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The Trenchcoat

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It was a non-descript ordinary beige trenchcoat with green plaid flannel lining. My father had left it behind when he moved out, and my mother had given it to me, thinking it might ease my pain to have something of his around. I always thought of it as an odd symbol of abandonment, of unfulfilled dreams of what a father should be in a daughter’s eyes.

It hung in exile in the back of my closet … close enough for me to see, far enough away that I didn’t have to deal with it on a daily basis. Even though the deep pain of the separation and divorce of my parents was long gone, that coat still hung there. Often I thought I should get rid of it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. It always meant sadness and longing to me … until you came along, and gave that coat a whole new meaning.

You and I had been close for a while. You came into my life at a time when outwardly I seemed to not need you; but inside …. ahhhh, yes … inside I was yearning for someone just such as you giving me gentle, manly guidance: a sense of dominant control over me without being overbearing. We were friends and we were partners in this love affair, but there was never any doubt that you were in the lead. We spent a lot of time sharing our lives and doling out our individual stories to one another in small increments, lacing our deeply intense chats with innuendos and then blatant sexual playfulness, teasing each other until we could finally stand it no longer.

Our first real sexual encounter was just short of explosive – – your hands and mouth explored parts of me long ago left untouched. It was your willingness to take control without forcing me to relinquish all of mine that kept me on the edge. Your hands were strong against my body; you voice, while a mere whisper, filled my head with its wanton directions that made my very core sing. Together we explored the world of role play, with me your willing submissive; submitting over and over again to your orchestration of my complete and utter pleasure. Never before in my entire life had I felt so free and so safe with any man, or so unconditionally accepted in every way by one. Not even my father could make me feel that way.

So, when your phone call came, my insides went to jelly the minute I heard your husky voice: “I want you to come to my office at 5:25 today. Not many will be here. You know where my cubicle is. I want you to wear that trenchcoat in the back of your closet and your heels. Nothing else.”

My voice left me as did my breath at the mention of the trenchcoat. I had forgotten it was there, and it held such … such … heartbreak for me. I didn’t even know you knew ….. oh, wait. Yes. I had told you the story, yet you asked for the trenchcoat anyway. “Y-y-yessir..” I choked into the phone and hung up. My knees crumpled and I grasped for the wall to steady myself. ‘oh, god,’ I thought, ‘I don’t know if I can do this!’ but deep inside I not only knew I could, but I knew if I did it, you would see to it that my submission would be well rewarded.

‘Okay … just breathe’, I thought as I righted myself and went to the bedroom and threw open the closet doors. There it hung. In the back. Where it always had hung. My heart suddenly fell to my feet, and I felt my initial resolve draining from me. I backed to the bed, and pulled your pillow to me … the one you always slept on when you stayed with me. Holding it to my face, I breathed deeply, pulling your scent into my lungs as if I were trying to pull your strength into me as well. I sobbed into the pillow … I don’t know if I can do this. The phone’s loud jangling next to the bed startled me. I looked at the clock, almost as an impulse. It was 4:45. It would take me 15 minutes or so to get to your office, so I needed to collect myself, but instead I reached for the phone.

Your voice washed over me. “Baby, you can do this,” you said as if you knew what I was thinking and feeling at that very moment without me having to say a word. “Come to me. Trust me”

Weakly, I responded, “okay” as I hung up. I pulled my heels onto my feet. I am so awkward in these things! I prayed I wouldn’t break my ankle and then have to explain to the paramedics why I was at your office, naked, covered only by a trenchcoat. They’d arrest me for being a flasher, or worse yet, a hooker! Not to mention the fact that I hate my body (even though you seem to love it pretty well), so we were going to be dealing with a cacophony of fears and pain swirled inside the intense need I have for you. I think you are already well aware of this, and this is why you directed me to wear what I was wearing.

