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The Urban Encounter

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The ad read, “Urban domina, 40-something, tall, large breasted, and still menstruating, seeks slave to service lovely feet, legs, ass,….etc. Must have experience and great tongue. No inhibitions, please. Only those willing to serve need call. The curious will be ignored.”. And it gave the number to call. A pissy woman answered, and asked how old I was, and WHERE I got the number. Very politely, I explained that I was twenty-two, a graduate student new to the city, and found the number in the local left-wing newspaper. She gave a dismissive chuckle, and asked what I was studying.

Architecture, I said. I explained that I was a student of art, photography, music and could cook better than most women that I knew. There was silence for a moment, then she said in a rather urbane voice, “Well,…that is a new one that I haven’t heard in a while!” We chatted for a few minutes, told her that I was from the deep South, and explained why I was looking for a women like herself. She asked if I could sit and suck her toes, knowing that she is old enough to be my mother. There was silence again, then she asked if I could eat a woman on her period. She asked if I had ever tasted a woman’s piss,…and I lied, and said yes. Of course I was apprehensive, but I tried to reassure her that I was willing to learn whatever that she wished to teach me. There was more silence,….then a disturbing sigh, and an appointment to meet her the following morning for coffee. She said to be on time, and asked what I would be wearing. She described herself,…tall, heavy-breasted, boots, black overcoat, shoulder-length hair,…dirty blond, with streaks of grey, etc.

As the sun set, and people rushed off to the theater, or to their favorite literary club, I turned down the alley between two old five-story walk-ups on Bleeker St.,….beautiful buildings from the late 19th. century,….all dark red-brown brick, with stone window sills, headers, and a parapet cap. There were stoops in front with stone details, heavy double doors and sidelights leading to wood paneled lobbies. In the brick paved alley, about twenty feet back, was an old iron fire escape that led directly up to the woman’s apartment window on the third floor. Past the flashing “vacancy” sign that hung from the rooming house on the left, and the garbage cans on the right, I made my way up the open iron stairs carefully. At each landing I was cautious not to disturb the neighbors, as the woman warned on the phone. Each step creaked and flexed as though the old contraption would come down at any minute From the stairs one could detect the aroma of meals cooking, and the smell of roses growing in window pots. In the windows, people could be seen at the dinner table, or reading by a lamp,….or at the piano, perhaps. But this was the big city, and the alley below came with the black odors of car exhaust, garbage, piss, and a dead rat laying in a puddle of rain water. Such contrasts of beauty and civility, against a backdrop of urban decay and filth. Gentrified slums,….yuppies living in what might have been a flop house in the 1960’s.

Earlier that day I sat with the woman in a corner café in Greenwich village, on a lovely tree-lined residential street. Her long, black overcoat lay open, revealing a buxom chest and a very svelte waste line. The long-legged woman was quite tall in her black leather boots with two-inch heels. She had on smoky black hose and a short, brown leather miniskirt. The tail of her white blouse was hanging out like a school girl’s, belying the fact that she was well over forty years old. Half unbuttoned, her collar lay wide open,…a thin, black tie tied loosely,….and cavernous cleavage disturbingly exposed. Her long neck proceeded up to a thin, square chin and an angular face, framed by long, kinky frizzy hair that extended to her shoulders. Parted in the middle, with a small plastic bow clipped to each side, the grey streaks nevertheless spoke of age. Her eyes were sullen, made even more depressing by the dark, hastily applied swipes of eyeshadow.

She asked how old I was, again, with a smirk. She asked how many dominatrixes I had been with, and what did I especially like about their company. I lied again, and we drank our coffee as she glared at me,…squinting in disbelief at my twenty-two-year old figure and howdy-doody face. I told her that I had been worshiping a woman’s feet since I was a twelve, and that cunnilingus was my favorite activity in bed. She smiled and crossed her legs, then remarked that I was half her age. I told her that much of my time had been spent with older women, and she looked at me like I was an idiot. With a smirk, she told me that she would see. Wait for the phone to ring, she said, then stood up, shook my hand and marched off. That afternoon, I received the call, with directions to her apartment and a number of instructions.

Reaching her landing, and feeling like I was in the middle of an Edward Hopper painting, I noticed a small lamp with a red shade and the huge double-hung window standing open. The smell of cigarette smoke wafted from the dimly lighted room, and in a large wing chair in the front corner, I saw the figure of the woman glaring at me, a long cigarette holder poised at her lips.

