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Step-Daddy’s Little Girl

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Thomas Powell shifted uncomfortably in his chair, hoping his wife Lorraine would not notice his restlessness. No matter how hard he tried to avert his gaze, his eyes were continually drawn to the image in the backyard. But it was not the slight tilt of his head that was required to capture the desired sightline that was the cause of his stirring – it was the effect that the vision before him was having on him.

Her cleavage looked ridiculously inviting as she pranced around the pool in her coral coloured crochet bikini set. The triangle top held her supple young breasts together with just the right amount of tension while the low rise bottoms hugged her hips and tight ass in a sexy embrace. As she bent at the waist, then whipped her head back quickly, shaking her fingers through her long, wet blonde hair, a tremor rippled through her perfect 20-year-old body.

A similar quiver surged in between Thomas’ legs.

This had become a common scene in the week since Lorraine’s daughter Alexandra had returned from her sophomore year of college and settled in with her mother and her new husband for the summer. The couple, who were both divorced, had enjoyed a whirlwind romance and were married after only about eight months of dating. Alexandra, or Alex to those close to her, had not had a lot of time to get to know her new step-father since she had been away at school during their courtship and newlywed periods, but was happy for her mother and thought that Thomas seemed like a decent man.

Though he may have been a decent man, he was also just that — a man. Seeing this stunning 20-year-old parading around the house half naked was enough to make any man, decent or otherwise, sit up and pay attention.

She looked a lot like her mother. Both were knockout blondes with killer bodies and model-worthy good looks. The junior version just happened to be 24 years newer and perkier, tighter and bouncier in all the right places. Not to mention a lot more carefree when it came to showing off her assets.

Having her around and constantly on display was both extremely enjoyable and excruciatingly exasperating for Thomas. On one hand, he fully admitted to himself that seeing this drop-dead gorgeous young lady everyday in her barely-there outfits was fantastic eye-candy, as well as an equal, if not better aid than Viagra for any middle-aged flaccidity issues. But on the flip side, she was his wife’s 20-year-old daughter, and he knew he should not even be looking at her, let alone allowing some of the depraved and very explicit thoughts about her to creep into his head.


A few nights after the latest swimsuit fashion show, Alex had a couple of girlfriends over and Lorraine had dragged her husband off to bed early to give her daughter and her friends some space. The three girls sat out by the pool, drinking a few beers and catching up.

All three of them were gorgeous young ladies, with Alex leading the way. On this particular night she was wearing an incredibly short pair of Daisy Duke cut-off jean shorts that nicely showed off her fabulously toned legs, and a flatteringly tight white tank top that clung to her curvy chest spectacularly. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, keeping it out of her near perfect looking face.

As was always the case, it did not take long for the topic of conversation to turn to men, or more specifically – sex. The trio shared tales of recent experiences, heartbreak and longing. Eventually, Jill, one of Alex’s friends since grade school, started talking about guys they all knew that she thought were sexy. They all tossed around names of guys they had gone to school with or knew from their various social circles. Soon enough, Veronica, Alex’s best friend since grade nine, told them of the lustful crush she had always had on one of their high school teachers, setting off a whole new line of discussion.

“Oh my God, you little tramp!” Jill exclaimed in mock terror. “He was like 60-years-old!”

“C’mon, he was like forty-something.” Veronica countered. “And he was hot.”

“Whatever…” Jill digressed. “But would you seriously sleep with a guy that old?”

“Hell yeah,” Veronica answered immediately. “If he was hot, who fuckin’ cares how old he is!”

“”You are such a little whore!” Jill declared, playfully shoving her friend for added effect. “Alex, tell me you would not join this slut in raiding the geriatric wing.”

“You guys are both depraved.” Alex replied. “I can’t believe we’re talking about this.”

“C’mon bitch, don’t change the subject.” Jill countered. “Would you fuck some geezer like this freak over here?”

“He’s not a geezer!” Veronica interrupted.

“Shut the fuck up, Lolita!” Jill mocked. “Let miss thing here answer the question.”

“I dunno,” Alex reluctantly answered. “Maybe.”

“Oh my God!” Jill responded overdramatically. “You’re just as bad as this little tart over here!”

