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Bridget’s Lesbian Seduction Ch. 01

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Ch. 01: Watching in the Night

“Come on in,” Bridget opened the door. She stepped back letting Tami and Shelly carry their bags into the entry. Tami propped open the screen door, Shelly went in first, Tami followed, letting screen door swinging shut behind her. Tami and Shelly set their bags off to the side of the entry. Bridget closed and locked the main door. “It’s still pretty hot out there, huh?”

“It’s still over 90, and humid,” Shelly said. She kicked off her shoes by the door, pushing them with her feet next to her duffel bag. “At least it’s nice and cool in here. It feels good. This heat wave is supposed to last almost all week.”

“I know, and it supposed to be just as hot up at the lake,” Bridget slid between the two girls motioning for them to follow her. “Even though it’s late, do you guys want a something to drink? Just follow me to the kitchen.”

Bridget led Tami and Shelly down the entry, past the living room, turning left into the breakfast nook and into the kitchen. Bridget went behind the counter while Tami and Shelly slipped onto the stools at the counter. Bridget opened the refrigerator, “What would you guys like to drink? I have soda, lemonade, water, or wine coolers.”

“Wine coolers,” Tami and Shelly answered in unison. Bridget shot a look at the two, breaking them up into giggling. Bridget fished three wine coolers from the refrigerator. She handed set two on the counter before popping the top on her bottle. “Do you guys want glasses or do you want to drink from the bottle?”

“We’ll just drink from the bottle. We’re barbarians.” Tami took a long sip from her wine cooler. Bridget leaned back against the side counter. Tami and Shelly were sipping their drinks. Bridget had asked Tami and Shelly to help her move some old furniture up to their lake cabin. She had planned to wait until next weekend when Ross and the boys were back from their fishing trip to grandpa’s, but decided to ask if Tami and Shelly wanted to spend a girls weekend at the cabin. Of course, they jumped at the chance to get out of the city. But Bridget knew there was more to her offer than needing help moving old furniture. She was attracted to Tami and Shelly.

Bridget noticed it a few weeks back, when the two girls came back to help her during a Friday rush in the pharmacy. When the rush was under control, they had started talking, small talk, like normal. But soon it turned to girl talk. Bridget, and her pharmacy tech, Jill, teased the two on how many boyfriends they had. The two were had a reputation for being players. It seemed like they had a different boyfriend every other week. But on that night, neither one admitted to having a man. Instead they teased they only needed each other. Bridget laughed and shrugged it off. Jill, however, continued to tease the two, questioning them on the exact nature of their relationship. Tami and Shelly, giggled and teased back. Bridget tried to remain oblivious to the sexual nature the teasing was taking. But, inside, she was intensely curious. The more sexual Jill’s teasing became, the more Bridget felt flushed, but she stayed off to the side, remaining aloof. Finally, much to Bridget’s dismayed relief, Tami and Shelly were called back out to the sales floor by the assistant manager.

But the seed was planted. Bridget found herself remembering the night in college when Jenny kissed her. They were out drinking with a bunch of fellow pharmacy students. Bridget drank more than she should, and Jenny gave her a ride back to her dorm room. Bridget needed Jenny to help her stagger across the parking lot, up the stairs, and help her find her keys. Once inside her room, Jenny started helping Bridget undress for bed. But Bridget didn’t feel like lying down. It made the room spin. But through the spinning, she found that Jenny was very close to her. Gently helping her take off her clothes. She was already down to her panties, t-shirt, and bra, when she finally stopped Jenny. Jenny sat next to her on her bed, holding her hand, asking if she was all right. Bridget looked into Jenny’s blue eyes, and at that moment, felt herself wanting her. Jenny, sensing what Bridget wanted, she leaned in and gently kissed her. Bridget kissed back, tentatively at first, but then with increased hunger.

That’s when they heard the sound of keys in the door. Jenny stopped kissing Bridget. They both turned to look at the door. The keys crinkled to the floor, followed by some swearing from a delicate voice that didn’t sound capable of swearing. Jenny turned to Bridget and kissed her softly one last time. The message was unspoken, not this time, but perhaps, someday. Outside Bridget’s roommate finally managed to get the door open, she staggered in and shrieked in surprise at finding Bridget and Jenny sitting on the bed. Bridget rolled back into her bed, vaguely aware that Jenny was informing her roommate that she had a little too many shots at the bar. The bed spun wildly, but Bridget closed her eyes and it all went away.

