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My story started several years ago when my best mate Phil and I were out having a quiet drink while our wives, Tina and Laura, were on a hen night. The conversation always turned to sex as we both moaned that we never got enough. Our wives used to take our moaning in good spirit as “typical men’s moans”.

Anyway the conversation this night centred on our drooling over a work colleague of my wife whose legs seemed to go on forever.

Phil had a thing about long legs and was constantly flirting with my Tina , my wife, who at 5’ 10”, joked that Phil wouldn’t know what to do if she gave him the opportunity. As the night wore on more and more of our conversation seemed to move towards the fact that given the chance we would love to try to get our wives turned on to some sort of group scene. As with most of these things it seemed destined to remain purely in our minds as neither of our girls had ever been into anything like that. Although none of us were prudes and often went on holidays together and weren’t shy about seeing each other naked. We often shared a sauna when we were on our holiday. It was an ongoing joke that I would always get hard looking at Laura’s neatly trimmed red pubes if I hadn’t seen her for while. And Phil always had some comment about the length of Tina’s legs and how they ended in paradise.

Anyway that night I got home about an hour before Tina and watched a little late night TV whilst waiting for her come home. We had always been faithful to each other and I no worries about her being out on the town. When she got home I poured us both a night-cap and we talked about our respective nights out. Tina said she knew how our night went as it always ended up with us talking about sex and looking at younger women. We were both only 30 at this time but to look at the jailbait in the pubs and clubs we felt about 70.

When we were in bed Tina and I started to caress each other and it wasn’t long before I was in her familiar but beautiful cunt pumping away for all I was worth. I like to talk dirty when we fuck but Tina usually tells me to be quiet. But tonight she wanted to know what Phil and I had talked about. I told her about our conversations, and how we looked but did not touch other women. Then I told her how Phil said that none of them matched up to our wives anyway and if he were to mess around he would love to watch me fuck Laura whilst he fucked her. That seemed to throw a switch in Tina and she just exploded on my cock. Her excitement took me over the edge and I spurted my hot cum inside Tina’s cunt.

After we came down off that fantastic orgasmic high I asked Tina if it was the thought of her fucking Phil or me fucking Laura that turned her on. She said it was the whole picture of a foursome mini-orgy and how she had sometimes fantasised about it but never while we were together. We talked a bit more about our own fantasies before we had another wonderful fuck. This time pretending we were screwing with our friends. After that we decided that perhaps we should just keep it a fantasy to use when we were both in that mood.

We often use that fantasy in various forms but it never went any further until our next holiday together.

We had driven down to the South of France intending to spend a few days there before driving into Spain for a week.

After 12 hours on the road we were all looking forward to a laze around the villa’s private pool. As soon as we had unpacked, Phil and Laura fixed a couple of drinks whilst Tina and I started the sauna up.

We had been relaxing in the sauna for about 20 minutes when the sight of Tina laying on the next bench with her legs open was getting too much. I could see the lips of her cunt opening up to reveal the moist pink inner lips. I started to gently stroke my cock Tina smiled at me and said, “here let me help” and slid over to me and wrapped her lips around my engorged prick. As her bobbing head moved faster and faster I reached around to insert two fingers into her cunt. I was close to cumming when the sauna door opened and Phil walked in. I don’t think he realised what was going on for a second, then the steam cleared a bit and a big grin spread across his face. “Is this a private party or can anyone join in?” he asked. Tina nearly bit the head of my cock off in shock as she stammered, “sorry Phil, we just got a bit carried away”. “Hey don’t apologise, I just wish I hadn’t disturbed you”. He was stroking his own cock almost absent-mindedly.

Tina removed my fingers from her cunt with a big smile on her face. She picked up a towel and went to leave the sauna. As she did she gave Phil’s semi hard cock a little tug and said, “it doesn’t look as if you are too embarrassed about it”. I was shocked and so was Phil. She left two guys with stupid grins behind.

“Christ you’re a lucky bastard Mike,” said Phil, “look at that gorgeous figure”.

“Hey you’re not too bad off yourself,” I said thinking about Laura’s beautiful red muff. All the times we had seen each other naked this was the first time that there was any physical sexual contact between opposite partners.

“You don’t think there is any chance of me, eh you know, getting to know Tina a little better if you know what I mean, is there”?