“Like who?” Veronica jumped in, clearly excited to have someone on her side.

“I can’t believe you’d both jump in bed with some old fucker.” Jill shook her head in disbelief.

“C’mon Jill,” Veronica interrupted. “You mean there’s no older guy you’d ever sleep with?”

“I dunno, how old we talkin’? Like George Clooney old?” Jill mocked.

“Well, I mean someone you’d actually have a shot with.” Veronica quickly countered. “Someone you know or something.”

“What like a prof or someone’s dad or something?” Jill asked with a wrinkled-up nose for effect.

“Yeah… isn’t there some sexy older guy you know that you’d let into your panties?” Veronica pushed.

“Hey, I’m not the admitted freak like you two.” Jill defended. “Why aren’t you grilling Alex about what senior citizen she wants to fuck?”

“Hey, I said maybe…” Alex began to clarify.

“Yeah Alex,” Veronica chimed in. “Who is it? What older guy gets you all wet?”

“I never said there was anybody!” Alex replied. “I said maybe…”

“You know who I would be hot for if I were you?” Veronica proposed, cutting her off.

“I can only imagine…” Jill interjected with a roll of her eyes.

“That sexy step-dad of yours.” Veronica said with a smile. “Now there’s a hot older guy I’d let have his way with me.”

“Veronica!” Alex exclaimed. “You’re terrible! Thomas is married to my mother!”

“I know!” Veronica excitedly continued. “That’s what makes it even sexier! Imagine how hot that would be if you were fuckin’ your mom’s husband?”

“You seriously need help.” Jill piped in. “You know that, right?”

“C’mon,” Veronica countered. “You guys cannot seriously tell me that you don’t think Thomas is sexy?”

Alex could not believe where the conversation had led to. Were she and her two girlfriends actually discussing her step-father’s sex appeal and the idea of fucking him? Despite her aversion to the subject matter, she could not stop images of Thomas from popping into her head as her friend questioned if she found him attractive.

He was in his late forties — 48 or 49 she guessed — and certainly kept himself in pretty good shape. About six feet tall with salt and pepper hair, he was definitely good looking for a guy his age and had a sort of Richard Gere kind of look going for him.

Catching herself dwelling on images of her mother’s husband, Alex let out a giggle about the absurdity of it all.

“Oh my God! You little slut!” Jill exclaimed in reaction to her silly laugh. “You would so do your step-dad!”

“What!” Alex snapped back to reality. “No, I…”

“Fuck yes she would.” Veronica interrupted. “And so would I!”

“You two are crazy!” Jill decreed, throwing her hands up in mock exasperation. “You want me to leave so you can go throw yourselves at daddy dearest upstairs?”

“Oh my God, I never said I wanted to…” Alex laughed before once again getting cut off.

“You so would!” Veronica jumped in, giggling uncontrollably. “Admit it! You would so fuck Thomas.”

“Well… maybe.” Alex said as she joined her friend in hysterical laughter.

Thomas’ stood by the bathroom window with his mouth agape and right hand firmly wrapped around his rock hard penis. He had gotten up to take a piss and was standing there relieving himself when the sounds of the three young women’s conversation began trickling in through the open window. Not wanting to eavesdrop on his wife’s daughter and her friends, he had tried to ignore what they were saying, but when the subject matter turned to sex and then specifically to older men, his ears could not help but perk up. By the time his name came up, he found himself staring out the window and, without even realizing it, slowly stroking his cock as the young ladies talked. And when Alex merely hinted that she would even consider the idea of having sex with him, he almost blew his load right then and there.


It was all he could think about. No matter how hard he tried to keep it out of his head, he could not stop his thoughts from returning to it. Thomas could not stop thinking about his wife’s daughter.

That night, after listening in on the three young beauties around the pool and overhearing Alex half-jokingly admit to at least being attracted to him, he immediately went back to the bedroom he shared with her mother and, with a hard-on inspired by the conversation he had just eavesdropped on, proceeded to fuck her as hard and fast as had ever before. To his own shame, for almost the entire time that he made passionate love to his wife that night, he closed his eyes and imagined Lorraine’s sexy 20-year-old daughter being on the receiving end of his wanton thrusts.

