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Travel to Sicily

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My name is Jeff and when I was 18, after graduating high school and before starting college, I went to Italy by myself to do some solo traveling for a few weeks before meeting up with friends later in the trip. I had learned a bunch of Italian in high school, and was looking forward to immersing myself in the language to really learn it.

I was nervous though too, as I had never traveled alone, and was going to have to negotiate everything in a language I only knew in the classroom!

I started off in Sicily. I aimed for a small town literally underneath a volcano that, according to my guide book, had a pretty good youth hostel. It was in late May (my private high school graduates early), so there were very few travelers, and I was actually one of the few people at the hostel. I got in late the first day and just wanted to check in and crash. The guy at the desk that night was surprised to see anybody checking in that late and actually seemed excited to have some business. He spoke English well and took a lot of time to show me the place, where my room was, and where I could put my bags. He seemed nice enough, older than me, in his late 30s-early 40s, in shape and just starting to go gray around the sides. He asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink and I was actually pretty hungry so I said sure. He lead me to a small kitchen off the main entrance and actually made me a small sandwich and gave me an orange “Fanta”. Fanta was big in Italy I guess. I gulped it down while he talked some more about the town. He was very friendly and put me totally at ease.

In a prolonged pause in the conversation I said, “Well I guess I’ll take the keys now and go to bed.”

He looked embarrassed that he hadn’t given me the keys yet, and handed them to me, saying goodnight. I was the only person in my 8-bunk room and I just put my stuff away and crashed.

The next day I did some sight-seeing, and ended up getting back to the hostel in the late afternoon. I was expecting to meet other travelers, people to hang out with, maybe hit a bar or something, but the only other people there were some hard-core mountain hikers from Portugal that were setting up for a big backpacking trek. Needless to say, we didn’t have much in common. I ended up grabbing some dinner from a grocery store and watching TV, alone, in the common room for the evening trying to understand what was being said in the weird Italian game-shows.

As it got dark, I was getting kind of bored. What was I thinking traveling 1/2-way around the world alone? I was plain bored without anybody to hang out with. I heard the front door open and all though I couldn’t see anything, I heard what sounded like the check-in guy from last night’s voice. I guess he was coming on again for the evening desk shift. He rustled around with a few things and walked into the common room.

“Oh hello!” He said in Italian and seemed pleasantly surprised to see me. I smiled and said hello back. He started talking to me and I thought that this would be a great chance to practice my conversation…at the very least it was something to do. I told him (in Italian) that I was traveling and where I wanted to go in Sicily and how I was kind of bored and looking forward to meeting up with my friends in a few weeks. He humored me and spoke back in very slow, simple, easy-to-understand Italian. His name was Nico and we were getting along pretty good, he was a totally cool guy and was being really friendly, even offering to drive me at some point to the various places I wanted to see in Sicily! He talked about how he owned several businesses in town and that the hostel was one of them. He took the evening shift here sometimes to go over all the book-keeping. He was into hiking, cycling, and mountain climbing. The conversation drifted quiet and out of nowhere he invited me to a party that his friends were having that night in town! I was actually pretty tired by that point, and despite my earlier boredom, I declined. I didn’t want to be all awkward in a room full of Italian people. The thought did cross my mind though that this cool athletic Italian guy might know some hot Italian girls. He said it was my loss and went back to the front desk and I kept watching TV until I went to bed.

The next day I did some hiking up on the Volcano. It was a great day and I was tired and dirty when I got back to the hostel. Again, there was no one around so I ate dinner from the same place I did the day before and started watching TV. Nico came in again that evening and I found myself glad to see him…he was kind of my only friend there. We talked a bit and I mentioned that I was really sore from the hike. He said that he had some well-tested post-hike stretch routines he always did. He sat on the floor near the couch and started to show them to me. I didn’t want to be rude and figured it might actually help. So, I got off the couch and sat on the rug next to him, trying to mimic his poses. He had some reverse figure 4 thing going on, with one leg out straight, and the other bent and pulled behind him. I was kind of embarrassed at first because his shorts weren’t all that long and stretched out like that they didn’t do much to hide his anatomy. I tried to do it with him but I wasn’t quite getting my leg around. He moved over and put his hands gently on my thigh and ankle to move it. I didn’t think much of it as I figured this was Italy; straight guys hug and kiss and stuff here…when in Rome right? He let his hands linger just to the point where I was feeling weird though and then he let go.

