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Night Invasion

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It had been such a long day. I was exhausted as I let myself in the door and dropped my bags on the table. To make matters worse, I came home through a violent storm, and I was drenched from the pouring rain. I would be glad to peel off the wet clothes that were clinging to my body. I immediately headed for the shower.

I didn’t waste any time. I was naked in a matter of moments, getting in under the warm spray of water and just letting it rinse away all the stress of the day. I could feel my body start to relax as the water rushed over my skin. I closed my eyes and thought about how great I was going to sleep tonight.

I finally stepped out and grabbed a towel and began to dry off, taking a few moments to rub my head to dry my hair. It could have been that I was under the towel and muffled, but suddenly I stopped, thinking I had heard a noise that sounded suspiciously like the creak of a footstep on the floorboards. Pausing for a moment I listened, heart skipping a fast little staccato beat, but all I could hear were the sounds of the rain and thunder outside and my short, nervous breathing. Relaxing again, I figured that it must have been the wind. I threw the towel over the bar and walked out, flipping all the lights out and heading straight for the bed. I was going to crawl under the covers and pass out. I knew I would sleep like a baby. I snuggled down under the blankets and pulled them up over my naked body, and within moments I was sound asleep.

It was the thunder that woke me up. My eyes flew open as I heard the crash of the window suddenly swing open. It was one of those fancy casement windows, and if it wasn’t tightly latched the wind would catch it and push it in. A couple seconds went by before I was awake enough to comprehend that the wind and rain were pouring in. I knew that I had latched the window the previous day, and I puzzled over that as I swung my feet to the floor and stood up to walk across the room. The lightning was flashing bright, illuminating the entire area and exposing my nudity as I reached the window to close it.

It was the second that my fingers slid the latch into place that I felt him. I became aware of a presence behind me a split second before I felt a hard, muscled arm grab me around the waist and a hand gripping my face firmly, effectively muffling my scream. The intruder roughly pulled me back tight against him and my brain registered how large and powerful this guy was, instantly telling me that there was little chance of fighting him off. My heart was racing and my hands were clutching at the arm that had reached up to cover my mouth. I could feel his breath close to my ear when he bent to speak to me. “Well now, what a luscious little piece I’ve got. What am I gonna do with you?” His voice was low and I could feel it rumbling against my back, his tone soft but deadly serious.

I was trembling and I felt suddenly exposed, not a stitch of clothing or anything to cover my naked skin. I was completely vulnerable. Fear was making me dizzy and I whimpered under the tight grip that was muffling every sound. I felt the entire length of his body, hard and strong, his arm like a vice around my waist. And as my bare ass was pressed up against him, I became aware of the bulge that was straining inside his jeans, and I felt him pushing it slightly into that crevice in the center. I was full aware of his intentions. There were no illusions. I knew without a doubt that the dark stranger that had broken into my home was going to rape me. My fate was sealed unless an opportunity for escape magically appeared. In fact, he wasn’t taking the chance that I had mistaken the situation.

“Don’t fight me, baby. I came here for your sweet little pussy, and I’m not leaving without getting exactly what I want. There’s not a fucking thing you can do about it.” He chuckled a little at my attempts to pull his hand away from my face and strain away from him. My feet left the floor as he jerked my body violently around toward the bed, never losing even the slightest grip.

“If you want to play hard to get though, go ahead. It makes my cock so hard baby when you fight me.” He tightened his arms around me and it felt like his fingers were leaving bruises along my jaw and my cheek where he had a firm grip on my face. He pulled my head back farther and exposed my throat, ducking to bite the flesh of my neck. He started to carry me toward the bed, lifting me like I weighed nothing. I began to squirm in panic and his muscles flexed and rippled in his efforts to hold on to me. I could feel the screams rising in my throat and getting stuck there as we approached the edge of the bed. I knew I was getting him worked up with my struggling, but I couldn’t help it. Fear had taken over and my flight instinct was in control. I couldn’t calm down, couldn’t stop the hysteria from rising in my chest. My whimpering cries were the only sound that managed to escape. He moaned low and deep, and it vibrated through my entire body. He stopped at the edge of the bed.

