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Three-Way Banter

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I don’t know if you could call what the two of us were doing dancing, as much as just that drunken bumping and grinding that dancing eventually gets reduced to. Either way, I was enjoying the hell out of myself. I wasn’t really that drunk, but alcohol, in my mind, always gives me a justification to be brash with people. Generally I’d be too shy to dance, or too aware of my lack of coordination, but not here and not now.

The night seemed to be going by perfectly. My girlfriend Jess and I had talked numerous times about a night like this, but the mood and circumstances never seemed to coincide. It was the deiscussion of a lot of pre- and post- sex talk to just go all out one night. That’s one thing among many that I loved about Jess: she was very open. I discovered this the first time she whispered in my ear “I wanna fuck your ass,” and am always reminded of her desire to get crazy; from the times she dominated me, to the times she made me swallow my cum, to the times she let me watch her fuck other women — without the other women knowing. Jess was always most satisfied after breaking new ground, and tonight, as she watched me from a safe distance, dancing with my crotch on this man’s leg, we were both well aware of how well the night was going.

Occasionally I’d glance up at her, martini in her hand, her gaze locked on the two of us and her expression mixed with admiration, fascination, and attraction. Her gorgeous eyes were glazed over with vodka and lust, but still lit up and aware enough to acknowledge my glance. She smiled warmly, her eyes glistened for a moment with that Betty Page look of seduction, then she motioned for me to keep on enjoying myself and this other man. It took me a few moments to disengage my eyes and stop falling in love with her smile, but my gaze eventually slid down her neck, to here handfuls of breasts (which were clad in a very flattering and rather revealing top), down her sleek stomach, past her skirt, pausing a moment to gaze at the shimmering skin of her crossed legs as she sat at the bar, then down to the floor, back to this man I was with. I was back into dancing.

The man had obviously noticed this gaze. “She is pretty hot, I have to say,” he shouted over the din of the horrible club music. I smiled at him coyly and pressed my semi-hard cock against his leg. I started to check him out, mostly the brazen skin of his smooth chest which was failing completely to be hidden under his mostly unbuttoned shirt. His body was muscular, but not menacingly so, his features weren’t too soft or rigid. The first thing I noticed about him was his neck, partially for how gracefully it melded into his toned arms, but mostly because that’s where I came up to on him. We came across him in the club maybe an hour and a half ago, while I was outside with Jess as she had a smoke. he was not the type of man I expected to run into at a gay club. His demeanor was hardly flambouyant, his attire was subtle yet very complimentary to his body, and he actually did have something to add to our little smoke-break conversation. I was pretty sure that, with what I was wearing, he thought I was gay. I do like to dress rather questionably in clubs, and the purple thong that stuck out slightly from my tight leather pants would have been a dead giveaway.

I was about a minute into our 3-way banter, when Jess blurted out “so do y ou want to fuck the two of us?” that his suspiscions were denied. He was about as surprised as I was at that question. I smacked her tight ass in objection and she squeaked teasingly and kissed me. I think this man became too intrigued by the status of our relationship to stop talking to us. We must have talked for a good twenty minutes about everything, and somewhere we must have exchanged names, because in the blur of my current drunken grinding, I knew that his name was Brian. We started to sober up outside, so we headed back into the club, and talked and drank in a quieter area until we were happily drunk. The conversation got progressively raunchier until Jess decided to abandon the conversation altogether and start doing shots.

The first shot was the demonstrative shot of me doing one off her chest. I stoped to lick around her cleavage until I got the notion that I could get kicked out for getting too explicit. The next shot was the risque one, where Jess took a shot off Brian’s lap. By the time she was done with him, I noticed a bit of restrained bulge i n his crotch. She turned to look up at me and smiled playfully as I exchanged glances between her inviting smile and his bulging package. She slid off of him, locking her intense gaze with mine, grabbing Brian’s hardening dick briefly, then kissing me deeply. I noticed Brian looking perversely pleased watching us kiss, seeing Jess’ leg raise up over my hip, pulling me toward her. She pushed me off and gave me a look that screamed “I’m wet” and handed me the last shot. This last shot was the determining shot, which I licked off Brian’s hot chest. the rest of the night so far had been a pleasant and logical progression from this shot.

