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My Young Lover

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I was tall and skinny in high school. A dork, although I didn’t know it. I was interested in making good grades and succeeded at that. I had a few dates. Guys that were dorks also and had no girl friend would ask me to a dance or a party when they needed a date. Socially I was a misfit. And I don’t think I ever thought about sex. If any boy ever did try anything sexual with me I don’t remember it and I definitely would have rejected him. Sex was something bad and dirty. Good girls didn’t do it.

I was a late maturer. Some girls became women at thirteen or fourteen. I mean boobs and hips and hair on their pussy. With me it was sixteen or seventeen. And I continued to change through nineteen or twenty. As I think about it, I was built much better at thirty than at twenty. In college things changed a little. Some guys that didn’t know me in high school would ask me out and I would go. Mostly, they wanted sex right away and since that wasn’t what they’d get from me, they moved on to others. From other girls I heard more about sex and actually learned how to give myself orgasms. But I didn’t do it often because I still thought of it as dirty somehow, something that good girls just didn’t do.

But I did great at school. Good grades. Great grades. Worked my butt off. Graduated and went to law School. So, at twenty-two I was hired, because of my academic superiority, by a major law firm. Good prospects that have come true. I realized when I bought a car recently that I paid more for it than what I had thought, back in the ‘70’s when I started in law, would be a great annual income. Now I’m making multiple times as much.

Anyway, in my first year at the firm, I was in the law library looking up something. Several law firms in the building shared a law library. A guy that was also in the library struck up a conversation. We talked a little and he asked me out. I’ve never been any good, still am not, at social small talk, the inanities that people say to each other in social situations just to fill the time. And I wasn’t with him, either. He was a lot older. I was twenty-two, he was forty-six. He’d been married before. I’m still not sure why they divorced. But he was very nice. And very patient. I’m not sure why he put up with me back then. He claims it was because I was so well built and the sexiest dame he’d ever seen. Which is probably bull but made me feel good.

Well, it took months but he finally won me over. Our first sex was in my bed, in my apartment. He’d been slowly arousing me more and more for a long time and I decided it was probably time. By then I’d just plain become inquisitive about what this thing that so many considered was so great, sex, was all about. Well, he did it right. It was dark and we were both naked. He felt me and kissed me and licked me all over. I think I had two orgasms before he finally pushed his way into me. I’m sure it was obvious to him that it was my first time. To me, it was glorious. Magnificent. The greatest thing that had ever happened to me.

Over the next several weeks I became obsessed with his penis. His cock. The sexiest thing in the world. I kissed it, licked it, sucked on it, gagged on his sperm and then learned to want it and savor it. I sucked him at least as often as he licked me, maybe more. And we fucked and fucked and fucked. I was like someone with a new toy or something, I couldn’t get enough. And we married.

We were married for twenty-two years, half my life. I had never, as a single girl, cared much about my appearance but because of him I learned to. I went to a gym, eventually we created a gym in our home. I stayed in great shape. He continued to tell me that I was the most desirable female in the world and it was great for my ego. And maybe he was right. I am well built. Still tall and still slim but now with C cup bras and a tight ass and strong legs.

I learned early on that I was never going to have children. My fault, something to do with my internal plumbing. He claimed that it was fine with him, he was too old to deal with little brats. But I’m sure he felt as I did, happy at times and sorry at other times. We were left to be very selfish, very sexually active. But we have nothing beyond ourselves, no family. We’ve always had plenty of money, obscene amounts of money. No problems there. We ended up with a beautiful home with lovely grounds.

Maybe a year ago, I realized that someone else was cutting our grass. We originally had oriental people, then later Hispanics. Now here was a really good looking kid, probably high school age. My husband told me that he had learned about this boy and gave him some work. His parents had died when he was young and since there was no other close family he became a ward of the court. He lived in a succession of foster homes. He was now in high school and needed to do things to earn some money. In fact, when he turned eighteen, he would be cast loose with no support. Technically he will be an adult that no longer needs the County to watch over him. My husband even indicated that he was planning on finding a job for the boy, James, or Jim, once he turned eighteen, that it was unfair to just cast them out with no support like that.

