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Trimming the Trimmer

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“Asshole,” Jeri said out loud as she drank a tall glass of water near the kitchen sink.

Jeri stared lazily at the backyard where the young neighbor was mowing and trimming the backyard. It had been a task he had completed every summer for them for several years. Jeri and her husband had paid him well for his work, which wasn’t so good when he first started, but became better and better. Being a scorching day, he was out there with his shirt off. Jeri would watch if she was home when he worked, but never fathomed the idea of anything more.

She had a few mild fantasies about the possibilities and even acted on them with herself in the privacy of her upstairs bedroom. This was all she had since for 26 years she has been loyal to her husband and knew she always would be. That is part of why she is particularly depressed today and didn’t go to work.

She had been home all day. Normally Jeri would be out enjoying the beautiful day, either in the garden or swimming. But today she just didn’t feel like it. Skipping out on work was all she could do. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone. Taking a deep breath Jeri set her drink down on the counter. With a sigh, she went out to the family room and sat near the large picture window looking also out at the back yard. Gazing just as Billy took his shirt and wiped his face with it, she smiled briefly. He then resumed his work.

Jeri sat again at the kitchen table in just her silk robe. She had just showered, feeling the need to get clean, even though she wasn’t really dirty. It was a compulsion it seemed. She felt dirty after what she had seen yesterday. Though the whole thing seems like such a blur. It all started the previous evening when she was to meet her husband Jim at his office for a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant. She showed up about thirty minutes early only to find him making out with a young office intern. His hand was halfway up her leg. She was nude only in stockings. Her hand was on his manhood, fully exposed and erect. She walked in just in time to hear her utter, “Come on boss, when you had me yesterday it had been three years. I have to have it again”.

The moment seemed etched in her mind and she has thought about it a hundred times since. Jeri clenched her fists as she remembers hollering his name and running out of the office. He followed, begging forgiveness. She had driven his car there because she had just picked it up at a garage. She forcefully threw the keys at him and started walking. He walked along side of her. Five hundred words of sorry later, and vows to never do it again didn’t faze her. She walked the full four miles home. When he came home he tried to speak to her, but she didn’t listen. He even tried to stay home with her today, but she told him to leave.

The truth is that he had always been such a good and attentive husband. She knows in her heart this is only something recent. Regardless of her anger, she may forgive him in time. But she would make him pay for it first. Jeri didn’t really know how, but after her anger wears off she would think of something.

Today was one of her workout days, but she didn’t do it. Jeri remarked inwardly on the fact that she had kept herself in shape for him all these years. Now at forty seven, she still looks better than many people half her age. She is fit at five and a half feet and barely one hundred and twenty pounds. She knows she gets looks at the store, and other places she goes, but she has never been unfaithful. Twenty six years with the same man. He was her first, and she had always felt he would be her last. It was a happy marriage. She wondered if it will continue, or is it at the end.

Jeri knows a swim would do her good. But she usually doesn’t do it when Billy is working. Naturally today is his day. The reason for this is that she doesn’t use a bathing suit. The sprawling backyard and all the acreage behind the house is owned by them and fenced. It secludes the pool completely. Someone would have to walk through the back woods past posted land over 30 minutes to be within view. In the summer she will do forty laps every other day. When her husband asked her why she didn’t dress for it, she only replied that the bathing suit gets in the way. He always enjoyed the erotic nature of it, and the two of them have had fantastic evenings in that pool. In fact, it’s regular still with the last one just two days ago.

Jeri has a hard time even looking out there. She soon realized that she had been staring at the shirtless Billy without realizing it. He is rather fit, and somewhat average looking. His mother just across the street is a good friend and told her that he has mostly kept to himself. She says he is too quiet. Her only wish is that when he heads to college in the fall he will come out of his shell. Jeri suddenly had a thought about breaking that 18 year old shell. For a moment she questioned her loyalty. In fact, her sanity, and loyalty to her husband were in an all out brawl.

“Am I still attractive?” she asked, now feeling the strain of her situation.

Standing up, she went in to the downstairs bathroom let her robe drop to the floor, examining her nude form. She looked from front to back, examining herself and even fluffed up her breasts. They had sagged very little over the years but with her constant physical activity had still done very well. Even though her short brown hair seemed a little mottled, upon examining her very fit full body form she came to one simple conclusion. At first she didn’t see the problem. She saw herself as fit, and beautiful. She even trims her pubic hair about halfway for her husband.

