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All It Took Was Vodka

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It was obvious I was about to win the Monopoly game, and I have been accused of being a sore winner, so during Rachel’s final dice roll and my next turn, I went to the kitchen to get everyone another round of drinks.

Rachel and Greg were two of our oldest and dearest friends. My wife, Bess, had gone to school with Rachel, and I grew up with Greg. We did not set them up, however, they met totally by accident after Bess and I had married and moved out of town, and we had only recently found out they were dating.

Rachel was quite a looker, as defined by most men. At 23, she was 5’4, 110 pounds with straight, blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She had a chest that was the envy of most women, including Bess, and a perfectly slim, but cute ass that made a pair of tight jeans look like a sweet piece of candy, ready to be unwrapped.

For me, however, she was nothing next to Bess. My sweet wife was, and still is, the most beautiful creature on the planet. She had just turned 22 at the time, and was a petite sexy at 5’3 and 115 pounds of hips, thighs and ass, all with a lean and sexy topping, capped off by gorgeous, long, brown hair. Her green eyes were enough to get me aroused from the moment I met her, but her sexy country-girl charm and slow, southern drawl owned most any man she spoke to.

This particular night was a rare event. Bess and I had not been married long, we were young, and we partied hard. We didn’t usually hang out with other couples because none of my friends were married yet, and none of her friends lived nearby. Greg was a travelling musician, Rachel was a full-time student, and anytime they had to spend together, they liked to spend it alone.

Yet, here we all were, sitting around a contentious game of Monopoly and visiting in a way that we joked at the time was like old people must visit.

“Two Jack and Cokes and two beers,” I said from the kitchen. “Anything else while I’m in here?”

“Not unless you have some vodka,” Greg joked. “Rachel likes to drink vodka and take off her clothes.”

Rachel was swatting at him as I walked back into the room with the drinks, and she almost caused a spill.

“Sorry, Joe,” she said. “Wasn’t trying to commit alcohol abuse, just trying to straighten my man out.”

Both Rachel and Bess were brought up in very traditional, religious homes, so sexual jokes were totally taboo. Bess would get so embarrassed if I even mentioned sex in front of company that she would have to leave the room… until she was drunk. Then she turned into somewhat of an exhibitionist.

“Well, I’m all for finding some vodka if he’s telling the truth,” Bess giggled. “I love Monopoly in the nude.”

Rachel wasn’t yet drunk enough to enjoy their humor, and I suddenly felt embarrassed by the situation. I just wanted to finish off this game of Monopoly and retire, with Greg, out to the patio and goad him into telling me more about his many sexual exploits out on the road.

He had awesome stories about women, and their mothers and sisters and whatever other kinky thing you could imagine. He claimed to have once gone down on a 37-year-old MILF, who was going down on her 18-year-old daughter, while the daughter was giving him head.

I loved to hear his stories, and although I didn’t see him much, I often though of his tales when I was having sex with Bess, and would sometimes imagine me and her in some of those wild, group-sex scenarios.

Bess, however, would not even let me bring up the subject of group sex. There had been a drunken, wild, one-off tryst with another close friend of mine very early in our marriage, and she would blush and shush me anytime I brought it up. She assured me that nothing like that was ever going to happen again, and that I needn’t bring it up.

As expected, I finished off the game with a big win before we sipped the hot booze off the top of our whiskey drinks, and I ushered Greg onto the patio, dying for a chance to hear about a sexy exploit.

“So, tell me about it, I know you’ve got some good stories from the last two months,” I said. “What was it this time, twin sisters, mother-daughter team, a couple of sexy cousins at their high-school graduation party?”

Greg chuckled at me and took a sip of his drink.

“I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you this time around Joe,” he started. “Since Rachel and I got serious, the wild side of being on the road has come to a halt. I tried out a sweet pair of cheerleaders at a frat party the first week out, and walked out and left them going down on each other. I didn’t even get my fingers wet.”

“Dude, I know she’s hot and all that, but how can I live my wild side through you if you go and fall in love like I did,” I asked disappointedly.

“Why don’t you go out and have some wild sex on the side, this is a college town, pussy is everywhere?” Greg suggested.

“It wouldn’t be worth it if I got caught,” I admitted. “For better or worse, I’m crazy about Bess, and the thought of losing her over a wild night of hot, kinky sex is still a thought of losing her, and I can’t even imagine.”

