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The Vineyard

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It was a beautiful fall day in Niagara-on-the-lake, in southern Ontario. It is the time of year for the grapes to be harvested in the wine region of Eastern Canada. Matthew’s schedule was tight and he had been watching the vineyards closely since returning from Chile on the World Winemaker’s Conference in Santiago. His Assistant, Richard de Grosse, had been invaluable to him during the summer lead up to this.

His attention to detail helped Matt take care of many of the external aspects of the business without concerns, however, everybody stayed close to home when harvest time came around. It was this time of year that Matt took the reins back and everybody was on edge as they waited for the cue to begin picking. The crates had arrived, the bottles were ready, and the casks were constructed. The weather forecasts were closely monitored, but it all c/ame down to the grapes.

The workers had broken into sectional groups or teams. Each section was monitored by a leader who reported back to Richard over the summer, but Matthew always granted Richard a break when he returned from his travels. For the next few days, supervisors would report directly to him instead. As Matthew was in the distillery, talking to the artisans about the casks and the quality of oak that had been shipped, a woman came walking in seemingly concerned about something and intent on getting answers. “Where’s Richard?!” she demanded.

Matthew turned around very annoyed at the intrusion. Every employee should be aware of the boundaries and restrictions on these premises and only himself or Richard were allowed to cross into all areas of labour on the grounds. Otherwise, pickers remained in the housing near the fields, carpenters remained in their regions around the workhouses and woodshops, and brewers and chemists remained around the winery. “Who, may I ask, is looking for Richard?” Matthew inquired with an irritating tone in his voice.

“Kristen!” she replied curtly. “Not that it is any of your business! Richard said he would have the lamps replaced for my team two days ago! Where are they? How are we to get anything done in time for harvest if the equipment is not working?” she fumed.

Matthew was intrigued by the arrogance and authoritative manner of this woman who, obviously, did not know who she was addressing. He observed her carefully. The woman was tall, about five feet, 8 inches, and had a short bob of dark brown hair. The denim shirt she wore was unbuttoned conservatively but enough to show a slim neck that disappeared intriguingly beneath the heavy fabric that obviously caused a mild perspiration on her dark, slightly weathered skin. Her chest was small but perky still and hung naturally, beneath the fabric. She looked to be about early forties. She was very fit and strong with beige work pants fitting nicely around her firm ass. Without giving his identity away, he continued the conversation. “Richard had to leave for a little while. Perhaps I can help you. Which lamps need servicing?” he asked.

Kristen crossed her arms and smirked. “The ones that have been sitting in the workshop for four days now.”

Matthew spoke to the artisan he was with for a couple of seconds and strolled toward Kristen sizing her up and down with a look she could not quite distinguish. Was it attraction or disgust? She couldn’t quite figure him out. Not that she cared much for the labourers. If anything, it infuriated her more to be on the receiving end of such hotheaded behaviour by the locals even though she had a master’s degree in Cellular Botany. Finally, she was beginning to gleam some respect for her knowledge of the grapes from Richard and he disappears without notice. Now she will have to start all over again.

As they both arrived at the workshop, they weren’t surprised to find it empty, since it was getting close to suppertime and employees were closing shop for the evening. As Matthew unlocked the workshop, he motioned for Kristen to lead the way. “Show me these lamps you were mentioning.”

Kristen searched the work surface of the shop and came to rest on four field lamps in a string. She inspected each of the lamps and found them to be fully functional again, with a note beside them. Written in scribbled charcoal was “Prioritize. Ready by Friday! Richard.” It was now Sunday. She picked up the lamps and turned to see Matthew observing a time chart. “Brian has not been in since Friday. The lamps were finished on Friday. He stayed behind to finish them before he left. Is everything resolved now?” He glared at her as if she was a five year old again.