“I still look good,” Jeri said as she grit her teeth. “Still he has to screw a 23 year old part time assistant.”

Jeri frowned when she thought that but started to wonder what for. Carrying her robe over her shoulder, she walks out of the bathroom. As she passes the family room window looking out into the backyard she realized that she can be easily seen, and hurries past it. She looks over to see if Billy had noticed. His back was turned and he probably didn’t.

“Oh so what,” she said out loud as she moved over to the middle of the floor in plain view of the window.

There she stood for several minutes with her hand on her hip looking out at Billy. She even moved around a bit. He looked up at the house once but didn’t seem to see her. She guessed that it must be the reflection preventing a view of the inside of the house. She began to sink her shoulders and thought that he would probably run and hide at the sight of her anyway. But why think that when just a moment ago she saw her own exquisite body in the mirror.

“I guess I could still turn heads”, she said with a sigh and went back to the kitchen. “Probably, maybe. Who knows.”

Jeri tried her best to reassure herself of her own beauty. It took a long time, but she managed to feel just a little better. But the whole time she had been watching Billy. She remarked that even though he is not that attractive, he certainly is fit. She watched his movements, and slowly her mind wandered. Suddenly she caught herself staring at him from head to toe and even imagining him without the single item of clothing. She became a bit guilty with the impure nature of her thoughts. But her body told her otherwise as she soon felt a mild arousal. As he was facing her with his hands over his head trimming the large shrubbery it seemed as if she could just catch a glimpse of something jiggling back and forth in his shorts. Just for a brief moment she imagined putting her hands on him.

“Take it easy Jeri,” she said out loud, realizing her usual fantasies are a little more pronounced today.

Jeri knew that just because yesterday her husband’s hand was rounding third base, doesn’t mean she should now have these thoughts in such abundance, especially about of all people, their long time yard helper. She got him a video game for his tenth birthday. Now eight years later, she thinks of something else. Trying to bury the thoughts of now 18 year old Billy didn’t help. They only got worse. She knew that she needed to do something about it. She thought about going upstairs for a look from above and stimulation. She was no stranger to that activity. Especially when her husband was out of town on business. The urge is very strong today. Perhaps it is the stress of everything, or just needing some sort of release.

Jeri grew flush, and felt her heart race as suddenly it hit her. The first time ever was with her husband. It made her as nervous as it was exciting. Why was she feeling that way again all of a sudden? It seemed like an aftereffect of something that happened decades ago. Why was she suddenly feeling the anticipation of that first connection. It was so long ago that she had forgotten, until now. But it came back with such a force that she could barely contain herself.

“Stop it Jeri,” she uttered out loud. “Go upstairs, get off and be done with it.”

Jeri knew she had to work off the feelings somehow. Usually it would be personal time or a long swim. Jeri really did want a swim. She usually waited until Billy left, but she could handle the bathing suit this once. Running up the stairs she went into her drawer and pulled out a one piece suit that she has never worn. In fact it still smells new. Holding it up to herself she looked it over, thinking that a conservative approach is probably safest. Was this the time for that? She pondered the thought and the fact that she had been doubting herself all day. Thinking again she wondered if she would feel better turning someone’s head today.

Rummaging around again she found the white string bikini that she also rarely wears. She started to wonder why she even has a bathing suit. Quickly she tied it on, and then put her robe around herself. She knew what she had to do, and went out for that swim to work it off. Jeri opened the sliding door to the backyard just as Billy turned off the mower. He pushed it into the garden shed. Jeri went over to the pool. He had not seen her yet. She tried not to notice him as she tested the water with her foot.

“Hi Mrs. Thomas,” he said from across the shorter stretch of lawn.

“Hi Billy, nice job as usual,” Jeri smiled as she loosened her robe.

“Excuse me. I thought you would be working today,” he said as he quickly went for his shirt.

“Oh no, taking the day off,” she said as she watched him grab his shirt, “Don’t worry about it. I’m not offended.”

“It’s ok. I’m done,” he said as he held it in front of him.

“I can tell you worked hard,” she smiled.

“It’s hot,” he said quietly, “I’m done though, so I’ll be out of the way.”

“Oh stay a bit,” she said as she held out a bottle of water for him, “Keep your fluids up.”

