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He wondered how it had come to this but knew that although he could choose to, there was no way that he would leave. He waited, stirred his coffee and pretended to read the news paper, it must only have been a few minutes but it seemed like hours. A slim, dark haired woman in her early thirties entered the coffee bar and look ed around, at first glance she looked like a librarian, good looking enough but dressing down and soberly. She walked over to table and nervously asked,

“Excuse me, are you Paul?”

He tried to speak but found that his throat felt strangely dry and nodded …he gulped a few times;

“You must be Emily … it’s nice to meet you at last, I’ll be able to put a face to the name now.”

They had met online and carried out a long series of exploratory chats, they had soon exhausted the obvious things like family, food and preferred beverages; and then they had begun to open up to each other about their sexual preferences. Emily had a dominant streak and Paul was a little submissive but not quite sure. Each had dabbled with bondage, tie and tease and both confessed to watersports. Finally, Paul had asked what was the kinkiest thing that she had ever done or thought of doing – there had been a long pause before she answered – “I don’t think that you really want to know” she had typed and this wetted Paul’s curiosity even more, after some prompting, Emily disclosed that she fantasised about brown showers and hot lunches.. Paul knew about brown showers and they fitted well with his submissive fantasies but had had to ask for an explanation of hot lunches. The answer both repulsed and attracted him at the same time.

After the chat session was over he found that he could not stop thinking about it. He masturbated and imagined the unseen Emily delivering the goods so to speak. From that point on it was just a matter of time before they met.

“You look different than I had imagined” he began “not bad but different – do you think we can go somewhere else to talk? It’s not so private here”

They left the coffee bar and headed for the nearby park, the sun was bright but the cool fall weather meant that they both wore coats and there was nobody else in the park …. Paul was concerned with the logistics, how should the room be prepared? How could someone just shit at will? How much fecal material would there be? And above all, he didn’t know if he could actually chew and swallow. Emily reached inside his coat and squeezed his left nipple tightly – “You will have no trouble coping because you will have no choice. That’s what you are signing up for. You need have no worries about your health, I am free of any nasty diseases and the antibiotics I take reduce the bacterial payload – but that doesn’t mean that you will like the taste.”

His cock was pressing against the front of his trousers with an urgency he had never known before, he knew that if he backed out now he would regret it for the rest of his life.. “I guess it’s a question of where and when …” he said quietly. She smiled at him and then slid her right hand under her coat, She seemed to fumble for a moment and then grimaced slightly and grin knowingly. She placed her left hand over his bulging trouser front and rubbed firmly, dwelling at the end of his shaft and then sliding down to cup his balls. He was on the verge of orgasm, and she whispered in his ear “You want me to shit on you don’t you? Deep down you want to taste it, be covered in it …” He nodded.. He began to gasp rhythmically and Emily realised that he was almost there she rubbed more enthusiastically and then placed the middle finger of her right hand under his nose , the tip was brown and it smelt strongly … “Do you want it?” she hissed “Do you Do you?” – “YES!” he managed to grunt and she thrust her shitty finger into his mouth … “Lick it clean” she demanded and he sucked and licked her digit as the come spurted from his cock.

It was a few minutes before the enormity of what he had just done hit him. He felt dirty, perverted but somehow more alive than he had ever been before and despite the taste he found himself craving more. The damage was done, he was an addict. She left him there with his trousers stained and the taste of her shit on his tongue.. Their next online chat revolved around finding a mutually convenient time.

It was a week later that he went to her house, he parked in the street and as he approached the front door, he noticed that there were two cars in the drive. He rang the bell and Emily came to the door, she was wearing a large white bath robe. “Sorry to greet you like this” she said “I am not quite ready for you. She ushered him into the living room “I want you to meet some friends of mine, This is Peter and this is his partner Jodie. Paul raised an eyebrow and looked at Emily, she grinned and said “It’s ok, they are interested” Finish your drinks while I finish getting dinner ready.” Jodie was about 35, short, a little plump but very busty with short blond hair, Peter looked around the same age but was bigger than Paul and had obviously taken good care of himself, The pair exchanged glances and smirked to each other. Paul wondered just how much they knew.

Dinner was uneventful but pleasant enough. Jodie and Peter exchanged glances and raised an eyebrow now and again. Paul was on the edge of his seat, wondering how things would turn out. Emily seemed the perfect hostess though kept her bathrobe on throughout the meal.

After dinner, Emily got her feet “OK everyone, if you’d like to follow me to the play room” and so saying opened a doorway under the stairs which led down into a huge, high ceilinged cellar. There were tiles on the floor, and a grid in the centre. Paul didn’t take much else in, he was still in a state of shock. “Peter laid the tiles and did the plumbing “Emily said, when I mentioned what I was planning do, he and Jodie couldn’t wait to help out . I hope you don’t mind? Not that it really matters. Now you need to undress, you can put your clothes on the chair in the corner.” Paul did as he was told and stood naked in front of Emily and her friends, feeling awkward but incredibly excited. Jodie looked at his erection and smiled to her partner.

