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Tricked, Trapped & NAILED!

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He had been so playful and friendly, warm and inviting on the Internet and very disarming. We hit it off, both our minds on the same nasty wavelength. We had the most erotic conversations about how we would fuck one type of girl in one situation to another type in a second, even doubling up and tricking them, skillful plotting to deflower them. Setting erotic scenarios to trap them. It was all very hot and our conversations very blunt.

We typed for hours on multiple nights always trying hard not to cum barely able to touch what had become shafts of exposed nerves bulging between our wide open thighs building to what was always an explosive, moaning extremely blissful climax.

After several wicked erotic scenarios with woman who, if they had been with us, would surely be fully impregnated dripping from every hole, the conversation turned towards a man’s aggressive nature for something more raw and primitive. What would it be like to be able to let our animalistic instincts for mating run wild? To be rough and extremely single minded, more of a voracious hunter vs. a horny lover. To have girls become prey with only one purpose to be hunted down. To have their holes be tighter requiring an attack, forcible submission and violent thrusting to gain access to the inner pink flesh our cocks would then feed on. To FUCK! in order to conquer and claim another’s body as our property.

Then he said something deliciously erotic:

Bull Seed: Have you ever had your POON FUCKED?

(Yes his named hooked me like a fish)

Receptacle: What? Poon?

Bull Seed: You know exactly what I mean but go-ahead play naïve, you know it makes me hard.

Bull Seed: Your POON Bitch! That hot little puckered piece of meat between your ass cheeks that is so tight it makes you squirm.

(I secretly liked being called a Bitch)

Receptacle: J I have been fucked with a strapon by 2 different women and done myself with large dildos.

Bull Seed: So you like it.

Receptacle: Yea

Bull Seed: What a SLUT!

Receptacle: Yea I must admit.

Bull Seed: I bet you like your cocks big and thick don’t you?

Receptacle: Yes I do. What about you have you ever been fucked in the ASS?

Bull Seed: No I’m better equipped to be on TOP breaking your ass open. Besides I want to relish the panicked look of submission on your face, or should I say “my prey’s” as your hole is stretched open and your body invaded.

Receptacle: Ahhhhh yes with the 12″ you have right?

Bull Seed: Do I sense a little non-believer in you.

Receptacle: Not me I love the thought of you being HUNG like a monster with a cock that devours.

Bull Seed: Open the picture I just sent you

Receptacle: Just a minute

Bull Seed: Prepare to drop to your knees and be my little cum Receptacle.

Oh MY GOD I thought. In front of me was a picture of this monstrous cock hung on a muscularly firm smooth black man. He had the face of a model, very handsome. His body was toned with medium musculature, washboard abs, and strong thighs. Between those thighs though…………….. this massively thick cock, bulging with veins, freshly oiled, glistening and fucking mesmerizing. The next picture he lifted up his cock to show two very smoothly shaved eye popping large balls that filled the hand cupping them. The 3rd picture he held up a piece of paper with the last 15-20 sentences we type in the IM window for proof it was him I was seeing. He typed with pauses between each IM so I could think about what he was saying and asking. It was very calculating with one purpose, to make me weak.

Bull Seed: Makes you want to SLUT doesn’t it.

Bull Seed: Are you on your knees.

Bull Seed: Don’t stroke that cock, save it, I like my meat horny.

Bull Seed: Is that puckered little hole aching to be broken tonight.

Bull Seed: Come on admit it

Bull Seed: The truth

Bull Seed: Come on BITCH! The truth!

(How should I answer? Oh well it’s the Internet and doesn’t matter.)

Receptacle: Yes!

Bull Seed: Look I have hacked your computer and know just where you live. I live in LCS too, 10 minutes away. You come to me or I’ll come to you but I know you are dying to see it.

Bull Seed: Just come over to visit. We’ll have a beer, check out some porn, and get some nasty girls on a web cam…… And you can gawk and touch the biggest bone you’ve ever seen.

Bull Seed: I can sense how bad the yearning is…… or should I say your desperation.

He was dead on, I was white with fear, sweating, lust, panic, lust, horniness……., did I mention lust?

Bull Seed: Only think with your cock right now. It will bring you to me. 21Via Los Robles………………………

Receptacle: He gave me specific directions from my house. Obviously off a Yahoo map site or something.

Bull Seed: I know that hot little ass is cleaned out so bring it over and get some baby. You know you want it.

I nervously typed:

Receptacle: OK I’ll come over. I’m sure it doesn’t matter if I am hardly wearing anything.

Bull Seed: No I like you barefoot and ready to be impregnated.

(What a stupid question I thought, he wants me naked and splayed out on his bed)

What was I DOING!!!!!!!! Before I could think I pulled on my very small running shorts that had a slit up each side and a t-shirt. We had role-played for an hour and I was horny as hell. No shoes, no caution, just out the door. The shorts were unable to contain my hard-on so I let it stick out the bottom. No one was around and it felt nasty hot. I was at his place pretty quick. As I saw my hand rise to knock on the door a frantic conversation started in my head.


But I just got to see a real cock this big!!!!!


No we are just going to drink a beer and surf he said.



