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Troll in The Shadows

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Sam knew. “Who?” was all he asked.

I didn’t have to ask what he meant. “My new partner.” Department regulations strictly prohibited fraternization between fellow officers. Fuck your partner, and you’re not going to put your head out there in front. You have to think, not lust, or you end up dead. Toll collecting’s a dangerous business these days, what with anarchy only a hair’s breadth away.

“Tell me about him.”

“Her.” His dick jumped so hard I almost laughed. Oh, this was going to be good. “Five foot nine, hundred and sixty pounds, dark chocolate skin, long, braided red-brown hair, little beads at the ends, boobs that would fill my hands, an ass like…”

“Strip. Now.” His voice had that rough, husky quality to it I loved.

I put my hands on my hips, openly defying him. “Or you’ll what?”

I’m strong. I’m fast. He’s stronger. Faster. God that turns me on. His hand shot out and grabbed my wrist, jerking me off balance. I kicked out, knocking one of his legs out from under him, fighting like a hellcat as he turned me around, smashing me face down into the dining room table, my arms now pinned behind my back. He lost his balance and fell into me, his cock digging into my ass so hard I almost came from sheer lust.

Regaining his balance, Sam snapped a set of cuffs on my wrists before he yanked my hips back, reaching beneath me to unbuckle my belt and shove my uniform pants down to my ankles. “What are you going to do, Cop? Fuck the poor helpless Troll?”

He caught my leg, pushing my knees apart, spreading me wide open. Those cute little thongs from lasted about three seconds. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Or would you rather be fucking your new partner? Maybe she’d fuck you. Maybe she’s got a strap on, with a big black dick on it, and she’ll bend you over the table and shove it up your ass.”

Cold lube hit my ass, followed by something hard, with ringed edges. Oh, God, that hurt. I bucked and squirmed, ready to come before he’d even touched my cunt. What the fuck was it? His regulation issue mini-baton?

He shoved it in, fucking me hard, just the way I liked it, then stopped, the cord hanging down over my bare naked ass, wisping against my sopping pussy. The feel of it, of me, there naked and alone, too off balance to even think of moving, totally at his mercy, was driving me crazy. “Fuck me!” I demanded. “Oh, God, please, fuck me!”

“Why? You don’t want me. You want that cheap piece of black pussy.”

“Like you care. You’d watch, if you could.”

“Oh, fuck.” His cock rammed into my cunt so hard my hips drove the table against the wall. The baton shoved in harder, and I nearly screamed, it hurt so good. “That was below the belt.”

“Like you’re even wearing a belt.”

He was. The bastard had just unzipped his pants, not even bothering to take off his uniform. I know cause when he pulled his belt off, all sorts of cop stuff went flying. He leaned back, rocking his hips in a slow, delicious grind that had me writhing. Every movement of his hips ground the baton back and forth in my ass. His balls pressed against me, their coarse hair teasing, promising.


“Ouch!” I screamed, jumping so hard the sugar bowl fell over. “What the fuck!”

“Who do you belong to, Troll?”

“Fuck you!” The baton slid half way out of my ass, only to be shoved back in again. Hard. Another crack of the belt brought my blood to a boil. Now both ass cheeks burned with a fierce stinging pain. “I don’t like that!” I lied.

“Yeah?” He laid the belt on the table where I could see it and I almost whimpered. “Then you won’t like this, either.” The buttons of my uniform shirt went flying as he ripped it open, popping the clasp on my front hook bra to spill my breasts into his hands. His fingers went straight to the nipples, squeezing hard.

I came instantly, my pussy clenching so hard around his cock I expected him to explode into me. But he wasn’t done yet. Pressing me back hard against the table top, he put one hand on my ass while the other guided the baton in small, short plunges. I knew he could feel it too. Nothing but a thin sheet of skin separated the hard knurled rings of the handle from the hard, wet slide of his cock in my pussy. Soon he was moving with the rhythm, long, deep plunges into my cunt, the tempo growing, building, pulsing with a burning need as both cocks rammed me, harder, harder, but not hard enough. “Fuck me, Cop!” I demanded. “My partner would. Her hands would be on my ass, her tongue in my cunt, licking me, sucking me, biting me, while I sucked her clit until she screamed for me.”

He yanked me back off the table till there was room for his hand to snake beneath me, sweeping across the juices that escaped till his fingers were slick with our fluids.

Merciless, he rode his fingers over my clit with the same frenzied motion his hips were making, banging into me like twin pistons on the same stroke, hard, harder, harder, till I exploded, coming around him so violently the night sky burst into stars — in our kitchen.

When I thought I couldn’t take any more, couldn’t give any more, had to come down, he yanked my head back by the hair and bit my throat, right at the juncture where the shoulder molds in. I screamed — something incoherent — and came again, as the sweet, welcome load of his cum soaked my overheated cunt.

“Who owns this pussy?” he roared as he came.

“You do!” I laughed. “You and this feisty black chick with boobs the size of cantaloupes, just waiting for me to suck their juicy nipples.”

His hips, almost stilled, jerked against me hard again, another wave of fresh, hot cum forced through hard, tight balls that I so wanted to suck. I spread my hands, breaking the department’s pretty new Troll-proof handcuffs, pushing off the table enough to drive my cunt tight against those spasming balls. I rocked against him, shoving back as hard as he pushed, helping us both wring every last ounce of pleasure from our joining — as much as we could possibly stand.

“God, that was good,” I moaned at last, too tired and sore to move.

“Damn, Troll. I think you’ve killed me this time. Next time you arrest me. You broke my brand new cuffs.”

“Thought you ought to know ahead of time whether they were worth the investment.”

“Oh yeah,” he assured me. “Worth every dime.”

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