The next morning Bridget wondered if it had happened at all. Did she really kiss Jenny? She found herself at first sickened by the thought. Women do not kiss women. But, at the same time, she was curious. It had felt so good. She kept looking for Jenny the next few days, but also dreading she would see her. Eventually, the feeling started to fade. When she finally did hook up with Jenny, nothing was said. She decided Jenny must have felt she was too drunk to remember. But she remembered it all. Jenny found a new boyfriend, and Bridget never got the chance to follow this intriguing path. But the questions remained. Over the years, her wonder about other women was buried. Buried by a husband, two boys, and a career. Buried by time. Buried by other experiences. But it was still there, under all those layers, dormant. Ready to be awakened.

After the night of teasing, she watched Tami and Shelly with a new curiosity. Shelly was the naturally beautiful, shoulder length dark brown hair, perfect complexion on her tan face that brought out her piercing blue eyes. Shelly was the tallest of the three women, an athlete, she was a long distance runner, with the long legs needed for that sport. Bridget wondered how she managed to run with her large breasts. Tami was the cute one, she knew how to use her cuteness for full effect. Tilting her head down and looking up at you with those big brown eyes. She was the tiniest to the three women, just a few inches over five feet. Her petite frame made her breasts look larger than they really were.

Bridget noticed the sexual teasing between the two that she never seen before. Little looks, small gestures, not so innocent touches. But mostly she began to pay attention to the stories. They were the best of friends, dated a lot of different men, but on regular occasions went out together, as a couple, on what could be best described as a date. Bridget found herself talking to them more, even some subtle flirting. Tami and Shelly seemed to respond. A few times they went out for drinks after work. But Bridget always had to leave early to tend to her family, while Tami and Shelly were able to spend a girls night out. Bridget found herself wondering about what would happened if they could just be together for a while.

Then Ross and her bought some new furniture for their house. They decided to haul the old furniture in the basement up to the lake cabin. So a few weekends ago, they sold the furniture they had up at the cabin to a neighbor across the lake. Now they just had to haul the other set up. But Ross and the boys had their annual fishing trip planned with grandpa back in North Dakota. Ross promised Bridget they would haul it up the next weekend.

That’s when the idea hit Bridget. She could enlist Tami and Shelly to help her haul up the furniture with the promise of a girls weekend at her lake cabin. Of course, the two jumped at the chance for a weekend on the lake. Bridget had arranged with the store manager to get Friday off for all three of them. That way they could drive up early Friday morning and have a three-day weekend at the cabin. Ross and the boys brought down the old pickup they kept at the lake the weekend before, leaving the second car up at the lake. It was an older truck with a full box, perfect for hauling the furniture. The boys had loaded up the truck a few nights ago. Ross even backed it into the garage for Bridget, knowing how she hated trying to back up a loaded truck. Everything was set. The only problem was the truck’s air conditioning had broken down last summer, and Ross was derelict on getting it fixed. So now with temperatures forecasted for the 90’s, the drive up was going to be hot and sweaty.

“So, Bridget, what time do you want to be going in the morning?” Tami asked. She had already polished off more than half of her wine cooler. Bridget had barely touched hers, so she took a big drink to catch up to the girls. She already had a wine cooler before the girls came over. Now, having a second was making her feel a little light-headed. But she felt more relaxed, not as nervous as she was earlier in the evening. She had played out endless scenarios about what was going to happen this weekend.

“Well, as hot as it is, and with the truck having no air conditioner, I think we should leave early, by 7:00 at the latest,” Bridget answered. “It takes about 3 hours to get to the cabin, and that way we can have the sun at our back, with cooler morning air.”

“That means we will probably have to get up at 6:00 or so,” Shelly said. Tami nodded in agreement. Both girls looked at their watches. They both worked the night shift, it was already past 10:30. “I just need to take a quick shower before bed. I’m just going to throw on some cut-offs and a tank top in the morning.”

