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Trade Off

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She waited, hands bound together at the wrist and belted at the waist so the only thing her slim digits could reach was her sex. It was uncomfortable, but it was part of the deal she had struck with her lover. The footsteps down the hall indicated he had come, and she trembled a little in anticipation. The door swung open slowly and they entered.

Her lover, freshly showered, still clad in his shear robe, the familiar, smooth lines of his body barely visible beneath the soft fabric. He was followed by an unfamiliar form, tall and dark, and brutally handsome, the second man wore nothing but a blindfold, his prodigious length swaying as he walked. Her lover stood the man but a few inches from her, his fingers slowly wrapping around the man’s girth, slowly tugging and pushing as he grew stiff and rigid.

As the man’s cock throbbed to life, her lover sank slowly to his kneels, so close she could feel the heat from both their bodies as his hand began to move more swiftly up and down his shaft. Her own fingers moved with increasing speed, her arousal flooding her as she traced the tip of her index finger between her lips, teasing out her pearl, writhing ever so little, putting on a little show for her lover, whose own cock had begun to harden watching her. He gingerly leaned forward, pressing the man’s shaft up to his belly and took a long lap up from the base of his balls, up his length and flourishing over his sensitive head. He had either watched a great deal of smut or had learned well from her many ‘demonstrations’ and the man gave a groan.

With slow, practiced motions he brought the man’s thick organ level to his face, and he smiled at her before kissing the tip, lips gradually opening to envelope the head. The very tip of his tongue slipped into view as he swirled in around the man’s plump crown drawing a slow, pleasured sigh. Over what seemed an eternity, her lover inched his head down the man’s cock, the veins of the smooth skin vanishing into her lover’s lips, until there was a barely perceivable gag, and he began to slide back. The man released a heavy sigh as her paramour began a slow rhythm over him, gliding back and forth over his length. Her lover’s hand wrapped around the base of the stranger’s throbbing shaft and began to pump in time with the movements of his lips, and soon her own heavy, deep breathing was joined by the strangers.

Just when the man’s body began to squirm and writhe, her lover stopped and walked him to the bed, leaving him, cock stiff and glistening in the dim candlelight. He then lifted her up and laid her across the bed, belly down before the large mirror, her naked body already damp with arousal, and his from his efforts. Slowly he dribbled warm oil onto the small of her back, his powerful hands massaging it down between the cleft of her cheeks and against her tight rim. She watched in the mirror as he let a stream of oil splash into his hand, and smiled, taking both his own cock and the strangers in his slick palm and stroking slowly, covering both. His hands then fell to her rump, one easing the curves of her cheeks apart and the other guiding him to the taut skin of her hole. He gave a languid roll of his hips, inching into her, his head stretching her open slowly as his body sank. Relishing the delicious tension of her tightness, she could see his face drawn into the hard lines of pleasure and her fingers worked furiously against her aching pearl. After his torturously slow entrance, he finally sunk hilt deep, hot into her tender ass and inclined his body over her to rest his head beside her own.

He then reached back, hand closing around the stranger’s thick organ, easing it forward to nestle against his own hole. In the mirror, she could see the stranger smile, and without further prompting he began to enter her lover, who winced and drew a sharp breath beside her ear. Once the man was deep inside him, there was a long, luxurious moment of stillness before both men’s hips began to move in unison, lethargic at first as her lover bucked instinctively to protect his own stretching backside, but with growing need and desire. She could do nothing but watch as her lover was taken, and took her with increasing ferocity. It was not long before the pounding of the three bodies began to fill the room, joining the hoarse sounds of their collective, labored breathing. The bed groaned beneath them as the rise and fall of their bodies became more urgent, growing from a slow drone into a furious frenzy of thrusts and moans.

Her lover hammered into her helpless body, bucking as he skewered her, even as he was taken roughly by the stranger. His rough, guttural moans mixed with the occasional whimper as the stranger above him pushed deeper and harder. Her fingers worked with maddened need against her dripping sex, made all the more wet by the steady drizzle from the man inside her, whose gland throbbed with each thrust against it. The savage tableau continued for only a few moments longer, but the rhythmic pounding, the grunts and growls, the labored breathing stretched the time into an eternity; an atavistic symphony building rapidly to crescendo. That high peak came all at once for the three, and she could feel herself ripped apart by his final, wild thrusts before his head arched back and a deep guttural growl burst from his lips. Searing hot, he pulsed inside her, spurt after spurt of hot cum filling her at the same moment his own ass tightened to welcome the other man’s explosion. A single tremble seemed to bounce through them, echoing and reverberating, amplified by the pleasure of each. Finally there was a long silence as they lay stacked on one another, her head slowly returning from the gauzy daze it had entered.

With slowing breath, he melted within her, slipping out of her tightness and leading the man away without a word, but he had lived up to the deal, and now she must live up to her end. The next week of servitude would be brutal, but ever so worth it. She gave her swollen, aching pearl another rub and wondered what would come next.

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