Now, days after the incident and subsequent fantasy fuck, Thomas was a mess. He could barely look his wife in the eyes without feeling the immense guilt that his taboo desires weighed upon his conscious, and every time he saw Alex, those very carnal lusts flooded back into his mind, overshadowing all other thoughts and feelings.

It was in this state of emotional turmoil that he found himself one evening while Lorraine was getting ready for bed. Before he could bring himself to join her in their bedroom, he stepped outside for some fresh air to clear his head. He desperately wanted to be able to climb into bed with his wife and not fantasize about her daughter being the one lying next to him. While he was composing himself by the pool in the backyard, he noticed that the lights were still on in the pool house. Knowing that Alex and her friends had been swimming earlier in the evening, he figured that they had simply forgotten to turn out the lights, so he ventured over to do so.

The pool house was in the back corner of the spacious backyard and basically a two-room structure with a change room and storage area, as well as a small bathroom including a shower stall. Walking into the pool house, Thomas quickly realized that the lights had not simply been left on. As he stepped through the doorway into the outer change room, he heard the shower running.

Knowing full well that he should turn around and get the Hell out of there, he found that he was unable to force his body to do so. Despite his strong desire to do the right thing, his resolve quickly faded when he noticed that the door to the bathroom was halfway open. He stepped forward, moving close enough and at such an angle to see the reflection of the shower stall in the foggy mirror.

Alex tilted her head slightly backward, letting the spray hit her face and the water flow down her long blonde hair. She wiped her face with her hands and then moved them down to her breasts, cupping the flawless globes in her palms as the water flowed over her completely erect nipples. Droplets of water clung to her tits as her hands slid down her body and onto her ass. With her legs spread ever so slightly and her back arched, she began stoking, kneading and manipulating the flesh on her perfectly toned ass.

Thomas’ eyes never left her body. Transfixed, he watched as her hands worked their way around and deep into the cleft of her ass, her fingers dipping down deep enough to touch her pussy. Soon one of her hands disappeared from sight in between her legs and her eyes fell shut and her mouth opened slightly.

He knew he absolutely should leave, but he was frozen in place watching this beautiful young woman. Alex’s tongue wiped across her lips as her hand began a rhythmic action in between her legs. Thomas’ eyes were glued to the scene unfolding in front of him, and the growing stiffness in between his own legs was a clear indicator of his true desire to stay and watch to the conclusion.

Alex’s free hand made its way up her body and began to squeeze the nipple on her left breast. Even through the foggy reflection of the mirror, he could see it grow in between her finger and thumb. Retreating from in between her legs, her other hand quickly moved up to her wet bosom.

Her hands made love to her breasts. She softly stroked them, then alternately pushed them together and pulled them apart. Thomas stared in awe as she squeezed them gently, rubbing her palms against her nipples and then stopping to squeeze them. She pinched her hard nipples, rolling them in between her fingers and pulling them out and then releasing them to snap back hard and long.

It was all he could do to stop himself from unzipping right then and there and stroking his rock hard cock to the show unfolding before him. At that moment, more than anything else in the world, he wanted to bury his face in this stunning young woman’s pussy, regardless of who her mother was.

Alex’s hands moved slowly downwards, meeting briefly to slip gently in between her legs in one smooth motion, and then moving back upwards to continue roaming all over her body. She spread her legs slightly as one hand settled onto a breast and the other moved back down between her legs. A pair of fingers spread her lips apart while the others dipped between to stroke her clit. Her motions were slow, smooth, and soft.

Thomas stared as her hand moved faster and faster. He could see her chest rising and falling a little quicker and a little deeper, and her face becoming more and more flushed. Her eyes were completely closed now and, with her head thrown back, her fingers were alternating between rubbing her swollen clit and plunging in and out of her pussy. Then, to his astonishment, he watched as she pulled those fingers from her wet snatch and brought them up to her lips. Gently, she licked her juices off.

Stunned, he could not believe his eyes. Watching his wife’s sexy daughter masturbate in the shower and taste her own come almost made his raging hard-on explode without his laying so much as a finger on it. His heart was racing.