“Good, that’s right,” he said as he got up, “Work on that a bit and you won’t be sore tomorrow.” His hand was on my leg though just long enough to weird me out. I started thinking…was Nico gay? He didn’t really seem it, I mean, not like the gay guys you see on TV and stuff…all flamboyant and with a lisp. He seemed really manly. But what was with the near-caress and all this special attention? Was he coming on to me? I had never been hit on by a guy before and while my head totally rejected the idea and I quickly pushed it out of my mind…a part of me was strangely flattered! I was as straight as they come, played varsity basketball, and never even looked at another guy before. While I had sex with a 2 chicks in high school, I was looking forward to all the freshman pussy I was going to get in college! I erased any gay thougths from my mind and went back to my room to take a much needed shower.

As I undressed for the shower, I couldn’t help but think that if Nico was gay he would probably love to watch me shower. I mean, why wouldn’t a gay guy want to hit on me? I was lean, tall, not with bulging muscles, but toned anyway. I didn’t have much hair on my body, save for a little happy train from my belly button down to my pubic hair, and I don’t know if gay guys like smooth guys or what… wait, what was I thinking! Why do I care what gay guys like or not? I pushed the thoughts out my head and soaped up and rinsed off, letting the hot water cascade off me, lingering a little. It felt strangely good to be naked and alone in Italy with nobody who knew me around for 1000 miles. I quickly pushed more thoughts out of my head about if Nico was thinking about me being naked and alone as well.

After the shower, I grabbed this journal I had bought and went back to the common room to write in it about my trip so far. I was sitting at a desk when Nico came back into the room and said he was going home.

He said, “You really missed a good time last night Jeff, it was one of those nights…” I nodded and did feel pretty bad for not taking the chance to really experience Italian culture and nightlife.

I said, “Maybe next time..I was just too tired.” He said sure but then he walked over and did something I completely did not expect….

He put his hand of my knee, ran it up my thigh about 6 inches and said, “Really, you should, I think you would have a great time..” I completely froze. I was totally freaked out.

Nothing like that had ever happened to me before and I barely managed to stammer out a semi-polite, obviously uncomfortable, “Uh, yeah, uh, ok.”

He smiled and said, “Ci vediamo Jeff.” He winked while he gave my upper thigh a squeeze and left.

I was turning somersaults inside. I was alone in the common room…and I had definitely just been hit on by a gay guy! I went over it again in my head, my emotions all over the place. I had no problem with gay guys but never was made the object of affection by one before! I felt weired-out on one hand but downright flattered on the other. I quickly closed the journal and went back to my empty 8 bunk room. I sat down on my bed and started to put my things away. I had this incredibly dirty but sexy feeling come over me and in spite of myself I started feeling horney! I tried to suppress it but as I was changing out of my clothes to go to bed, and being all alone, having just been hit on…being made to feel wanted. I started getting fucking hard! I couldn’t believe this. I wasn’t gay! The desk was closed for the night, so I knew that I had the big empty room to myself and I couldn’t help but start to give into the dirty sexy feelings I was having. A gay guy, who I’m sure has been with many other guys, wanted my body! I shut off the lights, locked the door, and stood there just in my white briefs. I just stood in the room, getting harder by the second, imagining that Nico was watching me and that he would love to see my big cock that I was actually really proud of. I couldn’t believe I was letting myself go like this…I mean, I wasn’t gay right??!! No one who knew anything about me within 1000miles and I just went with it. I walked over to one of the other bunks in the room, sort of knelt down on it, arching my back to stick out my ass. I started to pull off my briefs, peeling them down past my little ass until they were around my knees. I bent over feeling the sweet night air swirl around my cock, balls, and exposed ass. That’s what gay guys like right. That’s what they want…a nice young ass bent over for them. That’s what Nico wants right? It felt so fucking hot to have my ass spread, totally naked on the other side of the world, hard as a fucking rock. I rolled onto my back, took my briefs completely off, and spread my legs bringing my knees back exposing my ass more. I let my hand wander down under my balls and it found the place I had never touched like this before. It took about 4 seconds after that, and while rubbing my little ass hole for the first time, alone and naked in a foreign country, I brought myself to the biggest orgasm I had ever had, my hot cum exploding all over the bed spread in a torrent of pleasure. I just stayed there after, quiet and heaving for a minute or two. I was totally exhausted and after flipping over the severely stained bedspread, I climbed into my bunk.

The next day when I woke up, what had happend last night felt like a dream. It didn’t even seem real. My briefs lying next to the empty bunk and its flipped bedspread were the only evidence. As the clouds cleared and I got ready for the day I was wondering what I would do if he was working again that night. I didn’t know what I’d let myself do if he asked me to go out. I thought, “Shit, of course I’d never do anything with another guy, I’m not gay!” But I also found myself thinking, in a very quiet, distant, but real part of my mind…”No one here knows me, no one could find anything out, and you only live once right…?”