“You see that, my beautiful little vixen? That’s where I’m gonna fuck your tight little cunt. My cock is so ready for you, baby. I know you can feel it.” As he said this, his arm moved down and he let his hand move over my exposed stomach, sliding down to my pelvis and jerking hard, crushing me against the telltale bulge still trapped in his jeans. I felt it pressed up against my ass, rock hard and amazingly large. To my horror, I felt a thrill spread through my lower body.

‘No! There’s no fucking way I’m going to let myself respond to this bastard!’ Even as I thought it, I could feel the slickness as the lips of my pussy rubbed together with every move I made. Anger at my own body’s response to him replaced some of the panic that I was feeling. And still I could feel the thrill of him grinding against my ass.

“Oh yeah, baby. You’re gonna take it all. I’m gonna tear that sweet pussy up” I could hear the excitement in his voice. Suddenly and with explosive force he threw me down on the bed.

It was a split second decision, and I didn’t think about the consequences. The moment I was free of his vice grip I was off the other side in a flash, running instinctively for the door. I didn’t care about the fact that I was completely naked or that it was storming violently outside. I was focused only on escape.

He was a heartbeat behind me. I tasted failure before I even felt his death grip. The force of motion propelled both of us as he tackled me, and we slammed into the door. Pain shot through me as I hit the hard surface and was crushed by his weight and his effort to stop me. I ignored it and came up swinging, thrashing against my captor and screaming. I felt steely hands close brutally around my wrists as he pinned me up against the door, and as soon as he had control of them he lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder. The next thing I knew I was being thrown back on the bed, more forcefully this time. I thought he was in a rage until I caught a glimpse of his face. The bastard was enjoying this! I was working him up into a sexual fury!

Savagely he grabbed my wrists again and held them tight above my head as he moved over me. He began to laugh, jamming a knee between my legs to spread them open and hold me there. I felt the pressure of his hard thigh pressing down on my suddenly exposed pussy. Out of breath and exhausted from my struggles, I found myself pinned underneath my attacker and losing strength to fight him. I watched as his free hand worked furiously to rid his rigid cock of its constraints. As he unbuttoned his pants he berated me for my little escape attempt.

“I told you I wasn’t leaving without getting what I came here for.” His eyes glistened and he was obviously enjoying this. “Look how hard you make me, baby.” His cock sprung free of his jeans and he gripped it in his fist, massaging and pumping it in front of me. It was as big as I imagined. A little ripple of excitement travelled down my spine. “Keep it up, darlin’. You’ve got me so fucking hot for you. I’m gonna pound your sweet cunt so fucking hard. You can’t get away from me. See? Just relax and enjoy it. You fucking know your wet cunt is waiting for my cock to fill you up. I can feel how wet you are.” As he said this I felt his knee press harder against my slick pussy lips, spreading me open and making me ride it.

“I can make you feel so good, baby.” He let go of his engorged member and grabbed my thigh, bruising in his grip and spreading me open. “So good, baby. I want to taste that sweet pussy.” A sudden bolt of hunger shot through me. I gasped as he let go of my wrists and held me down, lowering his head between my legs. I thought I was going to come unglued as his tongue made that first contact with my swollen clit. I grabbed his shoulders and felt his tongue begin to pillage my wet cunt, licking all over the top of my clit. Uncontrollably my hips bucked up against his mouth, and he lapped up my juices, plunging his tongue deep into the hole between my legs. I couldn’t control my body’s response to the plunder of his expert tongue. Sensations tore through my lower body as he sucked my clit between his lips. I felt something probing the opening of my cunt and threw my head back in a shock of pleasure as he plunged a finger deep into my swollen tunnel. I was thrusting against his mouth while he fucked my tight pussy with his his finger.

It was too much. The sensations of this savage stranger eating my hot pussy sent me over the edge. I clenched and tightened around the finger shoved inside me as I came violently. My body convulsed and waves of pleasure crashed through me over and over, and I was crying out from the intensity. I had never felt something so incredible in my life. The mixture of fear and excitement with the pleasure was powerful.