“Ok I can rest a minute,” he smiled, took the water and sat near the pool.

Jeri’s simple infatuation grew to more when she was closer to him. She felt it on her skin as if he was touching her from three feet away. She could barely stand it. But then suddenly thought of her husband and what he had done. She imagined the whole incident and about perhaps evening the score. What if she could, just this once? Could she forgive her husband? She started to doubt if it is even possible.

“Go for a swim Billy?” she asked as she pulled her robe off and tossed it over a chair.

She smiled as she saw his reaction. Simple and inexperienced reflex from Billy was all she needed to know that she could still turn heads. He looked at her up and down with wide eyes, and didn’t speak for a moment. She could have just been satisfied and left it at that, and probably should have.

“Ah well I didn’t really bring anything to swim in,” he said as he tried to look away.

“Oh those shorts are good,” she said, “It’s hot. It wouldn’t take long for them to dry. Come on. I know you take a dip sometimes after you’re done with the yard.”

“Well,” he said nervously, “But mom told me not to and I didn’t bring extra shorts this time.”

“Well I said its ok,” Jeri smiled, “But if you’re that nervous about it, take them off first.”

“Why, do you have something from Mr. Thomas I can use?” he asked.

“No not really,” she smiled.

“Oh um ok,” he said as he watched her dive into the deep end and come up.

“Fantastic,” she sighed. “Come on in.”

“Ok,” he smiled as he stood.

“If you need me to turn around while you take your shorts off, just say so,” Jeri smiled.

“Oh, I’m fine with them on,” he said nervously as he went to the shallow end and put his feet in.

“Ok then…I guess,” Jeri smiled from the deep end.

“A little nervous because mom said not to go in when you’re not home but you’re here so it’s ok I guess,” he said.

“Oh no,” Jeri smiled, “I’m skipping today and I don’t want anyone to know. So you can’t say I was here.”

“I guess I shouldn’t go in then,” he said as he stepped out. “If I go back with wet shorts mom will know I was in, and I’m not supposed to say you’re here.”

“Oh for Pete’s sake just come in,” Jeri said, “And if you don’t want to get your shorts wet, I’ll stay over here.”

“But doesn’t Mr,” he started.

“They are too big for you,” Jeri said, before he could ask about other swim trunks lying around.

Jeri really wanted him in the nude and tried every subtle way to convince. She turned as she said and faced the house. She looked at the wavy distorted reflection in the window and frowned that she could not see him better. She heard a splash and knew that he had plunged quickly.

“There Billy, refreshing huh?” she said.

“Actually yeah…wait…you said you were going to stay over there,” he said as Jeri started to swim closer.

“Oh sorry,” she frowned.

She knew she had to find a way to even things out and make him relax so she could get close to him. Although it baffled her that a guy his age would not want to be approached by a woman, she couldn’t help it. There is obviously another reason. She would find out what it is and get past it. She watched him as he dunked himself completely under water and came back up looking refreshed. She could see that eventually he would be relaxed enough to open up.

“Nice isn’t it,” she smiled.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “Great after all that work.”

“Fun huh?” she smiled, “I mean coming in without a bathing suit.”

“Yeah about that,” he said, “But makes me nervous. I shouldn’t be in here like this.”

“Don’t be,” she said as she swam around, “I do it all the time. I do my laps and relax out here all the time without a thing on.”

“Are you sure you should be telling me that?” he asked.

“Like you didn’t know,” she smiled, “Remember Mr. Thomas chasing you out of the woods one day while I was out here?” I smiled, “I think you were thirteen.”

“Oh yeah,” he said, “Sorry.”

“It’s ok”, she smiled. “I was sort of flattered actually, though Mr. Thomas wasn’t amused.”

“Yeah, that was a long time ago,” he said.

“Wish I could still get someone’s attention like that” she sighed.

“You do. I mean, you probably do,” he said nervously.

“I guess so. I saw you have a double take,” she smiled.

“Ah well sorry, just an honest reaction,” he said.

“Honest reaction to what?” Jeri grinned.

“I should just be quiet now,” Billy said.

“Billy sometimes when a woman gets older it is important to know that she can still turn heads, so thank you,” she smiled.

“Ah,” he started nervously, “Your welcome.”

