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Too Close for Comfort

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I focused on the backs of her legs and turned the little wheel of the binoculars with my thumb to sharpen the image. She was bending over one of her pots and pinching something on a plant to remove it. Her dress was riding higher and I glimpsed an extra three inches of white thigh. As she attempted to stand erect she put both hands behind her back and straightened with an effort.

I fantasised that I would stealthily creep behind her and slide my hands under her dress. She would jump with surprise and then allow me to fondle her buttocks. I would pull down her panties and slide my fingers between her thighs to caress her eagerly awaiting pussy. She would gasp with pleasure and open her legs wider to invite further exploration. Her gasps would become moans of ecstasy and she would bend forward to allow me to enter her. I would slide my rigid penis into her sopping hole and fuck her.

It was all too much and I turned away from the window and flopped onto my bed. My penis was rigid and I reached urgently for some tissue. I didn’t want to come straight away so I just gripped and squeezed myself while I continued my fantasy.

Why did she excite me so much? She was roughly the same age as my mother but there was something incredibly sexy about her. The first time she excited me was when I was thirteen and I passed by as she stood at her front gate. She had bare feet with red painted toenails and she said, “Hello”. She asked me how I was getting on at school but I couldn’t take my eyes from her feet. I started to get an erection and put my hand in my pocket to disguise it. I haven’t got a foot fetish and no woman’s feet have turned me on since.

Her husband was a cab driver and worked until late hours. I often wondered if they had sex because, if they did, it had to be during the day. He had little to say and always acknowledged me with a grunt.

I continued my fantasy. She was moaning and begging me to fuck her harder so I thrust my cock into her.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and quickly spread tissue over my chest. My strokes became faster and I could feel the early tingle of an orgasm.

Then I was interrupted with, “You randy bugger.”

I looked up and it was Sis. My sister was nineteen and a year older than me. She was tall and blonde and the best looking girl around. We had an unusual and intimate relationship and loved each other dearly, but not in any way sexual. We had always been good friends and there were no secrets between us. We frequently went skinny dipping together and always discussed our sexual exploits in graphic detail. She had seen me with an erection many times without ever being the cause of it.

She stepped into the room and shut the door. “Sunday afternoon is a strange time to be having a wank. What has brought this on?”

I said politely, “Please be kind enough to fuck off. This is a personal matter between me and my dick.”

She ignored my request and sat on the edge of the bed. She persisted with, “Answer my question. Why are you abusing yourself on the Sabbath? Something must have made the blood rush to that monster you call a penis.”

I sighed and said, “Okay if you must know, I was in the middle of screwing Mrs Henderson and now you’ve spoiled it.”

Her eyes opened wide in astonishment, “You’re kidding me. Surely you don’t mean Mrs Henderson from next door?”

I answered firmly, “Yes, Mrs Henderson from next door. Now please go away.”

She remained seated on the bed and continued, “I knew there was something weird about you. Why on earth do you fancy her? Not to mention that there is a slight age difference.”

I decided to counter attack. Don’t you ever fantasise about older men? Like when you’re masturbating in the bath?”

“Who says I wank in the bath?”

“I stood on a chair and looked through the glass over the door.”

She exclaimed indignantly, “What? You didn’t really see me do it did you?”

“You put your heels up on both sides of the bath and squeak when you come.”

She put her hands over her face and giggled. “Do I really squeak?”

“You whimper like a baby and then cup your hands over your pussy and push your fingers inside.”

She giggled again. “How many times have you watched me?”

“Only once and it was purely for scientific research. And if you must know, I’ve always fancied Mrs Henderson but don’t ask me why.”

She looked hurt. “You’ve never mentioned it before.”

“Should I have?”

“I thought we were supposed to be buddies.”

I felt guilty and replied, “We are buddies but it’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I letch after someone who is old enough to be my mother.”

She said generously, “Okay I’ll let you off this once. Carry on then.”

“Carry on what?”

“Finish what you were doing.”

I wasn’t at all embarrassed but I said, “I can’t do it with you sitting there, it will ruin my concentration. Anyway it’s wilted now and I’ve lost the mood.”

She said, “Come on be fair. You’ve watched me in the bath so I want to watch you. Just shut your eyes and do to her what you were doing before. I want to watch you come.”

I knew she wouldn’t give up so I said, “Okay but don’t interrupt.”

My thoughts returned to Mrs Henderson who was bent over with her dress up and her panties down to her knees. Her pussy was warm and juicy and I began to thrust deep into her again. My cock was soon firm again and it was not going to take long.

Sis whispered, “What are you doing to her?”

I dropped my hand in frustration. “I told you not to interrupt. How can I maintain my train of thought if you keep talking?”

“Just tell me what’s going on. I want to know what makes you come; purely for scientific research.”

I surrendered to her persistence. “All right but keep quiet.” I closed my eyes and I was soon back to Mrs Henderson again.

I began my commentary with, “She was in the garden and I crept up behind her and lifted her dress. I pushed her forward to make her bend over and pulled her panties down to her ankles. Now I’ve pushed my hand between her thighs to fondle her pussy. I’ve dropped my trousers ready to enter her.”

I announced, “Now that you’re completely up to date is it okay if I can start to fuck her?”

She answered officiously, “I’m really grateful for the background information and you may now continue.”

I replied, “Thank you very much. You’ve completely ruined what was intended to be a private moment of pleasure and it will be a miracle if I now manage to achieve an orgasm. It would be less distracting in the middle of a supermarket.”

I continued with, “I’m sliding my cock in and out of her hot wet pussy and grasping her around the hips. I’m deliberately going slowly to tease her. She’s moaning with frustration and begging me to go faster.”

I was now rubbing my penis with firm strokes and my orgasm was getting close. “She’s begging me to fuck her harder and I’m slamming it into her.”

I couldn’t carry on with the commentary and gasped, “Here I come.” My balls tightened and I groaned aloud as I spurted onto the tissues.

As my penis erupted, Sis cried out, “Oley!”

As the sensations began to fade, I dropped my hand to my side and said, “There, we are now even so are you satisfied?”

She stood up and said admiringly, “That was quite impressive. Robert never comes like that. His sort of dribbles out.”

I replied, “Well that doesn’t surprise me. He’s a toffee-nosed twit who always looks like there’s a bad smell under his nose. Why on earth do you go out with him?”

“Because I love him.”

I retorted derisively, “Don’t lie to me. With your classy looks you could have anybody you want. You couldn’t possibly love a gormless idiot like him.”