Then, all of a sudden, he saw Alex’s eyes shoot open and her stare immediately lock onto the mirror. He held his breath and froze — she was looking right at him. Thomas could not move, could not speak. He had no idea what to do. Then, to his astonishment, he swore he saw little smile creep onto her lips, ever so briefly, before she turned her head away and reached to turn off the shower.

Taking this as his cue to exit, Thomas slowly backed away and slipped out of the pool house. He was positive that she had seen him. There was no way that her look and smile was a mere coincidence. He cursed himself for the situation he was now in – a situation that was completely his fault. Then, he cursed himself a second time for what he was about to do next. Slowly, he made his way back to the house, knowing full well that he was about to go upstairs and make passionate love to his wife, all the while picturing, and wishing it was, her daughter.


He felt like he was on the brink of going insane. The images of his wife’s daughter in the shower pleasuring herself were permanently tattooed on his brain. Thomas knew he was in trouble.

As if things were not bad enough before the shower incident, ever since that night, Alex was pretty much all he could think about. Much to his own personal disgrace, every time he made love to his wife, no matter how much he tried to stop it, all he could picture was fucking her beautiful young daughter. To make matters worse, to his own disgust, he could not help but admit to himself that the subsequent orgasms he experienced from those fantasy fuelled fucking sessions with Lorraine, were by far some of the most satisfying of his entire life.

It had been a couple of weeks since the taboo episode in the pool house and not a word had been spoken between Thomas and Alex about the encounter. He was still positive that she had caught him watching her and assumed that she was either too embarrassed about the situation to say anything or did not want to upset the status quo in the house by bringing the incident to light. Regardless of her reason for keeping it quiet, he was quite relieved that she had.

His sense of relief was short-lived though, when a last minute weekend business trip popped up for his wife, setting the stage for him to be left alone from Friday to Monday with her daughter, and his forbidden lusts for the young lady.

When Friday night arrived, Thomas put forth his best efforts to avoid any contact with Alex. He met a business associate for dinner and made every excuse to prolong the meal and delay his return home. Even after parting ways with his dining companion, he deliberately chose the longest possible route home from the restaurant, as well as made sure to drive well under the posted speed limit. Finally, with all his stalling endeavours exhausted, he reluctantly pulled into the driveway, desperately hoping that the sexy young woman on his mind was either out or in bed for the evening.

He walked in the front door and breathed a sigh of relief. The house was dimly lit and seemed pretty quiet. It was a good bet that she was indeed either out or had already gone to bed. As he softly made his way through the front room and towards the hallway leading to the bedrooms, he smiled to himself at a job well done in avoiding any uncomfortable scene with his wife’s daughter. He was part way down the hall when his self-congratulatory bliss took a turn.

“I thought I heard something.” The soft voice behind him half-whispered.

Thomas stopped dead in his tracks at the sound of her voice and he cursed his luck. He was mere steps away from his bedroom.

“Sorry, hope I didn’t wake you.” He replied, shifting uncomfortably to adjust for the immediate bulge in his pants as he turned around to face her.

Alex looked absolutely dreamy standing in front of him in a periwinkle blue cotton nightie with a low-cut, ribbon-trimmed neckline that did a fine job of showing off her flawless bosom, not to mention barely covered her perfect little ass. Her blonde hair still looked a little damp from her evening shower and spilled down over her shoulders and down her back in seductively tangled waves.

He could not help but involuntarily swallow as he took in the beauty before him.

“No, I was actually just on my way to bed now.” She answered with a smile. “Goodnight.” She added, and then, much to his astonishment, stepped towards him and gave him a gentle peck on the cheek before turning and walking into her bedroom.

Thomas stood there frozen for at least a full minute as his mind raced to catch up with the interaction that had just taken place. His heart was racing and he could swear that his cock had never been harder in his entire life. Finally, he pulled himself together enough to make his way into his bedroom before he passed out in the hallway from sensory overload.

With sweat rapidly accumulating on his brow, he quickly began to undress in an effort to combat the sudden overheating his body was overcome with. His head was spinning and his groin ached as his prick strained against the confines of his clothing. Tossing his shirt and tie to the floor, he hurriedly proceeded to follow suit with his pants and boxers. As soon as he pulled his underwear off, his dick sprang out at full attention. It was so erect it pulsated with each beat of his heart.

