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Rediscovering Myself

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Hi, my name is Amy; I am a happily married woman, with a fully grown daughter. But lately with me and my husband both turning 60 years old, I feel unfulfilled; my husband tells me he is just too old for sex and that we are old enough to give it up. But I couldn’t, if he wants to stop, it is his choice, and I will not force him, so to get what I needed I just masturbated when I felt like it, which was almost every night.

I would go to the bathroom before bed and give myself some pleasure, but I still felt I needed more. So I decided to see what I could find on the internet to stimulate me more. I tried finding porn, but you had to pay for most of it, and as the bill would come from a joint account, I decided not to pay for it as I did not want my husband to find out.

Then I found some free erotic story sites, where I could live as someone else if only just for a short while. I could imagine the young stud pounding away at me, the mature woman. I started to masturbate more and more as I read the stories. But their was one subject I had tried to avoid, but I knew for the ultimate release I needed to read them, lesbian stories.

When I was younger around my 20’s and 30’s, I had a few affairs with women. But in my younger days, lesbian or gay was still a major taboo, free love had just ended when I was younger, but in the 70’s the porn movie industry was just starting to bloom and their were a few lesbian films, so people had began to warm to the idea. But still I was only able to have a few brief affairs, but in the end I did the right thing at the time, and married and had a daughter. Now I am not a lesbian, bi-curious is the term I would use for myself. I love my husband very much and he has brought joy and happiness to my life as well as my daughter.

But I know in my heart that the sexual gratification I get from my husband, will never match the pleasure I felt when I was with another woman. Since my husband has decided not to have sex with me anymore, my thoughts during masturbation had turned more and more towards women, the shopkeeper, the neighbour across the street, the latest film stars and models. I was imagining what they looked like naked, touching them, making love to them, feeling the excitement as each time I brought myself off.

So after reading the lesbian stories and escaping to the world of lesbian sex, feeling that I was the college student having sex with my roommate or the best friends who have sex one drunken night. I suddenly wanted the real thing, I needed the excitement and wonderful feelings again that I had last shared with someone nearly 30 years ago.

Now I believed in my vows, but I also made myself forget them, thinking that having sex with a woman was not the same as having sex with a man, so felt no guilt as sought out women to have an affair with. But I also was not actively seeking a woman, I was not planning on going to a gay bar or maybe chat with women on the internet, all I was doing now was just looking around and if I think I saw someone who might be interested, then who knows where it might lead. This at least offered me some excitement in my sexless life.

I was always a very sexual person as you can tell, my husband at one point almost had sex with me every night, sometimes twice, but after we had our daughter and the following years, people will know that sex becomes a chance, then an occurrence, then only on weekends, until special occasions like birthdays and Valentines Day are you only chance of fulfilment.

Now being 60, you may imagine me as rather wrinkled and my skin being all loose and sagging, and some of that is true. But I have kept healthy, my breasts are small so they have remained quite firm still, with only a little sagging, I always tried to look my best, I even joined a gym a couple of years ago, good for socialising if you meet the right people, so I feel I am not unattractive, even for my age.

Now that I have told you a little about who I am, let me tell you the story about what happened when I met Sophie. When my daughter finished high school, she wanted a year off before she returned to college, but a year led to 15 as she just felt she did not need to complete her education and found a good job as a secretary. It was not well paid even after 13 years of employment, but she told me she did enjoy it, but the recentley she reached a crossroads in her life and wanted more. So she came to visit me one afternoon.

“Hi mom” she greeted me as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi honey, what a nice surprise, what brings you here today?” I asked returning the kiss.

“Thought I would just visit you for the day, I have not seen you in over a month.”

“Well it is nice to see you too, would you like a drink?”

“Coffee please.” So I made us both a coffee and went to sit at the kitchen table. We chatted about this and that, before the real reason for her visit came about. “Mom, I did come to tell you something, though I did feel I was overdue a visit, I do miss you and dad.”

“What’s on your mind?” I asked with a smile.

“I am 32 and suddenly I feel like my life as slipped me by. I have not found Mr Right yet, and my job is getting just plain boring, I feel unchallenged and want more from my job and life. So I want to finally go to college, what do you think?”