She responded, “You poor innocent boy, you don’t understand the meaning of true love. I love him because his parents are loaded and he’s got a BMW convertible.”

She turned to leave the room with, “I’m going to brew some tea now, so wash your hands before you come down.”

****************************** I avoided having a steady girlfriend because I liked to ring the changes. I had no difficulty obtaining dates but they were just casual relationships. I had some sort of sex with all of them because they were always willing and I think it had something to do with the size of my penis. Word must have got around.

I rarely went out with pretty girls because they were mostly shallow in personality and sexually unexciting. They expected to receive male attention simply by posing.

I have a gift for recognising the ones who enjoy sex. I look for one small physical detail that tells me she is the horny type and it has never failed me.

Needless to say it was noticeable with Mrs Henderson and one of the reasons why she excited me. I yearned to get inside her panties but the possibility seemed remote.

That was until the day she was mowing her lawn.

I never saw her husband do any gardening and it was probably because he slept during the day and worked throughout the night. Their garden was a mess and she alone tried to keep it under control.

On this occasion the grass had responded to a rainy spell and she was struggling to push her mower.

I was on my way home from college and I stopped to watch her. I was genuinely concerned that the effort was going to hurt her so I called out, “Mrs Henderson, would you like me to do that for you?”

She turned and looked at me gratefully. Her face was glistening with perspiration and her dress had dark sweat patches. She was breathless from her efforts and said, “Oh Peter would you really? I would be so grateful because I just can’t push it through this grass.”

I stepped onto the lawn and as I took over the mower I heard myself say, “A delicate damsel like you shouldn’t be doing man’s work.” Immediately I thought, “What a prick; why did I say something so corny?”

She laughed and said, “Well thank you kind Sir. His Majesty is asleep of course, not that he would have offered to help anyway. I’m trying to keep this garden from becoming a sanctuary for wild life but I’m losing the battle. When you’ve finished come in for a cold drink.”

Although it was not a large lawn, it took me forty minutes of hard work during which I constantly emptied the grass box. Mr Henderson’s taxicab was parked in the driveway and just before I finished he came out. He stepped onto the lawn and pushed a five pound note into my hand. All he said was, “Here you are.”

I briefly protested but a fiver is a fiver so I took it. It was nearly six o’clock when he got into his cab and drove off. I pushed the mower to the rear of the house and knocked on the back door. When she opened it I said, “Your husband gave me five pounds. I didn’t do it for the money but thanks anyway. I’ll be off now.”

She replied firmly, “No you don’t, you’re coming in for some refreshment.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house.

We went into the living room where two cans of beer were standing on a small table. She asked, “You’re old enough to drink aren’t you? You’re certainly big enough.”

I replied, “Yes I’m legal.” The can made a satisfying hiss when I opened it and I took some grateful gulps.

She was smiling as she watched me and said, “The other one is for you as well. I’ve made myself some tea. Jack doesn’t drink because of his job.”

I finished the first can and was reaching for the second when she asked, “You’re not going to miss an evening meal are you? I don’t want to get into trouble with your mother.”

We were sitting in opposite chairs and as I lowered the can I shook my head. “It’s okay, I’m not late yet.” I looked down to see that she had kicked off her shoes.

The toenails of her bare feet were varnished bright red and my penis twitched.

I allowed my gaze to travel slowly upwards. She had shapely legs with neat ankles and her dress was just above her knees. She was quite slim but with an ample bosom and her dark hair was cut short. My eyes travelled back to her knees and I desperately wanted her to open her legs. I became aware that she was waiting for me to say something because I heard her say, “Well?”

I replied apologetically, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I asked how you are getting on at college and what you are studying.”

“I’m doing okay. I’m studying economics and also computer science.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She wanted my life story.

“No one in particular.”

She explained, “I ask only because I know that young men of your age get pretty randy.”

I was surprised at her frank remark and I wondered if she was coming on to me. There was only one way to find out so I said, “I often think about you.”

Her face coloured immediately and she looked startled. She asked sharply, “I beg your pardon?”

It must have been the beer because I temporarily lost leave of my senses when I continued, “I think about you a lot. You’ve always turned me on and I often fantasise about you when I do you know what. Right now I’d love it if you opened your legs a little wider.”

So that was it. I had plunged in head first, shit or bust.

She looked to be in shock. Her eyes were open wide and her face was flushed. Suddenly she arose and said decisively, “Peter I’m afraid you’ve overstayed your welcome and I think you should go now.”

I stood up and said, “I’m sorry if I’ve offended you Mrs Henderson but I was just telling the truth. Thank you for the beer and the fiver. I’ll let myself out.”

It was just a short distance to my own front door and I went straight up to my room. My mother called out, “Is that you Peter because dinner is nearly ready?”

I replied, “Okay Mum.”

I could hear music coming from Sis’s room so I knocked on her door. She was lying on her bed and glancing through a magazine. She looked up and enquired, “What’s up Bruv?”

I sat on the edge of her bed and said, “I have just done something that may have serious consequences.”

With a sober expression she asked quietly, “What the hell have you done now?”

“I just asked Mrs Henderson to open her legs for me.”

She sat up slowly and switched off the music. There was a moment of silence before she said, “Would you mind repeating that because I thought I heard you say that you’ve just asked Mrs Henderson to open her legs.”

“You heard correctly.”

“Would you mind telling me the whole story?”

I related the events of the past hour and asked nervously, “What do you think I should do?”

Sis puckered her face as if in deep thought before replying, “Well you have a few choices. You could plead insanity, you could grow a beard and change your identity or you could emigrate to South America.”

While I was considering her advice she continued, “However my best suggestion is that you should just commit suicide. The reason I favour suicide is because if Daddy gets to hear of it, it will save him the trouble of killing you.”

“So you don’t think he will see the funny side of it?”

She ignored that with, “What on earth were you thinking? It wouldn’t be so bad if she lived a couple of streets away, but she’s our next door neighbour for fuck’s sake.”

“So I’m dead then.”

“As a Dodo.”

I stood up and said, “Well thanks for the advice, I knew I could count on you.”

She got off the bed and put her arms around me. “Do you want me to go and talk to her? Tell her you’re a junky and you completely lose it sometimes. Seriously though, maybe she’ll feel flattered that a young man fancies her and keep it to herself.”

I just hoped Sis was right about the flattery theory, but I didn’t sleep well that night.


A week went by during which I came home each day by a roundabout route so I didn’t have to pass Mrs Henderson’s front gate. As the days passed I felt easier but then one afternoon she was waiting for me. As I approached she beckoned with her finger.