“Me too,” Tami agreed. “I might wear my bathing suit top underneath, in case it gets really hot, I can take off the tank top.”

“I might do that too,” Bridget said. Actually, she had planned on wearing her khaki shorts and a matching t-shirt. She didn’t know if she dared to wear her bathing suit top on the ride up. Bridget usually wore a conservative one-piece bathing suit, even at the lake cabin. But she did have a skimpier two-piece that Ross had bought her a few years back. She wore it a few times just for him, but she was a little embarrassed by showing so much skin. Even so, she had it ready for the trip.

“You should,” Tami said. “It’s a lot easier to cool off. Besides, we bought one of those water bottles that you can pump up with air. Then you spray a mist on yourself with to cool off. If you aren’t wearing your bathing suit top, it makes it a little harder to spray all over.”

“Well, in that case, why don’t I just drive up naked,” Bridget teased. The wine was making her feel bold. “That way I can get misted all over.”

“Hey, that’s an idea, we’ll drive up naked,” Shelly laughed. She finished off the last of her wine cooler. “Nothing like a pickup truck full of wet, hot naked women.”

Bridget laughed as she felt herself blushing. “That’s not what I meant, jeez, you are so mean. I’m not going to drive up naked.” Bridget collected the empty bottles from the girls. She rinsed them in the sink before tossing them in the glass-recycling bin under the cabinet.

“Yeah, I supposed so, it will be hot enough without all of us sitting there naked,” Shelly laughed. She stood up and stretched. Her shirt lifted up baring her belly button. Bridget sipped her wine cooler, and glanced at Shelly’s firm belly. “Besides, we’ll get naked when we get there, you said we could skinny dip at the lake.”

“Yeah, it’s nice and secluded,” Bridget said. He rinsed out the sink, needing a diversion from the talk about being naked. “So you guys can skinny dip all you want.”

“Aren’t you going to skinny dip too?” Tami asked.

“Yeah, right, like you guys want to see my old naked body out there,” Bridget laughed. She had promised them they would be able to get in some skinny-dipping, and nude sunbathing. They brought it up all the time at work, and now again tonight. She had often thought of sunbathing nude at the lake, but Ross and the boys were always around, it wouldn’t look to good to see mom lying out on the deck naked. Now, she was feeling a little bit bashful. She turned and walked over to the counter, standing behind a potted plant, using it as cover.

“Hey, Bridget, I think you have a pretty good body,” Shelly answered. She glanced at Bridget’s body, causing Bridget to fold her arms nervously. “I mean you look pretty tight, and you told us you work out regularly.”

“Well, I’ve had two kids,” Bridget was getting flushed by the attention on her body. She set her wine cooler in the sink, turning her back towards the girls. “That kind of wreaks havoc on your body, you guys will find that out someday.”

“Yeah, I suppose we will,” Tami stood up. “But afterwards if I could have a body like yours, I’d take it. In fact, we might just take it right now.” Tami smirked at Shelly.

“Oh God, enough talk about my body,” Bridget blushed. She was feeling warm all over. Having Tami and Shelly looking over her body was embarrassing her, but she also liked it. “We should really be getting some sleep, 6:00 is going to come awfully early.”

“Yeah, I suppose so,” Tami said. “But first, I really need to take a shower,”

“OK, follow me,” Bridget came around from behind the counter. Although she was wearing her khaki shorts and a modest t-shirt, she felt a little undressed compare to the girls still in their work clothes. Bridget led the way out of the dining room. Shelly and Tami followed behind her as she led them back to the entry. She paused at the base of the stairs while the girls picked up their bags. Bridget led them up a staircase to the second floor. “The spare bedroom is here on the left. Just set your bags on the dresser. If you want, you can set the clock radio, or I can wake you. I’ll just check in on you in the morning. The bathroom is down the hall on the right. I put out fresh towels on the towel rack, so feel free to use them. There is fresh soap in the shower, and I put my shampoo in there instead of the boys. My room is at the end of the hall, just past the bathroom, if you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask.”

“Nope, we’re just going to take a couple of quick showers, and get ready for bed,” Tami pulled her toiletries bag from her main bag. Tami followed Bridget down the hall, Tami turned off into the bathroom, Bridget continued down the hall to her bedroom.