No that won’t really happen.


Yeah….. I mean no! I really will leave.


No, no that’s just an Internet fantasy, I’m in complete control!

I snapped out of it and panicked just as he opened the door. “Hi come in” he said quickly and gently taking my hand and leading, well slightly pulling, my dazed body inside. The first thing I noticed was he was huge, at least 6’6″, I couldn’t tell that from his Internet picture. His body was hidden by a plush bathrobe barely held closed and easily showing his smooth, firm pecs and washboard belly. Come into this room he asked as he lead me to another room. His house had a very nice decor, was warm, relaxing and dimly lit.

“Ooooooo you look soooo nice his said walking around me. His hand brushed my ass “I like this firmness. (I moved away) He reached out with one very brief lite stroke and said

“Your cock hanging out is a nice way to say hello”

(The feeling of his stroke made my cock jump before I could pull away and I was embarrassed, I had forgot about my cock hanging out Oh My God!).

“Your hips are so beautiful, you must show them more, here…..”

He rolled the waist of my shorts down, as he gently hiked them up a little at a time until they disappeared firmly up into the crack of my ass. (I panted like crazy but he had me at the waist and was very quick in rolling those shorts up to where they turned into a thong.) I now had a waistline a few inches above my shaved cock and the shorts disappeared between my cheeks leaving my pelvis, ass cheeks, cock and balls fully exposed.

I realized my shirt was barely waist long so my lower belly showed a little as well. I grew scared when I realized the slutty appearance he effortlessly just put me in. As he touched my hips and ran his fingers around the firm bones that make up my pelvis I had to exhale nervously because it felt good and it had always been erotic when I would gently feel myself there imagining someone else’s hands holding me. I was so nervous.

“Now your sensual hips show” he said whispering from behind, “you let those sway from side to side and you’d could have a line of STUDS waiting to mount you.”

His fingers danced over the front skin of my pelvis which was very sensitive. His hands were very big and easily engulfed each side, thumbs teasing my ass cheeks apart.

“Close your eyes” he whispered from behind.

His hands continued a slow sensual rub of my hips and lower belly.

“I am going to say a few words and I want you to completely immerse yourself in what I say. I want you to become the person just like you do so well on the Internet”. He paused and moved in close.

“You are an innocent little girl, wide eyed and very trusting. Blonde hair soft skin a figure to die for and you like to flaunt it to playfully tease boys, oblivious to the raging bulges of dangerously hungry flesh in their pants. You are such a cute little thing with your big breasts”.

He gently slid a hand under my shirt and cupped the breast area before a flat hand caressed an imaginary breast, fingers lightly teasing my nipples.

“Your waist is tiny and you love to feel hands on it”.

His hands slid my shirt off effortlessly I barely felt it. Then he caressed my waist and belly.

“Your hips lure the eyes of men and you like that, it makes you feel like a big girl. You like your waist and belly bare to get attention.”

Once again the gentle sensuality of his touch made me not want to move.

“Be a little girl for me, my little girl. You want to do that don’t you?”

I found it easy with his urging and words to think like a little girl and he was setting up something very erotic and I couldn’t help but play along.

“Yes” I said in a small faint voice

“You want to please me and make me like you don’t you”?


“I want to make you feel good too, do you want to feel good?

The little girl in me could think of no other answer then, “Yes I do”.

“Spread your legs a little” he said.

His hands now gently working my lower belly, hips and ass.

“Doesn’t this feel uncomfortable he said pulling up slightly on my bunched up shorts.”


I got a present for you but first you have to take these off, will you do that for me? Can I take them off you?”


He slid them down slowly so I could feel them come off. I stepped out of them. I opened my eyes briefly and the room was very dark with a deep red light and a couple candles lit which had a red shade on them. I panted hard, so nervous but the warmth of the room was deceiving. As I looked down he slipped on a shoe. It raised my heel off the floor.

He motioned for the other foot and slipped on the other. As he stood I felt strings slid up my legs as he eased a g-string into place, my cock bulging the tiny spot of fabric in the front out. I was in red pumps with 6″ heels.

There now you look beautiful” he said as the g-string slid over my hips. The part that slipped in my crack touched my hole and was wet but warmed quickly. I felt a little tingle back there and moved my hips a little with a girlish


“Yes they feel good don’t they? Go ahead and wiggle those pretty hips.”

I did! They made me feel very naughty and the fuck me heels were absolutely wicked thrusting my ass up and back.

“Mmmmmm he said feeling my ass, do you like your new shoes”?

“They make my behind stand out more I said hearing a more feminine little voice”

(I liked the little voice)

“Yes they do, boys like that”

“They do”


“OK I like that too.”

“You want to raise your little ass high so all the boys can see how pretty it is. They will like you a lot more and want to get closer to it. Now curl it back and point it up. That’s it curl your lower back”

I did and it felt good to stick my ass out.

“Now come over here”, he cupped my ass with a big hand and almost lifted me over to where he wanted me.

I took quick little steps in my heels, trying not to fall, visualizing a little girl doing the same the first time she wears them. He put a silk blindfold on me.

“Here this will be easier now relax and even open your eyes if you want.