As I pulled the trenchcoat from the closet, it smelled of cedar (I use it to keep the moths away), yet inexplicably, I suddenly caught a faint whiff of my father. I was instantly teleported back to when he used to wear this coat as he ran out the door to meeting after meeting, coming in late, pulling the coat off and hanging it on the rack before retreating into the television or into the bedroom. Oh, how I wanted him to see me! Oh, how I loved watching for this very coat to get out of the car …. hoping THIS time would be the time when he would sweep me up and take me for a walk, or ask about my day. But that never happened, and then one day, he just left. Gone. This coat was all that remained, a quiet reminder of the comfort I so desperately needed from him. I wrapped the coat around me, hoping that as the soft flannel warmth of it enveloped me, it would provide some answers. It didn’t. I cinched the belt tight over my naked body anyway. ‘Maybe this time’, I thought, ‘this coat will lead me to what I’ve been searching for.’

Driving to your office, my whole body was aquiver. I felt as if my very womb would jump right out and do a little dance on the dashboard and scream “LOOK AT ME!! I’M NAKED!” I just knew every person in every car that passed me thought me to be a complete wanton slut …. that they all knew I was just wearing a coat over my less-than-perfect body. I slid my sunglasses on, hoping their darkness would somehow shield the world from knowing my agenda.

Finally, I pulled into the parking garage at your building, and made my way very carefully across the lot and into the elevator. I danced from foot to foot (those damn shoes hurt!) and prayed aloud that no one would get on this elevator car with me. I began to breathe again only when the doors slid open at your floor. I stepped out into the hallway and down to your office suite. I heard the sound of vacuum cleaners …. the cleaning people were in the building, so who else was there? I had to shake my head to get that thought out of there rather quickly, otherwise I would’ve turned on my rather teetery heel and ran back to the elevator.

You heard me open the door to the office suite, and you heard my heels against the tile floor coming down the cubicle row. As I reached the opening to your cubicle, you shot your arm out and encircled my waist, pulling me roughly into the small space where you work day in and day out. Backing up with me still in tow, you sat down onto your office chair and pulled me into your lap, grasping the back of my head and pulling me to you in a deep kiss. Your mouth possessed mine wetly, your tongue engaging mine in an erotic dance that, when it was over, left us both breathless. You still held me by the back of my head by you right hand, my upper body slightly supported by your strong forearm, your fingers delicately playing with my curls as you pulled your face from mine.

“Well, hello, beautiful,” you said, chuckling as I blushed deeply, “you sure follow instructions well ….” Your left hand snaked inside the top of the trenchcoat that was now completely askew on my body and gaping to show just enough leg and breast without being completely tawdry. You felt me tense as your hand found my breast, brushing your fingertips against my chest and then against the nipple.

“Easy, baby …. you’re gonna like this…” you breathed against my skin as your mouth kissed me openly on the collarbone, pressing insistently against me. You snaked your tongue out and ran it from my collarbone to my breastbone, then down until the trenchcoat’s buttons stopped you just above the valley that runs between my breasts. Your mouth felt so good. So comforting and yet so wickedly wanton. You raised your face up from savoring the flavor of my skin.

“Stand up” you said and pushed me from your lap in a supportive way, helping me get my feet up under me.

I stood before you in this wretched trenchcoat, in these torture devices known as high heels, and wearing my heart on my sleeve. You sat in your desk chair, and leaned back, a mischievious grin spreading across your face. You leaned forward and took my left calf into your hands, telling me to support myself on your strong shoulders as you had me bend my knee and raise my foot up to you. You slipped the shoe off my foot, rubbing the ball of my foot with your thumb then sliding your thumb up to the arch. I groaned at the sheer pleasure of having my foot released from that vise-like shoe. You gently lowered my foot to the floor and grasped the other leg, repeating the motions. I was barefoot … and much more comfortable, I will admit. Sure those shoes made my legs look longer and leaner, but …… you wanted my full attention, not me screaming inside because my feet hurt so much!