“Good night,” Tami said.

“Good night,” Bridget answered. “See you guys bright and early in the morning.”

Bridget shut the door softly behind her. She leaned against the door, wondering if she should maybe have left it open, leaving her open for the night. But it was too late, if she opened it now, they would notice it more. If she left it shut, maybe they would think she was shutting them out. She could go crazy thinking of such stupid things. All she had to do was brush her teeth and she was ready for bed. Bridget tiptoed across her bedroom to the master bathroom. She chastised herself for trying to be quiet, why should she, it was her house.

In the other bathroom, Tami had already stripped down to her bra and panties, and was taking a pee when Shelly came in. Shelly quickly slipped out of her work clothes, adding them to the dirty clothes bag. Shelly pulled out her toothbrush as Tami started up the shower.

“So, some BF’s tonight?” Tami said softly. BF’s were the nickname they gave to the incidences where they caught Bridget flirting with them. They started picking up these little flirts a few weeks ago. At first they thought they were imagining it. After all, she was a married woman with two little boys. But one night, they started talking about all the little things Bridget said or did, and it was obvious, she was flirting.

But just how far was she willing to go? Was she just flirting, or was she interested in more. They decided to start watching for BF’s. Whenever they saw one, they would give each other a slight nod. Soon, it seemed Bridget was flirting with them all the time. Not only just flirting, but actually starting the flirts. So Tami and Shelly just led her on. They were going to go slow, try to see where she was trying to go with these little BF’s. Every time they made the flirts more sexual, Bridget responded. Then came the invitation to the cabin.

That changed everything. Bridget made it clear it was going to be a girl’s weekend at the cabin. It was a secluded cabin. Her husband and kids would be away in North Dakota. They would have complete privacy. She even mentioned sunbathing in the nude. Shelly and Tami discussed if they should go. Both Tami and Shelly readily admitted they were attracted to Bridget. She was in her mid-thirties, but looked younger. She was a petite woman, about 5’2″, athletic build. She did aerobics five times a week, watched what she ate, and generally took good care of herself. She had pale blue eyes, medium brown hair, cut in a professional woman’s bob, yet, was sexy. She always dressed well, usually in knee length conservative dresses, but even so, both Tami and Shelly agreed she had a great set of legs. So the decided they would go with her up to the cabin. Let the weekend play out. Even if nothing developed, they would have a relaxing weekend away from the city. As Shelly often said, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

“Just the comment about driving up naked,” Shelly responded. “Plus she was sure nervous when we teased her about her body.”

“A little nervous! She was a wreck,” Tami finished peeing. She stood up and peeled off her bra and panties. “Maybe once we get up to the cabin she’ll be able to relax a little.”

“Or we can relax her,” Shelly smiled a foamy toothpaste smile. Tami laughed. Her breasts jiggled to Shelly’s amusement. She slid open the shower-door, checked the water temperature, and stepped in. Shelly spit out her toothpaste, rinsed her mouth, then took her turn to pee. Tami’s shower was quick, neither her nor Shelly used very much makeup, Tami used little makeup. She just needed a quick wash with soap, a little shampoo on her shorter hair, and she was done. “Leave the water on,” Shelly cracked the shower door open. “That way I don’t have to adjust it. I’ll put a towel on the floor, you can just step out, and I’ll step in.”

“OK,” Tami answered. She turned the shower to keep water from splashing out. Tami opened the door, and quickly stepped out onto the towel. Shelly handed her a towel. Shelly checked the water before stepping in. Tami dried herself and hung the towel on the towel bar. Tami folded a towel on the edge of the shower stall for Shelly. She dug out her toothbrush and brushed her teeth. Shelly was just finishing up in the shower. “Did you bring our clothes down here?”

“No, I didn’t,” Shelly reached out, picking up the towels from the floor. She toweled herself off in the shower. “I didn’t even think of that. I never bring my clothes with me at the apartment. I guess I’m used to just being able to walk around naked.”

“I guess I’ll have to wear my towel,” Tami reached for her towel. “I don’t know how Bridget would react to us walking around her house naked.”