Before I had even come back to Earth he was on me. The weight of my attacker was suddenly pressing me into the bed, and I could feel the rigid cock pinned between us. “Yes, baby. How fucking hot are you?” He was breathing hard and his excitement was evident. “Jesus, baby, you are exactly what I imagined. So fucking sexy. Such a naughty little girl, and I’m going to give you exactly what you want.” Lifting himself off of me momentarily, he violently turned me over onto my stomach and in one swift motion, plunged that huge pulsing cock deep into my swollen cunt. The thrill of suddenly being impaled on his rock hard shaft made me cry out in shock. I was helpless to even move as he pushed deep into the center of my body over and over. I could hear his grunts and moans as he tore into me, pumping his cock in and out, fast and hard, his hips pounding against my ass.

I thought he was going to take it all the way like that when I felt him stop suddenly, pausing with his engorged cock stuffed deep inside my pussy. His breathing was ragged and heavy, and I could feel the sweat dripping onto the back of my neck and my shoulders. The walls of my cunt constricted, squeezing around that hard shaft that was buried inside me.

“So good, baby. So fucking hot. You take my cock so good, just like the naughty little girl you are.” I squirmed underneath my captor as he whispered filthy little things in my ear. It should have disgusted me, but instead it was driving me wild. I knew there was no hiding my responses to him at this point.

“Yes…” I breathed. I moaned.

I felt the growl that came from him vibrating in his chest as he reacted to my encouragement. His cock throbbed inside its tight, wet sheath and I felt him beginning to move again. Slowly he pulled all the way out and gripped himself, and I felt the soft tip as he rubbed it in the slick juices that were soaking both of us. He slid the head up and down in the folds of my entrance, and then all the way up underneath, coming into contact with my swollen clit. I felt my hard little nub travel the entire length of his shaft as he thrust slowly, guiding it with his hand, making sure to rub my clit with the tip of his beautiful cock, slick with my juices. He pumped his hips against my ass as he pleasured my tender clit and rubbed against the lips of my pussy. Then I gasped when in one smooth motion he drove his entire length into the warmth of my tight cunt, until he was buried to the hilt. So slowly he began to pump his throbbing cock again, fucking me and filling me with it. Deep into the recesses of my body, over and over, so deep I could feel it hitting my womb, completely possessing me.

I could feel the walls of my pussy clench tighter around him as he whispered low in my ear. “Fuck you so deep, baby. Your pussy is so fucking hot. You’re mine. Tell me you want more. Tell me how you like my cock buried in that tight little cunt.” He bit the back of my neck softly and I felt his hand slip under me, seeking the hard nub between my legs. A bolt of shock went through me when his fingertips made contact.

I moaned. “Yes…” I breathed again. “I want more. I want you to fuck me hard with that huge cock.” I was dizzy with the sensations of him pumping into me, rubbing my clit and verbally staking his claim. I began to writhe underneath him, feeling the thrill of another orgasm building quickly. “Fuck me hard. Give me all of your cock. Harder…” I begged.

He growled again, and I felt him throb and get thicker as he started driving faster and deeper, fucking me hard and fingering my clit. “Tell me your mine!” he demanded harshly.

“Yes!” I cried. “I’m yours!”

I bucked up against him, meeting his thrusts as it hit me, crashing through my body, intense waves of pleasure exploding inside. “Yes!” I screamed, and he lost control. He pounded his hard cock into me hard, over and over, and I felt him explode. He grunted and fucked me as hard as he could, ramming his cock into my wet, quivering pussy. The warmth of his cum spilled into me, filling me and soaking the already wet hole, giving me all he had.

I was breathing hard and lying there, still pinned underneath the weight of my ruthless captor. I could feel him trying to catch his own breath, still sheathed in my wetness. Then he pulled away from me and stood up beside the bed. The look on his face was possessive and unyielding, satisfied with his work.

“Yes, baby. You’re mine. All mine.” He zipped up his jeans and leaned over, grabbing a handful of my hair. He pulled my head back so I was looking at him. He kissed me, invading my mouth with his expert tongue, then pulled away slightly and paused. “And I will be back to take what’s mine.” With that promise, he let go and simply walked out the door.

I was astounded. I couldn’t believe he was so bold. My body shivered as I lay there naked and thoroughly used. Nothing made sense at that moment. My body had betrayed me, and given itself to a stranger who took without mercy. And suddenly I felt a thrill shoot through me as I thought of the possibility of another visit.

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