Jeri felt a little better knowing that his honest reaction seemed genuine. It was flattery, though she had to coax it out of him. Still she wanted more. As the time rolled by it seemed like much more.

“Well I’m flattered anyway,” she said as she slowly pulled the string on her suit bottom.

Jeri knew she was getting him relaxed with the conversation. But it was time to move it forward a little faster. She needed more proof that she is still desirable. She really didn’t feel very comfortable in the pool with a suit on anyway. After she had her suit bottom off, she lowered herself in the water and untied the top. Feeling free and the way she should be in her pool, she was a bit amazed that she felt absolutely no apprehension to being in here this way with the young man across the street in the same position. However, he didn’t know what she would do with the suit now. If she let go of it, it would float on the surface and he would see it. But she had to come up with a way to approach him without him knowing. Behind her she spotted a rock at the edge of the pool. It was on the deck and must have been forgotten when she was gardening yesterday. She looked over at him and saw his eyes closed and she quickly reached behind her to take it. Placing the suit pieces together she put the rock inside them, and then swam down to the bottom of the deep end. Placing the weighted suit at the bottom, she then swam toward the middle of the pool, looking through the distorted water at him the whole way.

“Ah,” he uttered nervously when he saw her emerge much closer to him.

“Oh its ok I have to swim a bit,” she said as she ignored his surprise.

“Ok,” he said, letting it go.

“You know you kinda owe me a peek anyway,” Jeri grinned, “It’s only fair.”

“What you serious?” he blushed. “I was just wondering how I’m going to get out of here after.”

“Just walk out,” Jeri smiled as she inched a bit closer.

“Maybe I have to get my shorts wet after all,” he said.

“Or not,” Jeri said softly.

“Mrs. Thomas,” he said nervously, “I don’t think Mr. Thomas would like that very much. In fact he wouldn’t like any of this.”

“Your probably right,” Jeri said.

“So can you turn around?” Billy asked nervously.

“No,” she said as she inched closer to his side of the pool.

“Why are you getting closer?” he asked nervously.

“Because it’s no big deal hon,” she smiled.

“But I’m not wearing anything and well…maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” he said.

“Tell me Billy,” she started, “Are you refreshed? Does this feel great after all that hard work?”

“Yeah it does,” he said softly.

“Live a little hon,” she said, “Tell me, what would you be doing right now if you were in here with your girlfriend and you were both in the buff?”

“I don’t have one,” he said quickly.

“Let’s say you do,” she prodded, “What would you be doing?”

“Well I guess it would depend on how far along we were in our relationship, our mood, the situation, and,” he started.

“You’re thinking too much,” she said, “Ok, let me try again. What would you want to do? Be honest.”

“Well I guess I’d want to swim around together, and maybe we shouldn’t talk about this,” he said nervously.

“Oh I know, believe me,” she grinned as she moved a few steps closer.

Jeri was now barely 6 feet away from him now. She looked at him and into his eyes with occasional glances. As the relaxing nature of the water permeated her, she knew even more how much she wanted him. She wanted the attention he could give. It was obvious to her that he has no experience. It is all too obvious. Her desire to see and feel his innocence and watch him awaken, grew by leaps and bounds. She didn’t know how she would handle it if for some odd reason he refused. She wondered why he would. Her husband’s actions had blown her confidence a little, but she knows she is still attractive. She knows he would think so too once he sees what she can give him.

“Hey now wait a minute,” he said nervously, “I can see a little bit and…what did you do with your bathing suit?”

“Over there somewhere at the bottom of the pool,” she said casually.

“But your…you aren’t,” he started.

“No, I’m wearing nothing, like I usually swim out here,” she smiled. “Force of habit.”

“Oh but,” he stuttered, “But maybe…I don’t think that Mr. I mean.”

“He isn’t here,” she smiled as she moved closer, “Won’t be for hours. But you are.”

“I shouldn’t be…like this,” he said nervously.

“Maybe you’re exactly how you should be right now,” she smiled as she moved within a few feet of him.

“Oh my,” he said with wide eyes as she lifted the top part of her body out of the water a moment, “You really are not wearing anything, but if Mr…Mr…he would kill me.”

“No, I don’t think so,” she said as she moved close to him.

Jeri looked into his eyes as she approached. She extended her hand and placed it on his chest. Her touch made him tremble a moment, and she knew how much fun this would be. He flinched again as her body pressed against him. Her lips extended and she kissed him gently once, and then put her arms around him, breathing heavily into his neck.

