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The Storeman

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Three months after I qualified as a sports physiotherapist/masseur, I started my own practice at home until I could find work with a sports club or association. I was enjoying a quiet coffee in the café and reading the daily paper when my mobile phone rang. A man’s voice enquired about the possibility of getting a massage.

He had been working an early shift as a storeman in a large warehouse and the forklift had broken down, so he had to do all the moving with hand pulled trolleys while the machinery was being repaired.

We introduced ourselves, he as Angus Forsyth, and I am Gannat Milner. He explained his back was causing him some aggravation. He thought a massage would help. He lived about three kilometers walk from my practice, so I suggested he walk some of the distance at a leisurely pace. I gave him my address and told him I was out and would be back in about twenty minutes.

There was a knock on my door and I checked with him to see if he was the man who had called previously. I invited him to come in and we sat in the massage room and he told me what he had been doing at work, where the pain was, how severe it was etc.

At about the height of five feet eight inches, he was six inches shorter than me. He looked to be of average weight for his height and I estimated he was about 15 years my senior. He told me the walk to the practice had relieved some of the pain and he was feeling a lot better than when he finished work for the day.

I suggested a full body massage as it would be about the same cost and any other twinges he had might reveal themselves at the same time.

He agreed and followed me to the table and I instructed him to leave his clothing on the valet, a purpose made piece of furniture to hang clothes on.

I prepared for the massage while he removed his clothes. Turning on some music and leaving it almost imperceptible, I set up a small trolley with massage oil, some soft flannels and a candle powered warmer to keep the grape seed oil at about body temperature. There were also a few other implements for use on certain body parts depending on the nature of injuries, muscle tears and so on.

When I turned to look at the client for further instructions, he was still wearing boxer shorts, a singlet or dark blue vest and he even had his socks on.

‘Is this your first massage ‘?’

‘Yes, it is. What do I do next?’

‘Firstly you get a better massage without clothes so maybe you could take them off.’

‘Should I take off everything Mr Milner?’

‘That would be the best way. Then lie on the table with your face down at this end. After that I can start with your shoulders back and sides. Would you mind paying first?’

He reached for his wallet and said ‘I hope cash is OK. It seems easier to me.’

‘Sure Angus.’

He paid me the correct amount.

I noticed he had a picture in his wallet of a young woman holding a baby.

‘You’re an uncle or a father, right? I saw the pic in your wallet.’

I’m both actually. The picture is my wife and little girl Madelyn.


He seemed quite shy and he slowly removed his socks, vest, and gave me a quizzical look the see if I also expected him to take off his boxer shorts.

‘Take off everything please Angus. Full body, remember?

He turned away and slowly slid them down and I said, ‘If you’re too self-conscious mate, it’s OK to change your mind. No charge.’

I guess he began to feel a little foolish and he slowly stepped out of his shorts and said, ‘No. You’re right. I guess I’m just not sure about it all.’

‘It must be a bit uncomfortable for you to be naked in front of a stranger. I see plenty of naked bodies and I must say you have a good body compared with most of the ones I see in here. Try and relax and let’s get started.’

I gave him a reassuring smile and he came towards the table and climbed up on it. He had a small shrivelled up penis, affected by the cool temperature, and possibly also by feeling self conscious to be seen by another man who was about to massage him, thereby feeling him all over.

When he was lying on the massage table, I noticed his developed shoulders and arms and he had strong legs with prominent buttocks.

I decided not to cover his buttocks with a small towel as he had come a long way to get naked, and it might not help much to begin covering him up again.

I poured some of the massage oil onto my hands and began smearing it over his back from his shoulders, down to the small of his back, and up along his sides. Then with more oil I added to it covering further down to his buttocks, pulling his cheeks outwards, and back up along his sides again.

I began to massage where the oil was and omitting his arms worked on his back asking him questions about the soreness. He told me he had almost forgotten about it. Mostly it was his lower back and I plied some cross over techniques on it, and some Shiatsu, which is a Japanese technique that gives most relief when the slightly heavier technique is reduced.

After finishing his shoulders, back and sides I moved to his feet and gave him a comprehensive foot massage on each foot. Although our full weight is on our feet for large parts of the day, feet seem to respond well to softer rubbing and a light touch. Angus was particularly sensitive between his toes, and behind them. I used the battery vibrator and applied it behind his toes, causing him to grip it with his toes for a few seconds. I switched it off and he released it. The same on his left foot but with more grip and he took longer to release it than he had with his right.

Legs are equally sensitive if worked slowly and with variety. I worked three different techniques from the outside of Angus’s right ankle to the top of his leg very slowly, finishing by running my fingers down of his thigh and calf muscle to his ankle. I repeated this on his left leg.

Then the back of his right leg with a different technique to free his calf muscles with lighter strokes over the back of his thigh. And again on his left.

