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Twenty Seven Minutes in Heaven

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Julia picked up another glass of champagne as she glanced around the room.

“Pompous assholes,” she thought to herself, taking a sip of the drink, watching the endless parade of rich old men arm in arm with their trophy wives.

Julia hated these functions and cringed at the mere mention of attending one. It was her duty, however, as her husband expected her to be there hanging off his arm like all the other fake plastic gold diggers that frequented fundraisers such as this one.

“Julia, dear,” her husband said, putting his hand on her elbow. “There is someone I’d like you to meet.”

Julia also hated the way her husband acted in these situations. Completely phony.

“Christ, Warren!” she said quietly. “Do I really to put on the charm for another stuffy old man?”

“Honey,” he said, in a warning tone, but keeping the fake smile plastered across his face. “Remember what we talked about?”

“Yeah, yeah,” she conceded, putting on a phony smile of her own as the couple approached a gray haired man in a dark blue suit.

“Mr.. Chambers,” Warren said politely. “I’d like you to meet my wife, Julia.”

“Pleased to meet you,” the man said, taking her hand in his and kissing it.

Julia was smiling on the outside but scowling on the inside.

“Are you having a good time tonight,” the man asked, releasing her hand.

“Yes, I am,” she replied politely. “Although I do think I require another drink.”

Mr.. Chambers looked at her curiously.

“But, my Dear,” he said glancing down at the full glass in her hand. “It appears you have one already.”

“Oh,” she said in mock surprise. “So I do.”

With that, Julia put the glass to her lips and gulped down the contents.

“There,” she said emphatically. “Now if you’ll excuse me.”

She could feel her husband’s eyes burning a hole in her back as she turned and walked away. She knew she was going to hear it when they got home, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was another drink to help kill the boredom. She was about to snatch another glass from one of the waiters circulating around the room, when she glanced over at the bar.

“Hello,” she whispered to herself noticing an extremely good looking man working behind the counter.

He was tall with broad shoulders and short dark hair. Mid-twenties Julia estimated, although he did have a youthful look about him. Slowly and deliberately, she made her way over towards him.

As she approached the bar, Julia rested her arms on the counter, subtly pushing up her breasts to enhance her already impressive cleavage.

“What can I get for you?” The bartender asked with a smile, sliding over to acknowledge the women before him.

“God,” Julia thought to herself. “He looks even better close up!”

“I’ll get a scotch on the rocks,” she said with a sexy smile. “On second thought. Make it a double.”

“Coming right up.”

As the man turned to fix her drink, Julia’s eyes scanned his body.

“Very nice,” she murmured to herself.

“What’s that?” the bartender asked turning back towards her, catching Julia off guard.

“Oh..Umm, lots of ice.”

He grinned and turned back to his work.

“There you are,” he said placing the glass down in the counter.

“Thank you,” she said casting him a flirtatious glance as she put the glass to her lips and proceeded to swallow the entire thing.

“Another, please.” she said, resting the glass back down on the counter.

The man looked impressed.

“The lady can drink,” he said, grabbing the bottle again.

“Well the drinks are the only good thing about these damn functions,” she said, licking her lips. “I have to make it worth my while.”

“You’re not having a good time?” he asked, placing another drink in front of her.

“Well…” she said, looking up him seductively. “I can think of a few things I’d rather be doing.”

A smile flashed across the young man’s face.

“I’m Zack.” he said, offering his hand.

“Julia Green,” she responded, lightly shaking his hand while keeping her eyes transfixed on his.

“Well, Ms. Green,” Zack said, leaning in closer. “Surely a woman as beautiful as yourself can not be here alone.”

“It’s Mrs., actually,” she explained, flashing her wedding ring. “And my husband is better off without me at his side right now.”

Zack seemed undaunted in light of the new information, and Julia began to wonder how many of these high society bimbos he had already seduced.

“Well, he must be a fool then,” he said smiling. “In that dress, you wouldn’t be able to keep me away.”

Julia smiled in appreciation and took another drink.

“Listen to you,” she said, brushing a few stray strands of hair from her face. “Aren’t you the sweet talker.”

“I can be sweet,” he explained, turning to get some more champagne for one of the waiters.

“I bet you can,” Julia exclaimed, feeling her panties begin to dampen.

The alcohol was beginning to hit her, and she was feeling very, very turned on. Seductively, she ran her fingertip over the rim of her glass as she continued to stare at Zack with lust filled eyes. She was also feeling quite attractive herself, as she was wearing one of her sexiest black dresses. It was fashioned from tight fitting material and had long slit up either side to show off her shapely legs. It was also low cut and shoulderless to emphasize her perfect, round breasts. She had decided to go without underwear that night, but was wearing a pair of panty hose which she loved feeling against her bare pussy.