I had to pass my own house to get to her and said weakly, “Hello Mrs Henderson.”

All she said was, “My grass needs cutting again.”

I looked at her lawn and it didn’t seem too bad to me. “When do you want me to do it?”

She replied, “Now would be a good time and it shouldn’t take you long. When you’ve finished you can come in for a beer.” She added, “Jack’s gone to work early.” Her last remark seemed irrelevant.

She reached out for my brief case with, “I’ll look after this.”

The mower was already standing there so I started cutting her lawn. It took about fifteen minutes and I didn’t get much grass off it. I pushed the machine to the rear and knocked on her back door. When she opened it I said, “I’ve finished so may I have my case please?” Her feet were bare with red toenails.

As she turned and walked away she said, “Come in and get it.”

I was reluctant to go into the house but it seemed pointless to stand outside the backdoor so I followed her into the living room.

She sat down with my case on her lap. I stood in the middle of the room with my hand out and asked firmly, “May I have my case please?”

She replied, “In a minute, just sit down.”

I hesitated and then sat in the opposite chair. I said, “Mrs Henderson please let me apologise for saying what I did the other day. I didn’t mean to insult you and I don’t know what came over me….”

She held up her hand to silence me so I tailed off. She replied, “That’s okay, I forgive you.” She looked at me in silence for a moment and then asked, “Do you really fantasise about me when you do you know what?”


“How often do you do you know what?”

“At least once a day.”

There was a long silence and I guessed what the next question was going to be. She asked it quietly. “What do you do to me?”

I didn’t see any point in beating about the bush so I replied, “I fuck you.”

She closed her eyes and winced as if in pain. After a few seconds she opened them and said, “Young man, you have a very direct and somewhat disconcerting manner. Do you not think that perhaps make love would have been a more acceptable answer?”

I replied, “Make love, fuck, what’s the difference? I like to tease you until you’re begging for it.”

She gave a short laugh and said, “Diplomacy is definitely not your best asset.”

She continued, “I’m pretty sure what the answer will be, but do I beg for it?”

“Always. You’re a great fuck Mrs Henderson and the best I’ve ever fantasised about.”

She laughed again and said, “Well thank you, I’m really flattered. You are a very interesting though somewhat tactless young man.”

We sat in silence while she stared at me with the hint of a smile. The next move was hers and I tried to imagine what was going through her mind. As far as I was concerned she had initiated the conversation so I considered myself to be off the hook.

Eventually she spoke. “The last time you were here you asked me to open my legs.”

I remained silent, but she was struggling to make a decision and my heart was pounding.

Very slowly her knees began to part. As her legs opened I could see smooth inner thighs and then red panties. My penis was stiffening and I didn’t attempt to hide it. Her knees were about twelve inches apart when she asked, “Is that wide enough for you?”

“No, wider please.”

Tantalisingly the distance between her knees slowly increased. As her dress began to stretch she reached for the hem and pulled it up until her thighs were completely uncovered. My penis was throbbing and I wondered if I was going to come without actually touching it.

As she sat with her knees wide apart and her red panties clearly in view I noticed that she was breathing quickly. Then she whispered, “Are you enjoying the view? I see that you have a bulge in your trousers, so show me what’s in there.”

I reached for my zipper and then decided against it. I responded, “I’ll show you mine when you’ve shown me yours.”

For a few seconds she didn’t move and I thought we had reached an impasse. Then she reached between her thighs and hooked her finger into the crotch of her panties. With a quick movement she pulled it across and released it immediately. I saw a flash of dark pubic hair and that was all.

I was determined to get an unrestricted view of her pussy so I said. “I don’t know what shutter speed that was, but I’ll show you mine when you’ve shown me yours properly. So pull you panties to one side and hold them there.”

She retorted indignantly, “Young man you are in my house so don’t give orders to me. I asked first.”

I felt a bubble of hysteria rising. The whole situation was ridiculous and we were behaving like a couple of children. But she wasn’t my first sexual experience and I was gaining confidence.

I spoke calmly. “Let us recap. Who started this conversation, was it me? Did I ask you to open your legs? No, you did it voluntarily. So if you don’t want to show me your pussy I’ll go home.”

Another silence ensued while she stared at me defiantly. Was she going to call my bluff? Then she reached down and hooked her finger into her panties again. I saw her take a deep breath and then she pulled them to one side and held them there.

At last all my fantasies were coming true. I could see crimson lips pouting and there was a dribble of moisture. She had dark pubic hair and some of it was matted with her secretion. She had the female equivalent of an erection.

It was time to do swaps. I pulled down my zipper and reached inside. My cock was so hard I had difficulty in getting it out, but when I did it rose to maximum elevation.

I looked across and she was staring in disbelief. She said in awe, “My God is that real?” But I was used to that sort of reaction.

I glanced at my watch and jumped in shock. It was getting close to seven and I had completely forgotten that it was my mother’s birthday.

I pushed my cock back into my trousers and stood up. I said urgently, “Mrs Henderson, I know this is very bad timing but I have to go home.”

She squawked in disbelief, “You what? I can’t believe you’re serious. We were just getting to know each other. Jack won’t be home for ages so can you come back later?”

I felt desperate when I replied, “I can’t. I really don’t want to go but it’s my mother’s birthday.”

She pulled down her dress and said, “Well thank you very much. I thought today was going to be my birthday.”

I asked, “What about tomorrow?

She replied, “Unfortunately the next five days are completely out. Jack’s taking them off which is why he’s working the whole of today.”

I counted quickly on my fingers. “Monday then, will you still be in the same mood?”

“If I haven’t frigged myself to death by then.”

I bent down and kissed her on the cheek. “Mrs Henderson, you are and always have been my ultimate fantasy. Next Monday I want to turn it into reality, but right now I’ve got to go.”

She was still sitting there looking glum when I rushed out.

I opened my front door and Sis was waiting in the hallway. She hissed, “Where have you been you idiot? Dinner has been ready for half an hour and Daddy is going to kill you.”

I took a huge stride up the stairs and then stopped. I turned and whispered, “I’ve been looking at Mrs Henderson’s pussy.”

I left her standing with her mouth open.

My mother forgave me as she always did, especially as I had spent my life savings on a watch which she genuinely loved. My father gave me a menacing look but my mother spotted it and said, “Forget it John. Don’t tell me you’ve never been late for someone’s birthday. We are together now and that’s all that matters.”

My mother was a darling but sweetly naive. My father was a fair man but he had strict rules. He would not tolerate disrespect and the most heinous crime of all would be to bring shame upon the family. We all loved him but we were also scared of him.