Now, on the dance floor, I had the urge to lick his chest again. I almost did, but he turned me around and pressed up against my back as I writhed against him. I turned to look at my girlfriend and saw that she was noticeably turned on watching what transpired between me and him. I beckoned for her to join, she flashed me a quick smile, finished that last half of her martini, and took the stick of olives with her, working her way toward us.

The three of us spent the next long bit of time doing possibly the most lewd bastardization of dancing imaginable. Jess pulled an olive off the stick with her teeth, making a phallic suggestion with the sword and the two other olives on it. She crawled onto Brian, pressing the olive into his mouth, lingering there to savor the kiss. Then, pulling the next olive off with her teeth, she did the same with me. Knowing what to do next, I took the swornd and held it up to Brian’s mouth. Jess and I both watched him lick the olive with an impressive air of seduction, then suck it into his mouth, and pull it off the sword. I leaned over to kiss it out of his mouth, but he playfully turned his head away. I let him have the olive in exchange for kissing his neck, which eventually led to kissing down his chest. Jess joined in and started to kiss his mouth, her tongue tracing down him to occasionally meet with mine. The two of us started making out in front of him, with Jess rubbing against my leg from inside her skirt. I could feel how wet she was even through the leather tightly wrapped around my leg. It didn’t take too much longer before we decided it was time to take this elsewhere.

We stumbled out the door, my ears were ringing and my head was fuzzy. My mind was racing with arousal and anticipation and my cock was ready to split through the restraint of my clothes. We hopped into a cab and Jess giddily exclaimed:

“3613 Jasmine!”

With that, the cab started to move, and so did we. I started kissing Jess tenderly, flirting with her while I felt Brian’s hand sliding up and down my leg, squeezing my ass a little with every pass. My hand slid up slowly into Jess’ shirt, enjoying every bit of her lustrous, soft skin while we kissed. I felt Brian press up against me, his stiffened penis pressing firmly against my butt, rubbing slightly back and forth against it. My hands slid all the way up Jess’ shirt, sliding around under her arms to take her breasts into my hands. She moaned into my mouth as I squeezed them gently.

Suddenly, I felt my thong get pulled up from my pants. I jumped, startled, and turned to see a very amused Brian smiling in my face. I smacked him on his rock-hard stomach and proceeded to kiss him, wildly. Jess’ hands fult up my body while I got lost in the lip lock. I curled my leg around Brian, pressing his hard cock against my crotch. He felt pretty big and I could feel him pulsing through his fabric, and through my leather.

Jess grabbed my shoulder and turned me around to kiss me again. I kept a hand on Brian, reaching into his shirt and squeezing a nipple. Pulling myself from Jess’ impassioned kiss, I moved over to her, putting her next to Brian. I watched them kiss and fondle while I teased Jess’ beautiful body, reaching into her skirt to tease her through her hardly adequate g-string. She moaned rather loudly and we all chuckled as we realized we were still in the cab. We calmed down to gentle making out so the driver wouldn’t lose concentration.

“Sorry, we got a little carried away,” I said.

“Heh, this isn’t the first time it’s happened, bud,” the driver responded.

We giggled a little. “We’ll try to be good,” Jess said.

“Well keep your best for when you all get home!”

We stayed, for the most part, well-behaved for the short remainder of the ride. We had sobered up a bit and watlked together, with relative ease, to my apartment. We all got in the door, peeled off our coats and tossed them aside.

“My god, I need some water!” Brian said. I agreed with him and directed him toward the kitchen.

“I’m gonna go freshen up a bit,” Jess said, walking down the hallway toward the bathroom. “You two behave. I don’t want to miss anything!”

I smiled that unsure smile of not knowing how well I’d be able to control myself for the next few minutes. I walked into the kitchen and pulled two glasses out of the cupboard, filling them up with water. We gulped the first glass down, filled back up, and got about half way down the second when we finally exchanged glances. After a slight pause, we both laughed nervously.