“Wait,” Shelly said. She stepped out of the shower. “She did mention skinny dipping, sunbathing in the nude, and tonight, driving up in the nude. So how bad would be if we just walked down the hall in the buff. I mean, she’s going to see us naked, sooner or later, why not sooner? Besides, she’s in her bedroom. She won’t see us. It’s just a short walk down the hall.” Tami mulled over Shelly’s comment. “Come on, if we are going to take some chances this weekend, we need to start somewhere, even if it is just a little thing like walking down the hall naked.”

“OK,” Tami nodded. She packed up her toiletries. Shelly hung up her towel and the towel off the floor. She grabbed her toiletries bag and dirty clothes bag. Tami waited by the bathroom door. Shelly smiled “Ready?” Tami giggled. She felt devious.

Shelly nodded. Tami opened the door to the hall. She stepped out, glancing towards Bridget’s room, the door was closed. Tami shook her head at Shelly, then the two padded softly down the hall to the bedroom. “I guess she’s in bed already,” Tami said as she set her bags on the dresser. Shelly kneeled down to put the dirty clothes bag in the side pocket of her main bag.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Bridget said. She turned and covered her eyes in the doorway. Tami and Shelly stood there looking at her. “I heard you come out of the bathroom, I should have known better.” Bridget felt her face turning red. She had expected Tami and Shelly to be wearing something, their towels at least. But there they were, standing in front of her, stark naked. “I just wanted to tell you that I planned on stopping at McDonalds in the morning to pick up breakfast, so don’t worry about eating in the morning.”

“OK,” Tami just stood there naked. Bridget glanced in the bedroom again, then averted her eyes. She wanted to look, but then at the same time was embarrassed. She was surprised that neither girl made any attempt to hide their nudity. She awkwardly pulled her nightshirt around her.

“Sorry about running around naked,” Shelly turned towards Bridget. “I guess we’re just used to it, we walk around naked in front of each other all the time at our apartment. It’s no big deal, besides, we’re going to get in some skinny dipping, nude sunbathing, and stuff, so you’ll be seeing a lot of us naked.”

“Oh God, you make it sound like we’re going to spend the whole weekend naked!” Bridget laughed. She folded her arms over her breasts. “Skinny dipping, sunbathing, and stuff? What other stuff?”

Shelly glanced at Tami. It was a BF moment. Tami took the cue, she lifted her arms to fluff her drying hair, her breasts jiggled delicately. She watched Bridget’s dance between looking at her breasts and the wall. Tami leaned back, yawned, and stretched. Bridget actually leaped in excitement. Tami walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Well, we’ll find other stuff to do. Do you have any ideas?”

“Yeah, Bridget, let’s hear some of your ideas,” Shelly sat down next to Tami. Bridget finally turned to face them. She kept stealing discrete glances at them. Bridget told herself that she should get out of there, they would get suspicious if she continued to talk. But she just couldn’t force herself to leave yet. As far as her ideas, just looking at Tami’s firm breasts as she stretched filled her with images of touching them, running her hands over her soft skin. Feeling those hard nipples between her fingers. The warmth of her skin, the curve of her breast, her mouth tasting her nipple, her tongue flicking. Bridget pushed those thoughts from her mind, with effort.

“Come on Bridget, what are you thinking?” Tami lay back in the bed. Shelly followed her cue by turning sideways, leaning back, propped up on her elbow. Bridget considered just leaping into bed with the two. It was an obvious flirt by the two girls. She actually took a step forward before her nerves failed her.

“I don’t know, all I know is that 6:00 is pretty early, and we better get some sleep, so goodnight, I’ll see you in the morning.” Bridget stepped back into the hall. Instantly she regretted it. She silently cursed herself for being such a coward. It was obvious they were coming on to her, and she chickened out. Pausing, she turned and almost started back, then realized that would look pathetic. Shaking her head, she went into her bedroom and closed her door. She leaned against her closed door, panting and wet.

“Jeez, I thought for a second she was going to rip off her night shirt and come leaping in here with us,” Tami looked up into Shelly’s piercing blue eyes. Shelly nodded as she softly ran her hand over Tami’s bare belly. Tami smiled, she knew were this was going to go. Shelly smiled back, then leaned in to kiss Tami. Their mouths melted into each other, Tami reached up and pulled Shelly on top of her.

