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Tickle Me Mercilessly

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You and I had been friends for quiet some time, sharing a common bond in subversive, dumb comedies, quirky cartoons and a general agreement that laughing a lot is the best way to spend out your life to zero in this world. We met through our jobs awhile back; your flashing eyes and warm smile put me at easy the very first day. Finding out that we had so much in common had been a bonus and so it became very easy for us to fall into a comfortable friendship.

We didn’t have anything sexual between us except my secret pinning for you. I tried to hide it. Being the kind of man that you are, you either didn’t notice my hopeless desire for you or just didn’t act on my weakness. Even when we started spending more and more time together, including weekends, I channeled all my sexual frustrations into being the same old, goofy and silly girl that you had come to know so well.

We went to clubs, movies, and outdoor concerts in the summer, just generally enjoying each others company. Who knew that we would be so evenly matched in other ways as well?


We started out Friday night like others, each of us hemming and hawing about what we should do. Go to this club or that, a movie? After several minutes of indecision we decided to stay in for a change. You had brought over some movies that we both loved and I had a couple of steaks that were just waiting for the grill. Decision made, we both took turns in the bathroom changing into more comfortable clothes. You had an overnight bag at my place for those evenings when after heavy club-hopping, my couch looked better then a hospital bed. I felt a pang in my loins at the thought of you sleeping over, so close to my bed, yet so far away. I would probably be lying awake thinking about your sleeping body tonight.

“Oh well, no work tomorrow… and who needs sleep anyway.” I said to myself.

When I came into the kitchen in my pajamas you said while staring at my chest, “Hmmm, nice tank top, are you cold?” I swatted a hand at you as you dodged my attack, “Actually, I think that those mean that you’re done cooking.” I swatted at you again laughing and said, “Hey, go make the salad funny boy while I light the grill. Oh, can you open the bottle of wine in the fridge, Thanks?” You bowed and trotted off to the kitchen as my eyes shifted over your nicely moving butt.


We ate until the meat was gone and the salad was decimated to a few scattered leaves. Both of us agreed that the wine my boss had given me for Christmas was good, and vowed to look for more. I cleared the table while you got one of the movies set up. Once we both had settled down into my squishy couch, it wasn’t very long before we both were laughing at the jokes we knew too well and yelling out the lines before they came up. You kept reaching out to touch my arm, shoulder, or hands; a habit of your affectionate nature that always made my heart skip faster.

When the movie got the part that always made me laugh the hardest, you reached over and rubbed my belly quickly, which in turn only made me laugh harder and try to get away from your touch.

“Ah, I think the girl is ticklish!” you exclaimed and moved closer, wiggling your fingers at me in a menacing way.

“You wouldn’t dare!” I threw out at you.

Mischievous hazel eyes narrowed in my direction and you moved just a little closer.

“Why would you say that? Don’t like to be tickled?”

I looked at you for a second, knowing inside that I had a serious thing about being tickled. The idea that a man, and such an attractive one no less, would and could tickle me, just about caught my panties on fire. I thought to myself that if I never get to bed you, then at least maybe I can live out a fetish with you without you knowing about it. So I tossed my blonde hair and cast out the bait.

“Oh, no…I never like to be tickled, especially by a total geek like you.”

I over exaggerated every word and stuck my tongue out at you just for good measure. Your eyes widened slightly and then an evil grin stretched across your face. In a villainous voice and while rubbing your hands together you said, “Ha! Now I have you my clutches girl; there is no escape from the Tickle Terrorist!” I squeaked in delighted fear as you pounced in my direction.

Your sudden move gave me no time to untangle my legs out from under me, so I fell to the floor instead of making a hasty escape. I squeaked again as you fell on top of me, trying to contain my squirming form. Somehow in all the struggle you ended up straddling my body right above my hips, you feet folded over the tops of my thighs and pressing them down on the floor. We were both laughing and fighting as you tried to gather both of my wrists in one hand.

“Success!” you cried out, “The crowd cheers our lofty hero!”

“Hey, no fair since you only out weigh me by a hundred pounds or more!”

I looked up at you; you brown hair was a mess and you were slightly panting like me. Your dancing eyes were twinkling down into mine and I noticed that your shirt was all askew, enough so that I could see your chest hair peaking out of the collar.

“What should the Tickle Terrorist start with first? And such a wide array of targets to choose from!”

You pulled my wrists up high and planted them down above my head. I wiggled like crazy, trying to pull them away, when your fingertips started to twirl in my armpits. My face felt hot as sharp, loud screams of laugher burst out of me.

