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Third Time Is the Charm

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I steered my Saab on to Exit 4, almost home now. I’d been on vacation on Cape Cod for a week now, alone. Gage had had to stay home due to work circumstances beyond his control, and I couldn’t wait to see him. With every bump in the road, my cock rubbed against my underwear, making me harder with anticipation.

It was as if a homing beacon called to me from the house, stimulating me into deeper and more profound states of horniness. I couldn’t wait to walk in that door, kiss Gage, pull his pants down, and swallow his hard cock right there in the kitchen, pumping and sucking him until I worked the last drop of cum from his sweet balls. There are times when all I can think about is a nice, hot throatful of Gage, and times when nothing else will satiate my appetite.

I turned into the driveway and pulled my car into the garage. Seeing his big truck parked there served only to stiffen me further. That truck was synonymous with Gage: masculine, butch, in a word, hot. My suitcase could wait. I had to get inside and see him immediately. Entering the door, the house was preternaturally quiet, and he was not there in the kitchen to greet me. Perhaps he was upstairs napping. Quietly up the stairs I went, growing exponentially more fervent in my need of him. Gage’s bed was made, but he wasn’t in the room. On the pillow was a note. Curious. I unfolded the note, which read “I’m in the basement.”

Practically running now, I descended the sets of stairs to the basement taking them two treads at a time, opening the door. There he was on the treadmill, shirtless, running on the speeding belt in a pair of royal blue athletic shorts. Sweat glistened over his body, running down his smooth chest. A light sheen of perspiration also sheathed the smooth skin of his face. He smiled, and as I moved forward, “I thought you’d never come home,” he said, and he switched off the treadmill. He took me into his arms and held me, his masculine, sweaty aroma, mixed with his even more masculine natural scent almost pushed me over the edge, and I almost shot my wad right there, without so much as a touch to that certain tender flesh. As he held me, I could feel his cock growing harder and harder in his shorts, until it seemed that it would rip the very fabric that contained it.

I reached down, sliding my fingers beneath the shorts, beneath his briefs, and wrapped my hand around a massive hardon. “Wait…” he said. “I haven’t taken a shower in two days, and I didn’t expect you home quite this early. I put the note on the bed just in case. Let me clean up first, and then…” But I didn’t let him finish.

“I want you just the way you are, right here, right now,” I said. Sometimes only a dirty, sweaty man will do. I pulled his shorts and briefs down with one quick jerk. Falling to my knees, his aroma intoxicated me and taunted me forward. I parted my lips and took his big cock into my mouth, slowly sliding down its length until the fat head of it tested the limits of my throat, and my lips were wrapped snugly around the base. A soft moan escaped him and I could tell I was doing my job sufficiently well. A mix of sweat and pheromones and pure sex filled my nostrils and I became drunk on it.

Generally quite clean by nature, and usually fastidious about hygiene, Gage was out of character at this moment, but I loved every second and nuance of it. In the right time and place, there is just nothing quite as intoxicating and primal as a sweat covered man, ripe with evidence of his toils and labors. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, though in my current mood, I would have been more than happy to let him remain bobbing in my throat for all of eternity.

I stood and he helped me off with my jeans and briefs, and I frenetically tugged at my shirt. We stood naked looking at each other for only a moment, and he pulled me into his arms. His sweat sheathed chest wetting my own. Our lips locked together and I could feel the sting of his intensity as his lips moved against mine. His cock pressed tight to my stomach, and I could feel its throb. Holding me and kissing me as if trying to meld our two bodies together permanently, he reached down and stroked my cock, issuing from it a fat glob of precum, which he then rubbed on his lips. “I want you to taste yourself on my lips,” he said. And I did. We kissed, tongues exploring each other’s mouths like uncharted territory, until my lips were burning and sore from his fervency.

