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Sitting quietly on my Master’s four-post bed awaiting his return, I start to fidget. Running my hands through my short cut raven black hair, along my full chest making my nipples hard, and down to my cunt finding my already throbbing clit. Rubbing slowly my painted blood red nail seems to go white.

Careful not to get to excited, I lick off the juices and run my nails along my supple body, toned and thin. Fair skinned no tan.

“Can’t have a tan,” I mumble as I look at my legs. Smiling I look at the mirror positioned over the bed. I once wore glasses but I now have white contacts thanks to my Master. My nose fits my face and lips, neither thin nor poutie. Slim neck and soft rounded shoulders, which fit so easily in his strong hands. So lost in looking at myself I didn’t hear anyone come in.

“So Sagira, I see you await your Master Seleucus.” Comes a deep sly voice. Startled and annoyed I look at the intruder.

“What do you want stranger?” I ask ticked from having my trance broken.

“Why, your body Sagira. That is what I want and will have.” He says his square jaw muscles tighten, locking into place, green eyes burning with desire as his eyes look over my body. His chest tight and abs dominate. Legs formed from running miles. No cloths at all. His manhood erect and balls hanging.

“You can leave now stranger.” I point towards the door.

“No Sagira, Seleucus said I could have you tonight and I will,” he growls. Moving to the end of the bed grabbing one of the leg cuffs attached to the bed he goes to grab me. Pushing back I scream for Seleucus to come back, with no luck.

“My name is Berwick slut!” He booms and grabs my left ankle locking it into the cuff on the right, forcing me to turn my back to him. “On your belly whore!” Comes his order.

Now severely pissed over being interrupted, given orders by this well built man, and that my Master didn’t come to my plea for help, I ball up my small hand and swing at Berwick. Only to have it caught in mid-swing.

“A feisty slave huh. Heh, I like that.” He pushes me down on my stomach and gets my wrist into the cuff at the head. Then feeling his hands slide along my body and cuff my left wrist then down to my right ankle. Sobbing quietly within, I twist my arms trying to pull free. Knowing fully I wouldn’t get out. To many times Seleucus had tied me down and driven me mad with his teasing, now this would become a torture for me.

I jerk as his finger probes my anus. “Leave me alone, please just go away.” I say calmly but anger still edges my voice. His hand comes down hard on my ass, numbing my right cheek suddenly. Pain rises slowly as it stings.

“You’ll remain quiet unless I give you permission to speak, understand,” he grumbles in my ear.

“No…” I cry. “I wont be used by…” I couldn’t finish. Berwick’s hand came down hard on my left ass cheek. I knew my ass had to be red now. With my fight fleeing because of the pain I nod my head slowly showing I understood.

“Good Sagira, now let’s see I’m not done punishing you for your disobedience.” He whispers sweetly, hands moving along my back to my tender ass. “Count out bitch and start at one.” Comes his order as he smacks my ass.

“one,” I whimper as the onslaught begins. Then again his hand comes down on the other cheek. “two, Berwick,” I say. Hoping the added acceptance would get him to stop, I was wrong. 3…4…5…6… My mind went numb to the pain as he swatted my ass with his bare hand. 27…28…29…30! Finally he stops. His hands rubbing my sore ass. From the pain just given, tears are streaming down from my eyes.

Berwick’s strong hand comes up to my face touching the tears. “Poor dear, didn’t enjoy that so much well, let’s see what toys your Master keeps for you.” Berwick moves off of the bed. I hear the bed sheets move and know he is looking under the bed. A soft sliding sound reaches my ears and I know he has found the box. I picture the toys in my mind that are in the box; flogger, rabbit, paddle, ball gag, lotions, ropes, dildos, butt plugs, blindfold, along with many other fun things.

Something cool falls onto my sore ass. Berwick’s hand rubs a little lotion on them but that wasn’t what he was up to. “I’m gonna make you scream bitch!” His voice thunders as he rubs the lotion onto my anus. Positioning himself over me I hear him chuckle. Sighing I feel him push himself in and bury to the hilt into my ass. I groan, never has my ass been so filled. “Damn Sagira, you’re so tight,” he moans. I feel him pull out slowly inch-by-inch. He is almost out when he pushes back in hard.

“Seleucus please help!” I scream out. Berwick stopped and grabbed what he could of my hair and pulls my head back.

“That’s not my name bitch!” I start to protest, to fight with words, only to find the ball gag forced into my mouth. “That’ll keep you quiet.” He snaps pleased. Returning to his assault on my ass, he pounds hard. His hands braced just under my arms, hot breathe on my neck. Breathing hard myself because of the ball I try to relax. To delay the orgasm that would come, only to allow him to pound harder into me. Moaning against the ball I give into the pleasure and push up to meet his downward thrust.

“Good Sagira, cum for me.” He coos, at me clearly pleased. His pounding slows, letting me catch my breath before starting up again. Biting hard into the ball as he pushes deep shooting his seed deep within, my own orgasm rattles my body. Shaking and crying I feel the restraints taken off.

Berwick lifts my worn ragged body up and has me on my feet. I look into my torturer’s green eyes. “You’ve yet to say my name Sagira.” His hand touches my face running along my neck gripping lightly. I notice the other hand loosening the gag. Sighing slightly when the gag is removed.

“You’re a jerk Berwick!” I snap as I push with the little strength left in me trying my best to get to the door. I heard a whoosh and felt Berwick’s strong hand hit the side of my face forcing me into the dresser. Crumpling into a fetal position I give up and cry. Berwick laughs at me, enjoying my weakness. As I sink into my mind, my eyes closing, blacking out I hear my Master’s voice boom.

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