You looked into my eyes and saw true gratitude, and you smiled at me, then you rose and took my hand. “Come with me … ” you said, leading me from the cubicle and down the rest of the hallway to an oaken door. As you fumbled with a set of keys, you told me, “I knew where the boss kept the keys to this ….” and you swung the door wide, flipping on the lights and pulling me inside, closing the door behind us.

There were two long windows on either side of the door, but they had vertical blinds on them, so you closed the blinds just enough so that the cleaning people MIGHT not see into the room ….. but they surely would hear us. I realized that I’d left my shoes in your cubicle, but you wouldn’t let me go get them. I just had to hope and pray we finished whatever we were about to start before they began cleaning this section of the building!

You pulled me into a hug and I looked beyond your shoulder to see that we were in the conference room. A large glass-topped table occupied the middle of the room, comfortable high-backed chairs around it … a large credenza at the end of the room held books, a television and VCR. You began to untie the belt to the coat, and I finally asked, “Why this coat? You know what it means ….”

You stopped what you were doing and looked at me, saying, “That’s exactly why. I wanted you to break this barrier you have with me. You have held me off just a bit all this time because your father left you. You think I will do that, too, so you keep me just a little at bay. I thought maybe if I gave this coat a new meaning, it would open a door for you …..” and you pulled the coat away from my naked frame, forcing my arms wide open so that the coat stayed on but fell open just on either side of my hips, exposing my body to you. I watched as you drank me in. I watched as your chest rose and fell, as your taut body stood just inches from me, your resistance beginning to weaken.

“Get on your knees and get me ready for you,” you whispered hoarsely, your voice completely abandoning your throat. I complied, knowing that in serving you, I was also healing myself.

I opened your pants and slid them over your hips, and pulled your cock free from your briefs before pulling them down your legs as well. I could smell you, and that scent inflamed me. Testosterone, aftershave, soap, precum …. it was all there. I put my warm hands around your hard cock, it throbbed incessantly before my lips or tongue touched you. I heard the breath rush from your lungs as you felt my touch for the first time, and I heard it suck back into you equally when you felt the wet heat of my mouth envelope you.

Your hands went into my hair, guiding my movements, you thrust against me carefully …. wanting to cum, but not too quickly. You had thought about this all day …. imagined what it would feel like … knowing that security cameras could be watching us. Although it was after hours and we were not violating company policy, we could’ve been giving the guards a good show! I felt you begin to expand in my mouth, so I pulled back to watch you cum.

“Cum for me, sir …. cum on me ….. ” I begged you, finally not caring who saw or heard us.

How I love that … watching your cock, feeling it throb against my hand as your emissions jettison against my skin. You love it, too: not only for the release it affords you, but also watching me wear your cum like a badge of honor.

Your gutteral cry filled the room: “Ooooohhhhhh …. YEAH! That’s iiittttt ……” I watched your face, your body …. listened to your moans, and when I knew you were finished, I kissed your thighs as you slumped into one of the conference chairs, your briefs and your pants still pooled around your ankles. I was still on my knees, still with the coat tangled around me, now laced with your juices. I lay my head in your lap … my hand absentmindedly stroked your cock as your fingers did my hair, sticky with your cum.

In not very long, perhaps it was seeing me on my knees that helped or perhaps it was the location, you began to get hard again. You gripped my upper arms and lifted me as you rose, standing me up in front of you once again. You pushed the trenchcoat from my shoulders, kissing each one as you exposed it to your gaze. You watched as it fell from me, and I stood in front of you, totally exposed. I had done it. I had submitted to you wholly and completely by allowing you to break my barriers, and you had forced me to trust in what we have together. Trust that you would accept all that is me – inside and outside. There would be so much more we had yet to explore, but this was a major step.

You smiled and you turned me away from you, bending me over the glass table. My breath caught in my throat when my hot body first touched the cold glass, but your first stinging slap to my ass brought me back quickly to the pleasure at ‘hand’.