“Thirsty?” I said.

“Well, that was a lot of work out on the floor there,” Brian said, filling up another glass.

“So… you’re really hot,” I stated matter-of-factly as I stepped into him with my glass.

“No shit?”

I pinched his nipple again in protest to his response. He shrank back a few steps, laughing, and rubbing his chest. A few drops of water had spilled onto his shirt from the sudden reaction. “Damn, man! Not so hard next time.”

“Next time?” I raised my eyebrows, trying to supress the evil grin that was creeping onto my face as I slowly approached him, cornering him between the kitchen counter and the wall. I noticed the spill on his shirt and stepped back a little.

“You spilled on your shirt.”

“Yeah, and it’s all your fault.” The flirtation in his voice was unmistakeable. Not that I minded, I didn’t need an excuse to take his shirt off.

“Well, I guess it’s my responsibility to take it off of you then, right?”

“I wasn’t meaning that you had to–”

I pulled his shirt off him forcefully, exposing his gorgeous, naked torso. His chest muscles formed two small, solid, and squared mounds, the nipples poking out a little. He didn’t seem to have an ounce of fat on him. My eyes slid down in suprise from his chest down to his stomach… his hardened abs presenting a little ripple and a solid line in the middle that traced the symmetry of his physique clear back up to his chest. His skin was smooth and a solid bronze, and not a single hair to be seen. I ogled his chest for an amount of time that seemed an hour but was probably only a few seconds before kissing up his neck and into his mouth, sliding my hands up against his chest, feeling the warmth of his body against me. We kissed messily for a few seconds longer and I pulled myself off away from his lips. He still held me against him.

“So, I guess I should take your shirt off then,” he suggested barely above a whisper.

“If you like,” I said, pecking him on the lips again.

He pulled my shirt off. I was smaller in build than him by maybe 20 lbs, but we were about equal in tone. My skin was much lighter than his, but we were both equally smooth. My thong was still poking out of my pants. I backed up and let him look at me. I noticed his glazed smile for a moment, but was quickly distracted by his cock, bulging inside his pants again. He studied me quietly for a moment and motioned for me to turn around. I obeyed, turning around and leaning over the counter opposite him, letting the leather form around my tight ass. I turned to look at him with a rather shy, yet incredibly horny look. He smiled back at me.

“I love your ass,” he commented, quickly switching his gaze back to my leather-bound buttocks. I giggled a little and stuck my ass further out toward him, inviting him toward me. I felt him press up against me, his penis pressing hard against the crevice of my ass. I moaned as he leaned down against me, caressing down my back as he dry-humped my ass. His hands slid down my back, squeezing my cheeks and caressing them as he teased me. I closed my eyes and kept my hands on the counter, feeling the heat from his body against me. I felt him pull his crotch away from me, then a kiss on my shoulder as his hands reached around from my ass to my crotch. He squeezed my penis, and it almost pulled through the leather to meet his hand.

“Mmmmm… nice cock,” he whispered in my ear. “And a great ass too.”

I moaned again and barely breathed out “spank me…” I pushed him back with my ass and bent down over the counter again. I watched as his hand made firm contact with my ass over and over and couldn’t supress my moaning. I unzipped my pants and pushed them down slowly over my ass, exposing myself inch by inch to him. I could almost hear his heart skip a beat as he saw my tight, thong-lined ass pointing up at him, begging to be spanked again.

“Wow… you really do have a perfect ass,” he breathed.

“I hope it feels even better than it looks,” I moaned, pushing it up toward him as much as I could. His hands traced down my back to my ass again, caressing them. He spanked me again, and I almost jumped with the force he did it.

“Mmmm… do that again.”

He did.

“Hey, you two!” I heard from the other end of the kitchen. We both turned around to see Jess, leaning against the wall, smiling a beautifully malevolent smile. She wore simply her blue g-string from the night, and now a sheer black shirt that did nothing to hide her beautifully ample breasts. The nipples pointed directly at us, and her legs shone in the kitchen light. We stopped immediately, dumbfounded by her presence.