Watching him in our yard with his shirt off, I mentioned to my husband that the boy probably had half the girls in high school after him, he was a real hunk. And he was. And is. Big and strong, perhaps six foot two and one hundred ninety or so pounds, very fit, with lots of muscles. A face that’s probably more friendly or cute than handsome, dark brown hair, fair complexion. Good athlete.

I knew about who worked our yard because I always ended up paying them. And I ended up paying Jim. It got so I would ask him in for a Coke when he was finished and would pay him in cash. I had written him checks at first but he didn’t really have a bank account so checks were a problem. He was always nice. Held back a little, I think. Not shy but perhaps cautious.I can’t remember the exact words now but I remember once saying something to him about his probably having lots of girlfriends. I think my husband and I had just had sex and it was still on my mind. And I’ve never been good at small talk so I said something more blunt than I should to the effect that he probably had sex with lots of girls. Again, I can’t remember the exact words but he answered something to the effect that none of the girls he knew were anywhere near as sexy as I was.

I think I just smiled and passed it off. But I don’t think I ever thought of him exactly the same after that. I always though of him and sex together. I don’t think I ever fantasized about sex with him although if my husband was out of town on business and I was left to masturbate myself Jim might have creeped into my mind. But I was very sexually satisfied. I had had sex with only one man and it was terrific. My husband and I had sex often and I loved it. It wasn’t as often as in our first years but I figured that was normal.

Then he died. My husband died. At sixty-eight. I woke up in the morning and he didn’t. Very traumatic to realize the body next to you is dead and perhaps has been for a while. A really bad couple months. It’s not just difficult, it’s impossible to get over something like that. After a couple weeks off I went back to work. Began to spend even more time at work. Which was good in some ways. Certainly good financially, which is the one area where I was already well off. I decided that I should sell our house. I don’t need, don’t really want, a large home like this and all the details of running it.

Three months after my husband died, as I paid Jim and sat with him, both of us having cokes, he brought up the fact that it looked like I was planning on selling the house. So I explained a little and during our conversation I learned that he had graduated from high school and had turned eighteen and was now looking for a job because he was on borrowed time. His last foster family liked him, maybe loved him, and were letting him stay on for a short time but they were no longer receiving any payments from the County for him. He was going to have to move and earn enough to pay rent.

I felt sorry for him and put my arm around him. To this day I’m not sure how it all happened so fast. I definitely was missing the sex of married life. I suspect Jim knew a little more about sex than I expected, was more experienced than I thought. But whatever, we ended up naked on my bed with him fucking me. I mean, I’m forty-four and he’s eighteen. It’s very close to illegality, child endangerment or whatever. But I really did love it. And so did he. I had never experienced anyone that young. All muscles and a big strong erection. Having his naked body on me was better than anything I’d experienced and his cock totally filled me up. We had no more than finished and he was ready again and so we did it again. Maybe that satisfied us, at least temporarily. Because then he started really appreciating my body, doing everything that’s normally done as foreplay. Telling me how sexy I am and what a great body I have and sucking on my nipples and sliding his fingers into me. Which led me to get his cock in my mouth and suck him and suck him. It certainly was the longest I had ever spent making love to a cock. A beautiful, big, erect cock. And his reaction surprised me because he moved around until he could get his mouth to my pussy and as I sucked him, he licked my sticky, smelly pussy and sucked my clit and finally we both came yet again.

Then we just lay there, worn out, used up, looking at each other, holding each other’s naked body. Which is when I began to wonder what had I just done? How stupid is this? And as he realized the situation his reaction was not what I expected. He pulled me close and held me and kissed my shoulders and felt my butt and told me how beautiful I was and how this was the best thing that had ever happened to him. And we stayed there for hours. All night, really. And had sex again. And eventually again. As much as I had ever had in one evening before.

I wake. I’ve automatically woken early for years. It’s a work habit. And I’m supposed to go to work today. I ‘m not bleary eyed, I know exactly where I am and what happened last night and who’s laying next to me. I’m on my side and look at him. He’s on his back. We’re both naked. At least I am and he must be also. I reach out and my hand touches his stomach. I slide it down a little. His cock is fully erect. I think he’s still asleep so perhaps he dreamt something sexy or maybe at eighteen you just always wake up with an erection. Full of hope that you’ll be able to use it. As I feel his cock and remembered how great last evening had been, I stroke him slightly and hear a moan. The moan came from me. I’m so hungry for more of him that I can’t do anything but satisfy myself. I climb over him, holding his cock, use it to masturbate myself slightly and then lower myself onto it, pushing it up into me, filling me up. Glorious. It’s the only way to start a day.