The tension eased quickly and we drank champagne and laughed. Sis never took her eyes from me and she must have been squirming with curiosity. After dinner we played silly games and mother had a great time. It was past midnight before we retired to bed.

I lay on my bed and waited. It wasn’t long before the door opened and Sis crept in. She was wearing a short yellow nighty and looked cute, but she could look sexy in a potato sack.

She said quietly, “Okay spill the beans.”

I assumed a puzzled look and asked, “What about?” She pinched my leg painfully and I yelped.

She hissed menacingly, “Don’t fuck about, just tell me what happened.”

I related the story and she listened in silence. At the end of it she said, “The randy bitch. Are you going fuck her next Monday?”

I recoiled in mock horror with, “Good heavens, how could you suggest such a thing?” and then, “What do you think we’re going to do, play Scrabble? Of course I’m going to fuck her because she’s definitely up for it. Until then I will probably wank my brains out so I might need to borrow some tissues.”

Sis had a strange look on her face so I asked, “What’s up?”

She half smiled and replied, “I don’t know. You’re my baby brother and I don’t know if I want a mature woman leaving finger marks all over you. It’s alright with girls of your own age because that’s normal, but an older woman? I think I’m jealous.”

I sat up and put my arms around her. I kissed her on the forehead and said, “Please don’t be jealous. You are really my dream girl but unfortunately you’re also my sister. You can come along and referee if you like and if she looks like she’s going to touch my willy or do something rude like that, you can blow a whistle and show her a yellow card.”

She stood up and said in a serious voice, “Just be careful and don’t let her husband catch you. And for God’s sake don’t let Daddy find out or you won’t be left with a willy for her to touch.”


The next five days crawled by but eventually Monday arrived. During the lunch break, I phoned her and all I said was, “Eight o’clock okay?”

She answered simply, “Yes,” and then added, “Hold on a minute; it’s not anyone’s birthday is it?” I laughed and ended the call.

After dinner I got up casually from the table and said. “I’m going out folks and I’ll be home about eleven.” My parents looked surprised because to make such a formal announcement was unusual and I saw Sis close her eyes in despair.

When I returned from the shower she was sitting on my bed. She was looking really worried and said, “Peter please be careful.” She never called me Peter, it was always Bruv or Shit for Brains.

After leaving the house I strolled casually for a few paces and then turned quickly into the Henderson gateway and ran on tiptoe along the side of the house. When I tapped on the back door it opened immediately.

She was wearing a simple red dress with a deep neckline and I could see the sides of two nicely rounded breasts. There was a pleasant whiff of perfume lingering and she had bare feet with red toenails.

I stepped inside and she closed the door quickly. She said in a serious tone, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

I answered, “What would you say if I said no?”

She replied calmly, “I wouldn’t say anything, I would just knee you in the balls.”

I announced, “Well that seems to be fairly persuasive so I’m sure I want to do it.”

She turned and made for the foot of the stairs but I stopped her with, “Where are you going?”

She looked surprised. “Civilised folk usually have sex in the bedroom.”

“Well I’m too young to be civilised. I’m eighteen and a bit so let’s carry on where we left off last time. You were showing me yours and I was showing you mine. We can go upstairs later.”

In a tentative tone she said, “You might be eighteen and a bit but I am not. I haven’t had sex for a long time, so I’m very nervous.”

“What are you nervous about?”

“I’m nervous that you might be disappointed. You seem to know what you’re doing when it should be the other way around.”

I stepped forward and swept her up in my arms. She was surprisingly light and I carried her into the living room and lowered her into a chair. I sat opposite as before.

“Okay Mrs Henderson I’m in charge. Please remove your panties.”

She said, “Wouldn’t you like to call me Betty, or Bette which I really prefer?”

“You’re always Mrs Henderson in my fantasies so that’s what I prefer. Why haven’t you taken off your panties yet, what are you waiting for?”

She hesitated and then reached under her dress. She lifted herself and slipped her panties down. As she took one foot out she kicked with the other one and they landed in front of me. I lifted them to my face and inhaled deeply. They had an acrid and exciting smell and my penis began to rise.

I said quietly, “Open your legs as wide as you can please.”

She closed her eyes and slowly her legs opened until they were wide apart. Her pussy was a gaping crimson slit with visible wetness. The labia lips protruded noticeably and the hood of her clitoris was dark brown and quite large. Her chest was rising quickly and her breathing was short and jerky.

I asked softly, “Do you feel excited? Still with her eyes closed she nodded her head. I continued, “Keep your eyes shut.”

Quietly I left my chair and knelt in front of her. I had my cock in my hand and I was gripping it tightly. Without touching any other part of her body I moved my head forward until my mouth was an inch or two from her pussy. There was a tiny dribble coming from the base of it and the animal scent of her filled my nostrils.

I reached out with my tongue and lightly touched her clitoris. She hadn’t been expecting it and she jumped as if she’d been electrocuted. I said, “Keep your eyes closed.”

She had her hands on her bosom and was squeezing both breasts through her dress. I flicked her clitoris with my tongue again and she gasped. I waited and when I didn’t continue, she thrust her pussy forward to where she hoped my tongue would be and whispered, “Don’t stop.”

I touched the firm nodule with my tongue again and then gripped it gently with my lips. With the faintest of pressure I gently sucked and nibbled and she moaned piteously. Then still holding it with my lips, I caressed it with the tip of my tongue at a steadily increasing pace.

Soon it was enough and her thighs clamped to the sides of my head and she grabbed my hair. Her body began to jerk convulsively and she cried out as if in pain. I felt a hot splash on my chin.

She was gripping my hair painfully and grinding her sopping vent into my face as her orgasm peaked. Then as the exquisite agony slowly faded she began to relax. Finally her thighs parted and she let go of my hair.

She opened her eyes and gazed down at me with an expression of wonderment. She whispered, “Finally I know what an orgasm is supposed to feel like. I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

I arose from my knees and went back to my chair with my cock extending horizontally. I had a dull ache in my balls and I knew there was only one way to relieve it. She was looking at it questionably and asked, “Do you intend to use that?”

I answered, “Why do you think I brought it with me? I’m going to fuck your brains out with it.”

“How romantic.”

I responded with, “If you want romance you should have said so because I’m the wrong guy. I’m here only for sex. I can’t remember how many times I’ve fucked you in my imagination but it must be close to a thousand. I’m young and I’m fit and I have the urges of an animal, so get ready for it.”