“Ok, so you see how it is with me now then,” Greg looked down at his drink and fished a gnat or some other bug out of it. On a hot, summer night in Alabama, the bugs outnumber the people a million to one. He swatted a moth from his face. “Don’t get me wrong, if she was into it, I’d love to keep a kinky lifestyle, cause that’s how a music man is supposed to roll, but to be honest, she’s so good in bed that nothing I have done on the road compares anyway.”

“I understand,” I sighed. “I sure was looking forward to a good story though. I love to take Bess to bed and think about the things you’ve told me. Not that she isn’t enough, I’m just a really kinky dude, and she’s totally straight.”

“I don’t know about that man,” Greg said with a smile. “I’ve been informed that with enough booze, she gets pretty loose.”

“Fuck that Preston,” I fumed. “He swore he wouldn’t tell anyone. It was a one-time deal. I loved it. She regretted it. She gets upset if I mention it.”

“Nothing to be ashamed of man,” Greg said. “In fact, I wish Rachel would be open like that. We’d make the perfect foursome!”

I thought about what he said for a minute. Was he telling me that he would like for he and Rachel to fool around with me and Bess? Sure sounded like it to me. I knew it was just a pipe dream, but one worth thinking about the next time Bess and I were naked.


“Are the boys going to be out there on the patio all night?” Rachel asked. “The four of us never get to visit, and they are out there acting like a couple of girls.”

I giggled at Rachel and shook my head at the notion.

“Well, screw them,” she said. “Greg likes to make vodka jokes, but it’s my drink of choice, and if they are going to sit out there with the bugs, let’s have party.”

She grabbed her purse and pulled a fifth of vodka out. I was already heavily buzzed, and the thought of hard booze concerned me a little. I have been known to get a little reckless when I’m drunk, and Joe certainly doesn’t try to keep me from doing stupid stuff. In fact, I think he encourages it.

“Got any orange juice hun?” she asked me.

“Sure, it’s in the fridge, help yourself, but remember about keeping your clothes on,” I kidded her.

“Me, HAH,” she laughed. “I don’t think it’s me we have to worry about. I hear your clothes have a little trouble staying mounted when you get too much fire water.”

Oh my God! What did she know? How did she know? Joe wouldn’t tell anyone, would he? No husband wants a story like that to get out.

“Girl, it’s the opposite with me,” I lied to my friend. “I get drunk and useless. Joe can’t get in these pants with a crowbar and dynamite once I’ve had too much.”

“That’s not what Preston told Greg,” she said, taking a serious tone. “In fact, I should be home studying for a final right now, but Greg was dying to come over here to visit Joe, and there was no way in Hell I was letting him come over here and have a sexy party.”

I sat there, stunned. She just called me out for being a sexual deviant, and then seemed to imply that she didn’t want her boyfriend around me without her present. I went from having a great time to being totally flat


“Hey, don’t look like that,” she said with a smile. “I am joking with you. I was no saint when Greg and I met, although he doesn’t know it, and I was impressed to hear that you weren’t the sweet, innocent girl everyone thinks you are. Of course, now that it’s come up, I do want some details.”

Great, drunk girl talk, and me supposed to be a grown, married woman. I was ashamed and embarrassed about the night with Preston, but it had been one of the most sexually exciting and liberating experiences in my life. Sex with Joe was different after that night, more experimental, more like two passionate lovers instead of two confused kids. It had been a good thing for us, but it needed to stay in the past. Yet Rachel, and the vodka, were asking for details.

“Well, I was drunk, so the details are sketchy,” I started the story, already thinking about a way to only tell a small piece of it. “Preston was over here and the three of us were drinking and they were both giving me a lot of attention and I guess I just got turned on. One thing led to another and before the night was over, I was between them on the bed, and they were taking turns. Damn it! I can’t believe he told Greg about it.”

Rachel smiled at me and downed a shot of vodka and then took a drink of her screwdriver, which was already mixed heavy.

“I don’t think he started out to tell Greg,” she explained. “He was trying to convince Greg that the three of us should fool around, and Greg agreed with him. Once he thought he was going to have a threesome with us, he told Greg about you three, and then they proposed the idea to me.”