As Zack was helping the waiter, Julia reached over the bar and grabbed the bottle of scotch pouring herself another drink.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Zack said with a smile as he sauntered back over to her.

“Sorry,” she said in a fake innocent little girl’s voice.

“Tsk. Tsk,” he said taking the bottle back. “You’re a bad girl.”

“You have no idea,” she said, staring at him as she took a sip. “Although you could find out if you really wanted to.”

Zack smiled and leaned in close.

“Well, I have a 30 minute break coming up soon,” he said. “Is that enough time to find out?”

“Oh, I think so,” Julia answered, taking another drink.

“Good. You see that door over there?”

“The one the servers have been using?”

Zack nodded.

“Meet me there in ten minutes.” he said quietly.

Julia nodded. She then gave Zack one more sexy smile before getting up and walking away, her body pulsing with excitement. She made her way through the crowd talking to a few select people just to waste time, drinking another glass of champagne in the meantime.

Her pussy was tingling in anticipation as she looked down at her watch. She had cheated on her husband before but she had never down anything as crazy as this. Just the thought of Zack’s cock inside her made her want to run to the bathroom and finger herself. Somehow, however, she maintained her composure, casually making her way over to the designated door.

She stood there for a couple minutes, trying to stay out of view of her husband, before the door opened.

“Quick,” Zack said. “Get in.”

Julia slipped through the door, and into a long hallway as Zack closed the door behind her. To her right, there was another doorway leading to the kitchen, but her new friend ushered her down the hall.

Taking her by the hand, he lead her through a maze of hallways, until the only sound she could hear was the ‘clicking’ of her high heels on the hard floor.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked curiously.

“To a place where we won’t be disturbed. This part of the building isn’t being used tonight so we should have some privacy.”

Zack finally came to a stop in front of a men’s bathroom door.

“Well, here we are!” he said, pushing the door open.

“Ooooh, dirty!” Julia said with a naughty smile as she stepped inside.

“You ain’t seen nothin yet,” Zack said, following her, letting the door swing closed behind him.

As soon as the door was closed, Julia was on him, pressing her lips against his as her tongue forced its way into his mouth. Zack responded by reaching down to grasp her ass in his strong hands, lifting her body off the ground. Julia wrapped her legs around him tightly, pressing her pussy into his stomach. She knew right then that there would be nothing romantic about this encounter.

“I want to suck your cock!” she moaned, as he slammed her against the bathroom wall.

He kissed her a moment longer, before letting her slide back down to the ground. Immediately, she dropped to her knees, and began working frantically to open his pants. The button soon popped open and Julia pulled his pants down, sliding them to the floor, followed by his underwear. At that moment she found herself staring at Zack’s incredibly long cock, which to her surprise, wasn’t quite completely erect.

“I’ll fix that,” she thought to herself, reaching out to wrap her hand around his thick shaft.

She licked the head of his dick a few time before sucking it into her mouth, stroking it with her hand. Zack placed his hand on her head, urging to to continue. With her other hand, Julia began to fondle his balls, which to her enjoyment, were shaved clean.

“Mmmm, good boy!” she said, giving his smooth, hairless balls a gentle squeeze. “I love a man that takes care of himself.”

To further show her appreciation, Julia lifted his cock and began to run her little wet tongue all over his balls.

“Oh yeah, baby,” Zach moaned, grabbing her hair. “Lick my balls!”

Julia looked up at him, smiling as she ran her tongue from his taint all the way up the bottom of his shaft.

“You like having your balls licked?” she asked, popping the head of his cock back in her mouth.

Zack nodded, tightening his grip on her hair. He started to push his hips forward, sliding his cock farther into Julia’s mouth, as he pulled her head forward. Julia moaned sensually, encouraging him to continue his rough play.

“Oh yeah,” she gasped, popping his spit slicked cock out of her mouth. “I love it rough baby! Treat me like a whore!”

Zack responded my jamming his back down her throat as Julia fought against the gag reflex to prevent from choking. Reaching around, she placed both hands on his firm muscular ass cheeks, pulling his cock all the way down her throat, until his balls were compressed against her chin. Zack held her there for a few seconds before pulling his cock back out, allowing Julia to gasp for air.

“That’s good baby,” he said slapping her lightly across the face with with hard, wet cock. “You’re a good little cocksucker!”

“Thank you,” she replied, pumping his dick in her small fist. “But I can do more than suck cock.”

Looking into his eyes, she dragged her tongue up his shaft as she placed her other hand between his legs, lightly stoking his asshole.