Working on his inner thigh would be completely different. The inner thigh is more sensitive and some men can become aroused with a light touch here.

I told Angus what was to happen next.

‘It’s useful to move your feet out a little to get better access. I have accessories on my table that can support your knee and ankle when this is required.’

I clicked them into place and moved his right leg to the side and began to give Angus a firm upward rub on his inner calf and lighter on his thigh. To finish his leg I rubbed firmly from front to back starting with his ankle, continuing along his calf, past his knee joint and up along his thigh to the light crease separating his leg from his buttock. He seemed to be clenching his buttocks as I touched him further toward the top of his leg. Repeating this in reverse from thigh to ankle helps a client to relax.

‘Now we’ll repeat this on the other leg for you Angus.’

I placed the other leg likewise outward, supporting his knee and ankle once again which left his legs wide apart. At this point, I could collapse the last sixty centimetres down leaving me space to massage him from a position standing between his splayed legs.

From this position, I could see that his large egg shaped balls had tightened up hard against the tops of his legs. The light touching I applied on his thighs would probably have aroused him.

When I have a new client, I usually get their agreement before massaging their buttocks to ensure their compliance before making assumptions that they are OK with it.

‘Last area before you turn over will be your glutes, Angus. Ready?’


It’s a relief to get the client’s approval, and I must say that all my clients so far have been happy to receive comprehensive ‘full body’ coverage.

I poured more massage oil on my hands and spread it generously over his buttocks, then poured a few drops into the cleavage between his cheeks and watched as it trickled down between the widespread twin orbs of his arse, and over his anus. He gave a slight shudder as the drops reached his tight little rose.

There are a number of massage techniques that can be applied to the glutes because as well as being a sensitive area of the body, it can take a lot of pressure and impact. I began by lightly alternating the edges of both hands over his right cheek, then the left, on both sides.

This was followed by cupping my hands and tapping his skin fairly hard, then squeezing sections of his flesh between my fingertips and the heels of my hands. Next was nipping between my thumbs and fore fingers like two busy wood peckers. With this movement, I can slow it down and add pressure between his cheeks. Around the anal rim, I can pinch as hard as I like as his skin will slide out due to the liberal amount of lubrication.

‘Next move is optional Angus. I don’t always use this technique particularly with women or older people, but you have firm buttocks so it might be quite good for you.’

He raised himself to his elbows and asked, ‘What is it?’

‘It’s like a gluteal blush. In layman’s terms you could call it a spanking. Three hard slaps on each cheek. It stings a bit at first. You’ll find that after a minute or so, there will be a very warm glow as blood rushes to the area. I’ve had it my-self a few times but I must say the first time was the best.’

‘I don’t know about that Mr Milner. Why would you want to smack my bum? How is that a massage?’

‘It gives the tingling effect of blood rushing to the area. It’s a body reaction that increases circulation and the buttocks are the best area to manage the shock. I can’t do it without your permission.’

‘What will you spank me with?’

‘Just my hand. What do you think?’

‘I guess I’m willing to give it a try,’ he said doubtfully.

‘Good. Just relax and I’ll do it in a moment.’

Still standing between his widely splayed legs, I waited until he resumed his prone position. Using my left hand, I delivered two stinging blows on his left cheek, with my other hand, then one on his right, and without waiting, one more on his left and two on his right. I could hear him sucking air in between his clenched teeth as the smarting bordering on sharp pain made him catch his breath. I waited for a moment for him to try and recover from the smarting sting on his arse.

In my most reassuring voice, I said. ‘You’ve done well Angus. Relax for a few minutes and I’ll dry off the oil for you.’

I lightly rubbed his back, his legs, his feet and finally as his arse flushed a deep red I very lightly smeared away the oil on his glowing arse with a hand towel. Once again, he began raising his arse to meet my towel as I dried the last of it from his buttocks leaving a light smear of oil on his anus.

‘This next move can induce an erection, Angus. Don’t worry. It’s fairly common. You will feel a light twisting sensation on your anus. ‘

I spread his buttocks and produced a one centimetre diameter plastic shaft with a rounded gently serrated end, I placed it on his anus and twisted it slowly both ways with a minimum of pressure. I revolved it for about four seconds to give him a short sample. I think it’s better that the client wants more of what I give him than less. He actually raised his hips up to meet it as if he wanted it to penetrate him but more likely it was to make room for his swelling cock.

I removed it and said, ‘As soon as you’re ready, turn over and I’ll massage the front.’

After a moment, I relocated the last sixty centimetres of the table, moved his widespread legs back to the table and folded the knee and ankle supports back out of sight beneath the table.

‘My God Mr Milner, that made me get such a hard-on. I couldn’t help my-self. I hope you don’t mind.’