“I don’t think we’re going to get much sleep,” Tami cooed as Shelly kissed her neck. Shelly giggled softly and she pinched Tami’s skin with her teeth. Tami gasped, wrapping her legs around Shelly. Shelly was starting to drift down towards Tami’s breasts. Tami tapped her on the head, “Don’t you think we should turn off the lights, and shut the door?” Shelly licked Tami’s breast before glancing at the open door.

“Maybe we should leave it open,” Shelly said, She softly kissed Tami’s hard nipple, swirling her tongue around. “Maybe Bridget will walk in on us again.” Shelly cupped both of Tami’s breasts, brought her nipples together, and sucked both of them into her mouth.

Tami sighed. Shelly had the most amazing tongue for pleasure. Guaranteed orgasms. Every time seemed fresh and new. She could feel her body responding to every touch, every nibble, and yes, every bite. Shelly’s hair tickled Tami’s chest. Her mouth devoured her firm breasts. Glistening her skin with saliva. “I don’t know if she is ready for that.” Tami said. “If we don’t shut the door now, we never will.”

“Then you go shut it,” Shelly started kissing her way down Tami’s belly. “I’m busy.”

“Oh God,” Tami moaned. She looked at the open door, the bright light. The distraction would bother her. But if she didn’t go now, she would be overwhelmed by her rising passion. “I’ll shut it.” Tami slid out from underneath Shelly. Her legs were shaking. She lurched to the door, flicked off the light. Moonlight fell into the room. Tami turned and peeked down the hall. The crack beneath Bridget’s door was dark. She was already in bed. Tami turned back to Shelly. “Looks like Bridget’s already in bed.”

“Leave the door open just a bit then,” Shelly said. “That way, if she does come down the hall, she has a choice of joining us, watching us, or leaving.” Shelly motioned for Tami to come and join her. Tami smiled, left the door open about a foot. She walked back to the bed. Shelly lay back on the bed, her head near the edge. Tami stopped and smiled. Shelly reached up, tugged at Tami’s hips, pulling her towards her, onto her face. Tami spread her legs, letting Shelly’s head to slip between her thighs. Tami put her hands on Shelly’s breasts, she felt Shelly warm tongue teasingly lap at her pussy lips. “Hmm, delicious,” Shelly said from beneath. “You’re wet.”

“You make me that way,” Tami spread her legs a little more. Shelly slid her tongue into Tami’s pussy. Tami held her breath, waiting for the flick at her clit. When it came, she shuddered and exhaled loudly. She lowered her head. She could see Shelly’s chin moving beneath her pubic hair. Tami slowly ground her hips, matching the rhythm of Shelly’s tongue. Shelly wrapped both arms around Tami’s hips, guiding her motions. Tami lowered herself slightly, bringing more weight down on Shelly, increasing the pressure of her flickering tongue.

Tami moaned. It wouldn’t be much longer. She was shuddering, grinding, panting. Little whimpers escaped under her breath. Shelly pulled Tami’s hips tighter to her, tasted the change in the warm juices dribbling down her chin. Tami lowered her head, used Shelly’s breasts has handles, started bucking her hips harder. Her whimpers changed to guttural grunts. With a loud groan her body convulsed. She held still, shuddered again, and let the orgasm rip through her. Shelly held on, letting Tami ride her tongue.

Tami spasmodically rubbed her pussy on Shelly’s face. Bringing on little waves of pleasure. Shelly flicked her tongue, carefully helping Tami maintain her orgasm. Tami slowed the motion of her hips. Her legs shook from her efforts. She ran her hands over her chest, surprised at a fine sheen of sweat even thought the house was cool. She was trembling, having trouble standing. She leaned forward, planning on crawling on the bed. Instead she collapsed on top of Shelly. Tami panted into Shelly’s pubic hair.

“Ah, could you scoot up a bit, this is a little uncomfortable,” Shelly took a lick of Tami’s pussy. Tami rolled sideways off Shelly, allowing Shelly to slid back completely onto the bed. Tami propped herself up on he side, petting Shelly’s pubic hair. Shelly wiped Tami’s juices from her face and chin. “Jeez, you really got wet that time.”