“Have you ever been licked here before?” she asked in her most slutty sounding voice.

Zack looked down at smiling and shook his head.

“Would you like to be?”

Zack nodded.

“Are you sure? You want your asshole licked by a dirty little married slut?”

Again Zack nodded.

“Then turn around baby, and let me show you how nasty I can be!”

Zack turned around, placing his hands on one of the sinks as Julia crept forward urging him to lift one of his legs slightly. Pressing her hands against his ass, she flicked her little pink tongue out just grazing his asshole.

“Oh my God!” Zack moaned. “Lick it! Lick my ass you nasty little slut!”

“Mmmmm,” Julia moaned in response, running her tongue around his rim. “I love it when you talk like that.”

She then reached up between his legs grabbing a hold of his cock, which was straining and pulsing in her hand. Slowly she stoked her hand back and forth as she tongued his ass. Julia smiled to herself with every lewd lick, knowing that this was by far the nastiest thing she had ever done.

She was just about to remove her tongue from Zack’s ass, when he reached back and grabbed her hair, pulling her face tightly between his muscular cheeks. Julia responded by eating his asshole with even more enthusiasm. She was moaning like a whore, although the sexy sounds were muffled as her new lover forced her lips against his puckered hole.

“Fuck you’re nasty!” Zack exclaimed, pulling her away from his ass. “Open your fucking mouth!”

Julia parted her lips wide, reaching down between her legs as the man she had just met, shoved his dick back into her waiting mouth. She love being treated like a whore, and Zack was doing everything right!

She continued to paw frantically at her pussy through her panty hose as Zack grabbed her head with both hands and resumed fucking her face. His cock was sliding in and out and his balls were hitting her chin, emitting a loud ‘slapping sound’ that was only drowned out when Julia brought herself to orgasm.

She let out a muffled scream and tried not to clamp down on Zack’s dick as her fucked her mouth. She could feel her pussy juices soak the crotch of her panty hose, but she didn’t care. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the dual pleasures of the tingling in her pussy and the cock in her mouth.

“I want you to fuck me!” she ordered, pulling her mouth off of his tempting cock. “I want you inside me now!”

“Alright,” Zack agreed. “How do you want it?”

“From behind,” Julia hissed, seething with uncontrollable lust. “Fuck me from behind like a dirty little dog!”

Julia spun around, positioning herself on her hands and knees. Arching her back, to look as nasty as possible, she raised her ass into the air. Her slinky black dress was hanging down, covering her ass but revealing her bare thighs. She just imagined what she must look like. She was wearing a thousand dollar dress and she was on her hands and knees on a bathroom floor about to get fucked by a stranger! Looking back over her shoulder, she cast Zack her most slutty look as her ass seductively swayed back and forth.

“Come and get it,” she cooed.

Zack approached her and raised her long dress, flipping over onto her back. She was expecting him to pull down her panty hose, when he grabbed them with both hands, tearing a large hole and exposing her pussy for the first time.

“Ooooh,” she said through pursed lips. “Nasty!”

The next thing Julia felt was Zack’s massive cock stretching her pussy around its girth as he forced it inside her. She bit her lip and cursed under her breath as it slid past her swollen lips and deep into her wet canal.

“Oh my fucking God!” she howled. “Your cock feels so fucking good!”

She felt his large hands grab a hold of her hips to prevent her from sliding forward as he fucked her.

And fuck her he did!

Zack wasted no time and immediately began pounding Julia’s tight little cunt as she screamed and begged for more. The feeling was incredible and she had to stick two fingers into her mouth to keep from screaming too loud.

“Mmmmm,” she continued to moan, sucking her fingers as if they were a dick.


Julia, let out a muffled squeak as Zack’s hand fell onto her ass.

“Ooh, baby!” she gasped.

“You like that?” Zack asked, continuing his relentless thrusting.

“Oh yes! I love it! Be rough with me! Do what ever you want with me! For the next twenty minutes I’m all yours. “I’m your dirty little whore!”

Julia’s words were obviously exciting Zack, as he had to slow down to prevent himself from reaching that point of no return. He was enjoying himself far too much to allow Julia’s’s tight little pussy to coax the cum from his balls.

Reaching down, he grabbed a hold of her torn panty hose and ripped a larger hole, allowing him access to her other hole. Julia continued cursing under her breath as Zack pressed his thumb into her asshole.

“I bet you like it in here too, don’t you slut?”

“Oh yeah,” she purred. ” I love it!”

Julia threw her head back with pleasure as his thumb pushed past her tight little ring and twisted its way into her asshole. With every thrust of Zack’s cock, he pushed his thumb in deeper causing her little pink star to clench around his invading digit. Soon he was working it in and out of her ass in unison with his dick in her pussy.