I’m going to do something to your chest, it will be slightly cold at first.”

I felt some kind of wet stuff brushed on. My nipples immediately got firm and hard. I felt something gently attach onto my nipples, which made me squirm, then something completely covered each breasts and was heavy. My GOD!! he must be giving me breasts. I got to see this and I think I object a lot and should get the hell out of here this has gone too far!!!

OK now feel yourself he said putting my hands on my belly and slowly working them up my body guiding them and letting go right before my breasts. As my shaking hands flowed over the large mounds I could feel the sensation on my chest underneath. When I pinched a nipple it pinched my nipple and my cock jumped wildly. The breasts felt smooth and warm like my skin, LIKE REAL BREASTS!! This was wild!

OH MY GOD I muttered.

“Now you need a top.”

WHAAAT I thought as I felt a top pull over my head.

“Now open your eyes” he said sliding the blindfold off.

There in front of me were “HUGE” breasts straining hard against a tiny top, slightly visible from the bottom and looking absolutely real. Big nipples poked obscenely through the fabric making my cock spasmed wildly. These look fantastic! I love it when a woman’s breasts look exactly like this. Mine look 100% real. I turned left and right and my cock spasmed at all the different ways the tiny top was stretching to hold me in.

“You like your breasts sweetheart?”

I was so excited, thrilled and horny I couldn’t think of anything else to do but take his hand and slowly suck his index finger erotically into my mouth. You know, the kind of suck that says I want all of you right now, exploding in my mouth, choking me with cum.

“Oh yes you do don’t you?

I gulped hard at what I just did. He put his other hand on the back of my head and pushed his finger to the back of my throat making me gag. Then he inserted two then tried to get 3 I gagged trying to pull away. He twisted and turned them really pushing my mouth open.

We’ll work on that later he said. Now walk around and strut your new body.” I hesitated awhile till he talked me into it. It felt awkward.

“Let me give you some motivation” he said as he dropped his robe and his massive cock stood out from his loins, a pillar of pure lust.

“Now let me blindfold you and let you be more uninhibited.”

I kept gawking at his cock.

“Don’t worry I’ll rub against you to help you visualize what has brought you here.”

I started moving smoothly with real slutty poses and every few moments felt his hot cock against my hand to squeeze or against my ass. I adjusted my body to display myself better. My cock was rock hard and aching.

“Do you have your naughty little girl tease feeling?”

“Oh Baby do I” came out of my mouth in a very erotic tone. And I thought to myself a nasty shemale feeling as well.

“Then tease me, flaunt that pretty body” he said

My body now had a mind of its own. I used the wall and did dirty little movements against it and I erotically fondled my breasts with his approval. I slithered and arched on the floor before standing up and pushing my breasts against the wall rubbing them and feeling every sensation. Then like so many pictures I had seen I put those heels back spread wide and arched my ass back as if begging to be fucked, not even aware of what signal I was sending him. He walked up and put a little more pressure on my shoulder blades with his big hand and said

“No push them harder, now I want that hole real high he said as a slippery finger pushed into me and lifted suddenly.

I gasped, panicked and squirmed but I have to admit I liked that sudden finger.

“Asshole up always he said with gentle yet firm yank. Always up for cock baby. Now legs back a little more and spread, angle your toes inward. Now wiggle a little.”

He continued to pull up.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm wow you pick it up quick. SLUT!”

I felt something tighten around my balls. As I looked down he said:

This is a leash to make sure you don’t run away. You are getting really scared, I can see it. He was standing back not touching me. Now just calm down if you can. We have a long evening ahead of us.

“I-I …..I need to stop now” I said quickly.

“OK, after all I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Well I guess that’s not true, I want to rape you but that would be against the law wouldn’t it” he said with a smile. “It’s like we talked about a little while ago, I want a whore I can just violently rape over and over. A busty tight holed hot little babe.”

To my surprise he took the leash off.

“Ok take these off” I said motioning to my breasts.

I’ll let you go but I won’t take your breasts off, they look too nasty hot.

“Take them off please? Come on stop fooling around.” I said


“OK I’ll go home and get them off”

“Go ahead he said”

I got dressed, quickly fumbling to pull my shirt on over the tight top I already had on.

“Let me show you out” he said kindly

I started relaxing, everything was fine, this isn’t some wild guy that was going to tie me down and rape me. GOD! I was so relieved as I walked to the front door. Maybe I should stay and get more…… naw I better get out of here.

“Keep the shoes” he said, they go perfectly with your new breasts you’ll want them”

“I smiled uneasy, no the shoes are yours”

“Really I insist. Use them the next time we talk and get really horny. They’re you baby, plus if you bend over to take them off I can’t guarantee you won’t get impaled” he said while stroking his massive flesh. “Now go,” he said pushing me gently out the door again quick little steps as I tried to walk in heels.

“Read the email I send you tomorrow he said” as the door closed.

I looked up and down the street and heard two people coming, I rushed around the side of the house in my heels, breasts bouncing. GOD! I thought as I made it in time. After they passed I leaned over, almost loosing my balance. GOD these tits must weigh 10lbs each. I reached under and pulled on one but it was on tight and hurt just slightly when I pulled. I’ll get them off when I get home. I quickly took the heels off and raced to my car, breasts everywhere and yes I almost poked my eye out.