This infuriated her even more to be resented for doing her job, for making sure that the work was done and on time. She knew she was the reason most of the vineyard was in as good a shape as it was, considering the cheap resources, if any, that they provided to them to care for the vines. How dare he chastise her for giving a damn! With that thought, she marched to the doors of the workshop and left without looking back, without a thank you, or a handshake. Meanwhile, Matthew stood there in the workshop feeling very disturbed by the beauty that just left him behind. She was probably a widow or lesbian or had some feminist, bitchy personality. This is why he stuck to the grapes. They were less complex than women. Handle grapes with tender love and care, and they never let you down. They even bring you profit instead of costing you. With that thought, Matthew locked up the workshop and returned to the casks to see if Brian was still there.

Walking into the cellar, the smell of oak and spice produced a heady feeling for him. He found his favourite chair in the corner where a shelf showed a set of binders, an autograph book, and a small wine rack with a few select bottles in it and four wine goblets. Matthew sat down to peruse the book and see who had visited this summer while he had been travelling. His mind was too preoccupied though, by the image of a woman with dark brown, short hair laying across the polished oak table. Her shirt was opened and all that remained on her supple body was work socks and a thong. He could see the lines of her eyes deepen as the look of ecstasy crossed her face. The wine from his glass slowly found its way from her neck and collarbone, between her breasts, and continued downward to pool in her bellybutton.

As Matthew continued to fantasize about Kristen, his manhood grew rapidly, straining beneath his designer pants. His thoughts turned to the insolent look she had given him as she marched into the distillery earlier to confront him as if she owned the vineyard. The thought of introducing himself to her tomorrow and seeing the expression on her face once she realizes who she spoke so arrogantly to, this evening, fueled his fire. He had worked his ass off all of his life to get this small family hobby up to the success it was now.

Wiping that smug look off her face brought images of dominance into his fantasy. His thoughts turned more aggressive. He had visions of himself shoving her against the doors of the cellar room and holding her jawline and throat firmly in his hand as his body slammed hers. The fantasy sent a flash of electricity through his loins. Loosening his pants, he had to let his cock spring forth to reduce the painful pleasure he felt. Stroking his shaft with his hand, he let his head fall back and inhaled the sweet smell of oaken wine casks, grapes, and her scent which still lingered in his memory. Imagining himself thrusting into her with all of his strength and prowess as she gives into him without restrain, sends a deep moan past his lips. Thoughts of her beautiful lips being bruised by his as he devours her with all of his manly strength until he claims all of her in one full rush of heat. As his fantasy reaches its peak, he shoots his load onto the ground providing quick relief from this stressful day. With one more frustrating gulp of merlot, he can feel the warmth engulf him. He quickly tidies himself, returns the book to its original position on the table, spreads fresh ground around the area to disguise his presence and grabs the wine bottle to take with him to his private rooms in the house.

The next morning Kristen got up early to get ready to reconnect the lamps to the path they belong to. The lights not only provided visibility for the workers, it also provided photosynthesis for the vines by copying ultraviolet light, similar to natural sunlight, so that the grapes could continue to produce the sugars needed for fermentation. These lamps had been out of operation too long and they had to use temporary lamps of lesser quality which was not giving the proper amount of energy needed to maintain the glucose production rates. She has to find out the name of the man who found the lamps for her last night. Although he was an asshole, he did help her find the lamps, so she should at least thank him for that. For now, though, sugar production rates are more important. She heard that the owner was returning soon to inspect the grounds and she was not going to be caught with her pants down, so to speak.

Memories of the mystery man who found the lamps for her sent sensations through her body that she has not felt in years. Having settled with the idea that she would be alone and independent the rest of her life, helped keep her focussed on her career goals. She did not need to be distracted now. She recalled the conversation last night and she still could not figure out who the man was or what his reaction was to her. Men were usually easy to read…sexist and horny. This man surprised her. She had to find out who he was and what he is hired for.

Kristen was attaching the lamps back into place over the vines when Matthew strolled up behind her along with two other team leaders from other sections of the vineyard. Phil and Gerry followed on each side of him talking rapidly and asked Gerry to pass her a connector for the cord. “Why don’t you use a carpenter’s belt and carry the items you need with you instead of having to go back and forth?” Phil suggested.