I can see his face. His eyes open and he smiles at me. I’m riding him, moving that luscious big cock inside me. “Good morning,” I say. I reach and find one of his hands and pull it towards me, putting his fingers on my clit, right above where his cock is filling my opening. “Help me a little,” I almost murmur to him, moving his hand a little. He takes over and starts to massage my clit. Almost immediately I orgasm. I shudder, shake, clench on him inside me. I can feel fluid leaking out around his cock onto my thighs, onto his abdomen. I’m making little noises without intending to and I continue to ride him, enjoying my orgasm and prolonging it. When I feel him erupting inside me, pushing his warm semen up into me, I keep him in me and lean down, resting on his chest, and kiss him. He puts his arms up around me and holds me. We continue to kiss and he feels my butt as he softens inside me.

I sit up. “I have to go to work. I’m going to shower and dress and have a quick breakfast. You can stay here or go home or whatever. But come back this evening. We need to talk. To decide what we’re going to do. O.K?”

He smiles at me, sits up slightly and kisses me, one of his hands caressing my breast. “I really do have to go,” I say as I climb off him, dripping on him as I move. His fingers pull on my nipple as I pull back from him.

In a daze I go through my standard routine, washing, dressing, eating, driving away in my car. Most of the day I think about Jim and us and try and figure out what will be best. One thing I know for sure. It isn’t up to me to decide, it has to be both of us. It has to be to his benefit as well as mine. I wonder, briefly, if all he wants is a one night stand and I’ll never see him again. I wonder how in the world I can possibly live with a kid lover, what my friends and relatives and coworkers might think. And my tendency is to say, Fuck’em, it’s my life and I’ll do what I want. Well, what Jim and I want. I know that I definitely want more sex from him and that overpowers everything else.

After work, as I drive into my home I see Jim waiting. He follows my car into the garage and as I get out of the car he holds me and we kiss. “I’ve been working hard today, I need a shower before we do anything else,” he tells me. I smile at that.

“So do I,” I tell him and we go into the house, me pressing the button to lower the garage door. While I hadn’t worked as hard as he most likely has, I have been working, too. So it’s true I should shower before getting naked and letting him at every part of my body. And I look forward to the prospect of getting naked and showering with him, washing his body for him. In fact, we actually make it through an extremely sexy shower and are drying each other when I can stay away from him no longer and, kneeling at his feet, get that luscious big cock of his in my mouth. I don’t know why but when I think of sex I think of an erect cock. I used to picture my husband’s in my mind but all day to day it’s Jim’s that I’ve been dreaming of. I enjoy him in every way I can think of, using my hands on his cock and testicles while working my mouth on him as ardently as I can. And I get rewarded, a mouthful of warm, viscous sperm that represents pure male to me. Then, almost before I could swallow it all, he picks me up and carries me, naked, into the bedroom and lays me on the bed with the lower part of my body dangling off. He’s between my legs, leaning over me, feeling my breasts softly, licking them, sucking on a nipple. One hand caresses my pussy, sliding a finger up and down my slit as he moves to the other nipple. Then quickly, he’s further down and his face is between my leg s and he starts to taste me, lick me, suck on me. I don’t know how someone so young can be so good at this. When I ask him he claims it’s all instinctive, he just loves my pussy and does what he can to get at it and also arouse me.

His tongue pulls out and a couple fingers slide in and his lips start working on my clit. Some girl must have taught him well because working on a clit can’t come naturally to a man. Whatever, he drives me over the edge and I’m soon in the midst of one of the best orgasms of my life. As I’m still in mid-scream, I can feel his cock pushing into me.

My God he’s good. I shouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain but this is like a religious experience, rapture.

After, we’re laying, facing one another, naked, my hand on his hip, his on mine. “Jim,” I say to him, “We’ve got to face things. This isn’t for the long haul. This is short term.”

‘Why?” he asks back, moving his hand to one of my breasts.