She responded disdainfully, “You don’t frighten me Buster. I’ve been fucked by better men that you. Okay, so it was only in my fantasies and I may have to upgrade the size of their cocks now that I’ve seen a real one.”

I stripped quickly and stood in front of her. I enquired, “With or without your clothes on?”

She arose from her chair and in one movement peeled off her dress. She was not wearing a bra and her breasts were larger than I expected but quite firm. Her stomach was flat and I could see a bikini line and guessed that she sunbathed in her back garden. I had never thought of peering over her back fence.

I stepped back and with genuine admiration said, “Mrs Henderson I am impressed, you have a body to be proud of.”

All she said was, “I try.”

I put my hands on her waist and turned her around. “Bend over and support your weight on the arms of the chair, I’m going to back scuttle you.” Obediently she obliged.

I pushed her feet apart with mine and reached under for her pussy. As I stroked it softly with my fingers she whispered, “It is going to fit in is it? Will I need an anaesthetic?”

When her pussy was sufficiently juicy, I guided my cock slowly in and as I gently pushed I said, “Say when.”

She replied breathlessly, “I’m saying nothing.”

I had masturbated earlier in the hope that it would delay my orgasm and I began with slow measured strokes. I kept that up until she said, “I know you are deliberately going slowly because you want me to beg but I’m not going to. Instead I may start screaming so unless you want to rouse the whole neighbourhood you had better speed things up.”

That sounded like a genuine threat so I increased the pace. As my thrusts became stronger I could feel a tingle beginning and announced, “I’m going to come very soon Mrs Henderson.”

All she was, “Just fuck me.”

For the final few thrusts I drove my cock into her savagely and our bodies slapped loudly together. Each brutal push forced a piercing squeal from her and as I began to spurt I could hear myself snarling like a wild beast.

It was the longest and most intense orgasm that I had ever experienced but eventually it finished and my legs buckled. I collapsed on top of her and my weight caused her arms to give way. We both fell in a heap into the chair but I rolled onto the floor and lay on my back, panting as if I had run a Marathon.

With an effort she turned in the chair and slumped with her legs outstretched and her feet on my chest. Neither of us said anything for more than a minute until she whispered contentedly, “That was a very enjoyable fuck young man.”

I responded, “Me too.”

A few more seconds passed in silence but suddenly she exclaimed, “Jesus,” and leapt to her feet. She rushed out of the room and I panicked. It could only be her husband arriving home so I grabbed my clothes.

I dressed frantically and was trying to sit casually when she strolled back in. As she was still naked I dismissed the return of her husband.

I asked with exasperation, “What the fuck was all that about?”


“What do you mean nothing? I thought it was your husband coming home and I nearly shit myself.”

She giggled and said, “Oh forget him, he won’t be home for ages. I thought I was going to seduce you upstairs and I left joss sticks smouldering and candles alight. When I went up I expected to find the curtains ablaze.”

I put my head in my hands in despair. “For fuck’s sake don’t ever do that again or you’ll make me impotent. May I use your shower?”

“Go ahead, I’ll follow you.”

When it was time to go we stood at the back door in semi-darkness. She must have felt insecure because she whispered, “Do you want to do it again some time?”

I felt genuine affection for her, which is quite unlike me, and gently took her face in my hands. I kissed her lips and murmured, “We’ve only just begun Mrs Henderson. An exciting sexual adventure lies before us just waiting to be explored. Say when you’ve enough of me.”


“Thursday it is, so goodnight and sweet erotic fantasies.”

When I arrived home my parents were watching television. I poked my head into the lounge and said, “Hi.”

My mother asked me if I’d had a good time and I said I had. I went to my room and surfed on the Internet for a while before I lay on the bed and waited. I knew there was no point in going to sleep because Sis would want to hear the whole story and she was out with friends.

Half an hour passed and I heard her footsteps on the stairs. She came straight into my room and sat on the bed. She said unceremoniously, “Start from the beginning and don’t leave anything out.”

I related the evening’s events in graphic detail and didn’t embellish any of it. When I was describing the clitoris licking part she said, “What a lucky bitch.”

“Why do you say that?”

“No one’s ever done that to me. Robert wouldn’t know a clitoris from an elephant’s trunk.”

I was surprised. “Are you telling me that no one’s ever licked your pussy?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Yes you did. You said no one’s ever done that to me.”

She hesitated. “Well I didn’t actually mean no one.”

She now had my full attention and I asked, “Exactly what do you mean then?” To emphasise the extent of my curiosity I added, “Remember Sis, we have no secrets between us.”

I could see she was struggling when she implored, “Are you really going to drag this out of me?”

“Of course I am.”

She sighed and said resignedly, “Okay, what I mean is no man has ever done it.”

I sat up straight and announced excitedly, “Now we are getting somewhere. By a process of elimination that would leave only another female as the likely culprit. Do I know her?”

“Not unless you went to my boarding school.”

I was triumphant. “So it was one of your school friends. Elementary my dear Watson.”

“Could have been one of the teachers.”

Now I was completely hooked. “Even more interesting. So was it one of the teachers?”

“Might have been, among others.”

I was astounded. “Others? Fucking hell, you must have passed your pussy around like a lollipop.”

Sis held up her hand to silence me. “Look Shit for Brains, you went to a mixed school and spent your entire school life feeling girls’ tits and trying to put your hand up their skirts.

I was away at a girl’s school and we all had pussies. We formed our own relationships. Girls were in love with teachers, teachers were in love with girls and girls were in love with each other. It was inevitable that some of it would get physical.

I’m not a raving lesbian and anyway we were talking about your evening with Mrs Henderson. I’ll tell you about my school sex some other time.”

Reluctantly I agreed with, “Alright I’ll take a rain check on that but don’t expect me to forget about it. Okay I’ll finish my story.”

When I got to the end Sis said, “Is this going to be a regular thing then? Because if it is, sooner or later you’re going to get caught.”

I answered, “Well I like her quite apart from the sex and there’s not a lot of travelling involved. I know there’s a huge age gap but it doesn’t feel like that. She’s cute and she makes me laugh. It will probably all end in tears but so what, let’s make hay while the sun shines.”

Sis stood up to leave. “Okay live dangerously but remember the quote from one of the Greek philosophers. I think it was Pythagoras who said, never shit on your own doorstep. Sleep tight Bruv.”


When Thursday’s evening meal was over, I thanked my mother and left the table but this time without any unusual announcements. After a quick shower I was soon tapping on the door. She opened it immediately and said, “Hello naughty young man.”

