouldn’t look back at the situation with regret or at me with repulsion. So I encouraged him to get to bed and I did the same.

Rich raised his eyes. “Separate beds, Rich. Separate beds!” I laughed.

“In the morning I woke up and he was already showered and back in the room wearing a towel. He asked me if I would like to go hiking with him and I said that it sounded like a good idea. I got a quick shower and when I got back to the room he was still wrapped in his towel, so I knew what was up. He pulled the towel back and was hard as steel. He told me that he meant what he said last night, only that he didn’t want to swallow my come. He just wanted to feel my cock in his mouth and asked me if that was OK.

“Al, you need to be sure this is what you want to do. Trust me when I say you will have this image indelibly burned into your mind. A hard dick going into your mouth is not something that ever goes away. It is there for good. For me, that is an erotic wonderful memory but it is certainly for keeps. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I have been thinking about this for almost a year. I just want to experience some things before I get old and closed minded. I’m sober, it’s broad daylight and I am asking you if I can do this. Please don’t make me beg!” he laughed.

I sat on the edge of the bed and he balled up his towel to make a place for him to kneel in front of me. He closed his eyes, extended his tongue and began to lick up and down my shaft. I breathed in hard in excitement. He flattened his tongue and licked hard and firm up and down to my balls. It wasn’t long before he opened wide and let the good times roll. He opened his mouth so wide I was almost balls deep in his mouth before he closed it, clamping down like a warm glove. He sucked back and then dove deeper, choking another inch into his tight throat. I could feel my head slipping into his deep throat area and he wasn’t even gagging. Al was a natural. He groaned out load as he tickled my balls, massaging them with one hand while using his fingers to hold my cock while he licked the tip. I could not hold on long and warned him that I was going to come. He withdrew and began to lick the shaft low and work my balls until I started to shoot. He jacked the rest out of me, his eyes wide as saucers as he realized he had just fellated his roommate to orgasm.

“That was fantastic” he said in a low voice. “That was something I would definitely do again,” he nearly yelled with a wide smile.

I asked him if he wanted me to reciprocate and he accepted. I knelt down in front of him and breathed in his fresh, showered, cock and sac. I licked up and down the shaft, pushing his tool lengthwise and sucked him until he was ready to shoot a monster load. I jacked him with my right hand as he blew string after string high into the air from his long slender cock. I was a little tempted to give him full head but I figured if we did it again there would be time for that later.

“Did you go for the hike” Ed asked.

“Yes we did end up going for the hike. We both packed a light bag. I asked him if we should pack the tent and we both coyly danced around the topic momentarily but agreed with the lame cover excuse that it would be better to have it and not need it than the converse. Now we had everything we needed for a good day or overnight hike, whatever we decided.”

“Are you sure you want to hear the rest of this, Ed?” Rich asked.

“Absolutely” Ed replied. “I am surprised that this happened and it’s a very erotic story so far. Are you getting to the good part or did we already get to that?” Ed asked with a laugh.

“It definitely changes. Strictly from a sexual standpoint, we escalated it, yes. I can tell you about it if you want me to. It’s very exciting to me to think about it again. I haven’t thought about Al for years. We didn’t speak after college, not for any bad reason but because we really had not much in common.”

“Aside from the ‘we sucked each other’s dicks’ part, right?” Ed laughed out loud.

“Ha ha, very funny Ed. We had different majors and ran in different circles. He was much more affluent and had rich, athletic friends. If some of those guys knew what he did, I doubt if they would have ever spoken to him again.

“So after we cleaned up again we finished packing and went hiking at a local park known for its trails. When we were still at the car we decided to take the tent in case we needed to stay over, but neither of us really had much of a plan. We probably set on the trail head about 10AM and by 5:00 we realized it was not possible to hike back before dark, so we found a clearing and made camp. After we spent an hour or so gathering logs it started to get dark and a little colder, so we increased the fire a little and unpacked our chairs. We talked about the scenery on the hike up and shared a bottle of wine. Both of us decided it was time to get to bed and that’s when it became, I guess, awkward would be the word. I mean, it was a foregone conclusion we wanted to do something. Now we were so isolated, so far away from the rest of the world it was as if we could do anything and it would stay right here in the park. It was as if the mountains and the rocks and the streams and trees would absorb whatever we chose not to remember we had done, savoring whatever parts we wanted for ourselves.”