My curiosity was kicking in, and for some reason I was starting to feel drunk and turned on again. Damn the vodka. Damn Preston.

“So, did anything happen?” I asked, genuinely curious at this point.

“Nope,” she replied matter-of-factly. “When I heard they cooked it up without involving me, I shut it down right off. Not that I wasn’t a little interested at the idea, considering my kinkier roots back in the day, but I was just put off that I wasn’t included in the conversation until a decision had been made.”

We still hung out with Preston a lot, and he regularly told us how hot he was for Rachel, so I couldn’t even imagine how disappointed he must have been when their plan got shut off. Not that I cared, the loudmouth.

“To tell you the truth,” Rachel said, “I got so turned on by teasing him that night, I almost had an orgasm just standing in the kitchen. He is rather hot, and I hear he’s a monster in the sack. I guess you could confirm that for me, huh?”

“I don’t remember too much,” I lied again. “Too much to drink, then, and now.”

She winked at me, as if she realized that I remembered every last detail, every filthy thing I said to them while they ravaged me, every stroke from the two cocks that had filled me so completely.

In truth, I avoided the conversation with Joe not only out of shame, but also because I was scared to death that he would find out how I got turned on by the memory of it. I don’t know if every woman enjoys being desired as much as I enjoy it, but they made me feel like the sexiest, most desirable woman in the world that night, and I loved every second of it.

“What do you say the two of us put on a little innocent show for the boys, just to fuck with them, tease them a little?” she asked, sounding coy. “We have to do something to get them to come in from the patio.”

I was a little nervous at her tone. She was turning on the sexy, and the boys were outside. Not only that, it was also true that even though I had fooled around with Preston and Joe, I was pretty jealous in those days, and I didn’t want her flirting with Joe.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, but only because the booze forced me to act interested.

“Well, Greg is always talking about how he gets turned on by girl-on-girl action, so let’s just go out there and get all flirty with each other, and not pay them any attention,” she said. “Once they finally take notice, you can take me by the hand and come back inside. They will follow like little puppy dogs, if I had to guess.”

It was a cute idea, and sounded innocent enough. It was also a good way to end this girl talk, which had started to moisten my panties a little, much to my discomfort.

“I’m following you sweetie,” I giggled and smiled at her. “I’ll follow your lead out there, just send me a signal when it’s time to come back in.”

“Oh, wait, it’s a million degrees out there,” Rachel said. “There is no way I can go out there in that humidity in these hot blue jeans. Do you have some shorts I can borrow?”

“Sure, in fact, I have two matching short/shirt sets that Joe bought me in Panama City and I never wear them because they are too short, and my legs and butt can barely fit,” I found myself making a recommendation that I immediately regretted. “I’ll wear one if you will, and that should be enough to get at least Joe in here before we get a single bug bite.”

She nodded and we headed upstairs to the bedroom. I grabbed the two pairs of shorts and the two matching shirts from my underwear drawer. Joe insisted that I keep them in there, as he has always had a little bit of a panty fetish, and he liked to handle those shorts when he rummaged through my panties.

I stood there watching Rachel. I was a little jealous of her large breasts, as mine are more of the small and perky version, and her slim figure was a sight to see.

Joe always told me that he liked a big butt and legs, but if I was a man, Rachel is the shape woman I would want to have. She quickly took off the jeans, her shirt and her bra, standing there in a cute thong that must have come from one of those pricey underwear stores.

“What are you waiting on sis?” she asked with a laugh, as if she thought I was checking her out. “Get out of those jeans and into the teasing clothes. We have boys to torture and it’s getting late!”

While Rachel put on my tiny shorts and the shirt, I took off my pants and shirt, but left my bra on.

“Oh no girl, these little shirts aren’t made for a bra. To achieve maximum tease, we need minimum underwear,” she said.

I suddenly realized she was looking at my panties. I began to feel self-conscious because she had expensive underwear, and mine were just a pair of Minnie-Mouse panties that Joe had made me buy at a local discount outlet. He wanted me to act like a little girl sometimes, so he made me wear cartoon panties once in a while.

“Looks like maybe you got a little excited telling me about Preston,” she said to me, staring right at my crotch as I lifted a leg to put on the shorts. “My goodness, now I KNOW you remember more than you let on.”