“Fine! I’ll get it myself!” Kristen answered indignantly.

“I will not tolerate such behaviour amongst my field crew, Ms. Bauer! We help each other. If you cannot work as a team member on my vineyards, you are free to go,” Matthew ordered tersely. “Mr. Kenner was simply suggesting a way to make work easier for you. Apologise this instant or collect your gear!”

Kristen immediately recognized that voice and her skin tone went ashen. Straightening herself instantly, she stood up and faced the man she had yelled at last night. The same man who just claimed to be the owner of this winery. Her future was over. “Mr. Carter! I..I..apologise for the short temper. I have been working hard to see that the grapes were ripening on time for the harvest. There is no excuse for my behaviour.” Kristen’s face changed suddenly from white to fire red. “My intentions were never to insult Mr. Kenner.”

“It is not me you should be apologising to!”

“No. Of course not. Phil, I am sorry for being short tempered to you. It was disrespectful. I now it was not your intention to insult me. Please forgive me?” Kristen spoke to Phil, but still looked at Matthew. It was questionable as to whether or not the last question was directed at Phil or Matt, but, Phil answered anyway. “Not a problem. We have all been feeling the strain. It is a busy time of year,” Phil replied.

Once the crew made nice, Kristen began to walk toward the equipment she owned when Matthew called out to her. “Ms. Hancock, I would like to see you back at the distillery! Since you seem to be so displeased with how things are run here, we shall discuss some options. Follow me please.” Matthew turned and marched back toward the building where they had met for the first time the day before. Kristen immediately followed behind but with what first felt like shame was now becoming resentment. “How dare he make a fool of me in front of the other workers! What kind of employer is this man, anyway? Obviously not one with tact,” she fumed. Why was she feeling so attracted to this man? Was she truly angry at Mr. Carter, or, was she angry at herself? She didn’t need to think long for that answer. Her body responded quickly to his very presence.

Kristen watched Matthew from behind as she followed him to the distillery. Even beneath the well-cut shirt and perfectly fitted pants that were obviously made for comfort, anybody could sense the confidence and strength that this man’s body demonstrated. His broad shoulders were squared and relaxed. His arms swung forcefully by his side with strong forearms showing from the rolled up sleeves. His legs were like a power source all their own. His long strides and rapid pace were difficult to keep up with for most people. Fortunately, for Kristen, this was not the case. Her own European ancestry gave her long legs and dark hair. It was his torso though that she kept watching. The fire inside of her was not all from anger.

Upon entering the distillery, Matthew gave one glare to the lead artisan and all workers vacated the building immediately. When the doors closed, he swung around to face Kristen and the tension intensified. Kristen prepared herself to hear the dismissal and she took on a stance of defiance and haughty indifference to hide the insecurity she was feeling. Her legs were slightly apart, her shoulders squared and her hands were on her hips to project an intimidating stance. Matt circled Kristen like a panther getting ready for its final kill. Somebody had to say something.

“What did you bring me here for, Mr. Carter?”


Kristen’s brows knitted together. What was he up to? “I am not certain formalities will make a difference, Mr. Carter. I still don’t know…”

“Matt. My name is Matt. If you wish to address me, I ask that you call me Matt. You seem to have trouble following instructions, Kristen. May I call you Kristen? I prefer informal conversation here at my vineyard. This is home to me. I do not wish to feel like I am still in business mode when I am at home. Is that too much to ask?”

“Of course not, Mr. Cart…I mean Matt. I apologise for the way I acted last night. I was not suspecting you to be the owner of the property.”

“Are you saying that you would have acted un-naturally around me if you had known who I am? I am glad you didn’t then. I do not like it when people act like anybody but themselves just because they think they know what I want. To me, respect has nothing to do with false flattery as they put a dagger in my back as soon as I am not looking.” Matthew motioned for her to follow him as he walked toward the casks. “These are my life, Kristen. These carry the product of my self-expression. I will not have employees trying to tell me how I want my product to be. I know what I want from the labour put forth. I know what it will require to accomplish that and I will expect my workers to follow my instructions to the letter. Is that clear?”