“I thought I told you to behave. I didn’t want to miss anything.”

“Oh, you didn’t miss… anything…” I stammered, realizing that she, in fact, did.

“Well, you seem to be missing quite a bit, Sean,” she laughed. “And Brian… what an incredible body.”

She approached him and licked his chest, up into his mouth, kissing him deeply. I turned around and got behind Jess, cupping her ass with my hand, pressing my nearly-naked body against her. Then, sliding my hand slowly up the side of her body, I kissed her. She turned to kiss me back as Brian and I rubbed up against her. She did nothing to hold back the giant grin on her face as I kissed Brian’s body. She slid out from between us, grabbing me by the hand.

“Come on, let’s go to your room,” she said, taking me along with her. I looked at Brian, who happily followed along.

My heart was racing again. I watched her flop down on my bed, sprawling out on it in an incredibly attractive and revealing position. She winked at me as I sat down on the floor and mouthed “I love you” before sitting up on her feet on the bed. I smiled and winked back, relaxing on the floor and sitting up against the wall of my room. Brian entered in a few seconds later, trying to arrange his bulging package into something more subtle and comfortable before sitting next to me. I instantly started caressing his body, curling up next to him. He leaned back and pulled me toward him. I looked up at Jess, who was biting her lip with excitement.

“Look at you two!” She exclaimed. “This is so hot. I have two hot guys in the room with me!” She changed position, sitting back on the back of my bed spreading her legs in front of us. Brian and I stared at the g-string, which was not covering the lips of her moistened pussy at all. She pulled on the string, teasing us. She posed for us a few times, sometimes half pulling down her underwear or playing with her breasts. We sat and watched her, stroking each other lightly as she played around on my bed. We both informed her of how beautiful she was as she did so, which she accepted with more graceful teasing before she finally sat back on the bed in her original position. She stared at me with her bedroom eyes, the ones she gives me right before a marathon of sex, and I knew things were about to start getting explicit.

“You know, I love watching you two make out,” Jess uttered with lust. “Let me watch you some more.”

I happily accepted, crawling on top of Brian. We turned ourselves around so she could watch us kiss and we could watch her. I started out with a long, passionate kiss, taking in the entire experience of Brian’s mouth, feeling his tongue respond to mine as I eventually laid him down on the floor. I straddled him, kissing him more and more, soft and hard, long and short. His cock pulsated against mine as I rubbed mine against his. I could feel the precum forming on my penis as we made out in front of Jess. I turned to look at Jess, who gazed at us, half-aware of the world around her, mouth open slightly and her breathing was shallowing. She was feeling up her legs, all the way up her body to her breasts, and back down. Occasionally she’d let out a moan of approval and tell us how hot we were as we kept making out.

I took it apon myself after a few minutes to pull away from Brian’s mouth, making my way down the chest to suck on his nipples again. He groaned and arched his back against me, forcing his chest onto my body as I licked both of his dark nipples. His hands, which were firmly grasping my ass, slid down to feel my smooth, hairless legs, stroking them softly. I continued down his body, tracing down his stomach with my tongue, finally to his pants. Looking over at Jess, I noticed she was starting to massage her pussy through her g-string. She half-smiled at me, too turned on to make much expression. I smiled back.

“Take off your g-string, hun,” I said breathily. Then sliding up Brian’s hot body again, I nibbled on his ear. He gasped lightly, but quickly held it back, even though I could feel the shock run down his whole body. “I want you to watch her masturbate,” I whispered in his ear. He responded with a kiss, and I gazed into his eyes while I pulled back down his body to his pants.

I unzipped the fly of his pants, feeling Jess’ gaze on the same spot I was looking at. Reaching my hand in slowly, I found his cock and started to fondle it. It was as rock solid, and in my hand it felt very thick. Precum had moistened the tip of it, and I rubbed it down his shaft as I stroked him a few times. I felt his body respond, feeling his shaft tense up with my soft strokes. I pulled it out of his pants and heard Jess gasp when she saw it. It was probably about half an inch longer than mine and thick, the glistening head ballooned like a mushroom; the dark ridge traced around the circumfrence of the shaft, meeting at the bottom and climbing up to the slit at the tip of his penis. I licked the soft frenum of his shaft, feeling his cock twitch as I did it, then licked the sides of the shaft, up to the head, tasting the cum that had covered it. Then in one motion, I took his cock into my mouth, sucking on it slowly and lovingly, tasting him in me.