Sure enough, after another day of hiking and site-seeing, after some quick eats and a shower I was watching TV as Nico came on for his evening shift. He started casually chatting again and even though I was nervous as hell I tried to play it cool, like the hand on the leg thing last didn’t freak me out. After a while, he said, “Hey Jeff, so my friends and I are going out again tonight…I REALLY think you should come.” He almost had a knowing twinkle in his eye or something. I felt a lump in my throat…here it was, what was I going to do? A gay was asking me to go out for who the hell knows what… and what was that look in his eye?

My rational side jumped out first and I started to back out saying, “Well, I don’t have anything to wear, just travel clothes.” Which was true. The dark quiet side was pissed at me and I almost hoped he wouldn’t let that sit. He didn’t.

He said, “That’s no excuse Jeff.” He walked over to the couch and grabbed my arm. “You can borrow something from me my young friend.” He caught me, taking away my only excuse.

“Oh I really don’t want to be a burden…” I stammered.

“Relax,” he said, again with that knowing twinkle, “You’re going to have a good time”. He locked up the desk and we left the hostel.

He took me to his place. I had the biggest butterflies of my life, especially when we were actually walking up the stairs to his place and I walked into the door that he held open for me. It was this huge stucco town-house type place with marble floors and clearly expensive leather furniture. You walked up to the main level on the second floor.

He was really nice, not assuming anything at all, and asked if I would like a drink. He mixed me something very strong and said that he was going to go take a shower and that I should go to his closet in the master bedroom on the third floor and pick out anything I’d like to wear. He said my jeans were kind of beat up and that he should have a bunch of things that I could try. He really set me at ease and after a few sips of whatever fuming concoction he made me, I was feeling pretty good. He walked down a hall and disappeared around a corner. I heard the shower go on and I wandered upstairs into his huge bedroom…a bedroom that took up the entire third floor. I let myself into the walk-in closet and starting flipping through his things. The shower was running and so I seemed to have the place to myself for the moment.

I unbuttoned my shirt and let it hang open on my shoulders. The night air felt cool on my bare chest. I undid my belt buckle and top jeans button and unzipped them, letting them hang open. I took a huge swig of the drink and let my shirt fall to the ground. The drink was really strong and I was pretty buzzed at this point, if not downright drunk. I started to flip through his clothes and my jeans just sort of fell off me as I walked deeper into the closet. I had that “drunk and taking off my clothes feeling” and it felt great. All of a sudden Nico was there in the closet door! He was wearing a towel around his waist and was dripping from the shower…which was still running downstairs.

“I forgot my shampoo” he said, with a little smirk. I instinctively pulled whatever I was holding off the rack, it happened to be a pair of leather pants, over to cover myself and got completely flushed. He was totally well built, tan, much more muscular than me. He commanded a very manly presence and made me feel kind of shrimp. He asked if I was having trouble and just came over to where I was. I held the pants I had in my hands over myself reflexively but the first thing he did was take them away from me saying, in English, “Those wont fit…” leaving me exposed in nothing but my underpants. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was standing there in another man’s closet, in nothing but my underwear, while he wore nothing but a towel. I was almost shivering with nerves and excitement. I just stood stock still, blushing, looking at the ground, and he non-chalantly flipped through his clothes, water beading on his toned and tan body, inches away from me. He sighed and shook his head, and then turned to me and actually put his hand on my hip. I gulped at this touch, still staring at the ground. He then ran his hand slowly up my side saying seductively…

“Why you are so thin my young man?” He faced me head on and put both hands on my hips…sizing me up…”And such a small waist…I don’t think I have anything to fit you.” He stood right in front of me, holding me at my waist, letting his hands rub up and down my sides and back. My cock couldn’t help but start to grow and did it grow fast! Another man was feasting on the sight of my young body and it so turned me on. He looked down to my groin, watching as my meaty cock grew under my briefs right before his eyes. I gulped down another huge swig of the drink and I slowly looked up at him, blushing and sheepish, and bit my lower lip. He smiled a dirty smile, and without a word, he slipped his hand over my huge bulge and started to rub it, define it through the thin fabric. I closed my eyes put my head back and let out a deep sigh. Another man was touching my cock and I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted it! It was feeling so dirty but so good to have this older man making me feel like a total sex object. He ran his hand up my chest and started to put his fingers into my mouth. I kept my eyes closed and instinctively started to suck on his fingers, while his other hand reached back to my cloth-covered cock. I was going with it completely and was going to let this older man do whatever he wanted to me…have his way with me.