She turned and went into the living room but I went to the foot of the stairs. I waited until she came out again. She looked at me and asked, “Why are you standing there?”

“I thought you wanted to make love in the bedroom.”

She put her hands on her hips and said impatiently, “I wish you’d make up your mind. Last time you didn’t want to go upstairs.”

I replied, “Civilised folk usually have sex in the bedroom.” I stood aside to let her go first and then grabbed one foot. As she tripped flat, I lifted her dress and pretended to bite her buttocks accompanying it with growling noises. She squawked with laughter until I let her go.

She ran on ahead and when I entered the bedroom she was lying on the bed. She was on her side and supporting her head with one hand on her elbow. Her eyes were sparkling and her face was flushed with pleasure when she said, “You make me feel like a teenager again.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and she turned onto her back. She lifted one leg and stretched it across my lap. Quietly she said, “Just in case you’ve been thinking about it, I know this won’t last forever and sooner or later you’ll move on. I just want to enjoy you for as long as you’re here. When my time is up I’ll kiss you goodbye and say thank you.”

I responded in a sober tone, “That sounds very premature Mrs Henderson. We have hardly begun to know each other so it was much too serious for only our second date. I was just developing a nice erection and now you’ve made it droop.”

She replied apologetically, “I’m sorry and perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything, but I just wanted to….”

I interrupted with, “Perhaps you should just get your knickers off.”

She put both hands behind her head and replied defiantly, “If you want them off then you can take them off.”

“Okay I will.”

I lifted her dress and lowered my mouth to her panties. I gripped the flimsy material in my teeth and tugged. I didn’t realise how difficult it would be and especially the area close to her pussy. After a failed attempt during which she asked me to leave her some pubic hair, I decided I was doing it the wrong way. Instead of starting at the lower part and pulling, I should have gone to the top and peeled them downwards.

I grasped the band of her panties in my teeth and by lifting her buttocks I eventually managed to drag them all the way down to her ankles.

She was giggling the whole time but finally I was looking at her naked pussy. She was quite aroused because it had opened like a moist flower. I said, “Show me how you play with your pussy.”

She said coyly, “I’ve never thought I’d be showing anyone how I masturbate. Well sometimes I lie on my back and rub it here.” She demonstrated by touching her clitoris. “And sometimes I lie on my stomach and do it backwards.” She immediately flipped over and reached upwards between her legs to caress herself. “When I’m in the bath I often rub it with a bar of soap. How do you do it?”

“Just the standard way as described in the user’s manual. I showed her with a few quick strokes. “I’m not familiar with any other method but I expect some exist.”

She whispered, “Shall we do it together? It would be exciting if I watched you knowing that you are aroused by watching me.”

My response was, “I would also enjoy that but there is a technical problem. You might be able to come two or three times in rapid succession but I need a period of recovery afterwards and the length of time varies. So if you want to be fucked properly, we’ll have to do that first and I’ll hold back my orgasm.”

“Can you do that?”

I replied, “Well I imagine myself sitting in the dentist’s chair with the drill hovering and that usually works.”

She laughed with, “You think of everything. How shall we do it?”

“It’s your call.”

She was giggling with excitement. “Okay I’m in charge then.” She peeled off her dress and said, “Let’s start with the missionary position.”

I got on my knees in readiness.

“No wait a minute I’ve changed my mind. I’ll think I’ll go on top.”

I sat down again.

“No I was right the first time. We’ll save the good ones for some other time.”

This time I didn’t move.

She lay on her back with raised legs held wide apart. After a few seconds, she lifted her head and peered at me through her open legs. “Come on then, I’m ready.”

I said, “I’m waiting for you to change your mind again.”

“No this is definitely the one….I think.”

I flopped onto my back and gurgled with laughter. This was supposed to be a horny liaison but instead I was just enjoying her nonsense.

Eventually I got to my knees and crawled towards her. I looked down and my cock was at half-mast. I pointed to it and said, “See what you’ve done to me.”

She looked at it with a serious expression. “Okay, bring it up here and I’ll give it a blowdry.”

“It’s called a blow job.”


I crawled along straddle fashion until I was dangling it just above her face. She reached up and waggled it a couple of times. She took the glans between her lips but almost immediately removed it and said, “I’ve never done this before so don’t get critical.”

I clenched my teeth and growled, “Do you want to be fucked today or not?”

“Okay, keep your hair on.”

Within a minute she had got the hang of it and it was obviously exciting her because she reached under me and was fondling her pussy. She had my cock throbbing in no time so I said, “Right, it’s time to fuck.”

I shuffled backwards to position myself in a strategic position and was about to insert my stiffened rod when she grabbed it. She whispered, “I want to put it in.”

I was expecting her to insert it but instead she gripped and rubbed the end of it back and forth against her pussy. She was sopping with her secretions and it made an audibly wet sound. I heard her suck in her breath and then close her eyes. She said breathlessly, “I desperately want to push it right in but I’m teasing myself. When I do push it in I’ll come quickly because I’m almost coming right now.”

Eventually she moaned, “I can’t take any more, I want all of it inside me.” She pushed in my cock to its fullest extent and pleaded urgently, “Please fuck me now and as hard as you like.”

I put my hand under her bottom and the other one behind her back and lifted her clean off the bed. I used her like a blow-up doll; ramming her onto my cock as hard as I could. Her face was into my neck and her hands were behind my back. Her whimpers became urgent cries as her orgasm started and her nails dug painfully into my flesh.

Although I was imagining myself in the dentist’s chair and desperately trying not to come, I was losing the battle. Then I reached the point of no return and surrendered. My balls tightened and my seed erupted. I could hear myself growling while she emitted piercing shrieks as our orgasms clashed.

As my climax faded I tried to lower her onto the bed but all strength had left my body and I fell on top of her. For a while neither of us said anything until I whispered, “I’m afraid we’ll have to forget about masturbation for a while. I tried to hold back but you made me come because you’re such a horny bitch.”

She was delighted. “Did I really? Am I a good fuck then?”

“You sure are Ma’am, a five-star fuck.”

She kissed me on the cheek and said, “That’s the nicest compliment I’ve ever had. Say some more nice things.”

I thought for a moment and then said, “You are so sexy I don’t know whether I’m coming or coming.” She squealed with laughter and clapped her hands.

We lay side by side looking into each other’s eyes until she asked wistfully, “Why are you only eighteen and a bit?”

There was no answer to that.