She was flanked by large windows that faced the street, and those that opened onto the alley. Her body was dimly illuminated by the red-tinged lamp light, and the eery glow of the neon vacancy sign on the building next door. Her enormous pendulous breasts hung from her broad, lean shoulders, supported only be a light-weight black bra with cups that barely covered her large areolae. The cigarette glowed as she took a drag, and then expelled the smoke in a curl that hung for a moment, then wafted out the nearby open window. This place could have been a whore house in the 1940’s,….I a local saxophone player, and she an ex-stripper from Paris with a drug addiction. On the street below, intelligent people were off to the opera for the evening, while I stood sheepishly outside the window of a woman who half-scared the hell out of me.

She invited me to enter, and to shut the window behind me. I climbed in and immediately noticed that the woman was wearing nothing but the little bra, a g-string, and a pair of scuffed leather pumps. She told me to approach her and sit down at her feet. I obeyed, and came to rest cross-legged before her on the old musty rug. Her left leg hung draped over her right knee, the pump dangling slightly from her long, elegant toes.

The woman asked if I had trouble finding the place, and I said no. She took a long drag on her cigarette, expelled the smoke to one side, then uncrossed her legs. In a smooth, simultaneous move her right ankle slipped over my shoulder and around my neck, while the left knee went up and the dangling pump was raised to within a few inches of my face. Her well-defined arch was exposed, and the woman’s foot odor wafted forth and seared my nostrils. She told me to take the pump from her toes, and I obliged. Then without the slightest pause, the big woman pushed her stinking, sour toes up under my nose, and pressed the sweaty underside of her instep to my lips. I wrenched away, but to no avail. There was no escape with the woman’s right leg hooked about my neck, and her ghastly, sweat-soaked toes clamped firmly to my face.

She told me to relax, to not move, and simply inhale deeply. A few minutes passed, then she began rubbing her warm, elegant foot up and down the side of my face, pausing occasionally to shroud my nostrils with her stinking supple toes. Five, ten, then perhaps fifteen minutes went by until my sinuses burned with the acrid odor of the woman’s dexterous toes. Finally, she told me to take her foot in hand and begin licking her sole. I complied, and with the flat of my tongue began working in circular fashion, starting at her heel and moving upward, past her silky, soft arch and on to her sour toes.

Her beautiful size nine was rather long and narrow, with a strong, firm arch, and long, lithe, and flexible toes. When I arrived at her toe cleavages, the mysterious woman pointed her toes forward and gingerly wedged them all straight into my mouth. The salt-sour tang of toe scum filled my mouth with fireworks. My tongue darted into the cleavages to find the ghastly, greasy gunk that smelled so horrible. The big woman squirmed in the chair, and squeezed my tongue between her toes. Like serpents, her toes coiled about my tongue, the cleavages oozing with the most putrid goo. In a delirious state now, I let my eyes rest on the silky, black crotch piece of her G-string. The flashing sign outside sent a stream of light across her body like a strobe. Wetness was appearing, and the odor from her steamy crotch was getting stronger.

I cleaned her left foot thoroughly, then, lifting her left leg around my neck, I took her right foot, and removed the old, scuffed pump. A brown cloud of fresh foot odor came forth causing my eyes to water. The woman pointed her toes and jiggled them into my mouth without the slightest hesitation. As my tongue worked feverishly between the gorgeous, cheesy toes, a siren wailed a few blocks away and the sound of a piano tinkled beneath us. In the dim light, the woman’s face looked ashen, her eyes set back in her skull and dark with eye shadow. Her cavernous cleavage seamed to run from her neck to her navel, and the finest stretch marks were visible as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. Great gobs of gunk came loose from between her toes, and the putrid, salt-sour flavor filled my mouth afresh. My eyes fell once again on her crotch, and the silken cover glistened with fresh wetness. I could smell the woman now,…not just her feet, but her whole body.

When both her feet were perfectly clean, the woman unwrapped the legs that had held me captive, stood up, and slipped her feet back into the well-worn pumps. Toe cleavage and arches were again visible in the half-darkness. She glared straight down at me kneeling before her, then reached down and pulled my face to her crotch. I was aghast at the noxious odor, but aroused by the wonderful slimy wetness that the big woman began smearing across my mouth and nostrils. Behind her crotch piece, I could feel the huge swollen lips of her vulva, and a shiver went up my spine. She called for my tongue and tentatively I complied. Then, in a state of delirium, my watering eyes shut, and I began to lick the woman with abandon. She was the most delicious thing that I had ever tasted.