“It sounds like a good idea, it is never too late to enjoy a good education. I am proud that you are giving yourself another chance; maybe we should have pushed you more when you were younger to attend, but you did seem happy when you got your job and then got your own house. What are you planning to study?” I asked, eager to discover what career she had chosen.

“I have done some night classes over the last few years, so I only require 2 more years of full time education to get my qualification in accountancy. I have done a lot of work on the accounts at work, and I hope I can get a decent job either where I work or somewhere else and just do something I know I would enjoy. I have got classes in financial management and systems, then later in the year I will start my elective in computer science. I have already completed some business studies, maths and economics. And next year I finish with business law, auditing and federal income tax, and then I should become a Certified Public Accountant.”

“Sounds like it could be quite difficult and expensive; do you think you will be able to cope?”

“My studies have gone fine so far, I had to give up some weekends to keep up. Work has agreed to reduce my hours to work around college so I can still earn some income while I am learning. I am also considering letting out the spare room and getting a housemate to receive some extra income.”

“Sounds like you have planned well, and I really hope you succeed and get something more out of life. Are you going to stay for dinner, maybe then you could tell your father?”

“Thanks for your support mom, I thought you might think it was stupid idea. I will stay for dinner and I hope dad will be happy for me too?”

“I am sure he will, he probably will tell you the same, it is good that you’re finally going to college, even if you are 15 years late.” She smiled knowing I was teasing and then she helped me prepare dinner. She told her father over dinner, and he was proud and excited for her that she was finally going to use her brain for something more than being a simple secretary; this was a compliment from him.

It was a year later and at the start of her final year that Kelly began to struggle with the continued tuition fees. Having a housemate did not work out and work had suddenly decided she was not needed anymore and paid her off to leave. She found some part time work during the summer, but not enough to pay for the final year or her living expenses. So she called me to ask for help, which I was only too glad to do, we still had some of the money left from when we first saved for her college tuition. She asked that I visit her college; needing me to go with her to the counsellor’s office and make the restitution. So Kelly made the appointment and on a Friday afternoon I arrived at the college to meet with her counsellor.

“Welcome Mrs Reed and Kelly, my name is Sophie Johnson, please come in and we can discuss your continued education Kelly.” So as I said earlier, I was looking more and more at women, finding a potential lover, and right now I was looking at a very beautiful, sophisticated woman. That was my initial thoughts but over the course of the meeting, as she sat across from us, wearing a charcoal gray suit. She wore white blouse that was quite tight against her breasts, making them appear bigger than they probably were, I could not stop staring every few minutes.

She seemed to be a couple of years older than Kelly, and even though I was supposed to be here for Kelly, I could not help but feel a bit turned on, my thoughts were constantly wavering as I thought about what Sophie looked like naked and what it would be like to lick her all over her body. I caught Sophie’s eyes enough times to see that small glimmer that she was interested in me also. By the end of the meeting I needed to masturbate desperately, I felt a wetness, the likes I have not felt in a long time.

After the meeting, I left my details with Sophie to call me if she ever needed anything. She shook my hand gently; even lingering a little as she said she would, and then both Kelly and I left. Kelly was very grateful for my help and offered to pay and take us both out for dinner. I told her that I could not stay unfortunately, I had to get home to make dinner for her father and I, and it was an hour drive home. It actually took 45 minutes and the moment I arrived home I ran upstairs, stripped out of my clothes and got on the bed and masturbated furiously. I had never felt so turned on and came three times in the span of 20 minutes.

As I masturbated, I thought of Sophie the whole time, imagining her naked, sat on her desk, me licking her all over as I moved down her body towards her pussy to lick her out. It was where I was on her office floor with her head between my legs that I finally came for the last time. It was quite a vivid fantasy, and it would be my main fantasy for a while longer, part of me hoped it would be real one day.

It was a week later when I got a phone call that things changed for me and my fantasy would finally become true.

“Hello, Reed residence, Amy speaking.” I greeted the caller.

“Hi Amy, this is Sophie Johnson, we met at the college, I helped sort your daughters tuition.”

“Yes Mrs Johnson, I remember you, how can I help, there is not a problem with Kelly’s tuition is there.”

“No, everything is fine and it is Miss, but please, just call me Sophie.” She seemed nervous but there was a hint of seduction when she asked me to call her by her first name.

“Ok, if it is not about the tuition, why are you calling Sophie?” I don’t know why but I hoped this was the beginning of something between us, so asked her just as seductively.