‘Of course not,’ I reassured him. ‘It’s quite common.’

As he rolled over, his penis was growing and swelling up to it’s full seven-inch dimension of thick pulsing erect hardened flesh. Thick veins on his cock were pulsating, indicating an advanced state of arousal.

My cock was swelling up at the sight of his expanding penis and I was almost gasping as I said, ‘Wow. That organ would make your friends happy and your rivals envious. I’m very jealous, Angus. Outstanding!’

He covered it with his hands as he resumed his place on the table.

As I reached for his hand to massage it, I said, ‘I’ll need to move your hand to massage it Angus. I’ve seen plenty of erections in this job, so you have nothing to be embarrassed about.’

I separated his fingers and used pulling and light twisting techniques then pulling on his arm I massaged from his wrist to under his arm and back to his wrist then repeated on his other arm moving it away from his still erect hardened cock.

I instructed him, ‘Lace your fingers together and place them behind your head and rest on them for me while I do your chest and lower front please.’

This gave me a clear look at his erect cock. His chest was not overly developed and he had minimal definition on his abdominal area but he looked to be fit enough to handle heavy work as is required by a storeman.

When I finished his chest, I moved his legs outward so that his feet hung down on either side of the table. Once again, I dropped the last 2 feet of the table down.

I moved my attention lower and explained, ‘You have vital organs in here so It’s a lighter application and can be relaxing or stimulating. Sometimes even both. Just relax and leave it to me. You can close your eyes if it helps.’

The tips of my fingers moved in light circles below his rib cage and moved gradually lower until I reached the end of his penis, near his navel.

I held the end of his penis as I said, ‘I need to lift this out of the way Angus. Just relax. I’ll be careful with it.’

Holding his protesting cock away from his body, I continued downwards until I began to brush his pubic hair. I repeated this for a moment until he became accustomed to it. His cock had begun to pulse in my hand and when I released it, it hovered above his stomach throbbing noticeably with each pulse.

I stood between his knees in order to use my skills and training on his body. Using one finger from each hand, I began to form two circles on either side of his testicles. His cock continued throbbing.

By now we both had intense erections and I had to make every effort to remain professional. What I wanted mostly was to place my mouth over that hardened erection and lick it until he could not hold back, and to feel the taste of his semen in my mouth.

I was getting very curious to know how far this client will let me go as I become more and more personal with his genitals. I knew he had let me spank him and appeared to respond to having his anus teased. He demonstrated very rapid erections in response to my personal attention.

His family are dear to him, so he was definitely straight and a proven breeder. I would need to proceed carefully.

Standing between his legs, I spread massage oil over the top of his thighs and tried my hardest not to be distracted too much by his large egg shaped balls tight up against the base of his swollen cock. It had softened a little, but was still swollen and lying dormant along his stomach. As my attention moved to the top of his thighs, I brushed the hair on his balls repeatedly. This appeared to cause his penis to swell again close to its full dimension

Finishing off his thighs, I tilted his balls upwards and began to massage his perineum. His cock was hovering and throbbing again. Without breaking contact, I moved to his side and quickly clicked the end of the table back up into place. My right hand moved slowly from his perineum down to the sensitive rim of his anus.

Confident I would not hear any objections as Angus appeared to be overly aroused with my light touch, I gently grasped the swollen head of his cock in my left fist and gradually squeezed and released it while it seemed to harden even further in my hand.

His face flushed and I thought it was as much from embarrassment of allowing another man to handle his private parts as it was from his sexual arousal. I touched the tip of my second finger on the centre of his anus.

He gasped, ‘MY GOD Mr Milner. What are you DOING to me?’

I was caught out by the question and I foolishly thought he wanted an answer.

‘I don’t think you should be left in a state of tension at the end of a massage Angus. You might need release. Leave this to me so I can finish up shortly.’

I ran my fingertips back and forwards over his anus. He began whimpering as his hips began rutting. He raised his hips and bridged his body. I slowly removed my fingers.

He began to behave like he was hyperventilating for a moment before he became hysterical and squealed a high-pitched shriek. I held his swollen cock with both hands feeling the surge of semen gushing the length of his hardened organ before he ejaculated six squirts of milky white cum into a few tissues I keep for the occasion. He remained rigid when he stopped coming. I pumped his perineum and more semen oozed from the end of his impressive cock.

He gasped a few times as he gradually relaxed and I wasn’t surprised to see him fall asleep after such a shuddering climax. I draped a towel over him and left the room, returning in five minutes to wake him. I gradually increased the volume of the music until he woke, waited a few moments and re-entered as he finished dressing.

‘Here’s my card Angus. Call if you want another massage for any reason. I hope your back feels a bit better now.’

I have a feeling that card might come in handy sometime soon. If he does, I would like him to cum in my mouth next time.

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