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Love Without a Baseball Cap

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This idea come to me one day in the dinning hall watch two guy, who were roommates, eat together. The thought passed through my head the two of them would be the cutest couple if they ever started going out. I then started to think what their first time as lovers would be like for them. A day later I started on this story. I hope you like it.

As he looked around the room, everything on his side seemed to be in order. Bed made, desk tidy, computer hooked-up and on-line. Yep, everything was in place. Maros sat down at his desk and clicked his media file folder. He double-clicked on a Pink Floyd album and leaned back in his chair. Maros sat and grooved, wondering when his new roommate would come in. The guy had already been here and set up all his stuff, but Maros hadn’t seen anything of him.

Man, I hope this guy isn’t a fucking jerk like the other two. Since freshman year, Maros had had rotten luck with finding a good roommate. Maros shook his head and picked up his guitar. After an hour or more of playing, Maros heard the door open. He stopped and looked over at the door. There stood in the doorway a young man of twenty-two, wearing a blue coat and baseball cap. He had blue eyes and a blonde goatee neatly trimmed on a square masculine jaw.

Maros watched the guy’s well-defined brow and nose twitch as he saw Maros. Then, the young man lowered his head and mumbled a hello. Maros bobbed his head in reply and went back to his playing.

The first few weeks of school went by. Maros had been taking his meals with a few girls he knew from last year. Every so often, one would come by the room to chat and have a cigarette with him. Maros didn’t mind the girls, but he felt that he had lost touch with them over the summer. So, Maros soon strayed from his female companions to spend more time with his new roommate, Jason.

Maros had found that he and Jason had much in common. They were both into science as their field of study. Both liked to unwind on the weekend with a few drinks and both enjoyed long drives in the local mountains. Soon, Maros was spending all his time with Jason. The two of them had a blast.

There was only one problem: Jason had a girlfriend. Jason had been dating this chick for a while and, frankly, Maros did not care for her. For one, she seemed to Maros a prude. Everything seemed to be dampened when she was around. Two, she was small and mousy. There is nothing worse than a person that you want to hide away in a closet somewhere.

More time passed, and the two boys found themselves inseparable. Every day, they had classes together and it was no different on the weekends when they got wasted. It was always a good time.

Soon, Maros found himself not wanting to be way from Jason. It was embarrassing that he would find himself daydreaming about the fun things they would do together when Jason came back from work or a date. Sometimes, when they were doing homework, Maros would turn to look to see how Jason was doing and would find Jason dreamily staring back at him.

Both boys would jump at being caught by the other and hurriedly go back to their work. Soon, Jason and his girlfriend called it quits. Jason never said why and Maros never asked. He was too happy to be rid of her. Now that she was gone, he and Jason could do even more fun things together.

That Friday night, Jason had gone out and come back with a bottle of vodka. Maros was elated because vodka was his favorite drink. Maros slapped Jason on the back and they both took a shot, then another and another after that. After an hour of taking shot after shot of vodka, the two of the sat in the beanbag chairs they had on their floor in silence. Jason broke the silence as he rolled his head to look over at Maros.

“Hey come herrre… I haave sumting to teell yooou.” Maros, as best he could, rolled over on the beanbag toward Jason. Jason moved also, trying to get closer to his roommate. Soon, they were eye to eye, trying to hold their heads straight. Jason mumbled something that Maros couldn’t hear.

“Wha’ te fook did ‘ou say?” Maros stammered this out and Jason blushed. Jason shook his head to clear it a bit and started again.

“I wanted ou too knoow sumthing…”

“Yea… what?” Maros by now had propped himself on his elbow to hold himself upright. Jason blushed again and before another word could be said, he cupped the side of Maros’ face and planted his lips on Maros’ mouth.

Maros sobered up in two seconds and felt heat rush to his face. Jason had closed his eyes and was now beet red, but he never let up on his embrace. Maros felt Jason take one of his hands and Maros surprised himself when his hand clasped back. As suddenly as the kiss had started, it was over.

Maros looked at his roommate with eyes wide and mouth agape. Jason looked away, pulling his baseball cap down over his eyes. By now, both were flushed with heat and as red as it was humanly possible to be. Maros stood up and moved over to his desk. He leaned on the back of his chair and looked back at Jason, who was now looking at the floor with shame and embarrassment. Maros shook his head and laughed.