There were no back streets to get home and it was early enough for many people to be driving. I crouched down, hunched over and did everything I could think of to not be seen with big breasts and THEY WERE HOOKER HUGE!

It took forever hiding and running to get inside my house but I made it. I sat down and rested, huffing and puffing my breasts straining obscenely against my shirt, lunging out with every breath. I started getting horny just seeing this. I pulled my shirt off to reveal the skimpy slut top he put on. I slowly leaned back and fondled myself, closing my eyes and really, really getting into it. GOD this is sooooooooo exciting to have breasts. I’m a wicked, irresistible, Shemale I fantasized.

I masturbated many, many times, talked to several people in chat rooms, and bent over for what must have been miles of dildo thrusts pretending they were cocks. I am definitely sleeping with my breasts on I thought. What luck tomorrow is a holiday, I think I’ll stay inside all day and fantasize about getting fucked. An idea shot to my mind and I cupped a mound of flesh and tilted the nipple to my mouth and it reached! I started sucking. It sent shivers through my breasts and body. I was hard instantly and another hour of jacking off and being penetrated followed. I couldn’t stop it seemed and the Internet was the perfect partner, always the next horny IM window. As the clocked passed 3:00am I fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

I awoke to the sensitivity of my nipples rubbing the sheets. I stretched and sprawled out on my big bed doing every slutty pose I could think of, slowly, erotically. I got up and went to the kitchen nude to eat breakfast. I relaxed for the first time and gave my breasts a rest from constant fondling, licking, fingering and caressing. They were pretty sensitive. After a leisurely breakfast I decided it was time to take them off, plus I’m sure I could get some of that glue to put them back on with. I mean, I want them on all the time when I’m indoors. I want to be a whore every minute.

I pulled them gently but after a short while it was evident they were not budging. I got a bad feeling. How do I get the glue to soften. I went on the Internet and saw his name, he was on and knew I was on. I did a search and found a web page with solvents for different glues. I started trying them one at a time if I had the ingredients. I certainly couldn’t go shop. Nothing was working and I was getting panicky. Wait he said to read his email. That probably says how to get them off. I quickly open the email and sure enough there was one from him titled. How to get your breasts off. I let out a deep sigh of relief and my panic dissipated as I smiled and chuckled to myself.

I opened it and started to read.

Dear Sweety,

Did you enjoy your breasts last night? Did you lick, fondle and suck them? You little SLUT. Did you bend over and get fucked by imaginary STUDS. My little busty girl bent over and fucked in her pretty ass with a big cock. It makes me hard thinking about it. I bet you squirmed on the bed pushing your chest up and arching your back didn’t you? I like those Internet pictures too. I am glad you like your breasts so much and they got you plenty of cock.

Only now I bet you are wondering how to get them off. Well there is a special liquid that will take them off. Wait! Yes I have some right here. It is made especially for this type of glue. OH! That means you’ll have to come over here!! Wait that could be dangerous for such a sweet, well endowed virginal girl like your self.

You see you left my cock so hard and hungry last night, I feel like an animal in heat and I’m ready to mate baby. I’m ready to hunt and conquer and you are my prey. I have the type of animal heat that a dog has when he won’t stop jumping up and humping you or your leg? It’s intense and is all consuming. I’m pacing my halls with a, driving, craving, lust to hump a BITCH senseless!!! My balls are bigger than last night as more and more seed bulges them in anticipation of your arrival. I am ready to impregnate my BITCH and you have all the sensual, sexy equipment needed to satisfy my animal lust.

You see you left but you are still going to get FUCKED by my MASSIVE COCK!!

1. I expect your cunt to be cleaned out and tight.

2. I want you dressed to kill in the cloths that will be delivered to your door shortly.

Tonight I will make you do what you have been too scared to do, slut your body for a huge cock. In the morning we will discuss a regular schedule when you will service my needs. Be here at 10:00 p.m.

Let the conquest of your ass begin. You are about to experience the voracious appetite of a monster cock!!!

Pure Lust and seed await you


What have I gotten myself into. I looked at the clock it was 11:00am. I had 11 hours to go. I looked at the computer and he was logged off as if on cue. I couldn’t beg and plead. I panicked and started crying, tears dripping on my breasts.

The day was agonizing as the hours passed slowly. The package arrived and I got it when no one was looking. It was a pair of frilly panties and beautiful bra. And the dress was viscously sexy, nasty and made me hard. The cloths were full on “babe meat” hot. They screamed for the entire football team to fuck me. Eight o’clock finally arrived and I began to get ready. I couldn’t imagine what was waiting for me. This guy was going to have his way with me. I’d spent all day on the Internet trying desperately to find a way to get them off, but I was fucked! I sighed at my choice of words.

“You’re FUCKED! alright” I said out loud to myself.

I sneaked to the car and it was harder this time, fully dressed, ready to whore. Four people were on his street and it took awhile to get to his door. He opened it and eyed me up and down.