She stood over me for quite some time,….humping my face gently,…..then, releasing me, she told me to rise. The woman stepped around me, and walked off into the darkness, bidding me to follow her. I sheepishly stood up, gathered my bearings, and shuffled off behind the shadowy figure. We entered a pitch black hallway, and immediately stopped at a bathroom illuminated by a small scented votive candle. Taking me by the hand, the big woman strode over to the commode, turned, lowered her G-string, and sat down to pee. She told me to kneel before her, then grasped my head in both hands and forced my face down into her crotch. I was completely mortified as the odor of flowing piss filled my lungs like a poison gas. When she was finished, she called for my tongue on her soaking wet vulva. I tentatively complied, then gave in as before, savoring the salt-sour taste of her mucous as it mingled with the saltiness of her piss. She held me down until she felt clean, then, thanking me, she told me rise. She, too, rose and pulled up her G-sting,….then flushed and strode past me toward the dark hallway.

In the almost pitch black darkness, we passed two doors,….then on to one that opened into a large room lit only be the ambient light of the street below. There was a black mattress on the floor, and the woman ordered me to strip to my shorts and lie down with me head toward the window. The woman found a pack of cigarettes on the window sill, lit one, and took a deep drag. She stood by me, with hand on hip, giving me that sinister glare that by this time was making me quite uncomfortable.

When I had fumbled out of my clothes and stood before her feebly, she told me once again to lie down. I did as I was told as the woman pranced about,….. taking long drags on her cigarette, and glaring at me in the darkness. Finally, she put out her cigarette on the stone window sill, then turned, stepped out of her pumps and up onto the foot of the heavy, rubberized mattress. Making her way to my side, she raised a bare foot and gracefully placed it in my crotch. I became rigid as the big woman, standing on one foot, skillfully massaged my shaft without falling and killing me.

She stopped the massage and wriggled out of her g-string. Very steadily she turned about, stepped across me and squatted astride my chest. My eyes had readjusted to the darkness, and I could not see her enormous gaping vagina. I could even see the little tuft of pubic hair just above her clitoris. Then, quite deliberately the woman moved forward, reached down with both hands, spread herself wide open and settled her weight over my face with a nasty, sucking squish. I was bewildered for a moment by the dark figure above me, and my arms flailed about without purpose. The woman reached back, took my hands and guided them safely to the tops of her lean, shapely thighs. She told me to relax, and put my tongue as far up her slimy canal as I could, then swirl it round and round slowly.

The sounds of the urban night filled my head,….the horns honking, someone calling a cab, a policeman’s whistle, and the sound of a trumpet coming from a jazz joint across the street. Earlier, several hookers were down on the street wagging their asses at passing cars. Now there was a new shift barking come-ons to the men coming and going on the sidewalk. The smell of blooming shrubbery, car exhaust and a musty old building were now completely overwhelmed by the horrendous, musky odor of a middle aged woman’s menstruating cunt. I could hardly breath as I stared up at the bobbling tits that spilled from the woman’s bra cups as she unhooked them. They were magnificent in the shadowy light of the sparsely furnished room,…a place where sex seemed to be the only obvious use.

Tossing her bra aside, the big woman began bumping and grinding lustily against my face, causing the hot mucous to course from her inner depths. The mingling of rancid sweat, piss, mucous and menstrual flow was the most intoxicating cocktail. I gulped down great quantities of the goo as fast as my mouth would fill. The woman was like a sex monster as she took my nervous hands and raised then to her huge, pendulous tits. Her nipples were rubbery, and the thick, round areolae were fat and swollen around the edges. My tongue slavishly worked round and round in her sloppy, wet canal as the big woman thrust gently against my tongue. Her giant labium had sucked my lower face deep inside her yawning slit, and her clitoris was bumping up against my nose.

She was crafty, and I got the feeling that she did not want to cum nearly as much as she wanted to make me her human bidet. Minutes turned into an hour,…then, what seemed like almost two. When I thought that she was about to peak, she would back down off the summit, and the feverish pitch would subside. It was almost midnight, but outside the night was young. Breeze wafted in through the open window, and the whole panoply of urban night sounds were more loud and vulgar than they were earlier in the evening. Lightning flashed, illuminating the big woman on top of me for a few brief milliseconds. Such a beautiful figure, yet such an evil and wicked looking thing. Thunder rumbled and a light rain began to fall. The sloppy smacking of the big woman’s vagina against my face now mingled with the sound of car tires on the wet streets.