Oh God! I wished so bad that she was making a joke about how cheap my panties were instead of how moist they were. My body was telling all of my secrets, and I was trying to fight the idea of being turned on, but for some reason, she kept pushing me with just the right amount of force.

“I guess maybe I got a little excited thinking about teasing the boys,” I told her, which was half-way true. “Let’s get down there before you bust out of that top and I bust out of these shorts.”

She took my hand and guided me down the stairs and toward the patio door.

“Bugs,” I thought to myself. “We gotta make this happen quick or those bugs will eat us alive in these outfits.”


While I was still contemplating Greg’s comment about a foursome, the girls came through the sliding door to the patio.

I did a double-take when I realized what they were wearing. Both of them had on one of the matching bright green short/shirt sets I had bought for Bess in Florida last fall, when everything in every gift shop is almost free.

I begged her all the time to wear those shorts, but it always turned into an argument, so I had just about decided I would never see them again.

Bess was stunning in the shorts. Her ass and legs filled them out perfectly, hugging her firm body and accenting her gorgeous curves.

Rachel was cute in the shorts, but the shirt was riding all the way up under her tits, and when she walked toward us, I thought I was catching a glimpse of those huge nipples.

“Well hey ladies,” I greeted them. “Dressed for the heat, I see.”

“Oh, don’t mind us gentlemen, we just came out tell you goodnight,” she informed us. “We are about to go upstairs and paint our toenails and tell ghost stories on the bed.”

Rachel nuzzled up close to Bess and whispered something in her ear, causing Bess to start giggling and spill some of her drink, which smelled like vodka.

“Uh-oh,” Greg laughed. “Somebody found some vodka. I better get her home quick, before the show starts.”

“No need to rush,” I teased. “I love a good show.”

Bess stuck her tongue out at me and rolled her eyes. She was so jealous back then that I had to be careful, and I was glad to see that she was taking my comment with a sense of humor.

“Well, you won’t see anything but insects out here mister,” Rachel said. “We are taking the show inside and toenails will be painted. If you boys want yours painted, come on in, we will be sitting upstairs on the bed.”

Rachel chuckled at her own joke and then winked at Bess. Almost as if it was a cue, Bess took her by the hand and started leading her back in the apartment. The view of the two of them from behind in those shorts was too much. Greg and I both stared shamelessly. So different, yet both so sexy in their own way.

“Look Joe,” Greg said, talking low and to the point. “I’ll give it to you straight. Rachel thinks I’m oblivious, but I know she was wild as a rutting buck before we met. Musicians talk. She dates musicians. You follow what I’m saying?”

“You think you’ve fallen in love with a roadie slut?” I asked, unsure of my wording. “Wait, I didn’t mean to put it like that.”

“That’s OK,” he said. “But no, I just think she was ready for a serious relationship with me instead of all the wild, youthful ones, and so she has avoided the types of sexual adventure she used to engage in when she first got to college.”

“Gotcha, but back to your point, no, I don’t follow what you were saying,” I said, obviously a little confused.

“My point is this,” he turned and looked me in the eye. “The girls are acting funny, and we both know that both of them have engaged in some form of group sex before. Maybe only once for Bess, but with Rachel I think it’s probably more than that. They came out here nearly naked and they were flirting with each other, then they invited us up to do what… sit on the bed and paint nails with them?”

“I think I am starting to follow now,” I said, suddenly feeling nervous.

The deal with Preston was so spontaneous that there was not time to think or consider. I was getting the notion that Greg was about propose a wild night, and I wasn’t sure I was on the same page, but it sure seemed like the three of them were on the same page, paragraph and sentence.

Greg took a long, slow drink from his glass and finished it off.

“I’ll tell you straight, Bess turns me the fuck on man, for real,” he said with a wild look in his eyes. “Ever since Preston told me about you three, I have been dying to just come over here and look at her. I love Rachel and all that, and I’m not trying to steal your lady, but if you were ok with it, I would swap with you tonight in a heartbeat, and both of them are acting like all we need to do is hit the play button.”

“Um, sure dude, whatever happens, happens I guess,” I stuttered. “I think they are just messing with us, but we can play it by ear I guess and see where it goes. Besides, these damn mosquitos are toting me off and it looks like we both need a fresh drink, so let’s head in and see what’s up.”