“Oh wow,” he whispered. “Oh you’re so soft.”

“I’m many things,” she whispered in his ear, “I’m anything you want, right now.”

“Oh Mrs…but,” he tried to say as she kissed his neck. “But your…it’s not.”

“It is and I am,” Jeri whispered as she rubbed against him. “and call me Jeri.”

She pressed against his lips and reached around him. She rubbed up and down his back as she slowly felt his arms move around her. Smiling inwardly at his slow, but steady interest, she pressed on. She had to have him.

“Your what?” he said with a pant, as his hands grazed her back side.

“So very very horny,” she whispered, “and so interested in taking care of that right now.”

“Oh this is so wrong,” he said.

“Call it a thanks for noticing me if you want,” she grinned at him.

“Can’t help it,” he said. “You’re beautiful.”

“Oh thank you,” she said as she hugged him. “But I can tell you feel that way already.”

“How?” he asked as he kissed her neck.

“I feel something poking me nice and strong,” she panted.

“Can’t help that either,” he said as he moved his hand up her chest.

“Am I nice to look at, Billy?” Jeri asked.

“Oh definitely yes,” he said as he explored her breasts.

“May I have this?”, she smiled as she gently grasped his erection.

“Oh yes anything”, he said with a smile as she stroked him.

Jeri let go of him and moved to the underwater stairs. She made eye contact the whole time she got out of the pool. She smiled as his eyes grew wider and wider, taking his form in. She walked along the pool edge making seductive looks at him until she reached the point outside just opposite him. He moved back a bit as she descended and sat on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water. Directly in front of him, she spread her legs to show him her trimmed womanhood. His eyes grew wide as she rubbed her fingers on her own opening. After a slight moan she spoke.

“Anything?” she grinned.

“Oh yes, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Jeri. Um Jeri,” he said eagerly.

“Lick me,” she said quickly.

“I uh,” he smiled.

“Believe me, it will come up again someday,” she smiled, “Plus, I know you will like it. I definitely will.”

“Oh just to be that close to it,” he said quickly as he approached.

“You’re going to be a lot more than just close,” she said as she rubbed her hands on her feminine lips, “Come on hon, show me what you’re made of.”

Billy slowly moved closer. His expression was that or curiosity and nervousness. Jeri looked at his young, innocent determination and it turned her on like she had not been in years. She felt her own wetness building, even though he had not touched her at all yet. When he was close enough, she reached her hand out and pressed gently in the back of his head. Slowly she lowered him until his soft lips touched her. At first he simply kissed directly in the middle of her folds. With a little coaxing and a few words, he put his tongue out and was gently bathing her with the tip of it. She praised his efforts, and directed him more. His tongue flattened out as he explored her. After a while, being on the verge of orgasm began taking its toll on her patience. She told him to pucker his lips around her clitoris and flick his tongue. In seconds she squealed with delight as her hips moved in bliss. She thought that he had had enough, and she tried to move on to the next phase, but surprisingly he had other plans. She wondered if perhaps he saw it in a movie. He latched his hands onto her thighs and licked her from top to bottom. His finger pressed slowly inside of her. She pumped her hips on it, letting herself go. Every time she looked down at him, she felt like it was even her first time. His youth and innocence that still hung on by a thread excited her. Her neck arched back as she looked up at the sky.

“Oh baby,” she said as she tilted her head back and closed her legs a bit.

Billy looked up at her seemingly in need of approval, “Was that ok?”

“Oh you have no idea hon,” she moaned, trying to catch her breath. “You have a knack for that.”

“I’ll get better and better. Next time,” he smiled as he licked some more.

“No Billy this will be the only time so lets make the best of it,” she said.

“Ok,” he said with a hint of disappointment.

She didn’t know at this point if it would be the only time. They would each get some much needed attention from this. But she knew where her priorities in life are. She felt bad for saying so but the reasons for this are clear, and it shouldn’t happen again.

Jeri stood a moment and then slowly descended back into the pool. She quickly dove under water. She had to cool off. Swimming still, she turned and could see him nearby. Rippling underwater she could make out the fact that he was rock hard. Taking another breath, she went back under and then up to him. To her surprise he didn’t move this time. But he seemed a bit shaken as below him under water, she quickly put his entire length in her mouth, sucking quickly and skillfully. She milked his stiffness until she needed to come up for air. With a gasp, she splashed upward and met his gaze. Quickly she latched onto him and kissed him.

