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Theirs – Taken

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Snaking a finger through the ring in the collar now around my neck, Mistress pulled me forward to meet Her in a fierce kiss. Her tongue moved into my mouth, possessing me. Moaning, I felt myself melt into Her, opening to Her kiss. Soon, I felt Master’s hand on the back of my head, pulling me from Her, drawing my mouth to His. Despite having just sucked His cock, this was… unexpected.

His lips against mine, His tongue in me. For a brief moment I almost pulled away, but only briefly. Master could kiss! They soon began to pass me back and forth, kissing and stroking me, teasing me with Their lips and tongues and fingers as I knelt naked before the two of Them.

Moments or maybe hours later I heard the click of a leash being attached to my collar. Pulling me from Mistress, my Master said,

“Shy, it’s time now. Annette and I are going to bring you into Our bed. We will both use you, We will both fuck you. All you have to do is give yourself to Us, to Our pleasure.”

I felt Mistress’s hands placing a silken blindfold over my eyes.

“No more seeing tonight Shy. Only touching and feeling for Our little whore.”

“Do your best to keep just to My left, boy. Annette will… correct you as we go.”

With that, Master tugged on the leash and I tried to keep to His left, just behind. I couldn’t help imagining the depraved sight we made. I cried out when Mistress made Her first course correction, something striking my right buttock. A crop? It stung and startled more than hurt but I moved a bit to the left, only next to be struck on the left side. Hurrying to keep up with Him, She continued to swat my ass as we moved through Their home, to Their bedroom.

Coming to a stop, Master tugged on my leash, signaling for me to rise. Standing with legs spread, head bowed and hands clasped behind my back, I tried to prepare myself for what was about to happen. I wasn’t sure exactly when but, sometime soon, I would be well and truly fucked. I wondered which of Them would do the deed and claim the prize of my virginity. I wasn’t really sure who I hoped for, Mistress or Master. Would being taken by Mistress make the act, less, what? Gay? Deviant? Feminine? Could I really pretend anymore that I wasn’t in fact at least a little of all of those things? Wouldn’t it be better for it to be Master? Shouldn’t the first cock be His cock? Living flesh? His flesh? Was I gay now? When I eventually left Their home, would the other people in my life suddenly see me only as what these Two had so thoroughly turned me into? A sex-crazed submissive slut. A cock-sucking whore with a willing and hungry mouth and ass both, seemingly ready for any amount of depravity.

Standing there, blinded by the heavy silken cloth over my eyes I could hear quiet sounds of preparation. Drawers opening, fabric rustling. A match being struck, the sharp smell of sulfur followed by a light scent of…patchouli? They seemed to simply be preparing for bed, much like any couple might, seemingly oblivious to the naked man standing in the middle of the room. I could feel them slip past as I stood silent and blind to what They were about. Other times, I would feel a touch in passing, a feathery touch on my back, my side, my ass. I lost track of which presence was Master, which was Mistress. I knew I should be able to discern between my two Owners but as all of the questions tumbled through my mind I could only feel. The rug beneath my feet. The gentle breeze as They moved past. The weight of the cuffs, the collar. The cool metal of the leash hanging down my back, the leather of its handle just grazing my cheeks. My cock, standing rigid, pulsing and moving, thrusting of its own accord into nothing. Once, a finger scooped up the cum leaking from me and brought it to my lips. I sucked it clean.

After what felt an eternity, I could hear the bed creak as They climbed in. I could hear the sounds of the two of Them kissing, fucking. From the sounds my Mistress was making, it seemed Master knew exactly what He was doing. Now and then, one or both of them would pause, taunting me, teasing or, sometimes, just commenting on my presence.

“Annette is delicious Shy, wouldn’t you love to dive right in here, taste your Mistress again?”

“Look at our little whore, honey. Those nipples could cut glass and it looks like that cock of his is gonna explode any minute…”

“Susan and Joe’s anniversary is coming up, wonder if they’d like to take our new slut for a weekend?”

“Oh, Shy, you are going to love Master’s cock in your ass…I know I do!”

“I can’t wait to get him playing with Sarah and Steve, they’ll all be so cute together… Our own hairless harem!”

“I adore the way he trembles John, beautiful…”

“I think this one is really going to enjoy the Farm tomorrow night, he really is the most eager one we’ve had in a while… seems to be a natural, don’t you think dear?”

“His skin looks so smooth and soft, he really did a good job of shaving for us.”

And then,

“Join us, Shy, come to Us.”

Stepping forward towards the sound of Her voice, I bent forward and moved into Their bed. Her on my left, Him on my right.

“Stay, on all fours whore. Just here between Us.”

Arching my back a bit, I moaned as both of Their hands came down, trailing along my back, around to my chest, kneading my chest, pulling and twisting my nipples. They worked in concert, mirror images of one another. Their hands were everywhere. A cool dribble of liquid pooling in my lower back, hands moving to cover me in oil, gliding over my now slick skin, pulling the cheeks of my ass apart, fingertips circling, teasing my hole. I don’t know whose finger first pressed past my opening and into me. It didn’t matter. I was Theirs, They’d both claimed me. I only knew that I needed, wanted, and so I pressed back, taking the fingers inside me.

“He is a hungry little whore, isn’t he dear?”