Rachel took the lead when we got in the apartment and we headed straight up the stairs, just as she had promised the guys. We each took a turn in the bathroom, and I grabbed the nail polish and some towels.

“Do you think they are going to come in?” I asked her, noticing that she was staring at my body as we got situated on the bed.

“Oh, I’ll give them less than two more minutes if I know Greg,” she said. “He gave me that look out there, and I know he’s a horny beast. These shorts and our flirting had him ready to explode.”

“Joe seemed like he didn’t even notice us,” I lamented. “Maybe he’s upset about the vodka, he has asked me to stick to beer ever since the Preston thing.”

“I don’t think he’s mad, did you see the front of his shorts?” she asked. “Looked pretty uncomfortable to me, like something was trying to get out!”

I felt myself blush a little. One, or both of us, had turned the boys on for sure. When we were outside, I couldn’t see Joe’s lower body that well, but Greg was squirming and fidgeting and adjusting himself like he had a squirrel loose in his shorts. Mission accomplished, I guess.

As we were laughing about her comment, we could hear the guys coming up the stairs.

“Just more than four minutes, I guess we will have to push them a little harder,” Rachel said, sliding closer to where I was sitting cross-legged on the bed.

She casually put her hand on my knee and I could feel the moisture building in my panties. I felt a little spark of excitement at her closeness, and at the two guys walking up the stairs.

As the guys walked into the room, Rachel made a point to ignore them aside from a small, cute, princess wave when they walked in. They each sat on the edge of the bed, as close as possible to us, but with their feet still on the floor.

Rachel chose to act like they weren’t there at all. She cranked up the teasing with girlie conversation.

“Wow, with these shorts, I sure am glad I shaved my bikini area today,” she said bluntly.

I had never shaved my pussy before, although Joe had begged, because I honestly didn’t know exactly how to do it without getting cut or getting razor burn.

“Do you shave your hair down there Bess?” she asked me, right in front of the two horny guys who were now smoldering and inching their feet up onto the bed to get closer to us.

“Well, no, I mean, I keep everything neat, but you know…,” I tried to explain. “I guess no, I don’t shave IT.”

Rachel sat up straight and grabbed my hand.

“Well then, before we can paint any toes, we have to go take care of that,” she declared. “Come on, I’ll do it for you this time, but it will be up to you to keep it groomed after tonight. You boys don’t mind if Bess and I go spend a few minutes in the shower do you?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, not that either of them was capable of giving one. Their tongues were hanging a foot outside their mouths and both had glazed-over eyes.

“Fine then, come on Bess,” she said. “You are going to love how this feels in those Minnie Mouse panties once I am done.”

It was like I didn’t have any control anymore. She had pushed me right over the edge until I was just going with every suggestion. I don’t know if I wanted to object to anything that was happening, but I was soaking wet and drunk and confused and turned on… It was just overwhelming.


Greg and I were sitting in awkward silence, trying hard to listen in on what was happening in the bathroom. A lot of whispering and lot of giggling, and then I heard the water come on.

“Fuck man, they left the bathroom door open,” Greg pointed out. “If that’s not an invitation, I don’t know what is.”

“You think so?” I asked, thinking he was probably over analyzing their behavior.

I figured they were just being drunk girls, but my dick was hard as steel and I was ready to get Bess in a bed, with or without Rachel and Greg.

“Sure man,” he said. “Look, let’s give ’em a few minutes to take care of the real business, and then let’s have a peek in there. You may not ever get another chance to watch two hot bitches in the shower again unless you learn to play rock and roll.”

I knew he was right. The whole thing was just too much. The talk about Preston, the girls in the shorts, the talk about Rachel being free-spirited before they met, all of it was putting me on the edge of losing control of the situation, if I even had any.

It was starting to feel like the night with Bess and Preston. I had been worried and afraid that night, right up until he plunged his cock into her and I heard her moan that first time. Then there was no turning back. It had been nearly two years, but I thought about it every day.

Suddenly, this whole night felt the same way. I was still worried and afraid, but more turned on than anything.

We waited until it sounded like they were just chatting and goofing off, then gave them about five more minutes, and we both got off the bed and strolled over to the bathroom door. It was open enough to see inside, but we couldn’t see inside the shower because of the curtain.

Greg was bold and pushed the door open and walked right in.

