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She had been sitting outside for about thirty minutes, waiting for him to come home from work, and watching the clouds build up to the northwest of them. There was a distant rumble of thunder and a few brief glimpses of lightening. And then she heard the siren go off on the golf course behind the house and knew that the storm was headed their way.

Soon, she stopped hearing the car doors and trunks slam, and the car engine noise died away as the golfers all headed for safer territory. And she knew she was alone.

Just as the first drops of rain fell, she heard his car in the drive and then his footsteps as he walked through the house looking for her. He stuck his head out the back door and said, “you are going to get soaked!” She turned to him and smiled. He knew that look…that gleam in her eye. He tugged off his shoes and joined her in the yard. They had a couple of lawn chairs out here for relaxing in the evening, but she was sitting in the grass and he quickly joined her. She gave him a quick kiss of welcome and then turned her attention to the sky again. “I think we are in for a good long rain.” He nodded his head in agreement.

The thunder rumbled again and the lightening appeared in the distance. The rain started in earnest now. They both sat and enjoyed the feeling of the warm water on their skin.

She reached to unbutton his shirt and started tugging it off of his shoulders and kissing his skin as she licked away the drops of water. His hands tangled in her hair and he let out a deep moan of pleasure. She moved to his neck and chin, teasing him with her mouth and tongue. She could feel his muscles move under his skin as he tightened in anticipation. His heartbeat faster and his breath came in gasps and moans. Her hands moved to his pants and made quick work of the button and zipper. She moved to pull them from his body but he stopped her. “Someone will see us.”

“No,” she said. “They have all gone inside.” He let her slide his pants off, and then his boxers. She leaned back on her hands and watched the rain run down his chest. Her mouth followed her gaze and she quickly began to lick and kiss her way down his body. Her hand trailed lightly through the hair around his thickening cock. She could feel it jump against her fingers, begging to be touched.

He growled and pushed her onto her back, his hands moving all over her now. The wet blouse clinging to her was quickly unbuttoned and pulled from her chest. He unclasped her bra and freed her big breasts to the feeling of the warm rain. Her hard nipples ached for his mouth. He bent over her and began to kiss and tease her. His bites firm but gentle on her nipples. She ran her hands over her own skin, feeling the slick wetness. Her fingers found their way to his mouth and played over the skin on his face as he sucked and nibbled on her.

The thunder grew louder, and the flashes of lightening followed more quickly. She could almost feel the vibrations through the ground. Her heart was pounding with excitement and arousal.

His hand moved to her leg, sliding up under her skirt. He could tell that she was overcome with excitement and was anxious to tease her and make her beg. He smiled around her nipple when he found that she wasn’t wearing panties. She had probably planned the whole thing!! He found her wetness and knew it wasn’t from the rain. His finger grazed her hard little clit and she writhed under him. He tried pulling the skirt up so he could look at her smooth pussy, but the fabric was soaked and not cooperating. She raised her hips up and he got the message and pulled the skirt down and off of her.

As the rain poured down on them, he moved lower on her body and pushed her legs open. The rain ran down over her slit and tickled her ass. His tongue quickly joined in the exquisite torture. He licked the rain from her pussy and bum, teasing them with the tip of his tongue. And then brought the flat of his tongue to bear on them as well. He licked and nibbled his way down her slit. The tip of his tongue finally coming to bear on her rosebud. She screamed a little as it teased her open slightly. He slipped two fingers inside her pussy as his tongue worked fervently at her bottom. Her own hand moved to her clit and began slow circular motions. Her orgasm was on her quickly, and her moans were almost as loud as the thunder.

She began pulling his face up to her own, wanting to kiss him and taste herself on his lips and tongue. He slid up her rain-slicked body and felt her moan as his cock made contact with her wet pussy. Their mouths joined in a frantic kiss as her hands slid to his hard rod and began to stroke it. She moved sideways under him and pushed to roll him on his back. He laughed at her tactics and asked if she was sure she wanted to be on top with lightening all around them. She grinned as she slid down to take his cock in her mouth. Her hot mouth on his wet cock was like fire. He gasped and beat the wet ground with his fists.

She slid her mouth off the end of his cock and began to lick the rain from his smooth skin. He had shaved this morning and she loved the slick wet feeling under her tongue. He was so sensitive when he was freshly shaved. She knew that he was going to cum quickly today. Her hand began stroking his cock, right at the base of it, as her tongue moved to the head. Teasing and licking, she could hear him murmuring and moaning as she slowly slipped a finger down to tease his hole. Slowly, she slid it inside. She felt his balls move up against the hand wrapped around his cock. She started moving the finger around, just slightly, finding the spot that would bring him a powerful orgasm. Her mouth closed over the head of his cock again and slid down until it was touching her hand. She began moving her tongue and stroking him more quickly. She could feel his hands move to her head and tangle in her wet hair. His hips were thrusting upward now, pushing his cock deeper into her throat. She could sense that he was on the edge, so she began to move her finger slowly, in and out of him. He grabbed her head hard and told her he was going to cum now. She pushed a second finger inside him and stroked it against his gland. He poured himself into her mouth. She swallowed quickly, but some of it ran out of her mouth and the rain washed it away.

They lay in each others arms then, the rain slowing and the thunder growing more distant. He ran his fingers up her arm lightly and she shuddered. Her hand drifted to his nipple and teased. He knew that she wasn’t sated just yet.

He moved over her and began kissing her again. Her body shifted beneath him as she moved to turn over and present him with her backside. He laughed at the look she gave him as she laid face down in the grass. He knew, now, what she wanted and his cock jumped to attention as the realization hit him. His hands moved to her waist and he pulled her hips up against him. She felt his hard cock against her ass and she smiled. He moved his hands to her cheeks and pulled them apart slightly. The rain continued to fall, making everything wet. He couldn’t resist dipping his head and licking her there, adding to the slickness. He moved up then, and pressed the head of his cock against her wrinkled hole. He could feel her tense up and moved his left hand to her pussy, pushing a couple of fingers inside her. His thumb grazed her clit and she moaned. Then he could feel her relax and push back against his cock. He slipped the head inside and held it for a few seconds. Then he slipped it back out and let her relax. The second time he pushed inside, it went in smoothly. She immediately began rocking her hips against him. He slowed the pace a bit and concentrated on her clit for a while. He could feel the slick wetness of her pussy and the rain running between their bodies making his thumb move easily over her clit. With each thrust into her bottom, his balls slapped against his own hand, driving his fingers harder into her pussy. She began mumbling and moaning and he could feel her tighten, deep inside. He knew she was getting close to an orgasm and he pushed faster and harder into her ass. He felt her pussy begin to spasm and gentled his touch on her clit. Her muscles began to squeeze his cock rhythmically and he felt himself fall over the edge. He grunted as he grabbed her hips and emptied himself deep inside her. Her pussy twitched a time or two and pushed him out of her ass.

They both slumped to the ground as the last of the rain fell and washed away the evidence of their lovemaking. He reached over and swatted her on the butt. She said, “what was that for?” He laughed and said, “you planned that all along.”

“Of course,” she answered. “You know I can control the weather!”

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