And why do you feel it is necessary to clarify this with me? Have I failed to accomplish your intended goals and deadlines? If that is so, Mr. Carter, I can guarantee that you may find a more obedient and obliging scientist to monitor your grapes, but you will not be able to find another with the passion for perfection that I have. If my performance is not to your liking, then say so now, so that I may give you time to find a more fitting figure, to bend to your every whim!” Kristen couldn’t help herself at this point. The friendliness was gone and the last nerve she had that day was finally worn to a thread. She was furious! Politeness and friendliness, however implied, was gone now, and she was ready for battle. “I have put all of my heart and soul into these vines!”

Matthew stood straighter and with a few short steps, stood face to face with Kristen. Her green eyes glared directly at his blue ones. He could feel the daggers dart from her eyes into his and as she expressed her frustrations loudly and distinctly to him, her hands were flying through the air as if she was a sailor sending a message ashore by flag motion. “Do you feel like you want to take a swing at me, Kristen? What is causing you to feel like you have to explain and defend yourself at every turn?” With that statement, he grabbed her right hand in mid-air just before it swung toward him. “Do you think you can hurt me?” he asked with sarcastic arrogance as he glared back at her.

Kristen relaxed her arm and instantly became coy and soft spoken. “Of course not, Mr. Carter. A strong man like yourself could easily take me. I could never compete with a man of your strength and power,” she replied sweetly. As Matthew’s other hand came to hold Kristen’s chin up, Kristen raised her knee quickly to make painful contact between her left knee and his groin area. Matthew buckled over in pain as Kristen yanked her arm away from his grip and thought she had done enough to pay him back. She turned to walk away from Matthew when she felt him grab her ankles and she fell to the ground feeling his strong hands grab her legs. As she tried to kick him, Matthew fell directly on top of her to prevent her from kicking him a second time. Kristen let out a scream as his hand clamped over her mouth to quieten her. “This is not necessary, Ms. Brauer. I have no intentions of hurting you, but, I will defend myself if I must. May I remove my hand without hearing a scream?” Matthew’s eyes were smoldering. This woman has awakened something in him that no other woman ever has. He was losing control quickly. He should be getting off of the woman as quickly as he could but he still did not move.

As Matthew removed his hand slowly from Kristen’s mouth, he could see his own handprint on her mouth. Having not realized how much force he had used, he felt a rush of heat to his cheeks as his fingers traced a gentle line along her lips. Kristen wasn’t certain what to say or do. She felt anger, embarrassment, fear, shame, lust, and something deeper. She couldn’t tell what it was. She didn’t know how to handle this intimate moment. His lips suddenly crushed against hers. She felt like fireworks were flying in every direction. How dare he! As if her strength suddenly found itself again, Kristen turned her face away from him quickly and muttered “I am not that kind of woman!”

Matt suddenly pulled himself off of Kristen as if stabbed by a dull knife. Kristen sat up suddenly and attempted to stand up again. Matthew tried to help her up and she charged him. Slamming Matt against one of the casks, Kristen held his shirt in her two fists and glared at him as she leaned into him, their noses almost touching. “I am not a woman who needs help. Especially not yours, Mr. Carter! I am a strong woman and I can take care of myself.” With that statement, Kristen kissed him back as fiercely as he had kissed her. “Do you think you are superior to me because of your wealth, Mr. Carter?” Before he could answer, she tore his shirt open as the buttons went flying. Let’s see how impressive you are without your designer clothing on. Is it the image that makes you strong, Mr. Carter? Is it the authority over others? Is it the sense of ownership over other people, Mr. Carter? Nobody owns me!” Kristen stripped Matt of his pants quickly and began to aggressively nibble and bite him along his neck and shoulder.