Tami laughed. She was still hot. She lifted her left leg and slid hand in her between her thighs. She pushed her hips forward as her fingers slipped in her dripping pussy. My God, she really was wet. Slowly she started rubbing her slit.

“Are you still horny?” Shelly asked. Tami smiled, pulled her fingers out of her pussy, wiping her wetness on Shelly’s lips. Shelly opened her mouth, sucking in Tami’s fingers. Shelly reached down between her legs, wetted her fingers, and put them to Tami’s mouth. Tami sucked on Shelly’s fingers. The looked at each other in the pale moonlight, sucking on each other’s fingers. “Isn’t it my turn?” Shelly asked.

“Hmm,” Tami smiled. She rolled back over on top of Shelly, pressing her pussy back into Shelly’s face. Tami lowered her head between Shelly’s legs. Her pussy was wet to her tongue. Using long slow licks, she parted Shelly’s pussy lips with her tongue, slowly she stuck he tongue as deep as she could in Shelly’s pussy.

“Oh yes,” Shelly moaned. Tami repositioned her hips, then drove her pussy back into Shelly’s face. Shelly took the cue and started to lick Tami’s pussy. Tami smiled, then started licking Shelly’s lips with pleasure. The race was on. It was a game Shelly and Tami would sometimes play when eating each other out. The goal was to see who could make the other come first. Tami didn’t know if she was at an advantage, or disadvantage, having come once already. But she knew that Shelly wouldn’t let that stop her from making her orgasm again.

Shelly felt Tami working her wet pussy with renewed vigor. She instantly knew Tami was joining the race. Shelly reached up and slid two fingers in Tami’s pussy. Tami flinched, then arched her ass up, giving Shelly a better angle on her digging fingers. Shelly reciprocated by spreading her legs wide, pulling her hips up. Tami curled one arm under Shelly’s leg, and slid in her own fingers. The sounds of slurping drifted in the room. The bodies of the two women danced in the moonlight. Little gasps, moans, and more pleasure filled whimpering seeped into the wet sounds.

Shelly felt herself building towards an orgasm, she fought the desire to just lie back and let it come. She was going to make Tami come first. Tami, also was feeling the warmth rising in her, Shelly was good, a first rate pussy eater. But not tonight, she could tell from Shelly movements, that Shelly was getting close to orgasm, she would make her come first. Their bodies shuddered and rubbed against each other. Each woman fighting with the desire to surrender to the eventual ecstasy but determined to make the other surrender first. Harder and faster, they licked and fingered, nibbled and bit.

Tami squeaked as the first orgasmic wave hit her. In her frenzy she flicked Shelly’s clit between her teeth and tongue. At nearly the same instant, Shelly fought the temptation to throw her head back as her body convulsed in orgasm. They had never had simultaneous orgasms before. They had come close, but now, they finally succeeded. Driven by orgasms, Tami and Shelly melted into each other. Becoming on mass of moaning quivering sweaty flesh. Their own orgasms fueled by feeling their partner’s orgasm. Finally, after what was seemingly the longest orgasm of their lives, they collapse into each other. Spent.

Tami rolled off of Shelly. They lay in the moonlight, panting.

Bridget backed up into the hall. She had been watching for the last few minutes. After leaving earlier, she had gone back to her room, and wondered if she should have been more forward. But she didn’t want to seem desperate or pathetic. Propped up on her pillows in the dark, she replayed her discussion with the naked girls. Two naked girls, in her house, what would people think? She was so turned on by seeing them naked. Her hand slipped into her panties. How could she have made the leap? Should she just have peeled off her shirt and gotten naked too. That was too forward, and clumsy. She could have said her idea was for all three of them to share a bed. Still to ackward. Bridget stopped rubbing herself in frustration. She couldn’t thing of a good way to get show Tami and Shelly what she wanted.