Without giving him time to think, she took his hand and pulled him over to the underwater steps. She saw his nervousness subside a bit as he left the water with her. Hand in hand, their soaking wetness went over to the air mattress covered with light canvas that had seen a lot of activity between Jeri and her husband over the years. Taking a large towel from the cabinet behind it, she placed it over the mattress. Leaning down on all fours she spread it out. Looking up, she saw him a few feet away looking at her, still as stiff as he had been underwater. She decided she wanted to be more vocal in her approach. It was fun for her after all. Why not get a little dirty.

“That is one delicious cock,” she said as she sat down, “Mind bringing it over here?”

Billy didn’t speak. He just walked slowly over to her. He was under her spell now. Who could blame him? This is every young man’s fantasy. This is what she wanted to think anyway. She was on a mission. Yes she would cheat. She already has in a way. This one time occurrence she would make an event to remember the rest of her days. She would take it to the limit and leave nothing undone.

“Come on you sweet young stud, come play with me,” she smiled.

“Ok,” he said nervously, “Just a bit nervous I think.”

“No one will be home of hours,” she said softly as she pulled him down to the mattress, “Plenty of time to have my way with you.”

“Well, as you can see, I’m not trying to get away,” he smiled, as he laid his head back.

“At this point you couldn’t even if you tried,” Jeri smiled.

“Really?” he smiled.

“Try it and find out,” she smiled as she ran her hand up his leg.

“No I’m good,” he said with a nervous smile.

“But Billy, relax ok. Take it slow and don’t get really excited all of the time,” she smiled, “Make it last, so you don’t, well so you don’t end too quickly.”

“Ok,” he grinned at her.

“Oh now this looks delicious,” she said.

“Oh my,” he trailed off just as Jeri’s tongue licked the length of his shaft, “Ahh! Ok I get your point.”

He didn’t have time to say more before she took his entire length into her mouth. Wiggling her tongue along it, she tightened her lips and moved her head up and down. Her light moans excited him even more but he relaxed to maintain control. She told him what to do. He wanted it to last, so he held on. Jeri gasped as she pulls out. Looking up at him with a smile, she licked the underside of his sack gently. Her fingers explored his inner thigh. When she reached his anus, she looked for an objection, but he gave none. She rubbed it just a moment. Her husband dislikes that, but she was overjoyed that Billy’s innocence allowed her to explore. Flicking her tongue up his shaft, she looked into his eyes. He was holding on and enjoying himself completely.

“Big cock, mmm,” she said as she devoured him.

As hungry as she was to feel him inside of her, there was another fascination. Different than she had felt before, she let her mouth explore him. She wanted to remember every curve as the only other one she has experienced. Thinner, but somewhat longer than she was use to, she wanted the experience. However, it wasn’t long before she wanted it all.

“Yum,” she whispered in his ear as she crawled up beside him.

“You have no idea what your doing to me right now,” he smiled.

“Oh I think I do,” she grinned as she bit his ear.

“Another few seconds and I would have had to pull out or else”, he said.

“Or you would have cum in my mouth,” Jeri grinned. “I know. Later hon.”

“We’re really going to,” he smiled.

“Best to just enjoy hon, and let happen what is supposed to happen. Don’t examine it,” Jeri smiled.

Nervously Billy sat up. Jeri laid back thinking he would be traditional about it. She was right. As he approached she spread her legs in anticipation. Moving across her, he mounted, but then stopped short of going through with it.

“Condom. Almost forgot,” he said, “I don’t have one.”

“Good,” she smiled. “You don’t need it.”

“But safe sex and all that,” he said.

“Good for you,” she smiled as she repositioned herself, “When your off in college, wrap that pole up every time. Got it?”

“Yeah,” he agreed.

“But you’re ok here hon,” she said, “I’ve only been with my husband for twenty six years and no one else at all. I had my tubes tied last year.”

“Well then,” he smiled.

“Oh, ohh ok…but slow a bit. Let me help,” she said as she grabbed him and directed him in. “Oh there it goes.”