At home and lying on my bed I tried to assess the situation. I said to myself, “Now listen Peter, you’re a tall young not bad looking guy with a big cock and the chicks like you. You’ve shagged a few already and there are many more lined up and waiting. Why then are you looking forward to the next time you risk your life to spend an evening with a woman who is old enough to be your mother? Is it just the conquest? Do you want to brag about it to your mates? Or is there another reason?”

My questions remained answered and I waited for Sis to come home. When she entered my room she looked at me and said, “Jesus Bruv you’re looking serious. What happened tonight?”

I answered, “Nothing happened, we just had sex.”

“Why the long face then?”

I replied, “Sis, I think I’m cracking up. It’s not just the sex, which incidentally is very good, I actually like being with her. If I said I would be happy to spend an evening in her company without any sex, would you believe me?”

She stared at me for a long time before she said, “Try it.”

“Try what?”

“Try spending an evening in her company without sex. Take a pack of cards.”

I thought about it for a few seconds and then said bravely, “All right I will because you don’t think I can. I’ll prove to you that it’s not just her pussy that I enjoy. I’m seeing her on Monday and a pack of cards it will be.”

***************************** Monday came and I tapped on her door. She was wearing a dress that was quite simple and wasn’t showing too much breast. She had bare feet of course and stood on tiptoe to give me a light kiss on the mouth. She said, “Hi sexy man.”

She started to climb the stairs and I walked into the living room and sat down. A few seconds later she appeared in the doorway with her hands on her hips. She said in a menacing voice, “You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you. If you think you’re going to make them put me away, I saw that film too and the bad guy gets it in the end.”

I produced the pack of cards and said sublimely, “I thought we’d play cards this evening instead of having sex.”

She looked startled, and then in a worried tone, “Are you all right? It hasn’t dropped off has it, or is it just the wrong time of the month?”

I replied, “Very funny. If you must know, this is a magnanimous gesture on my part to prove that I also enjoy just your company. And also to demonstrate that it isn’t necessary for us to fornicate like disgusting wild animals in order to enjoy an evening together.”

“But I want to fornicate like disgusting wild animals.”

I said firmly, “Well you can’t so sit down and behave yourself. Do you know how to play Poker?”

“Strip Poker?”

I said despairingly, “No just ordinary Poker. Don’t you ever think about anything other than sex?”

She cupped her hand to her chin and furrowed her brow in deep thought. After a few seconds she replied, “No I don’t think I do. At least not since I saw the size of your dick.”

I ignored that and announced, “We’ll play five card draw, open with anything.” I dealt five cards to each of us and said, “This is the one where you can change them if you don’t like them.”

She gave them a brief glance and then handed them back to me with, “Don’t like them.”

I picked them up to see what she was discarding. I said, “You can’t throw all of these away, you’ve got two aces.”


“You’ve got to like them.”

She folded her arms and replied defiantly, “If I say I don’t like them it’s because I don’t like them. And I’m certainly not going to like them without any panties on.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

She sighed and spoke carefully. “You said if I didn’t like them I could change them. Well I didn’t like them. Are you stupid or something?”

“But you mentioned something about panties.”

She sighed again. “I was merely pointing out that one of the factors contributing to my either liking or not liking those particular five cards is because I am not wearing any panties. If it’s all too technical for you, just say so and we’ll watch TV.”

I folded my arms on the table and put my head down on them. It was hopeless, she was completely bonkers. I started to giggle helplessly and I couldn’t stop. She waited impassively.

Eventually I was able to control myself and looked up. “What do you want to do then?”

“I want to be fucked.”

All my good intentions went out of the window. I picked up one of the straight backed chairs and set it down in the middle of the room. I stripped and sat down on it. My cock was flaccid so I said, “Come here and give this a blowdry.”

She peeled off her dress and she was naked underneath. She came to me eagerly and knelt between my legs. When she began to suck and lick me, I reached down and fondled her breasts. She had prominent nipples and I rolled them gently in my fingers. Her hand was between her own legs and I could see from the movement of her fingers that she was caressing herself.

She was unable to get the entire length of my cock into her mouth but I hadn’t yet met a female who could. Pretty soon she had it pulsating so I said, “Okay climb aboard.”

She didn’t need a second invitation and she was up on her feet quickly. As she straddled my lap, I said, “I’m not going to move so you’ll have to do all the work.”

She muttered, “Typical.”

Despite standing on tiptoe she couldn’t quite raise her pussy to where the top of my cock was, so I had to lower it slightly for her to insert it. She was staring straight into my eyes as she slowly sank onto it and gasped, “If I push it in any further I’ll start gagging.”

She put her hands on my shoulders and with her feet on the floor she began to raise and lower herself as if she was riding a merry-go-round. Occasionally she would twist slightly and, as it was a tight fit, the sensation was delicious. My arms were just hanging at my sides and I made no attempt to help her.

Soon her movements became more urgent and she gasped, “I’m going to come in a minute.” As she got closer to her orgasm, she stood erect and her strokes became rapid and shorter.

Suddenly she cried out, “Yes.” She had been frantically jerking up and down but as she climaxed she drove slowly downwards and then dragged up again. She was groaning harshly, and as the exquisite sensations racked her she repeated the slow pushes and pulls as if she was siphoning her pleasure from my body.

Finally it was over and her head drooped onto my chest. Her arms flopped to her sides and she became motionless. I had managed not to come but it had been a close call.

She was too exhausted to lift her head and in a muffled voice she asked, “Has anyone ever died in the middle of a fuck? Because I nearly did just then.”

I put my arms around her and gently stroked her back. “Thousands I would imagine.”

She gave a nudge with her pelvis and said, “You’re still as hard as a rock. How do you manage it?”

“I didn’t come.”

Her head jerked upwards and she asked in a worried tone, “Didn’t you enjoy it?”

“Oh you excited me all right but I thought you wanted to do the masturbation thing. So with great willpower, not to mention unselfishness, I managed to stop myself from coming.”

She smiled and kissed my cheek and in a delighted tone said, “You’re such a gentleman.”

We cuddled for a few minutes until I announced, “Come on then, let’s go upstairs.”

When we were in the bedroom I said, “You had better get a towel.” She handed me a bath towel and I spread it on the bed and then sat cross-legged with most of it in front of me. I instructed, “Okay, you sit opposite and open your legs so I can see what you’re doing.”

We were only about two feet apart and I warned, “You’re too close. When my cock is as hard as this I squirt a long way.”

Instead of moving back she moved closer and said, “I don’t care, I’m in a sluttish mood.”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “It’s up to you. Now close your eyes and think your favourite dirty thought; one that always makes you come.”