“I’m forty-four, you’re eighteen. We can both enjoy this now. But long term you need to find someone your own age. You don’t want to be with me thirty or forty years from now when you’re still vigorous and I’m ancient. I’m also not sure that I can handle all the sex that you’re ready to give me for any long period of time.”

“But I’ve never known any girl that is as sexy as you, as lovely as you, with as great a body and as high an interest in sex as you. You really love this and want more. I don’t think I could give you more than you crave. There’s no girl my age can offer that much.”

“You’re right. There’s no eighteen year old or twenty year old that has a forty-four year old’s experience and interest levels. But let me tell you, I met my husband when I was twenty-two. I was a virgin. I was also a prig, with a rough belief that sex was dirty and good girls didn’t do things like that. He taught me different. He woke me up. The first time we ever had sex I think I came three times before he pushed his cock into me. It was the most glorious experience of my life until then. It’s up to you to turn some similar girl your age into someone like me, to teach them to love sex and enjoy it. To use their body in such a way that she will want to maintain her body, work at it and keep it desirous for you. Girls don’t learn to be good lovers from being raped or from being wildly promiscuous and fucking every guy they meet. Which doesn’t mean she has to be a virgin. Maybe someone else taught her to love sex just as my husband did for me. But I suspect it will work out better if you’re the one that does the teaching. I connected all the glories of sex with him. I never had the slightest interest in finding out if someone else could supply those glories. Even though now that I’ve been with you, I know that others can provide those glories. I doubt if I’ve ever had a better orgasm than my last one with you. You’re fantastic. You don’t have to ever tell me but some female had to teach you things, you couldn’t just luck out into knowing everything you do about making love.”

“I’ll accept,” he tells me, pulling on my nipple, “that you aren’t the only female in the world with a great body and a high interest in sex. But you are one. And you’re here. And I see no need to try and find another one because none will ever top you. So I’d be happy to make this something long term. But I realize that we’re not going to. I can’t. I’ve got to find some work, get started on making a life for myself. I’m going to have to move. I don’t know where but somewhere. And I’ve got to make some money and it will take everything I’ve got to pursue all that, I think.”

“Well, if you have to move, you can move here. I’ve certainly got the room. And I’d love to sleep with you every night. Even when this place sells, you can go with me to wherever I buy something else. But work, yes, that’s a problem. What would you like to do, if it was ideally possible for you to do whatever you wanted?”

He grins. “It’s silly because it’ll never happen. I think what I’d really like is to be a teacher. Some of my teachers have really been important to me. If I could be as important to other kids, that’d be great. But, of course, I’ll have to end up the best ditch digger or beam welder that I can be because all I can take are unskilled jobs. Teaching requires a college degree and no matter how much I might like that and how I’ve heard about guys working their way through college, I can’t see how I’m ever going to make enough to pay for rent and food and tuition and books, let alone have enough time to do the studying that would be required.”

That had never entered my mind. All I had thought of was his cock. Sex. I liked him and would like to see him do well but hadn’t thought of it before. “Well, the one thing I have more of than even a sexual appetite is money. Live with me, have sex with me all the time, and let me pay for your college.”

He kissed me, rolled onto me and as I spread my legs, he started pushing that big cock of his into me, filling me up. After he fucked me for a minute or so, he wrapped his arms around me and rolled us over so I was on top. Then, as I started riding his cock he reached for my clit and started massaging it lightly. Oh fuck, here I go again.

We get Jim enrolled in college. I sell my house and buy another, much smaller. The new house is five blocks from the college so Jim can walk to school. It’s an older house, a nineteen thirties Craftsman bungalow but the last, or some recent, owner has completely renovated it. Electric, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, all are like new. New roof. Three bedrooms have been changed to two. The new bathroom is larger with a good size walk-in shower. The master bedroom is large, lots of closet space. The second bedroom becomes my gym. Well, a gym for Jim and me. There’s also a second building, what’s normally called a mother-in-law cottage. Very small, just a living room, bedroom, bath and kitchen. It even has its own street number and mail box. Theoretically it’s where Jim lives. I live up front in the main house. He, the student, rents the small place from me. In reality, of course, we live together, sleep together.