All of a sudden he said, “I saw what you in your room last night Jeff” he said. “I was watching you through a peep-hole I have set up in that room…that’s why I put you in that big empty room at the end of the hall, to keep my eye on you…” I couldn’t believe it…he had seen the whole thing! He probably was watching me in the shower and had seen me completely spread open, pleasuring myself and playing with my ass! A hot wave of embarrassment came over me and I kept my eyes shut, sucking on his fingers even harder. “You’re just a dirty American boy aren’t you Jeff? I knew that from the moment I saw you.”

“Yes Nico…” I stammered, drool dripping out of my mouth as he slid his wet fingers in and out.

“I think you want to see how I have fun with young American boys Jeff….Do you want to be dirty tonight Jeff…Dirty like you were last night on the bunk?” I felt pre-cum starting to stain my briefs as he spoke to me like this.

“Yes Nico…” I said, “ saw me..” I couldn’t believe how fucking sexy this was to me and how badly I wanted to be this older man’s dirty young slut.

“Yes, I saw you Jeff…you were very dirty. And you’re going to be even dirtier tonight. walk slowly over to that couch in the corner Jeff.” Nico said. “Slide down your little briefs just to your knees and get on all fours facing the back of the couch like you did last night.” He slipped his wet fingers out of my mouth and moved to the side to let me walk past. I walked slowly towards the couch, a black leather one, a hot wave of dirtiness flowing over me, my heart skipping beats, and palms sweating. He was talking to me in the firm, confident way, controlling and seductive at the same time. I was hypnotized. I reached the couch and and leaned into it, arching my back and thrusting out my 18 year old little ass, just as I did last night.

“Mmmm, you have such a sweet little boy’s ass Jeff,” said Nico. I put one knee on the shiny leather cushion and looked over my shoulder as I slowly slid my tight briefs down past my smooth little ass. “That’s right Jeff.” said Nico, a huge bulge beginning to show under his towel. “Leave those sexy underpants around your knees. You’re being such a good dirty boy for me.” My heart was in my throat and I climbed onto the couch, briefs around my knees, and stuck my smooth tight little naked ass up in the air, feeling so dirty and naughty I couldn’t stand it. I wondered how many young studs had gotten up on the same couch before and done dirty things with this older man. Nico was taking control of me and I needed every minute of it. My cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum on his fancy couch. “I want you to move that little ass for me Jeff,” said Nico. “Move that sweet little dirty American ass for me”. I starting moving my body, exposing my ass completely for this total stranger who wanted my body.

I heard him sigh and moan and start to walk over to the couch. “You’re being very good Jeff.” He gave my ass a loud smack and let his hand linger, massaging and rubbing the smooth rounds of my ass. I could feel the heat of his body right behind me. I glanced back and saw a bottle of something in his hand. I heard him pop the top and felt a cool silky wetness being dripped onto my ass. I jumped a little at the surprise but Nico grabbed my waist firmly and held me in place, saying “Not so fast Jeff, I’m going to get you all ready and wet for me.” I started getting sacred, thinking that I had no idea what I had got myself into, I wondered what he had planned for me…and if he knew that I had never had anything in my ass before, EVER. I was shifting around a little, starting to get scared, but then couldn’t help but let out a long sigh and moan as he put the bottle down and started to rub and slide the wetness all over my dirty little ass. He let his finger start at the top of my crack and glided it down and circled it around my virgin ass hole. He then put a fresh dolop of astroglide right on my ass hole, and swirled his finger gently and lightly over my hole, teasing me and watching my ass dance for him in ecstasy. It felt completely amazing. Here was this total stranger, almost old enough to be my father, rubbing lube all over my virgin ass. It was dripping down my ass, and he was rubbing it all over, harder now, and massaging my tight balls. I was so close to coming from this, and was so turned on having a coating of slippery lube now completely covering every part of my ass and balls. He didn’t touch my cock even though I was begging him to rub me off right then and there. I then felt him press on my hole a little firmer. I tensed up instinctively, but could not ignore how good it felt, and how badly I wanted something in my ass! I was scared and was taking short quick breaths, but as he pushed a little harder and his wet, slippery finger dipped into my sweet young honey hole, I relaxed and let out a long moan..

“Oooooooooohhhmmmmmmmmmmm Nico, that feels amazing….”