“Got her slick and shiny yet?” Greg asked Rachel.

“Take a look and see baby,” Rachel replied. “She looks great to me.”

Greg pulled back the shower curtain and saw what I could not see but desperately wanted to see. I moved around to see it too.

In the shower, Bess was standing there near the back of the tub, facing the front. Rachel was standing just in front of her, but facing out into the bathroom, allowing us to see both girls fully nude from the front. Rachel had her hand on Bess’s sexy, shaved cunt and was rubbing her hand over it like she was displaying it for a sales presentation.

I had never seen it without hair, and now I was seeing two beautiful women, standing naked together, neither of them with a single strand of hair on their pussies.

Bess was acting a little shy but holding her composure well under the circumstances. She had not been this naked since she was a child, and here she was getting the attention of three people at once in her new stage of nudity.

“Do you like it baby?” she asked me, clearly unsure of herself.

“It looks awesome, but I’ll need to taste it to know for sure,” I joked, trying to put her at ease.

“OK, that’s enough peep show boys, we will be out in a minute,” Rachel said, taking over the situation.

Greg and I headed back to the bed to wait. I didn’t even know what I was waiting for, but it needed to happen fast. I was at a new stage of horny and was about to lose my mind.

When the girls came back into the room, they were just wearing towels. Bess came straight to me, straddled me with her towel bunching up around her waist, and starting kissing me deeply, her fresh, minty breath refreshing after all the booze.

I looked over and Rachel was doing the same thing to Greg.

After three minutes of really hot kissing, Rachel stopped the show again.

“OK boys, which of you is getting his nails done first?” she asked with a dirty grin.

“What?” I asked. I had other things on my mind, especially since the towels were falling off the ladies and giving us a terrific view.

“Which of you is going to get his fingernails painted by two sexy ladies, and which of you is going to have to sit and watch?” Rachel asked.

“Ah hell, you can paint mine, if you take those towels all the way off,” Greg said, holding out his hands.

Without hesitation, each girl let her towel fall in her lap and took one of Greg’s hands.

“You just sit and watch Joe, you weren’t quick enough,” Bess informed me. “We will pamper you next, if you are a good boy.”

They wasted no time, quickly getting nail polish flowing onto his fingernails. I was as jealous as I was horny.

While Bess continued to paint, Rachel started rubbing his crotch through his shorts and kissing him on the mouth.

He had what I think was about four nails painted total when Bess put the polish away and focused her attention on Rachel.

Out of nowhere, Bess was tugging at Rachel, pulling her away from Greg. Rachel replied by turning around and putting both her arms around Bess’s neck and kissing her deeply on the mouth.

Seconds later, Bess was on her back with her towel open, and Rachel was kissing her tits and stomach.

I could not believe my eyes as Rachel continued south until she was licking my wife’s cunt, right in front of us two guys. Bess had her eyes closed and was grabbing Rachel’s hair.

I didn’t know what to do, but Greg sure did. He stood up, pulled off his shorts and proceeded to climb on the bed and put his cock right near my wife’s mouth.

She sensed his closeness and opened her eyes. She reached out a hand to me, grabbing my hand and squeezing it, then taking his cock in her mouth.

Bess let go of my hand and tugged at my shorts, which I took as a hint to take them off, putting all four of us totally naked. I complied and then climbed up and put my cock near the other side of her face.

She stroked it with her hand for a moment, then turned her head and kissed it gently on the tip. She licked the head, and then turned around and started sucking Greg again.

With her hands, I could tell she was trying to direct me to Rachel.

So this was it. She wanted to fuck Greg and she was giving me the go ahead to fuck Rachel. Ok, I was game, but I wasn’t sure of anything.

Bess pulled Greg’s head down to her tits and pulled Rachel by the hand, ending what was a very sexy session of cunt licking. She pushed Greg down to her cunt while she pulled Rachel in for a deep kiss, tasting her own sweet pussy in the kiss.

Greg took the hint and within a second he and Bess were in the sixty-nine position, with Rachel just lying beside them with me on the other side.

I moved around to Rachel’s side and decided to attempt the same thing with her. She offered no resistance, and soon she had my cock in her mouth and I was trying to basically crawl into her cunt head first.