“Well I could not help but notice you were looking at me last week and since I met you I have not been able to think of anything else. I know you are married and that maybe you were just looking and nothing more, but I just had to call and tell you.”

“Well I do find you very attractive and you looked very attractive in the suit and tight top you wore that day. I have had thoughts about you constantly since then, when I masturbate I think of you. But you know that I am 60, surely their are more attractive women out there for you to think about?”

“Don’t think so little of yourself, you are a very attractive woman. I like the more mature woman, and would love to meet you, maybe I could cook you something if you fancy visiting, and maybe you could stay the night.” She seemed relieved to ask me that as she let out a nervous breath.

“Not that I am not interested, but I have not been with a woman in many years and my skills will be lacking, again I am sure there is someone else that could give you what you need better than I could.” I know it sounded like I was turning away an opportunity I had been looking for, a woman to have sex with, but I wanted to give her a chance to get out of it. I had thought about being with someone more my age as I believed anyone younger would not want to be with me, but Sophie was too good to be true, so if she still agreed I would go.

“Do you know how wet I am right now just talking to you?”

“I’ll be down tomorrow; it will give us Saturday night together and I will come home sometime Sunday.”

“I can’t wait, I will be home all day waiting for you.” She gave me her address and I would arrive as soon as I could.

I told my husband that I would be going to meet a friend tomorrow and would either stay with her or Kelly as it was with someone near her college. He wished me a good time; it would give him a chance to get together with some of his friends for a round of Golf.

I arrived at Sophie’s house around noon, and to say I was excited was an understatement. But I was also nervous; the apprehension about what was going to happen was too much. As I approached the front door, I did not get the chance to knock as it was opened eagerly by a very happy but underdressed Sophie. She was wearing a dressing gown, and I might be wrong, but that was about it.

“Hi.” I said, she took my hand and led me inside. As soon as the door closed she had me up against it and was kissing me. God it felt so good to lose myself in that kiss. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and for the first time in many years I was French kissing someone. I met her tongue with mine and we massaged our tongues together as we lost ourselves in the kiss. She stopped kissing my mouth, and then while breathing heavily she kissed along my jaw towards my ear.

“I hope I am not being too forward, but I can’t wait till later, so would it be ok if we skipped dinner and went straight upstairs to my bedroom.” Her heavy breathing had a very erotic effect on me, so all I could do was moan and nod as she took my hand and led me upstairs. I looked around the room briefly before my attention was on Sophie as she dropped her gown, to reveal her naked and hairless body.

“You’re so beautiful, even better than I imagined.”

“And you’re over dressed, so strip.” I did, as she got into bed and waited for me. I was soon naked and got into her bed. “You are beautiful too, you have a very good body, you don’t look a day over 40.” I just smiled at the compliment, she did not need to say that; she already had me.

I hesitated slightly as I moved closer towards her. She sensed this and took charge. She moved on top of me and returned her lips to mine. She moved gently against me, her breasts were larger than mine, but not by much, as I felt them move against mine. We slipped our legs between each others and I could feel her wetness as she rubbed her pussy against my thigh.

“You feel so good against my skin. Do you have any idea how much I have wanted this since I first met you.” she said as she began to kiss and lick my neck. I moaned into her ear.

“I can feel it, I haven’t felt this good in nearly 30 years.” and I hadn’t, I felt bad that I was doing this behind my husbands back, but only for a second, I needed her now, nothing could stop me from enjoying Sophie. I had never felt so good, as I cupped her firm ass, moving her against my thigh.

“I need to taste you Amy, but I need relief as well, do you think we could position ourselves in a 69.”

“God yes, I need to taste you too Sophie, I have missed the juices of a woman so much.” So she turned around. As I said, she had no hair on her pussy, I knew this was something women did today, and had trimmed my own greying pussy hair before meeting Sophie today.

I could see her wetness glisten in the daylight that was coming through the window. I felt her tongue touch my pussy, which caused me to arch and moan, as I squeezed her tight ass. I pulled her pussy towards my mouth, the anticipation to finally lick and taste Sophie was turning me on so much. I latched my mouth on as much of her pussy as I could get, my tongue slipping out to explore and taste as much as possible. I felt her moan into my pussy which made me moan into hers.