“Sweeeeeet, come in.” As the door closed his robe slide to the ground. There is no need for this from here on. It doesn’t matter how scared you are tonight does it?”

I turned and looked at him then his cock and started shaking. His body was exquisite and his cock massive as he slowly stroked the length of it with lubricant. He took a step to my side, his big cock pushing against my dress. He began to caress my ass.

“Tonight is the night every wicked nasty dream you have ever had about being FUCKED comes true.” He whispered

“You’re a lamb and my bedroom the slaughterhouse.”

His hand hiked my skirt up over my ass. It was all slow motion as his left hand massaged my nipple through the material and his right hand fondled my ass and began to move in. Then I felt it, his finger began to massage my hole. Slow deliberately pushing easing off circling pushing.

“Spread a little for me” he whispered.

I did as I was told.

“Very good, just keep doing as you’re told and you’ll be screaming very soon” he whispered.

“Let’s go to the bedroom my sweet bitch.”

He led me using just his finger that was ½ way in, pulling my ass up, guiding me.

“You’d make a hot prostitute. Maybe I should pimp you out and make some money”

As we walked in his room the window and walls were covered with soundproof foam and a red light was on.

“Now you can make as much noise as you want and no one will hear” he whispered

His hand slid inside my top fondling me. I couldn’t help but like his finger probing and when he squeezed my nipple it just added a surge of excitement. I tried not to become aroused but his technique was smooth and sensual and he just knew how to turn me on.

“Now for a little training. I’m going to step over here and put my hand to my side and motion to you with my middle finger to come here. That means I want you to put your asshole right against my finger. Lets try it”

He walked across the room turned casually put his hand to his side, palm facing me, fingers curled closed except for the middle then a little motion with his middle finger signaled me to come. His finger announced his intentions loud and clear. I walked over and turned.


It shocked and stung slightly.

“That was pretty good but when you get here I want you to spread your cheeks and back right up to my finger until it touches your hole. Go do it again.”

I walked over, turned and began to walk back.

“What are you doing? I haven’t motioned for you yet.”

I turned and returned to the spot and waited. Moments later his middle finger motioned “come here”. I walked over turned, eased my cheeks open a little and smoothly slide up next to his finger. He teased me with light tickling type motions right on my hole.

“Very good”

The itch immediately started and I knew he had applied his special lube to my hole.

“Walk back stand do it again, stand still until I motion for you.”

I did as I was told and realized the lube started itching me extremely intensely.

“Don’t fidget BITCH or I’ll spank you” he said

“Just let the lube eat at that hole of yours.”

I gulped and he saw on my face how effective the lube was working, then his finger motioned for me. I walked over quickly and spread hard and wide, the itching seemed to ease when I was pulled open wide. The lube obviously being quite effective in it’s sole purpose to get someone to spread open for sex. With my hole exposed it only took a second before I felt a finger teased it, then a little push to slip past the muscle and in a quick jolt, a painful hard forceful stab into my ass up to his knuckles which pushed me forward slightly. He quickly kneeled and put his left arm around my thigh holding me against his chest as he thrust his finger into me with hard deliberate jabs. I whimpered and turned every which way and tried to step away but he kept assaulting me amid my frantic hand grasps to make him stop. Then with a pain that made my knees buckle he pushed 3 fingers up in me. I yelped over and over with futile hops. He quickly pulled out and walked to the other side of the room. Casually he motioned for me again. I didn’t come until I saw a paddle removed from a drawer. I quickly came, spread and allowed him access again. He fondled my breasts as his fingers rubbed around the rim of my hole frequently pulling up or to one side.

“I’m just loosening you up to be FUCKED” he whispered. “I’m pretty thick tonight.”

His fingers were now smooth and wet and slid in deep with a gentle firmness. I moved up on my toes a little each time, which brought a little “mmmmmm” of approval from his lips. I instinctively arched my back, which made him push his cock against me a little harder. I felt it throb wildly against my leg then realized why. My big breasts were straining hard against the top and right by his face.

As his left hand moved underneath to cup my balls he pushed my pelvis under from the front while his right hand punched three fingers hard up my ass pulling up from behind. It hurt but was effective, I yelped and whimpered a little each time.”

“Pussy up high” he whispered as he stood to my side.

“Get that FUCK ME tilt to those hips he said gently, ahhh that’s a good little girl.”

“Sweeeeeeeeet!!!! You know it didn’t even occur to me on the Internet you might be a white BITCH! But the moment I saw you I became a white meat man. Look what you’ve done to my cock, it is so raging hard and anxious to have a taste of YOU!.”

He cupped my cock and balls firmly. He eased me against his side as his

fingers worked my itchy asshole, which was really driving me crazy with it’s sensitivity.

“What’s wrong baby, your ass itching?”

I whimpered a “yes”

“It is only to help you get in the proper mood, to make you desperate.”