“No, no, no, no….ah, stop, stop!” Out came my begging requests. Your fingers drifted around my neck while I tried to capture those torturous offenders with my chin.

“Wow, listen to those little feet just drumming away on the carpet!” you said smiling. “I’ll have to get to them soon.” Your fingers wiggled a path up the insides of my arms, back down past my neck and into my armpits again.

“No, no, no, mercy!” I pleaded, twisting my face from side to side.

“Don’t like to be tickled, eh? Well this is one geek that will make sure you never forget this tickle session.” You threatened as I felt your fingers brushed down the side of my body and up over my belly. They grazed between my breasts, once, twice, and then back down to my stomach.

Mixed in with the shaking of my muscles from all the laughing, I could feel my sex swelling to tenderness; getting wetter and softer by the second. I gasped as you hand brushed the undersides of my breast. Was it an accident? I was not sure but hoped that it would happen again.

“I just love tickling you.” You said over my face, “All this wiggling sure is good for me.” You winked and tickled back up my side, brushing my breast again. You shifted to transfer my wrists from one hand to the other as I made an earnest attempt at escape. However you were just too strong for me.

“Other side!” you announced and proceed to follow the same path you had just taken.

My legs were positively thrashing about as I tried to buck you off with my hips. Had I just heard you groan with pleasure? Your swift fingers pulled up my shirt, exposing my stomach.

“What,” I panted “Are you doing?”

“Getting ready to tickle that soft, vunerable belly skin of yours.” You growled.

I looked into your eyes, your lids half-shut; your lips parted just a crack. My cunt screamed to get my attention; my panties were positively soaked!

“I love tickling girls.” You said as your fingers danced over my stomach, sending more laughter flying out of my mouth. I noticed for the first time that you were pushing a very hard erection into my pelvis and hip. I groaned involuntarily.

“Now that sure was a funny sounding laugh.” You said as you rubbing your cock against me, “Hmmm, there it was again. I wonder what caused that.” You teased me, making my nipples rise.

It took a few gasping breathes for me to realize that your hand was stroking my belly instead of tickling. I looked back up at you and this time your eyes were dark with something that I could only hope was desire for me.

“Do you yield?” your eyebrow rose to the question.

“Is that the best you can do?” I flirted back.

You looked at me with mock surprise. “Like playing with fire, eh, well let’s see just how much of you really is ticklish shall we?”

You leaned closer towards my face, your hips were planted on top of mine and I felt you sliding my tank top up higher, exposing my ribs and lower breasts. For a second we started at each other, your hazel eyes dwelling over my blue ones. I wanted you to kiss me so very badly.

“You really do like this don’t you?” you asked.

My face blushed hard, “Yes”, I said quietly, taking a chance at your rejection. I jumped with surprise when your lips fell down upon mine. “I really do like to tickle girls.” You said between gentle pecks at my lips. ” It’s this sort of thing that I want to do…but it is hard to find girls who would like it back and not think I’m weird.” Your erection rubbed my hip again, “I like it in a more then a just for fun sort of way…if you catch my drift.” Your lips were seducing my senses and your words were making my head spin.

“Is it alright? Do you want me to stop?” A worried look formed in your face. My heart melted at your concern. “You can tickle me anytime you want to.” I murmured softly and pushed my hips up to meet your.

Your eyelids got that heavy look again but a sly smile drifted over your mouth. “How about here. Are you ticklish here too?” Fingers grazed my ribs lightly; just the tips brushing over the undersides of my breast. I giggled and sighed at the same time. I was torn between the need to lean into your touch or retreat it. Pure torture! Your fingers tickled in a wide arch that included my stomach, between my breast and all around them. Your hands were so masterful at avoiding my nipples, even with all of my squirming and laughing.

Fingers floated over my skin. They pressed into the palms of my hands, down my inner arms, over my armpits, around my breasts, and a finger or two sliding between my stomach and the waistband of my sweats. This last action caused me to gasp and reach my lips out for yours. “Hmmm, how about here?” as you pulled your head back smiling, your fingers tracing my areolas through my top. “Does this tickle too?” My body jumped at the softness of your touch. “Yes.” I replied, “But in a really good way.” My clit was throbbing as you grinded your straining cock right against my cunt, wedging the fabric of my panties into my wet slit.

“How about now?” you breathed out and I held my breath as your hand pushed my top up over my breasts, baring them to your eyes and fiendish fingers. You drew soft, slow circles around on my breasts, starting from the outside towards my hard, pink nipples. It felt so good but still tickled too; I fell into another fit of giggles. The hand that was restraining me releases my wrists as you rolled off of me and onto your side. You pulled my body up snug beside you. “Let’s get this off, shall we?” you pulled my top up and off. “And how about these things?” As your big, warm hand slid into the waistband of my sweats and proceeded to roll them off my body.