It had been a long time since I had done this; I had forgotten how good another woman could taste, not like a man. I lapped up everything I could, before I realised how tiring it is on my jaw to keep licking as furiously as I was. I slowed down to gentle licks as my thumb and eventually my fingers rubbed her clit. She was now moving aggressively against my face as she humped it. My own hips were moving, moving my pussy against her face as her tongue continuously licked me, then she moved her tongue against my clit. We both started to moan loudly as we signalled to each other that we were both close. Then she sucked my clit between her teeth, and that was all it took to make me cum. I screamed against her pussy which set her off as she screamed my name.

I had to stop, but she managed to continue and began to really flick my clit with her finger to make me cum quickly a second time. After she had finished she turned back around and kissed me, both tasting the other as we French kissed and licked each others lips. Our breathing began to slow, my old heart bumping wildly, it was a good job I kept fit because she almost made me have a heart attack, I have never cum so hard. Slowly Sophie got us both comfortable as she pulled the silk sheet over us both, she was kind enough to notice it was not easy for me to keep up with her pace, so she let us both rest. She held me close and gently, as I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke alone but could tell that Sophie was cooking as the aromas of the food could be smelled in the air. I looked around the room and spotted Sophie had left her dressing gown on the bed, I picked it up and covered myself as I made my way downstairs. I felt comfortable now and felt welcomed into Sophie’s home. I followed the wonderful smells, finding Sophie in the kitchen stirring something. I did wonder what she was wearing as I had her dressing gown, but when I entered she had on an apron, and that was it, all I saw was her naked back and ass.

“Smells nice Sophie and I love the view.” I kissed her cheek as I wrapped my arms around her waist. “Thank you for this afternoon and for making dinner, it smells nice.” I looked over her shoulder to see what she was making, it looked like Spaghetti Bolognese.

“You are more than welcome. Besides it is my pleasure, especially the pleasure your tongue and figers had on my pussy. Do you feel alright, I know you are fit and healthy but your age still concerns me? I hope you don’t mind me asking?”

“No not all, it shows me you have compassion and common sense. I feel fine, exhausted at the time, so the sleep helped me to recover, so I feel just great, especially with that expert tongue of yours. I have not cum so hard in years.”

“I am glad I could make you feel great, maybe after dinner we could continue where we left off?”

“I am really looking forward to that, but for now how can I help?”

“I am nearly finished, if you could set the table please and also their’s some wine in the fridge if you would like a glass?” She showed me where everything was and I set the table and poured us both a drink. Then she served up what looked to be a well made meal and had even baked some garlic bread.

“This looks wonderful.”

“My mom is Italian, she taught me how to make lots of Italian meals, so I hope you enjoy?” and I did, the meal was delightful. We talked quite a bit over dinner, getting to know each other. Even though there was quite an age difference between us we seemed to get along very well. She is 39 and I told her I thought she was younger. I was quite attracted to her by the end, not just physically but her personality was something I just really liked about her. We had some common interests about the books we read and films & TV shows we watched. But as I was a housewife and she was a single woman working at a college, our hobbies were the only thing we shared in common. But I asked her a lot of questions about her job and I was really interested in what she said. We had long finished eating and when I felt my stomach settle and was ready to return to bed, I helped clear away the dirty dishes. She had a dishwasher and in no time the kitchen was tidied, she then removed the apron she still wore, leaving her naked.

“Do you fancy a shower before we return to bed, because I want to explore as much of you as I can before you leave tomorrow?” I held out my hand and nodded as she dragged me towards her bedroom again, and through to the bathroom. The shower was quick and without incident and then we quickly dried off. I felt like I was 40 again; it was fun to share all this with Sophie, she had given me the greatest gift, a last chance to have sex with a beautiful woman. We both got into bed, this time I got on top of her.

“I want to thank you Sophie, you have given me so much, and just being on top of you naked is enough.”

“Well the night is not over yet Amy, I am glad I can pleasure you, it has been a while since I have been this excited about someone.” She cupped my face, and gently pulled my mouth towards hers as we continued what we started when I arrived. I kissed her passionately before moving down her body towards her breasts. Her nipples were dark, probably her Italian heritage. I took my time to explore and feel her breasts. I touched my own every time I masturbated, even though I knew it was my own, sometimes in my mind I could imagine another woman feeling them, a man could be rough sometimes, so can a woman sometimes. But feeling another breast was just such an amazing feeling, the softness, the texture of the skin, then I squeezed them, Sophie has such firm luscious breasts, I moved my mouth to suck as much of the left breast into my mouth before I gently began to lick and suckle her nipple. Her aureoles were quite big, and the more I licked both her nipples, the more erect and harder they became. She was moaning gently and it excited me that I could make her happy, but I needed more off her.