He picked up a bottle and held it up, it read


Turn a wife into a hor

The neighbor girl into a slut

A Slut into a Skank

HIM into your BITCH

Make him/her itch for COCK all night

I squirmed my ass in his hands, because it subsided when he fingered me and itched when he stopped. I moaned and whimpered for it. His arms cupped my body from the front and back as he held me, hands working my cock/balls/pelvis and ass. Then he eased out, separated his fingers and pushed me ass cheeks open, his huge hand practically covering my ass. He gently started a light tapping around my exposed and loosened anus with his middle finger, which sent shockwaves through the nerve endings. Every touch was a tease on my itchy asshole.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm I like this, you tight little bitch. Why don’t you come over here honey, you’ll be much more comfortable.”

Two fingers slid in me to the knuckle and pulled up firmly on my ass guiding me, his other hand holding a breast, pinching a nipple. He forced me to walk like a SLUT, a little bowlegged from a gangbang. I took little dainty steps as told. Along one wall was a gold bench that was very ornate. It looked extremely sturdy and had a large padded surface, which I knew he was going to lay me down on. The sides had various straps and I knew he tied people down to fuck them. My legs shook and I was visibly scared. I didn’t try to hide it and even paused not wanting to go over to it but he kept me moving.

“I feed off your fear” he whispered. “It really brings out something very primal in me. An uncontrollable drive to mate, to capture and conquer, to play with then go for the kill and violently impregnate. Very soon you will carry my seed inside you. It will become part of you.”

His hands yanked at my dress ripping it off.

“No please don’t!” I begged “I can’t take it I beg of you please!

My thighs touched the front of the bench and he firmly pushed me over, the weight of his body holding me down. I panicked and struggled wildly but straps quickly went around my neck and held my face firmly against the bench. He dropped to the side and with great struggle each leg was strapped. I was trying to get the straps off my neck when one wrist at a time was grabbed and strapped down. I started crying and yelping when my mouth was filled to the back of my throat and as I gagged hard a strap was pulled over my head. Silence filled the room as I continued to gag many times my head now free. I cried nonstop.

I liked your struggle but now you are indeed mine. I have carefully stalked you for weeks on the Internet. How raw and nasty you are immediately made me want to hunt you down, play with you, lure you closer and now after 48 hours of careful hunting I have captured my prey. His breathing and voice were so dead serious and hungry sounding tears flowed freely as I cried.

“I call this bench my Sacrificial Alter. I have leaned a lot of girls over this bench and taken pleasure by ravaging their bodies. They all screamed uncontrollably. But tonight is different, tonight I will FUCK as hard as I have always wanted to. Upon impregnating you I will consider you property. A “thing” for my pleasure, a piece of meat with a hole in it.

He eased my legs apart, way apart and stepped in between. The bench displayed my ass like an offering, pushing it up high and back.

“Let me relieve that itching a bit” he said

His left hand entwined in my hair, lifted my head and shoved my face gently into a pillow, as his finger slipped into my ass. It was gentle at first but then he began to furiously fuck me hard, ramming into my ass. I screamed and cried against the gag and into the pillow. Then he slowed to a rhythmic pump before another hard assault with multiple fingers.

“Juuuuust relax”

“Now lets work the inside he said as I heard a drawer open and close then a rubbery long cock slid in me. “This is just a thin dildo 14″ long to open you up a little.”

It only went in 6 inches then banged something and stopped. I knew it had to get around the curve inside me to get deeper, so did he.

“Relax and think of something else” he said as he held it in me with a little pressure. He leaned over and whispered, “think of a big thick dildo, angled up, sticking out from a wall. It is attached to a board on slides that can be raised and lowered and locked into place at any height. Now think of a very petite 4’10” girl 85 lbs. with double D’s and a 19″ waist. Very tiny little thing, lifted and placed on top and how exciting it would be to see her slowly agonizing slide to the base of the cock. Then to position it on the wall so her toes would desperately reach for the floor inches away. The poor little thing would be impaled and hung like a trophy.

“Ooooooooo there it goes 6-7 more inches right up in you makes 12. Very nice now lets stroke it.”

He stroked all of it in and out at a slow speed for a couple minutes. His speaking changed to a teasing erotic low voice as he reinforced how good it felt reminding me how erotic I had spoken about this moment and how my dreams were coming true. He whispered for me to relax and enjoy it, I did. It felt good to relax and be fuuuuucked. I’d fucked myself at home like this but it wasn’t the same, having to reach around and do it myself. Plus being strapped down and exposed was sensual sensory overload.

He kept doing it for quite some time until I stopped crying and really did relax. He was very supportive and disarming. It did feel good, my thoughts betraying me. I just relaxed and …………. damn it! enjoyed the fuck while pushing my ass up into the dildo. The dildo’s width was not much larger than a regular cock so it was easy to take and I liked those deeper.

I noticed a mirror he had placed on the opposite side of the bench, slightly high angled down so I could see the back of my ass as the rubber invader smoothly had it’s way with me.

“I could see the panic and dazed confusion in your face overwhelmed by horniness when you came to my door last night. You were just horny and followed your cock without thinking logically about what you were doing didn’t you. You didn’t panic till I opened the door. Sorry for the abruptness but you might have gotten away if I didn’t capture you and get you inside quickly. Do you feel like a stupid bitch for coming? Here let me switch”

The drawer opened and closed, moments later another object slide in me, this one a little thicker but just as long. I took the length of it with a little squirming and some moans. The extra mass pushed me open and I had no say in it and no way to stop it.