He didn’t say a word, but she could see it all over his face. It was like a light bulb coming on. As soon as he had entered her he understood. More important she could see him waking up, and understanding the hype. She knew he was getting a good feeling because she has not been this wet in years. She watched him struggle a bit, as he popped out once in a while. Still she enjoyed the new sensation. She thought that she might feel guilty at this point, but for some reason there was none. However all his fumbling around just made her condition worse. She felt as if she would go crazy.

“Ok ok, wait,” he said as she gently squirmed.

“Sorry,” he frowned, “Not very good at this.”

“That’s ok, hon,” she said as she gently laid him down on his back.

Straddling him slowly, she looked into his eyes. Taking him stiffness in her hand, she guided it inside of her. As she sat down on him, legs on each side, she closed her eyes a moment to take in the moment. She looked down at his smiling face, and kept her gaze there. Moving her hips up and down, she moaned loudly. Occasionally he grunted. It made her even more determined. She moved faster and faster, letting him know every time she would have an orgasm. The excitement made them flow like a river.

“Uh…move your hips upward a bit,” she moaned, “No, up…move your butt at an angle…like…Ohhhh Yes!”

To her surprise he got it right. Arching his hips, he pushed deep inside of her. She moaned loudly and squeezed his arm tightly as orgasm took over again. Bouncing up and down, she could feel his somewhat longer length push into her further than had happened before. Feeling the sweat on her neck and forehead, she didn’t want the feeling to end. She could stay here forever. But she could see him struggling and peeled herself off of him.

“You know you might have more control over it if you are in charge,” Jeri said as she turned around, bent over and spread her legs. “Give it to me.”

Billy knew what she was talking about. He turned over and approached her. Trying to get his balance, his hand found her hips. Amazingly he had picked things up quickly, and was inside of her in a second. Holding onto her hips he pushed into her slowly.

“Faster,” she grunted.

Even though he seemed to labor a bit, he did as she asked. As their skin slapped together, Jeri moaned loudly.

“Harder Billy, now!” she moaned. “Come on. Give it to me. Tear it up!”

Grunting loudly he drove into her fast and hard. He had indeed learned quickly. She could feel his sweat dripping on her back. She had a hard time holding on and not falling over.

“Ah I’m coming!” Jeri hollered.

“I can’t go much longer!” Billy grunted.

“Oh hon wait til your almost there and tell me ok?” Jeri panted.

I’m, I’m gonna,” he grunted.

As he said that, Jeri pulled away and swung around quick. On her knees, she quickly opened her mouth and pressed her lips together. She felt him expand on the verge. She pulled out just as Billy grunted loudly. More powerful than she had ever experienced he exploded, littering her face. In an instant she pushed him inside again and milked him the rest of the way. As he slowly finished she looked up at him as she licked his head. Opening her mouth a bit she showed him what she had caught for him. Closing her eyes, she moaned as she swallowed.

“Oh wow,” Billy gasped as she opened her empty mouth.

Crashing quickly onto the air mattress he laid on his back panting. Jeri grabbed a towel as she knelt beside him and wiped her face off. All he could do was look at her. He couldn’t say a word.

“Yum,” she smiled as she wiped the rest off her face. “But a little fattening.”

“Really,” he laughed.

“Thank you so much,” Jeri said as she plopped down beside him.

“Wow,” was all he could say, “Was I ok?”

“Oh yeah hon,” she smiled as she rubbed his chest.

Soon after they both took a swim to clean up. As they did they talked about Billy’s impending college life. They joked about what to expect, and talked serious about studying. She even brought him in on the whole reason why this happened. But he simply joked and told her that if tomorrow she still had it in her system to give him a call. She laughed, but told him that it would not happen after today. After some time, they left the pool and rested together on the mattress. As they talked some more, the conversation strayed to sexual techniques. It resulted in the two creating urges they had to take care of again.

Jeri and Billy ended their afternoon of fun. He went home with a smile on his face, and Jeri went and took a shower. As she was in her bedroom dressing, her husband came home. He had with him flowers and two tickets for a tropical cruise, vowing it would never happen again. He begged forgiveness but she had already forgiven him for the most part. Still for days afterward she felt Billy. She still felt him inside of her, and remembered his face as he became a man. It was a secret of course, shared by the two of them. She felt satisfied, both sexually and with her relationship with her husband. An indiscretion had a way of keeping her marriage together. But she never told. The secret was always kept.

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