Emily undid the belt of her bathrobe and let it slip to the floor. Paul’s eyes widened as he took in the sight before him. Emily was clothed in a tight fitting latex cat suit, her hands, feet and breasts were bare. Paul noticed that her nipples had large gold rings through them – she had never mentioned that in their online chats – and his eyes descended to her open crotch area he noticed that her labia too had substantial rings through them. His eyes descended and saw that her entire crotch region was exposed, not a hair to be seen. If possible, his penis became harder still. Emily pulled a latex hood from the pocket of her bath robe and explained that she just wanted him to notice her eyes and lips, he might find it easier to get into the scene if he could objectify her. Next she reached a blue plastic mat with raised edges from where it leaned against the wall and laid it on the floor and then screwed four metal loops into the tiled floor, Paul realized that they would correspond roughly to the position of his hands and feet. Emily looked up at him “You didn’t think I would trust you to lie there unrestrained did you? – Now, lie on the mat and if you are a good boy I may have something for you.” Paul did as he was told and obediently stretched out his hands and feet towards the metal loops. He was not overstretched but his movement was severely limited.

Emily looked at Peter, “Peter, be a dear and fetch the equipment from the living room.” Peter returned with a large plastic box and placed it on the floor. Emily reached in and produced an unusual kind of gag. A short length of two inch plastic pipe was inserted into his mouth just far enough to prevent him biting down. The pipe was attached to something that appeared to be a plug hole from a bath and this in turn was mounted on a thick, black leather strap which Emily secured around his head. She poked finger into his mouth playfully, “I can put anything in there and you will not be able to do anything about it.” She tickled his tongue a little. If Paul had any delusions about being able to turn his head to avoid anything too unpleasant he was mistaken. Emily reached into the box and pulled out a three foot length of board about twelve inches wide and an inch thick. The board had two “bookends” in its middle part which secured Paul’s head and prevented him from turning it. He realized that he was committed and that there was no way out but to let events take their course. Emily secured the board to the floor. She looked down at him and smiled “Say thank you to Peter for making the equipment”. Paul tried to say something but could only make a mewling sound as he struggled to swallow the drool that his open mouth was making.

Emily turned to Jodie, “I think it’s time for you now” she said. Jodie, undressed saving her bra until last. She lowered first one nipple and then the other into Paul’s mouth, he could lick but not nibble. She placed her cunt over his mouth and then said “lick me”. Paul did his best to obliged but was limited by the gag. She reached down and seized his right nipple and pinched. “Try again” this time his efforts were better received. Jodie lifted herself from Paul’s gag and slowly lowered herself onto his throbbing dick, looking into his eyes as she did so. Then she raised and lowered herself slowly smiling at Peter as she did so.

“Coprophilia is an acquired taste” said Emily “It needs to be savoured – if I were to just shit on you, you would react against it, you lose fantasy and I lose a toy. However, if we add a sexual element and keep you simmering on the edge of orgasm, you will endure almost anything to be allowed to come. So rather than give you a sudden introduction, I am going to take you there by degrees and when I am finished with you, you will beg for more.”

Paul looked at the dominant female above him, such a contrast to the demure lady that he had met for coffee a week ago and wondered if she was right. Jodie raised and lowered herself again very slowly. Emily walked away and returned with a chair, most of the seat had been cut away and Paul guessed that Peter had performed the woodwork. She place the chair so that the edge was about ten inches away from his forehead and then lowered herself onto it. Paul found that if he arched his neck he could see the rings in Emily’s labia and watched as she threaded a chain through the left one ring and then fastened it around her thigh. She repeated the process for the right one so that her cunt lips were held open in a way that was delightful and potentially disgusting. Jodie increased her speed and Paul’s breathing began to quicken. Emily looked down at him from the chair, “it’s not that simple” she smiled and placed a foot on each cheek. “Ready?” she asked “not that your opinion really matters”. Paul tried to say something and then the golden stream hit him, first on the forehead wetting his hair and then as Emily slid forward her felt it stinging in his eyes and nostrils until she reached her target and the stream went into his mouth. It bubbled for a short time as he tried not to swallow and it welled up over his lips but then Jodie reached out and inched his nose, it was swallow or suffocate, as he began to gurgle and the warm piss went down his throat, Jodie squeezed his cock with her cunt. He was about to come when she lifted herself off – so close and yet so far.