“That’s right Jeff” Nico said, “My dirty American boy loves having his ass fingered by an older stranger…because he’s a total slut,” and he pulled his finger in and out slowly and completely a few times. I totally relaxed and gave way to his finger owning my ass, leaning into and biting the back of the couch as he fingered me.

He pulled his finger out and said, “Turn around Jeff. Sit on this couch and face me.” I did as I was told, and turned around, seeing for the first time that Nico had let his towel fall to the floor. He stood before me completely naked, a toned, masculine body, with some wispy hairs on his chest and legs, and with his beautiful, fully erect, 8″ thick cut cock right in front of me at eye level. I nestled into the couch before him, sliding my wet ass all over the smooth leather. Nico took his cock in his hands and said, “I’m going to put this cock in your mouth Jeff,and you’re going to learn how to be a cock-sucking slut.”

“Yes Nico,” I nodded and noticed that my mouth actually watered! He climbed onto the couch, straddling me with his knees on either side of me. His massive manhood danced and bounced right in front of my face.

“Open your mouth Jeff,” he said as he grabbed hold of the hair on the back of my head. I did as I was told and looked up at him expectantly and obediently. He smiled and said, “You’re such a dirty boy Jeff, and I’m going to put my fucking cock in your dirty mouth.” He then put the ribbed tip of his shaft on my lower ip and eased it in slowly, letting his manhood fill my wet mouth completely. I took it in as far as I thought I could, but he pushed it in further, making my gag and choke. He pulled it out and let me cough a bit before grabbing my hair and forcing it in again. Drool dribbled out of my mouth around his sweet penis and I started to move my head myself, sliding my hot wet mouth up and down his cock and taking in all the musty-manly smells I could, letting them intoxicate me further. “You’re such a good little American cock sucker Jeff. “Suck my fucking dick.” He was fucking my face now, banging my head against the back of the couch. My own cock, ignored at the moment, was harder than it had ever been and banged against his legs now and then as he fucked my face. He pulled out and a long line of drool and pre-cum attached my wet lower lip to the tip of his shaft before breaking off and sliding onto my chest. I licked my lips, tasting the precum and swallowing it down. I was breathing heavily and even more turned on than before and I looked up to the man who owned me right now, looking for more.

Nico smiled and grabbed his cock, wet with my saliva, and said, “Now I’m going to put this in your fucking ass.” He backed off the couch and said, “Be a good dirty boy and bring your fucking legs up.” He was making me do exactly what my dirty little secret side wanted to do. I drew my legs up, holding the backs of my thighs, sliding further down on the couch, astroglide from my ass all over the shiny leather. I was an eightteen-year-old alone, completely exposed for him, a total older stranger, with my sweet little ass all wet with lube and begging for his cock. I felt the head of it pressing my button-hole. He kept it there for just a moment. I wanted to slide myself onto it and was pushing my own ass towards it to increase the pressure, my own turgid member just dancing straight up. “You have such a sweet little dirty boy American ass-hole Jeff… and I’m gonna put my big fucking cock in it.” With that, I felt my insides explode as he thrust his way in. It went in easy with all the lube, but the stretching was unbelievable as he slowly pushed it deeper and deeper inside me.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhh goooddd!!” I yelled, pleasure and pain exploding in my head with his hot member deep inside me. He started to thrust in and out, breathing hard as he picked up his pace. “Oh my fucking god, oh yes, oh fuck” I kept saying, with this stranger’s big fucking meat owning my ass. I started to fuck him back, moving my body with each of his thrusts as he fucked me hard.

“You’re a good little young slut Jeff,” Nico said. “You’re a good little dirty boy. I’m going to fucking cum inside you Jeff. I want you to come with me. Grab your cock with your hands and jerk yourself off as I cum inside your young little ass hole.” I did as I was told. I grabbed my cock while he kept riding my hole and just as he threw his head back “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss JEFFFFF you fucking sluuutttt” I felt a hot jet of cum explode inside me. As I felt this, my cock released its own torrent of pleasure, spewing with enough force to hit me in my face and chest. I orgasmed for what seemed like a full minute, feeling his hot cock pump me full of semen.

He pulled out slowly and pushed back in a few times, his cum dribbling out of my ass and onto the couch. I was totally spent, my own cum all over my face and chest. Nico moaned and said “I’m going to finish my shower Jeff” and walked away smiling. I felt amazing, sitting there on the other side of the world on a leather couch covered in another man’s cum, my own cum, and another man’s cock having just been in my ass. I smiled I was well on my way to discovering myself as a young slut.

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