It was a little too loud and too forced to be anything but hysteria, but he didn’t care, anything that would break this moment. Jason looked up at Maros, surprised and a little hurt. Maros stood upright and nodded his head.

“Hey man… it’s late and we have had waaay too much to fucking drink. Ummmm… let’s go to bed.” Jason nodded.

“Yeah, that is a good idea. We have had a bit too much, so getting some sleep would be good for us. So let’s go to bed….in our own beds of course.” Jason fidgeted the whole time he spoke and Maros awkwardly followed his every word.

“Right, man.., our own beds… like we would want to go to bed with each other.”

“Yeah, as if we would want to do that…” At that, both let out a nervous laugh and moved to their respective sides of the room. They dressed for bed, not looking at each other. Jason then climbed into his loft and Maros simply had to lie down since his bed was closer to the ground than Jason’s was. They mumbled their goodnights and went to sleep.

Maros didn’t go to sleep right away. The lingering thought of the kiss danced through his head. He pushed them away and rolled over, facing Jason’s side of the room.

Maros glanced up at where Jason was laying and found that Jason was looking down at him. Both gasped and turned away. After that, Maros drifted off to sleep.

Maros woke late the next day with a headache. He sat up and found that Jason had already left for work. Maros was glad for that.

After the past night, he didn’t really want to see his roommate at the moment. He got up and went to take a shower. After his shower, he got dressed and sat at his computer. He tried to study, but he couldn’t focus. All his thoughts went back to last night and the look on Jason’s face after they had kissed.

He looked so hurt when I started to laugh. I guess he thought I was laughing at him… What was he thinking? Did he really think that we could… I guess he did. Ahh… fucking shit!

Maros shook his head, but it didn’t help. All day, he thought of Jason and the kiss they had shared last night. Three hours later, Maros heard the door open. He turned and watched Jason come in and take off his coat. He was still in the dress shirt and tie he wore for his job. Maros looked and noticed something.

Jason wasn’t wearing his baseball cap. Maros saw Jason’s blue eyes looking down at the floor as he moved to get undressed. Maros watched the movement of Jason’s shoulders as he unbuttoned his shirt. At that moment, Maros made up his mind. He stood and tapped Jason on the shoulder. Jason turned round and looked down at Maros.

Their eyes met and Maros grabbed Jason’s open dress shirt and pulled him down towards his face. Maros pressed his lips to Jason’s and kissed him with passion. He felt Jason jerk with surprise and then slowly melt into the kiss. Jason wrapped his arms around Maros’ waist. Maros moved his hands up Jason’s body and placed his arms around his neck. Jason soon forced Maros’ mouth open with his tongue.

Maros moaned as Jason licked at his mouth. Again, Maros moved his hands, moving back down Jason’s chest. He then slid them carefully beneath his roommate’s undershirt.

He felt the warm smoothness of Jason’s chest as his fingers danced over it. When he got to his roommate’s nipples, he lingered on them, feeling them harden at his touch. Jason’s hands had moved to Maros’ ass and slowly squeezed it.

Maros broke from the kiss, their saliva still connecting them, to let out a moan as Jason suddenly smacked him hard on his ass.

“Did I hurt you?” Jason asked in concern. Maros shook his head.

“No. No, you didn’t. Do it again.” As Maros spoke, Jason’s eyes lit up with glee. He grabbed Maros by his waist and bent him over his desk. He gently started spanking his roommate. Maros moaned with each slap to his ass. Jason soon started putting more force behind his blows and Maros started crying out softly.

“Oh shit! You like this huh?” Maros turned his face around to Jason’s at this and nodded shyly. Jason laughed and then reached around Maros, unbuttoning his pants. Maros tried to stand upright as Jason did this, but Jason leaned over him, placing his weight on Maros’ back.

Jason jerked Maros’ pants down completely. Maros blushed because he wasn’t wearing underwear. Jason ran his hand over Maros’ smooth ass as if touching a piece of delicate porcelain. Maros shuddered under Jason’s touch.