Another finger pressed in, opening me, stretching me. A long closeted submissive, I’d of course played with my ass before but this, this, was entirely different. Moving in and out, the fingers, His and Hers both I felt sure, were taking me places I’d never imagined.

A shuffling of bodies and Master’s cock was at my lips, its head rich with pre-cum. Placing a soft kiss on Him, my tongue scooped up His essence. Pressing back onto Her fingers, I took Him into my mouth. Moving farther onto His cock, I drew my ass off Her fingers only to then draw my mouth away from Him and my ass back onto Her fingers. Moaning around Him, I gave myself over to it, to being Their whore.

Another shuffling on the bed. For a moment I was empty, no cock in me. No fingers in my ass. Unable to restrain myself, I moaned,

“More… more… use me..take me…fuck me… never stop..please Master…Mistress.. fuck me”

Suddenly, She was in my mouth. Her hot wet sex filling my senses, Her hands pulling my head into Her. Again, fingers, His fingers, pressed into me. Moaning into Her, I pressed back onto His hands, working inside me. I could feel His body shift, His legs pressing against mine, His cock resting between my cheeks as His fingers continued to move in and put my ass, stretching me. Preparing me. I worked my mouth against Her, my lips and tongue dancing against Her lips, Her clitoris. I thrilled to feel Her respond, Her body moving against my mouth in waves, in time to mine, pressing against His hands.

Arching forward, I moved against Him, hoping to entice Him, to please Him. I thrilled to the feeling of Him sliding between my cheeks, the hard hot shaft of His cock moving against me. The exact opposite of the soft wet sex in my mouth. Both erotic, both thrilling in their own way.

“Look up at Me, Shy. I want to see the moment John takes you”

Placing a last kiss on Her mound, I pulled myself up till I was on all fours as She took the blindfold from my eyes. Blinking from the light, I saw Her for the first time, entirely naked. My Mistress was beautiful, dark eyes, curly brunette hair. Small breasts with lovely nipples. With a gentle smile, She pulled me into a kiss, my lips still wet with Her.

Breaking away, Mistress said, her hands turning my face to look over my shoulder, at my Master,

“It’s time, Master is going to fuck you.”

He seemed a giant in that moment, His cock still resting between the cheeks of my ass. Before tonight, I would never have been so bold but They’d awoken something powerful inside me and so I said,

“Please Sir, make me Yours.”

Pulling me back to face Her, Her eyes never left mine as I felt His fingers replaced by the head of His cock. His hands moved on my ass and back, comforting, soothing as He pressed, slowly but insistently, past and into me. Moving myself back, I opened myself to Him. To His cock. Mistresses’ eyes never leaving mine as He filled me, His thighs eventually coming to rest against mine as I took in all of Him.

I could feel the heat of Him, feel Him pulse as He paused, letting me adjust to His invasion of my most intimate place. Looking into Her eyes, I felt a sudden kinship to Her, a closeness and connection I’d not expected. Was this a bit of what it was to be a woman? To accept another into your body, to give so totally, to surrender yourself to the need of another? How could anyone not find joy and beauty in this?

Moaning and moving against Him, I wrapped my arms around Mistress’s waist and laid my head in Her lap as He began to fuck me. For a moment it was wonderful, slow and sensual and sexy. And then, He began to fuck. At first it was terrifying. I was not at all in control and there was something, a cock, inside me, sawing in and out of me taking and not seeming to give anything. I tried not to cry but the tears wouldn’t stop and neither did Master. Mistress comforted me, stroking my head, wiping away the tears as He fucked my ass.

And then something amazing happened, deep inside me something gave way and I was suddenly awash in a warm glow, radiating out from my center, from His cock. Once again the wanton whore, I began to fuck back, slamming myself against Him, feeling Him move in and out, opening me to the universe. I was His. I was Hers. I was Theirs.

I thrilled to the sounds of my Master approaching His orgasm. It was me that was bringing Him His pleasure, my body, my ass, my sex. His thrusts more urgent, more violent, I could feel His cock seem to grow and expand as He said,

“Here I cum, Shy. Master is going to cum in You.”

“Yes, Sir! Please make me Yours, fill me up give me Your cum!”

Out of my mind with need, I kept pace with Him, slamming myself back to meet His thrusts, crying out as I felt Her hand wrap itself around my cock, gripping me, stroking me in time with His cock slamming into me until, with a cry, I felt Him erupt. His cock shuddered, his cum filling me again. Unable to restrain myself, I cried out and came as well, erupting into Her hand.

Chuckling, She brought Her hand to my mouth so I could lick Her clean. I felt His softening cock slip from me, a bit of cum leaking from my hole, sliding over my balls. Slapping my ass as He walked away, Master said,

“I will certainly be fucking your tight little ass every chance I get.”

And then, from Her,

“Turn around Shy, let me see what He’s done to you.”

Presenting my now well used hole to Her, I felt Her finger probe me and then a cold metal plug press firmly into me. I took it in, feeling it nestle between my cheeks, holding Him inside.

“There, this way you won’t make a mess in our bed.”

Pulling me round again, She pulled me down to nestle against Her. Exhausted, satisfied like never before in my life I drifted off to sleep, safe in Her embrace.

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