Finally the thrusting became stronger, then a shiver came from the cadaverous figure. Another shiver,…and then another. I licked up and down as the big woman moved back slightly to bring my tongue up to her fat clitoris. A violent shudder came over her,….then another,….and a fiendish moan erupted from deep in her malevolent soul. The humping continued with low grunts marking the cadence. Then finally, one last shudder came, passed, and the woman froze. Her tense thighs clamped tightly about my head until I thought that it would burst. And finally, the tension passed as the woman leaned forward and grabbed the edge of the window sill behind me.

As I gaped at the magnificent tits that swung freely above me, I opened my mouth and let her mucous drain into me like a sewer. I dared not move my tongue but merely my mouth to guide the flow downward. The big woman did not move for several minutes, then sat upright again and looked down upon me with a slightly more peaceful expression. I gazed up between her bulbous tits and into her face, now sweaty, with hair amuss. I extended my tongue to her lovingly and she squirmed a bit in a gentle response.

After a time, the big woman backed off my face and came to rest atop my abdomen. Lightning flashed for several short seconds, illuminating the red-brown nipples, and the pendulous breasts with their fine stretch marks. Above the big woman’s decolletage, is illuminated her angular face, mouth half agape, and her deep eye sockets as black as coal. There is a thunder clap, and the rain begins again in earnest. Such intense beauty amidst so much pain and anguish,…in a dark room of an ancient apartment house in Manhattan. The woman reached down and took each tit in her hands and fondled it before my eyes. Then, leaning over me, she coaxed a fat nipple into my captive mouth. A musty pillow was stuffed behind my head and the woman settled down upon it to rest as I suckled. Colostrum, I supposed, and funky tasting sweat came from the nipples, but little or no sweet milk. Nevertheless, I suckled happily like a twenty-year-old child, my arms around the big woman, my hands exploring her body freely as she rested.

After a time, the big woman rose and dismounted slowly, her bobbling jugs swaying in the muggy night air above me. Then, turning about to face my feet, the shadowy figure slipped a leg across me again, paused for a second on all fours and reached into my shorts. Drawing out my flaccid toy, she squeezed it tightly and pinched the head, sending a shock of pain up my spine. I gaped, as she backed over me, her magnificent ass looking like a menacing behemoth moving toward me in the darkness. When it hovered above my face, the wicked woman reached underneath her, with fingers outstretched, and spread her ass cheeks apart. Lightning flashed, and I was horrified at the sight of her vast, deep chasm of a crotch,….the enormous, yawning vulva, and her dark, depraved eye of a rectum. With her bare feet resting upturned just above my head, and a soft arch pressed against my skull to impede movement, the mean woman lowered her terrible butt flesh over my imprisoned face.

I gasped for air as her ass cheeks melted around my face, and my nose slipped up her greasy rectum. The ghastly odor of the big, beautiful woman’s bowels burned my sinuses and filled my lungs with terror. Sitting bolt upright, and lowering all her weight, the woman grabs my hands and places them over her nipples as if to pacify me. She reaches down and stretches her swollen labium over my lower face, then calls for my tongue to probe her deeply. Another siren goes wailing by in the night, the tires hissing on the wet asphalt. That racket subsides as a saxophone solo opens up from across the street. People spill out the door of the club,….old men with hookers perhaps,…. full of alcohol, and begin making their noisy way down the walk. I am blind,….my senses enveloped in delicious butt flesh,…and yet they grow in intensity. Like the senses of a blind man, footsteps in the rain on the walk below are as clear as day, as the woman above bumps and grinds against my upturned face.

The woman’s mucous flows as if from a spring,….warm, viscous and salt-sour. I drink from her depths as I would at an oasis in a desert. The scene is calm now,…less terrible,…..the only movement being the big woman working her rectum on my nose, and my hands moving over her spectacular figure. Minutes turn into an hour, and finally the woman reaches down and takes my shaft again. Her silken palm strokes twice and I am rigid. The big woman continues to play with me,….pinching and scratching,….pain and delight,….as she begins to rub her sloppy, wet snatch up and down my face rhythmically.