“Oh god yess…” Jess murmured as she watched me suck on Brian’s cock. Brian’s eyes were locked on Jess’ incredible pussy as she rubbed it. I undid the rest of Brian’s pants and pulled them down, along with his underwear, exposing his entire naked body to myself and my girlfriend.

Brian’s entire penis was shaved, save a mound of hair at the base of his shaft. The skin was smooth and sleek, and his balls were pulled in snugly to his hot, long cock. His entire body was the same skin tone, his ass was muscular and trim, connecting to his well-toned legs. I caressed his ass as I took his cock in and out of my mouth, pulling out to suck on his balls and lick around his shaft. I couldn’t contain myself in my thong any more and pulled it off, exposing my completely shaven body. Turning myself around, I revealed my naked penis to Brian, who started immediately sucking on it. We situated ourselves so Brian could watch Jess’ fondle her wet clit while we sucked on each others’ cocks.

Jess’ moaning turned me on so much. I remembered back when we were first going out and how much her voice turned me on on the phone. I could feel how I felt when we first had phone sex, and how her moaning would send me off into orgasmic bliss. I restrained myself from getting too carried away, the sex was only starting and I didn’t want to spend myself so early. Jess did, and after a few minutes I could hear her cumming. I could taste a few drops of cum leak from Brian’s cock, and I quickly swallowed them down.

After Jess came down off of her orgasm, Brian and I pulled off each other, kissing again in front of her, tasting each others’ cum in our mouths. We both looked at Jess, who was smiling warmly at me. She moaned a little more, teasing around her clit slowly as she watched us kiss. “You two are making me so horny,” she said, “I’m soaked.”

I happily climbed onto the bed and spread her legs wide open. I reached my hands up to her breasts, squeezing them through the flimsy shirt, and starting licking around her thighs, taking in the scent of her pussy. She sighed as I teased around her clit, licking the juice off of her lips. I carefully avoided her clit and made sure I cleaned up all around her pussy with my tongue until finally she took my head and pushed it in between her legs. I licked up her pussy, hearing her squeal with delight as I did so. She beckoned for Brian’s cock and I watched her suck lovingly on his shaft as I ate her out. Her pussy was a non-stop supply of juice, which I licked out of her as it seeped onto my tongue. I reached out and started to massage Brian’s ass, fingering him around the hole. He moaned again with excitement and continued to thrust his cock in and out of my girlfriend’s mouth.

Turning back around on the bed, Brian got into a 69 with Jess, turned onto the side so I could still lick her from behind. Every now and then our tongues would cross and we’d start to kiss, then we’d focus again on Jess. I made my way back to her ass hole and started to lick there. Jess must have take Brian’s cock out of her mouth because I could hear her screaming into another orgasm after a while.

We pulled off of each other again, catching our breath for a moment. I kissed her softly again, switching back and forth between her and Brian. Brian was rubbing her pussy softly, pressing his cock up against my bare skin.

“Let me watch him fuck you,” she said to me.

I was waiting for this part. I grinned and walked to the dresser, doing my best to reveal as much of my naked body to the two of them as possible as I did so. I pulled out a condom and some lube and crawled back onto Brian, straddling his legs. I took the condom out of the wrapper and tossed it aside, stroking his cock a few times before peeling it over him. Then I took the lube and rubbed it onto his shaft, and a little more to rub into my ass hole. I looked over at Jess again, who was looking at me with excited eyes, smiling that gorgeous smile of hers. I leaned over to kiss her, and turned myself around, revealing my willing ass to Brian’s cock.