“I stripped down to my boxers and Al decided to just plain strip down, his tool already pointing high and hard. I was also hard before getting into the tent, wondering where this would go. I got in first and he lay in the opposite way so that his face was nearly touching my boxers. He asked me if I would take them off and I did, positioning both of us vis a vis to the other’s erect penis. In a moment two mouths opened and found hard cock, salty with pre-come. I knew I was going to come fast and pulled off his dick to tell him so. Al grunted and moaned and let my tool slip out of his mouth long enough to tell me that he wanted to taste it. He wanted a mouthful. I envied his newness to it at that point, and I have to say that I almost wished for a moment that I, too, were taking a full load of come into my mouth for the first time also. But I had lived that fantasy already and as I closed my eyes it flashed before me. I was pleasing you again, Ed. I was pleasing him. I was pleasing myself. It was terrific and beautiful and fulfilling in its own right. I closed my eyes and fellated my friend Al. His long, thin cock slipped deep into my throat and I was anxious to taste his load. He was so good at caressing my scrotum that I couldn’t last long at all and he sensed that I was reaching the edge. He moved his mouth back so that only the head and an inch or two was quickly dipping into and out of his mouth while massaging, gently scratching and stimulating my bag. He quickened his pace and it was in moments impossible to hold back. His scrotum was enormous, a full handful, and he was also tensing. I began to come before he did, but he lagged only 10 or 15 seconds behind me, catching a fresh orgasmic wave. His semen was salty and fruity and it of course reminded me of you but it was very different in consistency. I enjoyed it and so did Al and we sort of relaxed for a few minutes before we spoke. I stood outside to put my boxers back on and when I was ready to get back in, Al had a surprise for me. He said that he was ready to try something more and had prepared for a full evening. He had packed a box of condoms and two tubes of lubricant.

Al said, ‘I am ready to do something, Rich. I am ready for you. I want to feel what it is like to have it inside me. I want to feel it inside you. Are you ready?’

I replied that I was ready and that I wanted him to go first. I was really looking forward to that long, slender penis inside me. It looked like it would feel great and I was a little concerned that if he was too tight to take me the evening’s games would end. He put a condom on his long tool, unwrapping it down to the base. I got on my knees and gave him a whore’s stance, legs apart and ass wide open. He put some lubricant on the tip of his sheathed tool and tapped the entrance. He took a finger to spread the juicy lube around and a tiny bit inside me and then proceeded to push the head of his long cock inside me. I gave in and let him slide hard and fast inside me and he didn’t last long. A few short minutes after he had begun he finished, screaming at the top of his lungs with only the roof of the tiny tent bearing witness. The crickets chirps interrupted an otherwise placid silence, and I calmly lay face down as he withdrew. I could feel him snap the condom off his still hard cock as he lay on his stomach next to me. ‘I guess it’s your turn, Rich’ he said calmly.

Quickly I freed another rubber from its packet, already dripping with lubricant. I had a little more experience than Al so I needed to loosen him up a little before plowing in like he had done. I encouraged him to pitch the small of his back down and tilt his bottom toward me. I think this was probably the most difficult thing for Al, that feeling before the act, that moment of submission and decision when things proceed from heady happenings to active choices. In the moments following that defenseless posture, there is only one possible outcome, and once Al acknowledged his position and station, he relaxed. He mumbled things about being ready and wanting this and how much he was looking forward to having me inside him. Cautiously I lubed and probed with first one, then two fingers inside his tiny hole. He encouraged more and deeper action as I scissored my fingers to gently relax his virgin hole. In a smooth, sweeping motion my fingers were removed and my penis inserted, tip only and Al let out a gutteral moan of approval tinged with a tiny bit of discomfort. My cock head was swollen and my shaft was thick and hard. Al said, ‘I want it all. I want all of you inside me. Just slowly, slowly” he said as I inched inside. “OK, more, Rich, I want to feel your balls on mine. I want you to slowly push your cock all the way inside me. I want to feel you bottom out with your thick shaft inside me.” I remember feeling how tight his hole was and almost being afraid I was going to hurt him but Al hung on, bit his lower lip and pushed back onto me to swallow my entire dick inside him. He ground against me feeling my balls lay between his cheeks and finally slipping through the crack in his legs and coming to rest on the back side of his own sac. He tightened and released, quickly spasming his muscles so that it felt like I was getting a supreme blow job and in seconds I was dumping come into my rubber.

‘I would love to feel it shoot inside me some day’, Al said. I chose not to let him know how fantastic that feeling can be, choosing to keep our secret from him.

“So what happened? Did you continue to have sex?” Ed asked.