I gently moved downwards towards her pussy, stopping at her slim stomach and belly button before continuing. My chin ran against her pussy as I moved down, leaving a trail of wetness. I licked her, then my fingers parted her thick lips as I pushed my tongue inside her slit.

“Use your fingers Amy?” I removed my tongue moving it to stimulate her clit as I put two fingers inside of her. “Another.” So I added a third as I began to move my fingers inside of her, I began to slowly move them in and out. “Faster, harder.” I did as I began to steadily move faster, my knuckles banging hard against her pussy as I really tried to move harder. She moaned louder and louder as she slowly built to her orgasm. My tongue and now my mouth licking and sucking her clit, in my frantic movements I bit her clit, but this only seemed to bring her closer as she hissed then screamed, her hips moving hard against the movements of my fingers. I was getting really tired quickly but I did my best to keep the pace as she got closer and closer until she screamed my name. “AMYYYYY, oh fuck baby.”

She steadily calmed but I flicked her clit with my fingers, like she did for me and soon had her screaming a second time, she was very vocal, which only made me more excited for her, needing Sophie to fuck me. We both steadied our breathing, I was really sweating when I had finished. I collapsed on top of her. “Thank you Amy, are you ok?”

“I’m fine, just forgotten how much work goes into bringing a woman off. Will you do me now please, I need to cum?”

“No problem honey, I really want to see you cum.” She moved me onto my back but stayed alongside me as she kissed me before moving her mouth towards my breasts. Her fingers moved straight to my pussy to finger me. She put two fingers in and using her thumb began to fuck me. God I missed this, a woman’s touch was more than I ever needed. I truly felt I had a big thing for women, sexually more than I ever felt for my husband. Her mouth and tongue worked so well together and my breasts got the attention they had been missing for so long. While her thumb continued to rub my clit, her fingers had left my pussy and stretched as Sophie managed to get her middle finger to touch my asshole. Oh my god no one had ever touched me their, it just never occurred to me, god I had missed so much. To say I felt good was an understatement, my eyes rolled in my head, as I moaned loudly at the experience of having my ass fingered by Sophie. She stopped sucking my breasts and I felt her watch me as I came, god did I cum, I could not stop moving my ass against her finger.

“Oh god damn Sophie, oh baby.” And I cried, I never felt anything so good, I had never felt the pleasure Sophie had brought me, but I also regretted all the years I had wasted when I stopped being with woman. Sophie removed her hand from between my legs and held me close, soothing me with hushes and thanks. Again I was tired and eventually I fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke around 9am, Sophie was still next to me asleep. She was laying on her stomach her naked back in full view. I stroked her back gently; it had been a long time since I had felt this close to another person. Sex could bring two people together in ways that marriage just couldn’t, the multitude of amazing feelings you could and I did have, your inhibitions disappearing for a short while, people doing things they would never normally do.

I developed strong feelings for Sophie after that night and our affair lasted 6 months, 6 months longer than I had ever hoped. She never came to my house, but certain afternoons and as many weekends as we could manage we were together. I even fulfilled my fantasy and had sex in her office, exactly as I had imagined it, with me on my knees licking her as she sat on her desk naked. It ended with me on the floor with her head between my legs.

But the affair ended when Sophie found a girlfriend; we still remained friends and met when we could. I hate to admit it but Monica, her new girlfriend, was perfect for her and I could see them having a long and happy relationship.

Kelly completed her course and is a very happy accountant, she enjoys her work thoroughly now, gets paid well and even met a lovely man. My husband and I are still happy, but still no sex, so after Sophie I found a couple of woman around my age and closer to home, who were happy to share in the need of sex with a woman, so I managed to keep an active sex life. It was only a few afternoons a week but it was enough, plus I could still read and masturbate.

I hope you enjoyed my story, and remember sex is important and good exercise, don’t miss out, try and get as much as you can because when you get older and sex becomes something that happens once a month or never, you will miss it.

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