“Now you stand here with full breasts, in a g-string, stilettos and a horny asshole. Leaning over my sacrificial alter legs splayed taking 12″ of smooth dildo. What a hot SLUT you are. And your body just makes me sooooo hard. You secretly knew when you walked in the door you were here to be FUCKED you just didn’t want to admit it to yourself.”

My moans let him know it felt good to succumb and let someone work my ass.

“I bet you think I am going to fuck you huh? Well my cock is too thick for you. That’s one of my problems, my cock is just too damn thick and long. It seems like it would be great but in reality if it doesn’t fit in a hole all I can do is jack off. That’s why I’m on the Internet. So just relax and take dildos.

“WAS THIS TRUE? OH MY GOD, IT MUST BE, HE IS REALLY TOO BIG” I thought very loudly to myself.

Damn he said it so gently and I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“That’s it, you can really relax now can’t you?”

This was going to be great, just keep getting fucked with dildos and me bent over with big tits for pillows. Now his big huge erection pressed into my side and seemed to start at my waist and end below my arm pits, my legs were still shaking and it was very erotic to picture myself in my mind.

His hand around my cock was expert in producing a raging hard piece of flesh which seemed to be completely under his control not mine, I could not resist as the throbbing grew more intense pounding in his palm. Whenever I was ready to cum his firm grip made me whimper, stop coming and most importantly let me know just how much in control he was.

He pulled the dildo out and kneeled. A moment later I felt his tongue begin to flick around my rim as he firmly held me wide open. Oh My God I had no idea that could feel so incredible. At first it just felt nice, but as his tongue began to show it’s incredible skill I began to want more, squirming my ass, which I could tell, excited him tremendously. I was so scared still and my chest gasped for air. I had a very bad feeling developing but my body was screaming a different message and it came in loud and clear which really scared me (“FUCK ME!!!) I was awash in all kinds of conflicting emotions.

“That’s it let the moment overtake and devour you, don’t resist. Now you know what a virgin piece of girl meat feels like when she knows she going to be FUCKED. You’re a sweet little toy (his hands brushed over me). My private all night FUCK TOY. Do you like that thought. Does it make you want another finger fuck. Or maybe you dream of your asshole being raped and ravage until you are weak. How far do you fantasize my cum will force it’s way up in you? How much would fill a hot bitch like you up? I know secretly, deep down you want that. You’re a big titted SLUT so let it come out, act like it. Make me want to mount you.

“Why is he still talking like this? I thought his cock was too big. This is looking bad!”

He leaned his whole body over me pushing my face into the pillow. With one loud powerful thrust he violently rammed the tip of his cock through my asshole and POPPED! it open with his big mushroom head.

IT HURT! And I screamed hard, struggling wildly!

Then he pulled out, I breathed heavy with desperate moans trying to escape my mouth. Then again my hips were eased back……….

He pushed me open painfully wide and he tortured me with his thick head moving in till my hole was stretched wide then letting me pop down onto his shaft engulfing his knob. I jumped as it hurt every time. He did this over and over and had me whimpering sounds I had never heard before come out of my mouth.

“Relax your asshole and hips, you can squirm and do anything else you want but relax your hole. That’s it….. let me have it……mmmmmmmmmmm. Damn you’re nice and tight.”

It was brutal as he only used the mushroomed head of his cock. I was sweating hard but each time it hurt a little less as he forced me open and I popped. I moaned and whimpered hard as he stopped and said

“Why don’t you relax a moment”

“I love popping assholes open he said, the violent panicked reaction and the feel of stabbing at tender flesh and injuring it just excites me. Like a trapped animal slowly being devoured a little at a time. Hmmmmmm I like the thought of my cock as an animal slowly taking a little from you each time.”

“OK so I lied, I am going to brutally fuck your ass. Well wait a minute, that’s not true…” he said as he pushed in me and my body stiffened again, whimpers and moans coming hard.

“You would squirm and crawl away if not tied down so this really is something quite different, more forceful and very erotic. Now I’m going to leave it in you awhile, just relax and try to adjust to the size. Breeeeath. That’s it.”

I weakly glanced in the mirror and saw him fully bent over me, his big cock pointing straight down into my ass. He looked so ready to…………

“Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can tell you’re thinking. Don’t look at what’s about to come just relax.” He began rubbing my hips and belly, massaging and feeling it in a strange way, a very calculated way.

I was scared and cried as my whole body shook with fear.

“You’re tight right here” he said rubbing my belly very gently, “just relax.”

Just listen to my soft voice and relax, that’s it, your legs, now back, arms, deep breathes.

He cooed softly in my ear “is this the kind of FUCK! You dreamed of? (I WAS SCARED TO DEATH) I know it hurts but I bet to a slut like you it also feels sooooooooo good doesn’t it? The feeling of being used for my pleasure. Finally what you always have wanted, a big thick cock in your ass. And now you are lying here on your big sensitive tits nice and relaxed. Do your feel like a WHORE? A SLUT! A piece of fuckin meat? Now as you so deliciously and erotically put it on the Internet, it’s time to GO FOR THE KILL! He leaned into me slightly letting his big knob pulse against my opening.