Jason smiled and removed Maros’ shirt and then his own. He rubbed his bare skin over Maros’ back and inhaled his scent. Jason moved his hands over Maros’ chest as he had done earlier to him while they were kissing. Maros’ nipples hardened instantly and Jason took his time rubbing and pinching them.

Maros moaned again and he didn’t bother being quiet about it. Jason smiled and ran his tongue down Maros’ spine to the crack of his ass. He then pulled Maros’ cheeks apart and licked his asshole.

Jason felt his cock grow hard from feeling Maros shudder and moan. He rubbed his cock through his pant and then removed them and let his erection spring free. He stood behind Maros, and then he licked his index finger and slipped it into Maros’ ass. He worked it in slowly, making sure not to push too hard.

Maros winced and bit his lower lip. Jason then smoothly added in his middle finger, stretching out Maros’ asshole out bit by bit so as not to hurt him too badly.

“Ahh! Shit, that hurts!”

“I know… but hold on… I’m almost done.” With that, Jason slipped in his ring finger and pushed all three in, deep into Maros’ ass. Maros screamed and he fell on his desk. Jason rubbed his back with his free hand, mumbling, “I’m sorry,” every few minutes.

Jason wiggled his fingers and looked around. He spotted a bottle of lotion that Maros put on his skin everyday after his shower. He picked up the bottle, then, removing his fingers from Maros’ ass, proceeded to smear the lotion in Maros’ ass.

Jason also smeared the lotions on his hardened prick. He then slowly pushed the head of his cock into Maros’ ass. Maros winced as Jason pulled out, pushed in again and made his way in deeper.

After a few thrusts, he was fully into Maros’ tight hole. He gripped Maros’ hips and gently started to drive in. Maros cried out and seized the edge of the desk. Jason moved faster, rocking Maros as he did.

“God, you’re tight.” Jason sucked in his breath as he spoke and drove himself deeper into Maros. After a few more strokes Maros started to loosen up. He moaned as, with each thrust, Jason touched his prostate with his cock. Jason, leaving one hand on Maros’ hips, moved his other to Maros’ nipples. He rubbed the left one till it hardened up. Jason pinched, making Maros moan louder than before. Jason smiled and moved his fingers to Maros’ mouth.

“Suck on them.” Jason pushed his fingers closer to Maros’ mouth. Maros opened his mouth and licked them gingerly, then took them in to his mouth. He sucked them slowly as Jason thrust harder in to his tight pucker.

Jason pulled his fingers out of Maros’ mouth and went back to his nipples. Maros felt the cool wetness touch him and he shuddered with pleasure. Jason sensed the pleasure Maros was feeling and smiled. He moved his hand back to the other side of Maros’ hip and let nothing hold him back as he ravaged his roommate.

Maros moaned loudly begging for more. Jason suddenly sucked in his breath.

“I’m cumming!” He grit his teeth as he spoke. He was barely able to get the last syllable out before his cum started to pour out from his member into Maros’ hole. Maros arched his back as Jason filled him with his seed. Jason thrust a few more times to finish off and then collapsed on Maros’ back. He snuggled into Maros’ neck feeling, the flush of his skin.

Maros rested himself on his desk, feeling Jason’s breath against his neck. Jason lifted himself off of Maros, slowly pulling out. As he stood, he gently raised Maros up and took him into his arms. They embraced, knowing nothing but the touch of the other’s warm flesh.

Maros breathed deep, smelling Jason’s scent, which was now mixture of sex and sweat. Soon, Maros felt his own cock rise . Jason noticed it as well and placed his hand on it. He rubbed the shaft of it, helping it grow hard. Maros closed his eyes and leaned on Jason’s chest.

Jason nuzzled Maros’ neck. He then leaned Maros against the desk and kissed him forcefully. As they kissed, Jason kept his hand on Maros’ penis and stroked to make sure it stayed hard. Maros balanced himself again the desk drinking in Jason’s touch. Jason moved from Maros’ mouth and kissed his way to his neck and shoulders. From there, he placed his lips on his roommate’s chest, stopping on the nipples before moving on down to his navel.