His immediate reaction was to jerk off right then and there. To close his eyes and replay the images of Alex in the shower a couple of weeks ago and in her skimpy lingerie kissing his cheek in the hallway just moments earlier as he pleasured himself. But as his hand moved towards his twitching cock to do just that, he suddenly stopped himself, desperately wanting to be a better man than that.

Thomas squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head from side to side, trying frantically to knock the illicit thoughts of his wife’s daughter from his mind. It was a valiant effort, but the competing argument coming from his groin made it a losing one. The raging hard-on throbbing in between his legs needed to be dealt with.

He knew that what he was feeling was wrong, but he felt helpless to stop it. Almost in a trance-like state, he suddenly found himself back out in the hallway, stark naked, softly making his way toward Alex’s bedroom. As he made it to the door, he was fortunate enough to discover it slightly ajar, and without any hesitation, he gently eased it open further to allow him to look in.

This time, he did not stop his hand from making contact with his aching prick as he laid eyes on the breathtaking young lady lying on the bed. Lucky for him it was a humid evening and she had opted to throw the covers off of her, leaving her magnificent 20-year-old, nightie-clad body on full display. Without even realizing he had begun doing it, his hand slowly started to move back and forth on his shaft as he gazed upon her. He wondered if she was actually asleep already, after all it had only been a few minutes since their exchange in the hallway. He also wondered if she was wearing any panties underneath her sparse lingerie.

All of a sudden she shifted slightly, sending Thomas into a near panic as he held his breath in anticipation of getting caught. Fortunately her eyes did not open, leading him to believe that perhaps she had already fallen asleep. He exhaled slowly as he continued to slide his hand up and down his rock hard dick. Then, much to his delight, he noticed something else that her slight movement had uncovered. She was indeed not wearing any panties.

Alex’s little blue nightie had slid up her body ever so slightly when she had subconsciously adjusted her position on the bed, and he could clearly see that she was completely unencumbered below the waist. She was clean shaven, and he could just make out the outline of her pristine pussy lips in the faint light that crept into the room from the hallway. Instinctively, his hand began to move faster on his cock as he stared at her exposed snatch.

He was in a complete and total haze. A part of him knew what he was doing was despicable, but it was almost as if that portion of him was watching another man. He did nothing to halt his actions. Wanton lust and carnal desires were controlling his each and every thought and movement at this point. His hand was now stoking his shaft as fast as was humanly possible.

Finally, it happened. Not the release that Thomas and his piston-like arm movement were hoping for, but something else entirely. The cloud of sexual hunger and need fully enveloped him. Before he even knew what was happening, he had made his way into the bedroom.

Despite the trance-like stupor, Thomas moved with precision and speed. Cock in hand, he quickly manoeuvred himself to the bed and in one swift, cat-like movement, he eased himself onto the bed, seemingly without waking the sleeping beauty lying before him. As he gazed down upon her, there may have been an instant when his conscious managed the slightest protest, but it was no match for his licentious lust.

And then, faster than he could say ‘dirty stepfather’ he did it.

Alex’s eyes jumped open and she let out a gasp as soon as their flesh connected. But before her eyes could even focus or her breath could form a word, she felt him slip inside of her.

He groaned in long-awaited satisfaction as he pushed his hips forward and buried as much of his dick into her sweet young cunt as he could in a single thrust.

She did not struggle against him right away, her mind and body still trying to comprehend the sudden onslaught. But it did not take her long to regain her senses.

“Thomas?” She half-asked and half-whimpered as her hands began to push his body away. “What? No?”

Oblivious to her words, his hands quickly moved to pin hers down and his mouth intuitively covered her lips to silence her voice. His hips continued to pump back and forth, driving his prick harder and harder with each thrust as his tongue darted into her mouth in a deep, depraved kiss.

She could not stop the involuntarily moan that escaped from her mouth and into his as they kissed. The steady pace of his cock slamming in and out of her tender fuck-hole was undeniably having a profound effect on her libido.

Finally he broke their kiss and pulled his head back to look at her as he continued to force himself into her and hold her down.

“Oh Alex…” he moaned, staring her right in the eyes as he fucked her.