I whimpered, white with fear my whole body tingling. He leaned back, holding my hips at arm distance and then pulled himself forward hard ramming his hips against my pinned body. The thud against the bench was loud, my rim muscle exploded open my inside shoved out of the way as his mass of flesh forced its way up in me. I screamed as it felt like my legs were being forced out on each side. My hips seemed to be yanked apart to accommodate him. It felt like a leg was on either side of his big cock and I was being pulled apart like a wishbone. My insides tried to come up through my throat interrupting the screaming already in progress, but both were stuff by the gag which creeped into my throat ever so slightly. I couldn’t even feel my ass, it was numb with pleasure or pain all I could feel was the inside of my body being filled.

His strong hands and outstretched arms held my quivering hips as he leaned back, arms sliding my ass slowly up onto his mass of flesh, inching deeper and deeper. As he leaned over my back I felt him begin to withdraw. I moaned and moaned as the feeling change to a suction. My legs shook uncontrollably at the sensation.

With recoiled hips he was ready for a second thrust. He snapped his hips hard as he plunged into me with more force. I felt it in my stomach as his shaft exploded past the curve in my intestines deep into my bowels. A whoosh of air left my lungs as I frantically tried to climb forward off him but his strong arms pulled me back. I cried and bucked trying to get him out of me but it didn’t work. My whole body was tingling as my hips separated hard once again.

He quickly recoiled and slammed his cock deeper into my ass knocking the air out of me again before I could breath in. He held it in me deep, the restraints on the table holding me tightly and I SCREEEEEAMED!!!!!!! OVER AND OVER INTO THE COCK GAG IN MY MOUTH, ARCHING MY BACK WILDLY.

“Never enter a bitch slow, do you remember saying that on the Internet” he said?

He pulled almost all the way out slowly then WHAM!!!

Back in me. He was breathing really hard and his whole body looked lustful and scary as his hips recoiled and snapped forward again. WHAM!!! His pelvis smashed into my ass, his cock digging deep. My screaming was non-stop and his thrusts began to pick up speed.


He climbed forward on my ass a little more and let loose humping me hard and fast. My body flailed as I screamed. My vision blurred as the pain and pleasure began to blur and become indistinguishable. Yet every thrust sent shocked waves through me, like a animal wounded. He pounding, I fought, he squirmed on top of my ass maneuvering for the deepest thrusts, I squirmed and struggled desperately trying to get free but it was useless. With each thrust I felt all my energy to fight, squirm and even scream drain away as he began to literally beat me senseless with his massive cock.

His cock stretched me so far I was in an erotic pain. The seal was airtight so every time he pulled out a huge suction was created and I thought my insides where being sucked out. Every time he thrust in it was like a telephone pole was rammed in me. My head spun and vision blurred as the last of my struggling energy disappeared. I was at the mercy of his hungry cock.

The next thing I knew I was unstrapped and dropped on a padded floor. He got up and circled me, juice dripping from his glistening purple cock. But the view of massive balls straining with seed was what I saw the most.

I was weak and sore, moaning uncontrollably. He went to all fours and crawled around me before disappearing behind me and mounting me again, this time his thrust propelled me forward into the mat. His arms grabbed my hips and pulled them back and up off the mat, my legs forced to each side spreading me open. He swung his hips forward again and the force of his insertion propelled me flat onto the mat with a sting.

“I can’t hold out much longer” he said

“I’m going to empty this one first he said gently cupping one ball.”

He pushed my legs together and quickly straddled my legs. His big hands pulled my hips off the mat a little as he inched up. I felt his knob easily nestle into the gapping hole in me, his shaft resting along the back of my thighs. He leaned over and with a hard thrust, plunged into me riding me like a horse my body flailing forward in little leaps on the mat by the force of each hard angry, ripping thrust.

He humped like a wild dog. Then with an explosion that made me feel like I would burst, his cum shot deep into my intestines, from one side to the other the feeling disappearing deep within me. Over and over his balls convulsed, spilling his seed into me. Followed by angry pounding thrusts as if loading gunpowder into a cannon. It took several moments for me to even realize the sounds of whimpering crying between screams were coming from my mouth. I was shaking uncontrollably. I didn’t know where he was and couldn’t even think straight. I just expected him to enter me again at any moment.

Moments passed and it seemed like it might be over. Then all of a sudden a big weight was on my whole body and his cock slammed up in me again like a wild animal feeding on it’s kill. It lasted forever before another load shot up into my intestines. My belly was filled as each thrust disappeared deep within me.

Again he dismounted. It must have happened 5-10 more times, I lost count and lost consciousness. I awoke unable to move but in the exact same position he had left me. Lying on the mat asshole gaping, legs splayed wide open, my big tit pillows under me.

He rubbed the hair away from my face as his cock eased down inside me.

“NOW! You are a WHORE” he said.

He leaned over and whispered softly “and this is just the beginning of a 3 day weekend, all of which you are going to spend right here on my floor, in my bed, bent over every piece of furniture I have or splayed out by my computer.”

Now you are a BITCH!!!


The End

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