“All that skin and my fingers just begging to play.” You whispered the words into my mouth. “Do you want to stay here on the floor, or go get more comfortable?”

“My room please.” I breathed as my body shivered with excitement.

I laughed in surprise as you jumped up quickly and scooped me up off the floor. Once we got to the bedroom, you laid me down gently and then stepped back and started to remove your clothes. My watchful eyes roamed over your body as your chest hair came into full view. My legs started to rub together involuntarily when your cock sprang out from the confines of your shorts. Your body was so beautiful to me; muscles defined without being obnoxious, long limbs that well suited your torso, and those flashing eyes made me tremble.

“Oh, those panties are just going to have to come off, but first…” you trailed off as you reached out and grabbed one of my feet. I screamed as you ran your thumb up the insole. “No, no, no, not my feet! Anything but those! Mercy! Mercy!” You grabbed my other leg as well and tickled my sensitive ankles. I was thrashing about as you rose one of my feet to your face and snuck your tongue out to press a long, slow drag into my instep. I was really screaming, so much so, that it was very hard to breath. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at you, trying to dislodge your tongue from my right ankle. You just glared at me and bit down. My skin, which was always easy to mark, was getting covered in your teeth imprints as you chewed your way up my calves. I threw another pillow at you and was reaching for another one when you laughed out, “Ha! Out of ammo! I guess you’ll just have to take it like a real woman!”

You lowered my legs and climbed up over them, licking and biting your way up my thighs to my hips. I twisted under your assault, your saliva cooled and dried on my skin. Your fingers hooked under my knees, tickling around as your lips planted kisses all around my pubic mound. My throat couldn’t decided whether it wanted to laugh or moan so it switched between the two often. I reached down and grabbed a handful of your hair and then tugged gently. “Please, no more tickling.” I felt the heavy weight of your stare; your eyes sparkled with promise.

“Are you sure you want me to stop? I have one more place to test for ticklishness.” The implications of your words swirled around in my head. “How about it? Are you ticklish there too? Don’t you want me to find out?”The devil was flashing in your eyes as you pulled at my panties with your teeth.

“I bet you are so ticklish here.”

Your breath brushed across my pubic hair and I felt so overheated and wet, like I was never going to stop dripping juice from my core. I was still giggling as you squiggled your fingers up across my hips and outer thighs, but that all changed as you began to trace your tongue between my swollen pussy lips. My body trembled under you as your hands reached over and held my legs apart.

“I want to tickle you inside too…can I?”

My head nodded in boneless agreement while my fingers twined into your hair. The soft, wet touch of your tongue made my giggles turn into moans; my pussy throbbed under your mouth. I could barely believe that this was happening; just hours before I only dreamed about your head between my legs, but now you were there, licking me so softly that it took my breath away. I felt my flesh contract as you slid your tongue long and flat from my opening to my clit, and circling my clit, back down to probe inside me. Your wiggling tongue was teasing the wetness from deep inside me and I thrust my hips at you, unable to stop myself from doing it.

You ran a hand up my stomach to the undersides of my breasts and proceeded to tickle me once more. My nerves couldn’t take it, caught between pleasure and laughing. Your tongue lapped at my pussy in long, slow drags as my thighs tightened around your head.

“Oh God, stop tickling please….I can’t concentrate!” I begged as you started to suck lightly on my clit, while still continuing to flick your fingers over my ribs. Finally, your fingers ceased there torment has your hand reached up and squeezed my breast, pulling on my nipple occasionally. I couldn’t hold back as the spasms whipped through my muscles, deep into my groin. A low sob of pleasure pressed out of my chest as I felt you growl against my overheated flesh. My hands shook and tangled in your hair.

As my back arched out for one final wave of ecstasy, I felt you rise up and lower your body onto me, your hands cradling my head, lips crushing down on mine. I tasted myself on your lips as our tongues swirled together with urgency. I reached down between our bodies and grasped your cock, tugging on the skin gently. The soft curve of your lips hung over mine as you rolled your hips to thrust your cock against my palm. With your eyes twinkling, you rolled us over so that I was lying on top of you.

“I want to taste you too.” I said into your mouth and started to move down your body. You stopped me, turning me around over top of you. At first I was confused, but then realized that you wanted me to move into a 69 position and my body started to tremble all anew. I shifted into position over you and stopped to admire my prize. For so long I had wondered what your cock would look like; how it would feel and taste. Now I would have my chance, and more.