Bess has a beautiful, and delicious pussy. If I could go down on her every night of the week, I would do it. That notwithstanding, I was now eating some awesome pussy. It was very aromatic and extremely juicy, and from the way she wiggled, Rachel really seemed to like what I was doing.

Bess and Rachel had their heads side by side, each with a cock in their mouth, while Greg and I were on top of each other’s woman, having a great time. I figured at any minute the fucking would start, and there would be no turning back.

Suddenly I felt Rachel’s mouth release my cock, and I could tell by the expression on Greg that his cock had been released too.

The girls, from underneath us, had managed to slide out and were now side by side again, kissing each other deeply.

“I need to get fucked right now,” Rachel exclaimed, taking Greg and pulling him down on top of her. “Put that dick in me right fucking now!”

I felt a little jealous all of a sudden, because my brain had gotten confused about which woman was mine.

“Me too Joe,” Bess said with a sexy sigh. “I gotta have that fucking dick right now.”

She pulled me to her and wrapped her legs around my ass and forced me into her as deep as I could go.

I was listening to every sound in the room, suddenly with tremendous clarity I could hear every detail.

I could hear two sets of balls slamming up against two sexy asses and the wet sounds of cocks in hairless pussies. I could hear Rachel asking Greg if he enjoyed eating that tasty Bess pussy.

“Did you like her pussy?” Bess whispered to me. “Did you like seeing me with his cock in my mouth while you were licking her hot pussy?”

“Fuck yes baby,” I replied. “It was so fucking hot. We have to be the luckiest men on the planet tonight.”

“Do you want to fuck her?” she asked. “Do you want to put your dick in her pussy?”

I thought carefully about the answer. I was moments from shooting a hot load in her cunt, and her dirty talk wasn’t doing me any favors.

“Yes, but more than I want that, I want to cum inside you right now,” I said. “I’m about to explode inside you.”

“Good answer, sexy,” she said. “Fuck me like you did the night I fucked you and Preston.”

That was all it took. I erupted in her cunt. She had not had a full-on orgasm yet, and I felt bad, but it wasn’t my fault. She was just too damn sexy for me to hang on.

She gently pushed me off and rolled over and began to kiss Rachel while Greg was busy fucking her. She reached her hand down and started to rub Rachel’s clit vigorously. Within about a minute, Rachel was exploding under Greg.

Apparently Rachel is the opposite of Bess. As soon as she came, Rachel wanted to unwrap from the moment and recover alone on the side of the bed. Bess loves to keep fucking after she has an orgasm, and since she had not had one yet, she was still looking for a solution. In fact, Greg had not cum either.

Bess quickly went for his cock and put it in her mouth, and put her ass in my face. She must have known how much it would turn me on.

She was right and I was soon rock hard again, a rare occurrence after such a powerful explosion.

She reached between her legs and put two fingers in her cunt while continuing to suck Greg’s cock. I crawled up behind her and put my cock between her legs. She took her two fingers out, shoved my cock in her cunt, and began to furiously rub her own clit, while never missing a stroke on Greg’s blowjob.

She took her mouth away for just a moment.

“Oh God, I am about to cum so hard!” she exclaimed. “As soon as I do, please, both of you, cum hard in my mouth and pussy!”

Just as I was thinking I was about to let it all loose, I felt a strange hand on my ass. Rachel had decided to lightly rejoin the party and was rubbing all around my ass, my nuts, and up against Bess’s pussy. She had one thumb right on my asshole, pushing it in just barely, and her fingers squeezing my cock as it went in and out of Bess.

It was all any of us could take.

First Bess let go with a huge scream and started shaking so bad I was worried for a second.


“ME TOOOOOO!” Rachel yelled from behind me, and I turned to see she was busy with her clit as well.

Greg and I did not want to be outdone and we simultaneously exploded into Bess. She squeezed every last drop of my cum into her cunt and I could tell she was swallowing Greg’s hot load too.

In a flash, we were all spent and it was over. The four of us got comfortable on the bed and I just laid there, holding my wife’s hand and thinking over all that had happened.

I suddenly realized that Bess had been the only one of the four of us that didn’t get to go down on a pussy.

I thought that was a shame, and leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Honey, you were the only one of us who didn’t go down on a sexy woman tonight, isn’t that sad?”

“Pfft,” she scoffed sweetly at me. “What do you think I was doing in that shower with her before you boys interrupted?”

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