The satisfied grin on his face told her how much he was enjoying himself as she looked back at her mother’s husband as he had his way with her. Slowly, Thomas let go of her pinned arms and took hold of her legs as he moved his body off of hers to allow himself more room to manoeuvre her body to his desire. Much to her own surprise, she did not immediately begin to struggle once her arms were free.

And then, faster than you can say ‘naughty step-daughter’ it happened.

She reached up, took hold of the back of his head and pulled him back down on top of her. This time it was her lips that found his and her tongue that forced its way into his mouth.

Alex knew it was wrong. But she could not help herself. She told herself that she was just caught up in the moment, but a part of her knew that this was not some spontaneous event.

Ever since that night by the pool with her girlfriends when his name came up, despite her own efforts to stop it, thoughts of her mother’s husband had been slowly creeping into her sexual fantasies. And then after she caught him peeping on her in the shower a couple of weeks ago, things had gotten even worse. She could hardly stop thinking about him. As much as she was disgusted with herself for having those thoughts, she found it impossible to stifle them. It had not taken long for her to find herself constantly fantasizing about fucking him as she pleasured herself.

And now, the unthinkable had happened.

Finally Thomas broke their kiss and pulled his head back in astonishment at her reciprocation.

“Let me get on top.” She said with a devilish grin as she stared up at him.


Alex hovered above his pulsating cock for just a few seconds before dropping down onto his manhood. He let out a deep groan of approval as her wet pussy slid slowly down over his shaft. She rolled her hips, forcing his hard dick deeper and deeper inside of her with each movement as he stared up at her in amazement. He watched, mouth agape, as she quickly pulled her nightie off over her head and tossed it aside. Instinctively, his hands shot up and cupped her supple young tits as he sat up towards her. Gently, he brushed his tongue across one of her nipples.

“Mmmm… yes.” She moaned in appreciation.

She followed that up with another low moan as he took her nipple fully into his mouth and began to suck, long and hard. All the while, her hips moved back and forth, sliding her slick cunt up and down his eager prick.

“Oh, yes.” She whispered in his ear as he feasted on her breast. “Fuck me Thomas, fuck me.”

Just hearing her say those words almost made him explode, let alone the exhilaration he was feeling having her impaled on his throbbing cock. He groaned loudly as she slammed up and down, her perfect tits dancing before him and her tangled blonde hair flying wildly with each bounce.

“Oh fuck!” He cried out, unable to contain his words any longer. “Fuck me Alex! Ride my cock!”

His encouraging words seemingly spurring her on, she began to buck up and down faster and faster, then leaned down to lock lips with him for a brief, but incredibly passionate kiss.

“Yes! Oh, God yes!” She bellowed in between ragged breaths. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Suddenly one of her hands bolted down her body and began furiously stroking her swollen clit as his cock continued slamming into her fiery fuck-hole. She moaned in ecstasy as she rubbed her button, squeezing her eyes shut as she gave herself the added pleasure as she rode him.

“Fuck yes!” Thomas growled as he watched her bring her hand up from her clit and slowly lick her fingers clean of her sticky love juices. “Fuck me baby!”

She swirled her hips in a circular motion, grinding down hard onto his cock. Both of her hands took hold of her heaving bosom and squeezed her flesh. She squealed in pleasure as she stared down at her new lover.

“Oh, Thomas,” She breathed flintily, “Does that feel good? Do you like that?”

“God yes!” He answered quickly, his balls swelling rapidly. “It feels so fucking good baby.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me” She repeated over and over, squeezing her eyes shut again as she headed toward a long anticipated explosion.

“Yes! Fuck me Alex! Fuck me!” He hollered, his own release fast approaching.

“YESSSSS!!!!!” She wailed as her orgasm burst within her.

Her hot fuck juices streamed down onto his aching balls and he quickly took hold of her hips and drove his cock as deep into her as he could.

“FUCK YES!!!” He yelled with a shudder as he exploded inside of her.

Exhausted and out of breath, she collapsed down on top of him and immediately snuggled into his embrace.

Struggling to catch his breath as well, Thomas wrapped his arms around his wife’s daughter’s hot and sweaty body.

“My God Alex,” he whispered. “What have we done?”

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