She was just about to lie down when she heard what sounded like a cry. Then another. Then a little scream. Worried that something might be wrong, Bridget quietly opened the bedroom door, she could see moonlight falling the hallway. The spare bedroom door wasn’t closed completely. She decided just go down the hall and check on them. Creeping down the hall, she could hear heavy breathing, some soft talking, and movement on the bed. She crept to the far wall of the hall, she heard Shelly say ‘Oh yes.’ Making sure to stay out of the moonlight, she peeked into the bedroom.

Bridget had to cover her mouth to prevent a gasp from coming out. Briefly she considered running back to her room. But what she saw transfixed her. In the full moonlight, she saw Tami and Shelly writhing against each other. The shadow from Tami’s ass fell across Shelly’s face, but it was clear what she was doing, and what was being done to her. Bridget stepped forward, making sure she kept in the shadows. From the grunts and groans, she knew the two were oblivious to anything but each other. Her hand slid back into her panties. She quivered at her own touch.

Bridget silently peeled off her shirt. She dropped it carefully on the floor, so she would be able to find it quickly if needed. Just as quietly, she let her panties drop around her ankles, kicked them on top of her nightshirt. Now naked, she found herself incredibly aroused. By watching, and her own nakedness. Her fingers found her wet pussy again. She leaned against the wall, using both hands on her pussy. Much to her surprise she had a mini orgasm almost immediately. She shuddered in the moonlight, watching Tami and Shelly, and started to rub herself again.

Tami’s back glistened with a light sweat. Bridget bit her lip to keep from breathing to loud. Her hands were furiously rubbing her clit. She imagined that is was Tami’s hands, then Shelly’s, Tami’s tongue, then Shelly’s, then both at once. Images of her, lying naked in the moonlight, two beautiful girls exploring between her burning legs, filled her mind. She wanted to close her eyes and let these images take over. But, at the same time, she could not tear here eyes off the writhing figures just a few feet away. She was building to fever, fast, too fast, too powerful. She brought up her hand, put her fist in her mouth to keep herself from screaming. Tasting her own juices set her off. She leaned back against the wall as her orgasm raked over her. The need to keep quiet made the orgasm even more intense. Bridget shook, her legs buckled, she dropped to her knees.

Fearful that she had been heard, she looked in the room. Tami and Shelly were grinding into each other. Bridget rammed her fingers in her pussy as another spasm hit her. She rocked back on her ankles. She was half in the moonlight now, but didn’t care. She covered her mouth with her hand, muffling another cry. Wetness ran down her thighs. Bridget dropped forward using the hand to cover her mouth to catch herself. She whimpered, wanting to scream. She looked up. She was at the edge of the doorway now. If either Tami or Shelly looked this way, she would be seen. But her orgasm was passing, but the intensity of it shocked her. From the frenzied moans in the room, she wasn’t the only one getting off. Bridget gained control, pulled back into the darkness, and watched Tami and Shelly quiver like she just did.

Tami finally rolled off Shelly, and Bridget suddenly wondered if they would need to come out to use the bathroom. They would find her, sitting on the hall floor, naked, the smell of her pussy on her hands, on her body. She grabbed her clothes, tried to stand up, but her legs were shaking. Fearful that she might stumble, Bridget started to crawl back to her room. She worried she might not make it. Tami or Shelly could come out in the hall. The first thing they would see is her ass, up in the air, as she crawled away. Bridget cursed herself silently, forced herself to keep crawling. All she wanted to do was lie down and rest. She reached her room, came up on her knees, glanced back down the hall. She had made it. Her little adventure was unnoticed by the two. Quietly she shut the door. She tossed her clothes at the side of the bed as she crawled in. She was too tired to get dressed. Besides, she decided that she liked to sleep in the nude. Sleep washed over her quickly.

In the spare bedroom, Tami and Shelly crawled under the covers as well. Tami turned towards the window, Shelly curling up behind her. They kissed tenderly, tasting each other. Then the quiet of the night drifted over them. The moon rose in the sky, the night was passing. The shadows shifted, the moonlight panned through the open windows. Falling over Tami and Shelly. Their duffel bags lying on the floor. Out in the hall, the moonbeam narrowed, its angle affected by the partially closed door. Sliding across the carpet, the moonbeam discovered a crumpled pile. Bridget’s wet panties. They would still be moist in the morning.

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