He got to his knees, pushed my back up against the treadmill, licked the oozing precum from my cock, and then swallowed the entire thing, right down to the base, even then pressing as if he knew there was more to be had that met the eye, as if the harder he pressed down, the more cock would fill his throat. A hot stream of drool escaped his mouth and lubricated my balls. It was all I could do not to shoot my hot cum down his throat. I put my hands to the sides of his face and slowly slid his mouth off my cock, savoring the feeling of his tongue as it slid up the entirety of my shaft. But he was not mollified and immediately thrust down once more, enveloping me in his throat, bobbing there as his lips tightly worked the base of my shaft, tongue trying to milk the cum from me. Despite my struggles, he kept sucking and slurping and drooling, cupping my ass cheeks to pull my cock even further into his mouth, and it was only a matter of seconds before I blew, flooding his mouth and throat with surge after surge of hot, creamy cum. But he did not pull off, neither then did my cock soften.

As if I had not cum at all, he began to suck me again, with such ferocity that within minutes I felt myself edging toward the brink once more, but this time I won out and when I pulled myself out of his mouth, he obliged, happy to suck both my balls into his mouth, wetting them more thoroughly with his unending supply of saliva. Nuts buried inside his mouth, dick pressed up against nose and up his face, I dripped more precum on to his forehead. Every minute or two he would pause, pulling gently off my balls, to lick the sticky juice from the tip. His appetite was insatiable; I had never seen him in this much of a sexual frenzy, and I loved it.

After perhaps twenty minutes of worshiping my cock and my rapidly filling balls, he stood up and pushed my down on to my knees in one swift motion. I cannot lie…I was happy to be there. Once again his scent wafted to my nostrils and everything else in the room seemed to disappear, as if at this moment I existed solely to bring him pleasure, which is exactly what I did. Before me his cock throbbed visibly, and appeared bigger and harder than I’d ever seen it before, like a giant fleshy monolith. He wasted no time, grabbing the back of my head, pressing his cock to my lips, then through them, and then into my throat. I gagged once, twice, and then found my stride.

I was swallowing perhaps the most delicious meal I had ever tasted, and at that moment, nothing else would have done. No smorgasbord of unending delectations could have tempted me from my love’s throbbing cock. In and out of my lips, wetter and wetter with each pass, I slurped and sucked, adding my hand to the mix to jerk him while my mouth worked him over.

Moments later I felt his body stiffen and his balls draw up in preparation to shoot what proved to be the largest load I had ever swallowed. A moan rose in his throat and erupted from his mouth as his fat cock pumped shot after hot shot of sweetness into my mouth. He pulled from my mouth, still spurting, and finished the job on my face, using his dick to rub it around over my lips and chin.

He pulled me up by my arms, pressing himself against me, and once more kissed me, as we shared his sweetness.

To my surprise, his cock was still as erect as I had ever seen it, and I knew then that we weren’t done. Together we climbed the stairs to the bedroom, and there he laid me on my back on the bed. Once more, he swallowed my cock and took every inch of its hard length into his mouth. With a generous glob of saliva he so sufficiently lubed my dick that I could feel it running down my balls and into the crack of my ass. He climbed on to the bed, straddled me, and pressed my cock head to his tight hole, sliding down on to me until I was buried balls deep inside him. With every inch he took, his eyes closed a bit more, (in ecstasy I imagine), and once I was completely inside him, he began to rock back and forth, and slide up and down.

Being inside him gave me a feeling of closeness and intimacy that I had never felt before. Inside, warm and tight and wet, I felt myself once more approaching the brink as he bucked on top of me, and then I felt his hole tightening on my cock. Just as the cum began to shoot from me, inside of him, he let go and showered me with his own warm gift.

He stayed that way for a minute, and as I began to soften inside him, he collapsed on top of me, holding me tight in his arms. He kissed my mouth so gently that I barely knew it happened at all, and together we fell asleep in a warm embrace.

A couple of hours later, as he slept, I slipped from his bed and slid myself into a hot shower. I scrubbed all the sexy traces from my skin, though I would have been content to live out the rest of my days sheathed in the essences of Gage had society not frowned on such things. I toweled myself dry and wrapped the towel around my waist.

When I arrived back in the bedroom, he still lay naked on the bed, but now he was awake, and once more, his cock had stiffened into hardness, which pointed into the air, proud, like a flag mast. He smiled at me, and motioned at me in a come hither fashion, and I knew he was ready for round three. I walked toward him, my own cock stiffening with each step, and I aimed it toward his open and waiting mouth. Guess the third time is the charm.

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