” Don’t move off of this table. I want your tit marks to still be here tomorrow for the big board meeting!! Oh, god ….. I’ve been waiting all day to do this!” you laughed as you swung your hand again, coming in contact with my flesh with a resounding


“Oooofffff…” I groaned as the spanking went on …. ten …. fifteen …. twenty strong swats and my ass became a brilliant red. I felt your fingers dip between my legs, and you were rewarded with a juicy noise as you thrust them into my steaming pussy.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!’ I wailed at you, because by now you had worked me up, and I could hear the vacuum noises getting closer, which fueled the fire you had already carefully built inside me.

“You LIKE that, do you?” you breathed against my neck as you leaned over me, offering your fingers to me to clean and taste myself. “You are so wet, my pet …. so wet ….. taste yourself….” and I drew your fingers deeply into my mouth, savoring their tart sweetness as another swat met my already heated ass.


Then a gentle rub with your hand, feeling the heat rise from my inflamed flesh. You stood behind me, holding my hips in those beautifully masculine, strong hands of yours. I felt your cock brush against my pussy, against my clit …. you teased me with it’s smooth heat. I tried to wriggle my hips to capture the head and pull it deep within my body, but you held me fast, taunting me.

“Do you want this (as you brushed against me) my love? Hmmmmm? Tell me …. ” The panic in my body rose as I heard the front door to the suite swing open and the vacuum cleaner enter the area. “Tell me quickly, or we may be discovered….”

I groaned into the table, my breath so warm that it made steamy rivulets around my mouth, “God, please don’t tease me …. please fuck me …. PLEASE!”

It was the last please that did it. You pushed your cock into my body, and my body rocketed into an orgasm that I thought would truly never end. With each movement of you inside me, new tremors were triggered, sending electrical shivers up my spine. I felt myself wail and you reached forward, placing your hand gently over my mouth. You really didn’t want to be discovered, either, but you didn’t mind me thinking so for a while. I pushed back against you, wanting to pull you completely inside me.

Ungracefully for the both of us, you pulled free of my body, and turned me over, pushing my hot, red ass onto a fresh spot on the glass table. One thing about glass … it is cold, and your cock entered me just as the cold table hit my ass for the first time. I must have tensed because you made the most delicious sound deep in the back of your throat … a cross between a groan and a growl.

You gripped my sore asscheeks in your hands, arching me just enough to grind my clit into your pelvis as you thrust inside me. I held myself up, throwing my head back, and you began to almost devour me. Your mouth roved my shoulders and collarbone, my throat and my breasts, nipping at my nipples just enough to elicit a slight pain that radiated down to my pussy. You would nip, I would clench, and we both would groan in delight … over and over again. You put your arms around my waist and pulled me close, burying your face into the hollow of my neck.

I wrapped my legs around your ass and pulled you deeply inside me just as you groaned your climax into my glistening flesh. The throbbing of your cock sent me over the edge one final time, and I couldn’t help but roll my hips against you, as if milking the very last drop of salvation from you.

You raised your face from me, a small trickle of sweat danced down your forehead. You carefully allowed your softening cock to slip from me and then gently disentangled your limbs from mine, kissing me on the mouth. “Here,” you said, stepping to the end of the table and handing me the trenchcoat, “you better put this on. The janitors will be here soon.”

I took the coat from you and held it to my nose. It still held the faint smell of cedar, but now it also smelled of you. I breathed deeply, knowing in my heart that while old hurts are still fading, new possibilities are beginning to smell sweeter by the day. As I wrapped the coat around me, I realized that it wasn’t an answer …. was just a coat. And my father was just a man … not EVERY man. Maybe in trusting you, I’m learning to trust myself. I felt you pull me into an embrace, and as I melted into your arms, I finally understood that what I had been searching for was right before me all along …. and I couldn’t thank you enough.

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