I felt the pressure of the head of his penis against my ass hole as I kissed Jess deeply. I had to pull away from Jess and gasp as it popped inside me. I looked into Jess’ eyes, barely able to express anything but the pain of Brian’s thick cock entering slowly into my ass. She smiled at me patiently, and caressed my neck. I felt like Brian would never stop penetrating me, but finally the whole length of his shaft had made it inside me. He pulled out slowly, and I grunted half in pain and half in pleasure. The thrusting accelerated little by little until my ass hole had loosened up. Jess turned herself around, spreading her legs open in front of me. I fell on her, kissing up her body, licking her everywhere as Brian fucked my ass. My hands traveled all over her as she writhed under my touch. My cock was solid and starting to dribble with cum from the thrusting of Brian’s cock.

“Fuck me!” She yelled, lifting her spread legs back, inviting my cock inside her. I slid easily into her dripping wet pussy, piercing her tight walls further and further until my cock was all the way in. I started pumping my cock in and out of her, kissing madly, losing all control as I felt the dual pleasure of my cock inside her and Brian’s cock inside me. Brian smacked my ass hard occasionally and I had to let out a yelp over Jess’ increasingly loud moaning. I could feel the pleasure of my cock sliding into her, then the pleasure of of Brian’s cock sliding into me as I pulled out of her. The thrusting got faster and faster, until I was fucking them both with furious speed, all of us moaning and kissing and feeling each other. I could feel the slow buildup of cum inside me as Jess came over and over on my cock. Brian’s breathing got shallower as we fucked each other and I knew he was about to cum soon.

“Let me swallow your cum,” I declared. He pumped me harder, building up to his climax.

“I want to see it too!” Jess moaned. Watching him fuck me from behind as I pounded her.

He finally pulled out of my ass, ripping the condom off and stroking his cock quickly, trying to hold the cum back until he arrived at my face. He kneeled in front of my mouth, over Jess’ midsection as I kept fucking her furiously, drops of cum dribbling onto her as the loads worked up the shaft. The first shot landed on my face, the next into my open mouth, and the next one. Jess moaned in pleasure as she watched me take his load. With the fourth shot I wrapped my mouth around his cock, sucking the rest of his semen down my throat. I sucked on his cock a little more as I drove Jess and myself to our own climaxes.

Jess started to moan faster and faster, letting out a stifled scream as she arched her back into another riveting orgasm. Her moaning pushed me over the edge as well and I started to let loose inside her, shooting a few times into her pussy. I pulled out and shot a few more times onto her stomach, mixing my cum with the cum Brian had already put there.

The three of us laid there for a few minutes, catching our breath and coming to grips with what just happened. Brian and I kissed a little bit more, and proceeded to lick the cum we had dropped on Jess’ stomach. She laughed a bit at the tickling sensation, then we both kissed her. Brian first, with a soft and swift kiss on the lips. Then she turned to kiss me, with a kiss that could have lasted all night for all I knew. She curled up next to me and I cradled her in my arms, looking at Brian with somewhat tired eyes.

Brian sat back up and collected himself. “Well, it looks like my work here is done. If I could use your bathroom and clean up a little?”

“Sure,” I said, getting up from Jess’ loving embrace, “I kinda need to clean up as well.”

“Me too,” Jess agreed, keeping ahold of my hand. We cleaned up in the bathroom rather wordlessly, occasionally making some funny comment. Brian got dressed again and headed for the door.

“Thanks for the night, you two,” Brian smiled as he opened up the door.

“No, thank you,” I said. “That was my first time with a guy.”

Brian looked surprised. “Really?”

“Don’t worry, you were great.”

“Well, thanks. See you at the club again?”

“I dunno… if we decide to go back.”

“Well, you’ll know where to find me,” he smiled. We said our last goodbyes and he left.

Jess and I were still naked when he closed the door. We both kissed again, deeply, declaring our love for each other. We turned out the lights and headed to bed, smiling happily about the incidents of the night. The lights were finally out in our rooms when she curled on top of me, her angelic body against mine, and whispered in my ear:

“You know, I still have your cum inside me.”


“Well… could you fix that for me? With your tongue, preferably.”

She could probably feel the grin on my face as I laid her on her back and spread her back open. Perhaps the night wasn’t over yet.

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