I reached my tongue out towards your straining flesh, lapping at your cock head lightly. You shuddered under me and pulled my thighs apart further, pressing your cheek against my leg. My face grew so hot, knowing that you were staring right at my open sex. I slid my lips down onto you, rubbing the head of your cock against the roof of my mouth, trying to get all of you down to the back of my throat without gagging. I slowly started to bob my lips up and down your shaft. Your sweet flesh stifled the loud groan that rose from the depths of me as your hot, soft tongue entered my pussy once again while I swirled my tongue around your engorged, purple cock head. I was thrown back and forth between the desire to give you back a measure of the pleasure you were giving me and the delicious torture of your mouth sucking on my pussy lips.

I jumped and giggled around your shaft as you scratched your nails lightly over my ass and hips, tickling at the undersides of my sensitive butt cheeks. I pulled my mouth from your cock, replaced it with my hand and groaned, “Oh no, not more!” I could have sworn that you were smiling against my cunt as you continued to tease my ass with your nails. I tried to retaliate by running my hand up and down your cock, squeezing slowly but firmly, hoping that you would get to distracted to keep up the tickling. Your fingers wavered a few times as you moaned into my pussy, but somehow you keep going nevertheless. I licked the top of your cock, tasting the pre cum that started to leak out of you.

Just when I thought that my stomach muscles would really start to ache from all the laughter, you bit down into one of my inner thighs. My yelp of surprise was replaced by a sigh as your hands started to rub my lower back. You raised your hips towards my face, sliding your cock all the way to the back of my tongue as your lips made a pass over my anus. I sucked your dick hard in surprise as you licked my ass; the feeling of your tongue so new to me, so erotic and dirty all at once that I could barely stand the intensity. I tried to shift, trying to get away, but you held my hips tightly, all the while rimming my ass slowly. Reaching down I massaged your balls as my forehead came to rest on your thigh, the crimson flush of my cheeks burning my skin. “Lick my balls baby”, you groaned out and then went back to lathing my tight crinkle. I lifted your swollen jewels to my mouth and worshipped them with flat, long drags while rolling your skin against my lips. Your grip on me tightened more and with a swift movement you rolled us over onto our sides.

You shifted your body around and laid me onto my back, your face dark and intense as you planted your palms on either side of my head. I felt your knees nudging and spreading my thighs wide. We were both panting with need, my fingers were clawing at your shoulders and chest, your cock bumped against my puffy, wet lips. You grasped one of my legs and pushed it up while you guided your cock to my vulnerable pussy. The feeling of you sliding your cock head around in my open, waiting hole made us both shiver. Suddenly, you bore down swiftly, pushing a gasp right out of me as my wet lips slid up your shaft, you balls snug against my ass.

I grabbed your hips as you rolled them experimentally, watching me squirm beneath you. “Does that tickle?” you smiled, rolling your hips slowly, “Does it. How about this?” as you pulled back and plunged your shaft deep into me. All I could do was moan in response while your hips grinded against mine, rising and falling. You pushed your face into the crook of my neck as you pounded me mercilessly; your breath was so hot against my ear. As you pumped your dick into me I could feel your damp chest hair rubbing my erect nipples while the trail of hair on your belly tickled my skin with each thrust. I pressed my cheek to your head, smelling the sweat in your hair. I was so lost in the pleasurable friction that you were igniting in my clit and tightening walls. I raised my legs and wrapped them around your waist, opening my pussy even more to your plunder. The sexiest growl I have ever heard rose from you lips causing my insides come completely undone, gushing all over you. Stars exploded behind my eyes and I cried out, digging my fingers into your lower back.

When I was able to open my eyes again I saw that you were looking down at me, your brow furrowed and lips parted. I arched my back as you stroked into me harder and faster, sweat dripping down from you face and onto my breasts. I squeezed my muscles onto your driving cock, wanting to make it so good for you. I felt you getting harder, the muscles in your arms shaking. Your whole body grew tight and with a loud groan you shove your cock deep into my pussy, filling me with your hot juices. I watched as your face went from near pain to complete euphoria. I strained up to brush a kiss across your parted lips. You smiled and then collapsed on top of me, pinning me with your heaving chest.

After we caught our breath, we both wrapped our arms around each other and rolled onto our sides, our lips meeting for soft, pecking kisses. I sighed contentedly, only to start to wiggle and laugh as you trailed a single finger up and down my side. You smiled and winked at me with a gleam in your eyes.

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