Emily stood up from the chair and then placed it against the wall. “we may need that later” she grinned ominously. “Peter, would you join us please?” Peter smiled and removed his clothes. Paul could not help but notice his cock as it strained against his underwear, springing to attention as he was finally naked. Emily loosened the straps securing his hands and released the board securing his head from the floor. Just as Paul began to think that he had room to move, Peter returned with a wide ramp and slid it under the mat, it had two securing pins that located into head board. Peter released Paul’s right hand and secured it above his head, and then did the same for the left. As Peter turned a handle the ramp increased its angle, bringing Paul to a near sitting position. Emily kneeled alongside him, her face close to hers and placed her right hand on his cock and moved it slowly up and down and once again he felt his cock fully harden. Peter came up behind Emily and knelt behind her, pushing his thick cock into her warm cunt. After a minute or so he pulled his dick out and placed the glans against Emily’s puckered arse. He pushed slowly and she grunted as Peter’s dick entered her rear passage. Sensing that Paul was getting a little too excited, Emily let go of his penis and panted in his face as Peter thrust in and out of her rear passage. She squeezed her muscles and gripped his cock tightly, Peter’s breath was quickening as was his pace. She reached a hand around and slowly slid his dick out of her arsehole. It was engorged and plastered with shit. Emily leaned over and blew onto Paul’s cock. It quivered. She stood up and moved to his right, and teased his tongue with her finger, she motioned for Peter to come forward on Paul’s other side and removed her finger and once again placed her hand on his cock. She masturbated him slowly. Then as he approached orgasm, she paused and nodded to Peter and moved out his way. Peter straddled Paul and pushed his shitty dick into his mouth and began to skull fuck him. Emily knelt and reached around to lick Paul’s dick slowly.

Paul was torn between retching because of the taste of the shitty dick in his mouth and gasping with pleasure as Emily’s pierced tongue worked its magic on his penis. His own tongue was being used to clean Peter’s cock and he began to sense a new urgency in Peter’s thrusting and was surprised to feel hot come spurt over his shitty tongue. He gagged as Peter thrust wildly and tried to swallow, he felt his excitement mounting to fever pitch and then Emily removed her mouth from his dick and laughed, and suddenly he realized that his mouth was full of shitty dick and cum. Peter slid his cock from Paul’s mouth and used his index finger to clean off the remaining excrement and cum and then cleaned his finger on Paul’s tongue. He walked around behind Paul and turned the crank once more, lowering the ramp. Emily and Peter secured his hands to the floor once more, resecured the head restraint and removed the ramp. Once more he was horizontal, hard and desperate to come.

Jodie resumed her position on his upright dick, this time facing away from him. “What you didn’t know,” said Emily to Paul, “was that we three had an extra ingredient in our drinks. It’s beginning to take effect now”, she grinned. Jodie began grunting and bearing down and suddenly her shit began to pile up on his lower abdomen. She maintained her movement on his dick as she did so (Emily had obviously explained the need to sustain his interest. Peter then squatted down over his navel and let loose a pile of soft brown excrement. As Peter moved away, Emily knelt by Paul’s side and smoothed most of the shit over his chest as Jodie continued her gentle thrusting. She was careful to leave some of Jodie’s shit in a pile near his groin. Then Emily knelt over Paul’s chest and looked down into his eyes, rubbing herself. She nodded to Peter who came in and began to remove the head restraint. “I think we can dispense with that now. Paul’s beginning to develop a taste for it.” She reached around and removed the gag. Paul found that he could once again move his jaw.

Emily lowered her juicy cunt over his mouth saying “How would you like to lick this?” Paul couldn’t wait to oblige. Furiously he worked his tongue around Emily’s clitoris, it was a little larger than a baked bean and was the most pleasant thing he had tasted all evening. “I might get that tongue of yours pierced” Emily said. Then she raised herself up a little and reached behind her and scooped up the little pile of Jodie’s shit that she had been so careful to preserve. He left hand was full of it and she dipped the middle finger of her right hand into the soft brown pile and stirred it around. Then she put it into Paul’s mouth. “Clean it for me Paul” she laughed. Whether it was because he was getting used to it, or because Jodie was keeping him dangling on the edge of orgasm it didn’t seemed to taste as bad as it had done before.

Emily raised herself up a little more and used her left hand to plaster her cunt with Jodie’s hit, then she smiled and looked Paul in the eye. All he could see was those eyes and the kinky fire that burnt behind them, she moved her tongue over her lips and said “You can stop pretending now – you know you want to”.

Paul put out his tongue and she placed her shit covered clitoris onto his waiting tongue. His tongue moved around and around and after a moment or two, her clitoris was as clean as could be. She slid further forward so that her feet were just below his armpits and he knees just past his head. She moved so that her back was upright and rubbed her clitoris, and her breathing began to quicken. She lowered herself a little so that his nose just entered her cunt and her puckered arse was just over his lips. Paul felt himself approaching orgasm. As he began gasping, Emily shouted “Open wide – don’t you dare close that mouth” and with that she squeezed hard and her warm shit began to enter his open mouth. He had to swallow in order to breath and at the third swallow he heard Jodie moan loudly as she came, squeezing his dick as she did so. Then Emily shuddered in a violent climax that seemed to last for ages. Finally, as Paul’s mouth was empty enough to let him breathe he spurted everything he had in Jodie’s thirsty cunt.

For a while they all just lay there letting the endorphins do their work. Then quietly, almost sheepishly, they showed. Paul cleaned his teeth and made good use of the mouthwash Emily had provided for him. He felt different. Dirty, kinky besmirched but with a sense of pride, at least he had the balls to live out one of his fantasies unlike so many ordinary people who never would.

Emily looked like her usual librarian self, and she gave him a peck on the cheek “So, are you game for another go?” Paul, thought for a few seconds and then thought “Why the hell not?”

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