“Do you want something else in there?” he asked, slapping her lightly on the ass again.

“Yes! I want your cock in my ass!”

Zack gave her a few more thrusts for good measure before withdrawing his dick from her little wet cunt. Julia reached back with both hands, and lewdly pulled her asscheeks apart, stretching her butt hole wide in anticipation of the impending ass fucking she was about to receive.

“Fuck, you’re nasty,” Zack said again, shaking his head as he looked down at the site before him.

“Uh huh,” Julia agreed, giggling.

Zack shuffled forward, spitting onto her exposed asshole, as he stroked his cock in his hand. Julia’s pink rosebud clenched reflexively as the gob of warm, sticky spittle hit her. It clenched again when she felt the head of Zach’s dick slipping into her open, willing bunghole.

“Oh my god!” she grated, her face pressed flat against the cold bathroom floor.

Julia could feel her tight ring stretching wider to accommodate the strange cock that was invading her most private hole. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, trying to enjoy the experience as Zack’s meat began to sink farther inside her. Releasing her grip on her ass cheeks, Julia placed her forearms on the floor and propped her head up. As she tried to relax her ass, Zack forced his cock in deeper, sending warm shivers through her body.

“Fuck me,” she groaned, feeling his thick cock sliding back out of her nasty little hole. “Fuck my ass. Fuck my dirty little married asshole!”

“Beg for it slut!” Zack replied, slapping her hard on the ass, the sound echoing throughout the empty bathroom.

“Please,” she whined. “Please shove your cock up my ass! I want it so bad!”

Reaching forward, Zack roughly grabbed Julia’s arm, pinning it behind her back. With his other hand her took a fistful of her lustrous brown hair, yanking her head back as he pushed his dick in up to the hilt in her tight little butt hole.

“Yes!” she howled, allowing herself to be man-handled. “That’s it baby! Fuck me like a whore!”

And there was no better word to describe Julia at that moment. There she was, on her hands and knees getting fucked up the ass by a complete stranger. She was a whore. And she was loving it!

Julia’s body lurched back and forth as Zack began to really fuck her ass. His cock was sliding in and out at an increasingly frantic pace as he held her by the arm and by the hair. She tried to squirm but she was under his complete control. There was nothing she could do, except moan in ecstasy at the feeling of his thick cock violating her tiny hole.

Zack was now fucking her ass as hard as he had fucked her pussy. His hips were slamming hard into her as he increased his grip on her hair to keep her from sliding forward. Julia wanted badly to play with her pussy as he ravaged her ass, but Zack had her arm pinned tightly against her back preventing her from doing anything. Her ass was burning with pleasure and she though she would explode when Zack suddenly released her arm, pressing her face down against the bathroom floor.

In one fluid motion, she felt her asshole relinquish its tight grip on his dick as he pulled it free, leaving her nasty little hole feeling uncomfortably empty. She tried to turn to acknowledge him, but he held her face firmly pressed against the floor as he wrapped his hand around his shaft, pumping wildly.

“Oh yeah, you little slut!” he spat, moving his cock to within inches of Julia’s face. “I’m going to cum all over your fucking face!”

Julia could see out of the corner of her eye, Zack’s hand pumping his thick cock, which was still glistening wet from the fucking he had just given her. She then heard him groan and felt the feeling of his warm, sticky fluid striking her in the cheek. The wet cum ran down her face to the corner of her mouth before dripping down to the bathroom floor as Julia stretched her tongue out to taste to catch the odd drop. She even considered licking Zack’s jism off the floor, but decided against it, finally drawing a line at the lowest level of depravity.

“Shit!” Zack muttered, tucking his dick back into his pants. “I have to get back to work.”

Julia pulled her ravaged body up from the cold tiles, wiping the cum from her face.

“Thanks sweetie,” she said, sucking a droplet of white fluid from her finger. “I needed that.”

Zack straightened his clothes and made a hasty retreat back to the ballroom leaving Julia behind to get herself cleaned up. She reapplied her makeup, fixed her hair and discarded her torn panty hose before making sublty slipping back to the party. As she walked back into the large ballroom, she cast a mischievous smile over at the bar, where Zack was back at work. The feeling of the air on her bare pussy under her dress gave her a rush, as she thought about what she had just done.

“Well,” she thought to herself. “At least I found a way to make these events tolerable.”

Julia made her way through the crowded room until she found her husband standing by himself with a drink in hand. Confidently she walked up, planting a deep sensual kiss on him.

“Julia!” he said, surprised at his wife’s sudden change in mood. “What has gotten into you?”

“The bartender’s cock,” she thought to herself, smiling.

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