“Who knows after that?” I said, genuinely a little stunned at what had just happened. “You know that I wouldn’t be against it, but what would Laura do?” “Now’s our chance to find out” said Phil, “we have two weeks to see what might develop.”

After another 10 minutes or so in the sauna Phil and I went out to the pool. I joked to Phil that it was a pity that Tina hadn’t finished what she was doing as I was sure to get a boner if Laura was sunbathing naked, after all, just one look at that gorgeous figure and red muff was sure to get me hard. Phil said that he was sure that it wouldn’t be Laura’s bush that got me hard this time. I didn’t have time to ask him what he meant as we stepped out on to the poolside. Tina and Laura were both nude on the poolside loungers and it was only as I pulled up a seat that I realised what Phil had meant. LAURA’S CUNT WAS AS SMOOTH AS A BILLIARD BALL.

That was it, any chance of keeping my cool was gone. Both girls just laughed at my expression and the direction of my gaze. I am sure that my modest 7 inches become at least 8. It felt like 10. I mixed some fresh drinks and my hard on gradually subsided as I tried to think of something else, anything other than her beautiful pink puffy lips. (I am sure they were more than a little moist after realising the affect on me).

We chatted away for the rest of the afternoon and dozed in the sun for a while. Believe me, after all that driving we were pretty tired. Phil drove into the nearest to town and stocked us up on essentials such as beer, food, beer and a little more beer. We had a quiet evening and went to bed ready to hit the beach tomorrow.

Tina and I still had enough energy to complete what we had started in the sauna followed by a leisurely fuck. As we were both nearing orgasm a picture of Laura’s shaved pussy provided that final extra bit needed for me to send my hot cum shooting into Tina’s cunt. Tina felt the blast of hot semen hit her insides and she shouted “don’t stop, don’t stop, for fucks sake don’t stop”. The headboard was doing some serious damage to the bedroom wall as I fucked Tina with all the energy I could muster.

She screamed with total abandon as her orgasm hit her with a force I don’t think she was used to as her eyes rolled back and she sunk back into the bed. “God that was good” she said after a while. “Do you want to hear something kinky” she said. “As I was cumming, I was thinking how nice it must be to suck a smooth pussy”. “Don’t get mad darling but I was thinking pretty much the same thing”. “Hey, I’m not mad, I think it’s quite neat that our fantasies are similar”. Then she said something I had been longing to hear “Would you like me to shave my pussy like Laura’s?” SHIT, would I ever!!

“If I wasn’t so tired you could do it tonight and give Phil and Laura a surprise tomorrow.” “What a lovely thought, lets just sleep on that one.” This could be a holiday to remember I thought to myself. I think we were both asleep within minutes of that.

The next day was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky with the temperature in the early 30’s. Over breakfast, Phil and Laura said they were heading for the beach and did we want to join them. I said we probably would in an hour or so, as Tina wanted to do a bit of shopping first. Whilst we were in the town Tina bought herself a lovely two piece swimsuit, cut really high on the thighs and around her cunt which made her legs look longer than ever. I said that it definitely meant that she would have to shave now as her beautiful soft blond pubes were putting on a great show.

We drove back to the beach and looked around for Phil and Laura but couldn’t see them. I said that they must be a mile or so further down where the naturist side was and so we strolled down to look for them. Tina was drawing some admiring glances in her new bikini as we wandered down the beach. We reached the naturist side of the beach and stripped off to walk the rest of the way. We often went nude on the beaches at home but never had the weather as good as this and it does make all the difference when your tackle isn’t trying to shrivel up looking for warmth. There were some glorious bodies to look at amongst the sunbathers and every so often I would get a twitch as some fantastic looking eighteen to twenty year old girl strode past. The good looking ones really know it and pose for the young lads benefit. I noticed Tina’s eyes wandering a bit too and followed her gaze to this guy as he emerged from the surf with his girlfriend. “Jesus fucking wept” I mumbled as I saw the size of his cock. It had to be 8 or 9 inches long and that was emerging from the cold sea. “How do you fancy trying that on for size, it has to be a good 10 or 11 inches hard?” I said to Tina. She laughed and said that he would certainly be a good mouthful. With that we spotted Phil and Laura. “Did you see the size of that guys cock?” Tina said to Laura as we approached, a wicked grin spread across Laura’s face. “Do you mean Erik’s” she said. “We have been speaking to Erik and his sister Maria before you arrived, they are from Finland and have been here a week already”. “We are meeting them tomorrow night and they are going show us all a nightclub that has just opened a few months ago”. “Well you don’t hang around”, I said to Phil. “Hey it wasn’t me, Laura took one look at that monster meat and she did all the talking”. “Yeah, they are on their summer break from university and are expecting their partners to join them sometime later in the week”.