We’re both very happy with the arrangement for a couple years. We have sex almost constantly. As lovers, perhaps we both feel we need to prove something to the other that married people don’t need to. Prove that we really to have sex with the other as often as possible. So our needs feed each other and we go at it like mad. But I become more and more aware that this has to be a temporary situation. He’s going to graduate and get a life some day. He really should find someone young to make a life with. Maybe create a family. And I should be looking ahead to something that will see me into old age.

He’s into the beginning of his junior year, doing very well. I pay his way in school, he works part time jobs for spending money. His working was his choice. He wants some feeling that he’s contributing more to this arrangement than an erect cock. At work I meet a lot of people and have developed friendships with fairly many. Other women keep trying to introduce me to men that they think I would like. Some men, on their own, show an interest in me. I agree to dates every once in a while. Each time, I talk with Jim and suggest that just in case the date amounts to something, perhaps he should temporarily move into his cottage for the night and perhaps he should find some girls at school and entertain them in his cottage.

Nothing comes from several dates over almost a year’s time. One man whose wife died is really looking for a stepmother for his large family and that’s of no interest. Another is really just interested in a quick fuck and no commitment, and so on. Each time, I get home and send them on their way and then get undressed and wearing just a robe make my way to Jim in his cottage and we end up with what I swear is a heightened night of sex. Then he’s back with me until the next time.

We’re laying in bed, naked, just finished mutual oral sex and then missionary position sex, sort of glorying in the feelings of sexual fulfillment. “There can’t be another female in the world that’s having as great a sex life as me,” I tell him quietly, holding him close. “Or, at least, no woman of my age.”

“I hope that’s true,” he murmurs back at me.

I again tell him what a great lover he is and for the umpteenth time say that he must have had a good teacher.

“You’ve asked about that before,” he replies, still holding me. “You know, my parents died in an automobile accident when I was seven. Since then, until you took me in, I’ve been in foster homes. Living in foster homes I learned a lot. I learned to adapt to whatever each foster parent wanted. I learned to read them, that is, sense from their voice tone and body language what they really meant. You know, things happen in foster care that the country never intended. And as the ward you have no power, or seem to have no power. So you go along. I’m glad I wasn’t a girl because I can’t believe any girl makes it through the life I had and remains a virgin. Lucky to not get pregnant or lots of diseases. Because I’ve had lots of sex. I had a foster mother that will never have more foster children to watch over because I got pulled out quick once what was happening to me became known. So I didn’t have a good teacher. What I had was so much experience with so many that I learned what works best, learned to adapt Learned to sense what was expected of me. It’s not a life I would wish on anyone and I wish had never happened to me. But it has and that’s that. I just have to make the most of it. It has little advantages. Mostly, I can tell when a girl wants to have sex, is horny and ready. And sometimes they’re someone that most people would never suspect wanted sex. Like the most beautiful cheerleader in the high school. I also learned to always use condoms. It’s the only way I’ve managed to avoid diseases, I’m sure.”

I had never thought of his years in foster care. Hearing him, I felt bad about it. But I didn’t have any idea what to say, exactly. As usual, I have a lousy social sense so what I end up saying is all wrong, selfish of me. “But you’ve never used a condom with me. Not even the first time.”

He grinned and rubbed my butt. “Yeah. I didn’t have any but I knew I had to grab the opportunity. I’d spent months watching you, lusting for you. You’re gorgeous, you know, with a terrific body. Almost a hard body, you’re in such good shape. And I could tell by the way you moved that you were a sexual animal. But I could also tell that you were sexually satisfied. I had no chance, you didn’t need or want anyone else. Which only made you more desirable to me. You’re exactly the kind of woman I’d always knew had to exist if I could only find her. But then your husband died. You were a zombie for awhile. Then, on that one day as you were paying me I could see you were horny, you wanted sex. It was the first time I had seen that in you. I had to act on it right then and I did. And I’m glad because, here we are.” Then he kissed me and started sliding his fingers over my slit and I spread my legs for him.

“No more glad than I am,” I softly answer back as I grasp his now erect and perfect cock.

Several times I suggest that he needs to find some girls at school. I sort of hope he’ll find someone else so that I can also find someone else. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give him up until he almost makes me by finding another lover. Socially, I just can’t go with him at all as a couple. I love having sex with him. I think to some extent I love him. But I’m not willing to be seen as some one with a young lover. A too-young lover. I keep dating a little, hoping to find some solution somehow.