Matt was gone beyond control now. His animal instincts had taken over and it now felt like a lion and lioness in battle for ownership of everything including each other. Kristen reached inside of Matt’s silk boxers and felt for his cock. She was not expecting to find the treasure that lay hidden just beneath. A month before she was hired here to work as Vineyard Divisional Supervisor, Kristen had ended her relationship with the last man, because he had accused her of expecting too much out of everybody, especially herself. She certainly wasn’t expecting this! How she longed for a man who could give as good as he takes. With that thought in mind, she quickly watched his penis grow in front of her eyes.

Matt reached for Kristen’s shoulders and shoved her to her knees holding her firmly to the ground, and bringing her lips level with his cock. He instantly grabbed the back of her head and forced her lips onto his cock. Forcing himself upon a woman was not his style, but Kristen was pulling every string and pressing every button. This was more than passion. His very dignity was being tested by this woman; this beautiful, aggressive, temptress of a woman who dared to challenge him, and challenge him on his own turf! Still, he felt like he had to take care of her, tame her, but, would he want to? This was an experience on a whole new level for Matt and he had never been this aroused before. Gawd she felt amazing on him! Still, he felt like he had to go deeper! He had to be a part of her. He grabbed her head with both hands and rammed his head deep into her throat, making her gag for a second, before her throat muscles opened again to take him all in.

Kristen was not going to let him have the upper hand! No man would ever dominate her again like her father had. No man would control her destiny, her work, or her sex drive. She will battle this amazing man to the end. She will not be the one to submit, ever again! Kristen grabbed his huge shaft with her hands and caressed him firmly. His hands grabbed the collar of her shirt and ripped the first few buttons off in an attempt to see her breasts. Kristen reacted by clasping Matt’s testicles tightly in her right hand while her left hand continued with the hand job on his penis, to the point where it was becoming too tender.

Matt’s hands closed firmly around her neck tightening as he pulled her up to prevent her from hurting him. “I’m not sure I can trust you, Ms. Brauer! You seem to think you are in control of this situation. Might I remind you of whose property you are standing on? One call and I could have every employee in here to defend my honour and you would be finished!” He pushed her toward a work table not far from the casks where the testing equipment lay. Shoving her further back, Matt grabbed her arm just in time to prevent her from banging into a beam nearby. He pulled her down upon the table and held her face down on the tabletop.

Kristen turned her head to glare back at him with resentment and felt that she had to put him in his place. She had to cut him down a bit. “It takes a powerful man to get his labourers to do his fighting for him. I must be quite a threat to you, if you feel you need a group of men to defend yourself against me. I could charge you with sexual assault right now!” Somehow, that accusation had aroused her more. What was wrong with her? Here she was, insulting her boss, threatening him, and yet all she could do was go right along with him. She couldn’t fight him any more than she could a puppy right now. He had her eating out of his hands almost. His hands were gliding over her body, positioning her over the table, and all she could do was spread her legs wider in anticipation of him entering her.

Matt tore the rest of her denim shirt off of her. His hands moved deftly around her tummy to undo her work pants and aggressively yanked them down around her ankles. Beneath the work pants was a thong. A skinny pink string of fabric slid invitingly up along the crack of her ass. Matt bent over her to whisper in her ear. “Do you have a boyfriend, Ms. Brauer? Does he like these on you? Does he fuck you with these still on? Do you like it up the ass, Ms. Brauer? I intend to get all of the answers Ms. Brauer. I will find out every detail I wish to know about my employees.” Matt slid his right hand down along her spine to meet at the panties. His hand grabbed the cheek of her ass and pinched it firmly before slapping it on the right. Kristen jumped at the surprise of the slap. “I didn’t get any answers, Kristen. Such a bad girl.” His left hand slid from her neck to her ass and gently felt the smoothness of her firm behind before she heard a “tut tut” and he slapped the left ass cheek.