I stole a look at Maria who was typically Scandinavian looking, i.e. blonde, blue eyed with a figure to kill for. I thought that if I were her brother, I could seriously consider a bit of incest but I suppose that you don’t think the same way about your relatives as others would.

We cracked the cool box and had a few beers and the day drifted by with Phil and I sneaking glances at the talent on the beach. The girls weren’t shy about discussing the merits of Erik’s fine equipment and measuring it up against the other guys wandering along the beach either.

We decided to head back to the villa and have a Jacuzzi before deciding what to do that night. Before we headed back up the beach we got dressed again. Phil blew a whistle as he saw Tina’s new bikini. “Isn’t it odd that we can spend all day together on the beach naked but I find myself getting a hard on looking at you In that bikini” said Phil. “Especially with your beautiful pubes just peeking provocatively out of your bikini bottoms”. “ Yeah” said Tina, “but Mike has promised to shave me the same as Laura”. “Oh no no” said Phil, “you have to let an expert do it”.

“Since when are you an expert on shaven vaginas” said Laura, “you have only ever shaved mine and then you were as nervous as hell in case you cut me”. “Ah, but today I must have seen dozens and am completely confident in my skills” with a sly wink to me. “I must admit I would like to see it done properly first,” I said. Tina looked at me with the trace of a smile starting.

My mind was full of the possibilities as we walked back to the villa.

When we got back, it was a mad scramble for the first to be in the shower, Laura won and so Phil joined her. I took the opportunity to speak to Tina as we got undressed again. “You realise that if you let Phil shave you then I am going to get a monster hard on, don’t you,” I said to her. “That’s ok as long as you don’t put it anywhere it’s not wanted,” she said. “What do you mean”, I asked. “Well if Phil is going to be that close to my cunt then I am sure he will want to fuck me, would you mind that, after all you cant both be in me”. “What do you think I think”, I said as my cock was already almost at full mast with the thought of it. “ I’ll tell you what I think, I think that you would like to take the opportunity of getting between Laura’s legs you randy bastard”. “Laura and I know what you two are like and if you let me handle things I am sure you won’t be disappointed.”

“ My darling, you can handle anything you want from here on in”

The shower room emptied and I did not have a chance to forewarn Phil of we had been talking about. I didn’t mind that as I was looking forward to what may happen and how it would work out.

What the hell had our wives been discussing behind our backs?

I wanted Tina to shower with me but she said that she had things to do and so I dived straight in trying to keep my hands off my cock. After my shower I headed for the Jacuzzi only to find Phil and Laura had beaten me to it. Laura looked at my half hard on and asked what Tina and I had been up to.

“We heard you two hard at it last night” she said. “It started Phil and I off”.

I slipped into the Jacuzzi on the other side of Laura and let the hot water slowly relax me. Believe me when I tell you that it is not easy to relax and try to think of anything other than sex after your wife has just told you that she will probably be fucking your best friend within an hour. And your best friends’ wife’s glorious tits are almost floating on the surface of a bubbling Jacuzzi.

With that, Tina slipped into water on the other side of Phil

“I was just telling Mike how we heard you two in the throes of passion last night” said Laura. “ Yeah, somehow the thought of a nice long holiday in the sun always spices up our sex life”.

“You realise Laura that Mike can’t decide whether he prefers ogling your bush or now your shaved pussy”. “Yeah what a helluva tough choice that is”, I said.

“If I go ahead and do it, what does it feel like?” Tina asked. “Here give me your hand”. Laura raised her legs to float on the surface and I saw something I never thought I would ever see. Tina placed her hand gently on Laura’s cunt, and stroked and felt her way all around Laura’s beautiful pink hairless pussy.