Then, after one of my dates that doesn’t pan out at all, I make my way to Jim’s cottage but as soon as I open the door I can hear a woman in or approaching orgasm, moans and little screams, and I back out. The next morning Jim doesn’t come in for breakfast and I head off to work. I’m surprised to feel some jealousy. I’ve been trying to get him interested in someone his own age and now that he has it bugs me. Interesting.

When I get home that day, Jim’s waiting for me. We kiss and go shower together and have very good sex. I suck him and he eats me and we fuck. A combination that’s become almost our standard opening routine. Then, as we talk while leading up to more sex, he tells me that this girl at school had been after him for awhile, becoming more and more blatant about wanting to fuck him. So he’d taken her up on it and as nice as it all was, she wasn’t me at all. My jealousy turns towards too much ego while I also realize that this hadn’t gotten Jim any further to finding someone else.

Over the next week or so I asked Jim if he had any more sex with the girl that he was with the other night. He said he had, she was becoming a bother. She would come over between classes for sex during the day. But he also said that he could get rid of her any time he wanted. He also said he’d seen another girl at school that interested him. A friend of his dated a girl that was on the soccer team so Jim went with him to watch a game. He said a girl that was one of the mid-field players was a real knock out, tall and slim and fit, a lot like me. She also was an extremely good player. She obviously was the team’s play maker. In the middle of the field she’d get the ball and no matter how many opponents came after it she could just flick it a little one way or the other and stay in control until she was ready to pass it. Very cool and in control, knew what she was doing. which he said also reminded him of me. He said he was going to try and get a date with her.

A couple days later as we relaxed after having sex he said that he had managed to have lunch with the soccer player, Margie. He also said that he could tell from her body language that she was a virgin; was actually more interested in soccer and school than guys and sex. So he knew he had to move carefully and slowly. Then after another couple days he said that he’d actually managed to kiss her and she’d responded, seemed to like it. Different, he said, to be working at seducing a girl. He’d never been with a virgin, never been a girl’s first. I told him she sounded very nice and he shouldn’t mislead her, shouldn’t hurt her by seducing and dumping her. He said he was serious about her but wasn’t sure he could be serious about any female.

Finally, we’re about a year away from him getting his degree. I’m set-up with a date that turns out to be something more than any of the others. By now, I’m 48. I know I’m in good shape for it but still, I’m 48. The date, named George, is actually a year younger than me although he doesn’t know it yet. And he’s nice. He’s attractive. He’s patient. I’m sure he would like sex, he’s a widower used to having sex with a loving wife, but he doesn’t push things. I almost feel guilty jumping in to bed with Jim after a date with George. Finally the evening comes that I go to bed with George in my own bed and don’t end up running over to Jim in the cottage. And George is terrific. It’s almost like my first time with my husband. I have a couple orgasms before he shoves his lovely penis into me, which gives me even more orgasms. This can be serious.

Then Jim tells me how much he appreciates everything I’d done for him. He said that in his own way he loves me and feels as if I love him but not as lovers, almost like a mother and son. Although we would sure be incestuous if we were mother and son. Then he tells me that he has finally seduced Margie. He’d treated her like I had said my husband treated me. And now, she loves him, wants him more and more. And he said he’s pretty sure he loves her. And he feels that having sex with someone else would be like cheating on her. So he would like to not have sex with me any more, even though it had all been the best in his life. Until Margie, at least. I let him know that I was now in the same position. I had found a good guy that would probably become permanent. So we mutually agreed to cease having sex with each other. Our last time was a day before but we neither realized it then.

Margie begins to spend more and more time with Jim in his cottage. Cooking meals at times, studying together at times. Spending the night. At the same time, I’m sleeping with George, next door.

George officially moves in, we know we’re getting married. Margie officially moves in, Jim says they will get married. Incidentally, she has no idea that Jim and I were ever lovers and never will. I’m just the landlord although she’s very friendly and we get along fine with each other. I’m almost like a mother that’s happy to see her son happy. And that’s where we are today. Absolutely everyone is having a superior sex life. I think I’ll give them cash for a wedding present to help them set themselves up until some wages from jobs they’ve obtained as college graduates start coming in.

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