As Matt slid his fingers beneath the G-string, his fingertip grazed her rear-end. Tracing circles around the anal entry, Matt knelt down to examine it a lot closer. He could get a faint scent of lavender from the fabric and he let the tip of his nose graze her opening to drink in both the lavender of the panties and the strong female essence emanating from her vaginal juices very close to him. With one finger, he pulled her panties aside to reveal her shaven pussy. With the other hand, he grazed the vaginal lips and they opened for him like a flower opens for the sunshine. The intoxicating scent of her flower made his cock pulsate. He wanted to be inside of her. He wanted to capture the moment that had been haunting him the night before in his dreams and make it real, but he knew if he did what his fantasy entailed, she could charge him with rape. He could not throw away his life on this woman, no matter how powerful her pull over him was.

As Matt’s hot breath blew gentle rushes of air along Kristen’s outer lips, she was lost to him. She expected an aggressive attack on her opening but he hesitated. This drove her over the edge. It almost seemed like he was waiting for her consent. As her eyes locked with his, she could see the fire in his dark smoldering blue eyes and she was certain her own raw lust was begging him to release her. Without a spoken word, he acknowledged her as his tongue darted out to stroke along her labia, leading ever so gently up to her clitoris. His lips closed around her clitoris and sucked upon it with slow, enticing, tugs. His tongue traced stimulating circles with its tip over her clitoris sending wave after wave of bliss flowing through her. His tongue aggressively lapped at her inner opening, feeling her juices wash over his lips and chin, and he dove in, nose and all to breathe in her essence. His hands were massaging her ass and his thumbs began to tickle her other opening.

Kristen was rubbing herself against the oak table trying to push her ass closer to him, trying to feel his tongue enter her. She couldn’t wait much longer. She stood up suddenly and turned to face him. Sitting up on the edge of the table, Kristen pulled off her pants and G-string and opened her legs to him. She knew what they both needed now. With her eyes never leaving his, she spoke only two words “Fuck me!”

That was all Matt had to hear. He quickly positioned himself at her opening and lifted her hips off the table with his hands. Bringing the tip of his huge cock to her vaginal opening, it was like her body had been waiting for him all of her life. Her vaginal lips began to slide gracefully over his tip and with one strong thrust, he entered her to the hilt. Immediately they began the most aggressive mating dance either of them had ever had. . His hands held her down as he fell on top of her. Both of them pushing, grabbing, biting, clawing, bucking, grunting, and gasping. The act was a savage one and yet their connection seemed to reach a core that no other person had been able to access before. It was a battle of wills, a struggle for self-evidence, and yet a passion never before released and it burst forth for both of them. Matt could feel himself about to explode and he embraced Kristen to capture this with her. Kristen was riding her own wave as her release suddenly exploded. Matt lifted her into his arms and her legs wrapped around him as she fell firmly upon him for the final thrust as he released a stream of semen that lasted beyond any other encounter he had ever had. His arms embraced her. One arm firmly around her waist and the other rose up along her back with his hand in her hair. As they both climaxed their lips met in the most encompassing kiss of all times. Their tongues battled as much as their wills had and suddenly, when all energy was exhausted by both of them, Matt backed up to a wall and collapsed onto the ground with Kristen still in his arms.

They both collapsed like rag dolls. Their breathing was heavy. Their bodies were spent. The battle was over. Suddenly Kristen remembered the humiliating incident that happened prior to this and she straightened her back. Looking at Matt’s pensive face, she had to ask the question. “Do I still have my job?” Matt couldn’t help but laugh. His broad chest vibrated with the deep rumble that almost made her bounce. Matt looked into her eyes expressing annoyance, defensiveness, and hurt as she struggled to stand up. Matt, disappointed in the separation, quickly stood up and reached out for her again. His hand touched her cheek and he calmed his voice to a tenderness that touched her. He didn’t want to hurt this woman. She had obviously been hurt sometime in the past and aggression was all she knew. He had to teach her that gentility does still exist. “You never risked losing your job Kristen. I simply wanted to explain to you that you already have the respect of your coworkers, superiors and subordinates and peers. You wouldn’t have your job if you did not come highly recommended. You can drop the formality. Please. Call me Matt. Considering what just happened, I think a little informality is justified now. We all follow this pattern so nothing will seem out of place. I do think that we should allow the artisans to get back to work though.

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