Phil’s face was a picture, his jaw dropped and his eyes riveted to the sexy scene before him. He looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. I must have looked just as goofy. Laura’s eyes were shut as her legs opened wider and her breathing got faster. “Ooh, I can feel you starting to get moist inside Laura” said Tina “but then so am I, I have never felt another girls cunt before”. I had never heard Tina use such explicit language before. I am sure the temperature of the water raised a couple of degrees. Both Phil and I had massive erections. “Here Mike, feel this” Tina said and took my hand and placed it on Laura’s cunt. God she was wet now. “So you want me to feel the same?” “Oh yes” I said as I gently slid my index finger into Laura. Meanwhile Phil was giving his cock some urgent attention. Tina moved across to him and said, “you haven’t got time for that, if you want to shave me”. With that she reached out of the Jacuzzi and got a towel and my shaving kit which she must have put together whilst I was having my shower. She climbed out of the Jacuzzi and lay back onto the towel, She then spread her legs until she could open them no more. Her lovely cunt was opening for us all to see. I am sure Phil was shaking as he opened my shaving kit. Tina had even put a pair of scissors in so that Phil could trim her bush down to a stubble first.

Phil started the delicate task of shaving my wife’s cunt. He took every opportunity to feel and caress her body as he went.

I was getting so carried away watching the scene before me that I didn’t realise that I was frigging Laura whilst wanking myself. Laura brought my attention back to her as she took my hand off my cock and replaced it with her own. She started to give me the gentlest most sensitive wank that I had ever had.

By now Phil was ready to start with the razor. He sprayed a little foam onto his fingers and slowly worked it into a lather on Tina’s cunt taking far longer than he needed to. The he started to shave the remainder of her pussy hair off. Within a couple of minutes Tina was panting “please hurry Phil, I think I’m cumming, Oh God I need a fuck”. As Phil took the final strokes with the razor, he washed the last traces of soap off her bald cunt and ran his tongue right around her crack. She screamed with pleasure and came on his face. “ Fuck me now Phil, I need cock now, I need a good hard fuck. Phil didn’t need asking twice and plunged his cock into my wife right up to his balls and started pumping for all he was worth.

“C’mon Mike”, said Laura, “I need some of that. We got out of the Jacuzzi, Laura leading me by the cock. She knelt down alongside Tina and whilst I was still standing took my cock into her mouth and started to suck me. Tina was moaning gently as Phil ploughed into her whilst sucking on her tits. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, “Is this how you imagined it darling?” “Is this what you wanted to see, your best friend fucking me”. I couldn’t answer right away as I shot my first load of the night down Laura’s throat. I kept cumming as I pulled my cock from her mouth. My next blast of white nectar hit Laura’s chin and then left a trail down to her breasts. Tina was watching and moaning, she seemed to be alive with one orgasm after another as she gripped Phil with her cunt and with her legs around his back. It was one of the sexiest scenes I had ever seen. Phil was the next to cum and he made sure everyone knew it almost shouting with pleasure.

“Let me see you cum on her smooth cunt” Laura told Phil. With that Tina released her grip and relaxed as Phil pulled out of her and sent 3 or 4 good strong blasts of jism all over Tina’s newly shaved cunt.

Laura leaned over Tina and licked Phil’s cock and then proceeded to lick Tina’s cunt. I was stunned neither of our girls had ever even mentioned a desire to do anything like this. This just kept on getting better. My cock was back in fighting condition, which was just as well as Laura asked me to fuck her hard from behind. Hey, no argument here I thought as I slipped easily into Laura’s creaming cunt.

I couldn’t believe how quickly I was had got hard again, but watching Laura’s tongue slide up and down Tina’s cunt in time with the strokes of my cock in her cunt, I was in danger of shooting too quickly. Phil was slowly stroking his cock again when Tina leaned over and took him in her mouth. It only took another couple of minutes before Laura and I came together. Seconds after that Tina moaned with pleasure partly from her own orgasm and partly from Phil’s cock as he really went to town fucking my wife’s face.

I lay back on a poolside lounger watching Tina finally bring Phil off in her mouth. Laura sat alongside me gently stroking my cock and balls.

“Well, this is going to be some holiday!” she said. Tina looked at Laura and they both burst into laughter. Phil and I looked at each other wondering what the joke was. Tina explained that she and Laura had got fed up waiting for us to make the first move and so had decided before we came on holiday to do something about it.

“It is what you two wanted, isn’t it?” She said.

“Think of all the time we’ve wasted”, said Phil. “Well, we have two weeks to make up for it, are you on for it girls”? “You better believe it”, said Laura. “You boys will need a holiday to recover from the holiday.

Well, she was right. Wait till I tell you about the next time we ran into Erik and Maria. But that will have to wait for the next time.

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