She closed her eyes and began to stroke her pussy. I was slowly rubbing my cock and watching her closely. She continued gently for a while until she sucked in her breath and began to rub her clitoris faster. I enquired, “Tell what you are thinking about.”

With her eyes closed she whispered, “I’m sitting in the window seat of an aeroplane and we’re flying at night. There’s a good looking man in the seat beside me.

I’ve been snoozing but suddenly I can feel his hand on my knee. I’m pretending to be asleep but he knows I’m really awake. Now he’s pulling up my dress and he’s sliding his hand between my legs. I’m scared but it’s exciting so I’m not stopping him. He’s putting his hand inside my panties and now he’s gently fingering my pussy. He’s taken out his cock and he’s putting my hand on it. He wants me to masturbate him.”

While she was talking I was gripping my cock tightly. Although her story was exciting me as well, I didn’t want to come until she did.

She was breathless but still speaking softly. “I’m rubbing his cock up and down and he’s stroking my clit faster. He’s going to make me come soon.”

Suddenly she opened her eyes and pleaded, “Please come with me.” She began to rub her pussy furiously and was squeezing one of her nipples with the other hand. Then she gasped urgently, “I’m coming right now.”

I had been holding back but now my strokes became faster. I could feel my balls tighten and I tensed in anticipation of a violent orgasm. I started to ejaculate and pulses of semen curved in an arc to plash against her stomach.

As the first spurt hit her she fell backwards with her legs wide apart. She was franticly rubbing her engorged slit and groaning loudly. I saw the muscles of her stomach tighten as each wave of pleasure flooded her and her face contorted as if in agony.

When my semen was finally spent I also fell backwards. The exquisite sensations slowly faded from our punished bodies until we both lay motionless with exhaustion.

Eventually I raised myself on one elbow and asked softly, “Did you enjoy that?”

She had her eyes closed and in a wondrous voice answered, “Each time you make me come it gets better.”

She used the towel to wipe herself and then left for the shower. When I had showered and dressed she saw me to the back door. She kissed me and said, “That was much more fun that silly Poker wasn’t it? You’re very inventive so think up some more naughty things that we can do. By the way, when are you going to be free again?”


She agreed Thursday was ok and I left.

I walked quietly the few paces home and inserted my key in the lock. As I carefully turned it I heard someone say, “Good evening Peter.”

My stomach lurched and I squirted an involuntary dribble of urine. It was my father’s voice.

He had been standing in darkness to the side of the house and waiting for me.

I struggled to speak but managed to say, “Good evening Dad.”

He said quietly, “Shall we go inside and talk?” He opened the door and led the way.

As we passed along the hallway, Sis was standing outside the living room and looked terrified. She said, “May I speak with you Daddy?”

“No you may not.”

We walked to the small extension at the rear of the house which he referred to as his study and he shut the door. He motioned me to a chair and sat facing me. He spoke quietly. “Now then Peter, tell where you have been this evening.”

I answered weakly, “Visiting a friend.”

“And do I know this friend?”

“Yes Sir.”

He knew that I would always tell him the truth no matter how painful it might be so he took his time. “So tell me about your friend.”

I wondered what my punishment would be. Cut off without a penny? Made to join the Armed Forces? Whatever was in store for me, there was no point in putting it off so I answered, “It is Mrs Henderson.”

He leaned back in his chair and crossed one leg over the other. He said quietly, “I see. And what were you and Mrs Henderson doing this evening?”

“We were playing Poker.” I was still clutching the pack of cards so I slowly opened my hand to show it to him.

That threw him completely and he stared at the packet in surprise. He had no doubt that I was telling the truth but it was unexpected and he must have been confused. There was silence while he considered my answer before continuing, “Did you play Poker the entire evening?”

“No Sir.”

He was now back on track. “So for how long did you and Mrs Henderson play Poker?”

“I can’t remember exactly Sir.”

He persisted with, “Well please try to remember. You have been in her house for about two hours. So would you have been playing for two hours or less than two hours?”

“Probably less Sir.”

He was still being patient when he said in a carefully modulated tone, “I’ll ask you again and this time I would like an accurate answer please. For how long were you and Mrs Henderson playing Poker?”

The firing squad were levelling their rifles. I desperately wanted to go to the toilet but I doubted that he would allow time-out.

My mouth was dry but I managed to whisper, “For about five minutes.”

There was another pause before he asked, “And why did you play for only five minutes?”

“She couldn’t seem to get the hang of it.”

I waited for the fatal question and he asked it quietly. “So what did you and Mrs Henderson do for the rest of the evening?”

This was it and it I wondered what my future would be. My heart was pounding and I was gripping the pack of cards so tightly it was curving in my hand. I tried to say it once but my lips were too numb. I made another attempt and managed to croak, “We had sex.”

I could hear the thud of my heart while he stared at me without expression. Then he uncrossed his legs and leaned forward. He asked earnestly, “Did she seduce you?”

His question surprised me and I wondered which one of us had seduced the other. I hadn’t previously really thought about it.

I recalled how her nonsense made me laugh. How she accepted that it would not last forever and that there would be no reprisals. I thought about all the years that I had fantasised about her, but just spending time in her company was so enjoyable. I came to a decision.

I said calmly, “No Sir, I seduced her.”

His mouth opened slightly and his eyes widened in surprise. This time there was an even longer silence and he must have been groping for the right words. Was he shocked? Was he ashamed of me?

Eventually in a surprisingly considerate tone he said, “Son, isn’t she just a little old for you?”

I answered, “Well Sir, I admit there is a bit of an age gap but I really like her. We laugh a lot and she’s completely scatty. We are just enjoying each other while it lasts; which won’t be forever so don’t worry that she might become your daughter-in-law.” His eyes softened slightly and I wondered if he was amused.

“We excite each other and sex was always going to be inevitable. If you’re concerned about her husband, we are very careful.”

He stared at me for a long time and the seconds ticked slowly by. He loved me and he knew I loved him but he always played by strict rules. Had I violated them and was I bringing shame upon the family?

Eventually he rose slowly to his feet and looked down at me. He said quietly, “Well don’t let your mother find out because you know what’s she’s like.” With that he left the room.

I sat motionless in shock. I was still alive and I could not believe it. I tried to stand but my legs would not support me. The door opened and Sis came in. Her face was ashen and her hands were clasped together and visibly shaking. In a tremulous voice she asked, “Well?”

I tried to smile but only one side of my face moved.

I replied weakly, “Piece of cake.”

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