Then the woman leans forward, lifting her ass from my face momentarily. Chilly night air hits my wet face, and I am back with the living,…I think. Gingerly she works her warm, sweaty feet and ankles around my neck,….embracing me, or trapping me,… preparation for something even more sinister. Her ass comes down on my face once again and she orders me to kiss and lick her all over. I tongue her rectum, and all over her inner cheeks,….kissing and licking alternatively as she toys with my shaft. I feel her hot breath, then her teeth, on the head of my shaft. She bites gently, then pulls at the foreskin. Pleasure and pain. At least I can breathe. More sweet rain,….and the ghastly stink of the big woman’s ass.

Her legs tighten about my neck like two serpents as she fastens her pouting vagina to my mouth in the most diabolical sex grip. Her mouth takes my shaft and begins to suck like a vacuum cleaner, her lips sliding up and down to the jazz beats below our window. I give her my tongue lovingly,….completely,….thrusting it far up inside her wonderful canal and working it round and round. I gulp down her delicious flow as she torments me down below. I am hard,…then her teeth grasp the head, and I am flaccid. She tongues, then sucks,…..hard again,….then teeth on my shaft!!! I feel as though I am in a meat grinder. All the time her sloppy, stinking cunt pleasures itself on my enslaved tongue.

Minutes roll by,….then an hour,…possibly more. Thunder, lightning, and a cat screams in the alley. A garbage can lid falls,…and a hooker calls to a passing car. With my arms around the big woman’s waist in a full embrace, I pause to kiss and lick her magnicent ass, then disappear beneath her once again for a full face fuck. She is sucking me off with gusto now,…scraping her teeth on my erection occasionally to illicit a sudden reaction from me. She positions her clitoris within reach of my tongue and begins to move toward a climax. But she can control herself masterfully, and the feverish pitch rises and falls several times over half an hour. I am awash in her flow and she is still screwing my face mercilessly.

The big woman brings me to within a few seconds of climax, then drops me cold. She is sucking me dry of sperm, I feel, as she moves closer and closer to the most massive orgasm. Then the bucking commences and the sex grip tightens. The big woman finds my tongue once again with her clitoris, and I flick my slavish tongue at the fat protuberance as she instructs. I am about to explode as the woman’s mouth sucks me hard,….her lips so tight around my shaft. A violent shudder erupts from the woman,…then another that almost wrenches my head off,…but the sucking sensation about my shaft does not miss a beat. I am surely about to blow when the big woman’s legs stiffen and she violently begins to grind her clitoris against my mouth. The burning sensation of rising sperm takes over, and I begin to thrust against her mouth. She must allow me to cum. Our body’s are locked together in a violent, ecstatic trance as my sperm shoots from my shaft in the most painful jerk. First one shot,….then another,….and another. The big woman does not miss a beat as she sucks the cum down, and works her clitoris against my tongue simultaneously with great dexterity. Finally,….another shiver,…and the women stiffens,….the legs about my neck tighten, and a great guttural noise erupts once again from her inner depths. A short grind of her hips, and another shiver comes. Stiff again, the big women lets out an even more eery sound,…like an animal in the throws of death itself. Then all is still,…and the life seems to drain from us both, as did the sperm that shot from my shaft like out of a Roman candle.

We lay together for a long time, the big woman on top of me,….I licking and kissing her wonderful wet ass, and her, sucking the remaining cum from my flaccid penis. I think that I will never have another erection. It must be THREE in the morning by now, and the street below is relatively quiet. The dark room is filled with the ghastly odor of sweat and sex, and rain begins to fall softly outside. A siren wails somewhere in the distance, and a car stops below, deposits a passenger, and then moves on. The big women sleeps, as I continue to caress her lovely ass with my captive tongue. After a time she shifts,….dreaming,…and her feet slip from around my neck. I turn my head to the side and my mouth finds her soft, pink sole, moist with rancid sweat. Her stinking toes are so fragrant, that I want to suck them, but do not wish to wake the woman. I lay silent, her ass in my arms, within easy reach of my worshipful tongue,….and the pungent odor of her feet in my lungs. There is ugliness all around us,….the grey room, the dirty street below, the hookers and their johns,…..our bed full of sweat. But here together, I and this mysterious woman lay entwined in the sweetest repose,….until the sun rises, the birds awaken, and the street comes alive and civilized again,…nannies pushing prams, lawyers going off to Wall Street, piano tuners looking for house numbers, and smartly dressed maids walking their master’s dog.

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