Jason stopped as he reached Maros’ neatly trimmed pubic hair. Jason ran his tongue along the hairline, teasing Maros. Maros’ cock jerked and oozed pre-cum. Jason took the erect phallic in his hand and licked the tip as if it was an ice cream cone. Maros sucked in his breath as the warm rough texture of Jason’s tongue moved over his head. Jason moved from the head to the shaft, moving up and down, mingling the motions of his tongue with the pressure being applied by his lips.

“Where in the fuck did you learn to do this?” Maros looked down at his roommate waiting for an answer. Jason removed his mouth from the shaft and shrugged.

“This is what my old girlfriend used to do to me.” With that, Maros laughed. The idea of that short chubby girl giving head like this made him smile, but he was glad for it. If it hadn’t been for that, Jason wouldn’t be giving him such a damn good blowjob.

Jason went back to what he had been doing and ran his tongue from the bottom of Maros’ nut sack to the tip of his dick in one lick. Maros moaned, tightening his hold on the desk. Jason, feeling Maros’ tension, wasted no more time. Slowly, he placed Maros’ cock inside his mouth. He moved down on it until the tip of it touched the back of his throat. He moved up slowly feeling Maros shiver. He smiled and moved faster, moving back down to the very base.

Maros mumbled under his breath, as Jason moved fasters and faster. As Jason sucked he moved his tongue all around the shaft and, with one of his hands, he cupped and played with Maros’ balls. Maros rocked his hips in time with Jason’s bobbing head. Jason moaned as he sucked and moved faster, pushing a finger of his free hand into Maros’ rectum.

Maros called out, “Oh, God!” as Jason pushed the finger deep in his rear, feeling for his prostate. With Jason probing his ass and giving him a blowjob at the same time, Maros soon shut his eyes as the waves of an orgasm washed over him. He arched his back and tilted his head, crying out with no regard to who heard him. Jason felt Maros’ cock tense up and waited for the flow of semen to come into his mouth. As Maros’ salty seed hit his tongue, Jason swallowed eagerly, pumping with his mouth to get more.

Maros fell onto the desk and then slumped to the floor, pushing Jason off of him. He sat down with his knees up, elbows upon them and his head in his hands. Jason, on his hands and knees, crawled over to Maros to see if he was ok. Jason tilted his head and tried to look up into his roommate’s face. Maros looked down and smiled. Without further warning, he tackled Jason and the two of them hit the floor laughing.

Later that night, the two curled up together in the same beanbag chair where it had all started and feel asleep in each others’ arms. One week later, the two of them were snuggling on the bed, watching a movie together when there came a knock on the door. Both bolted upright and moved to their own side of the room. Maros answered the door and there were two of the girls Maros used to hang with.

“Hey, Maros!” the two chirped in unison. They looked in the room and smiled at the two boys who were trying not to look guilty.

“Hey,” Maros muttered, feeling heat rush to his face. The girls furrowed their brows.

“Is this a bad time?” One looked to the other and then at Maros.

“No, not really. We were just watching a movie.”

“Oh! We’re sorry; we didn’t mean to interrupt. We just wanted to come over and say hi. We’ll see you later.” The girls waved goodbye and Maros shut the door. He leaned against it and breathed. Jason laughed and Maros joined in. There was another knock on the door. Maros opened it again and there stood one of the girls.

“Hey, Maros, I wanted you to know that we won’t tell anyone, okay?” Maros’ heart stopped.

“Tell anyone what?”

“That you and Jason are gay.” As she spoke, all the color drained from Maros’ face. He started to speak but the girl interrupted him again.

“Don’t worry. We knew the whole time. We were just waiting for the two of you to hook up. You make such a cute couple but, like I said, we won’t tell a soul.” With that, she left, going down the hall. Maros thought about calling after her but decided to shut the door instead. He leaded back on it and closed his eyes. He didn’t need to open them to see that Jason had moved over to him. Jason placed his hand under Maros’ chin and lifted his face up. Maros opened his eyes to see Jason’s warm blues staring at him.

“Don’t worry. She won’t say anything and, if she does, so what? I wouldn’t care, would you?” Jason smiled down at Maros. Maros smiled back and shook his head, no. With that, Jason kissed him full on the lips and the rest of the world was forgotten.

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