“For a few weeks we did. Usually we just did things on the weekends but one day he tried to kiss me and I knew that we had different ideas about what it was. I wanted a sex partner, not a boyfriend. We always used condoms and oddly enough I was never attracted to any parts of his body other than that long thin cock of his and his tight asshole. I can honestly say I had no actual feelings for him other than general good will toward him, and he could sense that. I think Al was deciding whether he was gay and I suspect he might have been. If that’s the case maybe I helped him to decide what he wanted out of life. We had a long talk one night and I made it clear that I was not going to have a relationship with him, that it was purely sexual and although I liked him as a friend I was never going to fall in love with him.”

“That must have been hard for him to hear. You’re a great guy, Rich.” “He deserved someone to care for him deeply, not just toy with him. It was no different than any other couple where one strings the other along for their own selfish reasons. The sex with Al was great but I respected him enough as a person that I did not want him to regret a chunk of his life, no less his college years, pining away for someone when there was clearly no future. So we remained roommates and friends but I could see the disappointment in his face almost every time we talked. Those last few weeks of the year were awkward all over again but we got through well enough. Like I said, aside from the secret relationship we had for about 2 months we didn’t have that much in common. Al changed schools, which had been his original plan, and afterwards I didn’t see him again.”

“Well, all I can say is that story is very erotic. I had no idea you pursued anything like that during college. Did you ever have any other experiences?”

“With another guy, nope. Just you and Al. I fulfilled my fantasies. He was great, but Ed you were awesome!” Rich laughed. “I often compared his technique to yours and when it came to fellatio, he was a distant second. His cock was great, though, because it was so much thinner than yours, which really stretches me out. In fact, let me see your cock. Let’s see if the identical twins still have identical cocks.”

Ed was aroused from hearing the story and Rich was aroused from relaying it in fine detail. The two men stood up and unbucked, shedding their pants in an almost mirror image. They stood looking at each other’s erections, indistinguishible in length. But the thick tools were as similar as their scrotums differed. Rich’s thick bag of balls dangled several inches below his body while Ed’s hung much closer.

“Wow, your balls are way bigger than mine. I guess we’re not identical any more. Do you mind?” Ed asked as he motioned Rich to sit down in a reclining chair. Rich sat back, his thick tool quivering and dripping preseminal fluid in a shiny trail down the side of his long penis. Ed moved out of his chair and knelt in front of Rich on the deck. The warm air swirled a fresh breeze as they gazed out at the setting sun.

Based on the intensity of his ministrations, Ed had a keen interest in filling his mouth with semen as soon as reasonably possible. He licked Rich’s shaft with fervor and sucked hard, playing with his sensitive balls all the while. “Oh God, this takes me back, Ed”, he moaned. “You are awesome. Oh, yes, that is amazing.”

“So good to have you back in my mouth” he managed between slurps. “I missed you.” Ed continued to suck hard on Rich’s cock until in a few short minutes Rich announced that he was about to unload. Ed reverted to his old trick of pumping Rich’s cock ultra hard and fast with the tip of Rich’s cock in his mouth but not touching any surface. Rich let loose with thick ropes of come as Ed swallowed fast to take good care of his brother’s squirting cock.

“Just like old times, bro. If I didn’t know better I’d say you’d done this before.”

“Your turn” Ed said as he pointed to the ground for Rich to assume the cocksucker position. Ed was hard and at the edge of orgasm as he reclined in the chair. Rich stroked his cock and played with his giant ball sac. He barely had a chance to get his sucking rhythm going, adjusting to the foreign pressure on the back of his throat. It didn’t matter because Ed’s organic lubricant pumped seconds later, bypassing his tongue and blasting directly into Rich’s throat. Rich recoiled, pulled back and caught the next two massive loads of come in his mouth, swishing it around Ed’s hard penis before swallowing it down.

The brothers reclined on lounge chairs, sated and nude, pulling them together to watch the setting sun. The distant mountain range, the nearby shrubs, the brooks and streams all held their secrets once again. The clouds and the stars watched silently as the hearts of mankind were laid bare, never to betray or lay judgment, only to feel the warmth and love of these strange creatures. And whether it’s in the name of love or pleasure, spoken words matched or unmatched with untamed hearts, these cerulean and earthly bodies know all. They absorb the energy of love and joy, of pain and loss and when you are still, you can feel it. Maybe it’s what mediums can sense, what psychics can taste and smell. Maybe it’s the emotions of countless millennia spewed into the air, scattered like volcanic dust around the world, finding a home for a time with each of us.

Ed and Rich were a moibus band, a continuous and inseparable extension of one another. They looked at each other and smiled, knowing that they were loved, they had shared joy and pain and loss, but would always be brothers and friends and had a wonderful relationship that no one else on earth could possibly understand. This wasn’t the beginning or the end. It simply was.


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